Title: 미남이시네요 / You’re Beautiful
Chinese Title : 原来是美男啊
Also known as: You’re Handsome / A.N.JELL / He’s Beautiful
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2009-Oct-07 to 2009-Nov-26
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Tae Kyung and On Yu are in search of a new member for their idol group, A.N.JELL. However, Mi Nam suffers an injury at the last moment. So Mi Nyu, his twin sister, is asked to step in for her brother. The rest of the drama follows the behind-the-scenes life of an idol group.


Jang Geun Suk as Hwang Tae Kyung
Kang Soo Han as young Tae Kyung
Park Shin Hye Go Mi Nam (Male) / Go Mi Nyu (Female)
Lee Hong Ki as Kang On Yu / Jeremy
Jung Yong Hwa as Kang Shin Woo
UEE as Yoo He Yi

Extended cast

Bae Geu Rin as Sa Yu Ri (Fan club president)
Kim In Kwon as Ma Hoon Yi (Mi Nam’s manager)
Jung Chan as President Ahn
Choi Soo Eun as Wang Kko Di
Kim Sung Ryung as Mo Hwa Ran
Choi Ran as Choi Mi Ja (Mi Nam & Mi Nyu’s aunt)
Ha Dae Ro as staff
Kim Dong Yun as Dong Joon
Jang Won Young as Mr Kim (photographer, Nara Daily News)
Kim Ho Chang as dancer
Yoo Seung Ho as convenient store customer (cameo, ep9)
Yoon Gi Won as tractor driver (cameo)
Choi Dae Sung as CF director (cameo)
Lee Joo Yeon as Before School member (cameo)
Yoo So Young as Before School member (cameo)
Oh Hee Joon as real Go Mi Nam (face isn’t shown – Park Shin Hye’s subtitute for male body of Go Mi Nam) (cameo, ep 15)

Production Credits

Director: Hong Sung Chang
Screenwriter: Hong Mi Ran, Hong Jung Eun (Hong Sisters)


2009 koreandrama.org Awards : The Best Korean Drama of 2009
2009 SBS Drama Awards: Netizen Highest Popularity Award (Jang Geun Suk)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2009-10-07 1 10.8 (11th) 11.6 (11th)
2009-10-08 2 9.6 (12th) 10.2 (11th)
2009-10-14 3 9.1 (11th) 8.5 (14th)
2009-10-15 4 8.9 (14th) 9.4 (11th)
2009-10-21 5 9.0 (18th) 9.2 (13th)
2009-10-22 6 10.0 (11th) 10.2 (11th)
2009-10-28 7 9.6 (14th) 10.2 (11th)
2009-10-29 8 9.8 (12th) 10.3 (11th)
2009-11-04 9 9.8 (17th) 10.3 (13th)
2009-11-05 10 10.0 (14th) 10.5 (11th)
2009-11-11 11 11.0 (10th) 11.3 (9th)
2009-11-12 12 11.1 (9th) 11.1 (9th)
2009-11-18 13 10.6 (13th) 11.1 (10th)
2009-11-19 14 10.1 (13th) 10.0 (12th)
2009-11-25 15 10.9 (10th) 11.7 (8th)
2009-11-26 16 11.9 (9th) 12.2 (9th)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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4,119 Responses to “You’re Beautiful”

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  1. 4026
    pig-rabbit Says:

    never had a crush on t.v.series
    but U R BEAUTIFUL !@#$%^&*())*&^%#@!@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@!@#$%^ LOVE U ALL ACTORS AND ACTRESSES
    BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!

  2. 4027
    Devi Fiinaa Says:

    the best drama!!

  3. 4028
    Candice Ruth Says:

    To me it was not a drama, it was a real story in front of my eyes. The love felt real, i can feel it. This is the sweetest love story i have ever seen. I felt like crying when this drama got over. It could have been made in more episodes. My joy lasted for short.
    I liked Shin Woo more here than Thwang kae Kyung and Jeremy Oppa was funny and cute. Now talking technically, story was fabulous , plot was awesome, direction and characters were above the line. Overall i will rate this Drama 9/10 or even 9.5.
    Kkkkkkkkkkkk. MISS YOU always, especially Go minam, Shin woo, Thwang kae Kyung and Jeremy.

  4. 4029
    유승호 / Yoo Seung Ho | Diceu Suhartono Says:

    […] 2012)Warrior Baek Dong Soo (SBS, 2011) Flames of Ambition (MBC, 2010) God of Study (KBS2, 2010)You’re Beautiful (SBS, 2009) cameoQueen Seon Duk (MBC, 2009)The King and I (SBS, 2007)The Legend (MBC, 2007)Alien Sam (2006)Sad […]

  5. 4030
    mimi Says:

    aku suka bgt dgn film ini,
    nmnya aja film favoritku……

  6. 4031
    ayuk anggreni Says:

    kapan film He is Beautiful di tayangin lagi di indonesia
    aq kangen bgt sama parrk shin hye , jang geun suk , jung hyong hwa dan Lee hong ki
    plis di puter lag ya ^_^

  7. 4032
    Yinjen Says:

    I think this drama, thus far, is THE BEST DRAMA I HAVE EVER WATCHED. Since 2009, this drama has always been number 1. No other drama can be as good as this one! This is also the very first Korean drama I watched, and also the thing that got me into KPOP! I love this drama so so so so so much!!!!

