Total votes: 111

Duration: 1 hr. 43 min.

Year: 1999

Rank: #99999

Country: South Korea

Native Title:

Content Rating: G – All Ages

Alternative Titles: Ae, 愛 L’Amour

Genre: Drama


L’Amour is the story of an elderly couple who have lived through pain and agony. Of their three sons, one committed Self-harm, one immigrated, and one ran away from home. The husband was once a two-star general with a promising future, but his decision not to join a coup d’etat would eventually lead to his dishonourable discharge and the loss of his pension.
As the two grow older, they find an increasingsense of warmth and security in each other’s presence. When one of their sons goes bankrupt, however, their house which they mortgaged to support him is taken by the bank. With no social safety net to catch them, the two are forced to separate: the husband goes to a men’s senior home while the wife ends up in a woman’s home on the other side of the city.
This painful separation forces the couple to find new means of communication, whether through letters or meeting in public parks. As the months pass, the approaching winter promises harsh times ahead.

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