Korean Movie

The Outlaws (2017)

The Outlaws

Rank #1546

The story follows a turf war that grows between a local gang that runs Garibong-dong in Guro District, Seoul, and the Heuksapa gang from Yanbian, China; the police are called...

More Than Blue (2009)

More Than Blue

Rank #1555

K, a radio producer who loves Cream, is told that he has only a few months left to live. Because he knows that her biggest fear is to be left...

Believer (2018)

Believer 1

Rank #1564

Detective Won Ho is trying to catch Teacher Lee, boss of the biggest drug ring in South Korea. He starts to works with a member of Teacher Lee’s drug ring,...

The Battle of Jangsari (2019)

The Battle of Jangsari

Rank #1569

A guerrilla army unit led by Captain Lee Myung Joon and 772 student soldiers, including Choi Sung Pil, are on the ship Moonsanho and their destination is Jangsari. Their mission...


Veteran 1

Rank #1573

After an international auto theft sting, a dimwitted detective Do Chul is treated at a nightclub where he meets Tae Oh, the tyrannical heir to an untouchable mega-corporation, whose rude...

Run Off

Take Off 2

Rank #1576

What does it take to form a women’s Olympic national ice hockey team? A few middle-aged women, a middle school student, and maybe even a North Korean defector? Kang Dae...

Castaway on the Moon

Castaway on the Moon

Rank #1578

Kim Seung Keun stands on the ledge of an overpass bridge above the Han River. He’s in way over his head in debt and he’s ready to end his life...

Secret Reunion (2010)

Secret Reunion

Rank #1579

A fired South Korean agent and a deserted North Korean spy meet by chance after six years and start a business partnership, each with the intention of stealing information from...

P1H: The Beginning of a New World (2020)

P1H: The Beginning of a New World

Rank #1580

The story revolves around six boys from the stars Alkaid and Alcor, arriving on Earth to save the planet from the spread of a strange virus. The fictional virus is...

The Long Way Home

The Long Way Home

Rank #1581

Set during the Korean War and 3 days before a truce takes place. Nam Bok is a South Korean soldier who was a simple farmer before his conscription into the...



Rank #1604

Hyung Wook, an infamous assassin known for his perfection, slips on soap at a public sauna and passes out. Jae Sung, a not famous unknown actor who’s hit rock bottom,...

On Your Wedding Day (2018)

On Your Wedding Day

Rank #1622

Do you remember your first love? This is the story of Woo Yeon, a man who sees his only love as Seung Hee, a girl who believes in falling in...

The Suspect (2013)

The Suspect

Rank #1627

Dong Chul was the best special field agent in North Korea, but he’s abandoned by his government during a mission. While on the run, he looks for his wife and...

The Swordsman (2020)

The Swordsman

Rank #1629

Set during the chaotic period of the Ming-Qing dynasty transition, Tae Yul, the best swordsman in Joseon, lives in seclusion with his daughter Tae Ok in the mountains after failing...

The Accidental Detective 2: In Action (2018)

The Accidental Detective 2: In Action

Rank #1636

A comic book storekeeper, Dae Man, and the legendary homicide detective, Tae Soo, who met on the previous case quit their jobs to open a private detective agency. Despite their...

Will You Be There? (2016)

Will You Be There?

Rank #1652

Soo Hyun comes across magical pills that allow him to go back and forth in time. 30 years earlier, a young Soo Hyun meets his future self and learns that...

Journey to the Shore (2020)

Journey to the Shore

Rank #1658

Min Ha and Sang Bum are a gay couple in high school. They go on a journey to the shore for their 100th day anniversary. Min Ha does not care...

The Himalayas (2015)

The Himalayas

Rank #1658

Based on true events, renowned mountaineer Uhm Hong Gil set out on a mission to Everest to retrieve his late junior climber’s body and faces the greatest challenge of his...

The Gifted Hands (2013)

The Gifted Hands

Rank #1660

Yang Chun Dong has been working as a detective for 3 years. A case occurs involving the kidnapping and murder of a young girl. While Detective Chun Dong investigates the...


Love, Lies

Rank #1690

The story takes place in 1943, during the Imperial Japanese occupation of Korea. In the film, best friends Jung So Yul and Seo Yeon Hee are two of the last...

Night Flight (2014)

Night Flight

Rank #1699

Three teenage boys who were once close friends grow apart when they reach high school. Yong Ju lives hiding his true sexuality, Gi Woong becomes the leader of the school...

Welcome to Dongmakgol (2005)

Welcome to Dongmakgol

Rank #1711

Dongmakgol is a village in a remote mountain, isolated from the rest of the world and untouched by the ravages of the ongoing war in Korea. Fate brings the three...

Cold Eyes (2013)

Cold Eyes

Rank #1728

Rookie Detective Ha Yoon Ju becomes the newest member of a unit within the Korean Police Forces Special Crime Department that specializes in surveillance activities on high profile criminals. She...

Mood of the Day

Mood of the Day

Rank #1730

Soo Jung has been with her boyfriend for 10 years, and it’s clear to everyone but her that their romance is going nowhere. On a business trip to Busan by...