Abera Hidenobu

Abera Hidenobu is a Japanese screenwriter and director. Born in New York, he returned to Japan at the age of 3 and grew up in Kansai . Graduated from the Department of Imaging, Faculty of Arts, Osaka University of Arts . In 2012, the movie “Hadaka Too Dead”, which was produced as a graduation production , won the university’s department award. Received the Encouragement Award for the video technology in the student category of “JPPA AWARDS 2012” sponsored by the Japan Post Production Association . Canada – Montreal held in the Fantasia International Film Festival to win to. In the same year, he participated in “BABEL LABEL”, a group of directors specializing in video media. In addition to continuing video production as a director, he belongs to Cactus and is active in a wide range of genres such as actors and music activities .

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Abera Hidenobu Facts

Native Name: アベラヒデノブ

Birth Name: Hidenobu Abera


Birth Date: March 1, 1989

Gender: Male

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