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You Who Came From the Stars

You Who Came From the Stars 04

Title: 별에서 온 그대 / You Who Came From the Stars
Chinese Title: 來自星星的男人
Previously known as: 별에서 온 남자 / Man From the Stars
Also Known as: Love from the Star
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Time travel
Episodes: 21
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2013-Dec-18 to 2014-Feb-27
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00


A romantic comedy drama about an alien man who landed on Earth 400 years ago during the 17th-century Joseon Dynasty period, falling in love with a modern day actress.

Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun) is an alien who possesses a near perfect appearance and enhanced physical abilities involving his vision, hearing and speed. His character also happens to be a university professor and He looks 20. Although he holds a cynical view to human beings, but he gets entangled in a sweet love story with actress Chun Song Yi (Jeon Ji Hyun).


Main Cast

Jeon Ji Hyun as Chun Song Yi (top actress/university student)
Kim Hyun Soo as Chun Song Yi (young)
Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon (alien/university lecturer)
Park Hae Jin as Lee Hwi Kyung (youngest son of S&C Group)
Jo Seung Hyun as Lee Hwi Kyung (young)
Yoo In Na as Yoo Se Mi (supporting actress)
Kim Ye Won as Yoo Se Mi (young)

People around Chun Song Yi

Na Young Hee as Yang Mi Yun (Song Yi’s mother)
Uhm Hyo Sup as Chun Min Goo (Song Yi’s father)
Ahn Jae Hyun as Chun Yoon Jae (Song Yi’s younger brother)
Jun Jin Seo as Yoon Jae (child)
Hong Jin Kyung as President Hong (Manhwabang owner)

People around Do Min Joon

Kim Chang Wan as Jang Young Mok (lawyer)

People around Lee Hwi Kyung

Shin Sung Rok as Lee Jae Kyung (heir of S&C Group)
Lee Jung Gil as Lee Bum Joong (chairman of S&C Group)
Sung Byung Sook as Hong Eun Ah (Hwi Kyung’s mother)
Lee Yi Kyung as Lee Jae Kyung’s secretary
Kim Hae In as Yang Min Joo (Jae Kyung’s ex-wife)

People around Yoo Se Mi

Lee Il Hwa as Han Sun Young
Oh Sang Jin as Yoo Yoo Suk (Se Mi’s older brother)


Kim Kang Hyun as Yoon Bum (Song Yi / Se Mi’s manager)
Kim Bo Mi as Min Ah (Song Yi / Se Mi’s stylist)
Jo Hee Bong as CEO Ahn Dong Min
Kim Hee Won as Park Byung Hee (Detective Park)
Yoo Young Jin (유영진) as Assistant Manager Yoo
Jung Soo In as Han Yoo Sun (Han Yoo Ra’s younger sister)
Kim Byung Choon as S&C Group staff
Nam Chang Hee as Hyeok
Jang Sung Bum
Choi Dae Sung


Yoo In Young as Han Yoo Ra (top actress/Song Yi’s rival) (ep 2-4)
Yoo Joon Sang as Department Manager Yoo (ep 2)
Dalshabet as themselves (ep 3)
Jun In Taek as Yi Hwa’s father (ep 4)
Park Jung Ah as top star who soon-to-be a bride (ep 4)
Son Eun Seo as a gisaeng (ep 4)
Jang Hang Joon as Director Park Min Kyu (ep 4)
Jun Joon Hyuk as elementary school boy from The Heirs parody (ep 5)
Kim Soo Ro as Lee Hyung Wook (ep 5)
Oh Hee Joon as one of students who fight with Yoon Jae (ep 5)
Jung Eun Pyo as Yoon Sung Dong (Joseon realtor) (ep 6) / realtor (ep 12)
Park Young Kyu as Heo Joon (ep 11)
No Hyung Wook as the youngest film crew on set (ep 15)
Suzy Bae as park passerby (ep 17)
Yun Woo Jin as Lee Han Kyung (ep 18)
Joo Ho as Wang Jae Soo (ep 18)
Ryu Seung Ryong as Heo Gyoon (ep 19)
Sandara Park as top star at red carpet of 2017 Film Festival (ep 21)
Kim Won Joon as Yoo Se Mi’s partner at red carpet of 2017 Film Festival (ep 21)
Kim Kyung Jin as man at Plastic Surgery Clinic

Production Credits

Production Company: HB Entertainment
Chief Producer: Choi Moon Suk
Director: Jang Tae Yoo
Screenwriter: Park Ji Eun

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-12-18 1 15.5 (5th) 19.1 (4th) 15.6 (5th) 17.0 (5th)
2013-12-19 2 15.9 (5th) 18.5 (3rd) 18.3 (5th) 20.5 (2nd)
2013-12-25 3 17.2 (4th) 20.4 (2nd) 19.4 (3rd) 21.0 (2nd)
2013-12-26 4 18.4 (2nd) 20.8 (2nd) 20.1 (2nd) 22.1 (2nd)
2014-01-01 5 21.0 (3rd) 24.8 (2nd) 22.3 (3rd) 25.3 (2nd)
2014-01-02 6 22.8 (2nd) 28.2 (1st) 24.6 (2nd) 27.8 (1st)
2014-01-08 7 22.1 (2nd) 27.0 (1st) 24.1 (2nd) 26.6 (1st)
2014-01-09 8 22.9 (2nd) 29.1 (1st) 24.4 (2nd) 27.4 (1st)
2014-01-15 9 21.8 (2nd) 26.2 (1st) 23.1 (2nd) 25.4 (2nd)
2014-01-16 10 22.7 (2nd) 28.3 (1st) 24.4 (2nd) 27.1 (1st)
2014-01-22 11 23.3 (2nd) 28.1 (1st) 24.5 (2nd) 26.8 (1st)
2014-01-23 12 24.6 (2nd) 29.0 (1st) 26.4 (1st) 28.2 (1st)
2014-01-29 13 24.3 (2nd) 27.5 (1st) 24.8 (2nd) 26.1 (1st)
2014-02-05 14 25.1 (2nd) 30.7 (1st) 25.7 (2nd) 27.8 (1st)
2014-02-06 15 24.5 (2nd) 28.7 (1st) 25.9 (2nd) 27.7 (1st)
2014-02-07 Sp 8.2 9.4 (20th) 10.0 (17th) 11.5 (11th)
2014-02-12 16 23.3 (2nd) 28.0 (1st) 25.7 (2nd) 28.1 (1st)
2014-02-13 17 25.6 (1st) 29.8 (1st) 27.0 (1st) 29.5 (1st)
2014-02-19 18 25.9 (2nd) 30.8 (1st) 27.4 (1st) 29.9 (1st)
2014-02-20 19 26.0 (2nd) 29.9 (1st) 26.7 (2nd) 29.1 (1st)
2014-02-26 20 24.5 (2nd) 29.3 (1st) 26.0 (2nd) 28.0 (1st)
2014-02-27 21 28.1 (2nd) 33.2 (1st) 28.1 (2nd) 29.6 (1st)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


A 70-minute special episode aired on February 7th at 23:20 KST title “You Who Came from the Stars: The Beginning”. The special episode will feature Chun Song Yi and Do Min Joon’s love story from the first episode to 15th episode.


2014 SBS Drama Awards – New Star Awards: Ahn Jae Hyun (You Who Came from the Star)
2014 SBS Drama Awards – Netizen Popularity Awards: Kim Soo Hyun (You Who Came from the Star)
2014 SBS Drama Awards – Best Couple Awards: Jeon Ji Hyun & Kim Soo Hyun (You Who Came from the Star)
2014 SBS Drama Awards – Producer Award: Jeon Ji Hyun (You Who Came from the Star)
2014 SBS Drama Awards – Special Acting Actor (Mid-Length Series): Kim Chang Wan (You Who Came from the Star)
2014 SBS Drama Awards – Excellence Actor (Mid-Length Series): Shin Sung Rok (You Who Came from the Star)
2014 SBS Drama Awards – Top Excellence Actor (Mid-Length Series): Kim Soo Hyun (You Who Came from the Star)
2014 SBS Drama Awards – Daesang: Jeon Ji Hyun (You Who Came from the Star)
2014 Korea Drama Festival Award 2014 – Hallyu Star Award: Kim Soo Hyun (You From Another Star)
2014 Korea Drama Festival Award 2014 – Hot Star Award: Shin Sung Rok (You From Another Star)
2014 Korea Drama Festival Award 2014 – New Actor: Ahn Jae Hyun (You From Another Star)
2014 Korea Drama Festival Award 2014 – Best Drama: You From Another Star
2014 Korea Drama Festival Award 2014 – Daesang: Kim Soo Hyun (You From Another Star)
2014 41th Korea Broadcast Awards: Best Actress Award – Jun Ji Hyun (Source)
2014 50th Baeksang Arts Awards: Daesang (Jeon Ji Hyun)
2014 50th Baeksang Arts Awards: Popularity Actor (Kim Soo Hyun)
2014 50th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best OST (Lyn ~ My Destiny)


You Who Came From the Stars Poster1 You Who Came From the Stars Poster2 You Who Came From the Stars Poster3

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  1. 1 : lysha Says:

    KSH come back & Jeon Ji Hyun’s first drama after 14 years??? Hmm…interesting

    Why KSH always cast with older women??

  2. 2 : AnShafira Says:

    Can’t wait for KSH’s new drama
    I believe it’s gonna be great,
    The synopsis is also quite interesting I think

  3. 3 : Pixelxdrama Says:

    I am going to root for this drama …
    the cast looks promising…
    well I hope KSH will perform better and better
    and for JJH , Its her first after so long period not acting for TV Drama. I hope she perform super super greaaat…

    15 days to go…yeah..

  4. 4 : dinaz Says:

    Hope this drama will be good..i will be waiting for this one 🙂
    jeon ji hyun is making her drama comeback after 14 years it will be great to see her in a drama again.and ksh and jjh are reuniting after their blockbuster movie ‘Thieves’..

  5. 5 : Rani Says:

    Noona-dongsaeng agian….. I hate it

  6. 6 : LMHluvPSH4ever Says:

    Love it…. I can’t wait…..

  7. 7 : MoMo Says:

    KSH is so handsome…adorable…haha..

  8. 8 : bubble Says:

    omo,, Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun??
    it’s gonna be awesome..
    after The Thieves,they’re together again,,,

  9. 9 : Hotta Ao Says:

    14 days more.
    Will be waiting.

  10. 10 : maknaee Says:

    Gonna watch this~~~ oraenmanieyo oppa kk

  11. 11 : K Says:

    another kim soo hyun drama…CANT wait to watch it!!!! hoooooo hoooo OPPA!!!

