Alfred Hsing

Alfred is a Chinese American, born in San Jose, CA. Alfred Hsing is a graduate of UCLA and has been through Beijing Film Academy Training Course (Performance Department). After graduating from UCLA with a degree in Economics, Computer Specialization, and minor in East Asian Languages, Hsing began work at Big 4 accounting firm KPMG. After gaining professional experience at KPMG, Hsing moved on to get a job in finance at City National Bank.

Finally in late 2009 Hsing quit his job to focus on training for the World Wushu Championships. After over a decade of intensive training in both America and China, Hsing won the first American gold medal in wushu taolu history at the 2009 World Wushu Championships held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Earlier that year he made the US National Wushu Team where he was ranked 1st in the nation.

Upon his return from the World Wushu Championships, Hsing turned his focus to acting, stunt work, and teaching martial arts. After playing in world competitions, Alfred Hsing had the opportunity to work and study with Mr. Jet Li for more than a year, becoming a stuntman.

Alfred Hsing is now a professional actor, a martial arts athlete, and a coach. Along with his career in martial arts, Hsing is also recognized as the Shaolin Expert on Spike TV’s show “Deadliest Warrior”.

Hsing has appeared on TV shows and films such as Ready Player One, HBO’s Silicon Valley (TV series), NCIS: LA, CSI: NY, The Last Ship (TV series), Spike TV’s Deadliest Warrior, and even in a Bollywood movie called Aakhari Decision.

Hsing has worked with Jet Li in The Sorcerer and the White Snake, Stephen Chow (whom he interviewed for MTV for the release of Kung Fu Hustle), MMA star Cung Le (whom he interviewed at the LA film festival for Bodyguards and Assassins), and Jackie Chan (whom he worked for as part of the Jackie Chan stunt team on Dragon Blade (film) and demoed for at the premiere of The Spy Next Door).

[Source: Baidu & Wikipedia]

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Alfred Hsing Facts

Native Name: 邢思杰

Birth Name:


Birth Date: November 23, 1983

Gender: Male

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