  8. 4033
    Yinjen Says:

    I think this drama, thus far, is THE BEST DRAMA I HAVE EVER WATCHED. Since 2009, this drama has always been number 1. No other drama can be as good as this one! This is also the very first Korean drama I watched, and also the thing that got me into KPOP! I love this drama so so so so so much!

  9. 4034
    lili Says:

    this is the best korean drama ever.and i think in my own openian jang kuen suk and park shin hye are very beautiful couple

  10. 4035
    You’re Beautiful (SBS)Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  11. 4036
    tweety Says:

    We love this show soooo much here in canada. I watched this for 6x already still can’t get over it lol. Thanks to viki.com….Hope they will make part 2 same cast (A.N.Jell). How I wish they will come here in canada.

  12. 4037
    Ashwitha Says:

    we love this drama hear in India…..i liked shin woo..:)

  13. 4038
    minama Says:

    i can never get bored of watching this drama again and again!!
    its the best korean drama i had ever seen!!! the actors , the music , the story.. i really enjoyed everything!!

  14. 4039
    muku Says:

    Fell in love with Hang Tye Kyung’s character. Brilliantly script supported by some wonderful acting! A must watch :)

  15. 4040
    bhuvana Says:

    I think you’re beautiful is one of the best k-drama i have ever watched. Amazing storyline. Really loved all the characters especially the lead hwang tae kyung. :)
    I totally loved and its a must watch.:D

  16. 4041
    Reshu Says:

    놀라운 드라마 :D The best drama I have watched :) In love with Hwang Tae Kyung, Go Mi Nam, Jeremy and Shin Woo :) And not to forget 돼지 토끼 ;)

  17. 4042
    may Says:

    you’re beautiful the best drama I’ve ever watched!!! it’s the ultimute drama to me there is no drama like this one none the previous ones neither the next dramas! YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL IS UNCOMPARABLE TO OTHER DRAMAS!! it will 100000000% remains the best drama ever!!! YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL DOMINATING THE DRAMAS WORLD!!!!! this drama is perfect it successed from every angle!! the cast , the sotoryline , the staff , the director , the writters , the ost , the relationships…. all perfect , it surenetly made a BIG impression in the world of drama!! I wish they air it again in korean tv or do a remake or something!!

  18. 4043
    jayashree Says:

    really awesome drama.. d luv n affection was filmed extrodinarily!! i literally cried watchin few scenes.. the songs were too gud.. ‘m worried tat the drama ended with very less nuber of episodes..:-((
    all A.N.jells r damn cute.. i luv shin woo n i really feel sad for his love failure.. jeremy was cool fun loving guy.. tea kyung was also admirable.., on the whole i love this drama.. i wud lik 2 give 19 on 10 for this k-drama:-)

  19. 4044
    jayashree Says:

    sorry tat shud have been kess number of episodes n i meant to give 10 0n 10..

  20. 4045
    jayashree Says:

    ahhhh.. again mistake.. tat s less

  21. 4046
    shwetha ashok Says:

    i love you shin woo… u are really an extraordinary guy who keeps his love as secret and finds your happiness in her… really i liked you a lot… n even i liked jeremy for his lovable acting and even i like tae kyung… bt shin woo i like you n love you a lot than them…. on the whole drama is extraordinary i loved it…

  22. 4047
    levz Says:

    i hope there will a part 2 after the ending because it is very romantic that can make our bones to jerk….. What a beautiful and lovely story?

  23. 4048
    Anungla Says:

    Wow..i cant express how beautiful story it is! It’s the best korean drama i had ever seen, i becum a fan of korean movies after watchin this movie..Jang Geun Suk becum mi fav…lov all the cast members of this movie..u all r BEAUTIFUL!!

  24. 4049
    Jae Says:

    This series rocked. I would have been happy with any of the pairings and feel bad for the two guys who lost out. XD They could have done a little better with showing her twin brother, but overall it was good.

    *squeals* The guys are all just too cute!

  25. 4050
    Parida Joy Says:

    Yeah.. This is the best drama, that is for sure.. I really love it.. The story was really excellent.. And more on, the characters were really amazing.. This drama was shown back in 2009 and 4 years since it has been.. But my love for this and it’s main actors did not fade even a single bit.. Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk are really the best.. Their music of course are really good.. I’ve downloaded all of it and I’m following the two in Twitter.. in Filipino we say it as, “nakakakilig”.. I hope they will make another drama.. The two of them are really loved by Filipino Fans.. They have incalculable fans here.. many are addicted to this drama.. Compliments to the director and all who contributed to this.. And I have one more wish, I hope Hwang Tae Kyung (Jang Keun Suk) and Go Mi Nyu/Go Mi Nam (park Shin Hye) will be a couple in real life.. They really have chemistry and I know that they have an intimate relationship and so with each other’s family.. I haven’t finished but I’m writing a short novel for them.. It’s a love story.. Two actually.. (y) :) <3

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