  12. 12 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    Looking forward to this one… KSH fan here! Aja aja fighting! =)

  13. 13 : viktori Says:


  14. 14 : puchicatos Says:

    title is interesting,,,
    main cast good…
    hope plot and script both interesting and good…
    Bravo KSH^^

  15. 15 : jesissca Says:

    Great actor,,,,the next drama after the heirs,,,,wanna watch it,,,KSH fighting

  16. 16 : rm018 Says:

    Yeeeeeey! 🙂 Kim so hyun is back! One my loves :))

  17. 17 : naysa Says:

    omg i’m waiting for this drama! the story looks interesting<3 Kim So Hyunnnnn<3

  18. 18 : ahdeen than Says:

    jeon ji hyun is back~ yeay..

  19. 19 : stormcaller Says:

    I think the story and writing will be good. This is the same writer for “You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly”.

  20. 20 : hohohaha2006 Says:

    Kim So Hyun is an awesome actor, don’t care about the main actress. Hope this drama will be great like I Hear Your Voice. Fighting! hope the rating will be high as The Heirs.

  21. 21 : Nihal Says:

    waiting for this drama <3 <3

  22. 22 : shocco locco Says:

    Thread is finally open for my Kim Soo Hyun…

  23. 23 : OK OK OK Says:

    🙂 🙂

  24. 24 : Pratiwi Anne Says:

    Can’t Wait!!!
    Uri Kim So Hyun,

  25. 25 : Samah Says:

    Can’t wait <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  26. 26 : Byunim Says:

    kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa can’t wait for KIM SOOHYUN KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  27. 27 : bor-ra Says:

    why with her? again!!
    i miss soo hyun after secretly greatly lol

  28. 28 : lee hye ae Says:

    finally, kim soo hyun is back for his new drama! ^^ the plot does look interesting. i will be anticipating for this one. it also seems that the noona-dongsaeng relationship is apparent in recent korean dramas, and some of them are good and fun to watch, just like joo won and moon chae won in good doctor. ^^

    kim soo hyun, fighting!!! ^^

  29. 29 : eny Says:

    I don’t really like fantasy drama, i neveexcept they add some logical elemen like law elementt in I hear your voice or human problem solving in Master sun.
    I never like time travel story too si i’m nt really excited about this drama

  30. 30 : Lysha Says:

    @ eny
    i guess that means you haven’t seen “Nine: 9 Times Time Travel”, i very recommended you to wacth it. in my opinion that drama is a great drama about time travel

  31. 31 : Rain Says:

    Really…the plot summary had to include “possesses a near perfect appearance…” I understand that the sphere of Korean dramas relies heavily on “good looks” and physical appearance but the fact that these words are utilized online and repetitively really takes away from the actors and actresses acting abilities. It creates a 2D appearance. If you are going to rely heavily on appearance and physicality to market drama and actors themselves then the worth of the actors/actresses are only as good as they look which is to say a very shallow statement of Korean acting. This is very offensive to all Korean actors and actresses who can act and commit to their profession because of their dedication and skill.

  32. 32 : LILI Says:

    @ Lysha
    i aggreed with you….even american production will remake NINE in us version….
    @ eny
    you should try to watch NINE first…its not only about love….its have some action too….each scene make you stuck on monitor because want to know the what will happen next.
    i finish NINE in 0ne day row….feuuuuhhh….

  33. 33 : eny Says:

    @lily n lysha
    I never watch that drama, is it really good??? i prefer drama that not only about love n the story is original, fresh or about reality of life
    I just watch empress ki, unemployed romance n firstborn now haven’t see a new drama that captivate me

  34. 34 : Lysha Says:

    @ eny
    sure…i really like NINE if talking about travel time, hope you enjoy it too. and i hope this new drama also made me curious in every epsode. ^_^

  35. 35 : ika Says:

    semogaa sukses dramanya soo hyun oppa!! 😀 can’t wait!!

  36. 36 : taylor Says:

    Heya Guys, i wanna ask if what’s the title of this korean drama that the guy has an illness where he always forgets what happens yesterday and he has that pen recorder where he talks to it and record it, i’ve saw it somewhhere i just can’t remember the Title of it. Hope you guys could help me thanks. 😉

  37. 37 : dinaz Says:

    @taylor-36 i guess ure talking about Genteman’s dignity.
    @lysha and @lily i dint know Nine was good.have to try that soon.. 🙂 Love fantasy dramas..

  38. 38 : Lysha Says:

    Yes, that’s “A Gentleman’s Dignity”. And guess what?? The writer is the same person who become the writer of “The Heirs”.

  39. 39 : rona Says:

    looking forward on this drama:)

  40. 40 : Diyan Says:

    O.M.G……Donseng… KIM SOO HYUN… Kyyaaaaaaaa

  41. 41 : naufal Says:

    i’m waiting this drama!!

  42. 42 : Mary Says:

    Super excited for this drama, welcome back Kim Soo Hyun 🙂

  43. 43 : lalala Says:

    haha..alien? sounds nice and interesting..gotta watch this!

  44. 44 : Sharon Says:

    Kim Soo Hyun, is back!!

  45. 45 : Sharon Says:

    I think he will be the perfect Alien. His acting is on point, I loved him in Dream High, but after The Moon That Embrace The Sun his acting solidify that he has talent. Not only talent, but looks and he has this sexy innocence about him. I will definitely tune in to this drama!!!

  46. 46 : moon Says:

    OMG! boy falls in love with a woman!!!!!

  47. 47 : arirangria Says:

    definitely going to watch this….it’s Kim soohyun after all…his acting is superb.i don’t care who’s the female lead…as long as the story is strong enough to make me hooked up, i’ll definitely not going to missed this…KSH oppa fighting!!!

  48. 48 : Indria Says:

    I love time travel drama, I’ll be anticipating for this one, so far I love “Nine Time Times Travel” as the best time travel drama, hope this one can be the great successor ^^

  49. 49 : rm018 Says:

    After the heirs this will be the next! 🙂

    Hope this will be a great drama looking forward to it.

  50. 50 : pyungpyng Says:

    OMG! I can’t wait! This is like an after story for ‘The Thieves’.

    !!! <3


  51. 51 : maknaee Says:

    finally~~~ the poster is out. let’s meet next week oppa kkk

  52. 52 : 키키 Says:

    i’ll be wait for watch this drama 🙂

  53. 53 : naysa Says:

    can’t wait this drama<3

  54. 54 : SJ Says:

    Few days more ^_^

  55. 55 : tigerb Says:

    i liked the leading actor in ‘the moon that embraces the sun’, let me see him an another genre.

  56. 56 : shocco locco Says:

    really Can;t wait

  57. 57 : salome Says:

    waiting for this drama !!! <3

  58. 58 : Vergel Says:

    Jeon Ji Hyun is back!!! after I’ve watched all of her movies this is gonna be a good drama.. 😀

  59. 59 : rm018 Says:

    Soon 🙂 3 days to go.
    I’m also rooting for Park Hae Jin ♥ Love him in daughter seo young.

  60. 60 : MissD Says:

    really can’t waaaiitt for this drama , but why Jeon Ji Hyun being main cast , ?? why not Yoo In Na , i’m so disappointed , bcause i’m shipping Soo hyun oppa with Yoo in na, not her, but i already see her in movie ,the thief with soo hyun , i hope it gonna be good drama & good romance in the middle of winter

  61. 61 : IlovemyREDLIPSTiCK Says:

    I wanna watch this!!

  62. 62 : fasfdvzcv Says:

    Can’t wait for this, i haven’t watched dramas in awhile but I’m interested in this one..The Heirs..I just stopped watching after the 3rd ep cuz it was so not for me HOPE THIS ONES GOOD

  63. 63 : LMHluvPSH4ever Says:

    Love this drama … I can’t wait…..:-):-)

  64. 64 : pyungpyng Says:


  65. 65 : M.A Ruszama Says:

    finally the poster come out, can’t wait to see soo hyun oppa back to small screen.

  66. 66 : Males Man Says:

    Alien…hah…such laughable…lol

  67. 67 : senahensem Says:

    Can’t wait

  68. 68 : libra Says:

    I’ve waited 4 this drama .
    Really wanna watch it.

  69. 69 : Xyeheart Says:

    A much awaiting tv series…would LOVE to watch both of them… >_<

  70. 70 : Hotta Ao Says:

    9 min Preview

  71. 71 : freedomdemon Says:

    tomorrow appear~!!! (*o *)
    soo hyun new drama~!!!!! (~v ~)
    exciting so much~!!! keep wait, till it & them appear~!!!!! ^^Y

  72. 72 : kdfan Says:

    Havent seen such an awesome drama poster for a long time

  73. 73 : michael Says:

    Why not showing it now eh Dec.18 movie now

  74. 74 : michael Says:

    pls rply my comment

  75. 75 : rm018 Says:

    It’s gonna be aired later 🙂 After such a long a while Kim Soo Hyun is back <3 Excited! Hope it will be a hit series

  76. 76 : INDHU Says:

    i hope it will be nice…:-)
    but english subtitle file is not there……

  77. 77 : alphaanddelta Says:

    Just watched first ep. Got the same vibe as Queen In hyun’s Man.
    That pedigree will hopefully make this a winner.

  78. 78 : Lysha Says:

    i like it ^_^

  79. 79 : [email protected] Says:

    Really love it… looking forward the next episode…^.^

  80. 80 : LMHluvPSH4ever Says:

    Love it DAEBAK…..

  81. 81 : ry Says:


  82. 82 : emmanuel Says:

    So far so good. I think it would lead the wednesday ans thursday ratings.fighting alien go go.

  83. 83 : Amanda Says:

    Sound interesting! Exciting! I believed its a great romance story… Love to see Kim Soo Hyun, hopefully ep1 & 2 upload by this week.

  84. 84 : Elle Says:

    Whwre do you guys watch the drama from? I checked gooddrama.net but its not uploaded yet??

  85. 85 : haruhi28 Says:

    impressive ratings! 🙂 so excited to watch this

  86. 86 : Maru Says:


  87. 87 : dinaz Says:

    Woow awesome ratings for ep1 🙂 jeon ji hyun unni fighting!

  88. 88 : LMHluvPSH4ever Says:

    Alien ,,,,, alien…… Fighting…..:-):-))))

  89. 89 : Jyenie Says:

    Eventhough only after episode 1, I am smitten! I declare this as my favourite drama of 2013 :). Fantastic storyline, genre, setting and premise! Kudos to Kim So Yeon and Jeon Ji Hyun, now this is what we call acting.

  90. 90 : Olivia Says:

    This drama has some similarities like Queen in huyn’s man

  91. 91 : cyn Says:

    hai…does anyone know who is Chun Song Yi child ????

