Number of Members:

Hangul: 뉴이스트

Alternative name: ニューイースト

Fandom Name: LOΛ.E. (러브)

Fandom Color: Hot Pink and Dark Teal

Company/Agency: NU’EST

Origin: South Korea

Debut Date: January 1, 1970

About NU’EST

NU’EST (뉴이스트) is a K-Pop Boy Groups based in South Korea. They debuted on In Korea: March 15, 2012 - In Japan: November 10, 2014. The group is currently Active.

NU’EST Members

NU’EST Member Ages

Ranked from oldest to youngest.

1. AronMay 21, 199329 years old
2. JRJun 08, 199527 years old
3. BaekhoJul 21, 199527 years old
4. MinhyunAug 09, 199527 years old
5. RenNov 03, 199527 years old

NU’EST Member Heights

Ranked from tallest to shortest.

1. Minhyun1.81 m (5’11”)
2. JR1.76 m (5’9″)
3. Baekho1.75 m (5’9″)
4. Ren1.75 m (5’9″)
5. Aron1.73 m (5’8″)

Members and Position(s)


NU’EST is composed of five members born between 1993 and 1995. Their names are: Aaron, Baekho, JR, Minhyun, and Ren. The oldest member is Aron (born May 21, 1993). The youngest member (maknae) is Ren (born Nov 3, 1995). The leader of NU’EST is JR (born Jun 8, 1995). NU’EST has 4 Korean members and 1 foreign member. Aron was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. The other four members were born in South Korea.


Aronleader, main dancer, main rapper, center
JRlead rapper, lead dancer, vocalist
Baekhomain vocalist
Minhyunlead vocalist, visual
Renvocalist, maknae

MBTI Personality Types

MemberMBTIPersonality Traits
AronISFPIntroverted, observant, feeling, prospecting
JRISFJIntroverted, observant, feeling, judging
BaekhoENFPExtroverted, thinking, feeling, prospecting
MinhyunESFJExtroverted, observant, feeling, judging
RenINFJIntroverted, thinking, feeling, judging

Zodiac Signs

MemberZodiac SignChinese Zodiac

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • The leader of NU’EST is JR (born Jun 8, 1995).
  • The oldest member of NU’EST is Aron (born May 21, 1993).
  • The youngest member (maknae) of NU’EST is Ren (born Nov 3, 1995).
  • The tallest member of NU’EST is Minhyun with a height of 181 cm (5’11”).
  • The shortest member of NU’EST is Aron with a height of 176 cm (5’9”).


  • NU’EST is Pledis’ first male group.
  • All members are very close to the members of After School.
  • Before their debut they were known as “After School Boys” or “Pledis Boys” together with some members of the group SEVENTEEN.
  • They starred in a program “Making of a Star NU’EST: Landing Operation” on MBC Music. In their program, the boys will be visiting various parts of the country to capture the hearts of fans as well as carrying out various missions together with their fans. Their first episode aired on March 21 at 19:00 KST.
  • NU’EST has received explosive amount of interest after the release of its debut song “FACE” on March 15, and has been the #1 most searched on various internet portals.
  • They appeared in a short scene of the music video “Venus” by the group Hello Venus.
  • On July 18, 2012, they were appointed as ambassadors of the South Korean Scout Association, pledging to insinuate Korean Scouts in being better people and helping others.
  • NU’EST had the No.1 position in the list of most watched MV’s of rookie groups, before them the No.1 position was held by Miss A with “Bad Girl, Good Girl”.
  • “Hello” is NU’EST’s second mini album which is available in limited edition CD+DVD and a 200-page photo album.
  • They participated in the SSTP radio show together with C-REAL.
  • It had a variety show where the members participated called NU’EST New Project (First and second season) while they were on a Tour in Japan.
  • NU’EST had a period of time where he focused a lot on promotions in Japan. He lived there for more than 4 months.
  • There were rumors that Ariola (the company that manages them in Japan) made them work under deplorable conditions. Neither Ariola nor the company PLEDIS responded to this.
  • During 2016 they had their own show called Private Life on Heyo TV.
  • Following the news of the members joining the PRODUCE 101 program, PLEDIS Ent. released a statement to fans that this is NOT a disbandment, only a temporary hiatus. It has also added that the idea of participating was entirely from the members, in order to promote themselves.
  • On May 10, HANTEO revealed that the group’s old albums returned to the best-selling charts, its fourth mini album “Q Is” in 2nd place, its fifth mini album “Canvas” in 3rd place and its first mini album “Action” in 9th place. This is due to the popularity and attention the group is receiving from their participation in the PRODUCE 101 program.
  • They have received a lot of support not only within Asia but also from international fans who declare that they regret not having seen the talent NU’EST has, but they assure to stay by the boys’ side.
  • Despite being part of the most popular PRODUCE 101 trainees, only Min Hyun was left in the final group, “Wanna One”.
  • PLEDIS Ent. stated that, because the boys attracted attention, it is possible that they will be back during the second half of the year.
  • In an interview SEVENTEEN leader S.Coups said, “I wish only good things happen to NU’EST now and that one day we can do a ‘Happy Pledis Family Concert’ together.”
  • NU’EST has unveiled a 2017 version of the track “Hello.” Unlike the original version, which is more of a dance track, the group has unveiled a ballad version that shows a soft side of her voice.
  • The new sub-unit NU’EST W is composed of JR, Aron, Baekho and Ren, and it is the sub-unit that will promote while Min Hyun is with Wanna One. The “W” is for “Wait” and means “wait”, as they wait to become a complete group, until Min Hyun’s return. It also contains a second meaning, which is that they have waited for a long time to greet the fans again.
  • NU’EST has unveiled the 2017 version for its song “Look (A starlight night)”, which is a remix made by lead vocalist BaekHo. The original version of the song, was included in their fifth mini album “Canvas”.
  • On September 4, 2017, an announcement was posted on their fan cafe to share that the recruitment for the 2nd generation of NU’EST’s both domestic and international fan club, “L.O.Λ.E”. In a video released along with the news, the members said, “We are recruiting the second generation of our reliable friends L.O.Λ.E who always give us strength and support from the same place. We hope they will be with NU’EST in 2017 and 2018 as well.” This is the group’s first fanclub recruitment in four years, as their first recruitment happened in 2013. Recruitment will take place through Interpark from Sept. 8-30, and membership will be valid from Oct. 1.
  • On February 1, 2019, JR shared on the group’s fancafe a handwritten letter where he announced that the 5 members of NU’EST had decided to renew their contract with Pledis Ent. Soon after, the company confirmed it.
  • The MV “FACE” reached 100 million views, becoming the group’s first video to do so and the second debut MV by a boy group to reach that milestone.
  • They are the kpop group that took the longest time to get their first win with 2610 days since their debut (7 years, one month and 20 days).
  • Korean online sales site Interpark released a list of K-Pop concerts with the highest ticket sales in 2019. NU’EST’s concert “Segno” in Seoul got the sixth place and the ninth place also went to NU’EST with their fan meeting “LOΛ.E PAGE”, both held at KSPO Dome. Being the only kpop group on the list next to BTS.





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