Korean Movie

Goodtime (2020)


Rank #99999

Express delivery driver Hyung Do is having a rough day. His motorcycle broke down, he got into a quarrel with a passerby, and his sister urged him to come to...

The Congressman (2018)

The Congressman

Rank #99999

A third-term congressman gets himself into a big trouble. He has to meet his first love. ”The Congressman ”makes up its multi-natured structure crossing theater of situation on stage scenes...

Live Hard (2021)

Live Hard

Rank #99999

Chul, Seop, and Deok-kyu are desperate for just one performance. They desire for a chance to play their songs, but being on the stage is even difficult. It is hard...

House of Heeji (2020)

House of Heeji

Rank #99999

Heeji, a student at the Department of Architecture, loves her best friend, Eun Seo. Eun Seo asks Heeji to live together. Eun Seo says he wants to live in a...

Her Husband and His Wife (2018)

Her Husband and His Wife

Rank #99999

A romantic comedy that tells the troubles between men and women using the teachings of the Bible. (Source: HanCinema)...


Musoon, Across the Universe

Rank #99999

Dirt spoon, job seeker. Countless tags attached on young people before they even start something in life. Standing in front of the camera, 27-year-old Mu Soon is a young man...

A Male Housekeeper (1968)

A Male Housekeeper

Rank #99999

To guard against her lustful husband, a wife decided to use a male maid. Hyeong-gu, who has been struggling to finance his younger brother’s research fund, enters the housekeeper. So,...

Don't Touch Me (1961)

Don’t Touch Me

Rank #99999


Marry Me (2007)

Marry Me

Rank #99999

Ha Eun is a lesbian who lives with her mother and is close enough to share a room, but she cannot tell her mother that she is a lesbian. Her...

Restoration's Aestethics (2015)

Restoration’s Aestethics

Rank #99999

It contains the sad colours drawn in Busan in 1974. In Ae raises her two younger brothers with a mother’s heart....

Wasteland (2021)


Rank #99999

Hwa Cheon asks to bury her husband’s dead body who did Self-harm, in Seo Am’s backyard. (Source: JIFF)...

We Go Together (2021)

We Go Together

Rank #99999

“With no money and no backer, the U.S. Military is the only answer. Help me!” A dirt-poor high school graduate KATUSA tries hard. In Korea, if you are a man...