  92. 92 : oliver Says:


  93. 93 : Jenney Says:

    like it accept the lead actor – if the lead actor was younger and less sophisticated , would fit a dump character.

  94. 94 : Hotta Ao Says:

    Till now,
    I am enjoying it.
    I like all the characters, especially that there is a variety in it.
    The scenery is just amazing, it feels as if I am watching a 3D drama.
    The actors are doing a very good job.
    I will be watching it till ends with eagerness for each episode.
    Hope everyone is enjoying it.

  95. 95 : naysa Says:

    amazingly ratings just for 2eps! omg*-* gonna wathed in one shot after it ends. ;;)

  96. 96 : juliane04 Says:

    i enjoyed every scene on this drama.rating is getting higher wow!

  97. 97 : irmanovianti Says:

    love this romantic comedy drama,, can’t wait for episode 3… DAEBAKK!!

  98. 98 : Florence Says:

    This drama is Daebak..haven’t watch ep 2. :-Dkeke gona do it now

  99. 99 : Nudge Says:


  100. 100 : momO Says:

    The rating is really daebak!

  101. 101 : Nudge Says:

    #91 @cyn

    The actress is Kim Hyun Soo. She was recently in “Good Doctor” and “Bridal Mask” last year.

  102. 102 : hohohaha2006 Says:

    Every dramas that have Kim Soo Huyn will be success and see how Kim Soo Hyun getting sexy by days. Good Luck, Kim Soo Hyun, I will always your fan
    ! Love you since Will It Snow for Chirstmas, Giant, Dream High, The Moon Embracing the Sun and now, You Who Came From the Stars

  103. 103 : haruhi28 Says:

    i’m loving it! what a lovely pair…looks good together 🙂 c

  104. 104 : dinaz Says:

    Ep1 : quite interesting!so he lived for 400 years and now he has 3 more months to live on earth..gosh i hope the ending wont be like rooftop prince..i dont want to cry again..lol..
    jeon ji hyun unni is too pretty..her skin,hair to her figure she’s so perfect..glad that she made a comeback 🙂
    this is my 2nd drama of kim soo hyun after dream high..he looks a little young here,but i guess its required for the role and later it will be fine..
    even if he hates to mingle with human beings,in his very entry to earth he saved that young girl..song yi is the reincarnated version of that girl isnt it?so they are absolutely fated to meet each other..
    yoo in na ‘s role is a little dull here,hope it gets better with episodes to come..is she playing a negative role?loved her secret garden and queen in hyun’s man..
    awesome ratings for this week.. 😉

  105. 105 : rm018 Says:

    The rating is high 🙂 So happy to see it

  106. 106 : dinaz Says:

    Ep 2:its getting better and more interesting now!i dont watch historical dramas but some scenes here and there in some dramas amazes me..the see saw the two kids were playing looked pretty scary where one jumps on one side then the other on the other side..if one misses or goes off balance i wonder what will happen..scary to imagine!
    its funny when celebs say that they are all without makeup in early morning shoots but they get all the makeup done from home..this was nicely shown here..lol..and the propofol mistake..hahahaha..
    i guess ksh fans are super happy to see two shower scenes..lol..
    it will be nice to see what happens next now that mr alien has found out the person who he really wanted to meet.. 🙂

  107. 107 : mml Says:

    In reality, Jeon Ji Hyun is already 32 years old. She is too old to pair up with Kim Soo Hyun. In reality Kim Soo Hyun is 25 years old. How can the writer pair up Kim Soo Hyun with Jeon Ji Hyun ? An actress which is 7 years older than the leading actor looks weird, old lady match with young man, i think the writer is a crazy writer.

    Jeon Ji Hyun speaks like a bloody bitch. She may looks pretty only when she is with makeup. I think , i did not really enjoy watching this drama , as she is too old for Kim Soo Hyun. One or two years old gap is okay, but why did the writer wants to pair up this actress which is 7 years older than Kim Soo Hyun.

    Korea actress have many which are much younger and suitable to pair up with Kim Soo Hyun.

    How i wish the actress is Kim Da Som to pair up Kim Soo Hyun, looks more suitable and good, especially more suitable and more appropriate, in terms of age gap.

  108. 108 : True2U Says:

    @mml I haven’t even started this drama yet and I must say that rant was dumb as hell. 7 years difference is fine. Hell, I’ve even watch one where there was a ten year difference. get over it. No one really care because the rating wouldn’t be as high as it is now would it? and for your info Kim Soo Hyun is 5 years older than Kim Da Som (I can tell your a young fan, but wait, after you reach a certain age you will most definitely have a better view of relationships with age gaps, or at least i HOPE YOU DO.) I’m off to watch one where there’s a 23 years difference between the lead, take care.

  109. 109 : mml Says:

    @108 True2U,
    what i mean is i don’t like the leading actress which is older than the actor , unless, is a dectective or action drama.

    You are precisely correct that Kim Soo Hyun is 5 years older than Kim Da Som. Is very normal that male can be older than female, but it is not normal for a lady to be much older than the guy. Try not to put older age actress to match with much younger actor to act as couple, it looks disgusting with old lady match with young man.

  110. 110 : soel Says:

    omo,mr.kim is daebak!!!.i thought i will love only min ho oppa’s charm but kim did take ma breath even in his first appearance here..its vry nyc and the ratings is jux worth it!.realli goin to watch iit.fightin!

  111. 111 : Nudge Says:

    @mml For me, the age difference doesn’t matter so much in this drama because he’s playing a 400+ year old while she is 30 something. But I understand what you’re saying.

    I like your last post (#109). Funny: “Try not to put older age actress ..with much younger actor ..it looks disgusting”.

    “Age”, with respect to romantic pairing matters in our kdrama universe. Probably because as sentients we are naturally attracted to “youth” and to “beauty”. “Old-age” usually spells a diminished quantity of either or of both. And so we shun it. 🙂

  112. 112 : Jenny Says:

    @mml – agree with you. I don’t know about the age different. after watched the drama, I clearly saw how wilt of the physical appearance of the lead actress is – comparing to those of the lead actor.

  113. 113 : Kdramaholic Says:

    I expect alot of superpower fights later on,’cause in the beginning of ep2 shows that DMJ isn’t the only alienman who landed on earth. This drama looks very promising 😀

  114. 114 : nissa Says:

    soo hyun oppa….♥ ♡ ♥

  115. 115 : ivy Says:

    Please support this drama, the cast are too GOOD! Even I’m a girl, but I have a crush for Jeon Ji Hyun. So beautiful. Beside that, all Kim Soo Hyun’s drama is really good, and always have a high rating. Hopefully this drama will pas 50% in rating!!

  116. 116 : tiffy Says:

    wow the ratings are daebak, yup hope it’s not like rooftop prince
    i haven’t watched it yet, really can’t wait! 🙂

  117. 117 : Lysha Says:

    i dont know why you soo care about different age, but have you seen The Sun & The Moon? The different age between KSH & HGI is 6 years n it was a great & successful drama. rating was amazing too, up to 40%, so what the matter???

  118. 118 : angel Says:

    i love kim soo hyun…you came from the star is the best show everrr of 2013..

  119. 119 : Bacon Says:

    Just watched the first 2 eps and wow I am loving it already!!! Very interesting plot + amazing actors!!! :’) Can’t wait for the next eps 😀 MUST WATCH

  120. 120 : DV Says:

    Love Kim so hyun,I will watch ,even his got a old lady partner in this drama. A little bit disappointed,

  121. 121 : No name Says:

    Finally, I find the next drama I will watch after reply 1994. This story will be exciting I think.

  122. 122 : bubble Says:

    love this drama… Soo Hyun Oppa you’re more handsome,,,

  123. 123 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    Looks like there are too many revelations in store for us in the coming episodes…! There must be a reason/mystery why the face of the young lady again appeared 12 years ago…same face DMJ saw 400 years ago…Loving this drama, fighting!

    I have started following KSH after The Moon That Embraces the Sun, but when I saw the trailer of MFS (Man From Stars), I did not quite like the leading actress in this drama. Then after watching the 2 episodes, I started liking JJH character, so I do not have any issue with her anymore. LOL!

    Since this is a sci-fi romcom, I guess it would be really difficult to really showcase the acting skills of the leading stars, but let’s see…hmmmmm!

    Fighting! 🙂

  124. 124 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    Oh it’s not 400 years ago? Hmmm…at least same face he saw during the Joseon Dynasty, hehe! Now am confused! 😉

  125. 125 : myththrill24 Says:

    I think CSY’s mother will also be a villain. Remember the joseon version of CSY, her mother made her write ways on how to die then someone kidnap her and plan to make it look like she will hang herself, fortunately SMJ saves her.

  126. 126 : dramafreak Says:

    it’s nice! funny! and really looking forward to the rest of the episodes!

  127. 127 : Anonymous Says:

    You Who Came From the Stars

  128. 128 : Nudge Says:

    While I really like Kim Soo Hyun who is a wonderful, wonderful actor, I think Won Bin opposite the sultry Jeon Ji Hyun would have made the perfect pairing. He’s the right age and devastatingly handsome. LoL!

    But he won’t do dramas I hear. Hasn’t done another drama since Friends (2002). Yet his last movie Ahjussi was awesome.

  129. 129 : tiffy Says:

    I hear poeple talkin about having a problem with the fact that they have age difference, oh come on what’s the big deal. oh get over it and enjoy a nice drama when you see one. So you’re getting worked up over age difference. RELAX!

  130. 130 : Nudge Says:

    I don’t know @tiffy, those who had expressed the age diff thing insofar as dramas go, have a valid point.

    It’s important to note such judgement is usually directed at the actors and hardly ever towards the characters.

    I think when romantic pairing are grossly mismatched age-wise, the feeling one gets as the audience is akin to witnessing a usurper of what youth has to offer — paedophilia comes to mind..LOL!! No, no, I jest.

    We tend to think of the older in the pairing as unjustly benefiting from the perceived bounty of youth. I’m not even sure if such an attitude is righteous or plain ol’ envy. If the latter then I, and I’m sure others, would stand (or “RELAX”) with you on your assertion. 🙂

    However there’s a lot more to the topic. I barely touched the surface 🙂

  131. 131 : soel Says:

    ohk..its beginning to get rough here with the age stuff but i totally love this couple..kim soo hyun’s acting makes it hard for me to think she is older.he is vry charming and its obvious how both sides are wrking hard to get the on screen chemistry and its working for me.he is a not aging alien so definitely the writer thought of sumone who will still look young nomatter the change in appearance and makeup.i hope u will enjoy this drama as i am and not let the age stuff take the best part away from u.fightin!!

