Dok Go Sung

Born in Gangneung, Gangwon-do. His real name is Jeon Won Yoon. He graduated from Seorabol College of Arts and worked as an exclusive singer at the Goryeo Record Company after winning a prize in the rookie singer contest while attending college.
During the Korean War, he made his debut as a movie star in 1956 with Director Lee Kang Cheon’s “Beat Back” after working in the army military art group, the sky and the Pacific, etc. Later, he starred in Kim Eul Baek’s “The Prisoner of No.72” (1959), and the role of a soldier in Kim Ki Deok’s “Five Marines” (1961) and Lee Man Hee’s “Marines Who Never Returned” (1963), and Lee Man Hee’s “Black Hair” (1964), Lee Shin Myung’s “Nothing to See Recognition” (1965), Lee Sang Eon’s “Cash is mine” (1965), etc.
In particular, he was an action actor representing the action movie boom from the late 1960s to the early 1970s, along with Jang Dong Hui, Park No Shik, Heo Jang Kang, and Hwang Hae.
After the 1980s, the number of participating works decreased, but he continued to work until the 1990s, including appearing in Oh Seok Geun’s “Do Yourself” (1991) and Park Kwang Woo’s “Two Men” (1996). He died in 2004 from a chronic illness, and actor Dokgo Young Jae is his eldest son.

(Source: KMDb)

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Dok Go Sung Facts

Native Name: 독고성

Birth Name: Won Yoon Jeon

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date: April 29, 2029

Gender: Male

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