I Bet Everything

I Bet Everything


Total votes: 99

Release Date: Jan 21, 2021

Duration: 1 hr. 40 min.

Year: 2021

Rank: #99999

Country: South Korea

Native Title: 모든 걸 걸었어

Content Rating: 13+ – Teens 13 or older

Alternative Titles: modeun geol georeosseo

Genre: Drama


Cha Gi Seong, a genius goalkeeper who has been on a roll since becoming a member of the national youth team and even after undergoing a kidney transplant surgery due to acute renal failure, falls down again. Now his soccer life is over. The end!

A year later, Gi Seong’s body reacts by reflex to a ball that accidentally flew on the road. After being offered a fill-in goalkeeper position in theThird Division by a friend, already, his mind and body react positively, even if his head says no. “What’s really scary to me is that I might want to play soccer again, if my heart starts to pound again. That’s the scariest thing.”

“Knock knock.” Every morning, the sound of a loan shark knocking on the door is the start of Yoon Seong Pil’s day. Due to his mother’s debts and his complicated relationships, it’s been a long time since he came down from the First Division to the Third. To him, football is not a dream anymore, but only his means to pick up a woman. “Life is messed up anyway!”

On the day of the E-Land FC’s away match where Seong Pil belongs, Seong Pil suddenly burned with a useless desire to compete, after knowing that his opponent will be Cha Gi Seong. “I will show my ability against Gi Seong,” he bets on his own. It’s been a long time since he’s done all he can to shoot… however, he can’t even score a single goal and he only hurt his pride.

Eventually, E-Land FC was completely defeated, but they received blazing support and it made the atmosphere seem as if they had won. The loud cheers felt embarrassing to Seong Pil, but in the midst of it, Gi Seong felt envious. “I want to be cheered on, too!’

Gi Seong joins E-Land FC in the Third Division, hoping for enthusiastic cheers from supporters. However, the coach is more into online soccer games rather than the soccer game itself, and the players, he couldn’t even catch a glimpse! In addition, the city government is pressuring to break off the team, calling it a waste of taxpayers’ money! Will he be able to advance to the Second Division with a 50% winning rate, or disband the team? There is only one choice in the face of the team’s survival crisis! They are still young to give up their dreams, and most of all, still crazy about soccer. They finally agree to bet everything on a 50% winning rate.

After many twists and turns, it’s the entire group’s first game! It’s been a long time since their hearts were full of ambition and aspiration, but the game is mercilessly blown off. They’re in a situation where victory seems difficult, let alone a 50% winning rate. Seong Pil blames himself for picking on his team members for nothing, and even turns the situation that could make them get into physical fight. Among them, the coach secretly prepares a wild card. “The legendary no-turn volcano shot?!”

Will they be able to advance to the Second Division, the professional league that they dreamed of by filling the 50% winning rate? A touching drama of youth’s heart-warming dreams and passion unfolds. “If I can’t even stand on the grass… Then I already don’t exist. Because… I already bet everything!”

(Source: HanCinema)


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