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You’re Beautiful

Title: 미남이시네요 / You’re Beautiful
Chinese Title : 原来是美男啊
Also known as: You’re Handsome / A.N.JELL / He’s Beautiful
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2009-Oct-07 to 2009-Nov-26
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Tae Kyung and On Yu are in search of a new member for their idol group, A.N.JELL. However, Mi Nam suffers an injury at the last moment. So Mi Nyu, his twin sister, is asked to step in for her brother. The rest of the drama follows the behind-the-scenes life of an idol group.


Jang Geun Suk as Hwang Tae Kyung
Kang Soo Han as young Tae Kyung
Park Shin Hye Go Mi Nam (Male) / Go Mi Nyu (Female)
Lee Hong Ki as Kang On Yu / Jeremy
Jung Yong Hwa as Kang Shin Woo
UEE as Yoo He Yi

Extended cast

Bae Geu Rin as Sa Yu Ri (Fan club president)
Kim In Kwon as Ma Hoon Yi (Mi Nam’s manager)
Jung Chan as President Ahn
Choi Soo Eun as Wang Kko Di
Kim Sung Ryung as Mo Hwa Ran
Choi Ran as Choi Mi Ja (Mi Nam & Mi Nyu’s aunt)
Ha Dae Ro as staff
Kim Dong Yun as Dong Joon
Jang Won Young as Mr Kim (photographer, Nara Daily News)
Kim Ho Chang as dancer
Yoo Seung Ho as convenient store customer (cameo, ep9)
Yoon Gi Won as tractor driver (cameo)
Choi Dae Sung as CF director (cameo)
Lee Joo Yeon as Before School member (cameo)
Yoo So Young as Before School member (cameo)
Oh Hee Joon as real Go Mi Nam (face isn’t shown – Park Shin Hye’s subtitute for male body of Go Mi Nam) (cameo, ep 15)

Production Credits

Director: Hong Sung Chang
Screenwriter: Hong Mi Ran, Hong Jung Eun (Hong Sisters)


2009 koreandrama.org Awards : The Best Korean Drama of 2009
2009 SBS Drama Awards: Netizen Highest Popularity Award (Jang Geun Suk)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2009-10-07 1 10.8 (11th) 11.6 (11th)
2009-10-08 2 9.6 (12th) 10.2 (11th)
2009-10-14 3 9.1 (11th) 8.5 (14th)
2009-10-15 4 8.9 (14th) 9.4 (11th)
2009-10-21 5 9.0 (18th) 9.2 (13th)
2009-10-22 6 10.0 (11th) 10.2 (11th)
2009-10-28 7 9.6 (14th) 10.2 (11th)
2009-10-29 8 9.8 (12th) 10.3 (11th)
2009-11-04 9 9.8 (17th) 10.3 (13th)
2009-11-05 10 10.0 (14th) 10.5 (11th)
2009-11-11 11 11.0 (10th) 11.3 (9th)
2009-11-12 12 11.1 (9th) 11.1 (9th)
2009-11-18 13 10.6 (13th) 11.1 (10th)
2009-11-19 14 10.1 (13th) 10.0 (12th)
2009-11-25 15 10.9 (10th) 11.7 (8th)
2009-11-26 16 11.9 (9th) 12.2 (9th)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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  1. 1 : 큐티 Says:

    hahahaha im first again ^^

  2. 2 : hollywood Says:

    Too late, too bad.
    Park Shin Hye would have been the perfect candidate to
    play Makino Tsukushi.
    This drama seems pretty interesting. Will watch.

  3. 3 : Sony Says:

    Jang Geun Suk is back.

  4. 4 : Saruul Says:

    Ooooooooh. Cant wait this drama. It will be hot with Jang Geung Suk and Lee Hong Gi together ha? What a perfect match.

  5. 5 : Well Says:

    LOL. I didnt this is actually a drama.. >.

  6. 6 : Well Says:

    wth, I meant I didnt know this is actually a drama..

  7. 7 : chickengay Says:

    wow this drama is good seen the trailer, hope it will be uploaded in mysoju soon im a fan of park shin hye.

  8. 8 : Basuha Says:

    Hi Hollywood

    I was kind of surprise too see your comment on this one. I’m a fan of Jang Geun Seok so I thought I check it out as while. How work? and the family, fine I hope. I left a post for you on Heading to the ground I guess you haven’t been watching that one yet. I look forward to reading your review in the coming weeks, as always take care.

  9. 9 : latish Says:

    cant wait love all four members especially park shin hye

  10. 10 : santa Says:

    WoW!! that sounds great. But don’t say me JGS’s hairstyle in that drama is like this. He is really handsome and cute. Please do not make his pretty face ugly. For me, Jang Geun Suk is the most handsome guy in the world. Looking forward to this drama.

  11. 11 : Sony Says:

    The cover image is impressive.
    It seems a celestial place.

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    Angelina Mizaki
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  13. 13 : Selina Says:

    Gah! Can’t wait! Jang Geun Suk &&&&Lee Hong Ki! Oh Gosh!

  14. 14 : hyejung Says:

    Jang Geun Seuk & Lee Hong Ki look alike~

  15. 15 : mio-chan Says:


    wooow .. these drama seem to be soooo cooooool
    i’d love to watch it

    mmm .. do you know who will be translating this into english??

  16. 16 : Cha Eun Jae Says:

    Can`t wait!!!4 more days to go^_^

  17. 17 : dpcats Says:

    one of my most anticipated drama this month…..the plot seems interesting but in case it gets predictable I have no worries as Jang Geun Suk is enough to keep me glued till the last episode of this series…..

  18. 18 : raz Says:

    THE END.

  19. 19 : aya Says:

    somehow, its title attracts me a lot. although im a newbie in the korean drama fc, im looking 4ward 4 the drama! see you korean’s craze later..

  20. 20 : Nick Says:

    I love this drama very much i watch it already on SBS

  21. 21 : kristian Says:

    I want to watch this drama but who can translate with english subtitle. I am sorry i can’t read the chinese. Please i beg you

    thank you

  22. 22 : ulia Says:

    this drama is so cute))) but i don’t get why the main guy has got make up on his eyes… it’s so weird. do all guys in korea put a make up?

  23. 23 : Sakura Says:

    I think they tried to make the main guy look “cold and mean” by using eye liner. Without the makeup, he has that “I’m a nice guy” look. I just loooooooove his voice.

  24. 24 : ulia Says:

    he looks so hot. but anyway I can’t stand the eye liner. actually he looks so… hm, so angry and a litttle bit like a gay…
    but not only because of the make up, also because of his clothes… I can’t explain but everytime I look I get irritated((

  25. 25 : Sakura Says:

    I’ve seen other dramas of his and he can definitely act different roles. I agree with you about the clothes too. I guess the trend in Asia for younger generation is the ‘feminine look’ for boys. I personally prefer the tough look.

    I’ve seen him act tough in other dramas. Hopefully, they’ll stop using make up on his “boyish” face. He looks very cute and innocent without all the make up.

  26. 26 : Meek_GiRl Says:

    This drama gonna be a hit ~ Love this drama after watched. Park Shin Hye looks so cute and innocent in this drama and really looking forward to the love chemistry between her and Jang Geun Suk…. anticipated for the next episodes

  27. 27 : haru Says:

    love this drama.’ i already watch the 2 episodes.’ the characters are good, it is some sort of hana kimi and bof.’ well, i just hope that the story will be nice till the end..

    uhm,. while im watching i also thought that it has some similarity of how the taiwanese dramas goes..(((; love korean dramas. k-addict. (.^__^.)

  28. 28 : wee Says:

    nice drama…similar show as the taiwanese and japan series show…so korean has it own different version…hope Go Mi Nyu and Hwang Tae Kyung will be together in the series…..still looking for the main theme song I’ll promise U…anyone know??

  29. 29 : adi Says:

    I like very this play…park shin hye and Lee Hong-ki very cuteeeeeeee..,Jang Geun-suk ,and Uee handsome lah…his story line even fun……….SARANGEYOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  30. 30 : kim.i.am Says:


  31. 31 : dpcats Says:

    have seen the first 2eps and what can I say…..it totally rocks….the first 2 eps were packed with hilarities and though you can see some parts of the drama already been used by other dramas what makes it different from them is that the writer gets past this cliches fast and thus making the drama more interesting and you’ll be anticipating for more excitement….plus all of the actors were perfectly cast but of course love Jang Geun Suk the most…..with or without the eyeliner….with or without the girlish clothes…..what I only see is that the Hwang Tae Kyung is made for him only…..

  32. 32 : gina Says:

    I’ve been watched only 2 episodes but already loveeeeeeeeeee this drama, love all the characters so far, Jeremy(^_^)Hing Ki is so cute and yes!!! I’m the big fan of Jang Geun Suk, he’s great even he’s not smiling.

  33. 33 : Joan8336 Says:

    This drama is so great!
    Can’t wait for the 3rd ep….

    Damn, why is it only air 2 ep a week…i can’t wait man!!!!!

    And, BTW, who got this drama’s OST??
    It’s so nice.
    Espeacially “promise”!

  34. 34 : Joan8336 Says:

    Man, i can’t even recognize Jang Geun Seok the first place when i saw him in this drama!

    First i was watching “Beethoven Virus” & i din know much about Jang Geun Seok . So when i watched this drama, i thought “why is this guy so familiar?? Then i go check for his info….then i realized it was him!

  35. 35 : JLINK27 Says:


  36. 36 : DAWN Says:

    You’re beautiful drama, the begining of the opening song theme, what’s the title? is a girl singing. other song than promise?

  37. 37 : Ana Lujan Says:

    I am already watching this drama at vickii…………Its so funny!

  38. 38 : Ana Lujan Says:

    this dramas is at vickii web site…………is a good drama.

  39. 39 : wee Says:

    Go to http://www.4shared.com and search for A.N Jell….someone has load the full OST albumn in it….thanks to the person…it is good…

  40. 40 : anjell ^^ Says:

    the drama is really funny and cute! i am so in love with jang geun seok…

  41. 41 : LadyHawk Says:

    I’ve watched the first 3 eps and love every one of it. The story is moving at a very fast pace. Although I’m not complaining, I’m just worried whether this pace will slow down later on! Light, fluffy and hilarious, this show is a good distraction from the heavier IRIS. I think the latter’s end will be tragic, judging from the OST, where one of the main themes is heavy, eerie, haunting and so very sad. In the meantime, I love both shows equally, for very different reasons!

  42. 42 : Deaddolliie Says:

    Really awesome. i am actually loving this more than any other korean drama, at least for now. didn’t expect to turn out so good cos i was just randomly browsing and watching the first episode w/o knowing the story and cast. the cast is great and so is the story! Leehongki is so damn cute! 😀

  43. 43 : ericsson Says:

    Rating is about 10%…
    Are Korean guys crazy???????
    This drama is really popular amoung the world….
    IN viikii.net, that drama is currently most popular drama..
    And also this drama is so hot, funny and lovely
    I really love this drama…..
    I am so shocked and so sad that rating is low..T_T

  44. 44 : Jani Says:

    this drama is awesome…its hilarious!! I can’t wait for the rest of the episodes to come out..I highly recommend it to anyone who never watched it to do so..you’ll enjoy

  45. 45 : Sakura Says:

    The rating is low because it’s competing with “Iris”. I have a feeling that once Iris starts to lose interest, this drama will get more rating.

  46. 46 : chickengay Says:

    park shin hye looks very beautiful in the upcoming episode 5 cant wait

  47. 47 : amktsy Says:

    I have finish 3 episode of this drama.
    Going to watch the 4th 1 soon. 😉
    Love it!
    It is hilarious…..
    At least the first 3 episode were great..
    I think Iris ratings may go down soon.
    cause the storyline should be the typical type.
    Just that they change the characters job.
    So i hope the story will continue to be this good.

  48. 48 : gwsukahujan Says:

    i really luv this drama….the characters are great!! i also luv jang geun seuk and park shin hye here..they’re really cool together…and i hope a.n.jell become a real band..their songs are really good..i like it so much…^^ i’m waiting for the next episodes….can’t wait!!^^

  49. 49 : nana Says:

    Nice drama! shin woo so cute! looking forward to Ep 5! 😀

  50. 50 : latish Says:

    it is weird seeing such low ratings for this drama when it’s a buzz with good feed back is it becoz a lot of it’s target audience are the young and a lot of them tend to watch online where as the ratings is counted when they watch it during air time……i hope for the best for you’re beautiful and that they get to be extended becoz i have not watch anything for years that has made me laugh so much it makes you fall in love cry then laugh and laugh some more GOD BLESS

  51. 51 : Jani Says:

    this drama’s rating should at least be at the top five…it makes you laugh and cry…who would not love the characters, they are handsome/pretty and talented…i wish them the best…ALOHA

  52. 52 : Eun Says:

    this looks weird…….. *.*

  53. 53 : Eun Says:

    this looks weird….. *.*

  54. 54 : Mumu Says:

    This drama is hilarious n sweet at the same time.. I watched in the beginning cos my fave guy, Lee Honggi of FT Island, is in the show.. But now I love the 4 main characters.. 🙂 N the songs are amazing..

    I think if the drama is shown with eng subs on the channel, the ratings will surely go up more cos more fans around the world will be tuning in.. especially Primadonnas (Fans of FT Island). They really are supporting Honggi in this drama.. 🙂

  55. 55 : lola Says:

    well… I love it… al the 3 guys look so cute! I love Lee Honggi :3 he really knows how to act SO CUTE! ^_^ great drama… can’t wait for the next episodes…..

  56. 56 : never never ever Says:


  57. 57 : liliez143 Says:

    I Love this drama…the actors/ actress are fit to their roles, they act well..
    It’s a stress reliever.. I’m thinking why they are not on the top 5 in terms of rating..

  58. 58 : meh yoon Says:

    i like the story cause its so vey touchy and beautiful unlike any story………. tae kyung looks sexy in his outfit….. and also go min nyu, shinwoo and jeremy.. they’re so.. cute.. sooo funny everytime i watch it i could hardly smile.. hahahahaaaaaaaa…….. i know that it will top on the rating……….. i wish to be one of them wearing there cute ang beatiful designed clothes

  59. 59 : Buttercup Says:

    WoW~ 4 of them are precious, beautiful…..darn it soooo extremely great romance, comedy series while watching it the moment it pop up in my head that exactly the same BOF series in every emotions I felt are the same…too good to be true! Wow what a brilliant writer I really enjoying this they’re great actors and actress the cuteness to the max, can act naturally that captured me so amazingly….

  60. 60 : burberry Says:

    Just started watching it. Very enjoyable to watch. I’ll definitely be watching each episode.

  61. 61 : Rand Says:

    Love it ,all of the actors,actresses are charming..gonna watch every single episode …Thanks for upploading it ,can’t wait for the next episode

  62. 62 : crash Says:

    but why is EPisode 6 not up yet? Looking forward to it!!!

  63. 63 : Moon Says:

    but i think they worth a better rating.. probably because of the high production cost IRIS airing at the same time and date -.- so they have a lower rating?
    Why do korean like thriller drama, historical drama than romance and comedy drama? I thought that teens will like this kind more and most of people watching tv will be teens?
    The rating really prove my mindset wrong.
    Anyway, all 4 main actor are so handsome, cute and pretty^^

  64. 64 : Shary Says:

    the BEST K-drama in 2009 i must say! coz the 1st episode already made me feel like i was on cloud 9. lol. they’re A.N.jells indeed. their songs take me to heaven. i’m actually listening to their songs right now. can’t wait for ep7 & 8. i wish they broadcast it 4 days a week or more or better yet everyday! hahaha!

  65. 65 : XiaO_Mei Says:

    This drama so awesome and great comedy…
    I can’t stop watching it…It’s really great drama…..I keep laugh and so envy Park Shin Hye….Coz she know how to act on his role……GamBate!!!!
    I love Hong Gi here,he so funny..heheehe……for Geun Suk,he is so good on this drama….(Cool man)…For Yong Hwa…….Even this is his first drama,but I think he has try his best(good act),I think he can be more good in the future

  66. 66 : Leigh Says:

    Quirky with interesting storyline and the 4 main leads doing an excellent job. Jang Guen Suk shows such emotional depth with just his eyes. Lots of humorous moments, really makes my day.

  67. 67 : mitch Says:

    THE CAST DID A GREAT JOB….. (thumbs up) 🙂

  68. 68 : Jani Says:

    anxiously waiting for episode 7 to come out…i love the story line and i wonder what will happen to Tae kyung & Mi Nam now that he kissed the other girl…will Mi Nam feelings head toward Shin woo…gosh, i can’t wait for the result…

  69. 69 : poof82739 Says:

    omg, HILARIOUS ending. cant wait for next week!!

  70. 70 : annie Says:

    I Agree to the person above me. I’m surprise, its outside of the top 10 in ratings. I guess, Its more well receive in the internet (wider audiences) rather than in Korea with so many dramas airing to choose from (I guess). As to Jang Geun-suk, he prove to me again and again that oh boy! he doesn’t come with a face alone, he can really act! The other 3 came to me in a surprise package. I’m glad JGS didn’t accept BOF, I would have been extremely disappointed. I never got pass episode 1, no offense but I’ve seen Meteor Garden and Hana Yori Dango and it just an old broken record to me plus the acting was so so…I’m glad I’m watching this…Thanks to the internet 🙂 and those who patiently share the other side of the world by uploading the drama and making the english subtitle.

  71. 71 : stacy 10 Says:

    ..oh my god!!..
    ..so true!!..
    ..i’m also glad that i’m watching this drama..
    ..i’m getting hooked with it..
    ..can’t wait for the next episode.. (*^_^)v

  72. 72 : fejz Says:

    hello tae kyung or shall i say jang geun suk.. im an avid fan of yours even were of diff..nationality..but i really admire your acting.. thanks to you. you took away my stress everytime i see you on your drama.. i am looking forward i seeing you in person but hontou ni muri desu.. thank you so much…GOD bless.

  73. 73 : Selina Says:

    Love this drama!

  74. 74 : Chrissie Says:

    This drama is so cute!
    I love all of their outfits! 🙂
    Oh how I wish I was minam… ^^

  75. 75 : Sally Says:

    Simply Irresistible. Sweet. Comedy…LOVE IT! Cute!

  76. 76 : Linda Says:

    I LOVE THIS DRAMA 🙂 itss soo cute 🙂

  77. 77 : mayasmiley Says:



  78. 78 : amktsy Says:

    sigh..this is the first drama i am having problems choosing my favourite character out of jeremy, tae kyung , shin woo

  79. 79 : chii Says:

    i love this drama
    im so addicted to it..
    it should be top 1.. ^^
    i love you jang geun suk (tae kyung)
    so excited for the next episodes
    i keep on watching all day on internet hehe i love their songs!

    shin woo = go mi nam = tae kyung
    i cant wait!! >~

  80. 80 : chii Says:

    thanks for making this drama

    go go A.N JELL

    where i can download their songs?

  81. 81 : NiTe Says:

    loves the 2nd hero..
    pity him..y korean drama always
    ends the story with a sad ending for the 2nd hero…
    huhuhu.hope this movie is not the same..

  82. 82 : Ekztine Says:

    Yah…super duper nice…I luv d story….parang Ouran high but banda lng…hahahaha…KANG ON YU is soo cute…bwuhahahaha…also GO MI NAM….Tapos cna Hwang Tae Kung and Kang Shin Woo ay mga gwapo…nkakaloka nah ito…bwuhahahahaha…XP

  83. 83 : MOON Says:

    i’m really envying Park Shin Hye so much!! She have been acting with so many handsome actor. Lee Min Ho,Kim Hyun Joong, Lee Wan, and those 3 main actor at u’re beautiful… Aww.. I hope i can be her.. hahas.

  84. 84 : YB Addict! Says:

    whoaaah! ratings so low? how come!…….. this drama is good i mean im super addict on it…keep up the good work YB CREW, fans of outside korea are at your side. FIGHTING!

  85. 85 : samira benayad Says:

    I love this drama

  86. 86 : mae-chan Says:

    love this series~.. and also good songs. wahh~. can’t wait for the next episode >.

  87. 87 : got it Says:

    i love this drama and i think the 2 main characters matchs -Got to loVE=) its #1 on http://www.mysoju.com

  88. 88 : got it Says:


  89. 89 : jellybeans Says:

    this drama is extremely addictng. all the cast was well chosen, and for the first time, i love the pairing of the two main characters. they’re so cute together. Park Shin Hye acted very well as a man. Each episodes always end up leaving you wanting more more and more!!! ^_^

  90. 90 : jellybeans Says:

    i’m totally going to buy this series when it comes out! ^_^

  91. 91 : shin woo maniac lover Says:

    this drama has a good quality..
    i love it very2 much!!!
    still wondering when would episode 7 would be published?
    i want to watch it!!

  92. 92 : KB Says:

    oh my! I can’t wait for the next episode. hmm..

  93. 93 : YB Addict! Says:

    WHAT THE HE** HAPPEND TO THE RAITINGS? THIS DRAMA DAMN GOOD! geez people dont know whats their lose anyway… 🙁

  94. 94 : kdramafan Says:

    If you don’t need english subtitles, you can find episode 7 on Youtube.com. Can’t wait for episode 8!

  95. 95 : sajane Says:

    ow… i’ve been waiting for ep 7 on youtube last midnight… i can’t wait to know what’ll happen next.. and i badly wanna see them now… so even though i can’t understand korean language, i’ll still watch it this instant!… thanks for the person who uploaded it…. just wanted to be fill in right now!

  96. 96 : nana Says:

    I don’t have any idea why the rating is bad … this drama rockes .. it’s the best that I’ve ever seen and it’s soooooooo addicting

  97. 97 : raz Says:


  98. 98 : raz Says:


  99. 99 : raz Says:


  100. 100 : raz Says:


  101. 101 : maichoua yang Says:

    omfg i love jeremy and angelina jolie!! oooh and i ADORE shin woo!! idk y that other dude is the main guy, but jeremy or shin whoo shouldve been her lover ♥♥♥♥

  102. 102 : maichoua yang Says:

    when’s the next episode suppose to come out?? i cant freakin wait x]

  103. 103 : dk-is-azn!!!! Says:

    STFU dont hate on taekyung xD

    hongki is sooo cute!!!

    shinwoo is sooooo irresistible!!!!!

    taekyung is soooooo hott!!!!!

    all of them are like.. cute irresistible and hotttt!!! xD

  104. 104 : NiTe Says:


  105. 105 : Korea Celebrities' fan Says:

    I totally agree with # 43

    Why viewers’ rating is low?
    This drama is REALLY POPULAR in Internet. I also think korean guys are crazy since they don’t watch this drama as IRIS.

    I really love this drama (A.N.Jell, especially JGS & PSH) and it should deserve more ratings like 30% or more………..

    Be Strong! You Are Beautiful’s all cast…this drama will be the best drama for 2009.

  106. 106 : Jani Says:

    i agree with evryone why the rating is so low
    this drama is super hot..

    I like Shin woo cuz his caring but Tae kyung and Mi Nam is a much better couple..they’re totally opposite which make the drama very interesting and fun to watch…

    BBF and You’re Beautiful is surely the most watched dramas this year but i can’t say one is better than the other…both are excellent to watch n the male characters are super hottttt

  107. 107 : burberry Says:

    Just watched ep 7 and I can’t wait for ep 8 to come out. Great drama! such a torture for the episode to come out…

    Definitely a must see. Who won’t ever love JGS and PSH? They’re great to watch – excellent chemistry!

  108. 108 : jeesuki Says:

    i like this drama so much since the 1st epd.. there are very different drama from the other drma… i really like go mi nam character… super hotzzz… ~o~

  109. 109 : wee Says:

    watch esp 8…hwang is crying….so hurt pain….why they did not show esp 9 preview…eager to see that…but can see that he is jealous when Go was been hug by another guy

  110. 110 : kAng shin wOo^^ Says:

    this drama just too great!!! i love park shin hye acting since in stairway to heaven..She such a great actress..lOve this drama!!! i’m going crazy over it!!!! just don’t get it why the rating is decreasing????!!! tae kyung, shin woo n jeremy are really cute n hOt!!!! hope this drama keep doing well! =)

  111. 111 : Daisy Says:

    this is probably the most under-rated drama ever! great cast, great writers.. i know it’s being overshadowed by IRIS…but it’s one of the best for comedy,angst, love etc that I’ve seen since Coffee Prince. =D

  112. 112 : yong Says:

    whoo…like the drama but i love the soundtrack…..without words,…..damn so difficult to find the piano sheets….:D
    cant wait to see the next episodes^^

  113. 113 : kianeerg Says:

    great cast for a first-timers except for JGS, he is also a great actor. good storyline every epeisode. a very entertaining drama that you will never get bored!!

  114. 114 : burberry Says:

    Hi Yong, should you find the piano sheets, please share them with us. The soundtrack is fantastic.

  115. 115 : Jani Says:

    gosh can’t wait for episode 9…wonder what Mi nam will do to ease Tae kyung’s pain…anxiously waiting

  116. 116 : TK Says:

    so Minam and Tae kyung are siblings ?

  117. 117 : lulufadya Says:

    i also wonder if they are siblings. with different father~~ yaaahhh,, i cant wait for the next episode.. 🙂

  118. 118 : Addict Says:

    I don’t see what all the hype is about IRIS. I feel this drama is so much better that I’m hopelessly addicted and dying for the next episode!

    Just goes to show… YOU CAN’T ALWAYS TRUST THE RATINGS!

  119. 119 : Well Says:

    This show… I got an high expectation for this drama..
    but its rating is like..

  120. 120 : Fan Says:

    This drama deserves higher ratings -its got humour, love, and is light-hearted. Always leaves you wanting for more. I wasn’t even as keen on Boys Over Flowers. The music selection is excellent. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  121. 121 : lildedprinxez Says:

    This drama is so funny. Seriously, first few episode makes me burst out of laughter :)) the drama is much better than Iris. Yeah it deserve a much higher rating. I hope more people would watch this drama. But you know Eun Yun hye is much better on portraying a girl pretending to be a guy than park shin hye. Park shin hye is so pretty so whenever i watch i can’t help but to of her still as a girl rather than what she is supposed to portray 😛 Well the important thing is I LIKE THIS drama! 😀

  122. 122 : jade Says:

    are Minam and Tae kyung siblings?? seems like they have the same mother. if it is so, it will so gonna be a sad ending. sighs. else i wonder how they will twist the story. any idea when ep9 is coming out??

  123. 123 : Addicted to korean drama Says:

    Luv Shin Woo!! he is so my type. hahaha
    here is how i want this movie end: I want shin woo and minam together and mi nam and tae kyung r siblings. If it doesnt happen this drama will be da same as other dramas.

  124. 124 : nana Says:

    Now I’m not korean but I’ve watched a whole lot of korean dramas .. this drama is not just one of the best dramas but it is THE BEST korean drama ever

  125. 125 : Joan8336 Says:

    I totally love this drama!!
    I can’t stop watching it!!!!!!!

    But it only aired 2 episode a week.
    I have to wait a long time for the next episode….

    Can’t wait to watch ep 9

  126. 126 : malirkeel Says:

    i too have watch so many kdramas and this one is the BEST that i’ve seen! this series derserves more viewers/ratings! IRIS sucks, so boring -_-‘

    aja aja!!!!!

  127. 127 : korean drama fan Says:

    This korean drama was really fun!ilove it!this drama was really and really i like!!chayok to Mi nam!!
    when the episode 9?

  128. 128 : mina Says:

    i really wanted to watch IRIS and You’re Beautiful but IRIS didn’t really captivate me as much as You’re Beautiful. It’s the only series I’ve watch this year that I wasn’t skipping scene’s, the last drama that happened to me was Coffee Prince. Even BOF was an eye candy but there was no real substance to it!

  129. 129 : sajane Says:

    oh i cant wait to watch episode 9 and 10.. wah.. i still can’t figure if mi nam and tae kyung are siblings.. i really hope they were not and i think they really willl end up together.. (though it will hurt a lot for shin woo, and for jeremy too!) so cute!! i just can’t think of the twist that this story will bring… im really anxious!!! it’s like everytime i think about YB i am thinking how they’re connected.. lol… really can’t think of anything else!!! and the song without words is really captivating… i wanna hear it everytime.. huhu.. its full of emotions.. i really wanted the version of park shin hye.. so great… and because of this song, i wanted to study korean language.. wah.. i wanna sing it too.. heheh.. is korean language that hard to learn?!

  130. 130 : lis Says:

    it’s Wonderful I like this drama love it ^_^
    and Go Mi Nam is so cute kawaii girl

  131. 131 : hannah Says:

    i really looooov this drama ….
    it’s fucccken cute

  132. 132 : kianeerg Says:

    i love this drama. never a dull moments. it’s reallya beautiful drama and great ost.

  133. 133 : :) Says:


  134. 134 : Shin Says:

    I’m soooooo in love with this Drama, After i watched the first episode!!!
    YAY!!! Keep it up KOREA!!! Fighting!!

  135. 135 : jeanpyo",) Says:

    OMG!!!! i never thought that i’d be that hooked on this drama!!!! i feel the

    same exitement when i watched BOF!! Bravo Hong Sisters!!!!! keep it up,,
    i HOpe that they would add more episodes,,, I’M sure many fans would want to

    extend this show.
    the actors esp JGS and PS are just so great! Saranghaeo guys!

    JGS!!! just love your pouting and teh way you used your eyes to stare at PS!!

  136. 136 : crazypinay Says:

    What happened to the rating this sooooooooooooo great drama ever after watching Boys before flower these 2 are my mainly top series for 2009 beside the romance action of Swallow the sun!

    I’m telling you guys I was really amazed with the acting of these 4 lead characters a big WoW for them. When I seen this series PS, JGS, LHK, JYH very professional actors and actress GREAT n REAL DEAL ACTING! also the writer of this series did a wonderfu job! I love you all!

  137. 137 : Cristy Says:

    JGS, PS, LHK & JYH you all look so gergous and having the potential of being GREAT GREAT STAR! Seems like im beginning to got a crush on three actors in this series (i’m serious). I know its impossible that i can see you all in person hoping and praying that u all read this message. God bless!

  138. 138 : Elly Says:

    Dang this series don’t make me sleep I keep thinking bout it even before I close my eyes these 4 main lead characters realyl a BOMBMER! the three guys as in really captured and amazed me. YOU ALL THE BEST!!! EXCELLENT STAR! EXCELLENT ACTING!~

    Every episode are sooo REMARKABLE n PRICELESS the expression of their faces are so adorable and addicted to watch JGS, PS, LHK, JYH! you rock on!!!

  139. 139 : angel23 Says:

    so many ppl are missing out on this great show! got to tell everyone about it! love tae kyung!

  140. 140 : Delailah Says:

    After watching Bof I thought is the only one great romance comedy for 2009 I was wrong this series Your beautiful is so Wonderful too fun to watch and everything the acting top notch of three guys are such amazing actors for their generation. PS she’s beautiful and funny.

  141. 141 : Xoxo Says:

    Truly wonderful series ever for 2009! To all the cast you deserved an award! for the main lead character JGS, PS, LHK, JYH what an awesome acting you guys I love you more and all the way! You have all the follower here in calif.

  142. 142 : burberry Says:

    Looking forward to Ep 9. Waiting is torture! Loved every episode so far. There are impediments along the way but all bearable so far.

    Well done to the casts & crew.

  143. 143 : burberry Says:

    I don’t know how those ratings were taken but one thing is certain – this drama is a must see. Never a dull moment.

  144. 144 : ulia Says:

    drama is amazing) thanks to all actors and staff)

  145. 145 : anj_punk22 Says:

    I like this drama..its so hilarious… love it!!!!!

    they’re all cute…esp. to tae kyung(jang geun suk)

  146. 146 : Mun Alkaff Says:

    absolutely & most definitely luuuv watching the drama…juz can’t get enough of it that i keep on watching it over & over again..can’t wait for the rest of the episodes..cast is amazing..keep up the great job guyz..

  147. 147 : zEL Says:

    i lyke this Korean drama.. . . im waiting with the other episodes . . .
    they are so CUTE!!! OMG… hahaha.. .
    especially Lee Hong Ki as Jeremy. . . he is very cute.!

  148. 148 : zEL Says:

    the rule of park shin hye is very awesome. . .& funny. . .!
    i like her. . .
    she’s cute too.

  149. 149 : anna Says:

    YB is THE BEST DRAMA of all time.
    TK & MN have the best chemistry on & off screen. They are super hot
    and sizzling. SW is sweet but TK has got killer eyes. They are so
    expressive. He doesn’t need to utter a word…juz looking at his eyes
    will make anyone melt. In fact, I was so mesmerised the first time
    I saw him on Hong Gil Dong. His stare was so intense. He is a very
    promising & gifted actor/singer/dancer. Need I say more?

  150. 150 : Mary Says:

    I love this drama!!! I wish I could watch this on tv in my country. Tk is wonderful! Awww, y’all Koreans are lucky!

  151. 151 : mimi Says:

    yesss i agreee

    i loooveeee shin woooo
    even though he is new, he is really gooooood
    tey shoul have replaced shin wooo & TK
    grrr cant wait :(((

  152. 152 : winnie Says:

    I’m so loving this drama. I watched all 8 episodes in one day. Never a dull moment, can’t help myself to watch it again. I love all the cast. Can’t wait to watch episode 9 and 10.

  153. 153 : dpcats Says:

    yipee, TGIW!! am so loving this drama, it has easily become one of my fave, lose count already how many times I’ve watched each and every episodes just to pass the time till Wednesday comes again….and still am not satisfied, I’ve downloaded it and saved in my HD coz it sure one of those dramas that belongs in my keeper shelf, to be enjoyed later when life got so boring…this really is one of the best Kdrama ever, got a great storyline/plot, got an amazing actors/actresses from the main down to the supporting ones, got an amazing OST too!…just loooooveeee JGS singing voice….hope there’s someone out there with a good heart to transcribed the lyrics of it’s OST as what they did in Cityhall’s OST….will just keep my fingers crossed…..

  154. 154 : nina Says:

    Oh my god this is a good drama…i like TK and GMN acting very great…
    they’re match and TK can talk with his eyes…so powerful..i can’t wait to see..y take so long?i wanna watch the next episodes…

  155. 155 : xiao shu Says:

    I’m so excited to watch the coming episodes.

    Love this drama soo much! :))

  156. 156 : magsie Says:

    This is the best and most under rated drama ever. I love all the casts especially the girl because she is so adorable. Kdrama lovers, dont miss this one.

  157. 157 : sandy Says:

    This is best drama of the year. Cant wait for the next epsido. How to watch live?

  158. 158 : Ren Says:




  159. 159 : nina Says:

    when the next ep come?
    i can’t wait…this is really great drama and every ep good and still want to watch step by step and want to no all the meaning..
    3of AN jell is has thier own ep so it’s made fair.
    that y i said this drama is perfect..will GMN be a pretty gal that not like the fake hair one n simple in this drama?it’s show her beauties?i really wanna see if GMN make up and make her self pretty then how his feel TK?

  160. 160 : wENG Says:

    So good! Certainly still high drama I still gets a lot of chuckles. It’s been long time since I’ve felt this level of excitement and anticipation bout a drama. I adore every episode which are excellent example of quality dramas. All the cast perfect are portrayed their character perfectly esp JGS, PS, LHK, JYH also the president and the manager are really one of kind role. Thank you to all!

  161. 161 : Xoxo Says:

    C’mon people make this series on top of the list for MOST COMMENTED DRAMA obsolutely deserve to be on the list! Fighting to all the cast!

  162. 162 : Traci Says:

    OMG!!! the soundtrack are really awesome every episode are differently songs which is totally hooked and make me sing too….ha.ha.ha.

    wonderful to hear the songs WITHOUT WORD, STILL, PROMISE, LOVELY DAY etc…

  163. 163 : Chrissie Says:

    this is one of the best drama i ever watched! hopefully tk and gmn will be together! they are such lovely and adorable couple! it tickles me each time they will meet some funny mishap!

  164. 164 : izz Says:

    i love this drama
    jang geun suk!

  165. 165 : jandi Says:

    i just love this drama, i get really excited when the next episode is out and waiting for the next is just driving me crazy!!!! i’m soo addicted to this drama. i just feel sad when jang geun suk/tae kyung wrote a message about the rating, his like trying to blame himself for not having a good rating for this drama. go to dramabean and read about it.

  166. 166 : Jasmine Says:

    I absolutely love this drama, don’t get why rating is so low, but I firmly believe it will rise, go YAB.

  167. 167 : citrine811 Says:

    I love this drama too…
    I love all of them……..
    Jang Geun Suk & Park Shin Hye & Lee Hong Ki & Jung Yong Hwa

  168. 168 : DudLup Says:


  169. 169 : Kmg Says:


  170. 170 : kmg Says:


  171. 171 : verna Says:

    i really love this drama..

    DON’T GIVE UP cast and crew its just the beginning..you’ll see! Yb will become one of the best drama of the YEAR! aja aja..

    we filipino will support!

    hope to see you guys in personal! ill make sure to visit korea one of this day!

  172. 172 : yong Says:

    burberry here yong, finally found the piano sheets
    here it is
    enjoy it^^

  173. 173 : adhe Says:

    i love this drama..

  174. 174 : HB LD Says:

    Very funny drama… worth watching!!!

  175. 175 : zEL Says:

    haha. . .

    i lyke to watch this korean drama . . .

    im waiting for the other episodes . . .

    i finished watching the ep. 1 to 9 . . .

    good job!

  176. 176 : Tracy lin Says:

    This drama is so awksome. I love it so much. Cant wait for the next episode to come. I love the TK, SW, J & GMN. Esp. TK can really act very well, he so cute & handsome. I had watch all the k-drama which TK act. I love it very much. All the best to all of you.

  177. 177 : Wee Says:

    OMG…just watch esp10…SW…you are the man….he protect GMN…he is the guy that will give true love…..love u….u r the best….cant wait how the story will go….

  178. 178 : Tanny Says:

    I reli want TK love MN. I reli want they are couple! :X

  179. 179 : Moon Says:


  180. 180 : Jani Says:

    one word to describe this drama…awesome!!!! every episodes is full of surprises, there’s never a dull moment..i love all the characters, their acting is superb….i still want TK n GMN to end up together—they have alot of chemistry together…Shinwoo, on the other hand, is to nice and quiet for GMN..

  181. 181 : jeanpyo",) Says:

    waaaaaaaaaaa,,,, i hope you will add more episosodes to this drama please…
    i hope the producers mine would change,,,, everyone likes this drama,,,

    they were all great! and the lead actors are great!!!
    let’s go for the goal guys!!
    ajaja! fighting!

  182. 182 : sallyfields1227 Says:

    Nice drama, can’t wait for the next episode. I watch it on tvants then i still watch it at mysoju… Tae Kyung you are so cool! Shin woo, can I take you home… Jeremy I would love to pinch your cheeks… Hope you’re rating really go up… Kamsahamnida…

  183. 183 : luvybkd Says:

    i really really love this drama,i’ts driving me nuts specially ep 10. i am so addicted i want more, can’t wait for the next episode ..

  184. 184 : sandy Says:

    very good drama. Just can’t wait for the next week.

  185. 185 : ikram Says:

    i don’t know why people hate her when i watch wgm i loved her there she’s soooooo natural not like si young and i loved her more in the drama you’re beautiful because she play her role very well and she’s prety AND PLEASE STOP HURTING ANOTHER PEOPLE WHO YOU DON’T KNOW

  186. 186 : Leilanial Says:

    Why is the rating this low wen I think is much better than the other series. Acting is also very good especially Shin Woo’s character so reserved and sweet. Really good acting foe a new comer Kudos to him. All the major characters are acted well and the villain-whoo you woul really hate her as a lot of the comments had shown. For me this drama is #1. I even pre order the DVD from Barnes & Noble in San Fran.

  187. 187 : burberry Says:

    THANKS a lot YONG for posting the link to the piano sheets.

    Loved all episodes for far and looking forward to the next ones.

  188. 188 : burberry Says:

    I couldn’t imagine the drama ending on the 16th episode.

    There’s still the twin brother turning up; then there’s the mom of Tae Kyung – her issue with the son also has to be sorted out;
    the story of Go Min Nam’s aunt – is she really the aunt:

    Go Mi Nam has to go back to the convent somehow and resume her being an trainee nun.

    Far too many loose threads.

    My point is – it has to be more than 16 episodes!

  189. 189 : haiuitzme Says:

    I’m in love with this drama (:
    hopefully they will add more episode!
    can’t wait for next week!

  190. 190 : shy Says:

    addicted to this.. love the series im inlove with all the cast..XD Jang keun suk, Jung Yonghwam, Hongki and Park Shin hye.. they are awesome..

    inlove with Shin Woo though..hehehehe.. just done watching ep.10.. can’t wait for next weeks episode.. =D

  191. 191 : CyreneQ Says:

    16 episode? Come on, I just had a taste of this addicting show!

    Why do I always root for the underdogs? Shin WOO! Though TK isn’t bad either. But I feel sad for Shin Woo all the time! He’s like Jihoo, but I think I’m liking Shin Woo a little more (which I thought was impossible).

  192. 192 : Perlas Says:

    I really really hope that the ratings for this WONDERFUL drama goes up several notches. It has some of the most talented and beautiful/handsome cast. I also hope that they add more episodes — as Burberry puts it there are a lot of loose ends they have to tie before closing.I love love this drama. MORE POWER to the stars. GOD BLESS to all te viewers from San Francisco, CA

  193. 193 : Leilanie Says:

    CyreneQ, I am totally with you on SW. I also rooted for Jihoo but I know it was impossible for the lead loved Jandi more but in here it was SW from the beginning though I know where the story is heading. I am really torn between Tk and SW. I just love both though my heart really bleeds for SW all the way. WOnderful casting adn acting.

  194. 194 : cathy Says:

    Again in this drama boys are more pretty than girls and more talented , they acts much better,.I feel sorry for the girls .Jang is good actor , he can act .

  195. 195 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    one thing that’s good about this drama is that the cast CAN ACT– they were not just a bunch of good looking people! i love the chemistry, i love the cast..they are perfect for their roles..and i love how jang geun suk pisses yoo he yi off ALL THE TIME! haha!

  196. 196 : shinwoo Says:

    yay Shin Woo LUV U! I’ll Support u 200%.
    this drama is just getting interesting.
    how come this drama is rated 14 and 11th?
    MY GOD I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i’ll probably wont sleep till the next episode lol

  197. 197 : Tracy Says:

    I love this drama. I hope GMN know tat TK also in love with her, but feel sad for SW. He not bad. Cant wait for next week episode.

  198. 198 : burberry Says:

    Honestly, I don’t know how those ratings are measured too but based on all the comments posted here, the drama has a very good following and most comments have been very positive.

    I’ll be watching it till the end.

  199. 199 : burberry Says:

    Yes, I don’t think GMN has any idea at all that TK loves her. In fact, that the 3 boys do love her.

    I do find it funny everytime she presses her nose to keep her emotions under control. GMN portrayal of innocence is very refreshing.

  200. 200 : burberry Says:

    TK vs SW, it goes without saying that GMN will end up with TK in the end.

    With regards to BOF, however, I would have preferred that Jan Di ended up the second male lead, KHJ.

  201. 201 : tae-mi fan Says:

    I SO LOVE THIS DRAMA!!!! i just finished watching episode 10!! cant wait for episode 11 to come out!~ love geun seok and shin hye~~ >

  202. 202 : mickaby Says:

    waaaaaaaaahhh!!! I freakin love this drama! i cant wait for the next episodes…The lead actors are juz awesome!and the plot’s really amazing!…the songs are great too! 🙂

  203. 203 : CARA-WARN Says:

    WOWWWWWWWWW! I think this drama very fun.I enjoy evertime to watch that why I wait next week coming soon .actor & actress, songs and costums very nice better than iris.

  204. 204 : CARA-WARN Says:

    wowwww!this drama very fun than iris.that why i wait for watch online and i think next week coming soon. actor, actress, songs,costoms. very nice fr fanclub thailain

  205. 205 : DRAMANJELL Says:


    The quality on mysoju is rather crappy, so if you want to watch it
    in HD (with eng subs of course) check out my Youtube Channel:



  206. 206 : Jani Says:

    Seriously, the rating should be measured based on how many viewers actually watched the show…if i’m not mistaken, YAB is the most watched drama on all the different sites..

    IRIS is an excellent drama, no doubt, but i just don’t feel very anxious waiting for the next episode, not like You’re Beautiful were you want more n more…i just love this drama..

  207. 207 : osheen Says:

    super UNDERrated drama! It’s like the best drama ive ever watched.

  208. 208 : Cat Says:

    Ok this drama is seriously very very very good. To be honest i have no words to describe how good this drama is. Therefore, I was very surprise that it’s not doing too good ratings wise. But i hope that they don’t count this drama as a flop because it’s amazing. I’m from the Philippines and I’m in the US right now. The only way I can watch this drama is through online. Too bad that they don’t count us online watchers as a viewer because the ratings will hit the roof!!!

  209. 209 : Beckyhams Says:

    Lol! I’m rooting for Shin Woo tooooo! Urgh! I really pity him. This reminds me of BOF all over again. And I hope it doesn’t turn out like BOF where the damsel in distress ends up with the arrogant, snobby male lead.


    Btw, Hongki is really the cutest in this drama! ^^
    Just finished watching Ep 10!

  210. 210 : m2 Says:

    It is so sad that this drama have low ratings.. This drama were so attractive and full of fun and funny thing, I think it should be has same rating as BBF, in fact it should be higher since all the artist have good acting skill and nice chemistry.
    Love Hong Ki very very very much!! He was so cute and adorable, with a weird hair do but he still looks sooooo….. cute, love him. Also His voice sooooooo…. nice to hear, unique voice I think.
    I hope this drama got a good rating at the end. I promise to myself to buy the dvd even though I’ve already watch it online. Last, I really really love all its soundtracks!!

  211. 211 : Sandra Says:

    I love the OST, the drama, the acting!!! Watched each episode at least 5 to 6 times or more…I’ll probably going to worn out the DVD too when it comes out….
    I’m sure this series would’ve receive a lot a lot higher rating if it wasn’t in the same time slot as Iris (which has a blockbuster-style type of budget to start with).

    Too bad rating only counts in Korea’s viewership and in that time slot.
    If rating was to be counted as the number of times each episode viewed by number of fans worldwide…., I’m sure rating would’ve sky-rocketed…
    The acting chemistry between the actors/ actresses is superb. Not to mention, Jang Geun Suk (TK)’s acting is excellent…you don’t get tire of watching his movement and expression….

    Now I’m just hoping they will market that cute pig-rabbit stuff doll and the A.N.Jell anime cut out/ sticker like in the episodes.. ..definately will buy if they market it ^_^…..

    Sandra (Los Angeles)

  212. 212 : chii Says:

    low rating? huhu so sad

    i wish..they count the online watchers too
    and im sure it will be the highest! ^_____^

    cant wait for ep. 11
    i wish they extend and add more episodes!
    3 weeks to go TT~TT

    pig~rabbit surgery… love it

    heart u TK

  213. 213 : nina Says:

    So sad that this drama is low rate..:(i really love this drama so much and when m watching..omg not boring still want to watch more and more and now i told many pp in cambodia or Australia and all of my friends cuz i know that they’re will like it cuz when i saw good movie i always tellin them..as Bad love,Boy over flower but now it’s (U handsome)is more and more interesting to see..so i hope this drama will high rate soon..

    if i can vote i will try my best but m not korean..
    how can low rate?
    🙁 can’t wait for ep11 always waiting for next ep everyday even busy…
    i hope this drama will Number 1
    U’re beautiful

    From lika

  214. 214 : irene Says:

    Yes, this drama is really great. I have read that this was written by Hong Sisters, who also did other great dramas like my girl, hong gil dong and sassy girl chunyang. Once again they came up with another feel good and romantic drama. The casting was perfect and they really have a good chemistry. Too bad its rating is not reallly good, when I think that it was far better than boys over flowers. I hope that as the drama continues it will also continue to increase its rating. If does not happen, i just would like to say that sbs did produced a really good romantic material. I’m sure that this will succeed more if it will be marketed to other countries. To Park Shin Ye and Jang Geun Suk and the rest of the cast, congratulations!!!

  215. 215 : richenel Says:

    wwwooowwww!!!! i love this drama so much…. geun suk i love his acting so much!!!! and also all of them, the best!!!! keep it guys, u have millions of online watchers….. 4 more days s to long to wait, huhuhuhuhuh!!!!!!

  216. 216 : Hany Says:

    I agree with some of you guys. You’re beautiful is like BOF combine with coffee prince! Taekyung= Gu Jun Pyo and Shin Woo=Ji Hoo. Anyways love thos drama! im addicted though some parts are expected cus its cliche.

    Shin woo is really hot. BTw i cant belive its low ratin. The drama is getting popular…!

  217. 217 : lalala~sSMiLES Says:

    The drama is SOOO COOL!!!
    I wanna watch more but the rest aint out yet!
    T T oh wells~

  218. 218 : nomad Says:

    it seems that waiting for next week is longer than 7 days…. so love this drama… very addicting….. i’ll cry 1 liter of tears when this one ends…. love them all….

  219. 219 : sassydz Says:

    how can i download this drama from my soju??help me!!

  220. 220 : sassydz Says:

    how can i download this drama from my soju??
    someone can help me??

  221. 221 : nina Says:

    U should go to watch it at youtube it’s easy then u will see with english sub too so just download from http://www.pwnyoutube.com
    cuz i did it for my staff .
    y take so long ?i really want to see next ep so much.
    should be post ep11 soon:) m waiting to see next ep everyday and evey night.
    hope u enjoy download this drama and i hope more pp will love this drama as me.

    from lika

  222. 222 : mary Says:

    im so inlove with this drama… and i cant wait for the next episodes… ;-( i love korean dramas!!! they have good stories and concepts!!!!

  223. 223 : Wee Says:

    Oppss….saw the shorts for esp 11..HTK KISSED GMN…….cant wait to see it…….

  224. 224 : burberry Says:

    Really! how! the lasT scene on ep 10 was the major hug from Shinwoo. This is getting more exciting.

  225. 225 : burberry Says:

    HI YONG! I hope you could read this.

    I tried to download the link on the music sheet you’ve mentioned but I cannot seem to access. Is there any other link I could check? Were you able to view it? I’m sooo looking forward to having a go on the piano – it sounds easy enough to give it a try.

    Thanks for help, again.

  226. 226 : nana Says:

    o god .. this is really getting better and better

  227. 227 : sandy Says:

    Tae Kyung and Mi Nam really have good chemistry. Really love this drama and all the cast. Super awesome.. Hope they will end up together

  228. 228 : yemgij Says:

    love this show. its really interesting. every episodes are worth watching. much better than BOF…. cant wait for the rest of the episodes with eng sub…. never feel tired of watching it again n again. great actors.. all of them.. they play their roles very well…. i m kind addiccted to this show…..

  229. 229 : jesska Says:

    PSH shes young and a fantastic actress just imagine this series is really enjoyable to watch every episode. JGS he is a very talented actor who has been acting for a long time also has a powerful voice in singing. LHK is jus sooo adorable and really can act love him a lot. JYH he’s soooooo cool n hot his acting is very convincing that a plus for the beginners like him….hope you guys make another series that people wishing for.

    To the director and screenwriter can you please extend this series I certainly believe u guys are rock more appreciation and respect for the series that all people so in love and enjoyable.

  230. 230 : GGie Says:


  231. 231 : jeanpyo",) Says:

    waaaaa.. i’m just so happy for
    JGS and PSH..
    there dating for real!!!
    aja!aja! guys!!!!
    rea;;;y love your show..
    don’t let the ratings pull your spirits down,,,
    you are all doing great!
    sarnghae! :)))))))))

  232. 232 : joanokh Says:

    this drama is really awesome..i love all the characters except uee..can’t wait for episode 11 ..just watched the preview of it..damn freaking nice man!!!

  233. 233 : Jani Says:

    when I saw the preview for episode 11, finally Taekyung is showing his true feelings for MiNam when he kissed her…that’s what I’m talking about!!!

  234. 234 : burberry Says:

    I just got a peep of Ep 11! This would definitely be a good one! with Tae Kyung & Min Nam having that kissing scene! It makes me wonder on how TK would be able to pull MN from Shin Woo’s hug in the theatre. Our dear villain, Yoo Hee, has more dirty tricks under her sleeves. Since they normally backfires on her, then the dirtier the trick the better. Am I awful?

  235. 235 : burberry Says:

    Thank goodness it’s a Wednesday!

    Wednesdays & Thursdays have now become more important than Fridays, would you believe?.

    Lucky for the Koreans to be able to watch Ep11 today and here we are, supporters from overseas, having to wait till tomorrow, the earliest to be able to watch it.

  236. 236 : burberry Says:

    When I was trying to look for a glimpse of Ep 11, I came across a segment on the making of the make believe bed scene between JTK & GMN – it’s the sweetest thing. It’s a short footage of 1.10 seconds but so much could be said on the chemistry of the 2 leads.

    Have a look at it on u-tube and share your feedback with us.

    It now makes me wonder if they are indeed dating? If not, they MUST!!!

  237. 237 : BolmaeJung Says:

    great drama, great story and definitely great cast!

  238. 238 : mildred Says:

    Is Hi Yong the G-dragon?

  239. 239 : mildred Says:

    I’m sorry,what i mean is… if Lee Hong Ki and G-dragon are the same person?

  240. 240 : anjellph Says:

    hello pipol just want to invite you to visit and join us

    the first philippine forum for A.N JELL^^

    where filipino anjell fans unite^^

  241. 241 : mitch Says:

    i’m from cebu city philippines. although i’m a mother of two teenagers, i still enjoy watching this kind of drama. i love their styles. What a great combination of lead stars of YB esp. JGS & PSH.

  242. 242 : efryll Says:

    how come koreans doesn’t watch this series?, don’t they know what they’re missing? !!!!!! hehehe, just kidding but really, this is a great show, i really really love it, though i’m 22 and not really on my teenage years, but this show has a lot of kilig factors!!! I’m totally in love with all of the characters, especially tae kwung! To all the cast members, hang in there guys, believe!!! and there are really a lot of people who loves You’re Beautiful! I hope this will be shown in the Philippines, tagalized version, so that many other Filipinos will enjoy this as well, God Bless…

  243. 243 : efryll Says:

    btw, what does saranghae means???

  244. 244 : Ethlenn Says:

    saranghae means I love you. This is great drama!!

  245. 245 : ivych Says:

    hi. i love you’re beautiful and im not even korean. its so true…i cant wait for wednesday and thursday now for the show to come out. im just wondering how come it does have low ratings in korea…..
    although their story is like a mixture of BOF and hana kimi but the actors and actresses in YB i think are more credible and acts so well. i beginning to fall in love with geun seok….when i get back to cebu …ill stop over in korea and try to look for him(hahhahahahha as if i can get out of the airport)

  246. 246 : maddie Says:

    I personally love the soundtrack, I even have on my classic ipod Love to hear PSH, JGS, LHK, JYH soooooo adorable, the series is addicting! Thanks everyone!

  247. 247 : Jaz Says:

    Even though I totally don’t understand the lyrics i love it….the series is addicting and so is the soundtrack my highlight song is without word, Promise and Still.

  248. 248 : keisha Says:

    The soundtrack of this series is full of power ballads and power pop! Wonderful wonderful cast!

    Wonderful director! Brilliant screenwriter! AJA!

  249. 249 : nhhey Says:

    you’re beautiful i find it really funny….:)

  250. 250 : Happy Says:

    MY GOsSh! i was so surprised that the rating was so low…somewhere along the line there must be an error on rating!!!! Hmp!

    Anyways, love the cast, the OST and the storyline. Yeah, the drama never makes you tire of it, it’s like drugs….hehehehe, even more powerful than that, huh? I love all the cute and funny scenes. I hope it ends well, were HTK n GMN together…. i love shinwoo too, but i perfer HTK cause GMN has more feelings toward him than shinwoo, it’s like she only sees him as a brother or friend.

    (sigh) I really wish the people who does the rating can see how much much more popular this drama is than other series out right now. Love it to the end. Just finished watching eps 11, though there’s no sub yet, but anxiously waiting for next eps.

  251. 251 : burberry Says:

    Hi Happy! Lucky you to have watched ep 11 already. Was it good? You’ve mentioned that it didn’t have any subs yet. Were you watching it in Korea or you found the link somewhere.

    I was hoping that it’s out in mysoju already. In fact, I woke up much earlier than my usual to find out. I must be obsessed!

  252. 252 : burberry Says:

    Just a thought – aside from the Manager, do any of the 3 know that GMN is a trainee nun?

  253. 253 : Ger Hang Says:

    it’s a really good show…it is a good Park Shin Hye show… the last time i saw here show was stairway to heaven… so yea… on most of the tv ep… they have no subs…kinda hard for some people who likes Korean drama but can’t understand it…anyways..back to the show…finally it gets better of a story at the last ep….it starts to have a good climax that explains Hwang Tae Kyung and Go Mi Nam relationship…and like any drama movie..their is someone who always gets hurt and one that is evil… The show follows an american show The Jonas Brothers… only from the middle of the series… I still like your show You’re beautiful better…I kinda wish that the US have a Korean drama channel but they really don’t…kinda not good… Also in the beginning…the first ep should had shown what had happen to Mi Nam so to make a better view of why they were in search of Mi Nyu…It didn’t have a good start like I thought it did…but i liked it later because of what she does…yea…everyone in the cast follows today world of fame….the so called American tradition…publicity and fame is the same…but tv shows are tv shows…as long as people watch it…it is good for me…two thumbs up for this show…like it lots…for a guy like me…drama is something that i can’t really comend to…but if i understand it…then it is a good show for me… annyoung hashimnikka….and annyeonghi kashipsio… thanks for a good show…i just hope that u guys can do more than 16 ep…. it be worth the watch….

  254. 254 : Jani Says:

    I just love the part were Taekyung just suddenly kissed MiNam at the end of episode 11…its so touching…just waiting for him to admit his true feelings but it won’t be easy since the villain is always there to ruin the good mood

    episode 11 is hilarious, i love Jeremy, his one good comedian..
    Shinwoo who’s always there to save the day…and Taekyung whom I love the best coz his able to overcome the problems faced on…way to go !!!

  255. 255 : lively Says:

    JGS is smoooooookin’ hot. He’s my new obsession! Seriously, that low and manly voice of his is to die for!

