Jeon Chang Geun

Jeon Chang Geun was born in Hoeryong County, North Hamgyong Province 18th January 1908.
In 1928, he joined Shanghai’s popularized Lily Spirits Corporation and edited the script of "Patriotic Spirits" (periodical), which contains the biography of Ahn Jung-geun.
He left Shanghai and returned to Korea at the end of 1937. In Shanghai, he had been active in the film industry since 1928. Jeon Chang-geun, Jung Gi Tak and Kim Il-sung worked together to form the so-called Shanghai wave.
After returning from Shanghai, he joined the Koryo Film Association and prepared the film "Miles Away from Happiness". It was a masterpiece completed over three years from 1938-1941. Jeon Chang-kun wrote and directed the film in 1941 and made his debut as a film director. Jeon Chang-geun himself was a starring actor, and it is a kind of national film that portrays the lives of Korean immigrants in the background of Manchuria. After the liberation of Korea from Japanese rule in 1946 he wrote and featured in the film "Viva Freedom!".
His last filmography was "Chinatown (Chinese in America)" (1963), based on Chinatown in the United States.
He died on the 19th of January 1973 aged 65.

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Jeon Chang Geun Facts

Native Name: 전창근

Birth Name: Chang Geun Jeon

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date: January 18, 1908

Gender: Male

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