Surviving in Hell Joseon

Surviving in Hell Joseon


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Duration: 1 hr. 26 min.

Country: South Korea

Native Title: 헬조선에서 살아남기

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative Titles: Heljoseoneseo Saranamgi, Deuseu Ekseu Makina, Pueopaiteo, 302 Ho, Jasalhaedo Doenayo

Genre: Drama


The story of four women who somehow want to survive in this hellish world.

“Deux Ex Machina” (데우스 엑스 마키나)
In Hye, a job seeker who continues to fail to get a job, knows a special and dangerous way to improve her intellectual sterminates.

“Poor Fighter” (푸어파이터)
Academic background, appearance, specification, whatever, but the only specialty of the unemployed food fighter challenger Seon Mi is ‘eating well’.

“302” (302호)
Mi Yeong workshard in the factory due to difficult family conditions. Financially, even her boyfriend only depends on her. Then one day another woman named Min Ji appears at the factory. Mi Yong envies Min Ji, who has a pretty appearance and a talented boyfriend. Mi Yeong is trying to fake things and kick Min-ji out of the factory dormitory…

“Can I terminate Myself?” (자살해도 되나요)
An elementary school student writes ‘Self-harm’ when asked what she wants to do the most now. A homeroom teacher who is worried about the child meets her parents for counseling, but faces harsh protests from her parents. After that, contrary to her intentions, distorted information spreads rapidly.

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