  256. 256 : Tati Says:

    I believe the rating is going up and this is great! The drama is very sweet and capturing. I really liek the chemistry between the two leads! I think i have never heard anyone saying so many times “I am sorry” as GMN in the series.:))

  257. 257 : Sharon Says:

    26 NOVEMBER?
    Oh dammit. STAY ON FOREVER!

  258. 258 : lyn Says:

    I am truly hooked, addicted and posessed with this drama 2 hands up and 2 feet up. wohoooooooooooooo!

  259. 259 : selma Says:

    This drama is so damn good that I keep wanting MORE. i’m totally nuts over it!!!

  260. 260 : Tezzalou Says:


  261. 261 : faizee Says:

    TGS – has a sexy, sexy voice….omg when smile gotta love it….

  262. 262 : Paula Says:

    I wish i could win the lottery so i can produce again the series or movie with BIG, BIG advertisement for these 4 lead character also i could meet them personally too…dream on….

  263. 263 : Clara Says:

    I just love them to much JGS, PSH, LHK & JYH. they should get highest rating what’s with that.

  264. 264 : Emi Says:

    Why would this series get 100% rating? VEry excellente!

    anyway i am really crazy about JGS voice! real man! very masculine!

  265. 265 : Gabi Says:

    who need brad pit when there is JGS, JYH n LHK….

  266. 266 : cathy Says:

    Jang is very pretty ,ridiculously prettier than two girls there ,So Mi Nam actress is ok but sometime she tries too hard to act cute , i really dislike her lips acting , for me it’s fake .But Jang acting is sincerely cute , not fake at all , good actor .

  267. 267 : Marie Says:

    I’m not Asian and I love Korean Drama’s my son got me hooked to them. I love this drama. Who’d a think that a lady no asian lady in her late 30’s would be hooked to these Drama’s. Love this one!

  268. 268 : shoppingnspree Says:

    im so obessed with this show!! love Taekyung. yeah,i thought should have high ratings too.I so addicted to this show till i watch the korea(no sub) version 1st…

    i fell in love with korea drama again…

  269. 269 : cookiemoster Says:

    This drama is great.. I love it so much.!!
    UEE is so pretty but so mean in da drama..I hate that part

  270. 270 : Wee Says:

    Watch esp 12..so sad that KSW cant express his love out again…I find that they are the better pair like BOF….HTK finally know the truth and accepting love from GMN….

  271. 271 : burberry Says:

    Yippee! Just watched Ep11 with the english subs. I can’t imagine the drama ending on the 16th episode. Far too many areas to cover yet… Forget the Korean ratings. Based on comments I’ve seen on various sites, it should actually be hitting the roof!

  272. 272 : KimJoo Says:

    I luv ths drm,is gud….
    But why first cast dnt jung yong hwa?=

  273. 273 : Jani Says:

    I say forget the rating, this drama rocks..every episodes would leave you wanting more…that’s what make this drama very interesting..

  274. 274 : burberry Says:

    My thoughts entirely Jani. We’re not Koreans, we don’t even live in Korea and here we are truly obsessed with this drama. We were not as keen with BOF, strange enough. Perhaps there was something in You’re Beautiful that makes us want more.

  275. 275 : burberry Says:

    I was just reading the comments on one of the websites and it was mentioned that the OST has already sold 20,000 copies in a short period of time. It seems that selling 10,000 copies of an OST is considered good enough.

    In fact, if the OST is made available where I am at, I’ll buy 20! as xmas presents since a lot of us are hooked on the songs already anyway.

  276. 276 : burberry Says:

    Where was it mentioned that if the viewership reaches 13%, the drama will be extended beyond the 16 episodes. How true?

    13% is easily attainable isn’t it?

  277. 277 : Ling Says:

    This drama is great! Loved the interactions between the cast.. will be sad when it ends on episode 16. Will def buy the OST n DVD when it comes out in Singapore!

  278. 278 : Tracy Says:

    Finally watch finish ep 12. It is getting more interesting now. Taekyung finally realise MiNam love him. I cant wait util next wed for preview 13. Feel sad tat SW been hurt twice. Hope tat Taekyung really love MN & happy ending.

  279. 279 : nina Says:

    omg y in mysoju put had ep12 but when in eng sub is not available..omg it’s made angry..cuz today i’ve been online n waitig nearly whole day..
    ..i want to know what they’re talking about.

    if anybody know how to vote this movie to be number dun forget type in here then i know that many pp will vote for this drama..and me too


  280. 280 : TheBEST:) Says:

    Three words i just have to say about this movieeee,

    I LOVE IT!

    Its really good!
    some say its kinda like ‘Boys Before Flower’?
    Well i think it does in a way but then
    i find it kinda better too!
    Goshh i love it,
    I recommend others to watch it.

  281. 281 : kailanie Says:

    I have watched 11 and 12 with subs until VIIKII disabled it for there was a lot of traffic. Since I watched the raw version I went directly to watch 7/7 to see what TK told MN and it was good though I feel that TK’s arrogance have to be tone down a notch-He was rather condescending when he said “GMN, I give you permission to like me.” HUH?? ANyway, the writers of this drama are brilliant and can really go all the way to 30 for there are a lot of story line they can create. 1st-A conflict between GMN & TK over the mother’s relationship with the father of the twins. WHy was she the cause of GMN ‘ mother’s death.then the repentance of heyi and the the issue of GMN – being a novice nun, etc

  282. 282 : yemgij Says:

    i watched ep 12 today with eng sub in vikki.net. i simply love this serial.. wow.. jang geung suk, he is so young but such a good actor. so is park shin hye.. actually i love all of them.. they r so cool…the bitch yoee does such a gud acting. completely suits her.. the funny manager. shin woo, jeremy.but i cant stand the aunt though…wow i m completely Addicted to YAB. i really dont understand the rating system… i m not in korea n i m not even korean. i live in greece.. YAB, u have supporters n fans everywhere ,all the way to here too…
    well, abt ep 13, i hope it is dedicated only to hwang tae kyung and go mi nam. hope i see some good romance between them.. they have such a great chemistry.i hope the ending is also good too.. not like other serial i have seen where the couple get seperated n meet aftera decade or so.. hate those kind of ending. dont want anymore tears but something tell me that there is still lots of tissue papers needed for the coming episodes.

  283. 283 : Gardenia Says:

    You’re beautiful FUNNY N MESMERISING.

    all the 4 characters are so adorable I am so impressed they have a coll attitude what a great series and it always turns out great!

  284. 284 : show2007 Says:

    I am so happy to see so many supports for YOB. It is a piece of art. I love BOY and SH but I think YOB is on top of the above. The storyline, the character and their acting skills. Jang Geun Suk is such a great actor and he protray TK’s position so well. His face expression…you just can’t beat it. I wish he will receive the best actor award for the fall. Eventhough their rating is baring hit 2 digit. But they are completing with IRIS. They should be proud of themselves.

  285. 285 : ivych Says:

    its almost 4 pm here in midwest USA and mysoju has not yet uploaded ep 12 of you’re beautiful….im gonna cry soon. can someone please tell me where i can watch with eng sub…..im going crazy already where i can find it….please HELP

  286. 286 : happythoughts Says:

    hello! JGS, PSH, LHK, JYH i just wanted you all to know, that im sending good thoughts your way, so if you all find losts of reason to smile, or if you hear kind words and if warm feelings find their way into your heart, then some of my wishes for all of you have been coming true:) im hoping that each moment of the day brings a chance to surround yourself with all thats meaningful to each of you, i hope the comfort of your favorite things the joy of sharing and the inspiration of discovery lift the days beyond the ordinary, so i hope you’ll take this moment to think of us your fans in the world and smiling back to us truth you computer when you guys reading this im so glad that you guys make us happy : ) and today I just wanted to remind what a unique You’re beautiful series are from the other kdrama i watched.

  287. 287 : bing Says:

    This series are sooooooooooooooo FUN to watch…all of them just soooo adorable and love Jeremy moves!

  288. 288 : show2007 Says:

    Hi Ivych,

    Vikki was down that’s why mysoju do not have it yet. Try this below, you can download it and watch it. http://www.dramabeans.com/tag/youre-beautiful/ Hope it helps. I am happy that I can read a little Chinese so I am able to watch the chinese subbed last night. It is a must see. If you like TK and MN.

  289. 289 : show2007 Says:

    Folks, U guys need to check out the 2nd part of the OST, the song (Thank You) that JSG sing is amazing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeOaCWIS2gE

  290. 290 : ivych Says:


    thank you so much. i will try it. i was in the verge of tears already. this is not drama …its for real hahahah.

    thank u…..from me ivy

  291. 291 : romaine Says:

    where can i watch episode 12 with english sub……

    there is nothing in mysoju.com.

  292. 292 : sandy Says:

    really enjoy every single episode. Love TK & MN, escpially last scene on the ep12. can’t wait for ep13. Much better thab boys over flowers!

  293. 293 : sandy Says:

    On ep11, TK’s smile when helping separate
    MN’s fingers make my heart weak… so cute and charming.

  294. 294 : kelly Says:

    You guys can watch it at http://www.viikii.net with english sub.

  295. 295 : Bibi Says:

    This drama should be #1..
    Jeremy is SO CUTE!!
    Kang Shin Woo is awesowe..
    and.. Hwang Tae Kyung is SO HOT!!

  296. 296 : ivych Says:

    thank you so much!!!!i watched ep 12 in viikii.net. oh my god…..thats all i can say.. my heart beats so fast everytime i see TKH and GMN. i hope they extend it. IS THERE ANY NEWS OF EXTENDING IT? my bday is on nov 28 and they said it will end on nov 26….please no i hope they have good news. i am totally in love with every episode and every song of this drama series. this is the best drama so far….more than BOF on my opinion.

  297. 297 : perlas Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS DRAMA. Shin Woo- my heart goes to you but as Shakespeare wrote ” Tis better to have Love & Lost than never to have love at all-even if it is one sided. The chemistry between GMN & SW is really great so is GMN & TK. Personality wise I really like the SW character but from the beginning it is TK & GMN. Fate has it that GMN & TK be together. I hope they will add more episodes. May the RATING GOES UP so they will write more episodes. YAB CREW & CAST THANKS for a wonderful drama. YOU ROCK!!!!

  298. 298 : leilanie Says:

    OH, Thanks to the subbers at VIIKII.NET for a wonderful job of sharing this great drama. I prefer the story line of this over BOF and the cast are just as wonderful and good looking. All the 3 idols are some eye candy indeed and GMN is such a pretty girl so young and really innocent looking. Even the villain is pretty and OMG they all could act. I am really surprised that SW is a newcomer and already a very good actor. He played the role so well. MORE POWER to you all at YAB.

  299. 299 : Sofia Says:

    GREAT DRAMA. I love episode 11 where Jeremy was so beside himself upon knowing GMN is a girl. I just love every episode of this drama that I called Barnes and Noble to pre order the DVD-the can’t give me the date it will be out but thanks to the angels from Viikii.net we are able to watch this drama here in the US. I was rooting for SW though in my heart I know it is GMN/TK still I like the character of SW. Jeremy is such a cutie and TK is definitely the arrogant LORD who analyzes everything even his feelings. SO ANAL but lovable.

  300. 300 : nomad Says:

    Wherever i go or browsing different websites for YB, everybody likes it. There’s something with YB that made us addicted to this series. This is surely an ANJELL addiction. I must say, if this drama is in a different time slot it will pass the 20% mark, it will be number one in korea but it’s competing against IRIS. It’s way better than BOF… sorry to all the fans but this is just my opinion. Can’t wait for wed and thurs to come, waiting is such an agony. The days are dragging. I”m ssooooo addicted to this drama.. as in….

  301. 301 : august Says:

    i totally looove this show, i’m one of the crazy addicts that kept refreshing viikii to see how the subs progresssed, gr8 job viikii i was going nuts when the site went down;(( must have visited every site going trying to find the subs, ended up with the raw then read the breakdown on dramabeans i so love this drama its the best ever and i’ve watched a lot over the last 2 yrs more keep up the good work yb staff and cast YOU ROCK xoxo

  302. 302 : Tracy Says:

    I cant wait for ep 13. Can I watch the preview 13 asap.

  303. 303 : auro Says:

    This drama is wonderful..

  304. 304 : Cloud D.I.S Says:

    I hope they will extend the show it is wonderful if they extend sure more ppl will watch it

  305. 305 : Jenna Says:

    Love this!! to my opinion, it is better than coffee prince cos of it fabulous soundtrack!!!

  306. 306 : love Says:

    no comment

  307. 307 : ivych Says:

    i researched on bof’s ratings and it was way up on every episode. if only SBS didnt present it this year(YOB) because there is still the BOF fever. YOU’RE BEATIFUL DESERVES MORE CREDIT THAN WHAT THEY ARE GETTING. Is there any way that we can write to SBS to extend YOB. to our fellow anjell koreans here can you tell me the email address of SBS where we can write them. i think they will hear us. (i cannot read korean or even understand but i love your culture and the dramas

  308. 308 : Robbie Says:

    I became a fan of tis drama after watching it with my 12 year old grandbaby. She loves SW best. Now the whole family is hooked and I started talking about it to my colleagues and their younger family members are all into it. I sure hope they add more episodes too. It seems like if they cut it off after 16 ep. it will be left hanging with a lot of loose ends-anyway since it is a drama they sure could think of many different conflicts and emotional roller coasters of sorts. My grandbaby laughs and cry with her friends while watching it. This is such a wonderful drama with a group of kids who are not only beautiful/handsome but very very talented. I am also for SW, my apologies to TK admirers. He is good too as well as Jeremy. The villain really portrays the character well that’s why quite a few hates her. All of them will get even better through the years especially PHS (GMN) Kudos to the cast, crew especially the writers for doing this drama.

  309. 309 : asianstar.info Says:

    this drama has a good quality..
    i love it very2 much!!!
    still wondering when would episode 7 would be published?
    i want to watch it!!

  310. 310 : kailanie Says:

    Asianstar go to VIIKII.NET or DRAMCRAZY.com or MYSOJU.com to watch all episode up to episode 12. It is getting even better. ENJOY I love them so much.

  311. 311 : kailanie Says:

    SORRY ASIANSTAR… It is DRAMACRAZY.NET not .com ENJOY these wonderful drama. I am so addicted I can’t even study right now. Well, at least I’m not the only my study group are on it too.heheheh

  312. 312 : Jo Says:

    We love this drama it’s so so magnificent.
    Please publish all the episodes at once very addictive.
    Can’t wait any longer.
    You all did a good job.A.N JELL guys you really are handsome.

  313. 313 : FanInPhilippines Says:

    Wow ! Rating is going up !! More Power AN JEL !!!!

  314. 314 : nana Says:

    only 4 ep left T_T

  315. 315 : Sally Says:

    Wow! what can i say. Excited, Curious, Panic & Happy. frankly, i can’t wait to watch for ep 13. So nervous and i keep on thinking what will happen to TK and min nyu. K-drama is getting better and better. Two thumbs up! Appreciate all the subbers who really put it all efforts to finish the subs ontime for us. Sadly You’re Beautiful is not air in Malaysia TV channel. Not SBS but only KBS station. I heard the Series is only up to episode 16. Why they need to cut it short. I really enjoy the drama. I’m counting my days to watch the next episode. I’m so nervous. 😉 Happy Watching Guys!

  316. 316 : Lina Says:

    This drama is sooooooo good.
    The actors are also talented even though they are so young.
    I love Jang Geun Suk.. and Hong Ki is soo cute.

    Why are the ratings not so good? I mean what’s the problem…
    Its my most most favorite drama. seeing the low ratings give a heartache 🙁

    Boys Over Flowers can’t even compare to this (only that their clothes were much fancier)… but why did their ratings so high!!
    This is soooo wrong.


  317. 317 : burberry Says:

    The lower ratings must also have been due to the drama being produced by SBS and not KBS.

    I am not Korean, nor am I living in Korea and could only match “You’re Beautiful” via the various provides eg viikii, youtube, dramabeans & mysoju. I can’t imagine my life-Korean-viewing-obsessed-life without them! I could get KBS and Arirang on our satellite provider and KBS has an all out publicity stunt for Iris and their other produced dramas incl being presented on their Entertainment Show reports.

    I’ve just watched Arirang this morning and I was very pleased to see that they’ve had a footage & interview with some of the cast of YAB. Yiippeee!!!

  318. 318 : burberry Says:

    Ratings or no ratings, high or low, the proof is in the pudding, as they say.

    The drama “You’re Beautiful” has a strong following worldwide. Check on viikii and see how many views has been made in comparison with the other Korean dramas; it’s OST is also selling fast like hotcakes in Korea, amongst others.

    It is a feel good drama – it has it’s light hearted, funny & cheesy moments. And like most dramas there will always be the baddies who would make like miserable for others, it’s own twists and turns.

    The acting of the lead characters are impeccable. Even Shin Woo’s performance, as a newbie actor, is above par.

    What can I say about Tae Kyung (JGS) & Go Mi Nam (PSH)? Great acting and I love them both to bits.

  319. 319 : Jani Says:

    I’m so sad that “You’re Beautiful” will end in two weeks..its such an entertaining drama with beautiful OST..how I wish they can extend it to more episodes…I will truly miss all the handsome actors and the pretty leading lady..

    I would also like to say “ALOHA AND THANKS’ to all the subbers for their dedication and hard work in translating this drama so quickly…without you guys, we woudn’t be able to enjoy such drama!!!

  320. 320 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    i don’t think that YB doesn’t rate well because of the BOF fever. sure there’s still some news about BOF cast but the fever has long been gone. YB probably does not rate well because it is being simulatenously shown with iris, another equally popular and highly publicized drama. but whatever the ratings be, i still love YB! great cast, great acting, great story, great chemistry!

  321. 321 : sandy Says:

    I already kept repeating this drama few times in different sub..don’t want to miss any lines.

  322. 322 : lawababy Says:

    This is reply to kailanie (281)
    I dont think TK is being arrogant or condescending when he replied “GMN, I give you permission to like me.” He is just giving GMN a belated reply to her question – i think ep 8 when they were at the countryside – she asked whether she can like the star? TK asked her to ask the star. So now the ‘star’ replies………….Actually initially when i saw pt7 of ep 12, i also tot that he was arrogant. But after watching ep 8 again (i luv the pig chase scene & the song breathless)…i can of get this feeling.

  323. 323 : kailanie Says:

    Hi Lawababy, Thanks for the insight. I was planning of watching it all over again next week after my exams but I will watch that episode again you mentioned. I loved this drama that every once in a while I open this website to check of any chamges-like are they going to add more episodes rather than stick to their 16. I wish they wll bring back the brother’s best friend to add more flavor and intrigues fo after all a drama is about intrigues and conflicts. Thanks again, lawababy.

  324. 324 : ciandy Says:

    love this drama…. i want shin woo and gemma to have a sweet scene…. hehehe thanks viikii… what will be the world with you guys hahaha… love korean dramas…

  325. 325 : Denia Says:

    This drama is Awesome for me. I love the story. its not boring, its not commond. I hope this drama will play here in the philippines. GMN is such a good actress, I love they way she act, I saw her also her previous drama (tree heaven) she really good acting in drama espeially in crying..TK is good actor too, but i dont like his attitudes on this drama. SW actually its my first time to see him on screen (sorry). Jeremy wow I did not expect he has a good voice and he has a group (like a band) hemmm I like his voice. I am sure he can get the caresma of people. good luck guys:-)

  326. 326 : kapamilya solid Says:

    Viikee.net or my soju for this drama. I really really like it…

  327. 327 : august Says:

    i have never been so hooked on a drama that i search the net constantly for news and updates
    what will i do only 4 more episodes ARRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  328. 328 : Kahn Says:

    Love love love this drama…

  329. 329 : sajane Says:

    hey guys.. can anyone help me?! i haven’t watched ep12 yet… it wasn’t in mysoju even in viikiii… where have you watched it?… i’m dying to watch it and im really not satisfied with episode recaps and just pictures.. i wanna watch it………..

    hope someone answers me.. thanks in advance!!!

    hehehe.. i can imagine myself after this kdrama ends… i will i get over YAB… im so gonna miss them… guess i have to replya every eps whenever possible!!!

  330. 330 : ifah tugiman Says:

    hi sajane, from google seach you type youre beautiful ep12 viikii.com.
    i watch 2 days ago. n have english sub too:)

  331. 331 : cathy Says:

    Jang is pretty and talented . HK is handsome actor .Story line is pretty
    much similar to B over F , handsome , nice boys are falling for not so cute
    girl . This kind of dramas are targeting teenagers , end up boys will be
    more famous than girls . I’m not Korean , i find it’s really hard to find K. actresses compatible with K actors , K actors are more talented in acting and their looks are so handsome . cute , just my opinions

  332. 332 : desah Says:


    am s0 damn addicted t0 this drama..

    en i really lub jang geun suk..

    en his character in YAB..

    yes.. i lub jang geun suk..

    just take care of yourself..

  333. 333 : aayushma Says:

    I’m new fan of this Korean drama.I really love this drama.Keep it good work.
    More comments after watching whole drama.You rock.love it.

  334. 334 : Yannadearest Says:

    I really love this drama.
    All the A.N.J.E.L.L. casts are excllent in thier acting roles.
    Bravo. Bravo. two thumbs up….
    Keep it up guys….. More power….

  335. 335 : show2007 Says:

    I just watched Ep 13 & 14 spoiler from Youtube and there is a news that the drama is going to have a season 2! Hope its true.

  336. 336 : Hyukjaeluvs Says:

    My cousin made me addicted to the show! it’s really nice though! :))

  337. 337 : Lailai Says:

    When is episode 13 supposed to come out???

  338. 338 : lei Says:

    It’s been a while that a drama had me SMILEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE like I am falling in love for the first time. It is really a feel good drama with such young beautiful/handsome cast whose chemistry is to the roof. These guys are awesome-They all look good together-GMN & TK are well matched and so is the SW/GMN match. If they decide to go on to 20 episodes they sure could call back the best friend (another handsome one). Though I like TK & Jeremy, I love the SW character-he is the perfect guy-but we all love the overlord TK who has hs own human frailties and issues in life. Seems like TK is the one who needs more comfort & loving. Anyway, to sum up people support YAB cast, crew & all. Thanks

  339. 339 : kim eun suk Says:

    i’m just watch untill ep12…..huh!i’m just cant wait for next episode…..

  340. 340 : kim eun suk Says:

    i ‘m only watch untill ep12……i’m just cant wait for bnext ep……

  341. 341 : September Sapphire Says:

    I’m new to this drama and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  342. 342 : sajane Says:

    hi ifa tugiman… i jusy read your reply.. heheh.. thanks a lot.. i better watch it tomorrow… i have assignments to do and im kinda sleepy.. maybe now i’ll be contented with their songs to fully recharge me.. hehe.. thanks again!!! ;p

  343. 343 : Jin Says:

    Love this drama sooo much all 4 main cast. Really hope JSK & PSH would have more dramas together…. they looked naturally like a couple. Was rather suprised that PSH can sing so well as well.

    Am so excited & looking forward for ep 13!!! just can’t sleep

  344. 344 : ivych Says:

    just watched the ep 13 preview in youtube with eng sub and oh my god…its getting exciting….SW and TK are totally into GMN now….ohhhh i hope the rumor about the season 2 is true. i dont know what ill do if they end this drama soon….

  345. 345 : cox Says:

    WOOT WOOT =D!!

  346. 346 : Pinewood Says:

    All 4 character are the BEST!!! so hilarious! love love love it!!! 😉

  347. 347 : Thanksomuch Says:

    I am so in love with this series ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i can’t concentrate in my work keep thinking what next?! can someone pls shoot me!
    incredible role for each of them! sooooo fabulous!

  348. 348 : Nika Says:


  349. 349 : burberry Says:

    In Asia, Korea, in particular, Wednesday is the day!

    Can’t wait to watch ep 13 and 14…

  350. 350 : nana Says:

    you can watch the preview translated to English on this link

    link here

  351. 351 : ivych Says:

    i just finished watching YOB again up to ep 12 and i cant really wait for ep 13 and 14….i hope they have good news to all of us….hope they will extend YOB. i envy ppl in korea…its wednesday there and tonight you will be able to see YOB huhuhu…..i have to wait for it to be uploaded and subbed huhuhuhuhu

  352. 352 : Fish Says:

    I heard that there is going to be a season 2 ! ;D
    I love this drama.

  353. 353 : efryll Says:

    i hope so too… this is a pretty good show, I do really hope they extend this…

  354. 354 : xica lee Says:

    I’m have been waiting for this drama for along time…..Нªªнªªнªª ……….

  355. 355 : scha Says:

    Episode 11 and 12 are so far the BEST EPISODES! Can’t wait for the next episodes.

  356. 356 : chickengay Says:

    waaah im addicted to this drama all the actors are good and talented i think i like this drama more than BOF waaaaahhhh can’t wait for episode 13

  357. 357 : chickengay Says:

    great ost also i love all the songs in the ost always listening in you tube by the way preview of episode 14 is in you tube already that was fast considering it was air a few hrs. ago in korea. More power hope the rating in korea will pick up soon.

  358. 358 : burberry Says:

    Can anyone please give us a brief summary on ep 13 which has just been aired an hour or so ago?


  359. 359 : ivych Says:

    guys i know this link does not have an eng subbed but i just want to share it all with u….EPISODE 13 WITHOUT SUB. EVEN IF I DONT UNDERSTAND IT ….IM SO HAPPY AND FEELIN SOOOOOOOO IN LOVE MORE AND MORE WATCH HERE

  360. 360 : Aniza Says:

    still waiting for the next ep…..i’m dying for waiting Im working right now so can’t go to that site 4 more hrs to go then i can go home and watch it. Im adoring the 4 character in this series all of them are awesomeeeeeee!

  361. 361 : august Says:

    thanks for the link @359 you saved my life really needed that fix
    each ep gets better and better even though its not subbed yet

    that came at the right time i’d just finished watching the previous eps again for the 4th time and i’ll do the same again next week

    just waiting for subbed version or dramabeans whichever comes 1st
    honestly what did i do b4 YB


  362. 362 : Xoxo Says:

    JEREMYYY is so funny the ‘out-of-the-blue’ guy that will make all the girls burst out laughing. Love for of them. Actually this is the 1st korean series I like all of 4 the character they’re PERFECT in every way, moves and they portrayed their role top notch

  363. 363 : Belle Says:

    It’s a HILARIOUS series and no boring moment. It’s now on episode 13 can’t wait and i’m dying so far i love it!! so FAR SO GOOD~

  364. 364 : Carolyn Says:

    I tell you this korean drama is my latest addiction. I’m in love with the songs, I’m loving the drama, I’m into the 3 hot guys &&& JOLIEE~ also the mother superior JEMMMMAAAAAAhhhh!!! ha.ha.ha. soooo hilarious..

  365. 365 : Picky Says:

    This series is “highly recommended” for those of you who likes to have a good laugh and are romantics like me!

    JGS he’s such a great actor!

  366. 366 : YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL SEASON 2 Says:

    SEASON 2 BABYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  367. 367 : Isabelle Says:

    I love this show, and PSH’s cluelessness is really lovable! Plus all the guys are totally cute!!! This show is definetly on my top list of 2009!!

  368. 368 : Oakhurst Says:

    it’s a really marvelous drama! Once you give it a try, then you’ll never able to leave it! haahaa…!! highly reccomended!

  369. 369 : Cathleen Says:


  370. 370 : Beyond Says:

    Four of the character eating together off screen it’s just soooo ADORABLE!

  371. 371 : Lilyvalley Says:

    I love 4 of them every moves is making me C R A C K!!! in every episode too good to be true….here come the JGS, PSH, LHK, JYH It’s tonight, everyone!!!

  372. 372 : Bebe Says:


  373. 373 : burberry Says:

    Hi Bebe and co-YAB fanatics!

    I was thinking of the same thing!! What would I do on a Wednesday & Thursday, if I don’t have YAB to think about.

    I’m hooked, really hooked!

  374. 374 : burberry Says:

    Here I am watching Ep 13 with no subs hoping that even through their actions I would have an idea on what is being said. Hopefully, when I wake up tomorrow morning, dramabeans would have posted something eg a summary.

    The chatting bit is interesting – I would really love to know the chat lines.

    What I liked most about this drama, aside the 4 leads, is that there was never a dull moment. The scenes and episoded are not dragged as to have a reason to lengthen the drama. It is fast paced and there’s always something to look forward to.

  375. 375 : yoogyung Says:

    Love the entire cast

    Jang Geun Suk – Baby and I..great movie
    Park Shin Hye – Tree of Heaven :]] She’s so cute (but cries too much)
    Lee Hong Ki – FT ISLAND

  376. 376 : yoogyung Says:

    v insulted…they cut my comment off.

    Jung Yong Hwa – newcomer, but definitely my favorite so far among the 3

  377. 377 : Cassie Says:

    SMILE, YOU was extended by 16 more episodes so why can’t the producers and writers of YOU”RE BEAUTIFUL extend it to at least 20-25. Please, I want to see more of SW, TK, Jeremy and GMN. Writers please twist and turn the plot so you can have more episodes, I wish I am in Korea right this minute and I will picket their studio –PLEASE HELP US IN OUR ADDICTION to YAB>…………………

  378. 378 : ELin Says:

    I Really LoVe this Drama………
    aDa yg bisa kasih Tau….Rating terakhir dari film ini brp yah….?????
    soalnya aKu suka banget sm film ini….+ semua pemainNya…..

  379. 379 : ivych Says:

    hi guys, been waiting all day for an eng subed ep 13 but to no avail……cant wait…i better got to sleep now and wake up hoping there will be one tomorrow. although i went to drama beans and they already posted their own eng dubbed transcript of ep 13….for now ill be satisfied with that…..I WISH AND PRAY THEY WILL EXTEND YOB TOO….PLEASE PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  380. 380 : Tracy Says:

    i really want this drama to extend

    a really good subbing site is viikii.net
    i just finished episode 13 w/ subs. 🙂

  381. 381 : lei Says:

    I can’t have enough of this drama. It is killing me that it has only 4 episodes left after today. How can it end just like that? IS THERE ANY NEWS ABOUT ANY CHANGE? I visited SBS’s website but it is in Korean. HELPPPPPPPPPPPP. I think I’m having a withdrawal……….More dosage (episodes) please .

  382. 382 : burberry Says:

    Just went through ep 13 recap in dramabeans. More than enough for me, for now, up until we get the english subbed episodes.

    Korea will be watching ep 14 tonight – How lucky!

  383. 383 : burberry Says:

    Lucky for those who live in Korea that they’ll be able to watch ep 14 tonight!

    I’ll just keep myself busy so that the hours would move quicker…

    Love you YAB and Jang Geun Seuk!

  384. 384 : Shylee Says:

    I’m so very exited for the next episode..I can’t wait it..Pls upload it…pls…pls..pls…

  385. 385 : wee Says:

    my heart is pain and crying….how can such a nice guy like Kang Shin Woo love been rejected….KMN should have choose him…he is the perfect guy than HTK…..choooose the guy that can give you more love….last 3 esp..hope the script will be change that MN choose KS…..please…..

  386. 386 : Ling Says:

    Thanks for the upload. I also can’t wait for the whole series to finish. Its getting interesting but I think they will get together in the end. Both parties love each other so much 🙂

  387. 387 : cassie Says:

    Whhave are they rushing to finish this? Surely the writers could have more ideas ao they can at least 20 ep Make GMN a solo singer like TK’s mom after she was revealed as the daughter of GJH and TK rejected her—Then the real intrigue continuesz………………….dumdumddum or duh? More of the great cast please Their chemistry is just ooooooooooooooooooooooozing on the screen. JEREMY was adorable in ep14 I CRIED my heart out for the first time in this drama. HE loved GMN so dearly and so did SW. Writers you still have a lot of loose ends to tie THUS YOU REALLY ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT SECOND THOUGHTS ADD MORE EPISODES……………………………………..AMEN

  388. 388 : shoppingnspree Says:

    hope they will extend the ep!! Jang Geun Suk is so cute….

  389. 389 : ivych Says:

    i have watched ep 14 without eng subbed and although i dont understand what they were saying i could understand the actions….my heart breaks for jeremy and shin woo. im so teary eyed right ow thinking that it will end soon….IS THERE ANYBODY HERE WHO KNOWS IF THEY ARE RUMORS OF EXTENSION?…….i was kind of down bec in the last part of ep 13 they showed that WIL IT SNOW THIS CHRISTMAS is replacing the time slot of YOB???? will that means there is no extension? i totally agree that the writers can do much more because the climax have only started in this story and i dont think 2 episodes will do justice to end this episode…………….please need news on the extension

  390. 390 : ivych Says:


  391. 391 : Bebe Says:

    OMG can’t help but cry I do really love this series a lot XD! awww please kindly and HOPING FOR AN EXTENSION..I would give anything to see more of A.N.Jell on screen!

    oh my there’s only a few weeks left! O: O: O: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  392. 392 : LEILANIE Says:


  393. 393 : Sheshe Says:

    Oh my! im hoping it will extend to more than 16 ep i will really miss the CAST if it will end too soon…i will be handicap! aw this story is making me feel all warm and loved inside!

  394. 394 : Nitz Says:

    Please jus like the others say and beg please…please need more extention for this series ALL THE CAST was really ROCK ON THE MILLIONS OF FANS! Most of them really appreciated what a REMARKABLE DRAMA for 2009 You’re Beautiful can’ get enough of it. I will miss these 4 character oh gosh their faces and expression even more PRICELESS every episode. Why!?! can’t handle this!

  395. 395 : burberry Says:

    I agree with everyone’s comments. Unless the storyline would be rushed, 2 episodes won’t be enough to tie all the loose ends.

    Ep 14, although I cannot understand what was being said, has shown multitudes of conflicts; and there’s the issue of the real Go Mi Nam coming back; why rush a real beautiful story line.

    It’s rare that we viewers from all over the world are clamoring that the drama should be extended as to have a clear, proper ending.

    Please reconsider, not just for us who wanted to see more of the drama but for the sake of the story.

  396. 396 : burberry Says:

    We, your viewers from worldwide, since unable to be counted on the ratings in Korea, still consider “You’re Beautiful” tops.

    Millions have viewed it already on various sites incl viikii, dramabeans, youtube, and on wherever else we could get links on it.

    It therefore goes without saying that You’re Beautiful is well loved.

  397. 397 : ivych Says:

    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH ALL YOB ADDICTS HERE…………..PLEASE EXTEND THE SERIES YOB…..PLEASE HEAR OUR CLAMOR….there is more you can do for this series…..you cannot end it next week…..hey guys i think the real go mi nam is still park shin hye and not other person because the little mole that park shin hye has on her nose is also there in pics seen in viikii spoilers…….i cant wait to see ep 14 tom wih eng subbd…..im laughing and crying with this series…totally in love with it

  398. 398 : peachesfrgeorgia Says:

    I heard this drama at the school cafeteria and that is the start of it all. I watched this drama and I was in love again. The cast are just first rate for their age. A really feel good drama that put a big SMILEEEEEEEEEEEE on ones face. I smiled when SW looks at GMN longingly, when Jeremy is so beside himself upon knowing that GMN is a girl and OH the arrogant, self declared Lord but adorable and so good looking. And of course GMN what a pretty girl -what a natural beauty THey all have the greatest chemistry I’ve seen in a while. I finished watching up to 12 last weekend and I think the story has just began and it will be a shame to just end it like that. I AM WITH ALL OF THE FANS HERE CLAMORING FOR MORE. A FEW EXTRA EPISODE WILL CLEAR ALL THE ISSUES-THAT’S ALL. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE BRILLIANT WRITERS-YOU SURE CAN DO MORE AND APPEASE THE FANS. SW-MY FIRST CHOICE TK MY ARROGANT LORD JEREMY MY CAREFREE, CHEERFUL LIFE OF THE PARTY CUTIE, GMN THE NAIVE, PURE HEARTED GIRL FROM THE CONVENT AND HEYI THE DETESTED VILLAIN–THEY ALL GIVE THEIR BEST. GOOD LUCK GOD BLESS

  399. 399 : sofia Says:

    Guys & Dolls who are the greatest group of people clamoring for more episodes for the best drama ot the season You’re Beautiful, UNITE. ANy news, I’m dying here. I already cried my heart out for JEREMY I really want to see more of these GREAT cast. Hoe dingki’s acting is superb and the dialogue was just heart wrenching. Even if his heart was bleeding like a professional the show must go on and did the interview. I cried a river like I’ve never cried before. My first love SW was replaced by the sweet adorable Jeremy. Hence, my request to the brilliant crew of YAB, DON”T LEAVE US IN THE DARK. GIVE US MORE EPISODES SO WE CAN SMILE, GIGGLE SHYLY WITHIN LIKE GMN, LAUGH AND CRY RIVERS AND OCEANS FOR THE BROKEN HEARTS. MAKE US BELIEVE AND FALL IN LOVE AGAIN & AGAIN& AGAIN.

  400. 400 : Lauren Says:

    Does anyone know where I can find episode 14 w/English sub.?

  401. 401 : Mey Says:

    I like both of them 😀
    really enjoy watch this on ^^

  402. 402 : nomad Says:

    someone posted this in viikii… according to SBS site there will be a season 2 for YB…….. im so excited upon reading this that i went directly here to share it with you guys… hopefully!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s true….

  403. 403 : Jani Says:

    Extending this drama will never happen just like BBF…all we can hope for is another exciting season two of You’re Beautiful…even that don’t guarantee…let’s just enjoy it till the end!!!

  404. 404 : burberry Says:

    It’s being implied by some of the bloggers in youtube that You’re Beautiful will have a sad ending.

    How can it be? I’ll be very disappointed If that would be the case.

    And I’m sure the rest of the world would do too!!! I’m sure.

  405. 405 : burberry Says:

    I will NEVER understand the rating system but it does console me that it only applies to the Korean viewings.

    Don’t be disheartened You’re Beautiful cast & crew coz the whole world loves you.


  406. 406 : tenshi Says:

    im really addicted to this drama.
    im loving all the cast and what can i say im really addicted. XD

    i hope that it will have a season two. it really sucks that its underrated in korea but its really famous in the internet. really hoping for a season two. love you all YB cast. hwaiting!

  407. 407 : Tracy Says:

    wat sad ending! I want happy ending la. Hope to see GMN & TK together. It is getting interesting & excited. Aft watching ep 14 feel so sad for GMN. Her brother coming back to korea.

  408. 408 : chickengay Says:

    although im shinwo and go mi nam fan im kinda sad in the ending of episode 14 minam always cry with tae kyung hope this drama will have a happy ending though

  409. 409 : ivych Says:

    hi i read in alkpop website that the reason why they are shooting in japan this week for episode 15 and 16 is to have a happy ending…………….please hog sisters, SBS and director please extend it….there is so much to be done here…..the climax of the story has just started…..WHAT ON EARTH SHOULD I DO AFTER NEXT WEEK…THIS IS THE REASON WHY I WAKE UP EVERYDAY TO SEE YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL OVER AND OVER AGAIN………………IM SOOOOO ADDICTED

  410. 410 : Bethel Says:

    Still I don’t get it why this series has to an end so fast! obviously all the fans from the OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD I myself can’t get enough of YB I think the international support for YB is very strong it really succeeds in its genre. O ex[ect you’re beaurtiful medial does well. I hope they will do a sequel or extend the ep will watch with great anticipation.

  411. 411 : Bethel Says:

    Still I don’t get it why this series has to an end so fast! obviously all the fans from the OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD I myself can’t get enough of YB I think the international support for YB is very strong it really succeeds in its genre. I expect you’re beaurtiful medial does well. I hope they will do a sequel or extend the ep will watch with great anticipation

  412. 412 : ucdavisgal Says:

    It is sao d that this BEAUTIFUL LOVE STORY/STORIES have to end too soon. It feels like it’s just starting. SW will still have to prove himself and how about the situation of the novice nun GMN. She still has to settle that e too. Realistically, she is in contract with the church. One can’t just leave the convent. What I’m trying to say is this will end with so many loose ends as voiced by a million online viewers and fans of YAB. I just hope to see more of the cast-most of HONGKI ,YONG HWA, HAN SEUK, SHIN HYE & even UEE and the manager who cracks me up. IT IS SO NICE TO WATCH SUCH A REFRESHING DRAMA LIKE THIS. IT MAKESE ANNOYING ME SMILE EVEN THE ANNOYING HE YI & MHR THE SPICES THAT ADDED FLAVOR. I JUST LOVE IT

  413. 413 : Christina Says:

    I am addicted to this drama…it is only the second drama I have ever watched from Korea, but I LOVE it. I speak english, german, chinese and spanish…no korean a all….but I will sit there for half and hour trying to get the videos to load…i skip studying thursday nights to watch episodes! It is the only thing I watch during the whole week!
    When I study I listen to the soundtrack, I really wish they woudl extend the show!
    So many of us around the world watch and love it!

  414. 414 : Cris Says:

    for crying out loud pleaseeeeeeeeee extend this series millions of fans was sooooo ADDICTED!!! KAMSAHAMIDA IN ADVANCE!

  415. 415 : momomiko10 Says:

    i’m so in love with this drama!!!!

  416. 416 : Nimes Says:

    I’m one of the Bunch addicts, You’re Beautiful i mean that’s what we are….anyway it’s GREAT n INDEED FUNNY FUNNY!!
    Y O U GUYS ARE GREAT FANS! by pulling together and of course we will let them know tha we do appreciate their work n effort. The casts great work all the way.

  417. 417 : Jennyger Says:

    I love this drama so much But why the end in so fast!!!! I feel they just begin plz let´s do next season I saw in viikii is more then 2 milll people watch this drama is really so pop, i am German but i do this drama as well, plzzzz continute one more

  418. 418 : peachesfrgeorgia Says:

    WHY WHY WHY do good things have to end why oh why? I’ve seen a wedding picture of TK &GMN…though that is a happy event-it only mean 1 thing whenever there is a wedding that’s it-the end. How about the other characters. We are yet to see the real GMN perform and interact with the 3 boys. The Soaps here can go on and on till the actors/characters are as old as dirt -why can’t the writers of YAB add alittle more intrigue, suspense and the like to a drama which is so well received around the world. Assuming that the ratings in Korea didn’t bring in a lot of cash but the web is buzzing with YAB fans and are willing to buy the soundtrack & DVD when it comes out. we know that it is still a business but this fanbase which is huge can only mean good cashflow. The reason YAB is popular I believe is because the cast has an exceptional I SAY EXCEPTIONAL CHEMISTRY. THYE RELATE TO EACH IN SUCH A WAY THAT VIEWERS EMPHATIZE WITH THE CHARACTERS WELL. YAB MAKES ONE SMILE. KUDOS TO EVERYONE AT YOUU’RE BEAUTIFUL MOST OF ALL THE CAST. LOVE THEM ALL. CAN’T CHOOSE FROM ALL THE STARS FROM HEAVEN. ANJELL AJA

  419. 419 : ehmbeetee Says:

    i’m a filipino residing here in the US. i got hooked to this drama the first time i watched it online…”YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL'” is actually my stress reliever…watching it relaxes me…and jang geun suk is awesome!!!

  420. 420 : KK Says:

    Love this drama!!! So sweet and the casts are great!

    Who has the song Tai Keung sang at the end of Ep 14 – Goodbye?

  421. 421 : burberry Says:

    I’ll agree with everyone’s comments – absolutely. I know each drama has to end at some point but ending it now seems unreasonable since there are just far too many areas to cover.

    Ratings or no ratings – the WORLD is pleading! Is it not that the most important thing for Korea is to reach out to the world? Here’s your chance. People like us who are not even Koreans are clamoring for more. When did this ever happen?

    Check out the viewings on Viikii also just to prove that the drama is well loved – more than 2.5M viewers to-date and rising.

  422. 422 : burberry Says:

    I’m not here to say that you have to extend it unnecessarily but to extend so that the ending would be an appropriate one – a proper closing and not a hushed one.

    PLEASE please, no cliff hanger ending too – that would destroy the drama. End it clean with a happy note.

  423. 423 : Buttercup Says:

    This series overall it’s addicting and entertaining and it’s just awesome~ I want more episode pleaseeeeeeeee!!

  424. 424 : Kit Says:

    Waaaahhhhhhh super marvelous acting I love 4 of them so much!I got tear with JEREMY non stop crying me huhuhuhh 🙁 anwy can’t wait to buy the soundtrack of this series sooooo in love with JGS voice I was watching the ep 14 he sang a song but sad omg his very talented and that’s a real deal!

  425. 425 : Ging Says:

    director and screenwriter MORE EPISODE PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE!

  426. 426 : Lovely Says:

    Manager AH IS SOOOOO HILARIOUS!!!!! love his character! I wish all the cast get an AWARD! MY PICK FOR BEST PERFORMANCE DRAMA YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL, BEST DIRECTOR, BEST SCREENWRITER. a beautiful story taht was perfectly rendered

  427. 427 : khassy Says:

    OMG!!!this drama is so ever addictive… i cannot sleep well because im waiting for episode 15!!! grrrr.. i love all the cast.. esp TAE KYUng.. i soo love his cuteness.. hahaha.. i pity SHINWOO a lot.. huhu..shinwoo can y be mine nalang? haha.. minama is so pretty.. 😀 grrr all of their theme songs are playing in my head..

  428. 428 : Ria Says:

    I really have to praise you, and of course also this drama!
    To be honest, I really often watch asian dramas (because I like the languages – and the looks ;D) but often I normally stop watching after a while because it gets boring.
    But this drama is different. You laugh soo much and soo hard, or you cry, or you’re angry at He Yi, whatever it is, you feel with them, it’s amazing xD I just love Jeremy, his character is just too cute >.

  429. 429 : momche Says:

    I’m 38 years old and a mom of 2 kids but still I’m going crazy over A.N.JELL, I hope there will be season 2 of YB. I love TK’s smile and voice, Jeremy is cute and SW is like Jihoo. I will really missed them. Go Mi Nam is the next Yoon Eun Hye… PLEASE! a happy ending.

  430. 430 : ifah tugiman Says:

    i cant sleep well just think about ep15, happy ending please…

  431. 431 : Shalai Says:

    This drama is superb. Its more realistic & natural. It’s thumb up to producers & its team for a wonderful story. Only sad it’s ending way too fast. If there is really season 2 please let it be as natural as it is.. don’t over fiction it to something beyond limit like way too rich for a normal life.

  432. 432 : Singapore Says:

    I seriously luv this show to the max , although i does not know korean but this show was indeed wonderful and i am also crazy abt it.
    I think of this show everywhere everytime jeremy was really cute , the other two was really caring and kind too.
    I really luv those guy ! this show is nicer than bof i think hope got another new chapter abt this drama

  433. 433 : ivych Says:

    i just woke up with only 2 hour sleep because the whole night i kept turning and thinking about YB…..it seemed my addiction to this has taken over me….so you see YB producers and writers…PLEASE EXTEND IT….IT HAS MADE A LOT OF US ADDICT TO THIS SERIES…..TO THINK IM NOT LIKE THIS WITH BOF (EVEN I LIKE THAT SERIES A LOT TOO)..PLEASE EXTEND, PLEASE EXTEND!!!!!!

  434. 434 : Nahby Says:

    Yes please extend the episodes, I would hate for it to be so short. good things like this drama need to be extended!! I loved Coffee Price, but it was so short, that was one drama that needed to be extended. Please extend YB!! This show is so damn addicting, I can’t stop watching.

    How can this drama have a sad ending, btw?? It’s a comedy. The only sad thing I can imagine happening is Mi Nam not ending with TK, or on the other hand is MiNam ending with TK and poor ShinWoo ending up alone, just like another JiHoo. In BBF I was completely a Jandi-Jihoo fan. I wanted them too end together, expect for a few occasions when JunPyo was so charming and good to Jandy, it was just confusing. But in this drama, if MiNam ends up with TK, it will be sad because of ShinWoo. If MiNam ends up with ShinWoo, then it will be sad because of TK. I love both of those guys and if I was MiNam I wouldn’t know who to choose!!

  435. 435 : buyong10 Says:

    everyone is hoping for an extension..wah, we really need to do the mass- support thing (i lost d exact word bcoz my mind is full with tae kyung, mi nam, shin woo and jeremy, hihihi!)..

    i juz have a nice stop at viikii.. the views for IRIS was juz 270, 480.. n gues wut guys??..our YB up to 2,565,927!!!!!!!!!!!! such a huge comparison.. like wut? 10 times?.. hahaha! the rating should really include the online craze (seriously!!).. an applause to you’re beautiful casts and crew!..

    i was in d middle of final exam n watching this series eases my tension a lot!.. my buddies also get influenced by me and they was like “buyong, has they been uploading the new epsd yet?”.. haha!..let’s support YB til d end, yahooo!!

  436. 436 : misha03 Says:

    every time i watch your beautiful…. i feel like i will have a nervous breakdown. gosh… my heart is beating so fast. very well affected with all the episodes. i’m 38 but everytime i watch this, feel young again and again and again, and again…… like everybody’s wish, hope it was a very happy ending. congratulations to all the cast, directors, writers and all the people who makes this drama a very succesfull one. thank you

  437. 437 : Lina Says:

    Greeting from indonesia!
    You’re beautiful is the nicest drama that I ever watched.

    The main actor , Jang Geun Suk has such a great talent to portray Tae Kyung emotion. I couldn’t imagine somebody else that could fit his role there.

    Hongki and Park Shin hye too.In conclusion, I love all the casts including the villain. And also would like to thanks all the production crews and especially the writer.

    Minami shineyo saranghaeyo!

    ((please extend or strive for the season 2)

  438. 438 : goodbye Says:

    i’ve juz finished a fanvid video song by hyung-nim ‘goodbye’.. i cried everytime he says — “dont forget the memories we loved, even if u find another person that makes u smile– .. argh, it’s really heart- wrenching! i want GMN to end with TK.. i like SW too, but i feel like she fits more with TK.. uh, but this song hurts me!!

    applause to JGS for a great voice and the producer for a superb melody n lyric!!

    **season 2**season 2**

  439. 439 : gi mi nyu Says:

    dont be blinded by d rating guys.. pity YB coz it has to compete with a huge- budget drama so called IRIS.. if the show is scheduled to other timeline, i’m 100% sure the rating would be skyrocket! agree with buyong10- the online craze should be calculated!– wut r we for then?.. hehehe..

    hong’s sisters r d best.. n not to forget the casts esp TK, GMN, SW, Jeremy, Manager Ma, President Ahn and Mother superior GEMMMMMaaa!.. d crews as well.. i love u guys a bunch!!!!

    thanks for producing this fun- momentous and non- cliche drama ever!

  440. 440 : cassie Says:


  441. 441 : YB maniac! Says:

    cant wait for ep 15!!!!!!!!!!!!.. i pray the rating would be good too since it finally going to end..uh, so sad! i’m going to miss my oppasss ='(

  442. 442 : will see IRIS later.. Says:

    news from Malaysia!!

    i like IRIS too.. but seeing YB captivated me more.. i juz have to convert, sorry IRIS!!

  443. 443 : burberry Says:

    Once again, I’ll say the proof is in the pudding.

    Such an overwhelming support to YAB! Even the blogs are full of comments; the episodes have been viewed in youtube too; and in viikii, viewership has been skyrocketing.

    I just love this drama!

  444. 444 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    i used to believe in ratings..but not this time! the ratings don’t do justice in this very nice drama!

  445. 445 : burberry Says:

    On ratings, not a drop of truth, I tell you.

  446. 446 : ivych Says:

    guys, i watched ep 14 again….and yet again…i laughed, cried and my hearts beats fast with every moment with this series…….i really dont know what ill do after next week really….ill just have to watch them eveyday i guess…over and over until i can move on ……..its heart breaking….i dont know how i will say goodbye next week to this show. I LOVE YB ESP JGS AND LEE HONGKI…..IM 32 AND WILL BE 33 NEXT WK. i have a daughter and yet when i wtch this show it reminds me of a time when i had my first love, my first love triangle and my first kiss….maybe somehow a lot of us , may it be male or female, who watch this show love this so much because it remind us of pure love…true love..naive love, a jealous love, a pig-rabbit kind of love……..

  447. 447 : marc Says:

    Geemmmaaaa . . . finally last two episode…yeeehhheeeyyy!!!! i can sleep well

  448. 448 : rabbit-pig wannabe Says:

    when will the next episode be out? please tell me people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  449. 449 : abhie Says:

    Wowww.. i really agree with all the comments.. we really need to give a big applause for this drama.. and rating is not very important because this drama is deserved more than a couple number…( we all know that IRIS is being promoted a long ago so it would take a big attention from people, so i think it quite incredible for YB that in fact this drama still got a good rating..which it means that this drama is really great… i really enjoyed this drama coz it makes me laugh and smiles,, i show this drama to all my friends and now they all addicting to this drama.. they so in love with each character in this drama.. YB fighting!!
    PS: sorry for my grammar, at least you can understand what I meant, right?

  450. 450 : peachesfrgeorgia Says:


  451. 451 : UCDAVISGAL Says:

    I really wish we could also protest peacefully like we did in the university today. I came again to see if there is any news and this is the time that NO NEWS is not good news. Though I am not one to give up EASILY, if it was to be– SO BE IT. Thus, I AM SENDING MY HEARTFELT GRATITUDE TO ALL THE CAST & CREW OF YAB. THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL TIME. THANKS FOR ALL THE SMILES YOU HAVE GIVEN US, FOR THE TEARS WE SHED AS WE EMPHATIZED WITH THE CHARACTERS, THE LAUGHTER, THE JOY & HAPPINESS. ALL OF THESE EXPERIENCES WERE PRICELESS. This drama had given me MORE COMFORT THESE PAST FEW WEEKS from work or school. WED & THURs were special days for I get to see You’re Beautiful which reminded me of one pure innocent first love that will never come again-but it will never die like the love of SW & JEREMY for GMN- unrequited as they maybe still it was a beautiful feeling Jeremy conveyed this feeling the best. Kudos to HONGKI.So did SW and TK in their own silent and unconventional way. Still love is love in any langauge. GOOD LUCK TO ALL sSEE YOU AGAIN IN THE NEXT DRAMA

  452. 452 : UCDAVISGAL Says:

    Just came from VIIKII and I read that JGS said himself that that’s it-no extension cuz it is so cold. Poor thing, I feel so sorry for him & the crew as well. Anyway Thanks for your good acting and portrayal of TK. COme to California JGS and I will give you piano lessons for free. I can do Jazz improvisation with you…HEHEHEH . In my dream. Anyway, in the drama my first love is JYH (SW) and then I feel for HONGKI (Jeremy) in Ep. 14. Can’t really pick 1 heavenly star only so I pick all 3. hehehe LOVE YOU ALL. THANKS AGAIN. IT IS A VERY GOOD DRAMA. CAN’T COMPLAIN ANYMORE. UNTIL THE NEXT 2 LAST EP.

  453. 453 : PangHouaVang Says:

    OMFG, This drama is sooo
    The BEST!
    I cant wait til EP15 and 16 COMES OUT!

    Its such a good movie,
    Its kinda mix with Hana Kimi and
    Boys Before Flower!
    But i like it a little bit more
    because they have some really good actor/actorist in theree!
    The characters are sooooo PRETTY/HOT/HANDSOME!
    I wish there was a season TWO of thiss!
    Im a bigggg FANN!

  454. 454 : hyung-nim Says:

    wow, the comment posted so fast.. yesterday, it was like 430 and today almost 454 including me, hoho.. applause for us too!

    no extension meaning there’ll be no season 2 too?..uh, so sad! they should think about us– how could we live without YAB?.. uhuhuhu

    nway, good job evrybdy!..cant wait for the finale =D

  455. 455 : Aidan Eric Says:

    I love this drama and getting excited while it’s aired but on that time I don’t have time to watch since I have an exam on end of October.Now it’s like marathon for me to finish all the episode until next week..Can’t wait for the finale..Hwang Taek Kyung, Go Mi Nam, Kang Shin Woo, Jeremy FIGHTING!!!

  456. 456 : Kristine Says:

    Really love this drama…this is a story worth watching! they have a good story line and great casts. There isn’t a dull moment in every episode. The unexpected twists and turns of the plot keeps you longing for more. Hope that there is a sequel to this drama :p

  457. 457 : ying Says:

    I love this drama and everyday I was just waiting for Wed and Thur to come! 2 more episodes to go! Aja Aja Fightning!

  458. 458 : minami Says:

    yay, YAB fighting!

  459. 459 : malley Says:

    tae kyung, jeremy, shin woo and go mi nam is very very cooool!!!!!!
    go mi nyeo domo yippo da. sarang hae!!!!!!!!!!!
    those hyung nim really have a great voice…

  460. 460 : Numtarn Says:

    This is the best Drama ever, I cant believe, I kept watching it again and again since ep 4 and until now, i still keep doing the same behavior!!!…. I dont want this to end next week… need Season 2… pls..

    Anyone in SBS reading this, please help us making season 2 comes true!!. thanks!

  461. 461 : burberry Says:

    Amazing isn’t it! It does make me wonder on why people love You’re Beautiful.

    I, for one, adore it, and blame it for the many sleepless nights I’ve had for the past few weeks.

    What’s so special about YAB makes me wonder too. The plot is simple. Unlike the other Korean dramas, the story line is considered very mild. Not too melodramatic, not too action packed. Even the presence of the villains incl Yoo He Yi and TK’s mom, Hwa Ran, are not as annoying but adds a bit to the texture of the story; The Aunt and Manager Ma both add colour.

    It’s popularity must have been attributed to the inter-action and chemistry of tle lead actors. It goes without saying that JGS (Tae Kyung)and PSH (Mi Nam) have shown great acting skills; Shinwoo, a newbie has also shown great potential; Jeremy is indeed a star.

    It has also proven that the ratings didn’t keep people from watching it. We normally looked at ratings to see if a drama would be worthwhile watching or not. The ratings were proven wrong coz of all the dramas being shown, You’re Beautiful to-date already has more than 2.6M viewers in addition to the hundreds of thousands of views made on youtube & others.

    I’m sad to know that it will only have 2 episodes left.

    As for Season 2, I don’t think that would happen.

    What I hope would happen is that we’ll be able to see this tandem of Jang Geun Seuk, Park Shin Hye, Lee Hong Ki, Jung Yong Hwa on another drama SOON.

  462. 462 : JANE from Philippines Says:

    WOW!!! I like this korean series!!! When I first watch it in mysoju.com, I am already interested what will the story would be. I like the Go Mi Nam and Taek Kyung.. I never sleep last night until I haven’t finish the current 14 episodes.. I can’t wait to watch the remaining episodes.

    I watched the movie Jang Geun Suk “The Baby & I”. He is cute and a very talented actor! With Park Shin Hye, her drama series “Tree in Heaven” was shown in 1 TV station here in the Philippines.. I like her and I think she is really a good actress. I like her voice.

