Henry Prince Mak

Henry Prince Mak, formerly known as Prince Mak born Henry Mai is a Chinese-Australian dancer, singer, actor, entrepreneur, and former member of the Kpop group JJCC founded by Jackie Chan. Henry was born in Sydney, Australia, and has Australian Citizenship. When Henry was a teenager he was scouted by JYP Entertainment but he rejected the offer because he thought it was a scam. Henry worked as a dance teacher while he lived in Australia.

While going on Vacation in China in 2013 he won a singing competition and got to meet Jackie Chan. He only trained for 2 weeks before making his debut in the Kpop group JJCC. In 2017 Henry officially announced in his YouTube video ‘BTS on why I left Kpop’ that he is no longer a Kpop idol. He is the Chinese Ambassador of Sydney in 2016 and has a TV show on Australia’s SBS PopAsia.

He has a YouTube Channel called Henry Prince Mak where he has released his singles Go Away and Take it Off. His other song Castle is part of the soundtrack of the Hong Kong drama Police Tactical Unit (2019) which he also acts in.

Henry is also an entrepreneur. In Dec 2018 he opened his own restaurant in Thailand and also owns a Cafe in China. On February 15, 2020, he opened a bar called 5club in Thailand.

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Henry Prince Mak Facts

Native Name: 麦亨利

Birth Name: Henry Mai


Birth Date: May 24, 1990

Gender: Male

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