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Director & Screenwriter: Park Ki Hyung

Duration: 1 hr. 26 min.

Year: 2017

Country: South Korea

Native Title: 잠식

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative Titles: jamsig



Due to her bad grades, Jin Hee enters university far from home. But she resolves to work hard to achieve her dream of becoming a speech theoffender. But a sense of foreboding hangs in the air and Jin Hee finds suspicious people in a closed lab building. We witness the horror Jin Hee experiences as the boundary between reality and fantasy slowly collapses. Whilst following the formula of an exemplary horror film,Park creates a unique work using an unfamiliar language and ambiance. After drawing attention as a horror film director, Park expanded his horizon and produced a wide range of works displaying psychological terror and desperate action of the youth. This film once again confirms that he loves of the horror genre.

(Source: JIFF)


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