Jeon Ok

Jeon Ok, born Jeon Deok Rye, was a Korean actress born in Hamhung, South Hamgyong, Korea, during Japanese colonial rule, now part of North Korea. When Jeon was 15 years old, she was introduced to the film industry by her brother. Jeon aspired to be an actress in “Towolhoe”, her debut role was as a supporting actress in the 1927 film “Farewell”. Jeon gained popularity after taking a lead role in “Arirang Gogae”. However, when the theatre closed, she moved to Joseon Yeongeuksa in 1930. Jeon was noted for her monologues as well as her tragic performances which often brought audiences to tears, so she was dubbed the “Queen of Tragedy” or “Queen of Tears”. After the liberation of Korea, Jeon was mainly active in film.

Jeon Ok married Kang Hong Shik, an actor, film director and singer. Kang and Jeon were the first married couple in Korean entertainment history. Their daughters, Kang Hyo Shil and Kang Hyo Son, became their parents’ step. Later, Jeon and Kang divorced. Kang went over to North Korea along with Hyo Son who later became a famous actress in North Korea. Kang Hong Shik was honoured as “Merited artist” as well.
Meanwhile, Hyo Shil married Choi Moo Ryong, a popular actor of the 1960s and 1970s. Choi then had an affair with Kim Ji Mee, the most popular Korean actress of that time, so then Choi and Kang divorced in 1962. Jeon’s grandson is Choi Min Soo between Choi Moo Ryong and Hyo Shil, who is also a famous active actor.
Jeon met her second husband Choi Il, who was a former football coach of Pyongyang Football Team and also engaged in her entertainment business when she re-established Namhae yeneungdae (남해예능대) into (백조가극단) in 1946.

Jeon ran an orchid in Deoksong-ri, Byeollae-myeon, Yangju, Gyeonggi province. Jeon died of her chronic diseases, high blood pressure, and kidney failure on October 22, 1969.

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Jeon Ok Facts

Native Name: 전옥

Birth Name: Deok Rye Jeon

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date: April 2, 2011

Gender: Female

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