Jeon Somi (I.O.I, Unnies)

Jeon So Mi, born Ennik Somi Douma, is a Canadian-Korean singer signed under The Black Label. Her mother is Korean, and her father is actor Matthew Douma. Somi was born in Ontario, Canada. Her family moved to South Korea a year after she was born. Due to her mixed descent, Somi was often bullied during her childhood days. Somi is a taekwondo third-degree black belt holder but could not gain the fourth-degree like her father due to her age.

In 2013, she appeared on the Children’s Day Special of KBS2’s Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 as one of the representatives of Midong Elementary School’s Taekwondo demonstration team, where she was paired with Park Joon Hyung. In August 2014, she, her mother and her grandmother made a short appearance on the 187th episode of Hello Counselor. She also had a cameo role in the 2014 film Ode to My Father along with her father and sister.

In 2015, Somi joined JYP Entertainment after auditioning with 2NE1’s "Lonely". Soon after, Somi appeared in Got7’s "Stop Stop It" music video with other fellow female trainees. She was first known for participating in the show SIXTEEN, which created the group TWICE, but didn’t manage to make the top 9 in SIXTEEN. Later in 2016, she represented her company, JYP Entertainment, in the show Produce 101, and won first place, making her the center of the group I.O.I. In August of 2018, it was announced that So Mi and JYP Entertainment had ended their contract. On September 23, 2018, So Mi was confirmed to have signed with YG Entertainment’s sub-label, The Black Label.

She graduated from Cheongdam Middle School on February 3, 2017, and graduated from Hanlim Multi Art School, majoring in Practical Music and Vocal.

On June 13, 2019, Somi made her official debut with the songs ‘Birthday’ and ‘Outta My Head’.

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Jeon Somi (I.O.I, Unnies) Facts

Native Name: 전소미

Birth Name: Ennik Somi Douma

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date: March 9, 2001

Gender: Female

Member of: I.O.I

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