Chang Hyeok

Born in 1924. Before his debut as an actor, he was a detective.
In 1959, he made his debut as a movie star by appearing in films such as ‘A Street of Sun'(1959) and ‘Mr. Park’ (1960). Since then, he has played many supporting roles in action movies. His major casts include ‘Black Hair'(1964), ‘The Tiger in the Wilderness'(1965), ‘8240 KLO'(1966), and ‘The United Front'( 1967), and at this time, he appeared as a detective in TBC’s true crime drama ‘Criminal Handbook’.
Since the 1970s, he appeared as his colleague Yongchil in the series ‘Yongpal’, which Park No Shik starred in, and he continued acting until his death in 1991.
(Source: KMDb)

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Chang Hyeok Facts

Native Name: 장혁

Birth Name: Hyeon Gon Jang

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date: April 7, 1905

Gender: Male

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