  132. 132 : JAKA-V Says:

    Wow interesting yes… not like what bellamy man ins beautiful if we compared this drama not comparable ha…ha but one thing this drama very good Drama

  133. 133 : SALi Says:

    i m already in love with this drama ^^ hope it will be good till the end.

  134. 134 : Nudge Says:

    It’s fantasy @seol. We’re adults and can discuss or explorer aspects of it without necessary losing the enjoyment it brings. 🙂 But if I am mistaken in your case, please accept my apology.

  135. 135 : Nudge Says:

    I checked out one of Jeon Ji Hyun’s movies, the one where Hugh Jackman makes an appearance playing her husband. It was interesting. But her role in this drama brings out her acting even more so than in that movie.

  136. 136 : Sharon Says:

    I can understand what mml was saying. I did see/notice the age difference in her looks. However, if she can convince me by her acting then that’s all that matters and so far she is doing a good job. I am waiting to see where she will take us. I think they may have cast her for the role due to the script called for it. Good observation mml.😉

  137. 137 : soel Says:

    [email protected],dont worry no need to apologise.i perfectly get u.anyway,glad u like this drama too.lol

  138. 138 : Mujib2810 Says:

    Hye “You Who Came From The Stars” Viewers….it’s non related bytheway…ermm…what is The BEST FREE antivirus for windows 8..hehe…..Kamsa Hamnida , b4 it..plz do response to my comment..hehe^^..ouh..anyway im following this drama too..^^ it’s nice..haebwa..^^ **give it a try**

  139. 139 : Nudge Says:

    @Mujib2810 Free Anti-virus programs are crippled. Pay the money and get at least 99% protection and lose 15% of your CPU to the darn things. 🙂 Or change your OS.

  140. 140 : maknaee Says:

    for me this is the best time travel drama. JJang!~
    KSH – JJH , their chemsitry still remain since The Thieves <3 Looking forward for next eps~

  141. 141 : zhian Says:

    I m Not Interesting yet with this drama,,,
    I hope, better for next episode…

  142. 142 : ledong Says:

    Who know which artist sing the background song name…U all my Destiny…..

  143. 143 : Amanda Says:

    I believed is a nice series, well for those watched ep 1 may felt so so only, but after watched ep 2 then you may start your kick for ep 3!

  144. 144 : rory Says:

    I’m watching this now..I bet there will be more interesting story after this..Actually I’m not into noona dongsaeng romance too even tho I love JJH’s acting especially in Sassy Girl & Windstruck..but I really looking forward her performance here and so far I like it, she carried Chun Song Yi’s character really well, so i will close my eyes bout their age gap right now 😀

    But I hope Yoo Inna’s role will not so pitiful after this..really hate with man who breaks a promise because of other woman since he promised with her 1st..better find another man…

  145. 145 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    I’m not yet watching. I just read all your comments. I guess, I should star now…

  146. 146 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    START NOW, I mean…

  147. 147 : tiffy Says:

    @nudge says,
    in my opinon, age should not be a problem. the characters are already set okay? there is notthing you can do about it if u wanted to. So I guess their are two options now: 1.you either stop watching the drama (whch would be really stupid to stop just because the girl is a little older, hey what about the moon that embraces the sun? the actress was older too so this actress shouldn’t be a problem or could it be a personal problem with this actress? ‘shrugs’) or 2.get over it and accept the fact that she is older and the drama must go on despite the fact. now can we please stop this older actress thingy now ppl? let’s just let it go. and come on she is nt really older than him in the drama, he has been living for 400 years! lol! but anyway, nudge ur points still stands though, u actually have a point but we can’t do anything so let’s stop complaining. You should join a debate team though:-) ur cool. its cute how she’s older yet he acts more mature! 🙂 drama’s really amazing

  148. 148 : tiffy Says:

    @nudge says,
    okay, look in my opinon, age should not be a problem. the characters are already set okay? there is notthing you can do about it if u wanted to. So I guess their are two options now: 1.you either stop watching the drama (whch would be really stupid to stop just because the girl is a little older, hey what about the moon that embraces the sun? the actress was older too so this actress shouldn’t be a problem or could it be a personal problem with this actress? ‘shrugs’ he seem to like acting with older women so let’s just cooperate with his interests) or 2.get over it and accept the fact that she is older and the drama must go on despite the fact. now can we please stop this older actress thingy now ppl? let’s just let it go. and come on she is nt really older than him in the drama, he has been living for 400 years! lol! but anyway, nudge ur points still stands though, u actually have a point but we can’t do anything so let’s stop complaining. You should join a debate team though:-) ur cool. its cute how she’s older yet he acts more mature! 🙂 drama’s really amazing

  149. 149 : tiffy Says:

    hold on am I the only one who believes professor alien is smokoing sexy? he is soooo quiet and humble, my type of guy! can he teach me too? *moans* I want him to teach me soooo bad! lol 🙂

  150. 150 : starry Says:

    i actually dont interested in this drama because of the heroine…

    however i give it a try because of soo hyun…and i have to give credit to the actress because she played the role very well…she look a bit mature than soo hyun, however according to the story, i think the writer wants the actress who look a bit older than the actor..thats why JJH misunderstand him as a student- (in the drama) (^_^)

    try to watch it, forget about the age gap…. its worth to try….

  151. 151 : hnyJo Says:

    interesting start…

  152. 152 : iammee Says:

    Another great drama starring Kim Soo Hyun. It’s a rare drama appearance of a beautiful actress Joon Ji Hyun so it is really interesting. No wonder this drama seems to be rating so well. I am curious how the story will end.

  153. 153 : Jyenie Says:

    Hey, what’s the matter? I thought Nuna-Doesang is very popular in KD? Anyway they look compatible and nice casts 😀

  154. 154 : senahensem Says:


  155. 155 : naize Says:

    Unfortunately the writer copied the webtoon Seolhee (설희) blatantly…since I’m a huge follower of the original, I will skip this drama even though I like both stars. I just hope the original will win the plagiarism case.

  156. 156 : wildie_ankai Says:

    Wahhhhh..looking forward for the next 2 episodes..kim soo hyun oppa ive been waiting for you for a very very long time…oppa fighting!!

  157. 157 : Malisalim Says:

    ^_^Kim Soo Hyun^_^

  158. 158 : tiffy Says:

    omg professor alien is soooo handsome! he’s just so quiet and observitive. love him!
    “shy guy, kinda guy, who’ll always be mine 🙂 “

  159. 159 : Iman Says:

    i really like this movie from its beginning ! it sounds interesting ! <3 also I love the actors especially kim soo Hyun and jeon Ji Hyun <3

  160. 160 : tiffy Says:

    omg! are those ratings real? gee this drama is too amazing! will it take I hear your voice’sawesome ratings spot or hirs?

  161. 161 : Jyenie Says:

    Kim Soo Hyun has a very bright future :). Look at the rating.

  162. 162 : jesissca Says:

    Ga in & suzy’re the best partner for him…but so far still the handsome and talented guy, kim soo hyun lead the drama,he is really cool..please in next project he will get cute and younger partner,,,Love this drama,,,

  163. 163 : Tira Says:

    Also another interesting drama from start. Love this actor but not so much the actress.

  164. 164 : Shen Says:

    Had never striked me that there’s a age difference at all. Had never noticed.

    Anway, don’t think the age difference matters.

    KSG is soooo good looking, and this with his shirt on only ! What if without his shirt ? Imagine……

  165. 165 : 키키 Says:

    Love this drama 🙂

    Kim soo hyun jeon ji hyun fighting ^^

  166. 166 : rory Says:

    love ep.3!!! can’t wait to watch ep.4..
    Love KSH’s acting, such a cool prof^^
    CSY is so funny, always want to look pretty even in pain..haha..
    Hooray the way she scolded those hoobae who didn’t pay respect for Se Mi but her unrequited love for that Lee Hwi Kyung just useless and I didn’t find anything special about his personality so far..but oh well, love is blind isn’t it..

    I’m watching 3 different genres so far, this one[fantasy], reply1994[rom.com] and Empress Ki[sageuk]..loving all these 3 dramas 😀

  167. 167 : angell Says:

    I cant wait for next ep…. kim soo hyun is so handsome. the best actor in korea. he deserve it.

  168. 168 : rhiiizaa Says:

    this drama is so perfect. the lead actor n actress is one of my fav.
    love u kim soo hyun……
    the story line is amazing. good job for writer n PD nim.
    YWCFTS fighting……!!!!!!

  169. 169 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Hi admin, is Yoo Joon Sang included in the cast? He’s an office mate of Park Hae Jin. or is he in cameo appearance only? Please update 🙂

    (@Kurayuzaki666 from admin: Please look for the updated drama profile. Thanks.)

  170. 170 : wildie_ankai Says:

    Can’t wait for episode 4…you’re so cool kim soo hyun…. Fighting!

  171. 171 : tiffy Says:

    can someone plz give me a tiny sumary of ep 3?:-)

  172. 172 : cyn Says:

    kim soo hyun oppa fighting !!!!!!!!!!!!
    really awesome

  173. 173 : cyn Says:

    good….no world to say!!!!daebak….

  174. 174 : tiffy Says:

    ratings are tremendous! I am so happy! whoohoo! 🙂

  175. 175 : pixel Says:

    Exciting……just love this drama… so far so good, I love the character of JJH, so far it reminds me of My Sassy Girl Friend, KSH as always show his great … looking forward the end of this drama…

  176. 176 : SJ Says:

    Just finished episode 4.
    Wednesday, when will you come???????????!
    An Alien, a Heroin and a Human Monster. Exciting ^_^

  177. 177 : judy Says:

    Love it very much. It’s different from the other drama. Eventhough it’s not even realistic at all, it’s really really good! Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun have great chemistry. I wonder why some people say that Jun Ji Hyun doesn’t fit Soo Hyun because she’s too old for him. I dont think so because she acts really good and therefore makes the age gap disappears. She really acts perfectly (not like Park Shin Hye)

  178. 178 : ria Says:


  179. 179 : tanya Says:

    wow!! the ratings!!

  180. 180 : jesissca Says:

    Helloo,,why PSh is also commented in this post,,,please be fair guys,, JJh is older than Psh,,Don’t compare them in this post,,:(
    Love this drama,,,KSh is so cute man,,,

  181. 181 : rory Says:

    Everytime LHK’s brother asking about someone health, he/she will die..woah…why he’s so evil?? this drama is getting interesting right now, I feel excited by each episode..JJH definitely an amazing actress and makes me forget about their age gap…kudos to KSH too, he is one of talented young actor in SK..

    But what I’m puzzling now, their house should be similar right, why CSY can’t find DMJ’s bathroom?

