Korean TV Show

Beauty-Full (2022)


Rank #99999

“Beauty-Full” is a program where the best personal shoppers find all the trendy items for you in a customized show that selects a timely theme for each episode. The 5...

99 Shades (2021)

99 Shades

Rank #99999


Phone Cleansing (2021)

Phone Cleansing

Rank #99999

The talk show will organize the countless number of photos on celebrities’ cell phones and reveal the honest stories portrayed by the memories stored in them. As interest in environmental...

Blockbuster: Brick War of Geniuses (2022)

Blockbuster: Brick War of Geniuses

Rank #99999

Korean version of Lego Masters, it is the first new concept audition in Korea where Lego enthusiasts gather to have a brick assembly battle. There is a brain battle between...

Project RCPC (2020)

Project RCPC

Rank #99999

The girls split into two teams to come up with their own original choreography for Blue Punch’s closing track “The The.”...

Let's Listen to Lee Yu Na (2020)

Let’s Listen to Lee Yu Na

Rank #99999

A short series about the winner of High School Style Icon 2. (Source: XingBack at MyDramaList)...

Partner (2020)


Rank #99999

This program will show up the growth in music of the artists n these people by their meeting. In particular, this show will make the artists create the chemistry n...

Access Showbiz Tonight (2016)

Access Showbiz Tonight

Rank #99999

South Korean show that talks about entertainment news, once a week, and involves interviews with celebrities....

Sing and Stay (2019)

Sing and Stay Season 1

Rank #99999

‘Sing Stay’ is a music live show where talented idol musicians come to visit a guest house to talk about their music and perform live. (Source: Allkpop)...

Shadow Singer (2017)

Shadow Singer

Rank #99999

It’s time to put a spotlight on those with talent who have not had their fair share of shining moments. From once-famous singers who are forgotten by the masses to...