Danjong, the Young King

Danjong, the Young King


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Total Episodes: 0

Network: MBC

Year: 2001

Country: South Korea

Native Title: 단종, 어린군주

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative Titles: Danjong, Eoringoonjoo,

Genre: Historical


King Danjong succeeded his father, Munjong of Joseon, at the age of 12. Since he was too young to rule, the government of the kingdom fell to the premier, Hwangbo In, and his vice-premier, General Kim Jong-seo, with his sister, Princess Gyeonghye acting as his guardian.

In 1453, this government was overthrown in a coup led by the king’s uncle, Sejo of Joseon, who persuaded a number of scholars and officials whohad served in the court of Sejong the Great to support his claim to the throne. Hwangbo In and Kim Jong-seo were seized and tragic ended in front of the gate of Gyeongbokfire-armg; in 1455 Danjong was forced to abdicate and exiled to Yeongwol County.

~~ Adapted from the manhwa “Danjong, the Young King”.


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