  182. 182 : jmac Says:

    Jeon Ji Hyun IS ROCKING IT!!! She’s SASSIER than EVER!She ROCKS!!! i really missed her watching on TV screen!

  183. 183 : sweet girl Says:

    this drama is definitely the best drama ever… the chemistry between the leads is superb and cant wait to watch the next episode…still way way better than the heirs

  184. 184 : Shen Says:

    Can’t get enough of this drama. It rocks ! Only JJH and KSH can pull off this fantasy drama to make it so interesting. Both are great actors !

    Glad that I did not pass on this drama when choosing a drama to watch. If I had, I might have missed an entertaining drama.

    181 rory

    ” Everytime LHK’s brother asking about someone health, he/she will die..woah…why he’s so evil?? ”

    I remember reading a synopsis about this drama somewhere – it mentioned that LHK’s brother is a psycho.

    ” But what I’m puzzling now, their house should be similar right, why CSY can’t find DMJ’s bathroom? ”

    It is not necessarily so that their dwelling should be similar, considering that theirs are not the standard lower cost ones which are massed produced. Because theirs are the costlier types, I am sure they are constructed or renovated to individual owner’s plans and tastes. Eg. just look at Do Min Joon’s (Starman) library. It is awesome !

    But what I’m puzzling now, their house should be similar right, why CSY can’t find DMJ’s bathroom?

  185. 185 : Shen Says:

    Correction : Last para of 184 is a repeat. Please ignore. Thanks.

  186. 186 : rory Says:

    Coz I’m curious, I thought it will be similar about their rooms & design inside..You maybe right since it must be a high class apartment..Actually everytime I watched KDs I always looking forward their houses and building coz it makes me wowed seeing the design/interior..And yes, DJM’s library is awesome! I love architecture so much and KD’s beautiful houses always became my eye candy 😀
    thanx for replying anyway..

  187. 187 : ALEX Says:


  188. 188 : aozorazizaw Says:

    wah…I don’t know why if I watch kim soo hyun there is a gap and I feel that he’s full of charisma so I can’t like him more. maybe my feeling appear since his drama the moon embraces the sun.
    my feeling is like I meet my senior in school that must I respect and admire (just secret admire maybe).

  189. 189 : SJ Says:

    Kim Soo Hyun,
    Fighting ^_^

  190. 190 : myeon Says:

    Aww i love this drama soo mucch. Kim soo hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun’s chemistry reallt ‘something’ ♡♡ and i also really like their ‘before’ story in joseon.

    SBS 2013 Jjang !!!!

  191. 191 : LovelySeira Says:

    daebak KSH oppa :3

  192. 192 : zura Says:

    A witty and fun drama. It’s definitely a must watch.

  193. 193 : Priscilla Sabrina Pua Says:

    This drama is really fantastic GOOD, only showing 4 ep and rating is so high.
    Chemistry of main lead actor and actress are so good and well act.
    Although it is still early to comment but who knows that it might nominate as the best drama in 2014..

  194. 194 : rosella Says:

    love this drama actually its one of the best dramas ever.i will defenitly vote for this drama on 2014

  195. 195 : dennise Says:

    I’m crazy with their chemistry. why do they have to be this good? they have a really good chemistry. the last drama that I felt like the chemistry was so real was my princess although I hear your voice,nice guy,that winter,gentleman’s dignity were also really good. but this drama really rocks! jun ji hyun is really good. how come there’s a really good and gorgeous actress but rarely mentioned ckck. I have adored her since my sassy girl days

  196. 196 : swift Says:

    i still cannot get my mind of the lead guy’s character in the moon that embraces the sun, LOL
    kept comparing this drama with the master’s sun /greatest love / myungwol spy (the lead guy acts tough yet he turns out to be softie) LOL
    looking forward to more funny scenes with the lead lady very convincing as a ‘dumb blonde’

  197. 197 : AVsPR Says:

    This drama is definitely fantastic! The lead actor and actress are perfect! Yes, JJH is so good..keep up!

  198. 198 : Juana love Says:

    I really love this drama!!!the lead Actor and Actress are perfect.love u guys

  199. 199 : Hotta Ao Says:

    Episode 5 and 2014
    Two things to look forward to ^_^

  200. 200 : khalish Says:

    Great story & great chemistry….
    I like it…

  201. 201 : KFAN Says:

    THis drama is really awesome! I just love the script, damn hilarious… Have not been hook to a KDrama for quite some time, but I’m totally hook into this…Highly Recommended…

  202. 202 : trientjexo Says:

    i love this drama KEKEKE ^^ i cant wait till ep 5 and 6 x

  203. 203 : hny Jo Says:

    Wait next eps…at 2014..

  204. 204 : happy Says:

    chun song yi is really funny…lol…begin to like this drama…

  205. 205 : leila Says:

    Now this is what I call a real deal…. I love everything in this drama…. watched the first 4 episode and I’m dying to see the next 1..

  206. 206 : radhia Says:

    seems good drama

  207. 207 : khaza Says:

    kim soo hyun, jeon ji hyun ( hyun hyun couple) fighting!!!!!!
    this drama is so addicted, daebak, totally amazing.

    soo hyun oppa is the lord of hotness in korea.
    cant wait next episode.
    tonight is so long for me………..

  208. 208 : Hotta Ao Says:

    Happy New Year
    Waiting for episode 5

  209. 209 : Juana love Says:

    Happy new year!!!!! Episode 5

  210. 210 : Hann Says:

    Honestly this drama has such a unique concept. The actors (Kim Soo Hyun & Jeon Ji Hyun) are so funny and entertaining. A good start from he drama and one that I would recommend.
    Kim Soo Hyun plays a cold character and Jeon Ji Hyun’s overly confident character automatically causes clashes between the two.

    This drama will definitely have you waiting impatiently for the next.

  211. 211 : pixel Says:

    OMG I can’t believe it! this drama is just very very addictive, the whole week I can’t think other drama except this one…
    I hope the characters will develop better and better and I am sure the lead actor and actress will do their best to make this drama no 1

  212. 212 : saranghaesarangah Says:

    This drama is daebak! I hope to see Kim So Hyun being not so serious type of person. i want to see him smile and laugh.

  213. 213 : JD Says:

    This Lee Jae Kyung serial killer guy is a mystery. Is he not human too? Otherwise, what would a serial killer be doing in this story?

    Like DMH, is LJK also an alien, but a BAD one?

    Could LJK be from a different set of aliens who had also visited Earth, just like DMJ did, and by a coincidence been left behind too for some reason?

    And that we will soon get to see good alien vs bad alien fighting in this drama? Could this be the reason why may be, DMJ might end up not being able to get home in 3 months’ time.

    Meanwhile, the CSY/DMJ couple is soooooo cute?

    Drama just is fab !

  214. 214 : agnesia Says:



  215. 215 : kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Hi admin. Am i correct that Kim Soo Ro made a cameo in episode 5?

    (@kurayuzaki666 from admin: YES.)

  216. 216 : LOVE. Says:

    I absolutely LOVE this drama. At first, I was a little hesitant (because I’m not that into sci-fi), but everyone should give this drama a shot. The chemistry and dialogue is incredible. I cried at some parts of the drama because it was very heart touching.


    PS: Why can’t I do homework with this much joy and energy? ^^’

  217. 217 : khalish Says:

    I think, the creepy atitude of LJK because he was forced to part with his ex-wife and handed his dream as a veterinarian to take care the company. That’s why he being cruel to anyone than interfere his way…

  218. 218 : roma Says:

    how to watch this with eng sub?cant find it in dailymotion,.what site can i use?im using tab and ipad,.roma in singapore,.:)dying to watch it!!!huhuhu!!!

  219. 219 : Juana love Says:

    Omo this drama is woooow.

  220. 220 : Juana love Says:

    Roma u can watch it on dramago.com or yodrama.com

  221. 221 : ria Says:

    really really like this drama…

  222. 222 : rory Says:

    LJK’s action seriously giving me a chill..even though i’m pretty sure our hero will save our heroine but still his behavior scared me to death..no more murdering case please..he is a human too right? who knows he might be one of alien too?erk…
    How I love CSY’s character, she’s so funny, thick face and how she responds and face off the rejecting things even tho I feel bad for her..u go girl! but I hope those things won’t ruin her friendship with Se Mi..

  223. 223 : khaza Says:

    finish to watch ep 5.
    funny episode!!!!!
    their skinship is really make me happy.

    MJ oppa step by step close to SY.
    he open his heart once again…

  224. 224 : fan Says:

    I’m bit intrigued about the kids in ep. 5 and hearing that song ” Was it a parody of Heirs ?!

  225. 225 : arum Says:

    I like thos drama

  226. 226 : shocco locco Says:

    DAEBAK Ratings

  227. 227 : pixel Says:

    skyrocket rating,,,, woooowww keeep it uppppp


  228. 228 : JD Says:

    Oooohh….. now we know why DMJ stays away from emotional attachments.

    He lost the Joseon SY is a very painful way where at that time he was helpless to save her inspite of his superpowers.(Such a touching scene, ep 6).

    The impact on him must have been so that he could not forget her all these 400 years.

    And 15 year Joseon SY’s dream had come true too. It took almost 400 years. Her wish for DMJ to see and appreciate her as a grownup pretty woman did come true – it is our current SY.

    400 years in the making ….. !!!!!

    Is there really this thing called destiny ??? Aliens are not exempted from it either ?

  229. 229 : ayi1975 Says:

    o, what can i say? I just fall for this drama and the cast. Csy is really pretty even though i actually woman but i really fall 4 her, her acting is amazing. And dmj? I love him already since dream high. Taebakk. Thanks to all . U make my day so hilarious. Fightin!_

  230. 230 : Yovita Says:

    yihaaa..the rating is daebak!! worth watching. love the plot and their acting is well. fighting! :*

  231. 231 : merry Says:

    This is a really really amazing drama. I’m not even Kim Soo Hyun’s fan but love this drama so much. Jun Ji Hyun really rocks the drama. Kim Soo Hyun also makes me crazy with his character

  232. 232 : Hotta Ao Says:

    Just finished ep 6
    It was awesome
    Cannot wait for next week

    I like how Do Min Joon can stop time ^_^
    There is many times when I wish if I could stop time.

