Korean Movie

Short! Short! Short! (2011)

Short! Short! Short!

Rank #99999

Contains three stories: ‘The Famished’ directed by Lee Kyoo-man ‘The Loneliness of Butcher Boy’ directed by Han Jihyeh ‘Ten Million’ is directed by Kim Tae-gon...

Nine Monks (2020)

Nine Monks

Rank #99999

For the first time in the history of Korean Buddhism, nine monks ceased hostility by staying in a tent throughout winter. Inside the cold tent, ninety days of meditation begins...

Bamseom Pirates Seoul Inferno (2017)

Bamseom Pirates Seoul Inferno

Rank #99999

The Bamseom Pirates from Korea make music appropriate to our sick society: a hundred songs in ten minutes, that kind of thing. This at times noisy, but also sparkling, activist...

Beauty of Journey (2014)

Beauty of Journey

Rank #99999


Mad Movie (2015)

Mad Movie

Rank #99999

Two men and two women enter a mysterious maze where their every move is monitored as steamy voyeuristic entertainment....

Journey to Kailash (2020)

Journey to Kailash

Rank #99999

‘When can I come here again? I am the happiest grandma in the world’ -Grandmother’s ‘Pamir Diary’ We went to Kailash, the holy land of Tibet where we can meet...

I Am Not Lonely (1967)

I Am Not Lonely

Rank #99999

A woman widowed at a young age runs away from home with her daughter, though leaving her son at home. The brother and sister grow up and become lovers without...

Coming of Age (2018)

Coming of Age

Rank #99999

29-year-old college student Baek Seol fails to win a permanent employee position and thinks about going to graduate school. And her mother Hae Sook suddenly visits her and says she...

Bruce Lee Fights Back from the Grave (1976)

Bruce Lee Fights Back from the Grave

Rank #99999

The opening sequence shows Bruce Lee (played by an unknown imitator), leaping from his grave after it is struck by lightning. While this and the title imply a story involving...

Invitation to Hell (1975)

Invitation to Hell

Rank #99999

Interpol is called in to investigate the murder of the inventor of a laser dubbed Cobalt 70 and the theft of the diamond which operates it. (Source: IMDB)...

Permission To Exist (2020)

Permission to Exist

Rank #99999

Documentary film on life as a South Korean high school student....

Vincent (2017)


Rank #99999

Ban Man Ho became suddenly rich. He is a country gent with a sense of inferiority and who is greedy for money. However, one day someone calls him an ignorant...

They Kill My Mother (2021)

They Kill My Mother

Rank #99999

‘Won Kyeong’, Korea’s leading toy collector and the owner of the toy museum, ‘Toykino’, started the business by collecting toys as hobby from childhood. From Samcheongdong to Insadong, and numerous...

Sunday Punch (2011)

Sunday Punch

Rank #99999

This movie will tell family story of working as a rookie secretary for an upright politician, going through rooting out all sorts of corruption and at the same time living...

The Lady CEO (1967)

The Lady CEO

Rank #99999

Growing up as an orphan and now in a women’s college, she inherits an unexpected and enormous legacy. It was a legacy that my father, who was reluctant to become...