Hyunyoung (Rainbow)

Jo Hyeon Yeong is a Korean idol under DSP Media. She is the former maknae of the Korean girl group, Rainbow, as well as its sub-units, Rainbow Pixxie, and Rainbow Blaxx. Her colour in Rainbow was yellow.
Along with fellow band member Jae Kyung, she sang the song "I Love You, I Like You" for the official soundtrack of the KBS series, Secret Agent Miss Oh.
On October 16, 2015, her agency confirmed that she has been dating Clazziquai’s main vocalist, Alex for a month. Alex is 12 years older than her. On February 20, 2017, Hyunyoung’s agency confirmed that the couple has broken up after a year and four months.

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Hyunyoung (Rainbow) Facts

Native Name: 조현영

Birth Name: Hyun Young Jo

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date: August 11, 1991

Gender: Female

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