Germaine De Leon

Germaine was born in San Francisco, CA. He moved to Los Angeles as a teenager, and with a friend’s encouragement began studying with acting teacher Lorrie Hull. This quickly lead to him doing a string of art house films–a time Germaine considers one of the happiest and most exciting of his life. At the same time, Germaine worked as a model for clothing companies such as "WESC" and "Hot Topic." He eventually won an acting award at the Method Fest Film Festival in Burbank, CA which lead to his signing with a manager Valerie McCaffrey at McCaffrey Talent Management. Immediately, he began working regularly as a guest star on major television shows "CSI: Miami," "CSI: NY," "The Closer" and many more. In 2006, Germaine had his first film break through with a lead role in 2006’s "Walkout" for HBO and then another lead role in the popular Dimension horror film "Buried Alive" in 2007. He has completed half of season 6 of Showtime’s Emmy Award winning series "Dexter" and has a supporting role in the comedy "Here Comes the Boom" for Sony Pictures. He is now in the Philippines and is regarded one of the hottest young actors there starring in many films and television shows.

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Germaine De Leon Facts

Native Name: Germaine DeLeon

Birth Name: Germaine De Leon

Nationality:  American

Birth Date:

Gender: Male

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