Title: 당신 참 예쁘다 / Dangshin cham yepeuda / You’re So Pretty
Chinese title : 你很漂亮 / 你是如此的美丽
Also known as: You’re So Beautiful
Genre: Melodrama, romance
Episodes: 135
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2011-Apr-04 to 2011-Oct-07
Air time: Monday to Friday 7:50am


This drama describes a routine of anticipating adore by adore and misuse between dual lovers.
The story started with Jeju island’s lady named Ko Yu Rang who falls in adore with Seoul’s male named Park Chi Young when that male visits Jeju island for business.
Then Ko Yu Rang leaves Jeju to Seoul to find Park Chi Young, a cold male who usually cares for his business yet afterwards being wavered by remarkable love.


Yoon Se Ah as Go Yoo Rang
Kim Tae Hoon as Park Chi Young
Hyun Woo Sung as Byun Kang Soo
Park Tam Hee as Jo Anna

Extended Cast

Park In Hwan as Go Man Suk
Lee Hyo Choon as Kim Soon Yi
Kim Hye Eun as Go Yoo Jung
Kim Dong Gyoon as Kim Soo Chul
Park Hee Jin as Go Man Hee
Jung Ae Ri as Na Myung Ja
Song Min Jung as Park Na Young
Park Yoon Seo (박윤서) as Park Bo Reum
Park Geun Hyung as Seo Jin Myung
Jo Hee Bong as Jang Dae Poong
Chun Bo Geun as Jang Soo Ho
Park Hyuk Kwon (cameo)
Kim Sun Kyung (cameo)
Jung Soo In as nurse
Yoo Pil Ran as parent at kindergarten

Production Credits

Producer: Kim Sa Hyun
Screenwriter: Oh Sang Hee (오상희)
Director: Kim Woo Sun

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26 Comments to “You’re So Pretty”

  1. 1 : You’re So Pretty | Gurubootcamp: Korean Drama (Video) (YouTube Video) Says:

    […] 9:30 amand is filed underneath All, Year 2011. You can follow any responses to this entrance by a RSS 2.0 […]

  2. 2 : Patty Says:

    Yehey!!! We’re so excited here in the Philippines for YOU”RE SO PRETTY… Ms. Jung Ae Ri is one of the cast and surely this is a great drama series. Thank u so much

  3. 3 : ADANI Says:

    can’t wait to watch…………..

  4. 4 : Christina Says:

    I don’t like the synopsis. It should be written differently

  5. 5 : Nike Air Max 24-7 Says:

    Yehey!!! We’re so excited here in the Philippines for YOU”RE SO PRETTY… Ms. Jung Ae Ri is one of the cast and surely this is a great drama series. Thank u so much

  6. 6 : kdrama Says:

    Omg, i started this drama w/o knowing it is actually 1xx episodes-.- zzz i am seriously wondering what can this 1xx episodes drama be talking about.

  7. 7 : Ulzzang Group Says:

    Top 3

    1. Arro Qurr ↑

    2. Lee Chin Hoon ↔

    3. Park Tae Jun ↓

  8. 8 : 리사 Says:

    Its really a nice drama! The Ost also very nice. Anyone know where to get the OST? Thank you so much!

  9. 9 : lala Says:

    The synopsis should be changed…but if I understand correctly: 1)Girl meets boy, 2) she falls in love with him, 3) Guy leaves, 4) She goes to the city to look for him, 5) She finds him but he’s not not who she thought he was?

  10. 10 : yepeuda Says:

    Anyone know the OST where to can be found??

  11. 11 : yepeuda Says:

    OST, anyone know where can be found?

  12. 12 : Sol Says:

    English sub please!!!!!!

  13. 13 : Memhai Says:

    I am one of those addicted to Korean Dramas. I am spending much of my time that I had finished korean Dramas My Girl, Save the Last Dance for Me, Secret Garden, Playfull Kiss, Who Are You, Why Did You come to my House,My Princess, many to mention and now Im excited for this Drama!!!!

    Hope to see Dara/Sandara Park in the future

  14. 14 : wennys Says:

    Love jeju island and the story of this movie…

  15. 15 : lia zambrand Says:

    I like to watch Korean dramas. I think that they are more exciting than American soaps, and more intricate. I spend so much time watching that I no longer watch anything else.

  16. 16 : erdenezul Says:

    i like watch korean dramas.I am spending much of my time that i had finished korean dramas hi9gh kick. this drama is very godd

  17. 17 : amaraa Says:

    i like this drama. i am mongolian

  18. 18 : vie Says:

    Where watch this drama with eng sub? Really want to watch this drama but i don’t know where :(

  19. 19 : sangjhoon Says:

    i’ve been searching for this drama to watch it to no avail! i think this is a good one too plus i like to see hyun woo seong he’s a terrific actor!

  20. 20 : Angel Says:

    I like this drama very much.But,where can I watch this drama with eng sub?

  21. 21 : Moran Says:

    Can someone tell me where I can watch this drama with eng sub ?

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  26. 26 : shaida Says:

    I love this drama,can someone tell me what the theme song is,I searched a lot but i didn’t find it,please if anyone knows tell me..thank you.

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