  233. 233 : happy Says:

    i agree with you…DMJ not only can’t forget the 400 years but he haven’t realized yet that he’s waited for 400 years…
    i’m not KSH’s fan but he’s awesome…

  234. 234 : grace Says:

    Love d drama so so much….. Unnie Ji Hyun keeps me love her more from Sassy Girl to dis.. Oppa So Hyun was indeed great.. His character made him very likable.. Thumbs up…. 🙂

  235. 235 : bigbang Says:

    omg !!! so high ratings )) only 6episode and1st? :)) woooww )))
    i love this drama, its awesome, different story and wonderful cast

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  238. 238 : LMHluvPSH4ever Says:

    I love go to school every if teacher like KHS…. love it ……

  239. 239 : shey Says:

    nice drama, nice story and perfect casting for the main character. as i said before kim soo hyun so good in acting, especially his eyes and gianna hyun is not just beautiful but with talent also, she’s good beauty and talent. perfrct chemistry

  240. 240 : leila Says:

    I agree with anyone else…. everything about the drama is perfectly done….!!!!! SBS done it again!!!!!

  241. 241 : iammee Says:

    I can’t help but praise the lead actress, She was very comfortable with her role, she is good in comeday and drama as well. Her being beautiful is another thing. The lead actor has grown well in his acting, I’ve watched all his dramas and He really can give justice on any role. This is another great drama from SBS.

  242. 242 : Jyenie Says:

    This is the first weekday drama enjoying such a high rating after such a long time. I won’t be surprised it will exceed 35% if they could keep up the momentum like this 🙂
    I know CSY will reject LHK’s confession/proposal at the ferry’s wheel scene. However, will DMJ hear what he wants to hear in time?
    I am so happy there are 14 more episodes to enjoy and I love all the cameos so far!

  243. 243 : Jyenie Says:

    I hope DMJ will bring CSY along when it’s time for him to go home. And then the news will be all over about top rating actress goes missing:)

  244. 244 : Arianne Says:

    I love gianna jun & kim soo hyun! PERFECT COUPLE!

  245. 245 : Arianne Says:

    GIANNE JUN & KIM SOO HYUN WILL HAVE A BEST COUPLE AWARD 2014 in SBS!! vote & support for them!!

  246. 246 : Arianne Says:


  247. 247 : Arianne Says:


  248. 248 : bhadzky Says:

    This is getting exciting..im so hooked on this drama..cant wait for the next episode..I love the chemistry of DMJ & CSY..

  249. 249 : bhadzky Says:

    Now I’m wondering how their love will overcome the difference between an alien and human..Hope this drama has a very very good and happy ending.. :)..

  250. 250 : happy Says:

    well deserved rating…

  251. 251 : fan Says:

    It deserves its rating, the story is so well built and keep you waiting, the cast is very good, first time for me to see Kim Soo Hyun acting, he’s good and Jeon Ji Hyun is not a star of big screen for nothing, I just love her.

    @Jyenie 243
    It’ll be good too if they show us DMJ planet and how CSY will adapt! It’ll be a first in kdarama history to do sci-fi 😀

  252. 252 : Annisa_resty Says:

    This show is awesome. Love the lead couple very much <3. Cheon Song Yi's character is really something.
    Well developed story and just amazing cuz the writer mixed romantic, comedy, historical, mystery and also melo. Just expect happy ending for the lead actors. ^_^

  253. 253 : Birddybuddy Says:

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  254. 254 : Jyenie Says:

    Wow, you get me more excited about this drama! Isn’t it cool that your husband is an alien and you get to live with him in his “hometown “?! 😀
    You should watch the moon embraces the sun, I really enjoy it because of Kim Soo Hyun.

  255. 255 : dinaz Says:

    hello everyone 🙂
    watched ep3: lol the mom cried a little too much till the point of looking ugly..lol..jeon ji hyun unni is so pretty and flawless love her hair and face..very pretty..
    the child actress is doing a great job too..but yoo in na..are my eyes bad or what i dont know..she looks different..did she do something to her face?her cheeks or nose or eyes i dont know but she looks very different from her past dramas..she is pretty and graceful but here something seems wrong!
    kim soo hyun looks cute here but young compared to jjh,but i feel this was the requirement of the drama..newaz those shoes are really beautiful 😉
    ok now 3 more episodes to go to be updated.. 🙂

  256. 256 : wanila Says:

    i love this drama!actors and actriss-perfect!saraneo!

  257. 257 : Nudge Says:

    [email protected] In Na looks the same to me. I think the effect you’re seeing is the result of some very fine acting.

  258. 258 : Fanny Sutana Says:

    Thank you so much for all who made this great drama. The story & story line are so good. Jeon Ji Hyun & Kim Soo Hyun acting skill is really good. I’m happy because I am watching this series as a great one for this new year. The Idea for this drama is so superior idea. I really enjoy watching this drama. ^^

  259. 259 : Fanny Sutana Says:

    I forgot to say: This drama is really awesome and made me get more excited to watch it.

  260. 260 : Fanny Sutana Says:

    Finally, this drama got 1st rating. I think, that’s fit & suit for it. DAEBAK!!!

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  262. 262 : khalish Says:

    Oppss…i mean eps 7??? ^_^

  263. 263 : shocco locco Says:

    excited for ep7

  264. 264 : dinaz Says:

    ep 4:surprise kiss!!was not expecting that..hehe!
    the moment i saw kim yoo ra’s shoes i knew she was the one who is going die..someone took a video of their conversation and uploaded the video.se mi seems suspicious she might have done that..
    jae kyung has horrible ways of murdering people..firstly he changed the insulin injections of mr hwang and now yoo ra..did he push her?or did something to her medications..
    glad to see Lee il hwa sshi here,this is my first time hearing her Seoul accent.in Reply 1997 she spoke in Busan accent,in 94 in Masan accent..and now the original Seoul accent,she is awesome 🙂
    woww our alien is very powerful he can move to the ship in one step from his house!!i guess he has more magical powers which we will get to see in the upcoming episodes..
    @Nudge 257 hope i dint offend u sis..i m sorry if i did..i just felt like that so i wrote..no offence to her at all i loved her in all her past dramas 🙂

  265. 265 : Lucy Applestone Says:

    Yeon Ji Hyun… The actress…cannot stand her! She’s not lovable. And even if she can change, I still would not like her. Tried to see her popular movie from years ago and could not finish it. Don’t know why people liked it.

  266. 266 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    Beautiful drama!!!

  267. 267 : arum Says:

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  268. 268 : maknaee Says:

    I love this drama. Full of eye candy, great acting and chemistry. This drama totally has different story than QIM like people saying.
    Lee Hwi Kyung is a cute second lead role kkkk

  269. 269 : maknaee Says:

    @Lucy Applestone
    really? I think I know how you feel. I don’t know why but can’t stand to watch Ha Ji Won. I never finished watching Secret Garden, The King 2 Hearts. I don’t hate her, just… idk why. Everyone has their own preferences.

  270. 270 : pixel Says:

    The more watching the more interesting….
    this drama will be huge come back for JJH since the last drama she did,

    I just can’t understand what X factor that KSH has… every drama He did will result very good rating… surely he acts superb, but when comparing to other actors they also act very well but still can’t defeat KSY persona, well well… Korean of course know much better that I do , so let’s just enjoy the show 😀

  271. 271 : Ryn Says:

    Good drama , i love it .

  272. 272 : Ryn Says:

    Good drama , i love it.

  273. 273 : caspian Says:


  274. 274 : caspian Says:


  275. 275 : jewel Says:

    @lucy applestone
    what movie did you try to see? daisy?

  276. 276 : Arianne Says:

    i can wait for the next present episode’s!!

  277. 277 : senahensem Says:

    Daebak!!!!…luv it and enjoyed it….

  278. 278 : Scorpio23 Says:

    Love the main actor BUT the lead actress??? WTH chose her. IMOP she is too old for him. They could have chosen a better partner for him. The Drama is nice… I just can’t stand her. That’s why i’m not too excited to watch this drama. Nothing compared to my feeling and thrill when I watch THE HEIRS waiting every week for coming episodes. Miss this Drama sooo much and I keep watching this over & over again. I like KSY so much eversince TMTES but as I said for some reason…just can’t stand the lead actress…SORRY !!!!

  279. 279 : tiffy Says:

    @scorpio23 says,
    Okay, i get it, you guys are not really fund of the lead actress but look, it’s getting pretty annoying when yall keep exaggerating on the fact that she is older. Geeze, that’s so episode 1!!!! The drama has reached episode 6 now and ure still talking about age difference, gosh just stop watching the drama or just keep negative comments to urself. She can act, and she’s really funny. Ltet’s stop having problems with the lead actress and just look in urself…maybe…just maybe…u have no taste in wonderful dramas, cuz heirs was whacked!!!! no offense still but it wasn’t all that. i like this alot better and her acting skills is better than park shin hye’s in heris k? just my opinion. im not bashing you or anything but this is just becuz im so tierd of hearing about the age difference ting, gosh move on man. :/

  280. 280 : arum Says:


  281. 281 : khalish Says:

    @ arum
    thanks for preview eps 7

    @ scorpio23
    what’s the matter with different age?? her act is amazing. that’s make this drama alive n funny. actually i dont like PSH’s act in The Heirs, i watched because LMH n funny couple Kristal & KMH…

  282. 282 : Scorpio23 Says:

    @tiffy & @ arum…chill guys!!! That’s my own opinion… do not make your pressure go up… I am entitled to my own view just like you. So stop bashing on other peoples comments !!!

  283. 283 : Scorpio23 Says:

    I’m sorry but my comment goes for tiffy & khalish… sorry arum !!!

  284. 284 : kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Funny how people criticize the lead actress due to her age when in face SHE DELIVERED her CHARACTER EXCELLENTLY! What the!!! AGE all over again? Why not STICK to the STORY and enjoyed it! As far as I know AGE does not matter in the RATINGS GAME of Korean series! It’s the STORY at the end! Eat some brains!

  285. 285 : kurayuzaki666 Says:

    #Typo error when in fact.

  286. 286 : kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @lucy applestone You sounded pathetic.

    @maknaee do you know that lucy applestone? Your comment about Ha Ji Won seemed a back fight against her whining Jun Ji Hyun bad impression.

  287. 287 : dinaz Says:

    Jeon ji hyun is an A list star in korea,she has had a successful career and even now after marriage she is doing extremly well for herself..she acted with top male stars..if these guys at this age can still play young roles why cant females do it?i dont understand that fact..
    she is not my fav actress but i always enjoyed her movies alongwith song hye kyo and ha ji won..these girls are true divas!

  288. 288 : maknaee Says:

    @kurayuzaki666 idk who she is, i just replying her comment. I said before, everyone has their own preferences, dear.
    Am I doing something wrong? If yes, then.. I’m sorry. Well ..

  289. 289 : maknaee Says:

    Still can’t believed that Song Yi’s nam-dongsaeng (Ahn Jae Hyun) was born in 1987. Same age with LMH. What a babyface ..

