Jean Michel Casanova

Jean Michel Casanova, Chinese name Ma Jin, is a Frenchman living in China. He is an actor, screenwriter, stuntman and a world renowned rock climber and rock climbing coach. In 1989, he climbed the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France with bare hands, setting a Guinness World Record, with his free solo climb. With several black belts in Martial Arts and a long history in the field of rock climbing, Jean Michel is still regarded by the French and Hollywood stunt community as one of the premier rock climbing, rigging and stage fighting specialists. In 2013, he recorded a major live broadcast event on Hunan TV "Ma Jin Climbs the Bailong Ladder with Bare Hands" which gained widespread attention. It is the world’s tallest outdoor glass elevator built on the side of a huge cliff, called the "Bailong Ladder to Heaven", in Zhangjiajie, China. From 2017-2018, he became the coach and consultant of China’s extreme sports rock climbing national team to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics.
In 2010, he came to China from Hollywood and learned Chinese by himself and began to work in China’s film industry.
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Jean Michel Casanova Facts

Native Name: 让・米歇尔・卡萨诺瓦

Birth Name: Jean Michel Casanova

Nationality:  French

Birth Date: February 21, 0000

Gender: Male

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