Eun Jong Geon

Eun Jong Geon was born in Seoul. He got his master’s degree in acting at the Pace University in New York, USA. He is particularly good at English acting, horseback riding and golf.

The supporting actor is mostly known from his appearance in the KBS 2TV entertainment program “Jung Hae In’s Travel Log” where he accompanied his friend together with Lim Hyun Soo on his trip to New York. He got public attention after his emotional confession in the last episode. “I wanted to perform nicely and perform, but I couldn’t. At that moment, I thought, ‘I wish I was an actor on stage.’ Hae In always treated me like an equal actor during times when he couldn’t tell his name. […] I don’t like to say “anonymous”. Everyone has a name. The name was not widely known.” In addition, in 2018 Jung Hae In appeared in MBC entertainment program “Funding Together”and mentioned Eun Jong Geon indirectly. At the time, Jung Hae In was impressed by saying, “I have a Hyung who has lasted 15 years. So I don’t say ‘Strive’. I’m already struggling. I think it’s better to just give comfort.”

He revealed in interviews that he is close friends with the actors Jung Hae In and Kang Hong Seok. It is said that he met Jung Hae In on the set of “Age of Blood” (2017) where he had a small role. His friendship with Kang Hong Seok was formed while exercising together.

Eun Jong Geon made his debut through the advertisement “Pizza Hut”, and has appeared in short roles such as Conspirators, reverse fans and extras. It is said that he, who returned after his studied to South Korea, developed an actor’s dream while watching auditions with numerous agencies.

Eun Jong Geon is currently working as the exclusive model of Jeong Gwan Jang.

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Eun Jong Geon Facts

Native Name: 은종건

Birth Name: Jong Geon Eun

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date: December 12, 1985

Gender: Male

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