    I am sad that ratings was not #1.. I hope other audience will see how beautiful this series.

    Good luck to all the cast of “You’re Beautiful”

    Thanks for those who upload this series in Youtube.com and in mysoju.com… with English sub.

    More Power and God bless!!!

  463. 463 : feLiajhAne^_____^ Says:

    I’m a Filipino staying here in Korea..
    I became so addicted with this drama.
    It made me laugh a lot and cry real tears too,.
    What I also like in this drama is their touching & inspiring lines that most people can relate~!^^

    I’ve found one site aLso where we can watch this online besides mysoju.com…. It’s dramacrazy.net..^^

    Enjoy watching this reaLLy supercalifragilisticexpialidocious drama~!^________^

  464. 464 : leesn Says:

    I’m fans of YAB~

    I found the updated News for this drama.
    Hot!! Wedding Ceremony!!


    Is it REAL or just another IMAGINATION~?

  465. 465 : olanda Says:

    l love drama korea……..
    dan ku suka banget drama ini………
    sampai aku tidak sempat makan buat nyelesain sampe episod 14,kapan ya drama ini di kluarin di siaran Tv Indonesia,pasti banyak yang suka..:-)
    aku senang banget liat lee hong ki di drama ini,lucu banget….hehehehhe…
    tapi juga banyak ngeluarin air mata….
    pokok akting mereka bagus semua….

  466. 466 : buyong10 Says:

    im writing again since i’ve uz read YAB OST success in making 20,000 copies sold in a wik!!

    i always knew the YAB ost would be a hot stuff once it’s going to be marketed..

    I fell in love with the ost right on the 1st ep during AN JELL perf ‘Promise’..

    Then, when Go Mi Nam walks around AN JELL’s dorm (should i say mansion?.. hehe!), ‘Still’ by Hong Ki captures my heart..

    In ep 4, ‘Still’ by AN JELL is a superb perf! i like featuring voice of Tae Kyung (TK) n Go Mi Nam (GMN) in that song.. followed with touchy- feely ‘Without Words’ by 9th Street at the end of the ep when TK comforts GMN.. this song perfectly fits the scene!

    in ep 8, ‘Cursing Heart’ touches me when Mi Nam looks at TK’s tux .. ‘Lovely Days’ by Park Shin Hye follows when Aunt says someone is coming to pick her up but then the song halts when she sees Shin Woo (SW) instead.. (these songs have been aired in prev eps, but these scenes with these soundtracks left me with great impact!)

    Not to be forgotten, ‘Without Words’ by GMN which shows his exploded emotion.. i burst into tears when i watched this scene *Cry* (see Manager Ma, i explode too!)

    Then in ep 12, i feel pity for SW when he sang ‘Because I’m Fool’.. with those sweet voice, nice lyric, romantic-guitar-scene makes me switch my love for him.. (i’ve always been TK+GMN supporter,hehe =D).. so sad GMN cannot even realized it..

    in ep 13, fan- meeting part – TK plays ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ feat GMN.. i used to hear the instrumental version of this song.. uhuhu, this part is so swit~!.. i replay this multiple times till my laptop feeling dizzy *Tongue out* # in other words, I LOVE YOU~ #

    Hong Ki kudos’s part in magical bus when he sang ‘Good Word’ is a tear- jerk scene.. u cannot hold your tears anymore, it will keep flowing like a river.. truthfully, i didnt see this part coming bcoz Jeremy seems to be not case- sensitive due to his joyful charact.. poor Jeremy~

    Finally, the ending of ep 14 will make u shed abundant of tears with ‘Goodbye’ sang by TK aka Jang Geun Seok.. the happy moment for them was like seconds then the obstacle put a dot! # do remember the time we love, even if u find someone else who’ll make u laugh, i am grateful bcoz it is YOU that i love…# ahh, so melancolic saddy ='(

    ‘Down From Heaven’ by Oh Won Bin and Miss S always enlighten the mood.. together with other pop English soundtrack..

    ‘What Should I Do’ by Mo Hwa Ran like TK said ‘so mournful’ but it narrates a great love story..

    I do find a drama or movie interesting and favourable when i fall in love with its ost and YAB- u really shouldnt make me feel like a maniac (since my iTunes keep playing their ost 24-7!) o.O

    For those who havent watchd this drama, u should should! i can guarantee u,u will find ur drama crack of d year!

    *sorry for any mistake on d songs’ title, i’m not korean so i juz state the eng trans from homepage that i googled ^_^

  467. 467 : Rona Says:

    hope it’s extended to 20. I will miss it very much!!!

  468. 468 : Rissey Says:

    wo…everyone here are really spportive keep it up guys!!! fighting!

  469. 469 : Rissey Says:

    Only 16 eps? 🙁

  470. 470 : Alma Says:

    I dont want it to end!! any chance of this going to 20 episode?

  471. 471 : Avi Says:

    It’s not enough for my addiction I’m going to miss them like CRAZY!!!

  472. 472 : Barbara Says:

    I hope you guys will make another project!

  473. 473 : Wanda Says:


  474. 474 : lei Says:

    I purposely did not visit this site for I can’t bear to hear that THIS IS IT. Though it seems like an eternity waiting for the next episode every wed/thur I had a big SMILE eveytime and for this and all the wonderful acting, a bright, nice and lovely story THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. It has been a while since I really felt this old feeling again until YOU”RE BEAUTIFUL came to me. I feel like crying while a smiling. This THANKSGIVING having felt this feeling again is one of the many things I will be very THANKFUL. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO GanSeuk, Yong Hwa, Hongki, Shin HYE and the rest of the cast and crew. You have us something to look forward to but everything has an ending. Nothing can go on forever. I felt for you guys when you were freezing while filming so you can deliver the best performance. KUDOS to your perseverance. HAPPY HOLIDAYS, MERRY CHRISTMAS and hopefully the 4 of you will make another drama together again for your CHEMISTRY IS JUST TO THE ROOF–2thumbs up- CHEMISTRY 1000%-HOTNESS -gazillion %-PERFORMANCE-SUPERB..especially YONG HWA-as a newcomer you delivered an excellent performance. HONGKI-what can I say-I love you the way you are and Gan SEUK- already a good one and going in for the FAOD LUCK TO ALL

  475. 475 : lei Says:

    GAN SEUK -I MEAN THE FAMAS AWARD .. YOU ARE THE BEST FOR ME. Today is only Monday and everyone is really busy for the holiday but I am here watching and rewatching YOU”RE BEAUTIFUL. It seems that I fear that it will all soon go away so, I have to put all the dialogues and the scenes in my memory bank. How sad is that? Do I have a life, of course I do but i did put it on hold so I can watch you guys. Life is hectic enough and you’re Beuatiful helped me to slow down a bit and really smell the roses and the coffee as well. That’s what makes this drama so SPECIAL. SIMPLE and yet it delivered to us all those WONDERFUL FEELINGS AND MOMENTS WE MAY HAVE FORGOTTEN BECAUSE OF THE DAILY DOLDRUMS THAT WE HAVE TO FACE THESE DAYS. TO THE WRITERS THANKS AGAIN. HOPE YOU CAN REPLICATE THE SWEETNESS AND SIMPLICITY OF A ONCE IN A LIFETIME FIRST LOVE IN YOUR NEXT DRAMA. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL FELLOW FANS AROUND THE WORLD. EAT, ENJOY AND BE SAFE. ENJOY THE COMPANY OF YOUR FAMILY & LOVED ONES THIS DAY OF THANKSGIVING AND FRIENDSHIP. ALOHA & MAHALO

  476. 476 : Minnie Says:

    To all the CAST of You’re beautiful BUNCH OF THANKS TO ALL FOR MAKING you SERIES beyond our expectation!!!!
    love you all this Thanksgiving Day. May all your hearts and home be full of divine blessings on this Thanksgiving!

  477. 477 : peachesfrgeorgia Says:

    Just everyone else in this forum, I asked myself what will I do now that this series is coming to our time. For all of you out there from 8 to 92 there is a very beautiful LOVE STORY thet will appeal to all. It is from HALLMARK aired about 3 X’mas ago. It was filmed in my hometown NEVADA CITY, CA a small old mining town up North of San FRANCISCO entitled “THE CHRISTMAS CARD”. I love this film not just because it was filmed in our HISTORIC CITY but the story line is just as SIMPLE but WONDERFUL like YOU”RE BEAUTIFUL. If ever any of you can come to NEVADA CITY, you can have the CHRISTMAS CARD CLUB SANDWICH served at the Nevada CIty cafe. THis film will not disappoint you. Like the YOURE BEAUTIFUL-it will make one feel that truly LOVE is a wonderful thing which transcend time and space. Is it destiny that GMN be sick and a novice nun be the love interest os 3 handsome guys or do we call that fate? Same as in the X’mas Card. This is just a suggestion so we will not be bored to death during the holidays while waiting for the DVD to come out. Accdg. to my sources, it might come out in SF later in DEC. Anyway, HAPPY TURKEY DAY TO ALL. I am rewatching YOU”RE BEAUTIFUL OVER AND OVER AGAIN> I MISS THEM ALREADY>I ‘m going bananas here. MISS MY SW

  478. 478 : melissa Says:

    The drama’s comedy, the intensity of HTK, and the innocense of Minam are winning combination. Im happy that their fans joining forces to comfor them…I hope its extende to 20. I will miss it.

  479. 479 : Pumpkin Says:

    JGS, PSH, LHK, JYH I love you guys I already miss you when I think that this series will be ended soon. Also the rest of the you’re beautifl cast & crew. I wish I was in korea to help out too. Anway Im not a korean but I do really love the kdrama and eps YB!

    You’re beautiful leave lovely impressions to all!! (((hug)))

  480. 480 : Mhetty Says:

    Yes! almost 500 comments even though they don’t extend this series we will make them to top commented drama!!! for JGS, PSH, LHK, JYH and everybody FIGHTING!!!!!

  481. 481 : melissa Says:

    Yes! We will never give up for them obsolutely will make them to the TOP!!! aja!

  482. 482 : Neng Says:


    hOPe you all have a safe and Happy Holiday!

  483. 483 : burberry Says:

    To those who celebrate Thanksgiving – HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL!

    All comments left so far have expressed admiration to the casts & crew of YAB.

    I hope that JGS, PSH, LHK, and JYH would find the time to visit this thread so that they’ll know how much they are loved by people all over the world.

  484. 484 : minami Says:

    Guys, check dis out.. i’ve juz read it from a homepage of YAB’S fan..

    ‘interview with JGS’ on 22 Nov 2009 at which he revealed this:

    JGS: I wouldn’t exactly call those kisses (with UEE and PSH), at the most they’re only “bobo”. I will reveal though, after episode 14, it’s possible that there will be a much more passionate kiss. I’ve just recently discussed with Park Shin Hye about this.

    wawawa, do anticipate for this guys!

    *sorry, if this means spoiler for others! i’m juz so eXcd!! (even w/o season 2)

    Yeah, let’s make this thread the most TOP discussed!!!!!

  485. 485 : cassie Says:

    I watche dit again and now I miss the so much already. I dreaded thursday when I’ll have to watch the last episode. But what can we do. FOr the health of our dear cast (since it was freezing when they were filming) we just have to accept it. The 2nd season they are talking about seems like a big leap of faiith. It is more logical to add episodes than do a 2nd season for the reasons a lot of fans had given. Since, it has come to this that the end is near, all we can do is send our deepest gratirude to the cast and crew and hope that they will work together in tthe future in a different drama for their CHEMISTRY is just AWESOME. TO PSH, JGS,JYH,HONGKI THANKS A MILLION. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL WO CELEBRATE THIS DAY OF GRATITUDE. I AM GRATEFUL THAT I WAS GIVEN A CHANCE TO WITNESS THE ACTING OF THIS YOUNG GROUP OF IDOLS. AJA,

  486. 486 : ANGELINA Says:

    We know that season 2 maybe a far fetched idea but come to think of it they can actually make it where minyeo can be a solo singer while the group is with minam. Then the love story of the composer and singer can actually come into play. TK the omposer and Minnyeo the singer and the intrigue that they can create around the other members. Also they can create something for minam, etc etc etc I am just sad that Goodbyes had to be said. I hate goodbyes that’s why I always say LATER………instead of BYE- it seems so FINAL.. SO, LATER GS,YH,HK & SH. You were wonderful and THANKS a lot for the happiness and joy you brought us because of your acting. LETS THROW A CELEBRATORY PARTY (JEREMY’S FAVE). AT HOME WE WILL HAVE A PARTY AND IMAGINE THAT THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE OF YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL ARE OUR GUEST. DO YOU LIKE TURKEY, WE WILL FRY A WHOLE FREE RANGE TURKEY FROM PETALUMA..SO HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL.

  487. 487 : Drina from Jakarta Says:


    they’re amazing…

    can’t help myself to fallin love to this drama
    thank you DRamabeans for recapped this series….

    I’ll miss you Tae Kyung, Jeremy, Shin Woo hyung, and MINAM!!!!

    huhuhuhuhuhuuhu,,,,,,,, (ToT)

  488. 488 : joanna Says:

    i had watch this drama @ youtube and it’s really very beautiful,for me it’s more beautiful than BOF…..I’ll just hope that they will air this here @ the Phil….go ABS-CBN, you should purchase it right now….

  489. 489 : joanna Says:

    i had watch this from youtube…..whoa!!!!! this drama is very beautiful……and so with the story,fantastic……I’ll just hope that they will air this @ the phil…. esp. ABS-CBN…..hope that they won’t mind the ratings in korea before purchasing it……

  490. 490 : _KEKIE 5_ Says:

    “………………………..AN JELLS!…………….ANNYOSEH!………………”





    “……………………………………ANNYONG …………….BYE…………..BY: KEKIE 5

  491. 491 : _KEKIE 5_ Says:

    “………………………..AN JELLS!…………….ANNYOSEH!………………”






  492. 492 : pearl Says:


  493. 493 : Icelia Says:

    C’mon guys lets make them to the TOP! will prove them that we loved this series! yey! yey!

  494. 494 : Icelia Says:

    C’mom guys will bring them to the TOP!!!! will prove them that we loved this series all the way! I SALUTE everyone here!

  495. 495 : Madeline Says:

    Please read: I just read in Javabeans.

    The drama’s lead, Jang Geun-seok, had expressed feeling disappointment that the ratings remain lower than hoped for and that he’d felt responsible as the main cast member he’d written a message to that effect on the drama’s homepage last week, saying, “I wonder whether the reason for the ratings being lower than we thought may be because I’m not portraying the Hwang Tae-kyung character as fully as I could be. If not, maybe the drama isn’t receiving more love because of me as Jang Geun-seok.”

    I want to hug JGS sigh /D.. You have follower of millions of FANs we will support you! I will buy a lot of your ost cd and dvd series I will give them for christmas gift!l PROMISE!!! I love you guys all the 4 of them! Fighting!

  496. 496 : Maiyn Says:

    We have to do something about this and show our LOVE to this series…my reaction for the first time after watching the series I sat in the corner laughing, talking myself and jumping is like i took the medication with high dosage that everytime cross my mine is true esp the FUNNY SCENE and their FACIAL expression TOP NOTCH! You’re Beatuiful is greatly PHENOMENAL N BRILLIANT ACTING OF THESE 4 CHARACTERS made me crazy everyday of my life why would i be like this now? WHAT WOULD I BECOME this drama will over this week! waaaaahhhhhhhhh!

  497. 497 : Madeline Says:

    We have to do something about this and show our LOVE to this series…my reaction for the first time after watching the series I sat in the corner laughing, talking myself and jumping is like i took the medication with high dosage that everytime cross my mine is true esp the FUNNY SCENE and their FACIAL expression TOP NOTCH! You’re Beatuiful is greatly PHENOMENAL N BRILLIANT ACTING OF THESE 4 CHARACTERS made me crazy everyday of my life why would I be now? WHAT WOULD I BECOME this drama will be over this week! waaaaahhhhhhhhh!

  498. 498 : Evan Says:

    Addictive! it’s all i can say when i 1st watch diz drama..it’s been a while since i’m crazy about bOf/BBf drama..n nOw, diz drama really capture my heart!!YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL..i juz cant wait fOr the next ep 15 n 16..fOr your infOrmatiOn this drama is currently airing at soeul, korea..
    The main reasons i watch b’cOz Of jang geun suk!!i really lOve him!!^_^

  499. 499 : Norma Says:

    I HATE THE RATINGS! :{ what happen to the korean viewers in seoul? Im not korean n i never been in seoul. this YB is really really AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE SERIES EVER!!!! no show of interesting!

  500. 500 : Sandra Says:

    I feel you guys…rating sucks!

  501. 501 : Zeny Says:

    To all the cast of YB How are you guys doing?

  502. 502 : malley Says:

    what a very interesting story………
    i can’t wait to watch it till the end……
    it must be a happy ending!!!
    anjell is very great….
    thanks to the director for build this drama…
    sarang hae you’re beautiful crew…
    sarang hae hwang tae kyung, go mi nam,
    jeremy and kang shin woo.
    those guy were very cool and handsome..
    go mi nyu is very pretty and gorgeous..
    when will the true mi nam oppa will out??????????????
    can’t wait for it..
    you’re beautiful is the best!

  503. 503 : wee Says:

    mi nam oppa will be out 2nite..and Mi nam fly off to ROME to become a nun but she did not make it as her mind is thinking of Hwang Tae Kyung. AN Jell is famous and after 2years during one concert Mi Nam is back…
    They both get married in the end…….sad to go….last 2 esp..the story is great….

  504. 504 : Marcha Says:

    GEEZ! That was SOOO SHORT! I can’t believe its ending THIS WEEK!!! can u believe it??!! W0W! I love this drama && I hope theres another one…like a sequel or something that can bring back wonderful memories of this drama ;] I’ll miss it… It’s so hard to say BYE to a wonderful drama… oooooooh…i give it 1OO stars!!!

  505. 505 : sammy Says:

    why the rating is soo bad. how they calculate it? i realy confuse
    the drama was good enough they should get better than this

  506. 506 : burberry Says:

    Only a few hours left before You’re Beautiful’s airing in Korea!!

    Aren’t you guys so lucky.

    I’m hoping to get some links tomorrow and read recaps, at least.

    I’m feeling sad already.

    Love & pleasant thoughts to all.

  507. 507 : buyong10 Says:


    really?.. is that the preview for ep 15?.. omg, they make the timeleap? argh! itz ol then, as long as TK n GMN together gether =D

    let’s make the rating skyrocket guys for d finale .. make it a tribute for YAB’s crews!!!

  508. 508 : burberry Says:

    Any updates on ep 15? It was shown in Korea more than an hour ago.

    Please, please, share all you kindred hearts.

  509. 509 : efryll Says:

    hi, could anybody tell me, when will ep 15 be uploaded in vikii? at the earliest hours? hehehe.. i hope the cast and the crew of this show will be able to read all of our comments, because I would really like to thank them for creating shows like this, shows that gives happiness and time to forget all the sadness that are happening in this world even for just a little while… i’m really sad that this show is coming to an end but i also want to see Go Min Nyu and Tae kyung’s happy ending…. KAMSAHAMNIDA!!!

  510. 510 : Yerr Says:

    I’m sad that it will be ending this week. I wish it could have at least 25 episodes or something. 🙁
    But it was a great drama. I can’t wait to see what the ending is like.

    You’re Beautiful, my drama of the year. 🙂

    100% pure, hilarious, and dramatic. I love it!

  511. 511 : HB LD Says:

    Love and got addicted to this show…I have read some story introduction for the 15th and 16th… the ending is romantic. Wished that I didn’t read those… 🙂

    Enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving… !

  512. 512 : desah Says:

    my moat favorite drama on earth ever

    am so damn addicted to them now!!!

    saranghamnida ANjell.. 😉

  513. 513 : desah Says:

    my most favorite drama on earth ever

    am so damn addicted to them now!!!

    saranghamnida ANjell.. 😉

  514. 514 : desah Says:


    xurely am gonna miss them..

    iloveyou sukkie oppa..

    JGS.. iloveyou forever 😉

    mwaaa (:

    and the rest of the cast..

    am gonna miss you too..


    and more power..

    mwaaaa (;

  515. 515 : ivych Says:

    watching you’re beautiful ep 15 raw….although i didnt understand the language but i surely undersand the actions and where the story is going….i love how the real go minam acted…good acting park shin hye…….i love u JGS….ill miss all of u….here is the link guys this is part 2 http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTM0NDU3Mjcy.html, u can get the link at viikii.net too in the spoiler section

  516. 516 : august Says:

    love this drama so much:-) i’m really gonna miss it
    just finished raw15 so good did not understand the words but i totally get the feeling i wished they’d show more of the real gmn and totally loved the song she sang it so well
    i tried to hold back until 15 and 16 where subbed but heard viikii are having problems so i watched the raw instead, just waiting for dramabeans for the recaps
    omg what do i do now

  517. 517 : syaffy Says:

    i hope for ep 15 and 16 will be available with subtitle as soon as possible. I cant wait any longer to watch the ending.please ! I am in America,but i’m absolutely in love with this drama.

  518. 518 : kyut77 Says:

    i love this drama..my favorite after winter sonata..i LOVE the TK and GMN tandem..wish to see them again..i also wish ANJELL was a real singing group.. i dont know korean but i’ll definitely get their album…Happy Thanksgiving to all..thanx to those ppl who sub this drama in English

  519. 519 : fizzy Says:

    hi all!!

    this is my recap on ep 15.
    enjoy reading!!

  520. 520 : fizzy Says:

    hi all,

    this is my recaps on ep 15 last night.
    enjoy reading..


  521. 521 : syaffy Says:

    thank fizzy for your Recap ep 15. really hope u can do recap for ep 16 coz i am sure that the subbed video will take time.I not understand korea language but indeed i love this drama=)

  522. 522 : buyong10 Says:


    tq for ur recap.. i really appreciate it! ^,^ .. at soompi thread, there has been som1 recapped that too but using funny nicknames such as -Thailang King, Chief of Horses, Beauty, Small J, Mohua Lan n etc… haha, so damn witty! so worth d spoilers huh?!..

    cant wait for finale recap!.. im gonna miss evrybody!!

  523. 523 : gogz Says:

    @ fizzy thanks so much for a detailed recap of the 15th eps… this drama is superb…i cant wait to watch this till end…. i really love the story and the characters.. hope this will be shown here in the Philippines thru GMA Kapuso…

  524. 524 : burberry Says:

    A million thanks FIZZY!

    You’re a true A.N.JELL’s angel…

    Watched the ep 15 Korean version and I don’t have any clue on what’s being said. I still watched it nonetheless, making my own presumptions based on facial expressions & actions.

    Would you believe that?!

  525. 525 : jasmine Says:

    I really like this drama!!!!It so sad that is to short..and hwang taek hyung is reallly handsome!!!

  526. 526 : elnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz Says:

    ^_^ so cute and funny ! after coffee prince , its my favorite drama ! nice ost too .

  527. 527 : fayrouz Says:

    hi everybody
    cant wait for the last episode today
    i am from europe i would like it broadcast it kdrama
    like this to beglium
    and whit subtitles so i can watch and suport youre beautiful
    love jgs from kmovie baby and me and do re me fa so la si do and hope to watch much more like this drama with him
    he was the topactor love his charactar in here
    troooooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooool

    love you hope to see you more

  528. 528 : ivych Says:

    hi guys, viikii is up now for ep 15….

  529. 529 : buyong10 Says:

    i’m visiting this site like evryday to get a view of its rating.. i hope the ratings were good =P

    it’s ended oledy! Later YAB! gOnna miss evrybody who’d been contributed a lot in making YAB a precious memory for me! this is like the first time i’m stucked to Korean Drama when it’s STILL aired!

    An APPLAUSE to YAB crews!

    *really need to add traffic @ viikii now.. thanx for d info ivych!

  530. 530 : AN JELL12 Says:

    i’ve juz visitd viikii.. YAB views: 2,909,995???
    others was juz like 16 K, 6 K, 200 k .. but YAB reachd milioooN..
    haha, guys u really r aficionadoS!

    Salute to ALL!! =D

  531. 531 : SNOWSLOPEQUEEN Says:


  532. 532 : kirara Says:

    I actually like the ending.. I know lots of people were disappointed but I thought it was super cute and adorable.. I was squealing and going crazy about Tae Kyung.. he’s such a gentleman.. he knows how to spill his heart and make it public to the world! 🙂

  533. 533 : LEI Says:

    Sweet ending but not what I expected (sigh……sad face………WHAT TO DO son was heartmoving as rendered by gan seuk. I love his voice. THough my choice was Yong Hwa (SW) Now, I just have to wait for the DVD so I can watch it on a big screen and SMILE TILL MY JAW DROPS, SCREAM TO MY HEARTS CONTENT, LAUGH OUT LOUD AND CRY MY HEART OUT FOR GMN, TK, SW & MY SWEET, CUTE HUGGABLE JEREMY. TODAY I GIVE THANKS TO ALL THOSE WHO SHARED THIS CRRRRRAZZZZZZZZZZZZZY ADDICTION. THANKS TO THE CAST-GOOD ACTORS.200%. CREW 99% WRITERS-100%-KUDOS TO THE SISTERS. ENJOY YOUR TURKEY, I’M HAVING HAM & BE SAFE. EASY ON THE MERLOT PEOPLE.

  534. 534 : burberry Says:

    Oh! It has ended! I’m sure there would be mixed feelings. The feedback has been very positive so far, and disappointment from others only because it ended so soon.

    Honestly, another 16 episodes would have been a great idea!!!

    It must be the first time that viewers from various parts of the world joined as one to watch & support this feel good & wonderful drama.

    Despite the fact that I’ve watched several episodes many times over, I will certainly be watching the drama again from episode 1.

    TO Jang Geun Seuk and the rest of the A.N. JELLS, we’ll be behind you all in your future projects.

    TO the HONG Sisters – the geniuses behind the story – looking forward to watching more of your Dramas.

    TO the Director and rest of the crew – you’ve made a simple story into something admired & loved.

    Best wishes to ALL.

  535. 535 : UCDAVISGAL Says:


  536. 536 : UCDAVISGAL Says:


  537. 537 : ROBBIE Says:

    HI, SO SAD THAT SUCH A GOOD THING HAS TO END SO SOON. THANKS TO ALL. GRANDMERE SAY IT IS SUCH A SIMPLE YET DELIGHTFUL STORY & I GOT HER HOOKED. I love their songs and YONG HWA is my HERO. I like him a LOT. I hope to more of him. My older sister said HE IS SUCH AN EYE CANDY…. Thank you all for sharing this drama on the net. Thanks to the uploaders and subbers at viikii. Thanks to all my fellow fans around the UNIVERSE. YOU ARE ALL STARS. MOST OF ALL THANKS TO THE GREAT CAST-WONDERFUL ACTING & THE CREW & THE SISTERS WRITERS WHO MADE SUCH A SIMPLE STORY INTO ADORABLE, UNFORGETTABLE& HAD MILLIONS-ADDICTED TO IT.

  538. 538 : ??Bewildered Says:

    How did the story end! I’m still going to watch the 15th episode!! Is it a good ending?!OMG i really want to know.

  539. 539 : syaffy Says:

    please make subbed for ep 16! i’m dying want to watch the ending.Someone please =(

  540. 540 : :) Says:

    Wahh! It’s OVER!
    I didn’t like the ending either, i mean i liked the fact that he said he loved her but still,,, there should have been more 🙁

  541. 541 : ??Bewildered Says:


  542. 542 : SURFERGIRL Says:

    I’m so sad that it is over. I was really disappointed , it wasn’t the ending I expected though it seems that the writer has left an opening for a special series or maybe another season-or is it just wishful thinking. I think I will have to be good in my literay class so I can write even a fanfiction. I want mnyeo to be a solo singer while the handsomes are going on tour & reaping success-Mnyeo is also then I don’t know anymore. I just can’t get enough of this cast. I just can’t get enough, I JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH (SINGING-HEHEHE) I CRIED, I LAUGHED &SMILED AND I LOVED AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN & AGAIN. WHAT A WONDERFUL FEELING AFTER WATCHING THIS DRAMA. AGAIN, IT IS THE SIMPLICITY OF HOW THE WRITERS HAD PRESENTED IT AND THE WAY THE ACTORS PORTRAYED EACH ROLE AND OF COURSE-WHAT A GREAT CHEMISTRY. THESE 4 (5 UEE) ARE THE BEST-THEIR CHEMISTRY IS JUST AMAZING, AWESOME, OZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZING. THNAKS AND GOOD LUCK TILL YOUR NEXT PERFORMANCE. AN OSCAR FOR ALL OF YOU. GREAT ACTING. HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL.

  543. 543 : burberry Says:

    Although I would have wanted to watch ep 16 with the eng subs, I couldn’t help myself but to see a part of it – only a part -ie the last segment of the episode!

    I was so intrigued on some comments made that it was not the ending they’ve expected hence my curiosity was tickled.

    Here are my views:

    Since the TK & MNyu only reconciled on the last segment during the AN JELL concert, amongst thousands of fans, having this highly talked about passionate kiss would have been inappropriate. The tight hug was equally as touching if not more effective to convey their feelings at that time. In fact, the story could have ended at that concert scene already.

    I loved the ending, ie when they were at the porch, once again bickering, looking at the stars like the old times. And has anyone noticed TK’s hairstyle? It is the same as when they first met on ep 1.

    And that star pendant/ necklace – that’s outright symbolism showing that Mi Nyu has finally has her precious star! Implying that they will stay together happily ever after.

    Subtle romanticism & love.

  544. 544 : Zinviet Says:

    I can’t believe the drama goes that fast. I love it so much as it has so much hilarious scences, so much emotinal scences that made me laugh and cry and touched.Up ’til now, I’m still watching every episodes over again and again as I can’t stop thinking about it. Though I’ve not watch the last ep yet but I wanna say THANK YOU to all the YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL’s crew, you’ve done a really hard and good work, especially Mr PD Hong, Ms S-writer Hong sisters, and actor/actress JGS, PSH (I LOVEEE your new short hairstyle – so much different from before), JYH – prince CALM, and Lovely Hongki StarHong ^^ (you’re as cute as my brother back here).

    To JANG GEUN SUK (If any chance you ever pass by this page) : I heard that you health condittion is not good since after shooting the last scenes. I hope you’d get well soon and keep on your really GREAT job . I must say GREAT because I don’t know there’s some young-but-talented actor like you. I’ve never been a fan of Korean drama/movie etc… before, but right after see your acting, I’ve changed and becoming like you and your KOREA so much. Though I’m 3yrs older than you but you “PLEASE ACCEPT ME AS YOUR FAN” hahaa.
    (I believe here in Vietnam, you’re now got so much fans, and fans like me). Hope soon to see you guys in Hanoi.


  545. 545 : Tracy Says:

    It sad tat the show had ended. All the best to all the actor & actress. Keep it up your work. The drama is so good & it had happy ending. I sure will buy the dvd & soundtrack when it is out in singapore. Going to miss you all. I really like JGS & PSH, they really act well. Are they best friend? Hope to see u all in the next drama soon. Hope JGS get well soon.

  546. 546 : Tracylin Says:

    It sad tat the show had ended. All the best to all the actor & actress. Keep it up your work. The drama is so good & it had happy ending. I sure will buy the dvd & soundtrack when it is out in singapore. Going to miss you all. I really like JGS & PSH, they really act well. Are they best friend? Hope to see u all in the next drama soon. Hope JGS get well soon. Best wishes to all of you. 🙂

  547. 547 : honggi_luver Says:

    love this drama sooo much…
    hoggi oppa looks very cute in his rote orange hair hehehe
    love honggi oppa so much…
    jang geun suk looks awesome…
    keep support this drama…

  548. 548 : nomad Says:

    watched ep 16 raw in youtube and I LOVE the ENDING….. how TK showed his love to GMN infront of the thousand eyes watching them…. and finally, he was able to give the necklace… kawaii…. AND now I’m sad, depressed, lethargic almost in coma… lol… cause i’m crying 1 liter of tears now… why must a show has it’s end… i’m deeply attached to this drama since day 1…. i dont know what to do…. HEELLPPPP….. but i need to move on… i guess, need to look for another drama as good as this one….. Thanks for the crew, writers and especially the actors and actresses, they did a great job there… 😆

  549. 549 : joanokh Says:

    Is there season 2? Hope there is! Will miss them a lot.. Such a wonderful drama..

  550. 550 : Hana Says:

    What should I do? what should I do? *singing*…since the show has ended,I’m quite happy with the story, though I was hoping to see more of their moments together. I’m glad to see Go Min Nyu finally treasured her precious star by her side.:)

    Love the story plot from beginning till the end..with great casts..beautiful OST.. I’ll be surely missing the show a lot ^^ can’t forget the Pigrabbit part. I wish I could keep JGS as a star too. He does shine like a glowing star with his killer smile.
    I’ll be looking forward to see the couple act in another Hong Sister drama.

  551. 551 : Joyce Says:

    why it must come to an end? huhuhu, i’m so sad…such a wonderful drama! but honestly i don’t like the ending, it’s so short…why why why…why most of the korean drama have short endings? maybe i should be more happy if they have put something what happen after that…tsk. tsk. tsk. i want more! i can’t get enough of this…the airing time is too short for them to release an ending that would satisfy the viewers…hong sister! why! why! why! give us more for the ending…or season 2…the ending is not enough for such a great drama like this! please give justice…i want more! season 2…write a script…fans we’ll not be bored…we’re going to wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  552. 552 : junupa Says:

    yeah ur right….we wanna see season 2…….

  553. 553 : junupa Says:

    yeah, ur right we wanna see more, season 2……..

  554. 554 : ivych Says:


  555. 555 : cindy_kwang Says:

    This drama is pretty good, but i think the go mi nam character was to awkward specially when he said thank you and sorry, he said that many times and look to formal.. And when the leader called GMN’s name look weird as well.. to normal again..!
    Basic story just like ordinary Korean drama but still worth to watch..
    HAve fun with this story over all.. Hope The A.N.JELL really2 become a real band..!

  556. 556 : metoo Says:

    love it

  557. 557 : Fe.. Says:

    this has become my fav drama…simple story but well constructed and delivered..not too much over acting or over the top melodrama. The stylist has great taste..the clothes suited their rock star characters really well..JGS has made his charater shine..so charming I simpily couldn’t take my eyes off him….love the lives gigs and the singing in the studio. sessions.. even better if they air the real live moments rather then the well reherse ‘acting’ version …the ending is sweet but I must say it’s a bit short…would be nice to have an extra 5 mins just to let us share more of their happy moments/future and prepare us to say goodbye to such a well made drama properly…thanks for giving us 16 hrs of pure joy 🙂 …

  558. 558 : KK Says:

    It was said that Jang Keun Suk was hospitalized after the shoot, must be so exhausted…I think the ending was sweet and satisfied as they have tried their best!

  559. 559 : Sam Says:

    my new fav drama…its really cool and funny…i lik the clothes they wear in the movie…

  560. 560 : Jo Says:

    We’re looking forward to seeing these 4 magnificent actors/actress in a drama/movies again in the near future.
    You gave as great entertainment ever here in our asian community “Beautiful British Columbia-Canada”.
    We salut you all for a job well done.All the best!

  561. 561 : burberry Says:

    Postive & loving comments remain to pour in. It just shows on how “You’re Beautiful” touched the hearts of people worldwide and has gone beyond the boundaries of Korea.

  562. 562 : peachesfromgeorgia Says:

    FOR JAN SEUK-May you have a SPEEDY RECOVERY. TAKE IT EASY FOR A WHILE so you can make even more amazing dramas & movies for us your fans forever. I Can’t get enough of this beautiful story. Jan SEUK, PSH,Yong HWA HONGKI THANK YOU AGAIN SEE YOU ALL IN YOUR NEXT Drama/movie

  563. 563 : lia Says:

    really really love it….but the ending is too short…>

  564. 564 : lia Says:

    season 2 please..

  565. 565 : osheen Says:

    My heart crushed with the ending came. Darn. It was such a nice drama. Waiting for every episode to come was forever and now that it has come to an end makes me feel so depressed. LOL But this will for sure be one of the best dramas ive ever watched. Hoping for season 2. 🙂

  566. 566 : love korea Says:

    love this drama, i cried every time i watch it. i hope there will be a season 2. i want to see more of gmn her bright star, also what happen to jeremy and hs oppa.
    great job guys, the best.more more more

  567. 567 : efryll Says:

    huhuhu… it’s over… i want more…. i’m pretty sure there are other millions of people out there who’s going to agree with me if i say that they should make a season 2 for this drama… it’s just unfortunate that the ratings were not that good, but the story, the cast and everything else is really wonderful, btw, to all viikii subbers and to all others who are responsible for sharing You are Beautiful with us, us who aren’t from Korea and doesn’t have SBS channels in their cables, a million thanks… and to all the casts and crews… GOD BLESS AND MARAMING SALAMAT PO!!!

  568. 568 : ihc-ihc Says:


  569. 569 : uka Says:

    ughhhhh it’s the best drama i’ve ever watched ….
    it makes me crazy ….can’t believe it almost finish ..so sad 🙁
    season 2 plsss

  570. 570 : uuujj Says:

    they r soooo adorable awesome hott cute ughhhhh i’m sure that there r many ppl agree with me….luv them ..thank u for give me chance to watch drama like this

  571. 571 : ILHTK Says:

    OMG this drama is the best …….
    HAWtt crazy cute ….i’m so addicted hmmmmm….
    it;s finished it makes me crazy to death hmmmmm
    i love jang geun suk he is so hotttt and cutee …he is not self centered xoxo soft hearted man….
    i want meet him …GODD give me opportunity to meet him…at least to see him lively ….it’s my dream hmmm want to live in korean and always seeing him …
    i don;t need anything else …. hope that JGS read it hmmm i love u sooooooo much …

  572. 572 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    an absolutely beautiful drama..with funny twists! heart, heart, heart!

  573. 573 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    well, not funny but great twists. just love the story..and the side stories!

  574. 574 : Tin Says:

    OMG!! :'[ why why? This drama is the drama I’m posting a comment on. I’m truly going to miss this. One of my favorite dramas ever. It’s funny, romantic and dramatic. ^^

  575. 575 : lhara Says:

    oh my!i can’t believe it ended too soon.,i really hope there will be a part 2.,i really love this drama!

  576. 576 : haiuitzme Says:

    SEASON 2 ?!?!?!

  577. 577 : _KEKIE 5_ Says:


  578. 578 : korean drama love Says:

    i love this drama…i hope season 2 will come soon…

  579. 579 : amktsy Says:

    surely the best kdrama of 2009.
    i recommend to my friend and my friend thank me for introducing such nice drama to her……
    her best friend also my friend at first lazy to watch but after realise how crazy the 2 of us are about the drama,decided to watch and told us i is damn funny…………

  580. 580 : Shay Says:

    BEST DRAMA EVER. Enough said.

  581. 581 : Shay Says:

    And as much as I miss the series, I don’t wish for a season 2. Season 2s are usually train wrecks. I wish for a 1-2 episode extension. If they didn’t extend it due to low ratings, then DAMN YOU IRIS.

  582. 582 : danlion Says:

    I love this drama so much =]
    LOVE LOVE Minam (MiNyeon) and Taekyung xD
    I wish they can make 2nd version of this drama

  583. 583 : Joy Says:

    I really really love this drama ever….I love Go Mi Nam/Min Nyu, Hwang Tae Kyung, Shin Woo, and Jeremy…I will miss them so much…I wish there would be a 2nd version of this drama…I will miss Go Mi Nam’s innocence and the pig nose…I will miss Tae Kyung’s hair and his being so high pride but a sweet gentleman; I will miss Shin Woo’s romantic appeal; and I will miss Jeremy’s funny face….Gosh! I will really miss them….After watching the final episode. I have felt emptiness…..I want to see more of them….Please have a 2nd version of this drama….Please..please…please..I’m begging….I’ll keep checking on their own drama soon…..I like them…..God Bless…..

  584. 584 : Jani Says:

    what a beautiful ending…I couldn’t ask for more
    First, Taekyung sing the remake song to MiNyu and then he profess his love to her in front of thousand of fans…what a perfect scene!
    I will truly miss this great show and look forward to seing them all together in another block buster drama…ALOHA

  585. 585 : g21 Says:


  586. 586 : ifah tugiman Says:

    love very much this drama…,hope will hae season 2,

  587. 587 : Kristine Says:

    Really loved this show! It has been very long since I am addicted to any korean drama. I have watched this show again and again and it has not lost its appeal. I loved all the main casts in this drama. So sad that it has finally ended. Hope there is a season 2 for this show.

  588. 588 : SHINWOOFAN Says:

    AN ADDICT OF THIS SERIES-I LOVE JUNG YON HWA who as a newcomer did a great job and I am very sure he will be one of the biggest and brilliant star in Kore in the near futre. HONGKI was really good too and of course JAN SEUK & SHIN HYE as always delivered a great performance. LOVE YOU GUYS & the DRAMA ROCKS.

  589. 589 : cherry Says:

    I love this show. The stoy line was simplistic and all the atops and actresses are very good. But how i hope that they could have extended the show a little longer. I felt that the ending was a little too rush. Hope to see more of suci entertaining drama soon:)

  590. 590 : elnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz Says:

    Love you guys so much ! best ending at all ! Thanks for good acting .
    aja aja ! Fighting !

  591. 591 : crystal Says:

    i just finished the last episode yesterday at http://www.dramacrazy.net..it was so busy at viikii channel that i had a hard time watching.. i’m a bit disappointed with the ending.. i expected a bit of a kiss..it has been great.. i love you Park Shin hye,Lee Hong ki and Jang Geun Suk..Sorry ‘shin woo’ i hate quiet people.no matter what,you were all great..

    we laughed and cried together,though unknown on your part..

    aja! aja! cheers to all,fellow fans and our stars..saranghae!!!!

    all-way from Africa,Botswana..

  592. 592 : nana Says:

    seriously if there is no season 2 then it is such a waste

  593. 593 : august Says:

    just watched city hall and although it was sweet, good chemistry and plot it JUST DOES NOT FILL THE ACHING HOLE LEFT BY YB,
    please more yb a special or movie gives us something to look forward 2

  594. 594 : kyut77 Says:

    i miss YB and the cast..esp TK and GMN…please please part 2 or any project with the same cast as YB..I miss you TK…i love your songs on YB.. although am not korean i love listening to your soundtrack…

  595. 595 : kyut77 Says:

    hey fellow YB fans..can we make this drama to the top of the chart so we can see them again soon..i really miss them all..

  596. 596 : SHINWOOFAN Says:

    Why caiit n;t I get over it?. Why can’t I accept the fact that it has ended? Somehow there is a big gap in my heart-a place where this drama was once before. I watched it again and again . MISS TK

  597. 597 : sally Says:

    Please have a season 2… I can’t help but feel sad about this drama ending… I have nothing to look forward to every week… I missed Taekyung and Mi Nyu a lot, Shin woo and Jeremy too… huhuhu… Weh, weh was it only 16 episodes????? T___T… Miss YB so much…

  598. 598 : ManagerMa Says:

    omg, it finally ends!.. im very very very sad to let YAB link off from my bookmark.. season 2?.. i dunno guys, bcoz sometimes the sequel wont be as great as the first one.. people will compare. but if a good script by hong sisters n excellent perf from the casts n crews of YAB, i’d pray it’d b a success =D

    lets pray for a special episode instead, huh?.. i want more intimate scenes n kiss, hehe ^,^

  599. 599 : Lovely Says:


  600. 600 : Mhetty Says:

    We will miss them soooo much! ALL THE CAST ARE SO GREAT AND PRO! Now I feel empy cuz it’s ended already why only 16 ep? It feels WEIRD NOW really Im going to CRY huhuhuhuh I really miss them already….DO YOU GUYS FEEL ME! SERIOUSLY IM CRYING RIGHT NOW…WHY? WHAT WOULD I BECOME NOW?

  601. 601 : Alexa Says:

    i NEED You’re Beautiful stock kit! I have ALL the symptoms! Especially depression because it feels like no season 2!!!

  602. 602 : Lolla Says:

    Watching this series TOO MUCH for me to handle is VERY ENTERTAINING!!when watchng 1st ep I just had a smile on my face, I was glad but common I have a life.

  603. 603 : Zephy Says:

    Wait so there isn’t a season 2?? WHAT!??!! This is madness!!! aaaaagggghhhhh!

  604. 604 : Jenna Says:

    I know this series was really FUNNY i did scream like crazy.

  605. 605 : Bubble Says:

    Oh my explosion was on the inside. But watching this series was FANTASTIC!!! Best part was the 4 characters OMG their reaction and expression was award winningly PRICELESS!!! THIS SERIES MADE MY DAY LOL but I’m on the ep 14 now. I dont want this to end!

  606. 606 : Mc Says:

    My reaction for this series…I think I went crazier…I was crying, hyperventilating, laughing and enjoyin my view of the whole CAST!!!lol. why has to be ended????

  607. 607 : Rosy Says:

    ahh this is sooooo funny~! lol. I don’t know if I’m laughing harder at them from beginning to ep12 now thoroughly enjoyed it….Thanks!

  608. 608 : AE Says:

    I love to see that I’m not the only nut out there. It’s one thing to read people say how much they love theYB but its a complete diff. thing to watch that they react the same way I do, its refreshing, ” I feel relieved…lol”. I just loved watching JGS, PSH, LHK & JYH i mean all the CAST. They should just make a movie. ‘m serious!!!

  609. 609 : burberry Says:

    Great! The last epsiode of YAB ended a few days ago and yet people continue to leave their comments here on the boards.

    I’m having withdrawal symptoms myself and the only way to cure it would be to watch YAB again! and again! from Ep 1.

    I just love watching JGS, PSH! my daily dose of sunshine!

    Yes, that would be a fantastic idea – a movie with the 4 AN JELLS.

  610. 610 : _KEKIE 5_ Says:

    ………………………….”Youre Beautiful/ Handsome “…………………..







    ………………………….”Youre Beautiful/ Handsome “…………………..


    ………………………..KAMSA HAMNIDA!……………..ANNYONG!………

    ……………………………BY: KEKIE5………………………

  611. 611 : _KEKIE 5_ Says:

    …………………….”Youre Beautiful/ Handsome…………………..

    ………………………….AND 2 THE CAST OF YOURE BEAUTIFUL / HANDSOME……………………….



    Bae Geu Rin as Sa Yu Ri (Fan club president)

    Kim In Kwon as Ma Hoon Yi (Mi Nam’s manager)

    Choi Ran as Choi Mi Ja (Mi Nam & Mi Nyu’s aunt)

    Kim Sung Ryung as Mo Hwa Ran

    Jung Chan as President Ahn

    Choi Soo Eun as Wang Kko Di

    Tae Hwang as staff

    Yoo Seung Ho (cameo, ep9)


    “………………….I RELLY MISS YOU SO MUCH!……………………”


    “………………………..KAMSA HAMNIDA!…………………….ANNYONG!

    “………………………………….BY : KEKIE 5……………………………….”

  612. 612 : _KEKIE 5_ Says:

    ………………….”Youre Beautiful / Handsome…………………..

    Director: Hong Sung Chang

    Screenwriter: Hong Jung Eun & Hong Mi Ran



    “…………………KAMSA HAMNIDA SO MUCH!……………………….”





  613. 613 : gina Says:

    Watching this series YAB, I just have a great time ever, Thank you sooooooooooo much to the Director: Hong Sung Chang and Screenwriter: Hong Jung Eun & Hong Mi Ran to make YAB such a beautifully and entertaining series, I hope to see your next series coming soon.

  614. 614 : Julie Says:

    Totally loved it! It was awesome. Great cast….I loved them all. The soundtrack was very good too.

  615. 615 : ManagerMa Says:

    guys, gues wut?.. ive found the site for YAB season 2 petition.. it was conducted by som1 at an international poll site (i think, sory if im wrong) who aims goal to 50, 000 votes targeted to SBS (tv station that aired YAB in South Korea).. lets vote for YAB season 2!!!!!

    here is d link:

    then, easily click ‘Sign this petition’ (then do the rest either vote with petition account or twitter)..

    do SPREAD THE WORDS guys! at least, u contribute something to show your love for YAB!!!!! ^,^

    There is also a forum of ‘How would u like the Season 2 be?’… haha, do share ur imaginations then!


  616. 616 : meetzy Says:

    Just watched this drama. Damn! I like it so much!
    I can’t stop watching it even my eyes got tired.
    I love A.N.JELL!!!
    I love tae kyung, shin woo and jeremy 🙂

  617. 617 : elcin Says:

    really good drama:))

  618. 618 : syaza Says:

    i do really love dis movie..
    and im so in love with jang geun suk…
    dia xde la hensem sgt tpi ntah…
    mgkin wtk dia yg mnarik minat saya..
    mcm wtk gu jun pyo dlm boys over flowers..(korean drama that i love most)…
    saranghae jun pyo..
    saranghae jang geun suk..

  619. 619 : == Says:

    Awesome drama….

  620. 620 : Mhetty Says:

    I’m totally into this series so I just voted for petition! c’mon people let’s just vote for petition you guys FEEL me right! LET’S THE PETITION BEGIN! Yes now! Thanks in advance for voting!

  621. 621 : Aniza Says:


  622. 622 : mAY Says:

    Golly JGS voice was amazing everytime he sing it feels soothing all over my body jeeeezzzzz so powerful I don’t understand korean but thanks for the sub…goodness gracious he’s voice so amazingly is he a really singer? I like rain and Kyuhyun but I even more in love with JGS voice i mean for real i don’t know if its jus me but it feels so unique voice i’ve ever heard from the other korean singer. His acting THUMBS UP! whole package this is the REAL DEAL!

  623. 623 : Joann Says:

    God can’t get enough of JGS love the voice, love the personality love the face you’re such a darling…God Bless you always!

  624. 624 : mySTAR Says:

    I notice a lot of male singers sings almost like female and JGS voice is a RARE amazingly perfect (masculine with gentleness, sharpness and when he goes high or low he sure does knew how to nail a song!) All the cast are so great! hopefully season 2 will get a high high ratingsit should is too good to be true.

  625. 625 : Minnie Says:

    Im hoping too there’s a season 2 pleaseeeeee! Everyday is a fine to fall in love with this series everyone feel this way love love love love the four characters we want more for these amazing You’re Beautiful really impressed millions of people watching this series. Thanks everyone here on this site!

  626. 626 : Aeros Says:

    JGS voice is indescribable feeling consistent, steady, it can really make you listen. Love him more and more! also Jeremy is really funny too, JYH is the coolest PSH is the naive and jus so adorable Mi nam ever! love the manager ma and the president ah it blending perfectly Cast!

  627. 627 : Jazzy Says:

    JGS voice THAT IS A REAL DEAL!!!

  628. 628 : Maxme Says:

    JGS your smile warmly embraces me! I can watch him all day! Excellent cast!

  629. 629 : Zalby Says:

    I agree JGS his role is arrogant but oh man when he started to sing HE HITS YOU DIRECT THRU YOUR HEART!

  630. 630 : hp2012 Says:

    aaaahhhhhhh c’mon we’re getting CLOSER TO THE TOP! let’s prove them bring them up! fighting!!!!

  631. 631 : Eliza Says:

    Amend to that! All the way up to the TOP! they should have a asian tour for them or dream concert how’s that?

  632. 632 : peachesfrgeorgia Says:

    WHOA it is now almost a week and the fever is just as high if not steaming….I miss the ANJELLS .. I watched it over & over again and I still have the SMILE they have given from the very start. I hope all of these wonderful cast the BEST and hope to see them again as ANJELLS in the nearest future. THANKS A LOT YOU”RE BEAUTIFUL CAST & CREW. SEE YA ALL NEXT TIME. LOVE YA TO DEATH

  633. 633 : PEARL Says:

    I can’t get enough yet. I am still riding on high octane and wath it several times some scenes I watch more than others and it makes me feel like I’m 15 and in high school again. Whne I come down to earth the present- I SAY THANK YOU ANJELLS FOR A WONDERFUL DRAM AND TIME. THANKS FOR THE SMILES, THE LAUGHTER, THE TEARS AND ALL SORTS OF FEELINGS I FELT AS IF I AM FALLING IN LOVE FOR THE FIRST TIME. ALL THE CAST—YOU ARE ALL TRULY BEAUTIFUL & WONDERFUL.. IN THIS DRAMA THE PRINCIPLE LESS IS MORE DID SHOW

  634. 634 : CASSIE Says:

    a short drama, a simple plot a top rate delivery and we had YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL which appealed to all of us around the world–from 2 to 92 . GREAT JOB. GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE CAST & CREW AND THE SUPPORTERS & FANS… SEE YOU AGAIN

  635. 635 : BALI GIRL Says:

    I was really hoping for an extension but a special episode would be good–like Gminyeo coming back from Africa and another concert … I don’t know but maybe the writers can cook up something to satiate our hunger for more TK & GMN, SW & Jeremy……… GUYS & DOLLS LET’S BUGGED THE PRODUCERS SO THEY WOULD COME UP WITH MORE ANJELSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS FROM HEAVEN.

  636. 636 : gogz Says:

    Hi guyz… i agree with everybody in here…. to demand to the writers, producers, cast and all to have another and more seasons for this well loved ever drama… with the same high caliber powerhouse cast… they’re great…

  637. 637 : cj Says:

    love “You’re Beautiful” so much. I’m here in Singapore and starting to look for dvd.. hoping for season 2..

  638. 638 : cj Says:

    please sign for the petition..

    here is d link:


  639. 639 : Jani Says:

    Let’s face reality, season 2 for You’re Beautiful is just to impossible but another similar drama that will be just as good which will involve all the four characters is a must…I support 100%

  640. 640 : Phil Wong Says:

    Really love this drama, waiting for its DVD and OST, hope it release in Singapore too. !

    Season 2 please!

  641. 641 : sandy Says:

    Hope for season 2. Great drama, cute guys and nice songs.

  642. 642 : x Says:

    Hongki is so cute in the drama…i’ve fell for him again and again….
    The drama captured my heart…but isn’t it a typical situation in japan korea drama? girl becoming boy for a stupid reason…kinda like hanakimi…
    love the drama anyway…

  643. 643 : faz Says:

    now that u say about it…shin hye have the same cuteness as horikita maki…love them both and love the drama

  644. 644 : Xeti Says:


    here’s the link below:


  645. 645 : Wanda Says:

    here is d link:

  646. 646 : ManagerMa Says:

    guys n dolls,
    plz make sure u do verify ur email upon signing.. kindly check @ ur mel… dont easily erase it.. once u verified, then THE VOTE IS COUNTED.. if not, this is going to a waste =(

    YAB 2 hwaiting!!

  647. 647 : Peggy Says:


    here’s the link below:


  648. 648 : Dorothy Says:

    hey guys please listen to this JGS songs oh man he’s voice make you fall in love with him! seriously:O :)!!


  649. 649 : Dorothy Says:

    hey guys please listen to this JGS songs oh man he’s voice make you fall in love with him! seriously:O :)!! Scroll down all the way to the buttom.


    Jang Geun-seok – “말도 없이” (Without Words) [ Download ]


  650. 650 : Connie Says:

    This is such a cute drama. I’m really loving JGS and PSH’s interaction. They are just so adorable together. Tae Kyung, Shin Woo and Jeremy. What I wouldn’t give to live with those guys…

    Pls Vote for petition

    here’s the link below:


  651. 651 : Zena Says:

    OMG! I can not get enough of this drama. Not only am I in absolute love with all 3 of those guys, but I also love the drama and humor of this drama! I never in my experiences of watching dramas (and trust me I watch A LOT of dramas) had like all the guys fighting for the girl. I want Tae Kyung, Shin Woo, and Jeremyto end up with the girl, but I’m obviously secertly wanting Tae Kyung to have her at the end more then the others… But seriously all these characters are so adorable and so easy to love, I can’t help but love them all!

    ahh i can’t help but envy Go Mi Nam!

  652. 652 : Carlene Says:

    oh my god. i want to marry JGS hes so effing hot.

    ever since i saw him in “hong gildong” and “baby and me” i became OBSESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  653. 653 : Ella Says:

    Well you should totally check out his other movies: Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do and The 28 Longest Month of My Life.
    Do Re Mi is so awesome. :]
    I won’t ruin the movie for you so go check it out.

  654. 654 : emily Says:

    omg i looooooove this drama!!!sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gooooood!!!everyone should have a look on it and then you’ll be addicted to it for sure!!!

  655. 655 : silvia vargas Says:

    omg i love this drama it was so romantic. i feel sad for shin woo for not getting the girl..but i love all three guys..jeremy was the funiest n cutest. omg im in love with this drama…that ima watch it everyday..saranghe shin woo, jeremy, n tae kyung…

  656. 656 : bw09 Says:

    this drama is amazing!! I can’t help but write about it just to get it out of my system..I’m still thinking about it even if I’m done watching it hahaha.. I hope there’s a part 2..the ending was kindda short

  657. 657 : sandmax Says:

    This is the greatest and most enjoyable drama after BOF. I can write a list of best scenes from this drama. All the sound tracks are fantastic. I love A.N Jell!

    I am watching the second time and I am sure I will watch it again.

  658. 658 : ManagerMa Says:

    lets vote for YAB season 2!!!!!

    here is d link:

    plz make sure u do verify ur email upon signing.. kindly check @ ur mel… dont easily erase it.. once u verified, then THE VOTE IS COUNTED.. if not, this is going to a waste =(

    YAB 2 hwaiting!!

    *i need to keep reposting this, so that more addicts will aware ^^

  659. 659 : aichouss Says:

    awesome drama

    one of the best in 2009!

    you must watch it!!!

    i’m so sad to know that it’s finish.

  660. 660 : lovekorea Says:

    wow! i love this “you’re beautiful” so much. no need to say too much, for those who never watch this yet, better watch it, you will have no regret at all just like me! it’s worth watching JGS, PSH, JYH and LHK in this. A.N. JELL and Tae Kyung and Go Mi Nam/Nyu and Shin Woo and Jeremy forever! Love to see them again. Really, i have to find another kdrama to obsess with, It’s hard to find a really good Kdrama nowadays -heh, I said too much already, cant help it. SO, i rate YAB 5 stars..no,no 100 stars same like Go Mi Nam, now i must find my stars too!

  661. 661 : Yulia -17 años! España :). Says:


  662. 662 : Lilly Says:

    awww…I luv the cast…..everyone’s so gorgeous n pretty
    the drama’s rlly awesome n refreshing!

