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Inspiring Generation

Inspiring Generation 03

Tittle: 감격시대 / Inspiring Generation: The Birth of the God of Battle
Also known as: Age of Feelings / Generation of Youth / Inspiring Age
Chinese Title: 感激时代:斗神的诞生
Genre: Period, Action, Romance, Family
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2014-Jan-15 to 2014-April-03
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00


Based in the 1930’s of Shanghai, China. This drama is a story about love, friendship, aspiration, loyalty and patriotism.

The story goes with the man named Shin Jung Tae (Kim Hyun Joong) who will protect his fellowmen from the Japanese Invasion. He has a natural skills on fighting and later on earned his way to be one of the greatest fighter during Japan Rule.

Shin Jung Tae loses his father at the age of 15 when a Japanese soldier shoots him during the Japanese occupation of Shanghai in the 1930s. But instead of finding justice, Jung Tae is accused of his own father’s death. Jung Tae finds justice only by using his fists in the back alleys of Shanghai, growing up to become the best fighter on the continent. After his father’s death, Jung Tae is taken in and raised by the father of Yoon Ok Ryun (Jin Se Yun). He falls in love with his feisty younger “sister,” who aspires to be a singer but becomes so much more, although he is too clumsy to express his true feelings. But the cold and calculating Deguchi Gaya (Im Soo Hyang), the stepdaughter of a high official of Japan’s National Assembly Denkai, may stand in their way of happiness. Can the young Korean ex-patriots in China preserve their futures during such harsh times?


Main Cast

Kim Hyun Joong as Shin Jung Tae
Kwak Dong Yun as Jung Tae (young)
Im Soo Hyang as Deguchi Gaya
Joo Da Young as Deguchi Gaya (young)
Jin Se Yun as Yoon Ok Ryun
Ji Woo as Yoon Ok Ryun (young)

People around Jung Tae

Choi Jae Sung as Shin Yeong Chul
Lee Ji Woo as Shin Chung Ah
Son Byung Ho as Choi Po Soo / Choi Soo Ri
Shin Seung Hwan as Jjang Ttol / Jang Suk Dol
Kim Dong Hee as Jjang Ttol (young)
Kim Jae Wook as Kim Soo Ok
Kim Byung Gi as Jum Jaeng Yi
Kim Ga Eun as So So
So Hee Jung as Mok Po Daek
Lee Jae Yoon as Kim Chum Ji

People around Gaya

Yoon Hyun Min as Toyama Aoki
Choi Chul Ho as Tekuchi Shinjyo

People around Ok Ryun

Shin Eun Jung as Kim Song Dok
Lee Cho Hee as Mal Sook
Kim Min Ha as Mal Sook (young)
Bae Noo Ri as Yang Yang

Il Gook Hoe

Kim Gap Soo as Denkai
Jo Dong Hyuk as Shinichi
Choi Ji Ho as Ah Ka
Jung Jin as Yamamoto
Im Hyung Joon as Koichi
Jo Ha Suk as Sasaki
Kwak Seung Namas Kenjyo
Im Se Hwan (임세환) as Tamada

Do Bi

Yang Ik Joon as Hwang Bong Sik
Jo Dal Hwan as Poong Cha
Ji Seung Hyun as Kang Gae
Ji Chan as Kkab Sae
Moon Hee Kyung as sister director

Jung Jae Hwa’s gang

Kim Sung Oh as Jung Jae Hwa
Kim Seo Kyung as Mang Chi

Shin Ma Juk’s gang

Yoo Tae Woong as Sin Ma Jeok
Seo Dong Gun as Cha Sang Ki

Hwang Bang

Choi Il Hwa as Seol Doo Seong
Hwang Chae Won as Lang Lang
Jung Ho Bin as Wang Baek San

Mo Il Hwa’s gang

Song Jae Rim as Mo Il Hwa
Lee Joon Suk (이준석) as Won Pyung

Bool Gom’s gang

Lee Chul Min as Bool Gom
Uhm Tae Goo as Dokku
Oh Soon Tae as Omogari

Ttong Ji Gi

Kim Roa Ha as Shin Ga Jum
Park Chul Min as Palinoin
Yeo Ho Min as Ma Dang Ga


Lee Hae In as Sun Woo Jin
Kim Jae Kyung as Mei Ling
Go Seo Hee
Tae Hang Ho
Lee Kwan Hoon as Wild and violent

Production Credits

Production Company: Ray & Mo
Chief Producer: Jung Hae Ryong
Producer: Choi Ji Young
Director: Kim Jung Gyu, Ahn Joon Yong
Screenwriter: Chae Seung Dae (Episode 1-10), Park Kye Ok (Episode 11-24)


  • Kim So Eun was previously cast as Yoon Ok Ryun but drop out because of the schedule conflict and replace by Jin Se Yun.

  • This drama is based on the comic series “Inspiring Generation,” originally published from 1985 to 1988, by Bang Hak Ki.

  • Kim Jae Wook who plays Kim Soo Ok dropped out of the drama series. His last appearance is in episode 8.


2014 KBS Drama Awards – Best Child Acting (Actor): Kwak Dong Yun (Inspiring Generation)
2014 koreandrama.org Awards : The Best Korean Drama of 2014

Episode Preview

Episode 1 – Version 1 & Version 2 & Version 3
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10 (Not Available)
Episode 11
Episode 12 (Not Available)
Episode 13
Episode 14
Episode 15
Episode 16
Episode 17
Episode 18
Episode 19 (Not Available)
Episode 20 (Not Available)
Episode 21 (Not Available)
Episode 22 (Not Available)
Episode 23
Episode 24 (Not Available)

Episode Ratings

2014-01-1517.99.2 (19th)7.87.7
2014-01-1627.89.2 (20th)7.77.7
2014-01-2238.9 (17th)9.2 (17th)9.6 (14th)10.3 (9th)
2014-01-2347. (19th)
2014-01-2956. (19th)
2014-01-3067. (16th)
2014-02-0687.48.28.9 (20th)9.4 (18th)
2014-02-1298.8 (20th)9.4 (20th)10.0 (17th)10.7 (14th)
2014-02-13109.9 (18th)11.6 (13th)11.4 (14th)12.8 (8th)
2014-02-19118.89.1 (20th)10.3 (15th)10.8 (14th)
2014-02-20128.89.8 (20th)9.8 (20th)10.2 (18th)
2014-02-26138.7 (18th)9.3 (17th)9.3 (16th)9.7 (12th)
2014-02-27148.9 (20th)10.3 (15th)9.7 (16th)10.1 (15th)
2014-03-051510.0 (16th)10.9 (11th)12.0 (7th)12.7 (5th)
2014-03-061610.3 (19th)11.6 (12th)12.5 (6th)13.3 (5th)
2014-03-121710.7 (16th)12.2 (10th)12.2 (8th)13.2 (6th)
2014-03-131810.0 (17th)11.4 (12th)12.6 (8th)13.2 (8th)
2014-03-19199.8 (14th)10.2 (12th)11.0 (9th)11.1 (8th)
2014-03-202010.8 (16th)12.4 (8th)12.1 (11th)12.8 (8th)
2014-03-262110.0 (15th)11.4 (10th)11.6 (10th)12.3 (6th)
2014-03-272210.3 (13th)10.9 (10th)12.3 (6th)13.6 (5th)
2014-04-02239.8 (13th)10.4 (13th)11.1 (8th)11.5 (6th)
2014-04-032410.7 (14th)11.6 (11th)12.3 (6th)13.5 (5th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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