Christian Burgos

Christian Shamed Burgos Atala was born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico. After watching the Korean variety show, Quiz to Change the World, he decided to learn Korean on his own. After 6 months of starting, he entered the language school of UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) and worked as a Korean-language interpreter at a copper mine affiliated with a Korean company to earn money for a ticket to Korea. He started saving and a year later he decided to visit Korea for six months. Burgos auditioned for “Non-Summit,” a talk show. The program not only changed his visa status, but also the direction of his life. In Korea, he had the opportunity to be a Spanish teacher. He is known for his attempts to bridge the cultural gap between Mexico and Korea and was named as a goodwill ambassador for the Hanbok Advancement Center.

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Christian Burgos Facts

Native Name: Christian Shamed Burgos Atala

Birth Name: Christian Burgos


Birth Date: August 24, 1993

Gender: Male

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