We’re Not Good At Parting

We’re Not Good At Parting


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Director & Screenwriter: Park Dong Gi, Min Byung Chae, Lee Hyeon Ji

Screenwriter: Lee Gun Wook

Release Date: Dec 11, 2021

Duration: 1 hr. 6 min.

Year: 2021

Country: South Korea

Native Title: 우리는 이별에 서툴러서

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative Titles:

Genre: Drama, Fantasy


An omnibus movie that shows the difference in perspective, conflict, and pain of parting between men and women through the images of couples breaking up.

1. “Farewell Movie” (이별영화, i-byeol-yeong-hwa) by Lee Hyunji
At the end of the meeting between aspiring actors and aspiring directors, Geon-wook wants to shoot his failed movie in reality even at the moment of his separation.

2. “Relationship Forest” (연애의 숲, yeon-ae-eui sup) by Park Dong-ki
Hae-rangand Mio who were hurt by each other in an incompatible relationship, as well as Yeon-woo and Byeong-dae. Two couples fight in the forest, accidentally, Hae-rang and Yeon-woo, as well as Mio and Byeong-dae. Can peace come in the forest where the two lovers fought?

3. “The Way to Relationship” (연애의 길, yeon-ae-eui gil) by Park Dong-ki
Yeon-hyeok and I-seul fight while driving on the country road. The quarrel intensifies and Hyeok and I-seul stop the car and got out. Another couple fights. Dong-ik and Seon-ah are on a farewell trip. Seon-ah gets out of the car and runs away from Dong-ik who is starting an argument over trivial stories. Dong-ik who is chasing Seon-ah fall in the rice field and try to encourage Seon-ah, but Hyeok, who misunderstood it from a distance, kicks Dong-ik.

4. “Hello, How Are You” (헬로하와유, hel-lo-ha-wa-yu) by Min Byung-chae
Ji-an who is in a recluse at her mother’s karaoke is visited by her boyfriend of 10 years, Dong-hoon. Through the karaoke glass, they clear each other’s misunderstandings and fall in love again.



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