Kim Ji Woo, best known as Chuu, is a singer and actress member of the K-pop girl group LOONA under Blockberry Creative.
She was the tenth member revealed by the group’s pre-debut project, which consisted of debuting one girl per month with one solo song, thus debuting with the solo "Heart Attack". Previous to her reveal Chuu was a famous Instagram star.

On June 3, 2022 it was announced that she will not participate in the group’s upcoming 1st World Tour due to scheduled activities that have been fixed in advance throughout the rest of the year,

As of November 25, 2022, Chuu is no longer a member of LOONA under Blockberry creative.

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Chuu Facts

Native Name:

Birth Name: Ji Woo Kim

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date: October 20, 1999

Gender: Female

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