  663. 663 : Deanna Says:

    I’m really lovin’ this drama

  664. 664 : Ardis Says:

    omg this drama is soooo good
    love evrey minute of it : )

  665. 665 : Edna Says:

    love every seconds of this drama..lol
    seriously… freakin addictive!

  666. 666 : Ceilo Says:

    love this drama,great story charming cast – it’s so addictive you just want more more. Why only 16? hai…

  667. 667 : Dessie Says:

    I really like this drama. Its soo much fun! The best thing is everyone’s imagination esp Jeremy it cracks me up all the time. oh i really do not like that Heyi everytime she comes on am just like omg go away!! lol

  668. 668 : Marlin Says:

    i’ve been watching it and i love it.
    it’s a really funny drama and awesome^___^

  669. 669 : Karen Says:

    I really like this drama!! all the three guys are soo good looking!! hongki is soo adorable!!

  670. 670 : Karen Says:

    this drama is driving me cccccccrrrrrrraaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyy! :O! :O!

  671. 671 : Emma Says:

    I love this drama its great Hwang Tae Kyung’s really cool n funny especially how he wants everythin done perfectly n is such a clean freak lol. Go mi Nam’s character is really cute n innocent, n Jeremy is soooooooo funny especially wen he talks to Jolie. Shin woo’s really sweet Love the whole cast, they act really well. Overalll the drama is great to watch, its funny, emotional and dramatic all at the same time oh n I love the ost. JGS voice amazingly!!!

  672. 672 : maryta Says:


    ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Jang Geun Suk as Hwang Tae Kyung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  673. 673 : Gladys Says:

    Everyone : O
    lets vote for YAB season 2!!!!!

    here is d link:

  674. 674 : Cheyenne Says:

    I’m so in love with JGS voice non stop playing in my work don’t understand korean but I love to hear his voice singing awesome!!! Wow WHAT A TALENT!!! Scroll down all the way to the buttom

    Jang Geun-seok – “말도 없이” (Without Words) [ Download ]

  675. 675 : Ze Says:

    It was good

  676. 676 : maichoua Says:

    ‘You’re Beautiful’ is not our heroine/ cocaine/ whatever. It’s our OXYGEN!

    We CANNOT live without YB.

    Sign if you’re with us!



  677. 677 : maichoua Says:

    ‘You’re Beautiful’ is not our heroine/ cocaine/ whatever. It’s our OXYGEN!

    We CANNOT live without YB.

    Sign if you’re with us!



  678. 678 : Myrna Says:


  679. 679 : oakland Says:

    this drama is incredibly awesome. dispite such disapointed rating ( i think it deserved at least 30), it is the best Korean drama of the year. love all the songs

  680. 680 : fizzy Says:

    Hi Angels [A.N.JELL Fans!]

    I didn’t notice people been thanking me for the ep 15 recaps.
    Hehehehe..you’re most welcome..
    And sorry I didn’t do the last episode recap because I’ve been so overwhelmed and happy with the ending.
    Plus, I know Javabeans would do a much better recap @ dramabeans.com, and she did.

    As our favorite drama has ended its run, I know all of you Angels are hoping for season 2.
    Can’t say I don’t want it, but I won’t be disappointed if there won’t be any.
    It ended beautifully, and I quite love it as it is.
    Perhaps a SPECIAL EPISODE might be better? 🙂

    Anyways, this is the facebook group I’ve created a while ago.
    It was meant for Malaysian Angels, but who am I to restrict anyone that united for A.N.JELL? hehhehe..
    Feel free to join this group..and share your undying love to A.N.JELL..


  681. 681 : peachaaesfrgeorgia Says:

    I can’t help it. I missed the ANJELLS so much since it is WED again and nothing to anticipate SO I watched it from the beginning and same same feelings came rushing out again. A SPECIAL IS JUST SO FITTING> GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE ANJELLS AGAIN. WE MISSED YOU BUT WE’RE SURE WE’LL SEE YOU IN THE NEXT DRAMa TOGETHER AGAiN. TILL THEN WE HERE WAITING

  682. 682 : lendi Says:

    shit! i love the story ….

    i can’t wait to see it on abs-cbn….upcoming asianovelas….i can’t wait also to see it in pinoy language……….. i them so much………

  683. 683 : anne Says:

    I am so in love with YAB.. I listen to their song everyday, eventhough I don’t understand it.. I hope there is a season 2.. Hate IRIS.. Because of it YAB have to end at 16 esp.. YAB is not the same as BOF.. It’s much more.. I totally recommend it.. Love TK..haha

  684. 684 : Elisa Says:

    So it is soo true….everyone is crazy of YAB! well I’m totally into them its unhealthy for me not to see them everyweek God I miss them so bad! why is this happening to me! i keep thinking about these 4 characters. I’m taking this too serriously and OVERLY OBSESSED!!!

  685. 685 : Celess Says:

    We are fans because we LIKE the series. To us its great…jus like me yeah, I totally agree w/ everyone here!!!I can’t believe I’m taking it to another level! I miss them a lot!

  686. 686 : Regina Says:

    A lot of people love the series including me I love YAB and always will!

  687. 687 : Ger Hang Says:

    we need a new season……bad ending….good story………but bad ending…….

  688. 688 : Coffee Says:

    Watching this series really awesome!well me I’m completely hyper pretty much ‘crazy, hyperventilating people as you put it. Gawd the 4 character are soo addicting to watch! ha.ha.ha.ha.ha. : )

  689. 689 : sammy Says:

    PRAISE TO HONG SISTERS!!! that create this drama, they really genius making drama, funny, romantic, and fresh. i really like their drama from chun-hyang now YAB. their absolutly genius. can’t wait to their another drama project.

  690. 690 : ann nicole Says:

    yeah you right, after all we have to thanks to hong sisters that make such entertaining drama like my girl or YAB. hope they can made more good drama lin the future..

  691. 691 : Doina Says:

    to the people who loved this series H U R R Y!!!

    Sign if you’re with us!



  692. 692 : Angela Says:

    Aigoo. this drama is getting so good. T__T
    I can’t wait. xD


  693. 693 : Peggy Says:

    I know.. I absolutely love this drama~! >

  694. 694 : Geraldine Says:


    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! *screams*

  695. 695 : Alice Says:

    I can’t beleive this series stuck in my brain we know its really over ~done~ I still want MORE! I should have watch my fav movie New moon Robert P. n Kristen n Dakota F. but I’m still busy surfing You’re BEautiful Cast in the internet…I love these 4 characters it was phenomenal for me…..meaning I would pick YAB than twilight n new moon…so unhealthy me!

  696. 696 : Denette Says:


  697. 697 : Iya Says:


  698. 698 : Kisha Says:

    tae kyung is all mine! park shin hye is so beautiful.love her acting skills
    tae kyung is so funny. if anyone can make a pig-rabbit like in the drama i’d totally buy it! including the cute hair clip.

  699. 699 : Nancy Says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!im on love with the drama!!!aaaaaaaaaaaahhh :O!

  700. 700 : Dorothy Says:

    hey guys please listen to this JGS songs oh man he’s voice make you fall in love with him! seriously:O :)!! Scroll down all the way to the buttom.


    Jang Geun-seok – “말도 없이” (Without Words) [ Download ]


  701. 701 : Maria Says:

    My TOP new generation lead actor are JANG GEUM SEOK N LEE MIN HO both of them are unbelievable actor! holy cow JGS very talented in singing with powerful voice! :0!

  702. 702 : Nelia Says:

    i love this drama. i love it when jang geun suk has his ssukso(smirk).. you’re beautiful is as good (maybe even better) as BOF!

  703. 703 : Lillian Says:

    Usually I’m not that fond of Korean dramas, but I absolutely love this show! It’s funny and it has new aspects to it that make it different from others. Did I mention that I love it?

  704. 704 : Vivian Says:

    I certainly agree with you! It definitely has its unique aspects that makes it different from the other korean dramas I’ve watched. Usually, the korean dramas I’ve watched seemed to drag on and lose its excitement along the way. So then I end up not finishing it and not liking it anymore. Surprisingly, for this korean drama it doesn’t drag on and it gets more interesting in each episode.
    I actually LOVE this drama!!

  705. 705 : Thelma Says:

    like it when JGS face when gets jealous this drama keeps me going although is over but I still keep watching it from the beginning! I wish they have season 2! Please don’t ask I already petition for this series : )

  706. 706 : Wanda Says:

    I’m very very thankful that the there is a series like this…I love all the CAST but I love more Taekyung (JGS) when he sings the ost. Gawd his voice so manly esp when sing so powerful love hearing it!

  707. 707 : KAILANIE Says:

    I haven’t watched BOF in full but I did like Meteor Garden and loved it too, but YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL seems to have a different feel and that’s what make it more appealing It is sweet without being cheesy and the cast are just so adorable Good Acting especially of Jong Hwa’s part -Shin WOO. I LOVE THIS DRAMA. MISSING THEM NOW> ANY NEW NEWS on a SPECIAL EPISODE?????

  708. 708 : Rory Says:

    I read in some site you guys are soo LUCK they start selling the pig rabbits soon!!! what about here in the u.s. in some korean plaza/store. I wish I can get that as for my Christmas gifts including the pin!

  709. 709 : tiffany Says:

    I’m dying with this series even its over now but still i keep watching over over and over again and no one can stop me….I was crazy with twilight and new moon but I’m totally overly obsessed with the 4 characters here! Love more guys you make my life complete.

  710. 710 : tiffany Says:

    Everyone please let them on the TOP COMMENDED series! oh gosh I can’t get over them seriously!

  711. 711 : Clarice Says:

    I feel like fallen in the song of JGS his acting is really one of the top notch the singing part is really powerful. He interpreted the song with a very good true feelings. Wow acting WoW singing and appearance totally he is the “PERFECT MAN “

  712. 712 : Lovely Says:

    JGS HAS A VERY BEAUTIFUL VOICE SO exceptional! They have all beautiful voice (ANJel). lOVE 4 of them!

  713. 713 : burberry Says:

    I’m now having problems with Christmas presents. Everyone I know wants the pig-rabbit stuff toy.

    I’d love to have one too – with JGS included! Will this be too much to ask for Christmas or am I in a queue.

  714. 714 : lorraine Says:

    i really love this drama! Especially JGS! He’s my perfect man. I wan pig-rabbit for christmas too!

  715. 715 : PresidentAhn Says:

    lets vote for YAB season 2!!!!!

    here is d link:

    plz make sure u do verify ur email upon signing.. kindly check @ ur mel… dont easily erase it.. once u verified, then THE VOTE IS COUNTED.. if not, this is going to a waste =(

    YAB 2 hwaiting!!

    *i need to keep reposting this, so that more addicts will aware ^^

    i am with fizzy:

    Feel free to join this group..and share your undying love to A.N.JELL..


  716. 716 : shosha Says:

    this is my favorit i love the couple and i love Hwang Tae Kyung when he say Go Mi Nam he very good i love every one in this drama

  717. 717 : VIOLA Says:

    really love this drama….and all angels in there XDXD
    JGS 100% supportin u…

  718. 718 : Gele Says:

    Anyone know where can I buy the pig rabbit? Its hard for me cuz I’m on the other of the world like up country west but we can order right in the web? too bad I don’t use cc online…I collected all korean drama dvd and cd’s soundtrack got to have those eventhough I don’t understand korean but I love to hear mellow language anyway I have to go all the way to L.A. korean plaza town maybe I can check it out there. :}!

  719. 719 : Zeny Says:

    Sign if you’re with us!



  720. 720 : Dorothy Says:

    Invite all your close friends to sign for the petition of SEASON 2!!!



  721. 721 : sAHArah Says:

    YES! going up and up! :0!


  722. 722 : Riza Says:

    YEAH go go go go!!! we will make it to TOP GOAL! Everybody fight all the way!


  723. 723 : Aubrey Says:

    JGS this guy is totally adorable as well PSH, LHK & JYH!

  724. 724 : Aile Says:

    “BLACK ENGINE”! ?!a variety of funky hairstyles I want to see that i mean the video!

  725. 725 : Erica Says:

    JGS oh gawd he is charming with all that smile/smirk very cute and adorable!! lol. GREAT ACTOR though

  726. 726 : cassie Says:

    DVD of YOU”RE BEAUTIFUL now selling on EBAY.Love to see SW on a bigger screen.. He is really handsome

  727. 727 : eugene Says:

    Love this drama. Lee Hong Ki is so lovely. Love this drama so much

  728. 728 : Isabella Says:

    I love the show!Especially Park Sin Hye

  729. 729 : Linda Says:

    Park Shin Hye was so lucky surrounded by 3 gorgeus guys….
    Love this drama….

    Go A.N.JELL!!


  730. 730 : PresidentAhn Says:

    @Gele – i thought someone said u can buy it at yesasia.. do check @ soompi if u want further detail ^^

    vote for YAB season 2! jackpot!

  731. 731 : shoppingnspree Says:


    i miss the show…

    (by the way that petitionspot website i have difficulty signing in…kept saying i type in the wrong anti-spam wordings. i insert 5 times i think… mayb shld ask the site to use easiler anti-spam… i almost give up signing in jus nw…)

  732. 732 : Maddy Says:

    Love the show esp the last 15min. JGS is simply great. He is indeed a guy of many faces.

  733. 733 : cassie Says:

    I miss the ANJELLS especially Shin Woo. I can’t wait to get a copy of the DVD. I watched BOF cuz there was nothing to do and for me Nothing compare to my favorite drama of all times- YOU”RE BEAUTIFUL.. It is a really BEAUTIFUL drama with such good actors/actress Thanks again. HAPPY HOLIDAYS. I want the star pendant for X’mas…

  734. 734 : eugene Says:

    I love Shin Woo and Mi Nam. I love this show because of both of them.

  735. 735 : Nabila Says:

    Exellent star! Excellent acting…more power to all the main lead.

  736. 736 : thisbe Says:

    Basically JGS, I am in love with you! xoxo..

  737. 737 : Selma Says:

    To all the cast YAB I just love you guys too much!!! Hoping for season 2 please!!!

  738. 738 : Janae Says:



  739. 739 : Cherry Says:

    Sobrang ganda ng series YB super naka ka in love ang mga STAR JGS, PSH, LHK, JYH, manager ma & president ah. Hopefully I can wach it in ABS CBN too like BOF is going to be da kapamilya on Dec 6 or 7. YAB is my #1 2nd BOF kala ko wala na makakatalo sa BOF meron pala YAB Yes! sobrang aliw me. aja!

  740. 740 : Relexa Says:

    hello YAB, All of you are always in the heart of millions FANS form all over the world. This is to wish you have a safe holiday!

  741. 741 : Earleen Says:

    Iris is a way better than YAB

  742. 742 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    iris is way better than yb? really now.. convince yourself

  743. 743 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:


  744. 744 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    guys, do yourselves a favor and sign the petition! we all want a nice christmas gift!


  745. 745 : august Says:

    just cant let it go YB i miss you all

  746. 746 : nana Says:

    me too .. I cannot let go and keep watching it over and over again and follow the news of the drama, actors and writers T_T

  747. 747 : cassandra Says:

    I really love this drama and am with the rest of the fans here-I miss the cast so much SW more so than others. I love Joong Hwa’s acting. His facial expression is just superb-perfect for the character Shin Woo. JKS has been a favorite too in BV & Baby & Me & DOREME……. Hongki what a cutie and Shin Hye just a wonderful young actress. The cast just have great chemistry that welded it together for all to appreciate & admire. Good Luck to the cast and to all a very Happy Holidays.

  748. 748 : vandasanderiana Says:

    I miss this drama.It ended so soon and was short. I hope that the production crew rethink it and come up with some sort of special episode or season as clamored by everyone here on this forum. I love this drama so SWEET and REFRESHING

  749. 749 : callalily Says:

    I keep watching this beautiful drama for it is the only one I can find that makes me SMILE. The Hong sisters did another masterpiece like DElightful girl Choon Hyang and My Girl. NIce Thnaks

  750. 750 : cassie Says:

    My favorite ANGEL in ANJELL SHINWOO. I miss his facial expression. I just love his character in this drama. You are truly an Angel to GMN-and this also shows the “TIS BETTER TO HAVE LOVED AND LOST THAN NEVER TO HAVE LOVED AT ALL”. What a great drama….Jong Hwa you are on the road to being a very good actor so AJA!

  751. 751 : robbie Says:

    Even with TK’s Goodbye song, I can’t seem to say goodbye to this wonderful cast. I really really miss them especially Shin Woo.

  752. 752 : Malaysiabeauty Says:

    i luv the songs: promise and without words, very lovely and nice. It ‘s JGS sang that song?

  753. 753 : lanie Says:

    I don’t know if it is just me but everytime I watch this (for the nth time) I feel like I’m watching it for the first time and would not want to miss a thing-dialogue or what not. After all this time I am still in awe on how a newcomer like Yong Hwa pulled the character of Shin Woo so perfectly.

  754. 754 : mauidoll Says:

    I love tis drama and the cast as well as the songs Amzing that all 5 characters are singers for real JKS

  755. 755 : BALIGIRL Says:

    I am watching this awesome drama again today and I laughed as hard and cried hard as the first time I watched it. I just have the guts to let go. I enjoyed and SMILED like crazy as I did when it was first aired. I love and will continue to support this drama and the cast

  756. 756 : BALIGIRL Says:

    I am at episode 11 and I can’t stop. I just love Yong Hwa -he is so handsome in this episode while waiting for GMN I keep on rewinding to that part. Poor Shin Woo- bt i love looking at his face-he is such an angel I’m nuts really……

  757. 757 : shoppingnspree Says:

    i miss jgs..when is his next show/project…??

  758. 758 : Anne Says:

    I have rewatched this drama over and over again,and I still love it.
    I hope for a sequel for I love all the people in this drama.
    But I love most the team up of Jang Geun Seok and park Shin Hye….
    They are just awesome together….and wish that they are for real life…..
    Ah…LOL…that will be a dream come true for me if it will happen.

    Anyway…a new project for them together will be a heaven sent….
    And the AN Jell together again…..that will be my Christmas wish this year…

  759. 759 : nina Says:

    OMG i watch again and again ..still don’t want this drama end..but this drama still in heart..i talk about this drama with my friends everyday and they’re still watching..but for me i watched it but now watching again still ep8.
    I raelly this TK and GMN .Sinwoo . Jeremy.
    Jeremy..his voice so amazing, And TK his voice too..strong passion.
    This is really really good drama

  760. 760 : olive Says:

    hello..i just want to ask, what was the title of the sOng i heard n the scene b4 tae kyung was been followed by the pig??? the one also in his commerciaL after Mi Nam jump on the track???

  761. 761 : Daphne Says:


    All the way You’re BEautiful! Yes!

  762. 762 : Friends Says:

    i really enjoyed this drama, and although i’m sad to see it end, tis Bittersweet! love you guys! when the next project?

  763. 763 : Lily Says:

    I will miss you’re beautiful wed/thu this is the first time that I felt so empty after a drama finish…I know there still more nice drama…but it feels so weird like someting is really missing i hate this feeling no more YAB to look forward every week! well to that was the PHENOMENON DRAMA for 2009!

  764. 764 : Gardenia Says:

    I can’t believe it’s over! All the FAns would be as addicted as I did! There was a lot to love in every episod. On a final note (really and truly final! *sniff*), I think my favorite moment was when Tae-kyung was able to recognize Mi-nyeo just by her hands. How completely sweet! Sigh. I’m going to miss these four. I suppose Season 2 or special movie would be too much to ask, but really I can’t help wishing! it’s hard to say goodbye.

  765. 765 : Haley Says:

    YAB I’m extremely satisfied every episode produce with such high QUALITY!

  766. 766 : Rosco Says:


  767. 767 : mINNIE Says:

    I didn’t expect it to be touching for a light-hearted drama like this. i liked how it all wrapped up nicely. THANK YOU TO ALL THE CAST for making me feel happy! I watching it again 🙂

  768. 768 : Sha Says:

    final episode 16 aww!! Thanks a lot for this.. this made me cry! hahaha… I love how they end this drama.. it’s not so grand, but it’s not so simple either… I love it.

  769. 769 : Eves Says:

    Overall of this series, though, nothing can tarnish the amazing job that the kids did. Their BTS antics and their parodies left me ROFL, and their happiness was infectious. Thanks!

  770. 770 : Yeng Says:

    (wails)~ it ended… wahhhh… gonna miss it very much 🙁

  771. 771 : Micmic Says:

    This drama has been a total blast. It had it all, ooos, awwws, giggles, angst and the type of all out laughs that make you think that you may have just hurt yourself. Sorry to see it end, but it is definately one that will be rewatched. More than once I’m sure. aja!!

  772. 772 : Micmic Says:

    It’s unbelievably hard to let go of this drama… *sigh* —> crash coming in.

  773. 773 : Lorett Says:

    Wow….I could never have put my thoughts about this drama down so quickly. And in such a precise manner. As I read it, I kept agreeing with what you were saying. Unique drama ever!

  774. 774 : Ritz Says:

    huhuhuhuhuhuh why I miss them so badly! do you guys feel me righ???!!!

  775. 775 : Dorothy Says:

    Please vote! http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/YB2/

  776. 776 : foxy Says:

    aish … i miss them .. why they ended the series too ealry … i really like the story … ^_^ really funny … i live TK… ^_^ hope hs goin to have new project …

  777. 777 : leyla Says:

    season 2 please!!! i miss this drama!!!

  778. 778 : Raney Says:

    I FEEL YOU…IT’S A SERIES THAT STORY WORTH WATCHING…waaaahhhh still I really miss them! season 2!

  779. 779 : Tinker Says:

    Very unique series for 2009! my 1st You’re Beautiful 2nd Bof 3rd ? don’t know yet let me think /D

  780. 780 : Marlin Says:

    What I really really want to have for christmas is pig rabbit with pin too (((hug)))! where can i get those please?

  781. 781 : k21 Says:

    hey every1…
    lets sign e petition n hope for a season 2 yea?
    hwaiting you’re beautiful!!!!!!

  782. 782 : Denise Says:

    Please vote for season 2 http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/YB2/

  783. 783 : Helen Says:

    I watched it I really like JGS hes voice really nice to hear so talented also the cast are great great actors and actress! AWESOME!!! I give you guys A MILLION of STAR!!! I have fun for this series!

  784. 784 : iona Says:

    Never in my entire life watching asianovela that makes me ADDICTED like YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL. I need medication to overcome my addiction to YB. hahahahahaha! Love this extraordenaire series with such hunky and yummy TK. What can you ask for?!

  785. 785 : kally Says:

    i have watched more then 50 k-dramas but so far i think this drama is the best also the rating is so far good…xx
    good luck for the rating.

  786. 786 : nana Says:

    if we have to choose the best drama then it has to be YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL

  787. 787 : Dorothy Says:

    omg……omg…..omg…..omg….You’re Beautiful the best I would rank Bof 2nd!!! cuz I love the 4 characters JGS, PSH, LHK, JYH, manager mah and president Ah! BRILLIANT!!!

  788. 788 : Deb Says:

    Yeah! You’re Beautiful the best kdrama 2009!

    ~~I will never, ever let go of the STAR I have finally grabbed.~~

    ~~Yeah, don’t ever let go. I’ll only shine in front of you.~~

    Love like you’ve never been hurt!

  789. 789 : Aiele Says:

    Yes! Go higher ratings best korean drama 2009!

    Please vote for season 2 http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/YB2/

  790. 790 : Erica Says:

    my favorite part: ep 16

    Mi-nyeo: “I will never, ever let go of the star I have finally grabbed!”
    Tae-kyung: “Yeah, don’t ever let go. I’ll only shine in front of you.”

  791. 791 : pearl Says:

    Started to watch it again for about 12 times now. I am still in awe and can’t stopped. Any news about season 2 or even a special episode as suggested by some here. MISS you all ANJELLS

  792. 792 : Tin Says:

    OMG! totally voted this drama for best drama award. (i voted shining inheritance also as I thought it was a unique and very touching story)
    I CAN’T stop laughing watching the videos even if I watched them 3-5 times already 😀

  793. 793 : Coordi Wang Says:

    so eXcited coz our YB is leading the Best Drama!! JACKPOT!!

    the yb petition for season 2 is quite slow.. now it was like 4,044 only..
    i wonder why =O.. plz spread the words, i dunno whther the netizens aware about this poll &,&

    *praying for special episode (at least)* ^^

  794. 794 : ety Says:


    This drama was great. Nice story, nice plot and nice cast. Bravo to the star and production. Jeremy soo cute.

  795. 795 : Vera Says:

    Can’t Stop to thingking of “You’re Beautiful” everyday….So ADDICTED to watch AGAIN and AGAIN…and AGAIN…I Smille…I Cry…I laugh very laoud because of this drama…Sooo AWESOME…..

    ” YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL” must to be best drama….!!!!!!!

  796. 796 : Vera Says:

    …….I’ve always thingking of this drama all day long….


    …………..GOOD ACTORs ang ACTRESS….

    ………………..GOOD SONG…………..

    …..GOOD JOB GUYS……Luv YOU all…..

  797. 797 : sandy Says:

    I voted YAB the best drama of the year, and JGS the most favourite actor..He is so cute especialy his smile. More news about him can check on dramabeans website

  798. 798 : wtf Says:

    although this drama has low ratings in korea, IN international its NO.1

    dont hesitate to watch this. i’ll recommend it. if you dont watch this, its your loss.

  799. 799 : august Says:

    @760 olive says breathless shayne ward

  800. 800 : Xochitl Says:

    I really have no idea if this was popular or not in Korea. but i obsolutely love it. i cant stop thinking about it. I’m at school and I’m like… i cant wait to keep on watching it,

  801. 801 : Ara Says:

    I am suffering from severe YAB withdrawal symptom now. Please help me to overcome why do all good things come to an end?

  802. 802 : Kristin Says:

    i love the final episode i will miss you jermy shin woo minam and specially tae kyung saraneyo jang geun seuk forever my love

  803. 803 : Leatrice Says:

    *sob* Im still crying. 1st coz i rili hits the heart and 2nd coz its over and i dont know what to do to relieve the depression and withdrawal syptoms.
    This is my No.1 K-drama of all time. I fell in love with JGS *sigh*
    Wednesdays and Thursdays will never ever be the same.

  804. 804 : Beyondparadise Says:

    It was so great to have followed this drama.

  805. 805 : Emily Says:

    I will really miss this drama heaps T__T
    Can’t believe there’s no more thurs/fri for me to look forward to :[

  806. 806 : Shae Says:

    Yes! It’s been a wonderful journey with YAB and I’m saddened to see it’s come to an end. however, the love for this drama will stay on for sure. I loved every episode for this drama, but I wish the Hong sisters could grant fans the ultimate wish. Tthis show is already my favorite and will be CHERISHED for a long time…;)

  807. 807 : Ruth Says:

    Please vote for season 2 http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/YB2/

  808. 808 : Alexandria Says:

    I have truly enjoyed this drama and will miss it very much. Im looking forward for more dramas from you guys!

  809. 809 : Veronica Says:

    Oraleh!!!! great ending! HOpe to see you guys soon in your new drama! SEASON 2 PLEASEEEEEEE!!!

  810. 810 : Hazel Says:


  811. 811 : Malou Says:

    I’ll surely miss YAB. Looking forward to fun and fabalous kdramas in the future!! Anyway why it ended soon! darn it LOVE IT!

  812. 812 : Daisy Says:

    Never a drama has been so well casted. Thumbs up to the whole YAB Team!!

  813. 813 : Mayla Says:

    My life after YAB will never be the same. It has been a GREAT part of my life and I think I am not ready to let it go just yet. anyway I can still see them and surf in you tube!

  814. 814 : Kara Says:

    MY FAVE drama!! of all time!! love every single episode! the characters and those playing them! :)) They deserve more than what the ratings show 🙁

  815. 815 : michEric Says:

    wish for special episode or season2!!!
    for the ending,i feel disappointed because too short for it. make us feel not enough. should be longer bit. hehehehe.
    after this drama, really dont know want continue watch what drama. because this drama really is the best drama that i ever watched. this drama is interesting, funny, comedy @ romance. very touch my heart. make me cry….
    really hope that mi nam bro wil appear more .. because he not much appear since he quite much related in this drama(he say he wan find his mumy) but at the end is mi nam find.
    in conclusion, this drama really [email protected] the ending not enough for me.
    *really wish that there is special episode or season 2..

  816. 816 : Yoomi Says:

    I really enjoy watching the drama, and now I’ll go to see it for the second time^^. I think the ending is too short, should have made a really huge one… can’t think of what but I hope there’ll be special movie about it too^^. GeunSuk image is soo different from what his previous one. and I like to see him got slimmer that way too^^

  817. 817 : peaches Says:

    I miss Shin WOo (Yong Hwa)- I love his character and acting-for a newbie he sure knows how to express the feelings asked of the character SW. From the start we know he will not get the girl but I don’t know why I was rroting for him and crying with him. I cried hard with Jeremy while he was in his magic bus. I hope to see them together again. God Bless to Guan Seuk, Yong Hwa, Hongki & most of all to Sweet, pretty & wonderful Park Shin Hye–GMN

  818. 818 : Rin Says:

    I really miss this drama so much.YAB is my favorite drama this year. I hope YAB is the best drama of the year.I love JGS.he is so handsome….special…great OST. I listen to it all day…:) (o^_^o)

  819. 819 : izher16 Says:

    I’m very much hooked on this one. Excellent performance for everyone. One of the best romance-comedy I’ve ever watched. I wanted to get a DVD of this one but sadly, it’s not available yet here in Philippines. Does anyone knows where I can buy a DVD copy of this? Please help me…

  820. 820 : franzella Says:

    you’re beautiful youu ROCKK!!!

  821. 821 : franzella Says:

    please vote for you’re beautiful 🙂 http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=977

  822. 822 : gogz Says:

    lets help petition for season 2 of this great drama…. go to this page and verify your support by opening your e-mail add and clicking the link….. http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/YB2

  823. 823 : burberry Says:

    I just have to visit this thread! You’re Beautiful will remain my favourite for 2009.

  824. 824 : sara Says:

    wow.so many comments.but why the rating is just 10%.h havent watched this drama yet.can some body tell me why the rating is like this if this drama is that great?

  825. 825 : Show2007 Says:

    It was showed at the same slot (same date and time) as IRIS (the high budget and more famous casts). Therefore, even though their rating is only 11%, they stay pretty strong. They rated 2nd at the same time slot. It is a light and funny Kdrama. You should try it. You will like it.

  826. 826 : Show2007 Says:

    In fact, I am still suffering from the YAB withdrawal symptom as well. I have been searching everything about JGS for the past weeks and glad to hear that he is appointed to be a MC for 1st Melon Music award…hurray… I can see his beautiful faces on screen. I found couple JGS haters spreading bad words online and just want to clarify that people who like YAB are not ALL TEENEAGERS, I am a mother of two and have a decent job. So stop being sterotyped. Hopefully SBS will listen to our requests, – a season 2, a special or a movie… whatever is good!

  827. 827 : lollollololo Says:

    gay drama i ever seen

  828. 828 : taka Says:

    you are beautiful is my best korean drama of 2009 keep it up guys.
    some of my top list of korean drama are as follows.
    1.you are beautiful
    2.boys over flower
    3.shining inheritance
    4.full house
    5.my girl

  829. 829 : Manager Ma Says:


    im completely agree with show2007.. i was looking at this thread when a fren suggestd me to this drama then wondering why the rating is ‘not so good’.. i gave it a try when it was still aired in Korea till episode 8 — i was hooked then and being a maniac, contributing to traffic in viikii.net (viewers at viikii for this drama was like 3 MILLION ++ — the highest i think).. hehehe!

    the storyline, casts n crews are so great!! the OST is EXCELLENT!!!

    u really should should watch this!! u wont miss anything– i guarantee ^^

  830. 830 : gail Says:

    You’re Beautiful is sooooo good, really best korean drama this year. I love all the cast and the pigrabbit. I miss them!!!!

  831. 831 : nina Says:

    Love this drama. The best I’ve ever seen. JKS’s voice is sooooooo sexy.

  832. 832 : kyut77 Says:

    i still cant get over this drama..i love it…i really really hope there’s season 2…because of this drama, i took a lay over in Korea when i go visit Philippines and learning korean..i LOVE the OST for this drama..I’m grateful that there are websites we all addicts can go to watch KDrama..this is my all time favorite so far..
    1. You’re Beautiful
    2. Winter Sonata
    3. Full House
    4. Boys Over Flowers
    5. Jumong

  833. 833 : Jessica Says:

    Oh gosh you’re beautiful is awesome!!!
    Addicted to Jeremy*Hong Gi’s cuteness =D
    This are my fav K drama list
    1. You’re beautiful
    2. Wonderful life
    3. Hwang Jin Yi (Ep1-9)
    4. Dae Jang Geum
    5. Heading to the ground

  834. 834 : JaCyThEdOrKy Says:

    jang geun seuk very very very very handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  835. 835 : sheryltan Says:

    I love this drama very much…..I have even watched it for da second time …wish to have second season..or a special edition….

    GOOD JOB to ‘you’re beautiful’ team!!!!!

  836. 836 : greenstar Says:

    this’s the drama which i’ve loved so much…. maybe it’ll be best korean drama of 09…. !^^… VOTE IT!!!

  837. 837 : jemma Says:

    let’s make You’re beautiful the high ranking drama in this website through comments .

    go!go! go! guys !

    but i knew it will soon be the top ranked when people got to know it in the future . .

  838. 838 : Sadaiko Says:

    I loved You’re Beautiful (as well as my two other sisters) so much!! ^A^~//

    It was by far better than Boys over Flowers. ^-^*
    Though, I wish that they did not rush the ending of You’re Beautiful. -_-
    I would have been satisfied if there were at least twenty episodes to finish it properly.
    With the ending they had, I am expecting a second season! ^.^ Please! This drama was amazing and I am sad to see that it is over… ;_;
    The actors and characters were terrific! Yay~
    I loved this drama!
    It deserves a much higher rating!
    It will stay in my memory forever. *n_n* I will watch it until I get sick of it.


  839. 839 : aurea Says:

    Agreed. You’re Beautiful is way much better than BOF. Though I felt the same way with JIHOON and SHINWOO-The BEST and PERFECT GUY did not get the girl. WHAAAAAAAAA

  840. 840 : taka Says:

    plaese vote for YAB, i already voted for you are beautiful.i’m not korean but i luv korean dramas,movies,people,etc and now i cannot live without watching korean dramas and movies everyday.i m from ASIA but i live in California.YAB you ROCKkkkkkkkkk…..

  841. 841 : Roberta Says:

    I just voted for my favorite drama of all times. I miss them. Hope to see all of them together in YAB II. Happy Holidays.

  842. 842 : UCDAVISGAL Says:

    I miss them and I feel empty when Wed & Thursdays come. I just keep on watching it again and I love that song that keeps coming to my mind–WITHOUT WORDS. MY # 1 drama of all times YOU”RE BEAUTIFUL. PARK SHIN HYE, JSK, JYH,HONGKI-you did what others failed in the past for me (my opinion) YOU MADE ME SMILE LIKE CRAZY, LAUGH LIKE I AM GOING BANANAS AND CRIED LIKE A BABY I LOVE YOU ALL & I MISS YOU. GOOD LUCK

  843. 843 : sandy Says:

    Is there anywhere to buy un-cut version of this drama? Love this drama very very much.. Love all the characters

  844. 844 : aira 84 Says:

    really good drama with good ost..

  845. 845 : Anne Says:

    OMG. when they were still promoting this drama, i never really paid attention to it. But when my friend said i SHOULD WATCH THIS, i was like, okay but then later on.. THIS DRAMA MADE ME GO CRAZY!!! I LOVE THIS DRAMA!! waaaayyy MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER than boys over flowers!! PLEEEEAASSEE MAKE A SEASON 2!!! PLEASE!! i miss hwang tae kyung! shin woo! and jeremy!! go mi nam!!!

  846. 846 : jackieness Says:

    this drama will be air in the philippines by abs-cbn….cant wait…hehehe,,

  847. 847 : tin Says:

    will it be really aired in philippines?? ^^ yay

  848. 848 : aurora Says:

    I am addicted and can’t get over it so here I am just dropping by at this forum. It only shows how the drama had affected many people.

  849. 849 : danielle Says:

    I am in the US for the holidays from NETHERLANDS with my best friend’s family and they introduce me to YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL and I i.mmediately fell in love with the dram and the cast

  850. 850 : Chun_Ru Says:

    Currently ADDICTED to You’re Beautiful!!! The best drama 2009!

  851. 851 : cainers Says:

    Great drama !!!! Very recommended…
    Can’t stop smiling everytime I remembered all the scenes.

  852. 852 : Mimi Says:

    I love this drama…..so funny and touchy at the same time.
    Have watched Jang Geun Suk’s Hong Gil Dong…it is amazing to watch how he can totally inspired a character in a film. I like Tae Kyung but sometimes I wish that Mi Nyu will choose Shin Woo than Tae Kyung…welll anyway I love all of them, sad that it is end so fast.

  853. 853 : didi Says:

    WOOHOO….. this drama is so good!! can’t believe it! Huang te geong: so Handsome… hehe^^

  854. 854 : Michelle Says:

    Vote for A.N Jell drama!!! PLEASE PLEASE!!!We need the same characters for season2!!!!

  855. 855 : wtf Says:

    tnx to hong sister who made a really wonderful drama.

  856. 856 : wtf Says:

    more powers to hong sisters. we need you to make another great story.

  857. 857 : jgs psh Says:

    wish jang geun seuk and park shin hye will be together for real.i love them.i want season 2.its a demand!xD

  858. 858 : ehm Says:

    i love the whole story.. yet it seems that the story has not yet ended.. ill be waiting for the next season 🙂

  859. 859 : dho Says:

    I’m currently watching 11 episodes, but i gotta go to the campus… is the end like not ends yet?
    Whoa… i’m dissappointed if that’s true.
    The movie is uncommonly entertaining. Yes, i agreed they should make SEASON TWO.

  860. 860 : vivi Says:

    the drama is fantastic, I love Yang Geun Suk so much he is so handsome, is there anyone know the fan club webstie? English one? Love him…..

  861. 861 : BANANNA Says:

    “that’s right.
    i want to deny it, but those words are correct.
    i was startled to see her in that state,
    angry that someone else was with her.
    and after seeing it, I felt pain
    And feeling pain, i lose”
    -You’re Beautiful-Ep.12-taekyung-

  862. 862 : Thiozard Says:

    luv this drama so much much much…

  863. 863 : mashigirlz Says:

    i love this drama so much….i hope they make season 2 coz it was a great drama ever ..should be nominate as the best korean drama in 2009…saranghee….

  864. 864 : cassie Says:


  865. 865 : Liss Says:

    SEASON 2 PLZ PLZ PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’LL B WAITING!!! I WON’T B DISSAPOINTED!!!!!!

  866. 866 : alain Says:

    vote Your Beautiful best drama of 2009 on koreandrama.org!!!!! Maybe then they will see how much this drama is loved and make season 2!!!!!

  867. 867 : tyler swift Says:

    please vote for YAB.i luv you guys esp JGS and i also just voted for YAB.if they make season 2 the viewers will give high ratings cos they already like it so much.i wish they can have a ANGEL concert one day i realy wanted to see them together once again.

  868. 868 : umcdavisgal Says:

    I repeated ep11 so many times and I can’t get over SW. I really like his character here and Jeremy just cracks me up everytime how he was beside himself upon knowing GMN is a girl hehehehe. What a wonderful and endearing drama. It would have been better if they extended it. Anyway even a special ep will do for me. I miss them too. HAPPY HOLIDAYS FELLOW BEAUTIFUL FANS OF YAB

  869. 869 : toliz Says:

    i love this drama!!!
    i want season 2 ^_^

  870. 870 : ANGIE Says:

    I can’t believe myself—-I am going nuts if I don’t watch it even for a day. YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL casts you brought such warm feelings to all of us here in this forum. YOU MADE US SMILE……… & feel in love with ya all………..

  871. 871 : lanie Says:

    I know it’s been said many times but what the heck——–I want SEASON 2
    miss them so bad

  872. 872 : callalily Says:


  873. 873 : Michelle Says:

    it’s never too much to say season 2. the more we say them the more they’ll do season 2. yeah !!! SEASON 2 !!!!!!!!
    the series really made me feel sad when they ended. i want to see them get married, have kids and their lifestyle as a family in the idol group. i know its just a fantasy but who knows it might come true. hong sisters! i hope you’ll see all these comments to know tht you did great in “go mi nam story.” nunas! fighting!

  874. 874 : _hyuknem_ Says:

    plz….plz…YAh2…… i really love Jang Geun Suk and his character….
    His eyes….his lips…his moves……they are all lovely :X……
    Love him …love this drama…so do AnJell

  875. 875 : Lolo Says:

    can i see your beaytifal with arabic lyrics

  876. 876 : sandy Says:

    Season 2 pls.. can’t have enough from yet.. Love this drama very very much

  877. 877 : deeps Says:

    this is such a funny heart warming feel-good drama… it leaves you wanting loads more! this has been my favorite drama of the year… I’m so looking forward to the next drama by the Hong sisters… they write exactly my brand of funny!

  878. 878 : iona Says:

    love this show. can’t help to smile and shout and giggle and cry and laugh and thrilled. what a very nice and entertaining drama series. love it! love you TK

  879. 879 : P Says:


    The last episode sucked. I wanted them to end up together desperately and im beyond happy that they did but the last episode was crap. I feel like ive been robbed and wish theyd remake the last episode or make another one so i can overwrite its current ending episode. It was as though by the time they ended up together and everything was resolved she was a completely different person and not the Go Mi Nam i had come to know and cherish. I almost felt as though he (Hwang Tae Kyung) ended up with someone other than his true love Go Mi Nam.

    The reason im so upset however, is because i fell very deeply in love with almost all of the characters in this story. Other than the last episode and the end of the 15th episode, this show has been truly wonderful. And until the end, Hwang Tae Kyung and Go Mi Nam were one of my favorite matches in fiction.

  880. 880 : thoy Says:

    I like dama very much
    I want season2. please………..

  881. 881 : mimi Says:

    PLEASE VOTE! clicking the link….. http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/YB2

  882. 882 : SeaIsland Says:


  883. 883 : Yvette Says:

    What a wonderful drama – enjoyed it from start to finish! cross the finger for SEASON 2!!!

  884. 884 : Yeng Says:

    Best wishes & love to Jang Geun Seuk, Park Shin Hye, Hong Ki & Shinwoo. Have a safe holiday!!!

  885. 885 : Tasha Says:

    My favourite drama of all time – YAB! All I can say what a great cast! love four of them!!! hope they can make drama as soon as possible!!!

  886. 886 : Van Says:

    I really enjoy with this series Lots of FUN ..!!!!!

  887. 887 : lyness_marklee Says:

    hello i need to know………..plz somebody teel mee..its good drama i watch this drama really-really bad drama the story line really bad..the acting so good its really-really bad..look the rating 10-12 …looking the comment for this drama wow……..many good comment to recommended to watch this drama….hem…dont judge the actor is handsome n u all say the drama is good..i m really sad to say is not good drama to recommended to watch jang geun soek better act from hwang jin yi,,, i love that drama so good n fantastic….

  888. 888 : lucille (philippines) Says:

    (no offense to the fans) i think the story’s too shallow… i just skipped some of the episodes just to find out the ending…
    the OST’s good but then if i havent read some of the comments from this series, i wouldnt know that the lead actors where really the one singing it; because when they are acting their part where they are singing it, it looks like they are lip singing it thus making the act unnatural…
    anyway, i still find JGS’ (taekyung) acting good but PSH’s acting (go mi nam) irritating and child-like.
    i am not a fan of boys over flowers but i would much recommend it than this one to be watched (at least BOF has a good storyline)…thus im surprised that it got high votes for best drama for 2009 (which i believe should belong to shining inheritance — at least for the time being from the dramas of 2009 that i have seen already)…
    nonetheless, i hope to find JGS/PSH/others in another series with good story and their best acting being shown 🙂

  889. 889 : s.c.choi Says:

    난 한국인인데
    해외에서 이드라마가 인기가 많다니까 기분이 좋다
    사실 국내에서는 아이리스 때문에 좀 힘들었거든..
    하지만 ‘미남이시네요’ 많은 해외 팬들이 이렇게 응원해주니 기쁘네
    지금 한국에서는 감독판DVD를 기다리고 있는데 기대 만빵^^
    너희들도 이 감독판DVD를 볼수있음 좋을텐데…영어자막이 나갈련지 모르겠네
    아무튼 시즌2를 위해서!! 파이팅!!

  890. 890 : mytruestyle (philippines) Says:

    Light drama is not equal to Shallow.

    You’re Beautiful is not perfect. But there must be SOMETHING about IT which makes the viewers place their vote for this drama.

    Maybe because it is relevant- seeing the immense popularity of Kpop across the globe;

    maybe because it features a Cast that do have- IN ADDITION to the LOOK for the characters – the capacity to act the part (as realistically as they could).
    This is one particular drama wherein a viewer/follower finds it VERY DIFFICULT not to like ALL Characters.
    UEE played her part well, she is a lovable villain.

    or maybe because it is fun- (a) parodies that worked; (b) how the writers, and also as seen in the drama being acted out by the cast, had their take on FANDOM- fanfiction with all those pairings/shippings imaginable, how fans assume to know the REAL deal or what are the chances of them ‘knowing’ things done that are not only for show.

    Surely we have seen how others tried using the same formula in various drama. Some of them failed. But You’re Beautiful did not disappoint me. It is not perfect, but for me- its the best I have seen yet.

  891. 891 : ABC Says:

    I saw this drama becaue of the votes made by the viewers. To be honest, I am surprised that this drama is not bad at all. Actually, I finish the whole drama within two days. And, now I am on my second time watching it..

    Overall, I like “City Hall” the best. But, I highly recommend this drama if you are bored like me and suprised to see another good drama like “You are beautiful”.

  892. 892 : Adrienne Says:

    I know it myself I really had fun watching four of them are my FAVORITE STARS THAT ONLY SHINE INFRONT OF ME!!!!

  893. 893 : Nana Says:


  894. 894 : Audrey Says:

    Shout out for all the actors in this show, hope they enjoy similar success in the future, and in the meantime take care and rest up well!

    Wishing you all the timeless treasures of Christmas – the warmth of home, the joy of togetherness, and the love of family.

  895. 895 : Ruth Says:

    I’ll miss YAB really much the drama of the year! THUMPS UP FOR YAB!
    Everyone had a lot of FUN for this drama!

  896. 896 : Liz Says:

    I love this drama! this is what people needs to see to keep their spirits up! Yes, its a typical and common love triangle between 2 enemies being lovers and a sweet guy loosing to the other guy, also the story of a girl pretending to be a boy has been played a few times..BUT that’s what Korean drama is good at.. making a common story to a very beautiful, interesting and funny drama.. that most people loved to watch…

    Lately, Korean dramas were all about revenge, lies, hardships, heavy drama, action.. but i did’nt say they were not good.. they were interesting and i love a few of them.. YET, I miss the drama Korean are KNOWN for and BEST at.. A FUNNY and CHILDISH Love story! THIS DRAMA reminds me of the OLD days! And I really have fun watching it… I wish they will make another funny love story…

    After BOYS BEFORE FLOWER, this year, THIS DRAMA IS my 2nd best in my lists, that really inspired me, make me laugh and “kikiligin to the max”! (Filipinos may understand this term)

    LOve this and I really RECOMMEND this!!!!

    ANJELL are so cool and good looking!!!!!!!!

  897. 897 : rini Says:

    Yeah this drama isn’t the ‘hard drama’ like Shining Inheritance ( I like the SH much too after so long not watching interesting kdrama, I found SH the most interesting). I didn’t expect much for the first to watch this drama unless to see Jang Guen Suk (cause he’s one of my idol since Hwang Ji Ni n always see his drama cause I think he’s the most talented young korean star) BUT what I see is beyond of my expectation..THIS DRAMA is made me ADDICTED like ‘my name is KimSamSoon’..Wow.. From the start I can’t stop move my eyes from this drama until it’s finished..so complete..Fun n Entertaining!! It’s not about just the story but also the casting n the Soundtrack..I Downloaded the Soundtrack n never get tired to listen over n over again.. No wonder there are so many ppl like this drama even the rating wasn’t so (y)Gººoooººooºººd (y) ..it ‘s really a MUST SEE drama for this YEAR!!!

  898. 898 : zulfa Says:

    serubgt nwe serial…..

  899. 899 : august Says:

    i told my sister about this drama shes more into anime and manga and has only watched a few dramas, she totally fell in love with it and stayed up all night to watch the whole series

    shes 54 im 43 yab lovers all the way

    happy holidays yab fans

  900. 900 : Celes Says:


  901. 901 : cARrie Says:

    Everything is GreAt about this series i love it is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!

  902. 902 : tyler swift Says:

    the best drama ever keep it uuuuuuuppppp……..

  903. 903 : iona Says:


  904. 904 : Abbie Says:

    Sigh.. happy with it. and i’m so buying the dvd. please come out soon!

  905. 905 : Abbie Says:


  906. 906 : Katkat Says:

    Watching this series it was a great experienced. TOTALLY GREAT EVER DRAMA for 2009!

  907. 907 : Katkat Says:

    I’ll still cross my fingers for a second season! Anyone knows when? So much love for this drama.

  908. 908 : Melisa Says:


  909. 909 : Rac Says:

    I am also suffering from withdrawal (just like many other fans here as well).

    This was a GREAt drama, and i loved it so DEARLY!

  910. 910 : Carly Says:

    Gosh…Im having a DILEMMA now to forget YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL…i love…this drama…what a memorable drama for me!!!

  911. 911 : Dory Says:

    Lets vote for YAB season 2!!!!!

    here is d link:

  912. 912 : show2007 Says:

    For those who loves this drama and would like to purchase the Director Cut DVD. For full information, check out :http://minamdvd.wordpress.com/preorder-information
    I purchased it myself and looking forward to it. I know that it is kind of pricy (US $120 + shipping) but I can’t help it. I love is so much and I heard that it comes with a lot of goodies and this is a special version in which we can’t find it from Yesasia or what so ever. This is my first time pre ordered via a Korean base site but scoompi and Javabean are highly recommended it so I trust them and purchased it myself.

  913. 913 : gashbella Says:

    I love this drama T T

  914. 914 : lovejks4ever Says:

    I love this drama very much.Jang keun suk is so cool

  915. 915 : eiram888 Says:

    i want this drama to be shown here in the Philippines. I really love the songs even i cant understand, the feelings are still there. I wish they will have SEASON 2. I still cant get over my addiction for this drama. I love
    Jang Geun Suk.. Mwahhhh

  916. 916 : [email protected] Says:

    thi is the best movie i have ever seen ^^

  917. 917 : [email protected] Says:


  918. 918 : [email protected] Says:


  919. 919 : relavskhae3117 Says:

    This Drama is definitely the best Drama of 2009. 1st of it has an original plot. Then all the staff really acted well and sang well. I watched it twice!

  920. 920 : rubi g Says:

    there is a petition in petition spot for you’re beautiful season 2 !! go sign plz !! =] love this show

  921. 921 : iona Says:

    hyungnim! I’m your fan.

  922. 922 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    YB is topping the poll here and in dramabeans…oh, i am so living this! those who voted for YB, you got a good taste in a drama! =)

  923. 923 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    *i am so loving this

  924. 924 : maryta Says:

    I think the best dorama that has all the characteritics to be fun, lead actor and good music is “”””””””””””””””” YOU ARE BEUTIFUL”””””””””””””””””

  925. 925 : Tati Says:

    the drama gave me a chance to get acquainted with Korean pop music – tnxxxxxx

  926. 926 : n2wellness Says:

    hahaha…nice comedy drama. am loving this. 🙂

  927. 927 : ABC Says:

    I watched this drama n times and is still loving it. My personl opinion this drama is better than Boys Before Flowers.

  928. 928 : adeck Says:

    luph…luph this drama a lot
    highly recommended
    tae kyung+mi nam (best couple ever)

    supported season 2

  929. 929 : mumu Says:

    this drama is GREAT. i love all the character because every character has work to make this drama become so awesome! me likey! the conflict is unpredictable and love the music too! 🙂 🙂

  930. 930 : abigail Says:

    i love this Korean drama.. specially.. Hwang Tae Kyung..!! im one of the A.N. JELL fan..

  931. 931 : yokiyok Says:

    you’re beautiful. It’s the best.

    I want it the real A.N.Jell.

    and See ya.thailand udonthani.

    Take care. Jang Geun-seok, Lee Hong ki.

  932. 932 : yokiyok Says:

    Part 2 Plese………………………………


  933. 933 : Feronica Says:

    I love you’re beautifuL so much .. love kang shin woo oopa .. sarangheyo ..

  934. 934 : jackieness Says:

    Yes!definitely, It will be aired at Philippines by ABS-CBN…You can visit their Kapamilyanovela site on multiply for confirmation….or just follow this link (http://kapamilyanovelas.multiply.com/journal)

  935. 935 : amii Says:

    i’m still waiting for season2. oh pleaseeee
    at least, make a SPECIAL EPISODE.

    im really curious about the real GO MI NAM. i hope that they make a love story between the real GO MI NAM & UEE. oooooo jebal.

    i love this drama very much xD

  936. 936 : Anne Says:

    Seeing Geunsuk and Shinhye in Melon Award made me miss this drama more….Desperately needing a special,a part2 or a movie…..anything with A.N Jell on it.
    I wonder what Yonghwa and Hongki doing at that time?
    Must be watching their bandmates….
    The best part that night is….when they said…”Hyung Nim and Go Minam”
    They are so cute together…

  937. 937 : efryll Says:

    really… for real???? it’s going to be aired in the philippines…. can’t wait… i’m excited…

  938. 938 : Jacque Boma Says:

    You can really call me an addict when it comes to jang guen suk. I’ve watch you’re beautiful 4 times. Hope to see him here in the Philippines.

  939. 939 : carolina Says:

    hyungnim! Good job!

  940. 940 : carolina Says:

    HYUNGNIM! Good job

  941. 941 : eltee Says:

    can somebody please give me the title of the main song?

  942. 942 : ABC Says:

    Hope the team will conside special episodes for this drama. I really miss the two main characters.

  943. 943 : Yee Says:

    Anyone can tell mi the songs playing when they are in the club?
    I mean that 2 korean songs!
    anyone can tell mi?

  944. 944 : jung ji hoon Says:

    jeongmal jhuayo……..
    Park Shin-ye ssi……

  945. 945 : mmtutuy Says:

    The part ot the drama i laugh more, when show the triangle love HTG, Jeremy n Shin woo.
    If u look for see romance, comedy n some dramatic ep, this drama r the Best.

  946. 946 : nana Says:

    I laugh so much at that part too .. it’s sooooooo hilarious

  947. 947 : Abbii Says:

    Its the best drama i have ever seen.
    Did you guys know that you can buy the
    pigrabbit stuffed toy??

  948. 948 : syah Says:

    AHH! I LOVE ALL THE CASTS AND THE STORYLINE AND THE HILARIOUS PARTS AND I LOVE EVERYTH THAT HAS TO DO WITH YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL! gah. wish they have a sequel or smth. now i have no idea what other drama to watch cause i don’t think any other drama can match with YAB!

  949. 949 : syah Says:

    erm anyone can recommend me a korean series to watch ?
    cause i can find nothing to watch now.

  950. 950 : Dennice Says:

    I superrrrrrrrrrrr love this drama!!! I LIKED all the characters…the story line is so good…even the effects…congratulations to all the staff of “Youre BeUtiful” drama..all of you are the best!!! I always listen to the song “Promise”…the singers are great….wait!!!!!!!!!!!!! ABBII
    where can I buy the pig rabbit stuff toy?

  951. 951 : jackieness Says:

    you can see the title of “you’re beautiful”ost at this site…http://koreandramamv.blogspot.com/2009/11/youre-beautiful.html you can also download it here…I like the most is the song “without word”by jang geun suk/park shin hye…but actually..the OST compilation is really, really nice..

  952. 952 : lyn Says:

    I try to forget you, I’m ADDICTED to you hyungnim!

  953. 953 : jessica Says:

    i love it !!!

  954. 954 : Andrea Says:

    funny+interesting+romantic=YAB love, love, love it!!!
    as we can see, ratings sometimes mean nothing. YAB was way better than some high-rated dramas.

  955. 955 : rinthesweet Says:

    I think I’ve got a ‘You’re Beautiful FEVERish’…. Can’t get out of my mind..want to see this drama again n again.. What should I do?

  956. 956 : tey Says:

    I love the story very much..I hope there’s a part 2 of the series!!!!!!

  957. 957 : tey Says:

    i hope there’s a part 2 of the series! I definite love it among all korean serieS!

  958. 958 : tarl Says:

    I Love A.N.JELL

  959. 959 : miss_kholoud Says:

    wow wow wow … i am realy looooove this drama..i`m crazy of this

    drama .. and all of cast we realy realy love you .. you have many fans

    her in saudi arabia .. we miss you a.n.jell..:_/

    kholoud from .Saudi Arabia…ksa

  960. 960 : malaysiangirlss Says:

    Congratulation 4 a great drama.. so sweet.. and entertain.. hopefully a new great episode you’re beautiful is coming soon..

  961. 961 : t3nt3n Says:

    Though this drama underrated, for me YAB is one of the best kdramas ever. I hvn’t watched kdramas for a long time (the last one was coffee prince) but i got hook up with kdrama again b-cuz YAB.
    I loved the chemistry between the cast members and AN.Jell songs too.

  962. 962 : amalee Says:


  963. 963 : lyn Says:

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    I love dis drama!!!
    Jeremy is soo Cute!!

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    I adore this drama please put up a 2nd seson!~ XD

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    waaa! super love you’re beautiful, looking forward of seeing CD’s of it. (Original) I want CD so hindi na ako mabibitin sa panonood.

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  969. 969 : sajang nim Says:

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    here is d link:

  970. 970 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

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    Shin hye….. I love you full..!
    Waiting for season 2…………..!

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    You’re Beautiful is the best Kdrama of 2009 for me~ Its like a drug that makes you high! Once you’ve seen it, you can’t stop watching it. It’s really very addicting! The first time I saw it through it’s trailer, it got my attention right away. I felt the sweetness of the drama. So I decided to wait for it weekly. And tada, I AM REALLY INTO THIS KDRAMA. It’s the best among the best. Hahaha. Like what I always say, it can be lined up between Asia’s biggest HIT Kdrama like Full House and Stairway to Heaven. This Kdrama is a mixed BOF-Coffee Prince-HanaKimi!

