Jeffrey Rowe

Canadian actor, voice actor and producer. Originally from Prince Edward Island though living on and off in Tokyo and Vancouver since 2003. Speak English, French and Japanese. Involved in drama and theatre since his teens (Macbeth; The Merchant of Venice). Many lead and featured roles in TV and film since his early 20s. Most notably with Japan’s national broadcaster NHK, in their "taiga" drama ("Ryomaden"), morning drama ("Ume-chan Sensei"), Saturday Night film drama ("Return from Pearl Harbor") and regular weekday drama ("Tempest"). Recent appearances include 2019 TV dramas, "Futatsu no Sokoku" (TV Tokyo), "Grand Maison" (TBS), "Jikou Keisatsu" (Asahi TV) and "Giwaku no Shinsou" (Fuji TV), as well as films, "The Prisoner", "The Constitution of Japan" (TOEI), "Small Love Song" (Robot) and "Matinee" (Kadokawa). As a voice talent, has done it all, from game characters to recorded radio programming (NHK’s Kiso Eigo series) and educational recordings to corporate TV commercials, promotion videos, ad festival entries and even a live TV show in Japanese as a weekly reporter on Tokyo MX TV. (Source: IMDB)

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Jeffrey Rowe Facts

Native Name: Jeffrey Rowe

Birth Name:

Nationality:  Canadian

Birth Date: May 4, 1979

Gender: Male

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