  290. 290 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    This drama is one of the best that I ever watched.

    Kim Soo Hyun is a great actor. I like his acting style. He did great.

    Although, Jeon Ji Hyun is a great actress and can act well, but I think she is not fit to the role. I can see the age difference of the KSH with KSH. It’s not satisfying to the eyes.

    Yoo In Na looks younger than the lead actress. I wonder why she accepted the role for a second lead actress. She can act well and has already played a lead role in Queen Inhyun’s Man. Why did she degraded herself? I like her so much…

  291. 291 : maknaee Says:

    Age difference again? Oh well… JJH fits the role. Do Min Joon looks younger than Song Yi ’cause he’s never get old. It’s okay. Their chemistry are great too.

    ‘can act well’ doesn’t mean always be the lead role, dear. Why YIA accepted that role? maybe she likes the role, story, or whatever. And this drama is doing great, with the story, plot, ratings, actors.

  292. 292 : JD Says:

    Scorpio 278

    You need not say “sorry” for disliking JJH.

    Nobody cares whether you like her or not.

    Nobody is forcing you to like her or her acting.

    And nobody is asking you to watch this drama.

    If Heirs is better and your pretty boy candies make your day there, please by all means keeping watching Heirs again and again. Why watch You Who Came From The Stars and then come to this thread to whine and grind your botoxed brain for attention.

    Get a life !

  293. 293 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    I can see the age difference of KSH with JJH, i mean…

  294. 294 : myththrill24 Says:

    i think they’re perfect for the roles..

  295. 295 : Scorpio23 Says:

    @JD… stop whining too !!! I am entitled to say my opinion and you guys kept blurting nonsense !!!

  296. 296 : JD Says:

    Scorpio23 295

    Now you know what a “botoxed” brain is? You have just shown a fine example what it is.

    You are so engrossed in getting attention that you do not want to recognize that the only person here who blurt nonsense is YOU !

    Like I said before, go get a Life !

  297. 297 : rm018 Says:

    Daebak the ratings goes well 🙂

  298. 298 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    Excellent ratings!

  299. 299 : raven Says:

    kim soo hyun is the best actor today,,i love him so much,,his role and act n this drama is brilliant,,i love his fashion to,,i like jun je hyun and the rest cast..the drama and ratings s amazing.

  300. 300 : Hotta Ao Says:

    Finally, today
    Can’t wait
    Few hours more

  301. 301 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @scorpio23 @RonelaAGarcia If you both have no idea about the age of JJH. Will you still whine over the age difference of the lead actors?!

    If she’s 24 for example, with that ageless beauty, will you still criticize her due to her age? IT IS JUST IN YOUR MIND- the idea of age difference.

    Why not comment about the story and not the age of the actress? Is it crime to act in a drama with age gap? That’s stupid.

  302. 302 : eileen534 Says:

    I am a bit surprise to know JJH is the lead actress, she is Big star in real life. and she is not big for nothing. And big star is not supposed to be very young, if you say age difference, I would agree coz it is needed, as KSH is an alien who never grow old, so it is ok if JJH looks older.

    All lead characters act well, credit to all of them.

    Though CSY makes the drama comedy and funny, somehow I think it will end sadly (no happy ending).

    if KSH is the reason for teenagers to watch, then JJH is the reason for people in twenties, like me, to watch. You can’t imagine how big My Sassy Girl was in year 2000s, it is one of the key milestone of K-entertainment.

    @dinaz #287 agree with you, JJH, Song Hye Kyo and Ha Ji Won are Divas. They are popular and somehow better grades because they played in big movies. For drama queen, I love to watch Lee Bo Young also. 🙂

  303. 303 : Scorpio23 Says:

    @JD… stop your bashing comments now…I have my own life and you should get your own too … this will be my last comment for you because you have a shallow narrow mind… BYE !!!

  304. 304 : myththrill24 Says:

    Yeah some teenager don’t give a damn about the story or how well the actors are playing the characters they are assigned.

  305. 305 : hyunn Says:

    wow ep 7 is daebak.
    the ending is sooo cool.

  306. 306 : arum Says:

    ep 7 woow i like it

  307. 307 : JD Says:

    303 Scorpio23

    Good to hear you are shutting up and shifting out !

    Little kid !

    Home is the place for you !

  308. 308 : Dic's Says:

    This is A good drama… I love it, Kim soo hyun n Jeon ji hyun really have a very super acting…. I enjoy it and really dont care with the age gap….
    Figting ….. 🙂 MY LOVE FROM THE STAR>>>>>>

  309. 309 : NelSkee Says:

    I dont care about the age difference those people who watch dram that care about such insignificant things you dont see the beauty of a well thought plot and chemistry that the 2 leads have daebak!!! got so much respect for all the actors/actresses exp KSY and JJH

  310. 310 : tess Says:

    really really love this drama after the heirs. they really look good together, the main characters. now, they are my favourites aside from min ho and psy. cant wait for the next episodes.

  311. 311 : shocco locco Says:

    this is daebak

  312. 312 : nur123 Says:

    Love this drama after I Hear Your Voice and Master’s Sun. Love the lead actor too. KSH n JJH hwaiting !!

  313. 313 : bigeye46 Says:

    this drama is nice and cant wait for next esp..

  314. 314 : hny Jo Says:

    ep 7…I like the story grows interesting !.. both leads have their own style to be attractive… they looks complementary. two thumb!!!!!!
    I’m waiting the part when she recognize him., her saviour..can’t wait the next 😉

  315. 315 : Love Kdrama Says:

    Seriously loving this drama! Especially enjoy seeing JJ Hyun on screen, she is polished, pretty and a very good comedienne. Her timing is right on!

    KS Hyun is so handsome and adorable, right? Keep up the good work, KS Hyun! Watching you!

    Can’t wait for Ep 9!


  316. 316 : StayKewl Says:

    no one can satisfy everyone.

    sooner or later, there will be someone who come to a forum threat and say, “that lead actor is bla bla bla…i wish the lead actress is bla bla bla…i’m only watching this drama because of bla bla bla…the director was bla bla bla…the writers seems to be bla bla bla…this drama is bla bla bla…” etc.

    my only advise to those who feel upset about it is, “ignore them!”; as though their comment don’t even exist.

    now, do feel good about it. enjoy life 🙂

  317. 317 : happy Says:

    after knowing the past…Yi Hwa promised that she would grow up become a beautiful lady and she wants to show it to DMJ…and DMJ promised that he would protect her…and after 400 years it all become true..it’s all about destiny…
    poor CSY…lots of people refuse her..even her bear doll betrayed her…
    and jae kyung…he’s a really cold blooded killer…how come he always has a calm face with all sins that he created?

  318. 318 : happy Says:

    i wonder who was”jae kyung”in 400 years a go?

  319. 319 : wildie_0921 Says:

    Im so excited for the next episode..wooooh kim soo hyun forever!!!!super hot oppa!!!im curious what gonna happen next week…i can’t sleep…OMG!!!

  320. 320 : rory Says:

    just look at how innocent, cute & crazy was CSY in front of teddy bear..
    To LJK, I wondered, how many murder attempts after this but don’t worry, coz our superman will always by her side anytime, anywhere..harhar! I hope that DMJ will reveal his identity really soon..2 months left and he already showed his interest for CYS..go for it Do manager 😆

    I don’t know how far will writer-nim gonna change SM’s personality but so far I just can’t hate her or maybe because I loved Yoo Inna in Queen In Hyun so much..When she cries, I can feel her pain..
    Why it’s always so hard to move on and keep waiting for someone who doesn’t even care about ur heart? For 10 years! No kidding!

  321. 321 : myththrill24 Says:

    watch out.. kiss scene on episode 8

  322. 322 : luvmfts Says:

    @eileen534 @dinaz
    Man from the stars is intriguing! the story keeps gettin’ better And ratings going up 🙂
    noticed that for kdramas…not fair how actors are more popular than actresses because kdrama audience are mostly women & they favor the men. example: even tho song hye kyo & ESP. Jun ji hyun got (big screen) leading roles in movies, the small screen leading actors lee min ho, jang geun suk are still way more POPULAR internationally than they are. even supporting actor kim bum more popular & has bigger fan base than JJH and SHK.

  323. 323 : luvmfts Says:

    BTW, jun ji hyun is pretty, hot, and a good actress. Her movies are good. when reading her biography, I’m surprised she did not win that many awards thru out her career. :-/
    Kim soo hyun is hit and a good actor. MFTS is a good choice 🙂

  324. 324 : luvmfts Says:

    Oops typo…meant to say kim soo hyun is HOT, but accidentally typed “hit” LOL!

  325. 325 : Jenny taw Says:

    Love the show !!!!

  326. 326 : roni Says:

    i like this drama!saraneo!

  327. 327 : kkko Says:

    KSH is awesome actor )) i like him and this drama is really impressive too

  328. 328 : forever Says:

    this drama is soooooo awesoooome!!!!!!! 🙂 both such good actors!!!!!
    please support and keep watching this drama 😉

  329. 329 : Pixelxdrama Says:

    very very love this drama… both lead actor actress doing great job there….
    hope this happy ending drama…

  330. 330 : ayi1975 Says:

    look how the rating grow. Taebak. I love the lead and all the support. Thanks 4 made my day better than afore. I really wanna know how the story end but i dont want the drama end. Because i will miss them alot. How ironi. I love u all guys.

  331. 331 : Dic's Says:

    Love Love Love………..

  332. 332 : defineme Says:

    That kiss was so necessary. fantastic build up. great chemi!!!!
    another long wait for ep 9 and 10.

  333. 333 : happy Says:

    DMJ is like a frozen candy…cold but still sweet…omooo…
    less than 15 seconds is all that he can bear…lol…
    but how long he can hide his historical secret?

  334. 334 : sweet girl Says:

    omg i love kim so hyun so much. he was so charming!!!!! and so tempting. keep it up with the great storyline. looking forward for this drama

  335. 335 : hny Jo Says:

    OOOOO______OOOOO KISSSSSS…..!!!!!mmmmm lovey dovey :))

    its 2 month left for Do Manager in earth, does he’ll go ?!!

    BTW, Why H Kyung brother done all murders thing,what he want…he is already the first Son of S&C group ?!! and as long I know H Kyung not interested w company.

  336. 336 : Marianne Says:

    Kim Soo Hyun is such a passionate actor and that what makes him admirable aside from his over loaded cuteness. I love his attitude. He does not need promotions to become famous. People who watch his act will automatically love him. And Gianna Jun, such a pretty and classy face plus awesome acting. They both made me laugh even sometimes choke because i laugh while im eating…

  337. 337 : rory Says:

    CSY’s engrish! Why so adorable? oppsss..sowrey..thhundher man?
    LOL at the moment her comic shop’s friend grilled the octopus, jaw dropped! seriously in a comic shop?but because of these epic moments makes me love this show even more!