  973. 973 : aonny Says:

    I love story , You are nice everybody
    I love you A.N JELLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  974. 974 : aonny Says:

    I Love A.N.JELLS everybody so much

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    One of the best Korean Drama i have ever watched!!!
    I cannot get enough of this drama!!!
    Love it!!!

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    It’s obviously formula stuff. There is something to be said for such awesome drama that is nonetheles a BREEZILY ENJOYABLE SIT.

  979. 979 : Jane Says:

    I was engaged by the fiery chemistry between JGS and PSH!

  980. 980 : Jolene Says:

    INCREDIBLE DRAMA!!! WoW fine performances and pretty scenery.

  981. 981 : phoo Says:

    Ultimately something refreshing about You’re Beautiful….you feel me right? FEEL-GOOD FACTOR.

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    YAB look a great catch and the cast are like a sharper than a diamond solitare…awesome acting!

  983. 983 : Mica Says:

    Yeah it’s a delightful and very enjoyable distraction that will lift your spirits.

  984. 984 : Alicia Says:

    YB as brightly enjoyable as this film is, there’s no escaping the fact it’s yet another stardom drama for 2009!

  985. 985 : Lori Says:

    Every thing from the cast, fresh diaglogue, gorgeous scenery, and ultimately winsone story make this one of the most appealing romances to come down the unique drama in recent years.

  986. 986 : Annie Says:


  987. 987 : MCLee Says:

    i love this drama, it was so cute. I’m in love with all three guys 😉

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  989. 989 : Math Says:

    1) If people understand statistics, they will know this poll has no statistic significance & the result of this poll will mislead audiences. The best drama of this poll is meaningless.

    2) Why this poll has wrong result ? because the policy is wrong.
    Best drama equals the only top one but this poll let audiences choose as many dramas as they like. How can the result is correct. It seems they must study math again.

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  991. 991 : oyin Says:

    @erinavga : ak setuju !

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    i would really like to see season 2 (n_u)!!

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    LOVE YOU´RE BEAUTIFUL …k-drama…………….it is like the best ever……….SEASON 2 FIGHTING(n_n)”

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    jamg geun suk i really lov u…u and u’r moviee character really rock’s and fall me deeper and deeper….i haven’t miss ur single movie….day by day i’m falling for u..hope to see u soon in future..

  997. 997 : Cass Says:

    I’m from Malaysia. Love this drama and songs and All the CASTS. Just finished watching last week. Cant get it off my mind. Wanted to watch it for 2nd time.

  998. 998 : -min- Says:

    I really like this drama..
    all the character were so suitable for the drama..
    Park Shin Hye!!
    She adorable..
    Jang Geun Suk!!
    Handsome huh..
    Hoping that this drama could get the Best Korean Drama..
    Hope that in this world really having this group around..
    You’re Beautiful THE BEST!!!

  999. 999 : Jani Says:

    The best drama of 2009 will either be YB or BBF…it doesn’t matter who takes home the title from this two most watched drama as long as one of them win…love the show and the OST of this dramas and I am looking forward to their next projects…ALOHA!!!!

  1000. 1000 : Jade Lee Says:

    I’m really in love with “You’re beautiful” :”>. Hope all casts are healthy and “You’re beautiful” win the best drama of the year 🙂

  1001. 1001 : adangsheng Says:

    i was addicted to this korean drama.. and one of the best that i’ve ..i just finished watching this at this moment..
    i dont know when i can get over with it..
    ahahayy i fall in love with geun seok jang deeper..haha
    and with jeremy and shing wooo.. 😛

    by the way im from PHILIPPINES…avid fan of geun seok jang,,

  1002. 1002 : Cix Says:

    I really-really love it.
    esp Jang Geun Seok and Park shin hye..
    See as part as I see… this story is very natural
    so.. I think, It’s the best Drama TV Korea Now, was very funny ..
    Tae Kyung, Minam, Shin Wo.. Jeremy I love u.
    I hope they’re will be come back again.

  1003. 1003 : Mayra Says:

    I’ve just finished watching this drama and I was so addicting to it. It is the cutest drama of all the dramas. Go Mi Nam is so cute and adorable. I also fell in love with Shin Woo and Tae Kyung. Jang Geun Suk is completely different from Beethoven Virus. I really really enjoyed “You’re beautiful”…

  1004. 1004 : Giorgie Gabriella Says:

    i’ve just finished watching this movie and i love this movie so much. i adore it. i adore everyone’s acting.esp jang geun suk and park shin hye they have passion in the playing of this movie. the story goes natural. je taime you’re beautiful 😀

  1005. 1005 : Esther Says:

    I would love to see season 2!!!
    It was the cutest korean drama ever.

  1006. 1006 : san Says:

    last night, i had watched until esp 9 (continous and continous keep watching, until forget the sleeping time) ooh my, this drama is so adorable, funny, fun….the most perfect korea drama that i had ever seen (actually i more perfect Japanese drama, but this drama has change my mind) i love everything abount jang geun seok, he’s cool, happy, sad, angry, especially when he smile (he should kept on smiling), so awesome! Shin woo, i like his kind, helpful… Jeremy, i like his cuties, happy go lucky attitude, especially when he thought he likes Go mi Nam, a man (he don’t know GMN is a girl) ha..ha..ha.. it’s so funny. i hope tonight i can finished all 16 eps.

  1007. 1007 : jeremy Says:

    Lets vote for YAB season 2!!!!! we love them n want them back rite?!!

    here is d link:

  1008. 1008 : Riazura Says:

    attention! please support the petition for you r beautiful season 2 at petition spot!! sign it n dont forget to verify it VIA EMAIL!! REALLY HOPE!!:)

  1009. 1009 : tae kyung Says:

    i really like drama you’re beautiful,,,,
    coz,,, korean drama seldom have good komedian and very funny love story,,,
    i like it’s so much….. n like your smile hwang tae kyung(jang geun suk)
    four thumbs up for you’re beautiful and A.N.JELL
    vote for YAB season 2…..

  1010. 1010 : bianx Says:

    “you’re beautiful” is one of the best korean dramas i’ve ever watched. you’ll get to relate with the situations of the characters. the actors and actresses are really good.they portrayed the character nicely!

  1011. 1011 : carol Says:

    allow me to praise and hail YB cast. my goodness! hwang taek yung was so good.

  1012. 1012 : sarah_san Says:

    I wish they will have a season 2..this just such a good drama and have a good story line…

  1013. 1013 : Pig-Rabit Says:

    omg how much i miss this drama right now!
    plz let there be a season 2!
    missing TK and GMN
    and how can i forget JeReMY…the cutest creture

  1014. 1014 : Pig-Rabit Says:



  1015. 1015 : CASSANDRA Says:

    Watched it again and listened to the OST and I just can’t get over it. Still the BEST. MISS them so much especially SW.MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL

  1016. 1016 : IRIS007 Says:


  1017. 1017 : lhara Says:

    love this so much.
    the best……….

    love u jang keun suk………..

  1018. 1018 : iris007-II Says:


    Hey idiotic creature, fak yu til end… just watch what you’re crazy for… such a loser.. you are not forced to watch YAB or comment negatively to .. this page is intented for YAB fans… just go to IRIS page and comment there til you drop to your f**king pants… am not korean and also watch IRIS, great drama but am more addicted to YAB that’s why you’re such a loser… Teh labot mo nga amaw ka ay karon pus-angan tah itlog mo.. ma titit ka..!!!

  1019. 1019 : Tiarahma Says:

    I love yab forever, i wait season 2.. Please…

  1020. 1020 : Kimblan van doren Says:

    i love this drama, makes me want to watch it over and over again..luv u park shin hye / koo mi nam.great acting

  1021. 1021 : santa Says:

    I love hwang tae kyung. He’s soooooooooooooooo HOT Hawt. All I want for christmas is Jang Geun Suk~~

  1022. 1022 : victoria Says:

    I deeply fall in love to JGS after watching this. All the actors and actresses in this drama are handsome and pretty but the main 2 (JGS and PSH) are the best in acting. JGS’s eyes are the points that attract me most in this.

  1023. 1023 : gurl Says:

    merry christmas sukkie. GODBLESS

  1024. 1024 : Rini Says:

    Merry Christmas to all the cast of ‘You’re Beautiful’ drama and all the ‘You’re Beautiful’ lovers..May this season be as Beautiful as the drama you all love.!! Go A.N.Jell..Go Tae Kyung..MiNam..ShinWoo..Jeremy!!

  1025. 1025 : deanaz Says:

    finally….i’ve watched this drama…en yess..love all the caracter in this drama…..they make drama worth to watch

  1026. 1026 : lady Says:

    can’t get you out of my mind. you’re so beautiful

  1027. 1027 : Candie Says:

    awesomest drama.. need to watch more and more

  1028. 1028 : jayvee Says:

    truly beautiful… i really like it very much… saranghaeyo…

  1029. 1029 : jayvee Says:

    oh BTW… joahaeyo, Lee Hong Ki oppa…(“,)

  1030. 1030 : sarah_san Says:

    is there going to be a 2nd season? pleeeeeasse

  1031. 1031 : Kristy Says:

    I love this drama. I need a second season ! :O

  1032. 1032 : joanne Says:

    awesome drama. watched this drama 3 times and more

  1033. 1033 : maryta Says:


  1034. 1034 : Green Sword Says:

    I see this drama.. again and again… i like see go mi nam face.. soooo cute! what my opinion AnJeel same character with F4 in drama ‘Boy before flower’.. All a cute boy! and Go mi nam Character sam in ‘Yoon Eun Hye’ in Coffee Prince drama.. ‘Park Shin Hye’ and ‘Yoon Eun Hye’ same short hair and sooo cute!.. ‘You are beautiful’ drama so interesting because ‘You’re Beautiful’ drama is a combine ‘Boy before flower’ and ‘Coffee Prince’ drama …

  1035. 1035 : koykie Says:

    season 2 pleaseeeee

  1036. 1036 : jema Says:

    cute beautiful drama i guess if ever season 2 is to be made it should focus on Shin Woo and Jeremy’s love… it will be soo cute…. >__

  1037. 1037 : anoni Says:

    i will follow you, follow you wherever you may go. wahahahha. aja a.n.jell

  1038. 1038 : Mrs.Han Kyung Says:

    geun suk! geun suk! geun suk! LOVE UUUUUUUUUUUU

  1039. 1039 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    if season 2 is not possible, i hope they could at least make a you’re bautiful special show or like the after story… but of course, season 2 is preferred! 😀

  1040. 1040 : YABlover Says:

    Love the drama. Watchin it third time. Really wish that they make a season 2.

  1041. 1041 : ms.pat04 Says:

    The best korean drama ever!!!..
    A “MUST SEE”!
    I love it so much! 🙂

  1042. 1042 : Toyin Says:

    I so much love this drama. One of the best, this year. I went through the whole series three times already. One of my best drama, since I started watching Korean drama since 2004. Hope they do season 2. Aja! Aja! Fighting! Go A.N Jell!

  1043. 1043 : gurlz Says:

    I love this drama..
    Really great drama. I want You’re Beautiful Season 2!!!!!!!!!

  1044. 1044 : kristinleo Says:

    I love the chemistry between Park Shin Hye and Jang geun suk.
    And yes, I hope that there’ll be a season 2.
    Anyways, the more I see Jang Geun Suk, the more I think he’s not only a great actor who could play diff character, but also very very attractive.
    Kudos to him!!
    I’m from Singapore by the way:)
    Am heading to Korea after my A levels, but not because of JGS. LOL.
    I wanna explore Korea!

  1045. 1045 : NDAO_JKS6 Says:

    i wish there is a season 2…
    i love this story..
    A.N.JELL”””the new f4….hahaha

  1046. 1046 : NDAO_JKS6 Says:


  1047. 1047 : Corazon delos Reyes Says:

    I love this Korean drama. I was so touched by Tae Kyung’s public admission of his love for Go mi Nyu that I raelly cried. I love the OST, too. I just wished that they had included more scenes of the band performing on stage. Anyway, in my opinion, the plot of this Korean tv drama is better than Boys Over Flowers.

  1048. 1048 : milleth Says:

    one of the best korean drama ever. wish they perform more on stage.coz i keep on repeating the scene where they sing iwill promise u and the other one where Go MI NAm perform with them. they are so cute .well done A.N.JELL.congratulation to all Jang Geun Suk excellent.jeremy hes very funny JUng yong hwa keep it up . fighting .looking forward to see more of the 4 of you.good luck ,part 2 please.watch youre beautiful more than 5x.really go crazy.sarang-hae

  1049. 1049 : milleth Says:

    and the last part where hwang tae kyung is singing and looking for GO MI NAM so sweet and when he announce his love and affection really hes loveble.more of jang geun suk and park shin hye.sarna-hae guys.

  1050. 1050 : milleth Says:


  1051. 1051 : memeyot Says:

    the best ever korean drama recommended for teenagers… the soundtracks are great. though i can’t understand the lyrics, the music is fantastic…. great job to all the casts and the production staff… i am looking forward to see more dramas like “You’re Beautiful”…. God bless

  1052. 1052 : Orlov Says:

    Love the awesome drama. Second season please.

  1053. 1053 : uneeqdust Says:

    amazing drama… everything is perfect… second season please..

  1054. 1054 : Erica Says:

    i fell in love with its drama and the cast too.. they where absoulutely awesome and the acting was incredible… unfourtunaly it finished and i still want more lol really i’hv recomended this drama to the ppl i know and they are starding to love it too ..second season please XD

  1055. 1055 : Wendy Says:

    Really good drama! Highly recommended for people who are busy and want to watch only interesting and romantic drama!

  1056. 1056 : jo Says:

    very good drama!

  1057. 1057 : Joanna Says:

    Me and my sisters love this story. We love Hwang Tae Kyung. Hope it will be aired in the Philippines with dub in our language

  1058. 1058 : Kusniati Says:

    I saw this drama third time, the last with my husband. I love the story and the cast. Its better if lip sinc more accurate with the motion of the lip singer. I will hope the second session. Best regards from Bandung-Indonesia

  1059. 1059 : tenzinrox Says:

    i recommend this drama to erryone has drama in each episode!!! never onece boring!!! i even wish it was longer cuz some parts were cut short!!!! this drama is the most cutest show eva well i would say in my top 10 of all time and trust me i’ve seen plenty

  1060. 1060 : vivi vivi Says:

    two thumbs up for this drama..Highly recommend!!

  1061. 1061 : Vahn Says:

    this is the first drama make me want to see twice. SO AMAZIng…
    I still can’t sleep until I finish see this drama.. SECOND SEASON PLEASE!!!…..

  1062. 1062 : ritu Says:

    i just loved the drama it is so fun to watch and i just fell in love with jeremy. he is so cute and bubbly hope that the anjell fever doesnt go down and hoping for the second season……….

    sarangeyo oppaaas:)

  1063. 1063 : scarlet Says:

    YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL ii love ds drama. i rily wanted to go to korea because of this. saranghaeee.. i hope i could meet them ALL in person. && please film the SECOND SEASON. please please please please please please please please please please please ….!!!!

  1064. 1064 : love_jang geun suk Says:

    you’re beautìul í the best. Ilove it very much

  1065. 1065 : kawaii Says:

    so beautiful! more more

  1066. 1066 : selina Says:

    Lets vote for YAB season 2!!!!!

    here is d link:

    pls. verify your signatures……

  1067. 1067 : anonymous Says:

    I loved dis drama >W

  1068. 1068 : cates Says:

    me and my sister love this drama very very very much….
    hope for second season….. pls pls…

  1069. 1069 : Reinya Says:

    Awesome drama…I’m lovi’n it…^^

  1070. 1070 : snowy Says:

    i’m so addicted to this drama ever since it started til the very end. i’m so loving it to the point that even after a month from its last episode, i still am entertained by watching the best parts of different episodes. OST is so nice! Really love JGS, talented actor and damn good voice.

  1071. 1071 : mharizxhe Says:

    i really love this drama its so angelic for me especially the voices of the character it so close tho the bof series but its still different ilove it.. ive been watching it again and again…

  1072. 1072 : Diana Says:

    The best drama of 2009 ~ A must watch drama ~ love everthing inside ~ hwaiting ~

  1073. 1073 : ola Says:

    excellent drama. that’s why it’s beautiful. love you sukkie.

  1074. 1074 : Riazura Says:

    Love this story so much!! JGS is hotttt!! Vote for them in best drama 2oo9!!:)

  1075. 1075 : megumi Says:

    lobb lobb lobb dis drama…awww!!! *best drama* ♥

  1076. 1076 : Sun Hi Says:

    this drama was the best drama ever!

  1077. 1077 : Sun Hi Says:

    I hope there’s a season 2 for this drama
    this drama made my whole life happy and in love at the same time
    season 2 please! kansahamnida!

  1078. 1078 : Sallie Quan Says:

    Hi, my name is Sallie and I’ve had a problem lately with trying to view this series – my computer system rejects playing videos on Youtube, Viikii, Veoh, and Megavideo; I usually watch my videos on Mysoju.com or Dramafans.org yet neither seem to be working right now due to illegal streaming. Do you have any suggestions as to where I might be able to watch this series with english subs (my Korean isn’t that good) and without having to download anything or hand over some cash??? Thank you so, SO much!!!!

  1079. 1079 : snowy Says:

    to the Hong sisters, THANK YOU SO MUCH for creating a wonderful story!!!……hope you sisters read all comments from YAB fans and be inspired to do a second season!!!!!…THANK YOU!!!!!!!…….

  1080. 1080 : Judy Thurman Says:

    I saw this on television and love it! I love the fact that the actors all sing their own songs.. and they’re great. The chemistry between Jang Keun Suk and Park Shin Hye is amazing! I wish there was a 2nd season..I can’t wait to buy the soundtrack for this movie. : ) I love the all the songs!

  1081. 1081 : sprstar Says:

    I found this other link on the internet, try it:


  1082. 1082 : unbee. Says:

    gahh. i loved this drama! there must be a season two. the ending was kinda dull, but it leaves plenty of room for a next season to pick it up. shinwoo oppa was so romantic, you couldn’t help loving him. and jeremy oppa has so quirky and cute you just wanted to hug him. taekyung oppa was a total BA but you could tell he was a cutie on the inside. and minam/minyu was so adorable with her ways of doing things. gahh. salanghae oppas!

  1083. 1083 : quiceberrylady Says:

    Everything is worth it! The drama is plotted very well.. Can’t ask for more but a Season 2 too! haha

  1084. 1084 : san Says:

    previously i more prefect Japanese drama, but bcoz of this drama, i had change my mind, i love this drama so~ so~ much. Hong sisters, pls make a season 2, n more n more for it, pls~… for me this drama was BEST IN ANYTHING not only BEST DRAMA.
    Love u guys, u re great….

  1085. 1085 : may thu Says:

    i really like this drama!!
    and they r so cute!!!!
    jang geun suk is soooooooooo lovely!

  1086. 1086 : BunPig Says:

    Hii.my nickname is BunPig..
    i really like this drama, and i hope there’s a next season too..
    pleasee ~XD
    Hong ki is sooo cutee, and the other~
    i think is the best drama i ever watch
    soo sweet X) thanks!

  1087. 1087 : star Says:

    i love sukkie’s pouty kissable lips, eye-lined expressive eyes, cozy hairstyle, super confident trendy actor. love him so much.

  1088. 1088 : Jackie Says:

    Totally awesomeeeeeeeeee and entertainment to the max!!! I’m so in love with JGS his voice really amazing! definitely I’ll buy his cd and DVD. Good
    luck to all the cast we love you will see you guys for the next future project.

  1089. 1089 : Chalene Says:

    The remarkable drama ever!!!

  1090. 1090 : Pearl Says:

    Jeeezzzzzzzz i can’t get enough of this drama ESP JGS,PHS,LHK,JYH. we are hungry for season 2!

  1091. 1091 : Ira says Says:

    Pleeeeeasssee… give me YAB season 2… with Jang geun suk again… it’s amazing drama korea..the best ever… JGS sarang he… I loved this drama n all of the song… kansahamida…

  1092. 1092 : Rini loves YAB Says:

    Watch YaB for the third times..and still addicted..what’s wrong with me? More in love with Hwang Tae Kyung-Go Mi Nam..what a sweet couple!!! Love the soundtrack so much with Jang Keun Suk voice in it!! Jang Keun Suk u ROCKSSS!!!

  1093. 1093 : maryta Says:



  1094. 1094 : Bebe Says:

    I recommended you this series got a lot of funny stuff up there! Keep up the good work: ) to all the Cast.

  1095. 1095 : Claudiu Says:

    Great comedy drama here :))

  1096. 1096 : Aminah Says:

    YES! love you’re beautiful stands the test of time, laugh out loud funny, GREAT honest non-game playing heroine and chemistry sparkling and sizzling between JGS and PSH, the STARS. I’m in love with all the cast

  1097. 1097 : Caroll Says:

    I really enjoyed this series is ONe of my favorite of any genre is You’re Beautiful–just a FABULOUS DRAMA!!!

  1098. 1098 : Kimber Says:

    Love actually…so good! You’re beautiful very decent comedy..

  1099. 1099 : Tissie Says:

    Big One — You’re beautiful it’s the journey of their getting to that point that’s so GREAT.

  1100. 1100 : sushi Says:

    vote 4 YAB!!!!HTG n GMN 4ever!!

  1101. 1101 : Danc Says:


  1102. 1102 : Tyra Says:


  1103. 1103 : Tyra Says:

    “You’re Beautiful”
    With JGS, PSH, LHK, JYH. Best Romance Comedy EVER!!!

  1104. 1104 : Erin Says:

    I was happy to watch this series I have never laughed as hard since. It truly brought me to tears in some episode. As i do sleepless jus to pick up my spirits. Lord knows we could all use lift in this day and age.

  1105. 1105 : Breatrix Says:

    YB is just a few drama off the top of my head that is so much better than many of the romance comedy.

  1106. 1106 : Kaye Says:

    YAB with all the four characters you just don’t easily forget. I have seen it many many times and still laughed as hard and cry too.

  1107. 1107 : Jami Says:

    The greatest romance comedy of all times! liked some of the others—But this YAB I can see over and over again! Hits me in the HEART!

  1108. 1108 : Jen Says:

    DEFINITELY THE BEST DRAMA EVER! YAB is SO funny and romantic! itll make any girls heart melt after watching it! and the guys are HOTTTT!!! GREAT ACTING! its unique and hillarious! its not corny or cheesy! its so sweet and it really makes your day!

  1109. 1109 : Milley Says:

    This drama surely proved you can never be too old for romance and love. You’re BEautiful which was totally FUNNY AND UNIQUE.

  1110. 1110 : Taylor Says:

    If you love kpop idol bands then you will definitely LOVE this drama!! Taekyung, Shinwoo, and Jeremy are the PERFECT guys that will make you smile! They are cute, nice, funny, and EXTREMELY HANDSOME! A must watch drama! IMO i think this drama was way better than BOF and CP and IRIS! Watch the drama and you will NOT get dissapointed!

  1111. 1111 : mayrkim Says:

    Not a comedy but a truely romantic film and my all time favorite ” You’re beautiful” great acting JGS, PSH, LHK, JYH.

  1112. 1112 : Kelli Says:

    I agree wholeheartedly about YAB I can watch them again and again…cute and funny…basically anything with JGS in it is pretty good!!

  1113. 1113 : phen Says:

    for 2009 the bes of all time and my personal favorites YAB, BOF & That Fool…it is definitely romantic and funny. These three are off the top of my head.

  1114. 1114 : lenette Says:

    This series made me laughed more than any of the romantic comedies ever made. It is one of the top for me!

  1115. 1115 : Mesmerizes Says:

    I want laughter thru tears or vice-versa anything less is a waste. JGS & PSH are GREAT, no doubt.

  1116. 1116 : Chae Says:

    You’re Beautiful one of the best, was definitely romantic and VERY FUNNY.

  1117. 1117 : Shykiss Says:

    I absolutely love “You’re Beautiful” very good series. These were timeless actors JGS, PSH, LHK, JYH and they should show more of these spectacular drama for season 2!

  1118. 1118 : Diane Says:

    In my opinion the best romantic comedy of all time is this YB. EXCELLENT!

  1119. 1119 : Jillie Says:

    I can’t believe that YAB I laugh every time I watch it and I’ve watched it alot.

  1120. 1120 : Kat Says:

    this YAB cracked me up! it was original and incredibly funny. EXCEllent excellent drama.

  1121. 1121 : Micah Says:

    JGS & PSH their chemistry is perfect, and it earns the popularity one that breaks my heart and fills it too; it is certainly amongst the sweetest and most touching moments in film history. Jeremy and Shinwoo are awesome actor!

  1122. 1122 : Taylar Says:

    I’m totally agree YAB was a pretty special film and truly deserves no. 1….its just so different from the average romantic comedy and turns in great perfomances from the CAST.

  1123. 1123 : Megan Says:

    I really liked You’re Beautiful funny, different and Great!

  1124. 1124 : Shannen Says:

    hahaha….they were pretty realistic….and funny! The diaglogue is just incredible!

  1125. 1125 : Dadiva Says:

    YAB the best romantic comedies THIS DECADE!

  1126. 1126 : Irishebe Says:

    Another element that makes ~You’re Beautiful~ great is the ost. SO EVERYONE, WATCH AND ENJOY! Love the voice of JGS.

  1127. 1127 : Amelie Says:

    JGS got amazing voice!

  1128. 1128 : Janae Says:

    YAB I can watch over and over and never tire of seeing it. This touching and funny film with a mischievous sense of humor and some truly heartbreaking moments is, in my eyes, one of the best romantic comedies of all the time.

  1129. 1129 : Roxy Says:

    Extremely funny romantic comedy. Great dialogue and chemistry between the lead pair.

  1130. 1130 : Pillowtalk Says:

    JGS n PSH play their roles perfectly in this comedy. I just love it it’s funny, moving, sweet it doesn’t seem to matter how many times I watch it. it’s just as funny.

  1131. 1131 : Chanie Says:

    OMG i am so happy right now I watching YAB again its my favorite drama i love it..hahaha

  1132. 1132 : Chanie Says:

    The lead male actor his voice is powerful WoW~ great singer great dea!

  1133. 1133 : Shari Says:

    I’m not even a native this language being spoken on this show! I was curious, seen it on t.v., read the subtitles and I was hook! just the first time! this is crazy funny and I love it!

  1134. 1134 : Eesher Says:

    You’re beautiful is the best drama of 2009! Although it consists whole bunch of young actors & actress but they’ve proved to be pro. Some even better.


  1135. 1135 : Coral Says:

    Nice ! Funny ! Good drama but for me … i like the main actor but don’t like his character in there ! It’s way freaky to call true love … 🙂 … but his voice is amazing. Love the songs !
    I think Kang Shin Woo’s love is more sincerely true .Full with kindness, understandings and forgiving . Jeremy ? happy guy with cute character 🙂 .
    The actress is well done also !

  1136. 1136 : marle Says:

    Es un buen trabajo y que no me explico porque no tuvo tanta acogida en corea… es super y me encantan los protagonistas

  1137. 1137 : bec Says:

    i really love you’re beautiful.
    I hope that there would be part 2.
    JGS and PSH are really great!!

  1138. 1138 : kahoko Says:

    i really love the voice of JGS!!

  1139. 1139 : sha Says:

    I LOVE this drama so much

  1140. 1140 : Edith Says:

    JGS is brilliant…he’s a good actor…lots of chemistry between him and PSH that make the drama look so real…Would love to see them play at the same drama again in future

  1141. 1141 : BiGiKu Says:

    There should be season 2 of You’re beautiful..This drama was awesome!!

  1142. 1142 : Arai Says:

    Totally fall in love with JGS kkkkkkkk….

  1143. 1143 : khaing Says:

    you two are sweet, cute and romance

  1144. 1144 : selina Says:

    Lets vote for YAB season 2!!!!!

    here is d link:

    pls. verify your signatures……

    We need 50,000 signatures but as of now,we have 5,000 something..

  1145. 1145 : ladiigodiva Says:

    FUNNY! I can’t stop laughing when i see them (geunsuk, sinhyee, hongki and yonghwa) were together in any places, especially the spaghetti, i believe the crew wouldn’t let my cutie hongki eat it for sure right?? rawr! hahaha..,, will always enjoy to watch it again!

  1146. 1146 : shine Says:

    congratulations to a.n.jell. they deserved it. wohooo. so happy for them. love sukkie so much

  1147. 1147 : gagadfds Says:

    Worst drama of the year. Im sorry but a girl action like a boy because his brother cant’ be himself isnt going to cut it. Weakest plot i have EVER seen in a korean drama. And once again the male characters are very ugly and look exactly like the girls. I thought this show was an all girl show during the first few episodes.

  1148. 1148 : gagadfds Says:


  1149. 1149 : VivienVV Says:

    This show is one of those shows is when you first watch it your automaticly get hook. The storylines are so stong and good, and at the end it ends with a big cliff hanger, the biggest twist. I have to say this, I wish I didn’t watch it… because I would love watching it all over again, and again. It’s that good. I Hope that they are planning to make a 2 season. I love all the characters!

  1150. 1150 : betty Says:

    only 2 words, THE BEST.

  1151. 1151 : mary Says:

    I absolutely love this series i can watch it over and over again. The four main stars were magnificent and the two leads had so much chemistry. i can go on and on about this series.

    Missing it already wish for a second season.

  1152. 1152 : Ant Says:

    I enjoyed the drama sooooo much!!! It was the most entertaining drama of this year.

  1153. 1153 : natasha Says:

    Love and MISS this drama. Cannot wait for the dvd to be released.

  1154. 1154 : Rini loves YAB Says:

    I recommend this drama to some frenz and they fall in love with this drama from episode 1 automatically..the one who doesn’t like this drama has no sense of humour at all..agree with @1152..this is the most ENTERTAINING drama..

  1155. 1155 : sarah_san Says:

    i misssssssssssssssssss this drama..

    Wishing for a second season….

  1156. 1156 : 1156 Says:

    this drama is so sweet.

  1157. 1157 : 1st fan Says:

    i really really love this drama.

  1158. 1158 : star Says:

    can’t get over with this drama. marry me TK. hahahah.

  1159. 1159 : ParkShinJi Says:

    i really love this drama…
    i wish there will be season 2…
    PSH is really cute…^

  1160. 1160 : marie Says:

    OMG i have watched over 200 dramas but i have never been hooked like i was with this drama. I really really miss it.

  1161. 1161 : Azulla Says:

    I love this drama!!
    Hope there will be a season 2…

    If you are agree with me, please vote the petition ‘WE WANT YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL SEASON 2’
    Don’t forget to verify you signature at your email otherwise the vote will not be counted!! (check your spam/junk if you don’t found it in your inbox)

  1162. 1162 : jenica Says:

    ya, i never saw a drama like this!!!.. its really great!!! hoping for season 2!!!!…I LOVE JANG GEUN SEOK!!!

  1163. 1163 : ilham Says:

    you’re beautiful is soooooooooooooooooooo beatiful

    A.N.JELL …………………………

  1164. 1164 : len Says:

    Love and miss this show. I wish they would do a 2 series.

  1165. 1165 : lyn Says:

    jang geun suk is one damn hot, adorable, beautiful, so sexy. love him.

  1166. 1166 : taka Says:

    ANGELL you all ROCK!!!!!!!!! i m happy that all main leads recieved SBS awards and they deserve it coz they did really great job good luck everybody for ur next new project.

  1167. 1167 : nikki Says:

    How i wish this drama had more episodes i really miss it!!!

  1168. 1168 : izher16 Says:

    I can’t help but watch YAB over and over again! I hope there’s still project coming up for Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk. I love their tandem so much! how I wish their for real…

  1169. 1169 : .,nea7r.. Says:

    .,i actuaLLy watched this in One gO.. .,frOm the first eppie straight tO the Last.. .,toO bad it OnLy has 16 episOdes.. .,heard that there’Ll be NO sequeL cause aLL Of them wOuLd be On their Own.. .,weLL.. .,mOre pOwer A.N.JELL.. .,xD..

  1170. 1170 : Sal Says:

    Love this drama, one of the best and most entertaining. Fully support for a second season/sequels to this drama. The main leads absolutely have explosive chemistry. Everyone of the cast did very well, especially the 4 in the band, love the humor and storyline of this drama. Very good writer, what other drama has been written, would love to watch those too. Congras to all, very well done. Give this show 10 over 10!

  1171. 1171 : uyang Says:

    where can i watch/download the whole series? help me pls. i wanna watch this. 🙂 thanks!

  1172. 1172 : iona Says:

    wahhhhhhh. help me! can’t get over with YB. so addicted, i need to rehabilitate. But……… I REFUSE! hahahha.

  1173. 1173 : Love_this Says:

    I love this drama so much!
    Just finishing watching it.
    I also wish for more episodes.

    This is best Korean drama for me! 😀

  1174. 1174 : Isis Says:

    #1 ever is You’re Beautiful! We love all the cast! unforgetable series ever!

  1175. 1175 : gabriela Says:

    ok does anyone know where i can shop for cloth like the ones they wear in this drama i especially like the shark sweat shirt please if anyone knows where send me an email at [email protected]

  1176. 1176 : alexi Says:

    I miss this series way tooooo much! I cannot get over my addiction i watch it over and over again does anyone know a good site to download it from with English subs, i need something until the dvds come out

  1177. 1177 : Miracle Says:

    this drama is very entertaining… when you get bored of your trouble… just watch it!!! so funny and entertaining…

  1178. 1178 : miiiimi Says:

    hello everyone, i’m just to tell u that “you’re beautiful” has been the best drama i watched since “BBF” it’s great fresh & a lot of fuuuuuuun, take a look u want regret it

  1179. 1179 : anii Says:

    Great series and so much fun to watch. Highly recommend it!!!!

  1180. 1180 : ceema Says:

    OMG! this drama was so amazing!interesting!killing…. i got the same feeling after watching BBF and now i got that feeling back! i’m so in love with huang tae kyung! so cute… hope to see more great and cute movie from him…

  1181. 1181 : Erru Says:

    I Love this series so much! The best ever..!!!!

  1182. 1182 : erlindarocillo Says:

    very entertaining drama congrats to all staff, good job. very touching and it makes me cry, with jeremy,song on episode l4 . i love that song what can i do by hwang teo hyung, shin woo is very reserved with his action. and the manager too got a good job on his acting. more power to you all

  1183. 1183 : luz Says:

    very nice drama and well done…. lots of fun with jeremy…..interesting to watch each episode….i dont understand why it goes low in rating…. what went wrong …. after watching BOF this one is a good match of that drama… they are also good looking and very good on their acting. anyway looking forward on another show for this actors andctress

  1184. 1184 : arlene Says:

    i love every episode of the drama.. every series is interesting, love the cast and the guys are all good looking very talented on their action and go mi nyu is so sweet lady….more power to the management and looking forward for another movie…hoping not l6 episode… KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GUYS

  1185. 1185 : CHRISTINE Says:

    nice drama. i love to watch it most of the time. i love every episode. i can recommend this to my friend. CONGRATS and keep it up guys

  1186. 1186 : jea Says:

    i love it… also the songs used in this drama… keep it up… (n_n)

  1187. 1187 : claudia christina Says:

    i love so much this drama!!! and the soundtrack is very good to listen and recomended….i waiting for season two..

  1188. 1188 : chris Says:

    This is such a great series. Miss it and wish there will be a season 2 in the near future.

  1189. 1189 : natasha Says:

    I love this series so much i can watch it over and over and not get sick of it.
    Hope to see the cast of YB in new projects soon. Miss them all.

  1190. 1190 : Lia Says:

    One of the best dramas of last year. It’s going to be hard to get into another drama like this.

  1191. 1191 : vie2 Says:

    The best drama after BOF,n my girl…u won’t miss every second time by watching this drama..I really enjoy every scene…love this drama so much..

  1192. 1192 : meiji arnella Says:

    every day i see the drama, gax pena bosan tentunya ckckck….
    i love jang geun seuk …..
    the drama is the best …….
    funny , beautifull n not boring …….
    I’ m waiting you are beautifull2

  1193. 1193 : Jo Says:

    Oppas HWAITING~!!!!! espesh jung yong hwa oppa ^^
    this drama couldve gotten higher ratings than BOF even if
    it wasnt because of IRIS. Grr this drama deserves more recognition.

  1194. 1194 : ola Says:


  1195. 1195 : imelda Says:

    i love this drama…JGS play the character so alive, natural… and i love all the cast too..the manager is so hillarious….and again JGS voice, i love when he sing.

  1196. 1196 : cha Says:

    i love jang geun suk!!

  1197. 1197 : Phine Says:

    Love the story, love the cast..especially love the song..^^ Love JGS..^^

  1198. 1198 : tintin Says:


  1199. 1199 : tintin Says:

    but somehow I miss them sooo much the 4 characters are so hilarious and adorable!

  1200. 1200 : Dacy Says:

    hellaaaaaaaaa FUNNY! you’re beautiful will remain forever in the hearts! gosh I wish they will make new drama for them this year or right now!

  1201. 1201 : Mary Says:

    I love this show it always put a smile on my face. Missing it.

  1202. 1202 : Melanie Says:

    Loving it still and still and still… (:

  1203. 1203 : Green Sword Says:

    My Korean Drama Best List:

    1.You’re Beautiful
    2.Coffee Prince
    3.My Girl
    4.Full House

    Very Sad Korean Drama:

    1. I am Sorry I Love You
    2. Autumn Tale

  1204. 1204 : Green Sword Says:

    My Korean Drama Best List:

    1.You’re Beautiful
    2.Coffee Prince
    3.My Girl
    4.Full House

    Very Sad Korean Drama:

    1. I am Sorry I Love You
    2. Autumn Tale

  1205. 1205 : Green Sword Says:

    My Korean Drama Best List:

    1.You’re Beautiful
    2.Coffee Prince
    3.My Girl
    4.Full House

  1206. 1206 : Green Sword Says:

    Very Sad Korean Drama:

    1. I am Sorry I Love You
    2. Autumn Tale

  1207. 1207 : Green Sword Says:

    My Korean Drama Best List:

    1.You’re Beautiful
    2.Coffee Prince
    3.My Girl
    4.Full House

    Action Drama:

    2.Cain And Abel

    Very Sad Korean Drama:

    1. I am Sorry I Love You
    2. Autumn Tale

  1208. 1208 : peta Says:

    My korean Drama List

    1. You’re Beautiful

    2. City Hall

    3. My Girl

    4. Full House

    5. Queen of the Game

    6. Que Sera Sera

  1209. 1209 : ziel Says:

    you’re beautiful rocks!!best kdrama of 2009 ^_^

  1210. 1210 : ziel Says:

    you’re beautiful is true beautiful to watch!

  1211. 1211 : sandy Says:

    My favourite korean drama:
    1. You’re beautiful
    2. Coffee prince
    3. My girl
    4. Full house
    5. Princess hour
    6. My name is Kim San Soon

  1212. 1212 : lyn Says:

    i try to compre it with BOF, i even rewatch the BOF to be fair. and still YB RULES! whahahhaa.

  1213. 1213 : kim ti-ya Says:

    my fav. dramas:
    7.SWEET 18

  1214. 1214 : kim ti-ya Says:


    i forgot about this


  1215. 1215 : imelda Says:

    i love jgs voiceeeeeeeeee!

  1216. 1216 : Janelle Says:

    well for me
    comedy romance: You’re Beautiful cuz the lead actor JGS can sing amazingly and top notch acting! BOF lead actor LMH top notch acting w/ a dreamy look. Full house lead can sing and act as well. That Fool the lead actor can act versatile is such an amazing actor ever for his generation, My girl!
    The very sad series for me is 1st Autumn tale, Sad Love story, Save the last dance, Winter Sonata, Stairways to heaven, Wonderful life,Single Dad inlove. That’s all for now.

  1217. 1217 : Kris Says:

    JGS he’s great singer! All his song is in my ipod touch i’m so into his song “What should I do ” when he sing in the final episode from the stage! what a beautiful scene for me. Take care you guys all the cast! We love you and we will support you all the way!

  1218. 1218 : Rica Says:

    I totally agree. Before watching “You’re Beautiful”, I accept him just as a nice actor. but after, I totally obessed with him bcuz of he is very cool in both acting and singing. His voice is just amazing.

  1219. 1219 : Bec Says:

    Just loved the You’re Beautiful Tv drama.♥♥♥.. very funny, dramatic, & super entertaining.. hoe they do a series again like this!!!! Just L♥ve Jang Geun Suk!!!!

  1220. 1220 : Ricky Says:

    JGS has a very beautiful voice,……… so exceptional! They have all beautiful voice (ANJel).

  1221. 1221 : Nancy Says:

    I just finished watching it. It’s really beautiful! JGS and PSH are really great actors,….. so phenominal!!! Hope there would be another one like the season 2 for both of them and the whole group of ANJel. I love this drama. So outstanding!!!

  1222. 1222 : Tala Says:

    Amazing drama
    Jang Geun market a good actor

  1223. 1223 : Wallie Says:

    awww…I luv the cast…..everyone’s so gorgeous n pretty
    the drama’s rlly awesome n refreshin

  1224. 1224 : Sharon Says:

    Oh my goodness! I can not get enough of this drama. Not only am I in absolute love with all 3 of those guys, but I also love the drama and humor of this drama! I never in my experiences of watching dramas (and trust me I watch A LOT of dramas) had like all the guys fighting for the girl. I want Tae Kyung, Shin Woo, and Jeremyto end up with the girl, but I’m obviously secertly wanting Tae Kyung to have her at the end more then the others… But seriously all these characters are so adorable and so easy to love, I can’t help but love them all!

  1225. 1225 : Sharon Says:

    ahh i can’t help but envy Go Mi Nam!

  1226. 1226 : Ethlenn Says:

    Thanks to all the cast! Hope we’ll meet some time soon:)

  1227. 1227 : izher16 Says:

    I can’t move on about this drama. It’s always in my mind, even the songs. I hope I’ll be able to see him altogether again in one drama.

    Gudluck A.N.JELL

  1228. 1228 : Numtarn Says:

    I keep watching this drama again and again… everytime it makes me smile and happier. I wish to see YAB2 or 3 or 4….
    Such a good stories and lovely stars!!

  1229. 1229 : jaden Says:

    I a great fan of jang gen suk waited along 4 dis drama 2 come n ah!!!!!!!!!!!!! jang geun suk ur handsome

  1230. 1230 : MEL Says:


  1231. 1231 : Arai Says:

    Never get bored to watch over n over…season 2 plsss

  1232. 1232 : Elena Says:

    BEST DRAMA!!!!!!!! I keep watching this drama over and over again and still love it. I really miss the 4 main actors.

  1233. 1233 : Green Sword Says:

    best drama!

  1234. 1234 : Green Sword Says:

    I Love Go mi nam!

  1235. 1235 : sarah_san Says:


    This is the drama that you can’t just move on..it makes you watch this drama over and over and over again…

    SEASON 2 Pleaseeeee

  1236. 1236 : len Says:

    I miss pig rabbit. 100 points. hahahah

  1237. 1237 : Normy Says:

    OMG JANG GEUN SUK!!! i freakin love this guy

  1238. 1238 : cathie Says:

    oooohhhhhhhh cute!
    he’s one of my fave korean actor

  1239. 1239 : Jani Says:

    I just realized that Youre Beautiful took home the “Best Drama of 2009″, so I would like to say ” ALOHA AND CONGRATULATIONS” and I hope to see all this great actors in another drama together!!

  1240. 1240 : tintin Says:

    i love the story and the cast, specially hwang tae kyung. they are the best! it make me smile every time i watch it….. i hope theres YAB part 2.

  1241. 1241 : witch Says:

    i hope i can watch this story again in television…they are soooooo cute.pliiiiizzz..show this story in television.

  1242. 1242 : lorjaejoong19 Says:

    this korean drama is just so great… jang geun suk’s character in here is really unexpected.. his so cute in that part when he was chase by a pig.. hehehe.. lol.. leehongki’s character is so funny.. his so cute when he says.. “JOLIEEE!!!” hope for season 2.. 🙂

  1243. 1243 : Andrea Says:

    Such a great story and acting!!!
    I do not think there is a need in a season two though. Sometimes it spoils the whole storyline afterall. So, let’s be happy with just a wonderful drama YAB and let’s wait for something new from the actors, writers and …. Joli!:))))

  1244. 1244 : insie Says:

    this show is really funny.. and i love it so much..^^ im from philippines and this show is not yet available on dvd’s.. im always trying to find a copy, but sadly never get the chance, so im only watching this show through internet.. though it hurts my eyes coz of the monitor im still watching it!! hahahahahaha..^^ thanks for the show, it’s really funny and romantic..^^

  1245. 1245 : carolina Says:

    very entertaining! hands and feet up ( thumb’s up is not enough)!

  1246. 1246 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    i soooooo miss this drama! so far, haven’t seen anything exciting from all the other dramas being shown at this time

  1247. 1247 : BaikHati Says:

    love it love it love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1248. 1248 : rini loves YaB Says:

    Waoohhh..this drama got ‘the best drama 2009’….congratulation!!! No matter what this is the drama which still make me ‘addiction’ so far …. whenever you’re felling down , see this drama will brighten my days again.. till now these were the list of drama that I can watch over n over:
    1.You’re Beautiful
    2.My Name is Kim Sam Soon
    3.Winter Sonata

  1249. 1249 : Arai Says:

    Just finish watch YAB for 5time uhuyyy…this drama make me addicted.syukur bgt tinggal di indonesia,tinggal ke glodog dapet deh smua judul kdrma,gk perlu download di internet hehehe…..

  1250. 1250 : nana Says:

    so “you’re beautiful” won the first please of the best drama for this year

  1251. 1251 : nana Says:

    oh I forgot to say .. yupyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 🙂

  1252. 1252 : alex Says:

    very beautiful!

  1253. 1253 : polka Says:

    seriously this drama was disappointing.
    it was the same old story with irrelevant storyline.
    the lead actress was in a way irritating and was really trying hard to be cute and adorable.
    the lead actor was ok but his clothes ohh!! disastrous.seiously u r a dude so dress up like one.
    well who ever found it good, guys hats off to u!!!!!!!!!!!

  1254. 1254 : chubby Says:

    Totally agree with Polka..
    Though I won’t call it bad, but it’s a so-so drama.. Cant compare with BBF from the storyline and actor/actress 🙁

  1255. 1255 : CHRISTINE Says:

    very nice drama. very entertaining, cast are all good. i love jeremy and hwang tae kyung singing their songs with feeling. nice music background too

  1256. 1256 : 0507 Says:

    love thiz drama..also love geun suk…^^

  1257. 1257 : CHRISTINE Says:

    i love jeremy most when he sings with heart broken, well done,aside from being cute and handsome you can sing well with feeling. keep it up…..

  1258. 1258 : linda Says:

    i love this drama, very funny, manager ma is hilarious, jeremy is cute and JGSeuk is adorable very good in acting with good voice, and the cool look of shinwoo can captive heart of fun loving drama…job well done

  1259. 1259 : liza Says:

    i love all the songs in this drama and JGS CAN SING VERY WELL. I LOVE HIS VOICE. Please return to me…….another drama with these young actors….they are all pleaseing to your eyes and ears. see you soon

  1260. 1260 : Jenny Says:

    what went wrong with the ratings of this drama…..this one is excellent to watch…with good cast and good musical background. their acting is good too especially the lead actor…….jeremy is superb with his singing with very touching voice……

  1261. 1261 : connie Says:

    I like the hip hop dancing after the episode 6 of park shin ye, JGS,JEREMY AND SHINWOO he he …. manager ma is good in dancing too….i lover all the songs on this drama…… looking for the CD of JGS…..

  1262. 1262 : Green Sword Says:

    i love go mi nam! sooooo cute..

  1263. 1263 : YABfan Says:

    OMO!! i so love and miss this drama BiG TiME =(((.
    Hopee there’s gonna be 2nd season :).

    “Go Mi Nam?” “Hyung-nim!”
    -TaeKyungxMiNam [Pig-Rabbit couple]

  1264. 1264 : SiSSie Says:

    BEST DRAMA EVER!!!and what smby didn’t like JKS’s clothes?he is been pronounced as the most stylish actor 0f 2009!!!

  1265. 1265 : shane Says:

    so addicted with JGS. So hooked with this drama. hayyyyyyy.. fave drama of all time

  1266. 1266 : susan Says:


  1267. 1267 : Ann Says:


  1268. 1268 : Gayatri Miral Says:

    I really miss this film, so I have to watch it over and over again. Find every cut scene and the OST.

  1269. 1269 : Rini loves YaB Says:

    Yes, I miss this drama too…..:(((((

  1270. 1270 : aishah89 Says:

    i luv this drama so much…jang geun suk so handsome in this drama…. jeremy and kang shin woo also good in singing and they are so cool!!!!!!
    all song in this drama make my friend and me addict to hear everyday!!!!

  1271. 1271 : Helena Says:

    SUCCESS ALWAYS… \(^0^)/

  1272. 1272 : ANJELL Says:

    I really LOVE this drama.

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    kam sumida.

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    jang geun seok did very well in every role he played, encluded this one, hwang tae kyung who is a weird person with unique character, harsh but gentle, wicked but kind hearted, but he’s really an impressive person that everyone couldn’t forget, and jang geun seok make him real.
    good job jang geun seok 🙂 love it so much

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  1335. 1335 : dylan Says:

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  1365. 1365 : Dylan Says:


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    When TK & GM both cry I cried too…gosh but totally entertaining series
    you really rock on!

  1368. 1368 : Mara Says:

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    SEASON 2

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    1 of my fav kdrama!!!!

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    i just love how the store goes.
    no protagonist that did hateful things so much.
    they did not deny their feelings overly.
    i just love it

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    nice song!!
    “jang geun suk”

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    To all the cast of YAB wonderful cast esp portraying each unique character. Unforgetable series the ost is really great with the voice of JGS all i can say is WOW! that guy has a great voice i’m telling yah..

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    Hello everybody I recomend this dorama
    “””””””””you a re beutiful”””””””””””
    it´s so geat and the leader of the ban A.N.JELL is so exciting and a good actor HHHHuUUUUUUrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

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    pls. make a season 2!!!!
    i have been watching this series over and over again. (its my 6th or 7th time)!!!!
    I’m hooked up with this!!!!
    pls give us a season 2 with the same actors/actress!!!!
    please! ( everyone is so crazy about this that even my teachers talk about it!!!!!)
    This is the BEST EVER!!!!!
    YAB fighting!!!

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    i’m a filipina, i hope that abs-cbn will get the rights for this drama/novel, it’s so good, i didnt sleep until i finished watching it!!! i also researched and downloaded the ost. i was really hooked!! thank you for creating such a story like this. hope you give us another good one!! Thanks! and more power!! -=ulzzang=- ^^

  1399. 1399 : jehmar mertoS Says:

    is THERE anybody KNOWS??about the SEASON 2 of this TV series PLEASE try to REPLY back THANKSSS…so mUCH..

  1400. 1400 : Gayatri Miral Says:

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    I am 8 years old, 3rd grade. I love this drama very much. I already watch this drama about 10 times and sing their song too. Please give us the 2nd season. otokajo?

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    best korean drama ever!!!!
    Highly recommended
    it deserves so much more than its raitings!!!! it should be no. 1!
    aja! yab fighting!

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    Totally awesome,i enjoyed this drama very much,and i dont mind to watch it all over again whenever i have free time,JGS rocksss

  1404. 1404 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    i really wish that there’d be season 2! or at least have a you’re beautiful special..please please please!

  1405. 1405 : bella Says:

    you’re beautiful is like a cancer. it spreads and hard to cure.

  1406. 1406 : missfyza Says:

    i love n enjoy dis series very much..one of da korean series dat captured my heart until now..i still watching dis series for how many times dat i cannot count..lol..but i really heart JGS..

  1407. 1407 : Uji Says:

    Already finish watched this drama..interesting!! I had watch Geun Shuk in another drama & already like him. He very diffirent in this drama..like watch he doing on his mouth when he got agry…very cute.. For Park Shin Hye..in another drama she not part my favourite actress..but know she in because good job in this drama! congarate!! I will watching u in another drama after this…

  1408. 1408 : Autumn Says:

    I love this drama and all your guys. Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1409. 1409 : Rini loves YaB Says:

    the more i watch the more i get addicted…what should i do?

  1410. 1410 : Rini loves YaB Says:

    the most touching moment in this drama when Go Mi Nam comforted Hwang Tae Kyung with her hug in Tae Kyung b’day..ohhhh so sweet… so many touching n fun moments in this drama that make me soooo into this drama…

  1411. 1411 : Berlin23 Says:

    You’re Beautiful was hilarious. This drama kept me laughing throughout the show. The kindling romance between the characters is cute and touching. Though the crying bits was a bit to much, I still highly recommend this to anyone ^^

  1412. 1412 : ottp Says:

    really nice, hope to see such more great dramas… looking forward for that…….

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  1415. 1415 : Raymond Lim Martinez Says:

    I really love this drama series. I was able to finish watching it but still I hope that it will be aired in the Philippines soon so many friends can also see this very good drama series. I LOVE TO SEE A PART 2, maybe go mi nam will be shin woo’s girl. He is really a good man but also a good lover that he forgive his love and feeling just to let her love be happy. I love it!

  1416. 1416 : meemeenge Says:

    love u all ^_^

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    so beautiful. i’m sooo addicted with this drma. two thumbs up hyungnim

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    i miss you are beautiful so much .after YAB i can’t watch any drama cos i m so addicted to it.i love the ANGEL members so much.you guys ROCKS.

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    This drama is very beautiful… Yo’re Beautiful is the best drama!!!
    Second season pls…….
    please sign: http://petitionspot.com/petitions/YB2

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  1421. 1421 : Lynn Says:


  1422. 1422 : Jessa Says:

    Drama is amazinggg!
    can’t believe this drama ended already.
    i ‘ll miss anjell. huhuhuhu~
    btw, cute happy ending…

  1423. 1423 : Shane Says:

    Undoubtedly my best drama of 2009! (better yet, best drama ever!)

  1424. 1424 : Geney Says:

    I had such a fun time watching it. I really hope a season 2 pulls through with the same cast members as well.

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    saw it…………!!!

    it’s realy awesome

    i realy love it so much

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    I Want ‘You’re Beautiful-Season 2’!!

    who’s agree with me?

  1431. 1431 : rhiaz Says:

    yeah.. i agree with you.. i want season 2… this the best drama that i’ve watch..

  1432. 1432 : jennifer Says:

    wow this is a great drama that i’ve watched…i want part 2..

  1433. 1433 : lei Says:

    can’tget over YAB. still keep watching over and over again. love it.

  1434. 1434 : Sandrex Says:

    really love watching this drama

  1435. 1435 : 보보 Says:

    축하, 승리
    나는 모든 우리의 친구 사우디 아라비아
    우리는 당신의 성공을 기원
    ^ _ ^

  1436. 1436 : sasha Says:

    YB is the best drama of all time!!! I really love it! I want more…
    You’re Beautiful season 2 please!!

  1437. 1437 : Lala Says:

    If you want You’re Beautiful season 2, please sign this petition: http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/YB2

    Don’t forget to verify your signatures. ^^

    YB is a great drama

  1438. 1438 : shara Says:

    i love watching this korean drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want season 2,too

  1439. 1439 : shaira Says:

    it’s really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really it so much and i want
    season two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1440. 1440 : shaira Says:

    oops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry wrong grammar…………………………………………… i really love and like it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1441. 1441 : saida Says:

    i really love YAB…

    so GREAT kdrama…

    A.N JELL oppas…Hyung nim (tae kyung), kang shin woo and


  1442. 1442 : saida Says:

    1000% agree!!! Hoping for season 2 of YAB…

  1443. 1443 : jewel Says:

    so much love for this drama.. cant get it out of my mind! love you tae kyung oppa!!!!!

  1444. 1444 : Neri Says:

    What I hate is that I haven’t seen her with her twin brother …

    the ENDING is sooo cute..

    this drama is the BEST!

    I LOVE all the cast

    especially JGS

    I love his voice..

  1445. 1445 : Swift Says:

    Love this drama…jang guen suk i so soooooo handsome…..saranghaeyo guen suk-ssi..

  1446. 1446 : Jessie Says:

    done watching it . . . super ! i love tae kyung

  1447. 1447 : Belle Says:

    It so sad that it already end ‘( This drama is just SO GREAT, i love it esp the 4 of them

  1448. 1448 : kitz Says:

    OMGoosh I love this drama! Hongki is sooooooo great in it! Especially the bus part!!!!

  1449. 1449 : Lana Says:

    I absolutely love this drama!
    it’s the bomb lol
    but yes…i also love his “pigrabbit” ^^

  1450. 1450 : Anne Says:


  1451. 1451 : Anne Says:

    I love shinwoo he is so good at acting ; )

  1452. 1452 : Levy Says:

    I ENJOYED every episode Very Good Actors, Very Good Story, Very Nice Soundtrack… Definitely funny, makes you fall in love over and over again with JGS.

  1453. 1453 : Levy Says:

    and more..
    Jang Geun Suk is a very good Actor and singer.I love the amused looks on his face, smirks, his very good on his expressions in the drama… I would say his hairstyles are also good.

  1454. 1454 : Aki Hanyou Says:

    Iabsolutely love this drama. The feelings and overall story captivated me. I was only flipping through the channels when I came upon an episode and from that moment on I was drawn to it all. I ask and plead for more!

  1455. 1455 : Joyskie Says:

    I really really recommend this drama..wonder why their rating is not so high? anyways, this is a great drama..i got to be excited every episode..go watch this..jang geun suk, jung yong hwa, lee hong ki are all great actors and singers..love them all..

  1456. 1456 : nhec Says:


  1457. 1457 : jovelyn Says:

    this is a great drama…shinwoo is a great actor and singer..hope he will be given many more acting projects…go jung yong hwa..

  1458. 1458 : Gorgy Says:

    One of the best KDrama I ever watched…
    JGS Fighting!!!

  1459. 1459 : Jeng Says:

    yeah, this one is awesome!!!!

    I was inspired to have a bf coz of this drama..LOL…

  1460. 1460 : Reese Says:

    Yah Jeremy is really awesome I get all excited watching him he does wonders acting as a new actor really GREAT acting make me cried esp in the BUS! I salute him all the way! hope more drama for him.

  1461. 1461 : Lala Says:

    OOh I loved thsi show! The part with Hongki crying in the bus broke my heart!! waaaahhhh Jeremy love u! (((hug)))

  1462. 1462 : Uphoo Says:

    I will hold this drama FOREVERRRRRRRRR!!!

