Audrey Ottaviano

Audrey Ottaviano is a French film and television actress and action actor, living in Beijing, China, since 2012.

She was born in Auxerre, France and in 2003 she started in cinema and commercials, in Paris France as a physical stunt artist and actress, in French, British and American films. She has worked with motion capture for video games and was also a member of the French team of Wushu for 4 years (Champion of France, Europe and 7th in the world championships). Since her arrival in China, she participates as an actress and also voice dubbing with dialogues in Chinese, English and French, working with several production teams. Audrey sometimes returns to France to work as a stuntman.

Audrey Ottaviano is married to Chinese actor, action director and director, Zhang De Hui.


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Audrey Ottaviano Facts

Native Name: Audrey Ottaviano

Birth Name: Audrey Ottaviano

Nationality:  French

Birth Date: April 29, 1977

Gender: Female

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