Ayaka Wilson

Ayaka Wilson is a fashion model, actress, and talent from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She belongs to Sugar & Spice. Her father is Canadian and her mother is Japanese, and she is bilingual, speaking Japanese and English.

She has been active as a model since 3 years old but made her debut as an actress in 2008 when she played the heroine in the movie Paco and the Magical Book. In 2009, she won the Japan Academy Award for Newcomer Actor (the youngest in history) and the Japan Internet Film Awards for Newcomer in the Japanese Film Division for the role of Paco in her debut movie.

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Ayaka Wilson Facts

Native Name: アヤカ・ウィルソン

Birth Name: Ayaka Wilson

Nationality:  Canadian

Birth Date: August 3, 1997

Gender: Female

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