  1463. 1463 : Joyce Says:

    Jang Geun Suk made this a drama one that will hold a top spot on my list of top dramas for sure
    Park Shin Hye was wonderful, too; she’s so cute and pretty, I love her

    either way, this was one memorable drama
    absolutely LOVED IT.

  1464. 1464 : Joyce Says:

    I can’t get over it!

    I think i never will…

    MISS this drama soo much!

  1465. 1465 : Reese Says:

    Yah me too! Still miss the drama…

  1466. 1466 : Girly Says:

    kyaaaaaa!!!! JGS n PSH rocked as MCs 4 da melon awards!!! loved da way she called out 2 him: hyung niiiiiiiim!!!!ahhhhhhhh!!wish i can rewind time n feel all da fluffiness again 😛
    bottom line : I MISS YB!

  1467. 1467 : Girly Says:

    I wish they do another drama TOGETHER

  1468. 1468 : Mayra Says:

    Watched the entire season in two days. (Just how I like to watch my dramas). I really hope there’s a second season! This was too cute, but, as usual, I wished that there were multiple copies of the female lead so that the loser in the love triangle (or in this case, the love square) wasn’t sad Darn it. If only Go mi nyu was a girl triplet! Then, everyone could be happy! All of the guys were sooooo cute too!

  1469. 1469 : Nickie Says:

    Totally LOVELOVELOVE This drama

  1470. 1470 : hyejung Says:

    it’s a nice drama but why the ratings so low??

  1471. 1471 : Gurlz Says:

    I miss YB! I want more… hope there’ll be a season 2.

  1472. 1472 : lyn Says:


  1473. 1473 : nabi magar Says:

    i just loved jang guen act he was soooooooooooooooo colllllllllllllll jeremy fab…………. i just sarang to them gumawoooooooooooooooooo

  1474. 1474 : kasha Says:

    just watched this drama.. really enjoy. JGS & PSH got very talented voices. i love the act n voice.. recommended to every one…

  1475. 1475 : yusha Says:

    i just love each and every single episode…….i luv jang’s acting……..

  1476. 1476 : flordesombra Says:

    Another korean dorama as good as this? Suggestions?

  1477. 1477 : hanawa Says:

    i love this drama… but i think his clothes n make up are too excessive.

  1478. 1478 : tseringlama Says:

    hmmmmm……. i really like this drama and look forward to see the sucess of this movie

  1479. 1479 : kongaishang Says:

    i really like this series.. a few minutes i found it interesting and as soon as jeremy and anjell graced the screen i was hooked

  1480. 1480 : jo anne.... Says:

    oh my god!!!i can’t help myself not to fall inlove with jang geun suk..HE’S SOOOOOO HANDSOME!!!!!!!WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… ILOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH…..

  1481. 1481 : madei Says:

    wow this is a great drama,,,even im not korean i really admire korean movie and drama….good luck for jung yong hwa for his 1st drama series he did a great job,,,,hope to watch your next t.v drama.

  1482. 1482 : carol Says:

    this drama is an addiction. wahahaha

  1483. 1483 : taka Says:

    love it\\\\\\\\\\\\\

  1484. 1484 : Holly_Jang_(I_wish_ :D) Says:

    The ultimate, the best, the number one K Drama ever!!! Jang Geun Suk is one major muffin who gives even Lee Min Ho, T.O.P and Lee Jun Ki some competition!!!! Why are K boys soooooo hot!!! It must be soemthing in the water? Fingers crossed for a second season! 😀

  1485. 1485 : Kunsang Cudes Says:

    guess wat i havent watch dis movie at all but sumthin tells me dat dis movie is truly gonna be ma fav movie m soooo excited i cant stop screamin simply thinkin abt it but i havent watched it yet(just to remind)m goin to.now!!!!Wish me luck…thanx!!

  1486. 1486 : nana Says:

    Through this drama, i recognize Jang Geun Suk and HE IS VERY TALENTED STAR. In acting also singing. I love all the OST that singing by him. Oh, i love him now (crazy) . hahahaha

    Believe me, this drama is really awesome. I think this drama better than BOF. Compare with character and storyline I mean.

    Those people who haven’t watching yet, my advice is PLEASE WATCH THIS DRAMA!!!!!

  1487. 1487 : Fa Says:


    Please support this petition if you really want a season 2!

  1488. 1488 : Carrie_Bradshaw Says:

    i love this series!! one of the best!!! worth watching over and over!!

  1489. 1489 : Carrie_Bradshaw Says:

    i can’t believe the ratings are low…i think a lot of people watched and loved this series… i hope there’s season 2.

  1490. 1490 : ona Says:

    the very most beautiful kdrama i’ve watch.

  1491. 1491 : Kana Says:

    I am watching a second time again, i just starts to watch asian drama after a long break (hasn’t watch like a few years since), and this was the first drama i picked to watch /starts off with. I am glad for the choice, it was awesome. I love this type of manga like plot. Love the acting by these young stars.
    I hope for a second season!!!

  1492. 1492 : Kana Says:

    usually i am not into guys with makeup or dressed like a sissy, but i must say hwang tae kyung stole my heart. when he’s manly, he’s so manly, so charming … i really find him sexy with the eye liner, though i wish they don’t put him in the low cut top so much, it’s abit sissy .. lol …
    heard he was picked for Korean Hana Yori Dango, but he decided to take part in another drama as in the other one he can work with experienced actors (to learn his acting skill) … well, in a way, i am glad he didn’t do that, that storyline have been told so many times, despite i love HYD manga/ anime, the only live action i liked is the first one done by the taiwanese (since it’s the first and it was good, so it’s forever in my head).
    I think he will make a good lead in F4, no doubt. 🙂
    Now, another kactor i like. 🙂 I saw one of his movies, BABY and ME, it was good, he did great, he’s really a good actor.
    I am impressed. 🙂
    Hope to see more of his drama and movies and also pairing with Park Shin Hye. They make a cute couple, good chemistry.

  1493. 1493 : ahovi2004 Says:

    i agree for season two… please,writers….continue the story of YAB…there are so many who are addicted like me..i always go back on the episodes i want to watch over and over again..as if there are noo other movies to watch.. we love YAB!!!!!!

  1494. 1494 : Yves Says:

    Oh How I miss YB and all the actors in it. I wish he would come to Australia, but that’s not going to happen. oh well I just have to go to Korea.

    Missing this show so much still!!

    Oh How I miss YB and all the actors in it

  1495. 1495 : Yves Says:

    why not Los Angele D:

  1496. 1496 : Marty Says:

    thanks for the good laugh.

    This reminds me of …

  1497. 1497 : Susana Says:

    why not CALIFORNIA?

  1498. 1498 : Deidre Says:

    I missed me some Jang Geun-seok, like badlyyy!
    I hope You’re Beautiful will be a hit in other countries & receive high viewerships, something that it deserved in Korea!

  1499. 1499 : Ashley Says:

    They seriously need a You Are Beautiful 2!! (Only with the original actors, of course) Please tell this to anyone with connections!

  1500. 1500 : Elen Says:

    Because ABSCBN has bought the right to “You’re Beautiful”,
    we’ll be seeing him!! Wahahahaha, I have to come!!! I will have to see
    my Tae-kyung!!!
    JGS oppa, hwaiting!!!

  1501. 1501 : Amy Says:


  1502. 1502 : Neng Says:

    I want You’re Beautiful season 2
    If any one wants You’re Beautiful season 2 too
    then click here and vote –> http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/YB2/

  1503. 1503 : kyut77 Says:

    i miss ANJELL..season 2 please…happy that Kapamilya got the rights to YB.. but it’s not going to be the same since i love the cast on this show & i cant think of anyone who can compare..

  1504. 1504 : jaie Says:

    i love it..

  1505. 1505 : Ray Says:

    they are all so kawiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 😀

  1506. 1506 : lina Says:

    so beautiful! love this drama.

  1507. 1507 : Janet Says:

    Love Korean dramas and ost

  1508. 1508 : gichan Says:

    I don’t speak English well,
    as I really want a second season
    I’m here to say it!!!
    I need more YB!!!!

    It’s a very good dorama!!!
    Jeremy team YaY


  1509. 1509 : daone Says:

    yeahh! i love this drama its fun and happy ending.

  1510. 1510 : Ratih Says:

    you are beautiful it’s so fun and romantic drama..

    huhuhuhu… i love it…

  1511. 1511 : atinus Says:

    I love this moviee….. the best movie ever

  1512. 1512 : tsering Says:

    i love this drama and i am so in love with hwang tae kyung and jeremy i just love this drama………

  1513. 1513 : nicky Says:

    i like it very much!

    hwang tae kyung, you’re so cute!

  1514. 1514 : IheartDrama Says:

    This drama is for younger people, all though it can be enjoyable to some older people.. I’m 25 and I love this drama!!! It’s enjoyable to watch and very entertaining.. Sometimes I don’t understand how they can not tell that she’s a girl?? But it’s ok, I just went along with the movie and use my imagination.. another part that really bother me is, throughout the whole drama, never did once her twin brother showed up.. he didn’t even attempt to call her.. they should atleast did a part about him, why he couldn’t make it.. atleast have him in the movie too.. it would of been better.. I love the evil girl acting.. her acting are good for being the evil girl… i love to watch her act being evil it really suits her.. my rating for this drama, I give it a 9/10.. I feel like it could of been better..

  1515. 1515 : carol Says:

    the very best of all drama. very entertaining.

  1516. 1516 : maliki Says:

    Hi guys.. you are rock in YAB…..entertaining drama

  1517. 1517 : Ratih Says:

    I’ve watched this drama at all, and I still want to watch it again. because the play was really – really interesting..

  1518. 1518 : ulitapepe Says:



  1519. 1519 : lyn Says:

    they are the stars falling from the sky. so beautiful.

  1520. 1520 : mashi.abraham Says:

    i like this..the song very nice n perfect 4 me…jang guen soek when u want come MALAYSIA?????u very well done in match your character all drama..i like doremifasilasido….your voice n song…very touch my heart…oppa…sarang hey yoo

  1521. 1521 : krissy Says:

    love jeremy and shin woo so sexy

  1522. 1522 : Chacha Says:

    I want YB 2!!!!!!!

  1523. 1523 : fauziah Says:

    wow,,,, bagus banget film’a I like Hwang tae kyung,,,, Season 2 di tunggu loh,,,

  1524. 1524 : pinoy live tv Says:

    don’t miss this korean comedy drama… the best!

  1525. 1525 : vega Says:

    keren abies jln critanya~
    love this korean drama~

  1526. 1526 : sparkle Says:

    … hello!! to cast of “youre so beautiful”.. first of all i love you hwang tae kyung and jeremy!.. i wish they have a part 2.. ok. we miss you very much.. god bless and take care.. i will love you forever..

  1527. 1527 : chel Says:

    Hi to all…. i have watched the korea novela “You’re so beautiful”…! and i really like the songs!! it really touches my heart…..! especially the song entitled “what do i do?” wahhhhh….. ilove it!and the way they act….i felt the love they trying to show…..it is so touching…. nakakakilig! grabe…sana may continuation pa! sarap ulit ulitin!

  1528. 1528 : Denitsa Says:


  1529. 1529 : kda27 Says:

    OMG… this drama was so cute . Shin-woo is a HOTTIE!!!!!!!!!!!

  1530. 1530 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    YB2! YB2! YB2!!!!!!!

  1531. 1531 : iwi Says:

    tae kyung-mi nam forever!!! AN JELL!!

    hindi na ako makahintay!!! wen buh ito ipapalabas?? dami na nga ng requests…sana bilisan na nila..:(

  1532. 1532 : Mary Says:

    Right now I’m in the process of watching this drama. I knew it was funny, but I didn’t expect to laugh just so MUCH!!! I’d seen Park Shin Hye in Tree of Heaven (and Stairway to Heaven) and really liked her. In this drama she has grown up. And thank God she doesn’t have many of those annoying facial expressions Korean actresses can’t do without (That’s why I prefer watching Japanese dramas!). I’d seen Jang Geun Suk in Beethoven Virus and I liked him. Now I simply love him. He was perfect both as the hating guy and then the concerned guy and I’m sure he’ll be perfect as the loving guy. And that smile! Man! I hope he plays in more dramas and I hope I can buy them in my country (Which is Iran, by the way). Watch this drama. You won’t regret it.

  1533. 1533 : iwi Says:

    SEASON 2!!! bitin ng ending eh!! season 2!!! season 2!!!

  1534. 1534 : iwi Says:

    love the YAB songs!!! esp..”as ever/ still and without words!!!”
    i even managed to memorize it !!!
    yah! im so addicted to this drama!! hope its gonna be aired in the Philippines SO SOON!! i can’t hardly wait!!!

    AN JELL!! “promise”

  1535. 1535 : icygurl Says:

    even though it still not air here in the Philippines, I already watched it and i like it. Though it was similar to coffee prince and hana kimi whom the girl disguised as a boy and the boys fell in love with her. I like the role of jeremy, he was so funny and Tae kyung and Shin Woo both beautiful.

  1536. 1536 : langela Says:

    to Director: Hong Sung Chang
    Screenwriter: Hong Jung Eun & Hong Mi Ran… your drama is very fun, wonderful and very entertain….
    the plot is easy and all the story have a lot of meaning…
    I’m very like watch yours drama…. I hope you and your team want to make a youre beautiful part two… with same actor….

    thank u for your creation, your hard work to make a wonderful drama like your beautiful…

    May God bless u all

  1537. 1537 : mety nurfatekhah Says:

    i like this drama verry funny and so sweet

  1538. 1538 : mety nurfatekhah Says:

    songs in the drama i like. .. membuat orang berdebar ketika memdengar lagunya and i like jang geun seuk in the drama .. i wait your drama next time

  1539. 1539 : tey Says:

    wee,kailan ba papalabas ung you’re beautiful sa pinas.
    its so cute kase e.haha.
    sana malapit na.

  1540. 1540 : tey Says:

    i like the A.N.JELL.
    ang gwafu nila.haha.
    uhm.malapit na sanang mapalabas sa phillipines.
    maganda kase e.

  1541. 1541 : oenone09 Says:

    can’t get over with YAB….
    really awesome and so entertaining…
    did laugh, got hurt, and fell in love…

    the best ever XDDD

  1542. 1542 : oenone09 Says:

    btw, to all filipino fans…

    YAB will soon be aired in ABS daw… :DDD

  1543. 1543 : Elmer Says:

    I really….really….really….really…. like this drama!!! to the point that even my FEET claps! hahaha! So cute…. Romantic…. and Sweet!. I also like their mouth mannerism! I really hope that this will be shown here in the Philippines sure it will be a BIG HIT! 🙂 I just spend my two days of my day off watching the 16 episodes but it was worth!!! 🙂 Good job YAB!!!

  1544. 1544 : aneoh Says:

    ive been watching YAB and i love it! where can i download the ost? anyone?

  1545. 1545 : Ratih Says:

    I’ve watched this drama twice but still want to watch it again. I really – really passionate – crazy with this drama

  1546. 1546 : raja_sungja Says:

    i really fall in love with shin woo oppa

  1547. 1547 : ammk Says:

    i love this drama so much.

  1548. 1548 : AngelOfMystic Says:

    I hope there will be a 2nd season for this drama!! I LOVE IT SO FREAKING MUCH!!~ X3

    Shin-woo and Jeremy

  1549. 1549 : !YddA Says:


    LOVE IT!!!…. Jeremy! & shin-woo!!

    I really hope there is a second season!!…

    Los AMO!!!

  1550. 1550 : gurlz Says:

    I want YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL SEASON 2!!!!!!

  1551. 1551 : DonniE Says:

    Yes . . . Yes . . . I agree . . .
    I will waiting this drama second season !!!!!!
    I like all actor and actress in this drama ! ! ! ! !
    I love korean !!!

  1552. 1552 : celeste Says:

    OOh I loved thsi show! The part with Hongki crying in the bus broke my heart!!

  1553. 1553 : Gail Says:

    The drama that pushed me beyond my limit. :DDD

    Everything was oh so perfect.
    jang geun seuk heated it up through infinity and beyond. :DDD
    park shin hye was too cute and terrific of an actress.
    jung yong hwa was the perfect thrid party. (:
    lee hongki was just amazing with his dorky role.
    manager ma was the definition of hilarious`!! xDD

  1554. 1554 : Teri Says:

    That’s a great drama and it’s cooooooooool 0_0

  1555. 1555 : taka Says:

    i love this drama so much.everything is amazing good work everybody.

  1556. 1556 : Tonya Says:

    I already watch AVATAR but I’m still watching You’re Beautiful when I get home….LOL! its crazy me!

  1557. 1557 : Neri Says:

    Still miss this drama, I’m gonna re-watch this again… Lol. so love it!

  1558. 1558 : Raquel Says:

    I MISS them so much!!!!waaaaaaaaahhhh

  1559. 1559 : pinay Says:

    There’s some charismatic about taekyung’s smile and heart-warming when you see a person changing slowly because of someone, and then falling love.

  1560. 1560 : lea roque Says:

    annyeong hae sae yo yeorubeun!

    The korean drama your beautiful is very nice and funny i like all the cast
    here.. oh my GOD! jang geun suk as tae kyung and jung yong hwa as kang shin woo… are both very hansome and cute.. also lee hong ki as jeremy…the three of them are goodlooking… i always watch this show… this show is very famous in the philippines…i am so fanatic.. this is one of my favorite korean drama in south korea… i love it so much…the actors and actress here are great… i like the smile of
    jung yong hwa..and jang geun suk… they look so cute and hansome… they are both photogenic…saranghaeyo oppa mwah…:-)

  1561. 1561 : ammk Says:

    love this drama so much. The best drama ever!

  1562. 1562 : mm Says:

    miss all the a.n.jell members. Hope there’ll be season 2. Pls…

  1563. 1563 : nmgl Says:

    hope a.n.jell will b real. I’m so serious. Love u all.

  1564. 1564 : khine Says:

    can’t help watching over n over again. I really love this drama. I love jang geun suk n park shin hye couple. They r really cute together.

  1565. 1565 : France Says:

    I love this drama…Hoping for a second season. I watched it over and over again!!!!!!!

  1566. 1566 : taka Says:

    the best korean drama ever

  1567. 1567 : wiwin wijaya Says:

    Oh…I realy2 likes this movie. Please….. I waiting for season 2. I hope they making again…

  1568. 1568 : piggyrabbit Says:

    loveee diz drama sooo much especially jang geun suk n park shin hye….
    the sweetest n cutezzz korean couple i’ve ever met……
    love them…saranghe!!!!!!hope 4 da 2nd season

  1569. 1569 : fiona Says:

    I love these drama so much

    Its WoOOw and great

    i have enjoyed these drama

    i really love Jeremy { he is coOool

  1570. 1570 : karmila sahol Says:

    i like this drama,,
    i like jung yong hwa,, he’s very handsome
    i love all player this drama

  1571. 1571 : jessy Says:

    i really like this drama..
    i like shin woo the most!heheee..
    he’s sooo coool..
    i keep on watching this drama over n over again..

  1572. 1572 : xXMzSmilesXx Says:

    O-M-G I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE X AN INFINITY THIS SHOW!! Made me laugh, cry, smile with happiness.. its soo friggin GOOD!! One of my all time favourite DRAMA!! 4EVA A YAB FAN!!

    BTW Oppa TK [Jang Guen Suek] && Shin Woo [Jun Yong Hwa] && Jeremy [Lee Hong Ki] are sooo Adorable//Handsome//COOL//Cute.. I love those guys soo much, their the BEST!! =))
    AND!! Unni Min Nyu [Park Shin Hye] is soo awesome SHE’S SOO FRIGGIN PRETTY!!

  1573. 1573 : elasyh Says:

    i love you’re beautiful so much…
    although i ‘ ve been watching it…
    but i still keep watching it for a few times…
    i really hope that you’re beautiful will comes out for the season 2…

  1574. 1574 : vonny Says:


  1575. 1575 : laXmEE Says:

    i really Love this Drama…..its fabulous….amazing and and one of my fav..

  1576. 1576 : lyn Says:

    way to go YAB fanatics. can’t get enought by watching but following them. wahahahha.

  1577. 1577 : erusa Says:

    can’t get enough of korean series >0

  1578. 1578 : DELIA Says:

    to watch this drama over and over again is really entertaining & lots of fun———-love it ——

  1579. 1579 : arlene Says:

    this is really a BEAUTIFUL drama—–shinwoo is so handsome looks like a very reserve person

  1580. 1580 : fiza Says:

    am totally sooo in luv wit dis drama….
    wah!soo good!it’s been a while since da last time i really crazy for korean drama…n dis one is da one i’ve been looking for…
    feeling like falling in luv………

  1581. 1581 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    big love for my big favorite, YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL!

  1582. 1582 : dora Says:

    i think go mi nam must go to shin woo hyung….coz he is took after gominam n help her…

  1583. 1583 : jewel Says:

    i really love this drama. jang geun suk and all the other cast were very good here. hope to see more of jang geun suk in the future!!! YAB rules!!!!

  1584. 1584 : lola Says:

    YAB season 2 plisssss!!!!

  1585. 1585 : atiera97 Says:

    i really2 luv to watch this drama..i’ve watch it so many times..
    can i have some opinion?

    i think YAB must have the season 2..
    it will be more interesting drama..
    i beg the pr0ducer..to make the season 2 of this drama..pliz..

  1586. 1586 : aneoh Says:

    im watching YAB over n over again!!! i love it! just like Boys over flowers and Coffee prince!!!

  1587. 1587 : lyn Says:

    so beautiful. two thumbs up.

  1588. 1588 : miss j Says:

    yupp..season 2!!
    but kang shin woo must be the 1st bcoz too sad for him on season 1!

  1589. 1589 : aprizzledizzle(; Says:

    aww, this was the FIRST korean drama i’ve EVER watched in my entire life 🙂
    and it definitely was the BEST. ;] if i had moree than 2 thumbs, i’d definitely give up for this show. it’s really good =) is there a sesason 2? i hope so! >.

  1590. 1590 : A.N.JELLs fans Says:

    i like tHis!

  1591. 1591 : BB Says:

    looking forwards to season II

  1592. 1592 : kiki Says:

    i like dis series but my fri luv dis more than i however both she(MY FRI)n i love JANG GEUN SUK

  1593. 1593 : A.N.JELLs fans Says:

    i Very Like LEE HONG KI..wanna find bf like him..=)
    oh! damn cUte..!!!!

  1594. 1594 : imaan Says:

    i accidentally came across this series while surfing on the internet and read various praise-worthy view. prior to this i had no concept of korean dramas. now i am a huge fan and have watched quite a few. this one still is on top of my list.

  1595. 1595 : imaan Says:

    JANG JEUN SUK totally rocks…he’s sooo cute…love JGS forever!

  1596. 1596 : tokkee dwaeji Says:

    AHHHHHH! SEASON 2?~?!?! JINJJA!?!?! !!! ~~~~~!!!!! I LOVE ALL OF THOSE BOYS!!!!!!!! i really recommend this drama to EVERYONE! ohoh so so so cutee jinjja gweeyeohwa!!!

  1597. 1597 : whiena indonesia Says:

    you’re beautiful drama…
    i luv it very much…
    really will comes season II?????
    i not patient waiting for…….

  1598. 1598 : Angie Says:

    i love the twists of the story…kainlove jud…

  1599. 1599 : Winnie Says:

    the storyline is humorous n sweet….

  1600. 1600 : rheecamae Says:

    Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love your movie you’re beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1601. 1601 : Rheecamae Says:

    hello!i love the movie you’re beatiful.i watch it in a dvd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1602. 1602 : Rheecamae Says:

    [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@###

  1603. 1603 : iwa Says:

    you’re beatiful was really hot.
    it is exciting with Jang Geun Suk !

  1604. 1604 : yuni Says:

    this drama was amazing… i’m addicted to certain part especially part jang geun suk & park shin hye.. love them..

  1605. 1605 : osa Says:

    Love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    nothing more to say….^^

  1606. 1606 : rosa Says:

    miss them..still watching after the drama ends…

  1607. 1607 : tyler swift Says:

    the most amazing drama of 2009.i love ANGEL,i wish they can reunite someday.

  1608. 1608 : burberry Says:

    Lovely! Very positive cmments continue even though the drama has ended months ago. Who needs ratings?

    This has proven that YB remains to be loved by viewers worldwide although the ratings in Korea were not good.

    Any news on a sequel yet?

  1609. 1609 : burberry Says:

    Looking forward to seeing JGS in another drama soon.

  1610. 1610 : Faye Says:

    Like this drama very much and now waiting for the release of the DVD boxsets. I like JSG very much

  1611. 1611 : izher16 Says:

    Love this so much! Like others, still watching even I’ve watched it so many times. So sad that the release of pre-order package came to my knowledge very late. I wasn’t able to get one for me…huhuhu!

    I envy so much those who got their Director’s Cut Limited Edition…huhuhu!

  1612. 1612 : Avan Says:

    This drama is so charming & cute,, I love the characters and the storyline,,, this in one of the best K-drama in 2009!
    I Love Shin-Woo, he’s adorable.. ! ^^

  1613. 1613 : Gab Says:

    Waahhh… this is my favorite drama!! for me its perfect.. soundtrack, characters, and the story.. oh and also the actors and actress…


  1614. 1614 : Seri Says:

    Ooh my i love jang geun suk….

  1615. 1615 : Viola Says:

    Do you know its my 4th time rewatching this drama, oh I can’t even believe myself. LOL addict YB

  1616. 1616 : Viola Says:

    I really love this drama!!! NEVER ENDING LOL!!!

  1617. 1617 : Charlotte Says:


  1618. 1618 : alla Says:

    please sign: http://petitionspot.com/petitions/YB2
    please sign: http://petitionspot.com/petitions/YB2
    please sign: http://petitionspot.com/petitions/YB2
    please sign: http://petitionspot.com/petitions/YB2

  1619. 1619 : tyler swift Says:

    can’t get enough of you are beautiful.

  1620. 1620 : sky's Says:

    Love this drama very much!!! Love watching the character played by JGS, especially when he smile…so cute…..

  1621. 1621 : aisha Says:

    i loveeee……..this drama
    i keep watching and repeat every day…i love them.very sweat go mi nyu!!haha..

  1622. 1622 : Winnie Says:


  1623. 1623 : lyn Says:

    oh my very beautiful.. can’t get over yet. huh! sukkie i love you!

  1624. 1624 : Changmi Says:

    Never get bored to rewatch this drama,i watch 1 eps everynight before sleep 🙂

  1625. 1625 : tyler swift Says:

    this is the really really good drama

  1626. 1626 : jewel Says:

    i thought i loved bof then, but after i watched yab, gosh i really got so addicted. i totally love jgs. he is such a fantastic actor! season 2 pls……….

  1627. 1627 : jewel Says:

    season 2 pls….
    season 2 pls….

  1628. 1628 : jewel Says:

    when will it be aired here in the phils? abs-cbn pls air it asap!!!! cant wait any longer!!!!!

  1629. 1629 : Nisu Says:

    I’m frm Nepal. After watching the drama i’ve become so addicted to it.
    Luv u Shin Woo.i just wanna meet u all…….

  1630. 1630 : Girl from malaysia Says:

    After watching this drama, i love it so much… I love the actors…nice drama..

  1631. 1631 : freya Says:

    gosh… this id soooooooooo beautiful…. i got addicted to it.. psh is a very good actress…. lhk is very funny…. i love jgs and jyh….. really love this drama…. season 2 plssss………

  1632. 1632 : freya Says:

    gosh… this is soooooooooo beautiful…. i got addicted to it.. psh is a very good actress…. lhk is very funny…. i love jgs and jyh….. really love this drama…. season 2 plssss………

  1633. 1633 : asiangoodsdvd Says:

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  1634. 1634 : Andrea Says:

    i’m so addicted with this drama!!!

  1635. 1635 : Jo Says:

    We’re so much excited watching with all episodes.We’re carried away by the story,unbelievably lovable.

  1636. 1636 : tyler swift Says:

    i love ANGELL

  1637. 1637 : Smyrna Says:

    awesome! love the cast! Hope it will be dubbed in Filipino

  1638. 1638 : carol Says:

    you’re beautiful is extremely beautiful

  1639. 1639 : jewel Says:

    a.n.j.e.l.l rules!!!!

  1640. 1640 : jewel Says:

    love the cast of this drama so much. they did put justice into their characters. good job guys!!!!

  1641. 1641 : jewel Says:

    i really hope everybody will watch this drama in the philippines.

  1642. 1642 : leng Says:

    i love this korean drama. koreans really are the masters in this.

  1643. 1643 : leng Says:

    how come youre beautiful didnt get a very high ratings but then again it so popular?

  1644. 1644 : orange Says:

    season 2 pls….

  1645. 1645 : jewel Says:

    lol, ive read almost all the coments here. well, i couldnt agree more. i guess everything was said. jang geun suk’s so lucky with his fans. they are the most sincere and keen fans one could ever find. and sensible too. glad im one of them.

  1646. 1646 : Rini loves YaB Says:

    Just finish watching YaB again for the 6 times and read the synopsis of each episode in Dramabeans..wow still laugh hard…still love each characters in this drama..I don’t know when I can stop this addiction..phuiff..

  1647. 1647 : izher16 Says:

    to Smyrna:

    Yes! It will be dubbed in the Philippines. ABS-CBN already got the license to air YAB. Although I’m not ABS fanatic, still I’m happy because there will be possibility that they’ll come here. I’m pretty sure this will be a big hit.

  1648. 1648 : izher16 Says:

    By the way, pinoys YAB fanatic there, have you known that Jeremy (Lee Hong Ki) is coming here in the Philippines. His band F.T Island will have their concert at PICC Manila on March 06, 2010. Hope you guys have your ticket already…

  1649. 1649 : jewel Says:

    hope whoevers gonna dub jgs here in the philippines will give justice to him. im really worried about that. jgs have a fantastic voice and it would be a dissapointment if theyre gonna get someone whos not even close to how he sounded like.

  1650. 1650 : sods Says:

    Just finished watching it! i so love every character!!!

  1651. 1651 : ct Says:

    i juz finish watching this drama.i’m cried a lot when it’s finish becoz i

    reeeeeaaaaallyyyyyy love it. hopefully second part for this drama can

    come out. love all the actor/ess esp A.N JELL oppas…Hyung nim (tae kyung),

    kang shin woo and jeremy…S_A_R_A_N_G_H_E!!!

  1652. 1652 : Donna Says:

    Really love this drama. Its so good to be young and beautiful. Wow! At first I just ignored in buying this one cause of young tweetums love story but the series does make sense really I just love it. I just have one question among korean dvds, why is it that at the middle of series the subtitles are not correct. It is so frustrating especially the last part wherein it will become the highlight ot the story and you can’t understand what they were saying. Please ask someone who can and know how to translate korean into english. Korean drama is really good but we can fully understand and relate to it if it is done in a correct english subtitle. Now I want to learn Korean to be fully get into the story. Maybe I just have to buy an original copy though it will cost me much but it doesnt matter because the story is really worth it. Can somebody please tell me where can I get one. How much is it. How can I order. Im residing here in Makati City Philippines.

  1653. 1653 : tyler swift Says:

    what can i say everything is perfect.i love it.

  1654. 1654 : nori Says:

    I fell truly deeply madly in love with this drama!!! I just finished watching it and I can’t stop, I want more!!! I love Tae Kyung Hyung nim and Go Mi Nam! I wish they are actually dating in real life >.

  1655. 1655 : nori Says:

    I fell truly deeply madly in love with this drama!!! I just finished watching it and I can’t stop, I want more!!! I love Tae Kyung Hyung nim and Go Mi Nam! I wish they are actually dating in real life :p I also love Shin Woo Hyung and Jeremy!!! And Jolie!!! And Manager Ma and Hair Stylist Noona!Aghhh I can never get enough of YB!! It’s even better than the manga. I mean I do like the manga but I’m not head over heels with it, KWIM? But this drama from the first episode until the last, it has been my, so far, the most trusted companion (in terms of k-drama). I laughed, I screamed, I jumped (up and down), I cried and every possible actions and emotions that I can have, that is what I feel while watching this drama! Yes, it’s THAT good! And the OST is fantastic, it’s on the loop of my player :p I really wish they will come up with Season 2, and I hope it’s gonna be even better than this one =) Long Live YB!!

    P/S: GTH with the rating, it’s not even close to what YB has achieved, come on, looked at our comments, and not to mention the FANS all over the world! YB Rocks! =)

    Double P/S:I still love TK and MN the most :p

  1656. 1656 : takk Says:

    i hav watched so many korean drama… and YAB one of the BEST… i rated it higher than BOF, coffee prince, shining inheritance, full house, etc…

  1657. 1657 : sandi Says:

    i am really really like this dram.
    i want to watch part 2 of u are beautifu with same crew.
    that drama make relaxing in our leisure time of our daily life.
    It is fun to watch. I like it so so much.
    Thanks againg to all cast and crew. pls keep up the good job.

  1658. 1658 : jewel Says:

    my gosh, i agree with donna. its so frustrating with regards with the captions in k-dramas. its like they are taking away half of the story because of wrong wordings. how come its all perfect at the beginning and then suddenly it will all go wrong?! sino ba dapat tanungin about this? im going crazy because of this dilema. somebody help us plss….

  1659. 1659 : ishita Says:

    i realyyyyyyyy liked the drame n n totaly in love with tae kyung… he is just toooooooo goood n i found him cute too. love you Tae kyung.

  1660. 1660 : ishita Says:

    i love tae kyung…..

  1661. 1661 : ishita Says:

    n i also hv 1 complain…. y the subtitle are so messed up?? tat too in the time wen it is the main part of the drama… plz do smthn abt it? we wud love to c it den…

  1662. 1662 : Anjenica K. Lauson Says:

    Jang Geun Suk as Hwang Tae Kyung
    Park Shin Hye as Go Mi Nam (male) Go Mi Nyu (female)
    Lee Hong Ki as Kang On Yu / Jeremy
    Jung Yong Hwa as Kang Shin Woo……

    …….i really like this korean drama….
    this is really great and beautiful…….

    Go Mi Nyu and Hwang Tae Kyung are really good love team….
    Go Mi Nyu and Kang Shin Woo are really good too….

    Kang On Yu or Jeremy is always being a good hyung to Go Mi Nam…..

    Hwang Tae Kyung for Lime….he’s charisma
    Go Mi Nam or Go Mi Nyu for white…..he i mean she is really beautiful when he dress as a girl…. 🙂
    Kang Shin Woo for black….for being a quite good person….
    Kang On Yu or Jeremy for yellow…..he is really cute….

    ….i really like this…
    all episodes and parts are really great….
    thanks for doing this korean drama………..
    i hope you will do a more korean drama….

    thank you!!!!! Hong Sung Chang and Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran…

    by the way im nica……

  1663. 1663 : elasyh Says:

    you’re beautiful…
    luv it…
    tea kyung…
    go mi nam…
    shin woo…
    awsome n they are so cute….

  1664. 1664 : Anna Says:

    This is one my favorite kdrama ever! I hope there’s a season 2!

    You can watch the drama ‘You’re beautiful’ at http://www.veoh.com. They have good quality of subs. You just have to install their player and you’re good to go.

  1665. 1665 : lala Says:


    I wish he will be on drama very soon..

  1666. 1666 : Mehl Says:

    Still SO sad that this drama ended! -_-
    It was my FAVORITE (seriously), FAVORITE drama of all!

  1667. 1667 : Crazy Says:

    I’ll MISS all of the cast, but maybe not that evil girl, :L
    I LOVE SHIN WUU. he is so kind and gentle.
    Jeremy and his funess, i wish he was like my best friend.
    TK, and his lips smiling, laughoutloud
    AND KOMINAM with her clumsiness !!

  1668. 1668 : Kei Says:

    they’re almost as enjoyable as the drama itself. Oh, I’m going to miss this drama a lot….

  1669. 1669 : Shela Says:

    Loved this drama to the max.
    You can tell a drama is amazing when:

    – You finish it and you feel like a big thing has left you
    – You feel like “ahhhhhhhh~” when it ends
    – Fans are just crazy for more more more! (me one of them x_x)

    Ahh, now to wait for the next big drama.

  1670. 1670 : Kelly Says:

    I’m still in love with this drama and all the cast(((hug))) really miss them! All the fans are hoping make the season 2!

  1671. 1671 : ky0u Says:

    i don’t tend to like k dramas, but this one was really flipping good. ^^
    can anyone answer two questions for me?
    1) is ep 16 the end? there’s no more coming out?
    2) is there a manga associated with this drama? (pleasepleaseplease…..)

    go shin woo! he’s so mature… *sigh*


  1672. 1672 : shinhye_zie Says:

    im very super super addicted with this drama….omg!! i dun no how to describe it.. coz i very excited to story it hahahahahaha. i know u all fans of this drama was feel it….let we being crazy watch the drama all the time and ever!!…go go anjell YAB!!.
    l luv PSH very much..she very talented,kind, actress.she very cute in short hair… i like her.
    u know what, after watch this drama i cut my hair same like her hairstyle as go minam 🙂 😉 LUV JGS n other cast alsoooo…shin woo jeremy cute cute!!!!

  1673. 1673 : Alexandra Says:

    I’ve love Korean movies especially this one,their lyrics are the best and more touchable……uh I just get it off my mind…UMAH!!!!!

  1674. 1674 : Alexandra Says:

    I love watching Korean movies,especially ”THIS ONE” their lyrics are the best and more touchable,and I love their actors/actress esp Hyung nim tae kyung………CHEERS !!!!

  1675. 1675 : Alexandra Says:

    I love this movie and actors/actress esp Hyung Nim Tae Kyung

  1676. 1676 : fefe Says:

    I love this drama very much!! I hope they’ll make the season 2..
    If you also want You’re Beautiful season 2, please sign this petition: http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/YB2

  1677. 1677 : jewel Says:

    do we really have to sign a petition for them to make the second season of YAB? cant they read all the comments here??!!!

  1678. 1678 : tomato Says:

    miss this drama so much. This is the best drama of all korean drama. I really love jang geun suk. Every day i always watch about this drama on youtube. It has been 9 times that i watch this drama over n over again. I really want season 2. Love all A.N.Jell members. Love hyung nim. I’m ur biggest fan from singapore. I’m crazy about u.

  1679. 1679 : saranghae Says:

    love love this drama, it will always have a special place in my heart, as it was the first drama i ever watched.

  1680. 1680 : joedy lou of philippines Says:

    i already seen the whole version of the movie..i really love it! i had fun,also my family admire the characters of the story,they’re really cute!=)

  1681. 1681 : joedy lou of philippines Says:

    korean drama are such good movies to watch!”,)

  1682. 1682 : joedy lou of philippines Says:

    Go A.N. JELL!
    love you guyz..

  1683. 1683 : jewel Says:

    miss YAB. love this darma so much!

  1684. 1684 : jewel Says:

    season 2 na plsss…..

  1685. 1685 : cunbobo Says:

    i love this drama so much, as well as actors, actresses. Through this film, I can see the life more beautiful and know excited people. love love love so so so so much. thank you for production this drama, and i hope it will also have part 2 soon^^. nice to meet every one^^

  1686. 1686 : Trish Says:

    Any new new drama for them 2010? anyone knows?

  1687. 1687 : eugene Says:

    I like Lee Hong Ki. i love his voice also

  1688. 1688 : shinhye_zie Says:

    huhuhuhuuuuu…rely mis this drama.
    love them so much!!!!
    season 2 plezzzzzzzzzzzz

  1689. 1689 : wilker lim Says:

    wow 0.0 nice..i like thiz movie..wish can see them with my own eyes..
    Jang Geun Suk as Hwang Tae Kyung so cool.vote 100%
    Park Shin Hye Go Mi Nam (Male) / Go Mi Nyu (Female)-kawaii, i wounder y the brother no act so much..???i only can see the side way and his back??
    Lee Hong Ki as Kang On Yu / Jeremy-happy go lucky (in thiz movie)
    Jung Yong Hwa as Kang Shin Woo-gentelment and caring (in this movie).
    i love the movie and i love the actor n actress…hehe gambatt kudasaii.. im ur big fan..

  1690. 1690 : jewel Says:

    the best drama so far. jang geun suk the best actor ever!!!!

  1691. 1691 : lyn Says:

    it’s YAB addiction… sukkieliciousholic.

  1692. 1692 : karen Says:

    i really miss you’re beautiful pllzz… we want season 2 pls… i really love this drama

  1693. 1693 : nids Says:

    why go min nyu/nam has to ended with hwang tae kyung???
    i think shin woo is better….kind hearted, protective, warm, and always there for go min nyu….compared to hwang tae kyung with his arrogant face (but sometime quite handsome…hahahahahaha…LOL)
    poor shin woo…(T_T)

  1694. 1694 : jure Says:

    oh yeah!!!i want another you’re beautiful!!!!it’s damn good!!!!i want to repeat it all over again….hope there’s a sequel…

  1695. 1695 : jewel Says:

    kelan ba ito ipapalabas ng abs? ang tagal ko ng inaantay!!!!!ano ba!!!

  1696. 1696 : trisha Says:


    season two please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please!!!!!

  1697. 1697 : trisha Says:

    abs-cbn..please ipalabas nyo na to…please..please

  1698. 1698 : trisha Says:


  1699. 1699 : jewel Says:

    yah!!! anybody from that station could hear us?!!

  1700. 1700 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    I LOVE MANAGER MA!!!!! next to the a.n.jell guys of course!

  1701. 1701 : carla Says:

    i love hwang tae kyung!!!and go mi nam!!!

  1702. 1702 : just an opinion Says:

    cool film , kapan ya dikelilingin ma cowo cowo keren kaya gt ?aw aw aw aw . . yg gue suka dr ni film , walopun Min Nyu jadian Shin Woo atwpn jeremy bukan ma tae kyung , ni film tetep aja bagus endingna .

  1703. 1703 : Jun Says:

    YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL!!!! I looved this show.

    This drama is the best for me!!!

    I LOVE A.N.Jell!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

    Hwang Tae Kyung ..
    Kang shin woo..

  1704. 1704 : dee cullen Says:

    sukaa bangett sama film ini… love love tae kyung …. 🙂

  1705. 1705 : Parissa Says:

    Look, the story is great (i’m episode 6) but I have a problem: The girl is veeeeeeeeeeery girlish! How come they do not understand it? Are they stupid somehow? Jeremy or the Aunt or The director…
    Have u seen SHE’S THE MAN? at least she tried to look like boys but the girl doesn’t!!!
    Besides in that episode when the girls jumped into the pool to hide and the boy went after her… It was nonesense! Do they study at all?!!! No one can stay so unmoving under the water (like the girl did) and when someone is drawn in a pool or something, they come up the water after 8 hours (not like the boy did)!!!
    The actors are great, all of them. The girl also plays very nice. But the writer is not a wise person!!!

  1706. 1706 : Pro Says:

    parissa u r wrong man. i tink u r talking nonsense.the girl was hiding underwater in the pool and she wasnt exactly static.so u cant say she didnt move at all.and the guy in the pool didnt float up.its because after the girl went out of the pool she rmb the guy was inside and she kicked him he nv came out.so the girl asked ppl to save him.its not the guy come up the water by himself.-.- its common sense sometimes the show doesnt nid to show for u to understan

  1707. 1707 : rachel Says:

    i’m a from the philippines, I once walking along a mall and was attract by a dvd entitled you’re beautiful and i bought it then watched it and it was really nice. The charisma of the four actors is so awesome. hope it will be aired also here in the philippines

  1708. 1708 : rachel Says:

    i’m from the philippines and i bought the dvd on a mall, i watched it and it was so nice….true it is,hope will be aired also here in the philippines

  1709. 1709 : rachel Says:


  1710. 1710 : Parissa Says:

    C’mon PRO,
    Are u gonna start a fight or something?
    I just said that they could do it better. The girl was quite unmoving! trust me! She could at least hang up to the ladder! and i saw her kicking the guy! But this was crazy that they guy stayed under water for some minutes and came up after that!… Besides, there are many such goofs in this show and in any other show!
    Anyway, as I said before the show was nice and I loved it like all other Korean dramas I watched. However, I think “A Love To Kill” or “Boys Over Flowers” were much stronger.

    P.S. I’m not a man!

  1711. 1711 : lyn Says:

    human sometimes cannot accept that there’s YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL that make us go freakin so much like the series that make us smile and enjoy while watching it… it’s a beautiful life…

  1712. 1712 : sherine Says:

    i love A.N.JELL…..I LOVE JANG GEUN SUK….

  1713. 1713 : yayamira Says:

    LOVE this drama!!! taekyung.minam.shinwoo.jeremy. please. is there gonna be 2nd season???

  1714. 1714 : burberry Says:

    Here’s my take on this.

    If we start looking for faults on a drama there will be loads not only on You’re Beautiful but on most, if not all, other dramas, Korean or non Korean. There will always be something wrong in the acting, the timing, the story, etc.

    However, You’re Beautiful, as a drama was refreshing and enjoyable to watch; the actors, Jang Geun Seuk/ Park Shin Hye and the rest, were great; the story line had its moments of fun, joy, sadness.

    I, together with millions of others, have enjoyed watching this drama. To prove, just read all the wonderful comments; and the hits it had on the various sites.

    It was well received not only in Korea but had gained a lot of other viewers worldwide.

    I am not Korean, nor do I live in Korea, but I loved the drama to bits.

  1715. 1715 : burberry Says:

    I’m so pleased that the comments keep on pouring in.

    Will there be a sequel?

  1716. 1716 : ayie Says:

    i love this drama very much…hope for the nest season..and i also hope anjell could do more live concert…believe me.. many people want it

  1717. 1717 : ayie Says:

    i actually want to see go mi nam(male) character much more…the characters are interesting..charisma, bright and cool..

  1718. 1718 : LP Says:

    Full drama with English sub @ http://www.dlaznmovies.com/2010/01/youre-beautiful.html

  1719. 1719 : jewel Says:

    guys, pls help vote for jgs just click on find actor then click on jang geun suk and in those comments you will find the link that saraseokie gave. and then you can start voting. just click on the blue button. you can vote every 10 sec. pls help voting. jang geun suk really deserves this!!! my kokontra ba? the best naman talaga sya eh!!!!

  1720. 1720 : cinta damai Says:

    make season 2 of this series please!! 🙂

  1721. 1721 : jewel Says:

    jgs needs us. pls help vote. plsss….

  1722. 1722 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    well said, burberry!

  1723. 1723 : hollywood Says:

    My fellow K-drama viewers, do check out “Pick the Stars aka
    Stars falling from the Sky” Highly recommended to watch, you will
    not regret it.

    Parissa, nothing in this world is perfect, accept it. Enjoy the drama man
    (it’s an expression) we don’t really care if you are a man or woman,
    you are just another viewer. I am sure the writers, directors, casts and
    everyone involved in this drama welcome your comments whether good or bad, however, out there most viewers love this refreshing type of drama per Burberry. I enjoyed it throughly.

  1724. 1724 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    i’d rather watch this “flawed” drama rather than some overrated series. at least, you’re beautiful was super fun to watch! i hope there’ll be a season 2!

  1725. 1725 : jewel Says:

    guys, pls help in voting pls….

  1726. 1726 : Parissa Says:


  1727. 1727 : ayie Says:

    totally agree with parissa

  1728. 1728 : Parissa Says:

    I should confess that I was over-reacting before. Ya’all right.
    PLZPLZPLZ vote for Jang Geun Suk.
    To do so, choose FIND ACTOR from the bar above. Find his name and leave him comments as many as you can. He must be the first!

  1729. 1729 : taka Says:

    you are beautiful is the best.i wish the main actors can have another drama or movie soon, i cann’t wait.

  1730. 1730 : Lia Says:

    This film is very good. I actually watched many times, do not feel bored. Hopefully there is season 2. I like Jang Geun Seok……

  1731. 1731 : amoebacak Says:

    just recently watch the show.
    really really really love the story (n_n)
    much of the scene are really touching
    if only the epilouge is a bit better
    it is a happy ending and I like it

  1732. 1732 : Parissa Says:

    Here You Are. A Link to download the sountracks of YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!



  1733. 1733 : jewel Says:

    no no no. theres a link that saraseokie gave in jgs’ name. it is in yahoo korea and theres a poll there for the annual baeksang awards. pls vote there. not here. theres no awards in this site. pls…. jst click find actor then click jang geun suk and pls find the link that saraseokie gave. plsss…..pls… pls

  1734. 1734 : lyn Says:

    so addictive….

  1735. 1735 : Diana Says:

    I love this drama a lot i think the way the actor esp jang geun suk and the actress park shin hye are awesome i hope i can still see the continuity of this drama and the songs are also wonderful i hope i can see jang geun suk and park shin hye match up in the same drama i mean session 2 of you’re beautiful or just in another drama soon….

  1736. 1736 : okka Says:

    nice song im a fool

  1737. 1737 : SiSSie Says:

    the best drama ever!!!

  1738. 1738 : SiSSie Says:

    my first drama in recent 4years,i watched stairway to heaven,sad love story,winter sonata they were really touching buuut tooo sad life is hard enough by itself so i stopped watching kdrama or any drama.but this was sooooooooo goooood couldn’t stop laughing acting was excellent!!!especially loved jang geun suk and lee hong gi(sooo cute)

  1739. 1739 : SiSSie Says:

    A.N.JELL!!!LOVE YOU!!!

  1740. 1740 : SiSSie Says:

    what?raitng is 9th,10th?what were koreans doing at the time?electing president or smthn bigger?

  1741. 1741 : Parissa Says:

    Come on!
    VOTE as much as you can!

    Love u A.N.Jell

  1742. 1742 : rachel Says:

    i hope der some more part 2 for that story.

  1743. 1743 : jewel Says:

    heys guys, antbody there? is there somebody who can help us vote for jgs?

  1744. 1744 : KoreanMalaysiaFan Says:

    You’re Beutiful!!
    Love U All!!
    Hope season 2 will coming soon!!
    Saranghae!! 🙂

  1745. 1745 : jewel Says:

    hello you there! there is no one confirming that they are gonna vote for jgs. poor guy. cant we really help him get that much deserved award? pls if you have any questions on how to vote pls feel free to ask. i badly want for him to get this one

  1746. 1746 : jewel Says:


  1747. 1747 : Parissa Says:

    Let’s make it possible!
    I pushed that button all yesterday!

  1748. 1748 : Parissa Says:


  1749. 1749 : Parissa Says:


  1750. 1750 : Parissa Says:


  1751. 1751 : Parissa Says:


  1752. 1752 : Parissa Says:


  1753. 1753 : Parissa Says:


  1754. 1754 : Parissa Says:


  1755. 1755 : Parissa Says:


  1756. 1756 : keith Says:

    goood drama!!! i love it! :)) heart on go mi nam and JKS! XDD 3>3>

  1757. 1757 : Parissa Says:

    Let’s pass CITY HALL rating in the list above!
    COME ON!
    Just a few more comments!

  1758. 1758 : Parissa Says:

    Love love >:D

  1759. 1759 : Parissa Says:

    Keep VOTING!

  1760. 1760 : Parissa Says:

    Go to this Link and push the blue button under JGS pic.


    COME ON!

  1761. 1761 : Parissa Says:

    COME ON!

  1762. 1762 : Richhan Says:

    loveee it so mucch. such a great movie..

  1763. 1763 : daniel Says:


  1764. 1764 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    go mi nam is my lucky charm!

  1765. 1765 : lyn Says:

    hyungnim…… criii. can’t get over this drama. dak-chan

  1766. 1766 : LOVE IT! Says:

    DANG I LOVEEE THIS DRAMA! It got me really sad that it had to end so early.. and that it wasn’t that popular. But I heard it was VERY popular on the internet hehe. I’m just happy that it didn’t get as popular as Kgot boda namja because it would of been extended and it could became a BAD drama with a dragged out ending. So overall I’m happy about it:) This was seriously one of the best dramas I have seen. It made me quite happy in the beginning weeks of school because I always had this to look forward to^^ GREAT CAST. Hilarious acting! I’d seriously watch this drama over again, and that NEVER happens with me. I just loved the dorkiness, cuteness, quirkiness, seriousness, and then the whole hilarity of it all. Superb drama, loved it.

  1767. 1767 : Elmer Says:

    I just watched Showtime here in the Philippines and I never though that one of the cast of YAB Lee Hong Ki is here in the Philippines. He got a band called FTI and held a concert here in the Philippines!!! Great huh? (he got lot of fans here)He also promoted You’re Beautiful that will be shown very….. very… soon on ABS-CBN!!!! GO for it!!!

  1768. 1768 : nana Says:

    serious this drama was damn good. Base on plot, character, storyline. In a short way, everything is perfect. Aaaaaa!!!!!! I’m addicting to it. Even when i’m at work, sometimes i smile alone while thinking certain scene in this drama. My mum and sister say that i’m crazy. But, who cares???? hahahaha

  1769. 1769 : nana Says:

    this drama was too hilarious. After 33 drama i’ve watched, this drama become my 1st place ever. Thumbs up

  1770. 1770 : nana Says:

    i’m sick of this drama. It’s too addictive. Help me! Help me! Help me!!!! Maybe this could help>—make it season 2. hahaha

  1771. 1771 : nana Says:

    i heard this drama have a lotttttt of viewer over the internet. Over the WORLD. Aja aja fighting! Make season 2 please!!!

  1772. 1772 : lily Says:

    watch leader of this drama make me look forward the other drama that he act too. He is very talented

  1773. 1773 : lily Says:

    i love A.N.Jell and you are beautiful too

  1774. 1774 : lily Says:

    i wish jang geun suk and park shin hye will dating outside of the drama. They was really a cuteeeeeeee couple. If i’m Jang geun suk mother, i will force him to marry park shin hye.hahahah

  1775. 1775 : danna Says:

    ..i love this korean drama ..so cutE!..nice one!

  1776. 1776 : kate b Says:

    love this drama.. im on episode 9 ..watching online! =) i love the characters.. from: philippines

  1777. 1777 : Parissa Says:

    Can somebody plz plz give the English translation of the song ‘without a word’?

  1778. 1778 : jess Says:

    does anyone know if there will be a season 2???

  1779. 1779 : Parissa Says:

    I will keep You’re beautiful higher than City Hall until the end of the week when they recount!

  1780. 1780 : lily Says:

    parissa, this is english translation for without word song

    I shouldnt have done that,
    I should have pretended not to know
    like I didnt see it, like I couldnt see it
    I shouldnt have looked at you in the first place

    I should have run away,
    I should have pretended I wasnt listening
    like I didnt hear it, like I couldnt hear it
    I shouldnt have heard your love in the first place

    Without a word you made me know love
    Without a word you gave me love
    Because you took just a breath and ran away like this
    Without a word love leaves me
    Without a word love abandons me
    Wondering what to say next, my lips were surprised
    Because it came without a word.

    Why does it hurt so much?
    Why does it hurt continuously?
    Except for the fact that I can’t see you anymore
    And that you’re not here anymore
    Otherwise it’s the same as before

    Without a word you made me know love
    Without a word you gave me love
    Because you took just a breath and ran away like this
    Without a word love leaves me
    Without a word love abandons me
    Wondering what to say next, my lips were surprised

  1781. 1781 : ammk Says:

    this is the best drama ever!

    love u A.N.JELL.

    love jang geun suk so much!

    two thumbs up!

  1782. 1782 : ammk Says:

    this is the best drama ever!

    love A.N.JELL.

    love jang geun suk so much!

    two thumbs up!

  1783. 1783 : ammk Says:

    i’ve already watch this drama about 8 or 9 times!

    love this drama soooo much!

    i’m addicting to this drama and jang geun suk!:)

  1784. 1784 : Nadj Says:

    Like this funny romance drama. I specially love the song. I hope the group sing it in english version. Good job guys.

  1785. 1785 : fieda Says:

    this drama so sweet.. tae kyung so cold but take care with go min nam…
    i like this drama.. romantic.. so wish luck to all of them

  1786. 1786 : Parissa Says:

    LILY thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Many many many thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    I just can sing along MALDO OPSHI SARANGHE…
    Just this part! But I still do!
    I increase the volume to the maximum amount and sing while driving!
    It’s Awesome! Now I know what he sayssssssssss!

    Thanx Again 🙂

  1787. 1787 : Parissa Says:

    Thanx again!
    I’m tooooooooooo excited!

  1788. 1788 : Parissa Says:

    leave as many comments as you can 😉

  1789. 1789 : ling Says:

    hi.. im fm singapore..
    i just found this drama randomly online..
    n i so love love love it! 🙂
    where can i get the ost for this drama?

  1790. 1790 : sarah_san Says:

    where is my jgs now???? drama please.

  1791. 1791 : ammk Says:

    jang geun suk is a really great actor.
    and he has a great chemistry with park shin hye.
    n other actors r really great.
    no matter what, this drama is the best drama i’ve ever watch.
    i like this drama more than others.(seriously)
    you’re beautiful, fighting!
    we will always b supporting!
    aja aja…

  1792. 1792 : drama korea Says:

    amazing it will be number 1 for the comments. Go youre beautifuller…

  1793. 1793 : haylie Says:

    i lab themm ovr ovr..
    i love you oppa tae kyung
    oppa shi woo
    oppa jeremy.. and unni go mi nyu/mi nam yooooohhhh…..SARANGHAEYO>>>>>

  1794. 1794 : Parissa Says:

    Hey all!
    Let’s leave comments!

  1795. 1795 : ling Says:

    so sad… im finishing the last episode now… 🙁
    any other kgs drama to share?

  1796. 1796 : Parissa Says:


    Just leave comments!
    No matter what!

  1797. 1797 : Parissa Says:

    You are all BEAUTIFUL

  1798. 1798 : Parissa Says:


  1799. 1799 : lily Says:

    ur welcome parissa. I just found on net and paste here =)

    where are u from? i’m from malaysia and for ur info i already memorize the full song without word in korean language (even not i’m not korean n never learn korean). Now, i can sing along with Park Shin Hye or Jang Geun Suk (while hear the mp3 of that song). Not just without word but all the soundtrack of You Are Beautiful such as Promise, Still and Lovely Day. My friend said that i was great becoz able to memorize the song that totally different from my mother tounge. I think it’s not about great. i’m sure, everyone that continously play the mp3 over and over again with the lyrics at their hand, will memorize the full song soon. heheh. That happen to me.

    I finish watch this drama at the end of december 2009 but still continously play the drama now. Such an addictive drama. I can resist it. Can’ stop.Can u help me? hahah.