    @hny Jo
    yeah right..he is just a psychopath! I wondered what is his main motive to kill all people easily..

  338. 338 : bigeye46 Says:

    yes ksh is good actor awesome..cant wait next esp next week..smile

  339. 339 : vii Says:

    I’m in love with this drama..JJH and KSH acting dae to the bak “DAEBAK”

    Can’t wait for next episode, I hope the story become more interesting in every week

  340. 340 : haruhi28 Says:

    this drama is awesome!!! every episode is fun to watch…and the kiss… whoah 🙂

  341. 341 : finachan88 Says:

    really really love this drama.. daebakk

  342. 342 : tess Says:

    great…. the lead actress is so beautiful and they look good together. the story is so great that you cant wait to see the next episode……. love it just like the heirs……

  343. 343 : shey Says:

    i can feel the love

  344. 344 : kimchilee Says:

    omo! 3 months left on earth?? sad ending?? omo.. oh no.. omo.. oh nooooOOOO!! will he leave earth heartbroken? omo..!! or he become human and choose to stay on earth having found love and feelings?? aiigooo.. writer.. pls make ending a happy one….

  345. 345 : soel Says:

    omg,this drama is worth every single increase in ratings..gosh,i love it!!!.i love the fact that he is always always there for her.soo cute!!

  346. 346 : nelly Says:

    I really don’t get all this excitement for this drama. I started to watch it for the good reviews and raitings but honestly I can’t seem to like it. it’s a bit slow and doesn’t seem to catch my interest at all.. Anyway, the ending in ep 8 seemed promising.. Let’s see how it develops or if it’s better to drop it altogether..

  347. 347 : arum Says:

    i loved it great actors

  348. 348 : arum Says:


  349. 349 : Jenny taw Says:

    I am crazy about this show – they are just so cute and chemi ! I hope the ending would be good ~ writer pls lead this to a good ending :)))

  350. 350 : imhel Says:

    the reason why I liked K-dramas since 4 years ago is because of well-written scripts that grab you & centers you so that you will have to follow the next episode. however, the past year, I’ve seen quite a few dramas that were so lame and so ridiculous.

    thank goodness, this is more like the dramas i used to like. based on the 1st 2 episodes I’ve seen, I can tell this is a well written drama. Kudos to the script writer. Kudos too to Kim Soo Hyun since he chooses his dramas well…he must have a good agency, too.

    sooo looking forward to the succeeding episodes.

  351. 351 : melinalee Says:

    i’m so addicted with this drama.SO AWESOME <3
    dmj pretending dont care about cheon song yi but in his heart he always take care of cheon song yi
    this drama is different from drama i ever watched. the story especially :3
    fighting !!!!

  352. 352 : mgmartin Says:

    I seriously don’t know what I’m going to do with my life when this drama comes down to the last episode and ends. I mean this isn’t the first time I felt this but what the heck, THIS IS JUST TOO GOOD! I LOVE BOTH JUN JI HYUN & KIM SOO HYUN. AHHHHHH

  353. 353 : LMHluvPSH4ever Says:

    DEABAK…… loVe it …. Kim Soo Hyun sarangheo fighting …..

  354. 354 : sk8 Says:

    finally found another awesome drama to watch… 🙂 this drama is good man!~

  355. 355 : AVsPR Says:

    I think JJH is very attractive and talented. I never thought I would be mesmerized in her role. Very interesting and entertaining. Her acting is very natural and unpretentious. Hopefully more drama to be played by JJH. JJH Fighting! KSH Fighting! YWCFTS is a great drama- daebak!

  356. 356 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 254

    Hahahaha ! Yes I can imagine it ! Cool ! I love sci-fi “aliens, planets, stars” it’ll be like living 24-7 my favourite sci-fi series 😀

    Is the moon embraces the sun like Empress Ki ? I want some intriguing and exciting story.

    @rory 337

    “CSY’s engrish! Why so adorable? oppsss..sowrey..thhundher man?”

    HAHAHAHA ! You found how to write her pronunciation ! You’re right I just love her English ! 😀

  357. 357 : emmanuel Says:

    Another great drama to watch .excellent casting and a wonderful acting.

  358. 358 : arum Says:

    awesome drama

  359. 359 : ching Says:

    im just to exited to watch and wait for the next episode

  360. 360 : allysa Says:

    jyenie 254…you must see the sun and moon…it was the best drama i ever seen…cannot be comparabled to empress ki…the plot totally different…from there i i started love to watch KSY acting…

  361. 361 : suppledexplorer Says:

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  366. 366 : salma mm Says:

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    i'm sure i'll cry a bucket if he really leaving the earth. cry for his friendship with the lawyer, and his relationship and feeling for SY..

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    please writers let it end goodd 🙂 i dont want this to end bad or that they dont come together 🙁

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    I actually like this drama better than The Heirs

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  372. 372 : kimthu1991 Says:


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    Yes..I like that now DMJ’s secret is revealed little by little..I know this drama was a bit illogical & nonsense but I don’t care coz it’s sooo funny & cracked me up..I need this kind of drama to relieve my stress after working so hard^^ highly recommended to all!

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  419. 419 : rory Says:

    Damn, that evil LJK is trying to frame DMJ!
    I thought that DMJ will fly over into his room and bang CSY saw his super power once again but it’s creepy to know that LJK’s man was inside in DMJ’s house at the same time CSY comes in..how on earth he could enter to our hero’s house?

    upss..Iksscuse meee LHK, u better watch out for your brother instead of DMJ..He’s just too dangerous & psychopath..

  420. 420 : hny Jo Says:

    when SY discribe his feeling to doctor…hahhaa, lol funny !!
    and DMJ , his eyes when he gone n then there, behind LJK..Ooo like true allien, but is it allien.. are handsome like him. !! :))

    And is it Yo Se Mi try to attractive DMJ, she like him? well ..well..well !

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  426. 426 : tabitha Says:

    before he said that.. i think he must do a research…


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    I don’t think SeMi like DMJ, she’s jut try to provoke CSY. I laugh so hard when CSY confess her feeling to DMJ, and when she remember the kiss omo omo omo.
    It’s getting interisting coz DMJ secret begin revealing, aah can’t wait for eps 11

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  430. 430 : rafflyna Says:


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  436. 436 : mml Says:

    I wonder will both of them finally pair up together ? Or will Do Min Joon leaves Chun Song Yi after completing his three months ?

  437. 437 : Bacon Says:

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    Cant wait for the next ep *____* Another long wait nooo

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  439. 439 : i Says:

    Line story – fairytale. He alien; She earth;
    Possible target audience -very young people.
    Lead actors – good professionals (according to feedback from their country). In real life she is older than him. The acting is not damaged, but the difference is seen.
    In this Korean tale, smart sitting next stupid (very much stupidity) and they call it: destiny.
    400 years ago, Yi Seong seem more intelligent. But nowadays, she is silly good and they call it: naivety. What’s on the girls age limit to “naive” in this country? because the character Seon Yi, is naive at an age quite advanced.
    Teacher remains constant, as well as the feelings and personality, probably because its constitution alien. He sees the physical resemblance and does not seem to be bothered by her IQ.
    In conclusion – it is destiny here, and a lot of “chemistry” to be in the spirit of others

  440. 440 : ruri fallen Says:

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    in : http://allaboutkoreanmovie.blogspot.com/

    its free, fast, full HD

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  443. 443 : JAKA-V Says:

    Do you see on 1976 at Do min JOn work on BANK the Person who is spit on coffee identical to Lee Jae Kyung our BAD guy on this year HMmmm may be HE is ALIEN too but bad Alien and Do Min Joon is good Alien….hmm and more….more i.m watching it’s suspicious how is end this drama…….thinking……. ?

  444. 444 : arum Says:

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  445. 445 : arum Says:

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  446. 446 : elRaged San Says:



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    Monday and tuesday .. I meet prime minister that make me smile…
    wednesday and thursday ,,, I meet Kim soo hyun and make me exited n happy n JJH that make me laugh and its really entertaining…..
    and enjoy the weekend with my beloved family…

  448. 448 : NelSkee Says:

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  449. 449 : dinaz Says:

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    lol..it was so funny when dmj’s friend asked csy not to spit on his food even if she’s angry.haha.i never knew about this method of revenge.lol :-)) :-)) Should i try it on my boss?he can get into my nerves at times.haha!

  450. 450 : ken Says:


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    Please give me a link.


  452. 452 : lina licious Says:

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  462. 462 : Sanyi Says:

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    I will watch it after it complete.

  465. 465 : khalish Says:


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  466. 466 : EmEm Says:

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    Heres the link


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  468. 468 : arum Says:

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  469. 469 : Dic's Says:

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    Jun Ji Hyun acting was excellent!! 5 stars (Y) so do with Kim So Hyun, his acting was soo cool and awesome..

    I’ll choose this drama as the best drama in 2014 !!!

  473. 473 : happy Says:

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  476. 476 : NelSkee Says:


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  483. 483 : Arianne Says:

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  486. 486 : arum Says:

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    Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun is a beautiful couple.
    Perfect!! I Love This Drama ^_^.

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    Ep.11 is just too hilarious! pwahaha..CSY is so funny & crazy in drunken scene! but still poor DMJ..can’t wait for the next episode!

  492. 492 : arum Says:

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  493. 493 : arum Says:

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  494. 494 : arum Says:

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  495. 495 : defineme Says:

    That crying scene in the end really touched me. KSH is one of the best K- drama actors I have ever watched. Wow. such raw emotions.

  496. 496 : theresia Says:

    very good drama that i ever seen for this season. superm………… really …. really falling love with KSH . so much emotions when watch this drama. thankyou so much for this wonderful K-drama. can’t wait for the next episode……

  497. 497 : priscil Says:


  498. 498 : khalish Says:

    omo…omo…hope rating up until 30%, n i hope DMJ’s dream will be come true…

  499. 499 : janet Says:

    loveee this drama,,,,their act just perfect….recommended!!

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    Kim Soo Hyun is really an amazing actor… he connects well with the audience… even Jeon Ji Jyun is so cute with her acting.. they have a very good chemistry… it’s my first time, watching her in Kdrama.. she’s perfect with her role… nice rating.. KSH’s dramas are always on top, literally.. 1st!!!!

  501. 501 : Elle Says:

    This drama has me drawn in. I can feel the chemistry between the couple. As a viewer, I can feel the pain the guy goes through when he denies the girl. And the mixed emotions the girl goes through to then realized she’s fallen for him. They are great actors. