Jo Soo Ha

Jo Soo Ha is a South Korean actress. With 10 years of experience working in the movie theater industry, she has appeared in many films and theatrical productions. She won over three international film festivals, winning the Best Actress Award at the ‘Noida International Film Festival’, ‘Eurasia International Film Festival’, ‘US Overcome Film Festival’ for ‘Fantastic Vacation White Paper: The Road to Samcheonpo’, directed by Kim Jin-nam in 2017.

Since then, she has appeared in the play ‘Van Gogh + Ideal: Bad Blood’, ‘Media on Media’ submitted to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, ‘Cafe Blue Woman’ directed by Park Seong-su, and ‘Lee Soo-ah’ directed by Son Hyun-woo, which won the Best
Picture award at the Zimbabwe International Film Festival. took the lead role. He also appeared in the musical ‘The Hoffman Story’. He has worked across genres such as movies, plays, and musicals.

The actress is currently working hard at Hanyang University’s master’s and doctoral program after graduating from undergraduate school last year. She is, of course, a theater and film major. She gets along with her classmates who are 10 years younger than her and is in charge of the ‘Executive Representative’.

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Jo Soo Ha Facts

Native Name: 조수하

Birth Name: Jinah Kim

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date: January 1, 1990

Gender: Female

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