    I love Jang Geun Suk. Such a talented actor. I like to see him as a arrogant but sometime romantic guy. It’s suit him. Such in this drama

  1800. 1800 : lily Says:

    hahaha parissa, u’re funny. I also just like you now. Like to leave more comment in this thread to up the ranking of this drama. To make people notice and eager to watch this drama (for those who are not watch yet. Seriously, people will regret if not watch this drama or watch it late. haha

  1801. 1801 : ling Says:

    yes yes! must watch!!!
    very nice.. very funny.. very romantic..
    im falling in love… oh.. is i fell in love.. again..
    lol 🙂

  1802. 1802 : ling Says:

    any idea where i can get the version of “What should I do” by jang keun suk?

  1803. 1803 : lily Says:


    you can download here


  1804. 1804 : lily Says:


  1805. 1805 : ling Says:

    hey lily
    tks alot!!!!
    i really like this drama!
    esp jgs can sing, can act.. and can really smile… 😛

  1806. 1806 : lily Says:

    ling: u’re welcome. I also like this drama damn much. He smile brightening my day. Phewwww!!!

  1807. 1807 : ling Says:

    really glad to found this drama randomly.
    i’m loving it!
    hope more ppl support this drama lor

  1808. 1808 : archangel Says:

    lurrrveeeeeeeee this!

  1809. 1809 : archangel Says:

    wanna make the comments pas city hall.

  1810. 1810 : archangel Says:

    i luv jeremy

  1811. 1811 : Parissa Says:

    We are great!
    We can soon pass The Kingdom Of Winds!

  1812. 1812 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    stars! stars! stars! wish there’d be a TK who’d give me stars everyday!

  1813. 1813 : Parissa Says:

    Wish there was a TK who I could give him stars every day 😉

  1814. 1814 : Parissa Says:

    Come on strawberry
    Leave as many comments as you can!

  1815. 1815 : Parissa Says:

    Here we gooooooooooooo

  1816. 1816 : Parissa Says:


  1817. 1817 : lily Says:

    i luv tae kyung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1818. 1818 : Parissa Says:

    GO on Lily!

  1819. 1819 : Parissa Says:

    Plz don’t stop!

  1820. 1820 : lily Says:

    i found this drama and start watch it after i see, it win a best drama of 2009 voted by people in this site. At that time i prefer BOF to be a best drama and i vote for BOF. After i finish watch You Are Beautiful, i admit that this drama deserved the award. Oh, can i change the vote now?? coz i wanna vote for You Are Beautiful. hahahah


  1821. 1821 : rani Says:

    i loved this drama like i think every person who watched!
    there was no other way you only could love it!
    it was so funny and sometimes sad and every actor has a great voice!
    i wished they would form a pop-group!
    by the way for all of you people who fall in love with jan geun suk
    please support him on this website and vote for him
    Go to this link and push the blue button under his pic


    we have to support our sweet oppa

  1822. 1822 : ammk Says:

    you’re beautiful is the best.
    this drama deserves for the best in everything.

  1823. 1823 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    haha..parissa! i’d comment here as much as i could. i want YB to top the most commented drama! 😀

  1824. 1824 : Parissa Says:

    Yay Strawberry!
    We’re gonna ROCK!

  1825. 1825 : Parissa Says:

    Go YAB! Go!

  1826. 1826 : Parissa Says:

    We’re getting higher and higher

  1827. 1827 : Parissa Says:


  1828. 1828 : Parissa Says:


    Just a little more to break into the highest position!

  1829. 1829 : Parissa Says:

    Here we gooooooooooo

  1830. 1830 : Parissa Says:

    Ah!Where are you all?

  1831. 1831 : denden Says:

    whoa!!!!i like it!!!!

  1832. 1832 : kaka Says:

    man. i would this series to have a 2nd season. i miss all 4 of them!!!! pls2. would there be any 2nd season?

  1833. 1833 : lalola Says:

    jang geun suk!!! jung yong hwa!!! lee hong ki!!! park shin hye!!!

  1834. 1834 : Parissa Says:


  1835. 1835 : lily Says:

    yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! Go YAB go!!!!!!!!!!! Fighting!!!! Most commented drama to be! Yeahhh.

    Do you think is easy to keep comment this thread over and over again? Noooo!!! Unless this drama deserved that. Here we go, i’m the one will make this drama climb up to be a most commented drama! Aja! Aja!

  1836. 1836 : nopi Says:

    fighting all for u anjell.. when u will have next drama.. wait for u.. anyeong’

  1837. 1837 : nopi Says:

    YAB must be no 1

  1838. 1838 : lyn Says:

    can’t get over with YAB. help me please. YAB rules

  1839. 1839 : Myla VietNam Says:

    I enjoyed this movie …. I love Korea ^^

  1840. 1840 : Parissa Says:


  1841. 1841 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    @lily: so right, this drama deserves to be on top! this drama has gotta be the most commented drama! c’mon guys, let’s do this..for AN JELL!!!!!

  1842. 1842 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    AN JELL lovers, come on! let’s bring YB to the top!

  1843. 1843 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    and yeah, we want SEASON 2!!!! (if they can’t do that, at least make a YB special…puhlease?!)

  1844. 1844 : SiSSie Says:

    love you a.n.jell

  1845. 1845 : SiSSie Says:

    jang geun suk’s next project is affirmed,its not YB,something with pet…i ll be happy to see him again on the screen,so when the airing stars lets make the ratings no1.i think its more important than this sites comments to him,if you really support him look forward to the show:)

  1846. 1846 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    jang geun suk’s next project is You’re My Pet. if we wanted YB to be on top of the most commented drama, just imagine how much more we wanted JGS’ new project to succeed. of course, we all want the new series to get some bangin’ ratings! but for the meantime, why don’t we try to bring YB to the top of the most commented dramas? y’all know it has gotta be on top 😀

  1847. 1847 : Dwi Says:

    i like it…..
    betul-betul keren. malah lebih keren dari BBF
    Nggak ada lanjutannya lagikah…?

  1848. 1848 : lily Says:

    if you read the news carefully, You Are My Pet is gonna be a movie not DRAMA or SERIES. Of course less airtime of Jang Geun Suk. Make it drama please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not just a movie

  1849. 1849 : Theresa Says:

    I luv this drama..
    luv A.N JELL…
    n luv Jang Geun Suk too..^^

  1850. 1850 : carol Says:

    minam. minami. its hwang tae kyung.

  1851. 1851 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    aw..i didn’t notice that You’re My Pet would be a movie. anyway, i’d still watch it! i love love love JGS!

  1852. 1852 : rosa Says:

    finally JGS in a drama..the wait is over..but when will be aired? anyone knows???

  1853. 1853 : SiSSie Says:

    in the article i ve read there was no news about whether its drama or movie,but i read from comments above it that the original story is a drama,so i thought that might be a drama…we’ll it doesnt matter,it will be huge success whether its movie or drama espesially with JGS in it.yes i guess that make sense guys,the new project and comments here are 2 different things,and ill be happy to see him on top everwhere!fighting tejituki-s hehe

  1854. 1854 : SiSSie Says:

    his manager says he’ll start work on his next project around may,yea its pretty far from now

  1855. 1855 : Parissa Says:


  1856. 1856 : pau Says:

    …your beautiful is a great tv series…love it,,,

  1857. 1857 : Parissa Says:

    Do you see me here?!
    They don’t let me leave comments for him any more!
    They keep deleting my comments!

  1858. 1858 : ArcherRidz Says:

    i love yonghwa…^^
    go yonghwa….!!!!
    really like watching you’re beautiful…

  1859. 1859 : jewel Says:

    its so frustrating that this drama is on its way to the top of this most-commented-whatever-list. so is jang geun suk’s page. hes also climbing his way up there. frustrating because, who are this people who are working very hard to do this? while nobody is trying to help him REALLY win in that yahoo.korea site! i mean, whats the use if hes #1 here? it doesnt really matter. the baeksang awards is coming and he is just #3 there. his rivals are really way ahead that i figured that even if i vote for 1 week straight without sleep wouldnt do any good. even this drama also ranked #3!

  1860. 1860 : jewel Says:

    i wanted to cry in disbelief!

  1861. 1861 : Parissa Says:

    Take a look here!
    I’ve been banned from his own page!!!
    They don’t let me leave comments there!
    They delete my comments right away!

  1862. 1862 : lily Says:

    owh..I miss YAB. I wanna watch it again for the 10th time but i dont because i want to deny that i’m crazy over dis drama. Much much crazy. It’s too addictive

  1863. 1863 : Parissa Says:

    JEWEL, listen!
    RANI and I, the ones who are working hard in his page, do vote for him on yahoo too.
    We’re supporting him in both sites!
    Of course now I’ve been banned from his page!
    They say I can’t post any more comments until the comments are moderated!

  1864. 1864 : korean girl Says:

    this is the best drama ever. This drama deserves to b no1 in the list. coz i’ve watched all the drama above this drama n i found that this drama is the best. Yab.. Fighting! We will always support this drama forever.

  1865. 1865 : carol Says:

    too good to be true. love the series so much. excellent

  1866. 1866 : Parissa Says:

    Take a look here!

  1867. 1867 : ling Says:

    wow.. i cant wait for his new drama too! 🙂
    so just click on the ‘blue’ ion on the yahoo site to vote for him?
    is that a competition?

  1868. 1868 : rani Says:

    parissa my dear you are here
    and i thought i was the only one with this problem
    all we did was for our oppa
    we worked so hard for him

  1869. 1869 : rani Says:

    like parissa said we worked hard on both sites!!!!
    everytime i´m online i vote for him!!!
    parissa and me support him everywhere!!!!!!!!!

  1870. 1870 : rani Says:

    and i don´t think that making JGS no.1 here is useless because when other people check this site and they see this ranking they will for sure read his profile. so in a way it attracts the attention of people so more people get to know our darling 😉
    and our darling gets more and more supporters!!!!!! 🙂

  1871. 1871 : rani Says:

    and here is the link again for people who don´t know this link
    please support our oppa on this site!!!!
    Go to this link and push the blue button under his pic

    link here

    JGS will for sure be happy 🙂

  1872. 1872 : jewel Says:

    parissa, i dont think you get my point. what i mean is even if the two of you work hard for him, it will all go to trash if he didnt win. and he is absolutely NOT winning with your efforts. what i want is for all of his fans around the world to help in this voting system. i believe we can still make him no.1 if we all will join forces to vote for him. look, does anybody told you that theyre gonna help? nobodys helping for crying out loud!!!

  1873. 1873 : jewel Says:


    i will also support jgs all the way. just that, i hope that everyone else will do the same.

  1874. 1874 : rani Says:

    jewel i know how you feel. 🙁
    truth to be said its disappointed and frustrating sometimes when you see your are voting for him like crazy and you can´t get him to the position he derserves.
    don´t get depressed!
    what else can we do? we do everything we can do to support him
    keep fighting jewel!
    you are not alone!

    to all the fans of JGS if you really are a fan than support him here!
    there is no risk just vote for him!!!

    link here

  1875. 1875 : jewel Says:

    thanks. im glad somebody shares my feelings.

  1876. 1876 : jewel Says:

    YAB also ranked 3rd! its so insane!!!

  1877. 1877 : ammk Says:

    hi everyone, i vote 4 jgs every day at that page. But there r only few people voting 4 jgs. Once i press the blue button, it only increase about 5 to 6 vote. I feel disappointed. Where is everyone who love jgs? I feel sorry 4 jgs. He should b no.1. Whatever i’ll keep voting 4 jgs. Jgs is the best. Jgs fighting!

  1878. 1878 : lily Says:

    i vote for him at yahoo korea website so many time! Yea!!!

    And i votE YAB too, here! Go to first comenteted drama! Yeah!!!!!!

  1879. 1879 : rani Says:

    here again for all the people who don´t know it yet
    please vote for our JGS if we all support him he can become no.1
    but everybody has to vote!!!!!!!
    Go to this link and push the blue button under his pic

    link here

    and here the link to vote for YAB

    link here

  1880. 1880 : manya Says:

    YBA is the best drama i watched recently!!!
    they all did a great job!!!
    the story is funny, sweet and sad. it is just perfect!!!
    i hope there will be a second season!!!!
    by the way please vote on yahoo korea for this drama!!!!

  1881. 1881 : rani Says:

    parissa where are you

  1882. 1882 : rani Says:

    please support our oppa 🙂
    give him comments on his profile
    parissa and me are banished so we can´t do it
    let him be no.1 here
    and of course don´t forget to vote for him on the yahoo korea website

  1883. 1883 : IheartDrama Says:

    WHERE CAN I BUY KOREAN DRAMAS AT???????????????????? PLEASE HELP!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!EMAIL ME [email protected]

  1884. 1884 : ammk Says:

    now there’s no one voting for jgs at yahoo korea. only me! so sad.

  1885. 1885 : Parissa Says:

    O thanx God Rani!
    We still have each other to support him everywhere!
    I was toooooooooooo sad for the last two days but this morning, when I saw what we did, I almost screamed!
    He is the 5th!
    We did a good job!

  1886. 1886 : Parissa Says:

    I’m at office now and I could leave a comment for him!
    Maybe that’s because I’m using another IP!
    See if we can continue our job 😉

  1887. 1887 : Parissa Says:

    Rani look!
    The one under him needs only 10 comments to get to him!
    We should never let this happen!
    We should keep him up there!
    What do we have to do?!

  1888. 1888 : erica Says:

    ahhh i loved this drama and i’hv alredy seen it like 2 times yeh… the cast fits really great together…and all the actors seem that get along really well =)

  1889. 1889 : elasyh Says:

    YAB GO!!!
    YAB GO!!!

  1890. 1890 : rani Says:

    don´t worry we will never let this happen!!!!
    there is only one direction for our darling 🙂
    we will get him higher and higher

  1891. 1891 : Parissa Says:

    Don’t you worry JGS!
    We’ll never let you down >D:

  1892. 1892 : nana Says:


  1893. 1893 : Parissa Says:

    Yea, I completely agree Nana!

  1894. 1894 : jewel Says:

    thanks so much for the people whose helping our dear sukkie in yahoo korea. our rivals maybe way ahead but we will still keep the spirit high. fighting jgs!!

  1895. 1895 : jewel Says:

    absolutely love jgs. hes no.1 for me no matter what. just cant ignore that great talent that he has! he is such an addiction.

  1896. 1896 : ling Says:

    me also trying my best for his vote @ yahoo.kr… 🙂

  1897. 1897 : diefan Says:

    Love YAB so much..the storyline, the actors, and the acting is superb…very natural. to the staffs, crews and actors, Kudos to all!.
    I thought it was brilliant story, editing, musics. Can’t wait for season2..

    I thank you sincerely.

  1898. 1898 : carol Says:

    so beautiful! worth watching for.

  1899. 1899 : sarah_san Says:

    the best drama..worth watching over AND over again.

  1900. 1900 : rani Says:

    yay keep fighting guys!!!!
    together we will make him no.1 for sure!!!!

  1901. 1901 : emerald Says:

    oh man. i soooo love this drama. it’s so sweet and cute and funny. i could just watch it over and over and over again. love it.

  1902. 1902 : Lanie Says:

    I’m watching this again and it still makes me smile. I just can’t forget this sweet drama and the actors/actress. eh chemisty of the group is just wonderful. UNFORGETTABLE. LOVE YOU ALL. BEST OF LUCK

  1903. 1903 : esmeralda Says:

    Shin WOO is the best character in this drama. A perfect guy who can’t have the girl.

  1904. 1904 : S.Faiz Hakem Says:

    This is 1 of my Fav Kdrama
    romance , comedy
    Luv it

  1905. 1905 : Parissa Says:

    Love love YAB!

  1906. 1906 : tyler swift Says:

    YAB team you all did an amazing job ,keep it up fighting.

  1907. 1907 : nana Says:

    i believe, when the time passed by, more people will watch this drama and the comment will up to 1st place. It doesn’t matter if any drama beat us here in this site based on comment because at everywhere, on internet over the world, this drama climb up for the first place already. If u don’t believe, u can check it by yourself. And don’t forget, THIS DRAMA ITSELF ALREADY WIN THE BEST DRAMA OF 2009 AT THIS SITE based on vote which is we can only vote it ONCE ONLY for each IP address (because it using pool system not by the amount of comment).

    Do you guys know, at soompi forum which is one of famous forum for korean drama addict, YAB membership is win the 2nd place again overall group membership (include singer, actor, actor,actress). It act win the 4 category which is

    1) 2nd place for overall membership (actually only YAB is in drama category, other category that win for 1st place, 3rd,4th is belong to singer who already built a large fanbase long time ago.YAB is new but it can climb up to 2nd place already)
    2) 1st place for actor membership (Jang Geun Suk, Kyaaaaaaa)
    3) 1st place for actress membership (Park Shin Hye,Kyaaaa)
    3) 1st place for drama/tv show membership

    Source: http://www.soompi.com/blog/100_days_of_fan_clubs

    (to access soompi, u must register first, for free of course)

    the place is count according to how many membership that each group have. It count on MEMBERSHIP, NOT COMMENT OR VOTING that can do by the same person. That it’s a big compliment for YAB. Of course YAB is excellent because it win for 4 category and beat all the other drama membership. Does all that i said is a enough prove that YAB is a MUST WATCH DRAMA???? U WILL REGRET IS U WATCH IT LATE. Watch it now. If you don’t know where to watch it, give me ur email and i would like to give u a direct link where u can download or watch it online for FREE.

    If u feel boring to watch at the first two episode and then u refuse to watch the rest, u will regret it because the more episod u watch the more excited that u get. As for me, at the first two episod, i feel a little bit boring but after i reached 3 episod, OMGGGGGG, IT’S TOO INTERESTING DRAMA. REALLY DAMN GOOD STORYLINE. Because of that, i’m now a big fan of this drama. This drama beat all the drama that i watch from 8 years ago! Such a big impact! I’m glad that i continue to watch the drama even though i feel a little bit boring at the first. The main reason i continue to watch this drama is i eager to know why every people watch this drama and like it. I’m glad that i don’t stop to watch it. Thank God. This drama really made my day. And i will keep continue to copy and pass this comment every week because i want everyone that come to this thread (the newbie exactly) will know my thought of this drama.

    Thank you, all i do is because i’m a big fan for this drama, actor, or actress or even the crew production itself. Thanks for the excitement that u all give to me. YAB fighting!!!!!!!!!!!

  1908. 1908 : nana Says:

    if u don’t know where to watch it online or download it for free and GOOD QUALITY VIDEO, just give me ur email and i will send to u a direct link so u can watch it online and download it. Watch it everyday!!

    p/s: I just realize my previous comment is too long ;P

  1909. 1909 : nana Says:

    “Tae Kyung (JGS) is extremely serious about his work, but loves to fool around with Shin Wo and Jeremy. The cast is having fun together. I think they picked the perfect leader. And his fans are the best… so envious… and proud. Tae Kyung is a “Cool Boy” (exact words)”

    This word is come from english translation that send by President Ahn on message board to all fans. This is a great compliment for our JGS!! He is serious at work while like to fool around offset. JGS is COOL! YAB COOL!

  1910. 1910 : Parissa Says:

    They’re great, together and one by one!

  1911. 1911 : Nadj Says:

    I totally agreed with all of you about the drama. Its funny, romantic and beatiful drama. Everything in it is a breeze. Actually, the story is a simple one, but i don’t know what makes it the best korean drama i’ve ever watched. It must have been all the cast specially the leading actor and actress, they’re just oozing with electric chemistry on and off the camera. My God, you can feel it, we’re all dying to know what’s the real score between those two. The anticipation is a killer!! an added appeal.

    JGS and PSH the best Korean couple ever. No one can beat these team SHIN WOO, LEE HONG KEE, JANG GEON SUK AND PARK SHIN HYE.

    I personally like the scene where JGS kissed PSH after their intense exchange of words and a funny reaction after that, then the serious heart-breaking moment with SW. You can’t miss this!!

    And the music they use is so beatiful. It has a double meaning which gives it more appealing to the listeners, makes you appreciate the song more.

    And the fashion? Great wardrobe, love the dresses and accessories they use, the colors were perfect for each cast. Makes the drama more colorful and meaningful. Congratulations!!!!!

    Congratulations to all the cast, director and crew of this drama. Well done!!! Hoping for season 2. But this time put more magical moment between JGS and PSH (how they’re going to protect their love from all pressures, dissapointment and trials) and more beautiful beatiful songs. Love it!!!

  1912. 1912 : lezzielizzie Says:

    i really do love this drama..
    i’m not yet done watching it though..
    i’m currently watching ep 9..
    i’m excited to finish watching this drama because of all your wonderful feedback..

  1913. 1913 : nana Says:

    nadj, i really like ur comment truely. The kissing scene that u have said, make me sad before yet laugh while looking how funny the scene after that. i mean TK reaction and also all the mi nam reaction. The firework thins, imigination (remember, 3 kind of imigination mi nam toward tae kyung?). It make me cry and laugh at the mean time.

    i already watch all the behind the scene of this drama. Include the concert rehearsel and offset. Their cast relationship is really great. I agree with u about what make this drama so special. This drama have a very simple plot and don’t have much complicated storyline yet easy to understand. What make YAB special is the cast itself. No one can beat it. Congrate!!!

  1914. 1914 : 0012me Says:

    title: YouTube Mar 2010 Jang Keun Suk’s video msg for Singapore

    watch this

  1915. 1915 : lyn Says:

    YAB Rules!

  1916. 1916 : Hong Gi Says:

    I love this Drama, and totally loves Hong gi’s character …
    and of course.. Geun Suk’s 🙂
    he’s totally so manly here. and lucky mi nam :))

  1917. 1917 : Lia Says:

    I’m very very love this drama….. YAB benar-benar kerenn….. mudah2an ada session 2……. It’s cool……….:)

  1918. 1918 : Parissa Says:


  1919. 1919 : Parissa Says:

    My friends!
    Plz break your long comments into several ones!
    This way you’ll help YAB get to the first position in the list above!

  1920. 1920 : DG Says:

    I LOVE This Drama……. Very romantic….., simple but cool….. can’t stop tp watching it. Best 4 ever…

  1921. 1921 : Love this Says:

    This is currently my top 1st ever and will be!
    I just love this i have watched it 3 times..but still want to watch it again and again.
    Love the characters and drama.

  1922. 1922 : 0012me Says:

    love this drama

  1923. 1923 : Dvee Says:

    Suka banget sama drama ini…meski agak terganggu sama makeup nya JKS,napa sih di makeup nya tebal bgt,smoga indosiar mo muterin you’re beautiful.koreandrama fighting!

  1924. 1924 : kal Says:

    i wonder how this film was ..

  1925. 1925 : Nadj Says:

    After watching this drama for the __nth time, i’m not gonna watch any korean drama again if its not JGS and PSH pairing. The two have this special connection that we viewers are looking for. Although they may not be romantically involve ( AND IM STILL HOPING WITH DOUBLE FINGERS CROSS!!!) they make the television sparks with their electrifying chemistry. But if in real life they happen to have this thing with each other i’ll be the happiest person in the world together with JGS mom. He…he….he………

    What are you waiting for? Catch the YAB fever!!!! Everybodies dying in watching it for the __nth time!!!!!

    Hoping for season 2, more actions and drama for the main character and the band. Go ANJell !!!!!!!!!!!! Lets do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1926. 1926 : zanne Says:

    Im from the philippines and got hooked in this drama, i even fall in love with it, great actors and actresses, TWO THUMBS up!!!
    JANG GEUN SUK.. You are my First Korean DRAMa PRince..
    though i know its impossible i want to see u in person..
    GREAT SMILE>> totally heart melting.. hehehe im so cheesy…

  1927. 1927 : Parissa Says:


  1928. 1928 : Parissa Says:

    Fight Guys!
    Come to Jang Geun Suk (Te Keyung) page and Fight for him!
    Just leave comments!
    The more comments, the higher position!
    Let’s make him the 1st best Korean actor!

  1929. 1929 : Parissa Says:

    Come to his page!
    join our group –> FIGHT4JGS

  1930. 1930 : Nadj Says:

    Hi NANA,

  1931. 1931 : Nadj Says:

    Hi Nana,

    Do you know if there going to push for YAB season 2? the last thing i know is there not sure.

    go!! ANJell go!!!!! GO!!!!! ANJell go!!!!!!! go………….go…………..go!!!!!!!!

    BEst Korean couple JGS and PSH!!!
    BEst Drama ever YAB!!!!!!!


  1932. 1932 : nana Says:

    hi nadj

    yes, the hero and heroin chemistry is so good. I don’t have any couple in any korean drama can beat them. Their chemistry make me want they marry for a real life!!!! This is my first time request 😉

    kal, try watch it. You will not regret =)

  1933. 1933 : nana Says:

    nadj, i’m not sure about that. If they see a great ‘spark’ toward this drama all over the world, i believe they will. Because, korean broadcasting always think about fans need. If they have a lot of fans and see a great ‘spark’ , they will think back about make a season 2 since they can make a lot of money by that.

  1934. 1934 : rani Says:

    to all the people who love this drama:
    please support jang geun suk one of the actors who made this drama a success!
    lets make YAB and our jang geun suk no.1!!!
    please leave a comment on his site! every comment is important!
    don´t forget to vote for both on the yahoo korea site!

  1935. 1935 : Parissa Says:


  1936. 1936 : carla Says:

    A.N.Jell.. awesome!

  1937. 1937 : 00012me Says:

    waaahhhh……. i almost watch YAB everyday esp. my fave part, go minam and taekyung 🙂 love

  1938. 1938 : Hanna Says:


  1939. 1939 : Nadj Says:

    Hi Nana,
    Thanks for the info. Anyway, its gonna take a while for me to watch another Korean Drama if its not JGS and PSH pairing. maybe after the YAB fever subside. I didn’t realize this drama have this effect on me. Love all the cast SW, Hongki, President Ah and Manager Ma all of them contributed to the success of this drama.
    If they ever going to have season 2, i hope their going to put another person (who accidentally finds out she’s a girl before they met) that will persue GMN who is as stiff and cool like TK and more stubborn that will really make TK jealous (he…..he……..he…..) and for TK something like a fiance out of nowhere (TK’s first love?) that will make TK doubt his feelings for GMN and GMN will be jealous too but can’t do anything about it because she’s still disguising as a man. Wow!! that would be something to watch. Just imagining (he……..he………….)
    Love this drama!!!

  1940. 1940 : bobby Says:

    i Love this Tv series Most………^^
    Love You so Much Oppa Tae kyung

  1941. 1941 : pelagia Says:

    YAB is the greatest korean drama. Luv Jang Geun Seok….he’s so handsome,, cute,, beautiful smile, and his eyes….whoa…. make me syncope…… JGS…..luv you oppa………..

  1942. 1942 : Parissa Says:

    Ever since I watched YAB, I don’t enjoy any other Korean drama! I did before! But YAB rose my expectations!
    Love A.N.JELL

  1943. 1943 : Rini loves YaB Says:

    everyone feel the same way like i did when i saw this drama, can’t move to watch another drama till the feeling of addiction subside..really addicted drama!!!

  1944. 1944 : danNa Says:

    ..oh my!..I really love this drama..I heard this is soon to watch in ABS CBN in the Phil. lol ..I love to watch it again..love you Jang Geun Suk…very handsome..mwahH..and Park Shin Hye your so cute I like your hairstyle…cute..cute..♥♥

  1945. 1945 : rani Says:

    i wanted to share this with you. JGS was asked about a sesond season of YAB
    ►Requests for You’re beautiful season 2 haven’t stopped

    “Up til now, there hasnt been any proper talk about a season 2. There are alot of people who want a 2nd season and I also think that 16 episodes passed by too quickly. If i’m given a chance, I want to be in the 2nd season too.”
    so there is still hope 🙂
    here is the link to the full interview

  1946. 1946 : nopi Says:

    best couple jgs and psh

  1947. 1947 : nopi Says:

    season 2 pliz

  1948. 1948 : ..... Says:

    best ever

  1949. 1949 : Parissa Says:

    FIGHT 4 JGS!

  1950. 1950 : nana Says:

    hi nadj. It’ gonna same with me. I also don’t enjoy watching any korean drama that currently i watch. Maybe because this YAB fever not subside fully. hahah. Poor me. I still continue watch YAB for almost 3 month already, every day i keep playing YAB. As I said it’s too addictive. And this is perhaps because i’m not satisfy about the episod amount. It should more than that! 🙂

    About your imagine plot for season 2, i don’t want any other girl around with Tae Kyung. hahah. Because through this drama, i always laugh when he don’t treat he yi as well as mi nam. hehe. I don’t want to see Tae Kyung treat other girl very well. As we can see, this personality is very unique compare to other drama. That’s make the minam-taekyung relationship look special and captured many viewer. Kind a romantic? Because for girl, he ONLY act nice to mi nam.hehe..Perhaps there is another guy around PSH maybe (wahh, so many guy fall in love to her?haha). Maybe he fall in love to Mi Nam when she was girl. And do you notice that this Mi nam face is very similar with coffee prince heroin? Maybe she suitable for mi nam brother? hehe

  1951. 1951 : jeremyxxsarangehayo Says:

    OHHH EHHM GEE !!!~!
    Best Drama Eveeerrrrr !
    i just finished reeewatchingg it for thee 3rdd time !
    this iss fantasstiiccc !
    it made me cry, laugh. and really feel whaatt the characters were going through !
    and add suhm characters that will makke mi namm doubt her luhv for taekyung and end up falling in luhv with shine woo or jeremy >?.
    juhs ideas o.O

  1952. 1952 : Nadj Says:

    Hi Nana,
    Got me smiling there 4 a second, you’ve got a funny imagination about the coffee prince (he….. he) Anyway, yeah, i’ll be jealous too if TK will have other girl in his heart, with his personality it will be impossible to have another girl since he doesn’t open himself to anyone except GMN. But don’t you think it’s kinda interesting if that’ll ever happen?

    Owww, hope there’s season 2, we’re all dying of anticipation here!!! We miss the cast and ANJell, there unforgetable music and the laugh and love they shared with us. Indulge us once more please with SEASON 2!

  1953. 1953 : Parissa Says:

    We’ll pass the ‘Kingdom of the winds’ veeeeeery soon!
    Thanx everyone!
    Keep working 🙂

  1954. 1954 : i-x-tine Says:

    ders a news that ‘YOu’re BeaTifUL’ will air here in Philippnes… damn! i cant wait! and i know for sure it will hiT no.1 in da ratings ^_^

    I ♥ Jung Yong Hwa

  1955. 1955 : jung yong hwa biggest fan!! Says:

    OMG!!! i love yong hwa oppa!!! saranghae!!! ur xo cute xo cool n super handsome!!!!!
    for ur first korean drama u r d best from all!!!! i love you oppa!!! saranghae!!!
    love the movie xo much!!!
    it inspire me !!!!
    made me sad and happy too!!!!
    should be in love with shin woo oppa!!!! he deserve it better than tae kyung!!!!! shin woo oppa is a much better person and so kind!!!! saranghaeyo!!!!!!
    looking forward to may the season 2!!!!! n looking forward to jung yong hwa next drama!!! x)

  1956. 1956 : jung yong hwa biggest fan!! Says:

    OMG!!! i love yong hwa oppa!!! saranghae!!! ur xo cute xo cool n super handsome!!!!!
    for ur first korean drama u r d best from all!!!! i love you oppa!!! saranghae!!!
    love the movie xo much!!!
    it inspire me !!!!
    made me sad and happy too!!!!
    should be in love with shin woo oppa!!!! he deserve it better than tae kyung!!!!! shin woo oppa is a much better person and so kind!!!! saranghaeyo!!!!!!
    looking forward to may be the season 2!!!!! n looking forward to jung yong hwa next drama!!! x)

  1957. 1957 : nana Says:

    hi nadj.

    Yeah, it will be interesting (after i think a while about ur idea. heheh). And then we can see our mi nam show the feminine side of her to tae kyung? Just to get tae kyung ‘stuck’ to her only not to other girl? wahhhh, kind of interesting because in this drama mi nam are not show the feminine site of her fully. Just cute only. After this we can see our mi nam gonna change to cute+feminine+funny character. Wahhhhh, what a amazing imigination. hehehe.

    please please director, sister Hong the script writer, the cast and crew PLEASE MAKE SEASON 2!!!

  1958. 1958 : Pi Says:

    Miss u all so much^

  1959. 1959 : rani Says:

    i know guys i annoy some of you with same link again and again 🙂
    but its really really IMPORTANT
    !!!please vote for JGS on this website!!!
    if we try hard we can still change the ranking
    push the blue button under his pic!!!
    vote as much as you can!!!
    thanks 🙂

  1960. 1960 : Bebe Says:

    WoW!! this drama really ROCKS! this going to be on TOP of the DRAMA! were getting closer to it 😉 I miss you all Anjell!

  1961. 1961 : rani Says:

    right now i´m re-watching this drama for the …i don´t know anymore how many times i watched this!!!
    its just to great!!!
    but we need more episodes!
    every actor is special and did an amazing job!
    we are waiting for a second season!

  1962. 1962 : Nadj Says:

    Hi Nana,

    I’m kinda thinking we’ve been influence by Manager Ma, we have vivid imagination of Season 2 (Ha……ha…!) Any news about season 2? How about the cast. I know all of them are busy doing there own stuff but are they going to have like an interview together or something?
    My favorite PSH will have another TV Drama it would have been a dream if JGS been a leading man.

    Go Season 2!
    JGS and PSH forever!!!!
    No. 1 KDrama YAB!!!

  1963. 1963 : pelagia Says:

    YAB season 2 please……….. with same cast…………… please…..please…..please………

  1964. 1964 : Peachy Says:

    I wish for SEASON 2! Please! Can we make a petition?
    They’re are so cute together! I want a super happy ending too!

  1965. 1965 : dya Says:

    season 2 please.. hwang tae kyung cute2 ^^

  1966. 1966 : nopi Says:

    polling YAB to the top 200 more

  1967. 1967 : maya Says:

    YAY! I’m currently watching this drama and it totally rocks. They really are Angeli bellissimi! 😀 Hongki is super duper hot and adorable here. JGS too is super hot. I just love seeing his evil smirk. Totally sweeps you off your feet.

  1968. 1968 : fefe Says:

    I want You’re Beautiful season 2!!!

    this is a petition of YAB season 2. Please sign and verify your signature 😉

  1969. 1969 : miera Says:

    i luv oppa jung yong hwa!!

  1970. 1970 : Parissa Says:


  1971. 1971 : piggy rabbit Says:

    ohh !
    i really wish A.N.JELL group is EXIST !
    love u JANG GEUN SUK ,

  1972. 1972 : unhie Says:

    i can’t live without u jang geun suk…luv uuuuuuuu

  1973. 1973 : Nadj Says:

    To all who haven’t watched yet,

    A daily doze of JGS and PSH keeps the stress away. Good for the heart and soul. Makes you laugh and smile all day.

    Recommended daily by the growing YAB fan addict!!!

  1974. 1974 : Nadj Says:

    For those who haven’t watched yet,

    A daily doze of JGS and PSK keeps the stress away. Good for the heart and soul. Makes you laugh and smile all day.

    Recommended daily by the growing YAB fan addict!!!

    Caution: Too much doze can lead to addiction. If symptoms persist petition for season 2!!!!!!

  1975. 1975 : pelagia Says:

    YAB season 2 yeah….yeah…… YAB season 2 yeah…..yeah…….

  1976. 1976 : pelagia Says:

    YAB season 2 yeah..yeah..YAB season 2 yeah..yeah..

  1977. 1977 : manda Says:

    WE WANT A SECOND SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1978. 1978 : Nadj Says:

    Again for all those who haven’t watched yet,

    A daily doze of JGS and PSH keeps the stress away. Good for the heart and soul. Makes you laugh and smile all day.

    Prescribe daily by growing YAB fan addict!!!!!!

    CAUTION: Too much doze can lead to addiction. If symptoms persist petition for season 2!!!!!!!!

    Go YAB Season 2!!

  1979. 1979 : Parissa Says:


  1980. 1980 : nana Says:

    Hi nadj,


    My level is i’m addict to YAB stuff. Have u seen the director cut of this drama?? The deleted scene that not be include on tv. It really made my day as i can see the interaction of the cast and behind the scene that not release to public.

  1981. 1981 : jewel Says:

    i really think season 2 of YAB is a must! think how many people will go crazy if they didnt push it?! what are they thinking?!!!

  1982. 1982 : Bhavya Says:

    i hope the directors and script writers will recognize the wish of the fans of YAB
    it was really too short, thats why we are all crazy about it and unsatisfied.
    a good drama like YAB where absoulte everything was perfect is so rare!
    so please YAB season 2 we need it!
    i hope that our wish will come true!

  1983. 1983 : elasyh Says:

    YAB…………………KO MINAM
    YAB…………………SHIN WOO

  1984. 1984 : Christine Says:

    I want season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLeaseeeeeeeee. the show had not ended. Arghh.

  1985. 1985 : Rini loves YaB Says:

    Agree with all of u, this drama MUST have season 2!!! Once u watch this drama u can’t move ur eyes from this cause this is too (y)Gººoooººooºººd (y) to be true!!! That’s why this gets the title of Best Drama of 2009 although it only gained medio rating in Korea!!

  1986. 1986 : Nadj Says:

    Hi Nana,

    Yeah i’ve watched them all. But check out the latest uploaded video in YT, sumuchinluv channel and watched the BTS #26. YOU WILL DIE OF HAPPINESS !!!!!! It’s the BTS of JGS and PSH last kissing scene. All i can say is WoW!!!! To me its like they were too drunk of their own kiss and forgot where they are because after their kiss the reaction is so funny (JGS is like weakening in his knees and can’t seem to focus while PSH is like shaking her head to clear her thought, and then after that they were like avoiding looking at each others eyes.) It take awhile for them to focus and talk again.

    I was screaming to death while i was watching it. My heart pounded and i feel like screaming again (Oh, how i love them so much!)

    You should not miss this!!! Hurry up and watch it coz the channel might be suspended after uploading that video in the YT. Enjoy it while it last.
    ( And after tell me what you think of the kiss ?)

  1987. 1987 : Nadj Says:

    Sorry that somuchinluv01 channel, just search in YT. Chow!

    Go YAB Season 2!!!!!

  1988. 1988 : carla Says:

    hyungnim! mi nama! jeremy! shin woo hyung

  1989. 1989 : ..... Says:

    tae kyung,

    jolieeeeeeee miss u guys

  1990. 1990 : manda Says:

    we are dying to see a second season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    please 16 episodes can´t be enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    there is still so much potential stories which could be played!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1991. 1991 : cessa Says:

    i so love this series..can u come to the philippines??:)

  1992. 1992 : rani Says:

    one of the best asian dramas i ever watched!
    every episode has made me laugh, cry, scream and really really happy!
    now i still watch YAB whenever i feel depressed!
    its truly is addicting so think twice before starting to watch this 😉
    your life will not be the same after YAB 😉
    especially after finishing this drama you will feel such a big emptiness
    that you will want a second season like crazy 🙂
    after realizing that there won´t be YAB season 2 in the near future you will start watching the whole drama again.
    and one day you will realize that you have been watching this drama ovver a thousand time every day.
    sorry after this point there is no go back!
    now you are one of us crazy addicts, welcome in our world 😉

  1993. 1993 : danielle Says:

    hahaha its so true what you said rani
    you perfectly described our inner life!
    and not to forget to mention the point that after watching YAB you will never again be able to enjoy any other dramas!
    i think if that goes on we will have to found a self-help group for YAB addicts

  1994. 1994 : mimi Says:

    best drama ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1995. 1995 : diefan Says:

    You’re Beautiful is the best I’ve seen in any kdramas. I’d fallen inlove with all characters. Love the storyline and the comidec act of jeremy. he’s soo sweet and lovable. Kudos to all crews and staffs.

  1996. 1996 : nana Says:

    rani u’re perfectly describe my inner life that no one else know it. hahahah

    nadj, i also watch it all. But not that channel but another channel but the quality of video is same . heheh. Guys who not watch yet please go to yt and watch. Maybe it can cure us a little bit. hahahahah

    yes, they do the kissing scene so many time. Maybe it’s hard for them. But i know they already kiss with passion for CF. Have u watch it? So tempting kiss, better than in YAB becoz in YAB they are just touching the lips. hahahah

  1997. 1997 : gracem911 Says:

    the series is very nice…..i really love……..its so addicting…..congratz to all of u….gudluck

  1998. 1998 : rani Says:

    haha danielle
    well i guess a self-help group is not a bad idea!
    bu to me this site its like such a group
    to see that i´m not alone with this addiction it calms me down 😉

  1999. 1999 : ..... Says:

    i dont think there will be a season 2,cuz all of them are busy with own schedules:ft island,cn blue…

  2000. 2000 : ..... Says:

    watched a video of hongkis birthday,JGS was invited so cute of them being close even behind the scene

  2001. 2001 : Rini loves YaB Says:

    i’ve seen the BTS # 26..love it!!! it’s really funny n show how close their relationship even they’re not lovers and i read somewhere that shin Hye seems to avoid Sukkie cause she’s too carried away with her role in YaB n was scared to fall in love with Sukkie..is that right?

  2002. 2002 : Lynn K Says:

    I LOVE THIS DRAMA SOOOO MUCH!!! every episode has it’s attractive part….love it love it love it!!!!!!!

  2003. 2003 : amala Says:

    best drama ever!
    there have to be a second season

  2004. 2004 : bucu Says:

    16 episodes…………………..
    thats not enough
    its unfair to the fans
    we want more
    at least 100 more episodes 😉
    just kidding but a second season is a must have

  2005. 2005 : Bhavya Says:

    if we go on like this YAB will get the first place!
    i hope that the producers and script writer recgonize the wish of the fans.its not only here in many ranking/votings in the internet YAB got the first place as best drama
    please fullfil our wish!
    YAB SECOND SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2006. 2006 : Dvee Says:

    Jgs is definitely worthwatching

  2007. 2007 : lalola Says:

    LOVELOVELOVELOVE u r beautiful!!!!!!!

  2008. 2008 : creation Says:

    l like yab so much i watch this drama above 5th times but still whenever i watch this drama i always feel that i’m watching it first time and i love you Jang geun seok

  2009. 2009 : far Says:

    I dont know how many times i’ve watched this drama.. it’s amazing!! i really salute the script writers and director for their creative ideas.. every episode has funny n meaningful parts, never got tired or watching it.. thank u so much to the production for doing a great job!! outstanding casts n scripts n storyline.. deserve the best korean drama of 2009.. make it best drama ever!!

    jgs 4 ever!! anjell 4 ever!!

  2010. 2010 : Nadj Says:

    Hi Nana and Rini,

    You know why YAB is so unforgetable? Because its the unspoken love and romance BTS between JGS and PSH. I mean, look at their action, the simple gestures and their laughter together its unspoken love i tell you. And who would not fall inlove with JGS? Fans love and adore him without even seeing him, what more for PSH? who happens to have an intimate moment with him. And the Kiss? Just look at the Etude commercial “Kiss” it’s still growing popular in the internet.

    That commercial is old yet its still making noise in the internet? Why? because it looks so real, its not fake its full of love and romance. I described it as “perfectly sweet kiss” (beautiful and unforgetable). To create something like that it has to real to have that magic. Same way with the BB commercial.

    YAB so unforgetable. That’s why we keep watching it over and over again. That’s why we love them all Jeremy, Shin Woo, GMN, TK, Jolie, Manager Ma, President Ah and the rest of the cast.

    I miss them so much. Hoping for Season 2!!!!!!!!

  2011. 2011 : lyn Says:

    very entertaining. from the cast to soundtrack, it was excellent.

  2012. 2012 : ..... Says:

    just watched it again 1000times i think

  2013. 2013 : upinthere Says:

    I love love love this drama!!!! watched it so many times and still makes me laugh. It so good that my 5 yr old watch it with english subtitle. He likes the music and the cool characters..

  2014. 2014 : Rini loves YaB Says:

    agree with u , Nadj..Sukkie n Shin Hye are really sparkle when they are together, I’ve never seen such strong chemistry when they are with someone else. That’s why i love TaeNyu Couple..really like the quote in the YaB..They are like Star(Sun) n the moon..

  2015. 2015 : abdul Says:

    the series is so beautiful. sarangheyo everyone hope you’ll support the showing of this said series in the Philippines. hwang tae kyung your so handsome. to jeremy i hope you will make more song that will inspire the public. i also hope that you will make another youre beautiful but this time it should be more beautiful.



  2016. 2016 : rani Says:

    you are so right about the commercial kiss
    its so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what a pity that they never showed us such a kiss in the drama!
    they have such a great chemistry!
    and yay the whole chast is amazing everybody did an awesome job
    we love every actor/actress( of course my love to JGS is a bit stronger 😉 )
    oh god please let them grant us this wish
    we want to see them all together again!

  2017. 2017 : Nadj Says:

    Hey guys,

    Any latest news about our favorite drama and our loved couple JGS and PSH kindly e-mail me, [email protected]. I was hoping their gonna date or something. I hope JGS really felt something for PSH.

    My names Nadj and i’m certified YAB addict.
    So crazily inlove with JGS and PSH.
    If its not them i’ll never gonna watch any kdrama again.
    (This is called YAB fever!!!)

    Go ANJell!!!!!!! YAB season 2!!!! (Jeremy and Shin Woo Oppa we miss you!!)

  2018. 2018 : emily Says:

    its YAB mania. to me, it’s just so perfect to watch.

  2019. 2019 : doris Says:

    i love this drama..please have a YAB season 2..and more kissing scene from PSH and JGS..pleaseeeee…………

  2020. 2020 : Irene Martha Says:

    best drama and soundtrack … Love A.N.JELL so much ^__^

  2021. 2021 : rani Says:

    yay we all want more kissing scenes of JGS and PSH!!
    they are so hot together and simply the perfect match!!!!!
    sukkie my dear date PSH in real life!!!!
    i don´t know her personality well but she seems like a good girl!
    ofter watching them together i don´t like to see JGS with other actresses
    its a big problem because of that i can´t watch his other movies/dramas

  2022. 2022 : jewel Says:

    hey abdul,

    are you from phils?

  2023. 2023 : jewel Says:

    fyi to all

    actually guys, jgs prefers older women.

  2024. 2024 : Rini loves YaB Says:

    Yeah..right now Sukkie prefers Noona but who know in the future?? Maybe he wants to learn more from Noonas but I wish in the future he gets younger woman in relationship cause he has cute face n look awkward if his partner looks older than him..that’s my opinion ٩(̮^̮̃̾^̃̾)۶ ☺hë•⌣•hë•⌣•hë•⌣•hë☺ ♥♡♥ -.

  2025. 2025 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    big love for YB!

  2026. 2026 : taka Says:

    can’t get enough with YAB!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2027. 2027 : Cherrie Low Says:

    Jang Guen Suk, you and the group did very well in this drama, as I just finished watching the drama this is the commen that I can give, keep up the good work!!

  2028. 2028 : Nadj Says:

    Hi Jewel and Rani,

    True that JGS likes older women, but preferences can always change.
    Are you wondering why he likes older women? Coz’ he’s the kind of guy who likes intellectual women, someone who can stimulate his mind. I certainly know a person like that, who wants something more than a face and body.

    And he also mention, that he likes feminine women in all aspect isn’t it? Seems like a person who really knows what he wants and get it!!

    But i’m confident with my dear PSH, their match (aside from the fact that she’s innocent when it comes to relationship unlike JGS). I mean, look at the way they compete with each other (in the nice way).

    If JGS can act so is PSH (no doubt about that)
    If JGS can sing so is PSH (Love both their voices) hope they do duet……
    If JGS can dance so is my sweet PSH (its showtime baby! bring it on!)
    If JGS can model and pose like hot so is PSH (Aw!!! shit! their both hot!!!)
    If JGS can have beautiful women as partner in dramas and commercial so is PSH (as in —-good looking guys!!! mind you)
    If JGS can kiss passionately so is PSH ( a little bit shy on that part …lol)
    If JGS can be flirty and super sexy so is PSH (for JGS eyes only! he..he..)
    If JGS is real man then PSH is real women (heart, body and soul) period.

    Nobody can match him than PSH, but that’s only my opinion. I hope one day they’ll suddenly realize what’s this great wonderful thing between them. They may deny it but they can’t fake it. Geezzz.., they’re so perfect for each other!!!

    I miss them already, love them. SEASON 2 PLEASE!!!!! YAB 2009 best Kdrama.

  2029. 2029 : jewel Says:

    it quite ok though that he likes noonas. it makes me think that this guy is really something considering that he prefers someone who is matured enough to handle a relationship.

  2030. 2030 : Nadj Says:

    Ooooops!!!! sorry ’bout that guys, i didn’t realize its too long. I just type what’s on my mind.

    YAB best Drama Ever!!!!!
    Lost count on how many time i’ve watched it. So addictive!!!!!!!
    Im so inlove!!!!

  2031. 2031 : Nadj Says:

    Well Jewel, that makes us, GIRLS, really something, coz’ we prefer older guys than our age. I do.

  2032. 2032 : jewel Says:

    it should be like that coz men usually matures very late.

  2033. 2033 : Rini loves YaB Says:

    Oh I get it what u wanna to say, Jewel. I agree that Sukkie is a mature also perfectionist boy so that he choosed Noonas to make relationship with. No problemo, still ♥ him though!!

  2034. 2034 : YBfan Says:

    so love YB.. finally, this will be televised in ABS-CBN Philippines.. i do hope by televising it in ABS-CBN, people will know how talented Park Shin Hye is.. love u guys.. hoping that PSH will raise to stardom and become popular..

  2035. 2035 : jewel Says:

    oh my, i totally love yab. i have been waiting forever to watch it in local tv. really abs-cbn, what are you waiting for?

  2036. 2036 : carol Says:

    just love to watch over and over again. totally entertaining

  2037. 2037 : rani Says:

    right now i´m watching the scene again with the fanfic about the love triangle between Tae Kyung, Shinwoo and Jeremy
    its so funny
    one of the best moments in the drama
    i´m laughing like watching it the first time
    this drama is simply awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2038. 2038 : JKS4ever Says:

    Woow..I read what Nadj said..that’s exactly what in my mind Nadj. I see that Sukkie n Shin Hye really match each other because of those reason too. Don’t u know, even Sukkie’s mom also loves Shin Hye..huahahaha..Shin Hye is a little bit introvert n Sukkie is really. Out going person, I think they are complete each others..but that’s only my opinion n my wish..the rest is up. To them, who knows the future???

  2039. 2039 : JKS4ever Says:

    YaB is really an addictive drama, I watched some drama after YaB but still no drama compare to YaB to make me stay n wake all night long to finish watching it..phuiff miss those kind of feeling..

  2040. 2040 : JKS4ever Says:

    What I miss in YaB are:
    * the cool,egoist but caring Hwang Tae Kyung
    *the innocent n cute Go Mi Nyu
    *the pervert but cute Jeremy
    *the sweet Shin Hwo
    *Go Mi Nyu’s Manager n Cordi Noona
    *ANJell manager
    Wooww they are so cute togother..
    Miss them a lot…

  2041. 2041 : jenny hula Says:

    Hello All, I just wanted to start by saying that the contribution here is simply amazing. I think everyone does a fine job here and just wanted to make that known. i would like to also contribute by showing you all this cute youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWOECF4ai-8

  2042. 2042 : jewel Says:


    its true that jgs and psh really matched well. no wonder YAB was a phenomenon. chemistry was all over the show.

  2043. 2043 : jks4ever Says:

    I watched American Idol just now n see Miley Cyrus sang “when I look at You”..suddenly i remembered the episode when Mi Nyu looked at Tae Kyung an d ask his permission to like the star,,wooww..that part was so touching..

  2044. 2044 : jks4ever Says:

    yeah..Mi Nyu always looked at Tae Kyung like the moon to the star..i missed them…ohhh sooo baddd…

  2045. 2045 : jks4ever Says:

    hongs sister you are really very good script writer..every statements in your drama have very depth meaning..but all of ur dramas i love YaB best..

  2046. 2046 : lyn Says:

    YAB!!!!!!!!! RULES! awesome!

  2047. 2047 : jks4ever Says:

    don’t be too shy to leave comments here cause this site is made to be filled with comments to show how important what we comments to us!! just continue to leave comments guys..YaB Rocksssss…

  2048. 2048 : jks4ever Says:

    new news form Park Shin Hye..she’ll join romantic comedy movie “Cyrano Agency” the remake of a french movie..woow..as Sukkie will role as Pet in romantic comedy movie “Kimi wa Petto” so do she …how do u think bout that, guyz? another coincidence???

  2049. 2049 : kal Says:

    YAB 2 ?
    is that right ?

  2050. 2050 : LIA Says:

    YAB 2 please………….. i seen it every night…. can’t sleep without watching it. wooooowwwww…… so addicted……….

  2051. 2051 : ..... Says:


  2052. 2052 : ..... Says:

    JANG GEUN SUK won award

  2053. 2053 : ..... Says:


  2054. 2054 : ..... Says:


  2055. 2055 : ..... Says:


  2056. 2056 : ..... Says:

    TAE KYUNG!!!

  2057. 2057 : ..... Says:


  2058. 2058 : ..... Says:


  2059. 2059 : ..... Says:

    lia sAME HERE,HEHE

  2060. 2060 : carla Says:

    i try to forget YB but it’s so addicting.

  2061. 2061 : Bebe Says:

    OMG!! how can I forget darn it ‘IT’S REMARKABLE drama! over!

  2062. 2062 : rani Says:

    i´m happy that JGS won the popularity award!!!! 🙂
    despite that its a pity that YAB didn´t get the best drama award 🙁
    but in our hearts its the best drama forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2063. 2063 : rani Says:

    46th Baeksang Awards it still bothers me
    why why why………..???????????????????????
    YAB is the bestttttttttttttt drama i haver ever seen
    the whole cast was amazing…
    its a bit unfair…

  2064. 2064 : jks4ever Says:

    feel sad that YaB didn”t win the award…but it”s okay cause YaB still the BEST in my heart….YaB Rockssss

  2065. 2065 : Nadj Says:

    Hi its me againn Nadj,

    Hey guys don’t worry about the awards (small thing). What matters is the effect YAB created with their unbelievable fans all over the world. I mean, if you look up the internet everybodys going grazy over them. You will be overwelmed, i’am.

    taking that in consideration, i believe the production management will consider making Season 2 (you know, business thing) and if that ever happens we’ll be so damned happy.

    I’m wishing with all my heart, that my life will be back the way it is before i watched YAB. I just can’t get over it. My minds full of JGS and PSH and how i wish them to be together! It’s crazy……Please!!! please…………… JGS and PSH …………. if you can’t be together leave me in peace!!!! (waaaaaaaaah!) sweet sweet couple.(sigh.)

    YAB will always be no. 1 in my heart, unless JGS and PSH will make another one together with JHW and LHK, the unbeatable team of YAB.

    Go ANJell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2066. 2066 : Cole Says:


    Hope there’s season 2 !!

  2067. 2067 : koala Says:

    i hate u polka.u just dont get korean drama, do u?blurgh
    bbf is sooo yesterday.it was basically copying anime from other country.no originality. XP

  2068. 2068 : sofia Says:

    YAB the best! 🙂

  2069. 2069 : SiSSie Says:

    just love this drama

  2070. 2070 : SiSSie Says:

    congrats JKS on winning award,u ARE THE BEST

  2071. 2071 : SiSSie Says:


  2072. 2072 : chocolat Says:

    This is a really brilliant movie! l’m totally addicted of it!!

  2073. 2073 : SiSSie Says:

    guys i would like to buy tejitukki-rabbitpig,do know where i can find it?

  2074. 2074 : SiSSie Says:

    cutest and most talented guys ever!!!anjell loveu

  2075. 2075 : ..... Says:

    miss anjell,pls come back

  2076. 2076 : ..... Says:

    ost is soooooooo gooooooooooood

  2077. 2077 : SiSSie Says:

    glad that so many ppl like it as i am,i was worrying bout myself its really addictive but now i know that a lots of ppl have same reaction so i am glad hehe

  2078. 2078 : SiSSie Says:

    my next puppys name definetely will be a jolie

  2079. 2079 : ..... Says:

    its highlyyyyyyyyyyyy recommended u’re just missing a part of ur life if u still havent watched yet

  2080. 2080 : Juliar Says:

    Miss them a lot…. Go an jell….. Go…. Yab…… we want session 2….. Pleeeeaaaaseeeee…….

  2081. 2081 : jewel Says:

    i believe that YAB is the most underrated show ever! look how it gained very low ratings in korea when there is so many people who went crazy watching it? and how come it didnt won and the lead roles any major award at all? whats this?! this is so unfair!

  2082. 2082 : Juliar Says:

    Yeah, why the rating is low?, this drama was so great, best 4ever, i’m not korean, but i very very like this drama, what happen with korean people?

  2083. 2083 : khan Says:

    Love you yab……. Session 2 please……. I love the way tae khyung taking care of minan…….. Miss an jell, manager ma, cordy, president ahn, and all the cast..

  2084. 2084 : ammk Says:

    yeah…! what’s wrong with the rating?????
    this is the best of all drama….
    i just can’t stand with the rating.
    there may b something wrong with korean people at that time!!!!

  2085. 2085 : ammk Says:

    today i watch this drama again.
    never feel bored watching it again and again. i don’t want to watch any drama if jgs isn’t in it!
    this is the best drama and jgs is the best actor ever!

  2086. 2086 : lyn Says:

    wanna watch it again. so addictive

  2087. 2087 : nana Says:

    this drama have a low rating becoz it have to compete the showtime with a such a big production drama, IRIS. Maybe becoz IRIS is a unique drama (not about love story or romance comedy) so that korean people tend to watch it (the storyline is about the investigation, etc). But believe, most of the IRIS followers will change the to YAB once they saw YAB. Yeah, becoz YAB is too hillarious so that they decide to watch YAB till the end and for IRIS , they just buy dvd lor (based on comment of korean people on anjell site in SBS channel comment.. hahahah. I comment about this after i read a lot of news regarding of this drama. Even the scriptwriter says the problem of this drama is, it compete with IRIS. If not IRIS, they believe, YAB will have a high rating.

  2088. 2088 : JKS4ever Says:

    I’m also curious bout the rating at the first time..how come a drama which is so addictive like YaB got only medio rating?? But after seeing people talk about this drama n also my experience with my friend ( hah..I suggest them to watch IRIS after watching YaB n the tell me..IRIS isn’t Ǥ☺☺ϑ..woow.m.ake me wonder..the high rating drama like IRIS they say not Ǥ☺☺ϑ n I’ve still not watched IRIs either..) So I don’t care bout the rating anymore..as long as I’ve got YaB SEASON 2.(with the SAME cast members!!!)…YaB Rocksssss!!!!

