₩uNo (Speed)

Woo Tae Woon (Born: Woo Ji Seok) is a South Korean pop idol, rapper, songwriter, record producer and model. He was a former member of "CO-ED School" and the leader and rapper of SPEED. He wrote and produced some of SPEED’s songs like: Don’t tease me, Zombie Party, Why I’m not and Hey my lady.
He and his brother Zico were both trainees of "Block B", but Tae Woon left to debut with "CO-ED School". He was born in South Korea but lived in Japan for 3 years and studied at Tokyo Polytechnic University. He lived in Canada and China for 2 years. Tae Woon also has a rapper group called "Royal Class". In March 2015, he announced his departure from SPEED, to peruse a solo career. In early 2015, Tae Woon signed to Doublekick Company, using name ₩uNo as a music producer. Some of his closest friends are SIMS from  M.I.B, IRON, Ram from D-UNIT, In Joon from DgNA, Jucy from EvoL, Lime from Hello Venus, Kang Jun from C-CLOWN, Block B, Han Hae from PHANTOM, Jessi, Mino from WINNER and his sister Danah. He wrote 2EYES’ song ”PIPPI”, JJCC’s songs ”Where you at” and ”ToDay”, Sonamoo’s song ”Cushion”, Girl’s Day’s song ”Ring my bell” and Baek Z Young and Cheetah’s song ”Can you feel me”.

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₩uNo (Speed) Facts

Native Name: 우태운

Birth Name: Ji Seok Woo

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date: May 11, 1990

Gender: Male

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