Cellin Gluck

Cellin Gluck is a director known for Persona Non Grata (2015), Oba The Last Samurai (2011), Sideways – aka Saidoweizu (2009) and Lorelei (2005) .As an assistant director/production manager he is known for Godzilla (2014), Memoirs of a Geisha (2005), Transformers (2007), Remember the Titans (2000) and Contact (1997) among others.

Born and spending his ‘formative years’ in Japan and Iran, Cellin graduated from the Canadian Academy in Kobe before attending the Claremont Colleges, graduating from Pitzer College with honors from the Pomona College Theatre Department. Convinced early by his father that archaeology was a hobby best followed by those with time and money, Cellin decided to follow a much more responsible and certain path to success, the Film Business.

Using his multi-cultural heritage to its fullest, he has spent the past 28+ years in film production with a particular emphasis on Japan. First advertising agency producer, to commercial director, then moving to films as an assistant director to Ridley Scott, Roger Spottiswoode, Mike Figgis, Sean Cunnigham and Robert Zemeckis among others. Cellin believes his multi-cultural upbringing and his own diverse ‘composition’ gives Cellin an innate sensibility for things both Eastern and Western. Allowing him to bridge cultures visually, viscerally and artistically as well as emotionally.

He is married to Karin Beck, and they have a son Griffin Gluck and daughter Caroline Paris Gluck.

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Cellin Gluck Facts

Native Name: チェリン・グラック

Birth Name:

Nationality:  American

Birth Date: March 3, 1958

Gender: Male

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