  2089. 2089 : jewel Says:

    whatever! YAB is still the best drama for me and jang geun suk the best actor ever.

  2090. 2090 : Nadj Says:

    Hi Nana,

    I totally agree with you. It seems your doing some research here ha? I heard that IRIS got the biggest budget ever ranging to million $. Koreans must have been curious and watched it, maybe most of its viewers are ages 40 and above? but if you ask me, i think this is the reason.

    Anyways, the awarding seems a little bit under-rated just like Rani, Jewel and the others says. It’s kinda frustrating and disapointing how they rate their actors and dramas, (do they rate it on ratings? You think so?) Whatever, for me

    YAB the best drama ever!!
    Best couple JGS and PSH.
    Best actor JGS
    Best actress PSH
    Best new actors JHW and LHK

    Award given by the: Unstopable growing fan body of “YAB”! PERIOD!!

  2091. 2091 : Cherrie Low Says:

    Are you guys gonna have any new drama coming up? Guan Suk, keep up the good work! There are more and more people becoming your fans now, so don’t stop. I’m sure your can do more and better than this. Have a wonderful day!!

  2092. 2092 : kim Yukie Says:

    A.N.JELL sarange 4ever . . . . ^___^

  2093. 2093 : tudiepthao Says:

    Aahh, I just watched the first episode in Vietnam, can`t wait for the whole film !!!!

  2094. 2094 : LIA Says:

    YAB…… best 4 ever, I watched it a million time hahahhaha…… never bored ….. anything about YAB make me crazy……..
    Tae khyung : cool…….
    Go minan : cute ….
    Jeremy : funny ……
    Shinwoo : sweet ….
    Manager Ma, Coordy, President Ahn : love them….. jackpot…… hehehhe
    AN JELL : my favourite……

  2095. 2095 : jewel Says:

    YAB rules!!!! season 2 pls….

  2096. 2096 : rani Says:

    haha you are the best
    “Award given by the: Unstopable growing fan body of “YAB”! PERIOD!!”
    i know you guys would feel unsatisfied like me with the results…

  2097. 2097 : parkshinhye Says:

    i love YAB sooo much!!!!! season two pls……..

  2098. 2098 : pelagia Says:

    Top 10 Korean drama I ever seen
    1. You’re beautiful
    2. Jumong, the prince legend
    3. The Great Queen Seon Doek
    4. Jewel In the Palace
    5. Boys Before flowers
    6. Sassy girl Chun Yang
    7. Kingdom of the winds
    8. princess Hour
    9. Endless Love
    10. Princess Ja Myung Go

    But the best actor : …. my…. Jang Geun Seok

  2099. 2099 : Hime Says:

    A friend of mine recommended this drama for me. When I read the synopsis and saw the actors, well it sure is worth-watched.
    Ep 1 has already rocked me. The OST is killer..

    “I will promise you, du nun en neo man dam go sar a gal kke…”

    Hwang Tae-kyung Oppa, Saranghae (“,)

    PS : The “real” Go Mi Nam in the 15th episode really is cool.. 😀

  2100. 2100 : rani Says:

    we don´t have her photos yet
    thats why i wanted this photo to be add
    dear administrator here is the link

  2101. 2101 : rani Says:

    until friday YAB will be no.1 for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i´m soooooo happy
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  2102. 2102 : ..... Says:

    YAB is the best

  2103. 2103 : ..... Says:

    i didnt know that JungYongHwa’s debut was YAB…well actually i havent even thouht bout it becuz he was sooooooooo gooooooooooooooood,SHINWOO is really nice guy…i am watchin him on we got married ow,loved him on YAB but love him more now on WGM

  2104. 2104 : MIMI Says:

    i love all of them,but somehow i like honggi most jeremyyyyy maybe its because i am ft island’s fan

  2105. 2105 : jangkeunsuk Says:

    conrats on award JKS,you deserve it really you deserve more a lot miss on screen just rewatching YAB again n again

  2106. 2106 : YABbest Says:

    wanna buy dvd

  2107. 2107 : SiSSie Says:

    An jell you will be always no1 in my herat “i promise you”

  2108. 2108 : SiSSie Says:

    woooooooooooow this show really rocks,its gettin more n more popular

  2109. 2109 : nana Says:

    hi nadj, you are so true. I do some research on this drama over the internet. Most information i get from dramabeans.com website and they also do the translation from korean to english (any news or interview with the actor). hehehe. I also guess that most of the rating is contribute from korean people that age 40 above. haha. Yeah YAB rocks!

    Although in korean they have a low rating but what the cast shock is the spark that they have over the internet. Worldwide is all talking about this drama and it give a inspire for them. Don’t worry JGS, we support u! All can u done is search about yourself on internet and u will find that u make the drama so famous now!

  2110. 2110 : ..... Says:


  2111. 2111 : nana Says:

    I also guess that most of the rating is contribute from korean people that age 40 above.haha>– this word i’m refer to IRIS actually. heheh

  2112. 2112 : MIMI Says:

    LOVE IT,watching it every weekend,still love it

  2113. 2113 : MIMI Says:

    iris was a really nice drama to catch up,with nice and talented cast,but if you watched before an american series called 24hours(on cw with kiefer sutherland)its exact same,of cuz they add some korean love thing and stuffs but still really same…thats why i choose YAB over all of the korean dramas,its so fresh

  2114. 2114 : nana Says:

    yeah, kinda fresh. I don’t ever seen any drama similar or a little bit similar to YAB.YAB is sooooo different compare to other. Fresh! And I even can’t predict what happen to next episod. The plot is so surprise and fresh. I like it!

  2115. 2115 : carol Says:

    two thumbs up for YAB

  2116. 2116 : korean girl Says:

    yab…is the best.

  2117. 2117 : rani Says:

    hi guys i wanted to share this with you
    in this interview sukkie tells us about jeremy and his drinking…
    love jeremy…

    Jang Keun Suk said humorously that Lee Hong Ki’s drinking abilities is the best, “before he came to Taiwan, I had dinner with him and we drank until morning. He fled without paying!”

    Read more: http://www.koreantopnews.com/story.php?title=news-jang-keun-suk-talks-about-his-drinking-buddies-and-lee-hongki#ixzz0jVPjRXr7

    it makes me so happy to know that they are kind of friends in real life,too.
    in that interview he mentions that park shin hye and him live in the same area!!!they have only a 5 minutes distance!!!
    its like fate!!! you both are meant to each other!!!

  2118. 2118 : mikayella Says:

    dis drama is DA BEST!.lol
    it reminded me of boys before flower, coffee prince and hana kimi BUT a twist into it.
    i agree w/ nana, u never know wat happens next.
    i heard theirs SEASON 2! is it true??

  2119. 2119 : rani Says:

    until know i have not seen such news about a second season
    its just that we all hope for a season 2 of YAB

  2120. 2120 : JKS4ever Says:

    Horrayyy..we”ll see in next friday that this page (YaB) will be τћǝ most commented drama in this site..at last ‘τћǝ best drama 2009′ lead in τћǝ highest position..keep Rockin’ ƍuφż..cause YaB is ROCKsssssssss!!!!! Season 2 plzzzzzz ( with τћǝ SAME cast members DEFINITELY)

  2121. 2121 : Nadj Says:


    At this moment I’m with my “college students” and watching YAB with them. This is what we call “Girls’ night out” coz’ we’re going to watch it straight without sleeping. My student’s called me their “cool teacher” I’am!!!!

    I’ll introduce them to my latest addiction, and i’m sure they’ll get the virus too. Ha….ha…ha…ha..!!! I’m excited as ever!!!! It’s vacation here in the Philippines, they’ll have more time to get over it once they got the virus without affecting their studies.

    YAB fans did you have your daily doze already? JGS and PSH should definitely read all comments here, coz’ its worth reading it. Don’t you think so?

  2122. 2122 : Dvee Says:

    Totally awesome..

  2123. 2123 : Nadj Says:

    Hi Nana,
    Yeah i’ve heard about that, the INTERNET sparks. This is phenominal, i think this is the first time it happened in Korean Drama. And the first OST of YAB sold over a hundred copies before the official day of releasing it. Talking about this makes me goosebump!! This really shows how beautiful this drama is.

    And i’m going crazy over JGS and PSH. As far as i remember there’s no Korean couple i like before JGS and PSH. Goodness!!!!! their chemistry is too much. I’m hoping their secretly dating or secret relationship? (here i go again, making wishful thinking, he he..)And the main cast so adorable.

    Once the drama will be aired here in the Philippines, im so sure they’ll gonna love them so much just like BBF, but more so. I like BBF but nothing compares to YAB. Its the best!!!!

  2124. 2124 : hai Says:

    i love this movie!!! it’s really great and awesome…. more power..

  2125. 2125 : LIA Says:

    Guys, I want to know whether they know (YAB’s crew or cast, etc that related with YAB) read our comments or not….. yeah perhaps if they read its, they will release session 2…….. i wish…….. (a big wish…….:))

  2126. 2126 : chokhonichakre Says:

    love the drama sooooo much its my fav wish they have season 2 .A.N.JELL LUV U GUYS

  2127. 2127 : elasyh Says:

    Title : 여 전 히 (Yeo jeon hi / As Ever)
    Artist : 이 홍 기 (Lee Hong Ki) / A.N.JELL
    사 랑 은 아 닐 거 라 고
    sa rang eun a nil geo ra go
    Love is not like that
    절 대 로 아 닐 거 라 고
    jeol dae ro a nil geo ra go
    Love is absolutely not like that
    매 번 속 여 왔 지 만 내 맘 은 자 꾸 너 를 부 르 고
    mae beon sog yeo wat ji man nae mam eun ja kku neo reur bu reu go
    Although I am deceived every time, my heart sometimes calls for you
    한 걸 음 도 망 쳐 보 고 한 걸 음 밀 어 내 봐 도
    han geor eum do mang chyeo bo go han geor eum mir eo nae bwa do
    Want to try to run away one step, and it seems like it pushes me away one step
    그 럴 수 록 넌 내 안 에 커 저 가 고 있 어
    geu reor su rog neon nae an e keo jeo ga go iss eo
    Even like that, you’re growing up in my heart
    그 만 큼 사 랑 하 나 봐 그 만 큼 기 다 리 나 봐
    geu man keum sa rang ha na bwa geu man keum gi da ri na bwa
    This should be called love, This should be called waiting
    그 토 록 아 프 게 해 도 내 맘 은 널 떠 날 수 없 나 봐
    geu to rog a peu ge hae do nae mam eun neor tteo nar su eopt na bwa
    Even if I got hurt, I still can’t let go of you
    사 랑 은 하 나 인 가 봐
    sa rang eun ha na in ga bwa
    It seems like there’s just one love in my life
    내 맘 은 변 치 안 나 봐
    nae mam eun byeon chi an na bwa
    It seems like my heart beat doesn’t change
    널 향 해 지 켜 온 사 랑 이 제 는 다 만 알 수 있 다 고
    neor hyang hae ji kyeo on sa rang i je neun da man ar su it da go
    Keep all my love for you, at this moment I can say it out loud

    따 뜻 한 너 의 눈 빛 이 따 뜻 한 너 의 사 랑 이
    tta tteut han neo ui nun bic i tta tteut han neo ui sa rang i
    Your warm eyes, your warm love
    달 아 날 수 록 내 안 에 커 져 가 고 있 어
    dar a nar su rog nae an e keo jyeo ga go iss eo
    Flying away further, but you’re still growing up in my heart

    너 도 날 사 랑 했 나 봐 너 도 날 기 다 렸 나 봐
    neo do nar sa rang haet na bwa neo do nar gi da ryeot na bwa
    This should be called love, This should be called waiting
    그 토 록 아 프 게 해 도 네 맘 은 날 떠 날 수 없 나 봐
    geu to rog a peu ge hae do ne mam eun nar tteo nar su eopt na bwa
    Even if I got hurt, I still can’t let go of you
    사 랑 은 하 나 인 가 봐
    sa rang eun ha na in ga bwa
    It seems like love
    내 맘 은 변 치 안 나 봐
    nae mam eun byeon chi an na bwa
    It seems like my heart beat doesn’t change
    널 향 해 지 켜 온 사 랑 이 제 는 다 만 알 수 있 다 고
    neor hyang hae ji kyeo on sa rang i je neun da man ar su it da go
    Keep all my love for you, at this moment I can say it out loud
    널 사 랑 해
    neor sa rang hae
    Love You

    때 로 는 사 랑 이 혹 은 눈 물 이
    ttae ro neun sa rang i hog eun nun mur i
    Sometimes love … Sometimes tears
    우 릴 힘 들 게 해 도
    u rir him deul ge hae do
    We got exhausted
    사 랑 해 사 랑 해 내 곁 엔 너 만 있 으 면 돼
    sa rang hae sa rang hae nae gyeot en neo man iss eu myeon dwae
    Love, Love, If you’re by my side that’s enough

    여 전 히 사 랑 하 나 봐
    yeo jeon hi sa rang ha na bwa
    It seems like I still love you
    여 전 히 기 다 리 나 봐
    yeo jeon hi gi da ri na bwa
    It seems like I’m still waiting for you
    머 리 를 속 여 보 아 도 가 슴 은 속 일 수 는 없 나 봐
    meo ri reur sog yeo bo a do ga seum eun sog ir su neun eopt na bwa
    The brain can be deceived but the heart can’t be
    사 랑 은 하 나 인 가 봐
    sa rang eun ha na in ga bwa
    It seems like love
    내 맘 은 변 치 안 나 봐
    nae mam eun byeon chi an na bwa
    It seems like my heart beat doesn’t change
    널 향 해 지 켜 온 사 랑 이 제 는 다 만 알 수 있 다 고
    neor hyang hae ji kyeo on sa rang i je neun da man ar su it da go
    Keep all my love for you, at this moment I can say it out loud
    널 사 랑 해
    neor sa rang hae
    Love you

  2128. 2128 : lyn Says:

    love YAB so much… and loving the OST too. and the most lovable is A.N.Jell

  2129. 2129 : nana Says:

    yeah nadj, i agree with u. They have a undeniable chemistry between them. I don’t ever see any couple in other korean drama as sweet as they are. They are not sweet just in this drama only but outside too. They seem sooo close offset.

    Look at this below video, the user compile their reaction between each other offset. Auwwww, they are sweettttt. PSH&JGS, pleas marry soon ^_^

  2130. 2130 : nana Says:

    all the YAB stuff include drama itself, the cast, the sriptwriter, the crew is precious. There is nothing compared to them. They are no 1 in my heart! YAB rocks!

  2131. 2131 : JKS4ever Says:

    Thank you ά lot for your Stiil ever song posting, I can learn to sing that song, one of my fav songs in YaB..ANJell Rockssss…YAB Rockssss!!!!

  2132. 2132 : JKS4ever Says:

    You’re really ‘cool teacher’..you infected your Students with YaB virus??? That’s so funny n you must responsible if they’ve got YaB addiction..like us!!!! Ђåå♧◦ђåå♤◦ђåå◦♢♡.

  2133. 2133 : JKS4ever Says:

    I agree with u n Nadj,too!! I really love Tae-Nyu Couple ( I called them that based on YaB drama)..their chemistry are so strong in n off camera. I think it caused by they are so closed with each other..I wish they were dating but we can forced them..I’ll support whom ever they choose as long as we’ve got YaB season 2..ђåå♧◦ђåå♤◦ђåå◦♢♡.YaB rocksssss!!!

  2134. 2134 : Nadj Says:

    YAB Addict,

    I just finish watching YAB with my students. The girls went crazy with all the cast specially the main 4 characters. And they were so jealous with PSH but they love her so much. AFter watching it i showed them some of CF and cliff of JGS and PSH in YT. They were asking me if they were a real couple in real life. Well, as a teacher, and a source of information i told them “NO.” (and they all chorus AAAAAAAAAAAAAAwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!)

    Their comment:

    ” O wow, look at their pictures, its not moving yet it spokes volume, as if conveying some message.”

    “Their pictures look so real”

    “Teacher the kiss was so hot, (scream!!!)”

    “We love this couple, they show so much passion in their acting specially when their exchanging emotional words with each other. It makes YAB so real because of their acting.”

    “Definitely far far more beautiful than BOF”

    We watched it the whole night without sleeping!!!! Until the time we went home the girls are so excited to go to internet house and search YAB and all its cast.

    It made my day, even without a sleep the whole night.

  2135. 2135 : jks4ever Says:

    see Nadj, i told you hahahahaha you’re responsible for that!!! Whoever watch this drama will become like that!!!! YaB rockssssss!!!!

  2136. 2136 : Nadj Says:


    I’m a real cool teacher. Next time i’m going to ask them to do reasearch work for JGS and PSH (hahahaha!!!!!!!)
    I think i better check-out first. My eyes are closing elready. See u guys later. (need to sleep.)zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzhh!

  2137. 2137 : Jessa Says:

    .Hayyyyyyyyyyyy…….after watching the drama, I can’t get enough sleep.It’s driving me crazy!..heehehee
    I can’t get over the main characters…
    Please help me to recover Lord!

  2138. 2138 : nana Says:

    nadj, you are really a cool and rock teacher. =D

  2139. 2139 : jks4ever Says:

    that’s the side effect of watching YaB..me..till now not recover yet..need more medicineeeeee….YaB seasson 2!!!!
    Nite, Nadj..see u around.

  2140. 2140 : Nadj Says:

    Hi Nana,

    thank you so much for sharing me that YT cliff, thats really a nice one. Any news about our hottest couple?

    I sincerely miss them so much. YAB definitely change my views about Korean Dramas. I can’t watched another without comparing it to YAB. And the worst part of it is that i feel i’ll be so biast judging other dramas (that is so sad!!) Even if i force myselft to watch other drama i just cant, i’ll be more satisfied finding cliffs of them in the internet. (come on Nadj, get real!)

    JGS and PSH better have another project!!! if its not YAB season 2 then make something else (hehe…) This should be a challenge to Hong sisters, making the season 2 of Your Beautiful.

  2141. 2141 : jewel Says:

    i didnt get to see jang geun suk’s name being removed from the list of most commented actor though i still feel mad thinking about it. if its really true, whoevers resposible for that, pls reconsider before doing it again. it really breaks my heart.

  2142. 2142 : jks4ever Says:

    so relieved, Jewel..at last Jang Geun Suk name is back. I feel really bad before!! Are we too excessive? Sorry if u all feel that way..maybe cause we are too crazy to support Sukkie!! still YaB rocksssss!!!

  2143. 2143 : MIMI Says:

    its JGS’s msg for fans,check its so cute

  2144. 2144 : MIMI Says:


  2145. 2145 : m Says:


  2146. 2146 : jks4ever Says:

    dear administrator,
    since this YaB site still doesn’t have any picture, please add this photo to this site:http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=320196&id=1683878251&op=3&view=global&subj=1827365247

  2147. 2147 : jks4ever Says:

    this one too :

  2148. 2148 : jks4ever Says:

    sorry administrator, that link can”t work, maybe this one:

  2149. 2149 : jks4ever Says:

    this one too:

  2150. 2150 : jks4ever Says:

    one more plzzz:

  2151. 2151 : 3m Says:

    this drama is my favorite drama

  2152. 2152 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    i HEART yb!

  2153. 2153 : rani Says:

    finally we have pics here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2154. 2154 : nana Says:

    dear administrator,

    You can include this below picture two as this pic can attract more poeple to fall into YAB




    http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_wqGdM2OyKK8/S1WBdro-o7I/AAAAAAAABOw/cVH9lXXtDxw/s1600-h/ep0901.jpg (this crazy tae kyung is the MUST please!)


    http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_wqGdM2OyKK8/S2LcWG_VfeI/AAAAAAAABTA/Mq815C9Okc4/s1600-h/1_1.bmp (this is cute)



    http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=30611117&l=500d6346ed&id=1198297594 (this is hilarious scene)

    http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=30611149&l=11d96ecaa4&id=1198297594 (this is the sweeteness scene)

    hope you can consider it. Thanks

  2155. 2155 : nana Says:

    sorry admin for requested too many pic to put here at this site. I think admin should put more pic related to this YAB so that people can have an idea what the drama is all about..=D

    for yab fans! Do you all guys already see this video? This YAB behind the scene is a MUST WATCH for all YAB fans. This is a proof that they JGS&PSH should dating for a real!

  2156. 2156 : jewel Says:

    rani and JKS4ever,

    you are my 2 most fav people in this site. thanks for being here. and rani, if i inspire you, both of you also inspire me to be here. really, thanks a lot.

  2157. 2157 : rani Says:

    hi jewel
    i happy to be a fan of sukkie
    because this way i could met a nice girl like you
    thank you sukkie for this!
    love you jewel 🙂

  2158. 2158 : rani Says:

    dear administrator
    its me again 😉
    would you please add this photo

  2159. 2159 : rani Says:

    dear administrator
    this photo,too

    and this photo

  2160. 2160 : rani Says:

    please add this photo,too

  2161. 2161 : ann Says:

    A.N.Jell rules!

  2162. 2162 : sumaiya Says:

    I love this drama huh I love JANG GEUN SUK

  2163. 2163 : rani Says:

    dear administrator
    please this photo,too

  2164. 2164 : faye Says:

    this drama was sooo good
    it would break my heart if there isnt a season 2!!
    there are soo many questions that need to be answered!!
    -does shin woo get over mi nyu?
    -do tae kyung & mi nye stay together?
    -what happens to jeremy?
    -will mi nyu come back from africa?
    there are plenty more!!!


  2165. 2165 : shrijana Says:

    i love u jgs and thanks nana & rani after seeing this pics i’m more fall in love with jang geun seok

  2166. 2166 : shrijana Says:

    i love watching this drama very much

  2167. 2167 : Nadj Says:

    hi guys im back!!!!!

    Attention: rani, nana, jewel, jks4ever

    As i was surfing the net, i came to this site :


    there seems to be a guy name kaven yousefzadeh who fell madly in love with our PSH. I understand his feelings and his sentiments about his country but why does he have to be so creepy with our dear PSH (goosebumps all over me!!). I think his a little bit obssessed, i mean the whole “comment section” is full of his sentiments and his love for Korean actresses particularly PSH. (creepy guy!!!)

    Dear JGS protect my dear PSH from this kind of people. Don’t let anyone harm PSH.

    I’m still hoping you guys date or something? I know both of you are ignoring the feelings, for whatever reasons, but keep each other safe. I love you both. I will be your greatest fan forever!!!!!!

    JGS + PSH = happiness …………!!

    JGS + PSH + YAB2 = over-whelming happiness ………………!!

    JGS + PSH + WGM + YAB2 = fainting from so much happiness …………….!!!!!

  2168. 2168 : jks4ever Says:

    hahaha..that Bed Scene is really sooo adorable..love their chemistry ( how many times that i said love their chemistry..hahaha!!!) Do you realize that Sukkie know Shin Hye weakest part? hahaha..so funny..at Shin Hye ears..Sukkie always tickle her at that part!!! always laugh so bad when i see this scene..hahaha..I must say this again….YaB rocksssssss!!!

  2169. 2169 : jks4ever Says:

    administrator dear,
    one more request again, plz add this photo:

  2170. 2170 : jks4ever Says:

    I don’t know why i can’t open the address you given, but i’m really concern bout the physco out there that can’t control their behavior toward their idol..u can adore your idol but don’t disturb their personal life..oh God..plz protect our sweet Shin Hye..Sukkieee darling, plz protect Shin Hye!!

  2171. 2171 : jks4ever Says:

    Thanks God i met u in this site, too. Your words are really touched me!! Let’s keep fighting to get attention from YaB crews so we can get YaB season 2..
    A.N.Jell rockssss!!! YaB rockssss!!!

  2172. 2172 : massom Says:

    i love this drama , i wish i could meet all the characters , i just love them lee hong ki , jung yong hwa n jang geun suk. i just love them

  2173. 2173 : rani Says:

    dear nadj
    thank your for the link but i have the same problem like jks4ver
    it doesn´t work 🙁

  2174. 2174 : april Says:

    When will be A.N.JELL be reunited? miss the band

  2175. 2175 : rani Says:

    my dear administrator
    i found a cute pic
    would you please add this photo

  2176. 2176 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    yay!!! there are now a lot of pix in this page! keep ’em coming!

  2177. 2177 : JKS4ever Says:

    AT LAST…I see my best addiction Drama in τћǝ top post comments..Congratz everyone who loves n supports this drama..Keep on Fighting, guysss! Now I wanna see τћǝ Lead actor, my ϑέάг Jang Geun Suk in τћǝ ytop post comments actor..so guysss..everyone who loves this drama, plzz support him!! Keep fighting till we get τћǝ YaB season 2. YaB rockssss!!

  2178. 2178 : nopi Says:

    yeah.. YAB NO.1

  2179. 2179 : rani Says:

    congratulations to all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YAB is no.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2180. 2180 : yupar Says:

    I like your acting so much!

  2181. 2181 : rani Says:

    its me again 😉
    just wanted to share this link with you here,too 🙂
    its an interview of jang geun suk but they talk about YAB and his character Hwang Tae Kyung 🙂

  2182. 2182 : rani Says:

    and look how sukkie describes YAB 🙂
    “Within one hour of watching this drama, the dreams and romantic fantasies during a girl’s teenage times will resurface after being forgotten in the bustling and stressful daily life. From this point of view, its like a lemon which is full of vitamins, it is a drama that can beautify one’s heart.”

    you are so right….
    no words need…
    its like you said……..

  2183. 2183 : rani Says:

    …a lemon which is full of vitamines…
    well said sukkie
    now we all know why all feel refreshed and full of energy after watching YAB 🙂
    thats the secret why we are all addicted…
    we are addicted to the vitamines 😉

  2184. 2184 : fity toky Says:

    please making ure beautiful film for 2nd…
    coz,i love this story…..
    my boyfriend love this film too……
    come to indonesia…. lot people like u tae kyung….jeremy kang shin woo and funy toki gominam
    i’ll wait the next episode……
    love u all…..

  2185. 2185 : Ariez Says:

    This kdrama is highly recommended if you are looking for a feel good series to watch. 🙂

  2186. 2186 : nana Says:

    yeah! YAB no 1! YAB ROCKS! =d

  2187. 2187 : jewel Says:

    YAB fans are the best

  2188. 2188 : vanichieez Says:

    woohoo. i love this drama! worth watching. you’ll be very happy watching funny moments esp. with minam and tae kyung. jeremy and shin woo rocks!! love much YAB. sequel 2 please.

  2189. 2189 : may Says:

    jeremy! jolie! saranghaeo

  2190. 2190 : unnie Says:


  2191. 2191 : allkorean Says:

    korean websites center: http://www.allkorean.net/

  2192. 2192 : rani Says:

    dear administrator
    yay i know i´m kind of annoying 😉
    please add this photo

  2193. 2193 : rani Says:

    dear administrator
    this photo,too, please

  2194. 2194 : rani Says:

    dear administrator
    this photo,too, please
    i promise its the last for today

  2195. 2195 : rani Says:

    hey guys do you know this video
    park shin hye feeds sukkie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they have to be real couple
    so cute

  2196. 2196 : gugoo01 Says:

    i love this series. i love you tae kyung!! heheh…

  2197. 2197 : Kimchee43 Says:

    I Love this series..I’m hoping for season 2.. after we, me and my sister, finish watching it we are totally not contented in the ending.. I love the cast and their acting!!.. more power YB!!!!… 😀

  2198. 2198 : rani Says:

    thank you for adding the pics 🙂

  2199. 2199 : eka Says:

    i love this drama
    jang geung suk very nice

  2200. 2200 : elasyh Says:

    LOVE U……..

  2201. 2201 : jks4ever Says:

    Yes Rani,
    of course I’ve already seen that YT “Shin Hye feeding JKeun Suk”. I think they are so sweet especially after feeding Sukkie, she lick her finger. From that scene, i know she must be really close to Sukkie then in photo session, she lean her head to Sukkie’s shoulder..wooow..so sweeettt! really love them together.

  2202. 2202 : sheritance Says:

    wow…nice….how i like those eyes…..so tempting

  2203. 2203 : YAB Fan Says:

    nice drama!! loved it!! esp PARK SHIN HYE (the multi-talented)..

  2204. 2204 : jane Says:

    i want the a.n.jell. miss them so much

  2205. 2205 : mikayella Says:

    love love dis drama. i miss A. N. Jell!!!!whawhawhawha……
    we all want season 2

  2206. 2206 : jks4ever Says:

    You know.. up til now i still can’t move on to see another drama which make me feel like YaB..wooow..I’m really going crazy!!! When did this feel go? i hope desperately they make season 2 (though my hope is quite impossible but who knows?), ANJell rockssss!! YaB rockssss!

  2207. 2207 : rani Says:

    dear administrator
    would you please add this photo
    thank you

  2208. 2208 : rani Says:

    dear administrator
    this photo,too

  2209. 2209 : rani Says:

    dear administrator please add this photo,too

  2210. 2210 : rani Says:

    dear administrator
    yay i know i´m over doing it again!please this is last
    please add this photo

  2211. 2211 : rani Says:

    i swear this is the last photo

  2212. 2212 : juls Says:

    very addictive

  2213. 2213 : salome Says:

    can’t get enough of this drama
    wish theres 2nd yab

  2214. 2214 : jks4ever Says:

    i found this “Lovely Day” by Park Shin Hye with English sub. Love this song!

  2215. 2215 : LoVeny Says:

    love so much this drama..
    maybe bcoz jang geun suk!

    really like so much to see him!

  2216. 2216 : g.t.s.j_melika Says:

    It’s very well but I like action serial!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2217. 2217 : Parissa Says:

    Iran Melika.
    How about you?

  2218. 2218 : jks4ever Says:

    Today i’m really feel soooo blue but i’m cheer up with this song:
    # Wake me gently, My SunShine..
    Just like a Princess in fairy tales, i will close my eyes n wait
    When i open my eyes, pls stay by side, Love Shot!
    Just like a prince in fairy tales, look n smile @me
    Even i don’t know that, in my eyes there’s only you
    and don’t know that my heart is throbbing, the sound of my heartbeat..
    ***I wanna love You, I wanna with You
    Can you feel my feeling?
    come to me, little bit closer to me n take my heart a way..
    Every day, LOVELY DAY, everyday i’ll whisphering to you again
    Sweeter than a candy, i’ll give my love to you…
    # Reading the magic spell, sya lala
    Your SMILE appeared like the WARM SUNSHINE
    my heart is throbbing again, n now is said to me…
    ***I wanna love you, I wanna with You
    I will HUG you TIGHT
    LoVeLy Day..Please try to feel my heart
    Together 4ever…lalalala..
    EveryDay i will bring only HAPPINESS
    Sweeter than candy, I will bring MY LOVE to YOU!!!
    thanks God i found this song..really represent my heart right now..my SunShine…SaRangHaeeee…
    YaB rockssss!!!!!!

  2219. 2219 : yyang0124 Says:

    I just finished this drama over the weekend, Definately one of the BEST Drama I’ve seen!!! I love it so much!

  2220. 2220 : rani Says:

    jks4ver, my dear
    yay this song fits us really …

  2221. 2221 : Parissa Says:

    The Comments are open again but the “Most commented actor” list is removed….

  2222. 2222 : rani Says:

    hi guys check thttp://crijangkeunsukmalaysia.wordpress.com/2010/04/06/mag-tv-drama-mook-21-vol-36-anjell-members/his link
    its from a magazine with all the anjell members 🙂

  2223. 2223 : nana Says:

    yab is really great. thanks god i found this =)

  2224. 2224 : austine Says:

    minam minami shineyo

  2225. 2225 : Akiko Says:

    You Are Beautiful is my best dorama …. and these guys … XD Czechs but gold: D

  2226. 2226 : jks4ever Says:

    reading the magic spell..SyaLaLa..
    Your SMILE appeared like WaRm SunShine..
    my heart is Throbbing again, n now i want to say..
    (this is the most fav phrase of LOvely Day that i love)
    This morning look beautiful..life is beautiful..”You are Beautiful” is the BEAUTIFUL drama that i ever watch!!!!

  2227. 2227 : jks4ever Says:

    Okay..now for everyone who love YaB n love Jang Geun Suk..feel free to leave a comments in his site though now still there’re no list for “the most commented actor/actress” but this moment the lead actor of this YaB is in the BEST place..so after YaB in the first place now Sukkie, too!!!
    love ANJell!!! Love YaB!!! YaB rockssss!!!!

  2228. 2228 : sarah Says:

    I wish there will be second season..I luv JGS..

  2229. 2229 : rani Says:

    hi guys
    look what i found you will love me 😉
    sukkie and park shin hye about the official fansite of anjell
    so cute like in old days 🙂
    love them both 🙂

  2230. 2230 : jks4ever Says:

    ohh Rani..i love youuu..you already post it here..
    really love them both..like seeing the old days here..I miss YaB so much..miss ANJell!!!

  2231. 2231 : purpleglow Says:

    how about the list of soundtrack in this drama..I would to know the title because the songs are very nice..=)

  2232. 2232 : jks4ever Says:

    you still don’t know the title of every soundtrack in YaB?
    okay, i’ll help you then you search by yourself in You tube ..
    1.Promise by ANJell
    2.Still as ever by ANJell (there’s FT island version too)
    3.Without a word ( you can pick Park Shin Hye Vers or Jan Geun Suk)
    4.Lovely Day by Park Shin Hye
    5.What should i do by Jang Geun Suk
    6.Good Bye by Jang Geun Suk
    Those songs above i love the most, other songs ..can anybody help here?

  2233. 2233 : ludhymae Says:

    super kilig talaga ng movie na2

  2234. 2234 : jks4ever Says:

    Rani put this link in JGS board. I think i should put it here so everyone can see how cute this TaeNyu couple..

  2235. 2235 : kyein Says:

    …..very nice the movie YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL
    ,,,it’s my favorite the artists are very cute!!!!!!
    ….i want continuation…..!!!!

  2236. 2236 : jks4ever Says:

    now time for vote this drama ..just click the blue button n then ok..plz vote

  2237. 2237 : far Says:

    OMG!! it’s top (most commented) already?? lol!! (^_^)

    this is definitely my fav drama ever!! dont know why it didnt get high ratings in korea, i just think it’s ridiculous when comparing with the frenzy it created everywhere else.. i love JGS!! i liked him before, but i didnt recognize him in the trailer or pics.. he’s so gorgeous!!

    and LHK and JYH are not bad either.. i mean, they are better singers than actors, but i liked them still in YAB.. jeremy was great!! PSH is so pretty!!

    i was a bit upset reading blog entries that stated this is the lowest rating drama made by the Hong sisters, but it made me feel better knowing that it’s the most frenzied drama ever!! go YAB!! definitely best drama ever..

  2238. 2238 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    awww…i wish YB will be shown in our country soon!

  2239. 2239 : nana Says:

    season 2 pleaseeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2240. 2240 : jks4ever Says:

    Anybody have join “Million ANJell”?
    From the hit drama from SBS “your beautiful” the group appeared on the official website and due to the hot response the server crashed and is now being repaired.
    The official website will open on April 12 but despite the schedule, the band visited the website by April 6 and 30,000 fans simultaneously opened and visited the site causing the server to crash.
    Since the server is being repaired, it will be opened again by April 8 it will contain Korean, Chinese and English languages available and posts are still coming.
    On April 12, they will be showing the OST’s of the drama and an Directors Cut DVD on the homepage. It will be available to everyone including international fans and they can send in their messages and requests. The website will have 4 languages which are Korean, Chinese, Japanese and English.
    Despite the show already finished airing, it is still popular among fans and internationally as well.

  2241. 2241 : claudia lidwina Says:

    hey! do you know the song that Tae kyung listen before he was chased by a pig? the one that he listened while he was kinda relaxing.. in the field.. i really want that song!
    can you tell me please?
    thankyou.. thankyou!!

  2242. 2242 : nana Says:

    claudia: the title is breathless by shayne ward. You can refer the original singer at this link

  2243. 2243 : Nancy Says:

    I love this drama to the max. One of the very best dramas. The boys are super-gorgeous especially JGS. PSH is sweet and cute. I like the “fun” factor in this drama, made me smile and laugh constantly. Season 2 pleaseee!

  2244. 2244 : claudia lidwina Says:

    to nana,
    thankyou so much!!
    it’s now totally my fave song right now!!

    Tae Kyung is so handsome!!
    Shin woo is second best!!
    Jeremy is so cute before he change his hair style!!
    but love them all..

  2245. 2245 : Parissa Says:

    Dear Admin,
    Could you plz add the following pix to YAB album:



  2246. 2246 : Lin Park Says:

    If you want second season of “You’re beautiful” click here: http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/YB2/ and sign the petition.

  2247. 2247 : Parissa Says:

    Dear Admin,
    Thank you for adding the photos 🙂

  2248. 2248 : klovers Says:

    it’s a must see movie…no doubt that this is the best korean drama. The soundtrack also a masterpiece..I love all the songs.
    For those who hasn’t watch this drama, well…you should watch it NOW 🙂

  2249. 2249 : jks4ever Says:

    Here’s the link to Download YaB soundstrack :


  2250. 2250 : jks4ever Says:

    Sorry..that’s below is the wrong address..this one is the right one:

  2251. 2251 : a.n.jell4ever Says:

    i love YABso much, i hope for season 2 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2252. 2252 : choten Says:

    simply luv it . full of emotions

  2253. 2253 : jhonnabhabez Says:

    ,, i really like the story,,

    Congrats to all cast of “YOU”RE BEAUTIFUL”

    Job Well Done!!

    ,,,, Lovelotzz!!!

    ,,,,GOD BLESS,,,,,,

  2254. 2254 : Lin Park Says:

    Hello! I love this movie but i really want second season. If you want second season of “You’re beautiful” click here: http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/YB2/ and sign the petition.

  2255. 2255 : bhaboi Says:

    i like tae kyung’s attitude a lot!!!
    his eyes are so expressive.
    over-all…100% amazing!

  2256. 2256 : Priya Says:

    i love the attitude of the A.N.JELL and m crazy about them….. i love you a lot..

  2257. 2257 : lingzhi Says:

    i like all of them… they are all cute and handsome… i cried alot while watching… is touch.!!!! hope to have season2!!!

  2258. 2258 : melquiades Says:

    hi , ,your drama was awsome. . .

  2259. 2259 : Nadj Says:

    HI!!!! I’m back!!! Cool Teacher on the house!!!! LOL

    I just want to share with you YAB addict my favorite, unforgetable, heart-warming, devastating, hiperventilating, heart-breaking, unstopable lines from YAB:
    (in any order)

    SW: “You were almost here. You should have taken just one step more…..”

    TK: ” Go Mi Nam the reason the day is bright is because of that pointlessly bright sun.”
    GMN: ” Then I am like the moon that just clinging to you whose like the sun”
    TK: “But the moon isn’t useless. No matter how many stars there are at night, all i can see is the moon.”

    SW: ” I haven’t able to confess my feelings once, but it feels like I’ve been rejected a hundred times. I don’t think I’ll be embarrased now if ever I’m rejected for real.”

    TK: ” It’s frustrating not seeing you. So don’t go to a place where i can’t see you.”

    TK: ” I told you not to go where i can’t see you!!”

    JEREMY: “When I get off the bus, I am going to return to being the happy Jeremy. Forget everything I said here. If you don’t forget them, I can’t return. Got it, Go Mi Nam?”

    GMN: “Mother Superior, my star is crying in the dark, What should I do?”

    SW:” I showed you everything today. Even if you try not to see, i showed you everything. I look over you like i have till now. So don’t try to hide yourself somewhere that you can’t be seen, and look at me.”
    GMN: “It makes me sorrier, and that hurts, but my answer hasn’t changed. Please don’t hold on to me anymore. I don’t want to make things hard for you anymore.”
    SW: “I took it all the way. Now, i don’t have anything to hold on to.”

    GMN: “What does it matter to you that im going there now? It’s not an inconvinient to you, so why are you interfering and bothered by it?”
    TK: “You’re so foolish that it makes me angry. Why do i have to feel so angry because of you?”
    GMN: “Why are you so angry because of me?! Just keep ignoring a thing like me! You cannot just watch whatever I do!”
    TK: “But i keep seeing you!”
    GMN: “You can’t see anything properly! You’re well-off on your own, so bright on your own that those around you can’t see in the dark! You can’t see anything properly and you don’t know anything, so why are you acting like this! Why are you angry with me, whose just trying to endure? Just leave me in the dark. Who asked for you to look at me?!”

    JEREMY: “This is my bus get off.” ” When i thought you were a guy, I was okay with it. When i found out you were a girl, I was okay with it. But if you like Taek Kyung Hyung, I can’t be okay with it. Why? Why wasn’t it me? I told you about my treasured bus, and i let you close to Jolie, and i was going to sing a song only for you. Why don’t you like me?”

    TK: “Go Mi Nam. I see you very well right now. You can’t see me because its too bright, can you? When i couldn’t see you, were you always crying like that?”
    GMN: “I won’t cry anymore. Please pretent you didn’t see me.”
    TK: “How can I pretend not to when i can see you well? Go Mi Nam you were looking at me like that all this while weren’t you? I couldnt see you so i didn’t know.”
    GMN: ” Please act as though you didn’t know. I won’t look anymore.”
    TK: “Don’t stop looking. You can’t quit on your own accord. Keep looking at me! Like you are now, keep looking only at me!!”
    GMN: “Hwang Taek Yung………..”
    TK: “Go Mi Nam, from now on, I’ll give you permission to like me.”

    JEREMY: “Of course! my bus is a magic bus.” ” Lets meet in an hour.”
    “In an hour, will they return to normal? For an hour, I’ll like you Go Mi Nam.”

    TK: “You’re listening now, aren’t you? Its so is bright here, and your side is so dark that’s why i can’t see you. Please don’t be where i can’t see you! Come to where i can see you. Give permission to let me see you.”

    TK: ” I’m going to keep telling you, so listen good everyday. I love you.”

  2260. 2260 : ndah Says:

    so nice,,,
    i hope for second season,,,

  2261. 2261 : rani Says:

    nice to see you again 🙂
    and thanks for the quotes….
    one more prove why we are so in love with this drama…
    the dialogues are just so beautiful..full of emotions..so touching

  2262. 2262 : jks4ever Says:

    Hello “cool teacher”..it’s been so long..
    yeah, i agree with u that the dialogues in YaB really fantastic..depth meaning..I especially like conversation about the Sun n the moon!
    oh..i almost forgot..when Go MiNam pat Hwang Tae Kyung also the most touching moment for me and she said “thank you for being born in this world”..ohh,,my God..so comforting words for the nost lonely person like Tae Kyung..
    Hong Sisters are really incredible screen writer!!!
    YaB still rockssss!

  2263. 2263 : nana Says:

    thanks for the quote nadj. I like the ‘quarrel’ conversation at the rooftop when finally TK kiss Mi nam suddenly. Auwwwwww, lovely

  2264. 2264 : nana Says:

    hong sister really a good writer and know how to touch audience feeling. Do all of you watch My Girl?(you can see the synopsis at the left link) written by Hong Sister also. That drama also has the touching and meaningful. Before this I like My Girl. But when YAB come, I love YAB more. *wink* *wink*

  2265. 2265 : che Says:

    i’ve watched it a hundred times and i am still not tired of watching it. i can’t seem to move on with the drama, laughter and songs of YaB..it’s a job well done for those people behind this novela..looking forward to more novelas like this in the future..

  2266. 2266 : nana Says:

    che, same with me. I also can’t move to other new drama whatever interesting it is. I’ve try but I just can’t. I’m stuck with YAB songs, moment, dialogue, laughter. Oh My God, help meeeeee!!!!

  2267. 2267 : rani Says:

    some of you already know that there is now an official website of YAB
    and because more than 30,000!!! visited that site at the same time
    the server broke down…
    in connection with this topic i read this:
    A.N Jell Production Company also mentioned that: ‘Although “You’re Beautiful” did not large-scale broadcast in foreign countries, but we are really surprised by the strong responses from the fans. We are really very grateful to all those who give us all their supports and encouragement and we also hope that “You’re Beautiful” could be bring up a new korean wave.’

    SO MAKE A SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2268. 2268 : rani Says:

    dear admin
    would you please add this photo

    and this one

    this one

    and thats the last

    thank you!!!

  2269. 2269 : Nadj Says:

    Hey Girls, if you were given a chance to trade places with Go Mi Nam who will you choose among these 3 ANJell?

    1.) TK
    2.) SW
    3.) Jeremy

    (As for me, i wouldn’t choose any of them, coz’ I may not have the strength to break the other 2 ANJell’s heart or worse, i might become greedy and have them all for myself!! Ha-ha-ha!!)

    Love you ANJell!!!

  2270. 2270 : jks4ever Says:

    You made me confused,Nadj..
    They are really wonderful guys in each way..but if i have to choose I’ll choose Tae Kyung cause I am like Go Mi Nam personally. Someone who has personality like GMN should have someone like Tae Kyung to complete each other..that’s my opinion.

  2271. 2271 : janice Says:

    very nice drama. i hope hwang tae kyung will visit the Philippines soon… thanks. more powers. any concert of ANJELL? 🙂

  2272. 2272 : Kero_pinKu Says:

    Really hopes they would make YAB Season 2!!!!
    i love Geun Suk….. He was a multi talented artist
    Yong Hwa was so charming….
    Hong Ki wouldn’t ever be bored

  2273. 2273 : Kero_pinKu Says:

    i just read Nadj comment…
    and the tears just come out (reflect)

    Gosh….. i’m truly addicted to this movie….
    season 2 please…………..

    anyway, the http://www.anjells.com don’t have a translation to english huh?
    anyone knows?

  2274. 2274 : rani Says:

    yesterday i read that the official site will be in four languages
    and one of them will be english!
    so i hope that they will make it in english soon!!!!!!!

  2275. 2275 : rani Says:

    i love jeremy he is cute and i´m sure he would be a boyfriend who will make you laugh and smile the whole day 🙂
    nevertheless in the end there is only one for me: Tae Kyung 🙂
    because he was hurt so badly in the past…i would want to make his heart heal 😉 and people like Tae Kyung who experienced a dissappointement like he did will never ever betray their loved one…
    so i would choose Tae Kyung because his love would be the greatest one!!!!

  2276. 2276 : a.n.jell~lover Says:

    Hwang Tae Kyung

  2277. 2277 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    i hope that the admin would add more pictures in this page 😀 great, fun series! enjoyed this a lot!

  2278. 2278 : nana Says:

    i will choose Tae kyung! He’s too cute to resist (i mean his personality) =D

  2279. 2279 : Taylor Says:

    My all time fav drama I just love this drama makes me think of the things idols go through. Besides a fan Park Shin Hye Unni and hwang tae kyung is hot

  2280. 2280 : rani Says:

    dear admin
    would you please add this photos




    thank you!!! 🙂

  2281. 2281 : Nadj Says:

    Nana, Rani and jgs4ever,
    You sure love TK ( who wouldn’t? ) Remeber the scene in the garden where TK and GMN separated? (TK cried) well, if he cried infront of me like that i could also rob a bank for him.

    How about that badminton scene. If thats how TK play i don’t want ever to verse TK in badminton. (ha…ha…ha!!)

    And you know the ANJell Generation parody? (where all ANJell got to dress up as a girls) Jeremy were suppose to be Jessica, he’s the only one wearing the heels, i remeber somebody comented ” No wonder they put Jeremy at the back, boy!! that heel sure look can kill!!” (I was laughing so hard, making me like an idiot in front of my computer).

  2282. 2282 : Donna Says:

    I cant believe it. Were number one. Grabe! Really proves that these series is the best. Jang Geun Suk really is amazing. I really love his voice. Think Im going to find hes album or singles. Will somebody help me find one. Im residing here in Makati Phils. I think album of Korean Artist are not yet available here in our country?

  2283. 2283 : millethsalonga Says:

    jang geun suk ur really the best ever.. no wonder youre beautiful still no.1 i had my copy of ost part 1 and part 2 .got it from HMV shop . love all of them cast of youre beautiful .well done guys…excellent acting…sarng-hae.go mi nam.shin woo, jeremy ang of course hwang tae kyung…keep it up …God bless u all…

  2284. 2284 : jks4ever Says:

    that separation moment is one of part in that drama which make me cry..the other part is when Tae Kyung was hurt by his own mother on his birthday n crying..n Mi Nyu said “mother superior..my star is crying in front of me now..what should i do?”…hiks..hiks..so saaaddd! I’m not crying when Mi Nam n Tae Kyung was trapped by Tae Kyung’s mom so Tae Kyung was angry n didn’t want to see Mi Nam again..at that part..I’m angryyy..that part was teribble!

  2285. 2285 : wahab Says:

    filmnya keren bangettttttttttttttttt g akan terlupakn…………………A.N.JELL…

  2286. 2286 : Athena Says:

    i love u hwang tae kying!!!!!

  2287. 2287 : Kathrina Says:

    pLease have a season 2!! i’m begging yoU>!! TT.TT

  2288. 2288 : aerie_A.n.jell Says:

    I laughed badly and at the same time I cried badly….
    oh…my… my tear just came out unstoppable….
    It’s because I watched it all alone.

  2289. 2289 : medy Says:

    i really really love this romance comedy 101%… keep it up guys and hope to view more from you A.N.Jell….YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY CERTIFIED THE BEST OF THE BEST!!!!

  2290. 2290 : nana Says:

    nadj, i don’t cry at the moment they separate because i maddddd. Really mad at TK. hahahah. Yeah, TK bad playing badminton because at the moment he got jealous of shin woo. I found it cute. hehehehe.

  2291. 2291 : Jore Says:

    i absolutely loved this drama…… specially jang geun suk not only because his SUPER HOT, but i liked his role HWANG (I want a pigrabbit too LOL)…. anyways loved it i would recommend this one.

  2292. 2292 : #1 A.N.Jell~LOVER Says:

    plus I love Hwang tae kyung the best!
    He is the cuties man you can never take your eyes off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kang Shin Woo and Jeremy are also cute but i think Hwang tae kyung is the cuties one ever!!!!!=]

  2293. 2293 : #1 A.N.Jell~LOVER (EMILY) Says:


  2294. 2294 : Nadj Says:

    Ladies, Come to your computer screens and read carefully i have something REALLY REALLY interesting to say, need your insight and opinion about this.

    I’m smelling fishy here!!

    1.) Its been how many months since YAB finished and yet not even once did our “hot couple” attented any shows or interview together apart from Melon Music Award. (is that normal?)
    2.) Why are the two seems like their ignoring each other like they’ve never been together or something considering their closeness during YAB season?
    3.) Again with their closeness, JGS should have atleast greeted my dear darling PSH during her birthday last Feb. ( It isn’t a crime to greet her, or at least mention it to one of his interview?) yet, when HONKY’s birthday he was there.
    4.) Aside from Japan photo shoot, the’res nothing else considering the popularity that YAB get from international fan. (Don’t you think they should have more photo shoots together, interviews together, commercial together since they are the leads of YAB just like other couple like BBF?
    5.) Why wasn’t my dear darling PSH with our boy JGS promoting internationally? (I mean, they should be together)

    I told you something fishy is going on here.


    1.) That our boy JGS and my dear girl PSH have an intimate relationship. That they love each other but they cannot announce it to the world, even if they want it badly. Someone or something is deliberately seperating them and the poor couple can’t do anything about it. Their keeping their silent to protect each other, particularly JGS since his always the one promoting YAB. He’s being careful for PSH.

    Points to pounder:

    1.) On their photo shoot where JGS is partner with other girl and PSH was partner to other man as well, i’ve heard that the couples were switched because JGS and PSH were partner in YAB while their partner in that shoots were also leading man and lady for……… ( sorry forgot the drama ). If they wanted to sell clothes and earn money, don’t you think they should have gotten the “hottest couple” (our couple JGS and PSH) together to endorse them? It would sure sell like hot cake!

    2.) In all JGS promotion of YAB internationally, why was MY dear PSH not with him? (are they deliberately separating the two?)

    3.) After YAB, the two seems so quiet (as if nothing……) as if they’ve never been together. JGS mension her now and then but considering their closeness during YAB season its kinda weird.

    4.) Lastly, girls, it would have been easy for them to have a relationshipship since his mother like her and the Netizen voted for them to be dating in real life. So what’s keeping them? (anti-fans perhaps?)

    What do you think? I have never been wrong so far with my assessment just like with Brandjolina couple and the Twilight couple. When I watched those coples i know sooner or later they gonna hook up or something and i was right. Going back to our “hot couple”, bet your 2 dollar, they have something.

  2295. 2295 : ♥A.N.JELL♥ Says:

    oh my gosh…you’re beautiful is such a great drama…there should be season 2….there shoud be…it will kill me if there’s no season 2….

    luv you!!!

  2296. 2296 : nami Says:

    it’s really cool movie and i love a.n.jell

  2297. 2297 : kaung sett lwin Says:

    i m a myanmar.i like this series.

  2298. 2298 : charmaine_philippines Says:

    i hope it will be showed here in the philippines…

  2299. 2299 : joy_porto Says:

    ……im a FAN!!!haha..an avid one!!

  2300. 2300 : Michalle Wong Guillena Says:

    I am a fan. I like it a lot. Good work you guys! You manage to sweep my heart.

  2301. 2301 : aerie_A.n.jell Says:


    It’ll be good if they are really dating. And I think they are going to be a very hot couple… And after the Drama ended, there aren’t any promotional activities…

    The drama should do more promotion to other country, though the drama itself did well… How can they let the very very great drama to be left out after it ended.
    I’m a bit sad about this. I like every second of this drama. I personally think it is the most beautiful one. Just like what they title them “You’re Beautiful”

  2302. 2302 : Kero_pinKu Says:

    I need some help…. i tryin to sign up at anjells.com but the registration Failed again and again…
    and still no any english version…
    Any one succeed processing?
    Thanks anyway ^^

  2303. 2303 : yanie.... Says:

    dramanya bagus banggeeeeeeeeeett… ga bosen nontonyaaa…. lucu juga looh… semoga ada, kelanjutannya yaaaa….

  2304. 2304 : jks4ever Says:

    From τћǝ YT I watched n everything which involve 2 of them, I also see something about them. I don’t know why they seem to avoid each other if there’re really nothing happen between them cause I know if you don’t ♓ανè any feeling toward each other, you’ll be act like usually. I read somewhere that Shin Hye is carried away with her role in YaB so she try to avoid JKS..so is this τћǝ reason?? I don’t know either. I wish they could be ά couple cause they are really perfect for each other but why with so many support for them, they still seem like hesitate? So we , fans, can only wait n see..

  2305. 2305 : mulan Says:

    hi Nadj

    you’ve analyzed it very well., You’re right they might be a good couple but still they have to protect their popularities. Fans are usually jealous about lovey-dovey things. For me, i let them announced their relationship for real not for reel only… Good Luck and more blessing for both of them…

  2306. 2306 : nana Says:

    hi nadj and the rest

    do all of you, after YAB, they get together and perform at the stage at SBS Drama Award 2009 (31 Dec 2009). You can see their performance at this below link


    During this event, AnJell (Yong Hwa, hong ki and park shin hye) sit together at the same table while JGS take part as MC at that night.

    During the event also, JGS come to AnJell table (as MC) and ask several question to yong hwa, hong ki and park shin hye too. And when JGS announce as a Popular Award (i don’t remember what exactly), Yong Hwa and Hong ki come to the stage to give flower to JGS without Park Shin Hye (even they sit together in 1 table). Dont u think there is something between them? Maybe park shin hye doesn’t want rumour between them.

    But at the last, i see some fan-cam show that our dearest Park shin hye hugs JGS. Auwwwww..

    After this event, then i saw melon music award. But there is no yong hwa and hong ki. huhu

  2307. 2307 : nana Says:

    at that performance, while JGS interupt Hong Ki, he shoutted “I already told you to not be where i can’t see u” (as usual in YAB) and then he continue “Go Mi Nam, u can’t sing without me”

    Auwwww, all audience scream as it is a You Are Beautiful tagline =D

  2308. 2308 : nana Says:


    jang geun suk get award during the SBS Drama Award.

  2309. 2309 : nana Says:

    Sadly, there is no eng sub. I already watched the video with the sub earlier but maybe that video is removed by youtube due to copyright claim.

    what i almost remember about JGS speech is, he said that when he is offered a role as hwang tae kyung, he really want to act at this drama as he want to try a different role and the role that really match with their age.

  2310. 2310 : selina Says:

    Wanna share this with you , guyz…..
    The latest news!!!!!

    Despite You’re Beautiful ending its run last December and A.N.Jell being just a fictitious band (although many wished that it was for real), fans can’t seem to get enough of the drama and its leading cast members like Jang Geun Suk, Park Shin Hye, Jung Yonghwa and Lee Hong Ki.

    And to satisfy the fans, an official website for A.N.Jell was revealed in the past week before being officially unveiled to the public on April 12th.

    The website actually crashed when it opened for beta testing on the 6th as 30,000 fans got wind of this and started hitting the website at the same time. It was however repaired in time to handle the heavy traffic before its official opening yesterday.

    There are sorts of information about A.N.Jell like their profile, album, schedules, etc information and it is a definite visit for any hardcore fan of the drama.

    They may be busy with their own individual activities now but who knows, they might just get back together one day on stage or maybe film season 2.

    Watch these vid….

    Yay,,their so cute…
    Waiting for Season 2…..

  2311. 2311 : selina Says:

    Oh,,This is their website…
    Visit it guyz….


  2312. 2312 : Miss leaf Says:

    i really really like this drama, i have watched this drama twice but l stil wanna watching this drama again and again…. i love JANG GEUN SUK since i watch this drama…. he is a great actor….. not only handsome and cute but he also have a good talent in acting….

  2313. 2313 : jks4ever Says:

    i try to join Million Anjells website but i don’t know what “email check” ?? so i still can’t join..anybody can help me?

  2314. 2314 : Akilah Vittone Says:

    Outstanding post – and nifty domain by the way!

  2315. 2315 : abc Says:

    I cannot believe this drama becomes number 1 now. I saw it last November and I watched it over and over again.. I finally calm down now.

    In regarding to the “email check”, after you enter your email address in ANJELLS website, you should receive a confirmation number via your email and you need to enter the confirmation number into this box so you can complete your registration.

    Hope this information helps!!

  2316. 2316 : jg67 Says:

    omg! i love this drama…
    i thought its wasn’t that interesting….but when i finished watch this drama…i just said “it is true,what people said,its really a nice drama!”
    this is one of my favorite korean drama…♥.♥
    I ♥ JGS…mwaaaaah

  2317. 2317 : fan Says:

    this is really really really…. amazing drama. i have ever had!

  2318. 2318 : nana