Dark History Generator

Dark History Generator


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Release Date: Apr 8, 2021

Duration: 1 hr. 4 min.

Year: 2021

Rank: #99999

Country: South Korea

Native Title: 흑역사 생성기

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative Titles: Heukyeoksa Saengseonggi

Genre: Comedy


No matter how old you get, life is just a ‘dark history generator’?

“Start of Class” (개강, Gaegang)
Sang Hyeon and Seong Woo who had to face the last semester of their last year in college unexpectedly fall in a time loop that indefinitely repeats the day before the start of the semester. Two people try to escape from this time loop and find a way out in their own way… WillSang Hyeon and Seong Woo be able to reach the start of the class safely?

“Let’s Kill The Director” (감독을 죽이자, Gamdokeul Jukija)
Director Baek who has to finish filming a movie is fighting with time, day and night, but because of him being immature, the delay is unbearable. Of all things, the movie is all about killing the director. However! Shooting the film which is as faithful as the script, overlaps with the staff’s desire to kill the director, and for some reason, it seems to come to reality…?

“4th Period, PE Class” (4교시 체육시간, 4gyosi Cheyuksigan)
Losers Yeong Tae and ‘otaku’ Ki Hwan fight with each other during their fourth period in PE class saying they will remain in the classroom and while in the middle of the fight, they accidentally flipped over the best student Jin Seong’s lunch box. The two start to make a new lunch box for Jin Seong by combining the lunch boxes of their classmates.

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