4 Horror Tales: 29 February

4 Horror Tales: 29 February


Total votes: 253

Screenwriter: Yoo Il Han

Release Date: Jul 20, 2006

Duration: 1 hr. 31 min.

Year: 2006

Rank: #7873

Country: South Korea

Native Title: 어느날 갑자기 첫번째 이야기 – 2월 29일

Content Rating: 15+ – Teens 15 or older

Alternative Titles: Iwol Iisipguil, The Curse of February 29th: February 29, 2 wol 29 il, Four Horror Tales – February 29, 2월 29일 – 어느날 갑자기 첫번째 이야기, Four Horror Tales – Hidden Floor

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Supernatural, Thriller


Ji Yeon works as a tollgate ticket girl and tonight she’s got the night shift. All of a sudden all the lights go out and a mysterious black car drives up to her booth. Classical music can be heard from inside the car and a female hand reaches out and gives Ji Yeon the ticket. When the car has driven away, Ji Yeon notices that the ticket is stained with blood. Apparently,it is said that on every fourth year on February 29th, a murder occurs near the tollgate. Could Ji Yeon be the next victim?


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