Drama Special Season 4: Family Bandage

Drama Special Season 4: Family Bandage


Total votes: 51

Director: Kim Young Jin

Screenwriter: Lee Joo Yeon

Aired on: Jun 26, 2013

Total Episodes: 1

Network: KBS2

Duration: 1 hr. 2 min.

Year: 2013

Rank: #53861

Country: South Korea

Native Title: 드라마 스페셜 시즌4 – 유리반창고

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative Titles: Yooleebanchanggo, Glass Bandage



In a girls’ high school classroom, a father, Seo Kyung Do, speaks to the class. He entertains the class and earns their praise. However, a student, Lee Sun Woo, watches anxiously. She looks nervous and uneasy. The class was going well, but because of Kyung Do’s mistake, everything goes downhill and his true identity is revealed. He was hired by Sun Woo to play her dad at her class’ Parents Day becauseshe had lost contact with her father after her parents’ divorce. Tension forms between these two over $200. Sun Woo lives with other runaway teens, calling themselves “a fam,” sharing each other’s pain and living as a family. Because cash is precious, she can’t forget the $200 she couldn’t get back from Kyung Do. She uses a fake I.D. that a fam member made her, to get a job as a fill-in singer at a live cafe. And thus, her revenge on Kyung Do begins. Kyung Do offers Sun Woo a job more befitting her age, and she asks for a “teenage girl’s room” that anyone would envy. The two switch places as employer-employee and cease fighting for the time being. Thereafter, Sun Woo advises Kyung Do on what’s popular with teenage girls. As they grow closer, Sun Woo finds out that Kyung Do’s daughter isn’t studying abroad, but was hospitalized after an accident, and Kyung Do’s pain is brought to the surface. Meanwhile, when one of the fam members steals the others’ valuables and runs away, Sun Woo takes the blame for it and takes a path of derailment. Around the same time, Kyung Do hears that there isn’t much hope for his daughter and begins to lose hope as well…
(Source: KBS World)


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