Charlie Chin

Tall, dark and handsome. Though born in China – and though he grew up in Hong Kong, Charlie became one of the premier leading men in Taiwan during the 1970’s and may well have been Brigitte Lin’s most frequent co-star (Among the movies in which they appeared together are "The Legend of the White Snake", "The Love Affair of Rainbow" and "Misty Moon"). He was married at one time to Josephine Siao but left her to romantically pursue Brigitte all the way to the U.S. (where she had ostensibly gone to temporarily further her studies. Charlie, Josephine and Brigitte all appear in the 1974 movie entitled "Girlfriend"). In the 1980s he tried to make a switch to HK films and though he appeared in a number of solid films he was never able to gain the success that he had in Taiwan. He currently resides in San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles County, USA.

(Source: HKCM)

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Charlie Chin Facts

Native Name: 秦祥林

Birth Name: Hsiang Ling Chin

Nationality:  American

Birth Date: May 19, 1948

Gender: Male

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