Jeon Young

Jeon Young is a well-known Korean choreographer for film and drama, where he is known for choreographing seizures, zombies, and other ‘strange’ movements. His first choreography credit was for "The Wailing" where he worked with child actor Kim Hwan Hee.

The former b-boy is currently known as Korea’s first bonebreaking dancer and belongs to dance team Centipedz (센터피즈; CTPZ). He and CTPZ has worked with Korean-American singer Jay Park in a number of his music videos and concerts, as well as numerous other artists and groups. He can often be identified in his dance performances by his signature gas mask.

He got married to fellow CTPZ member Ieun Park in May 2018 and they became parents in January 2021.

(Source: MyDramaList)

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Jeon Young Facts

Native Name: 전영

Birth Name: Jeon Young

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date:

Gender: Male

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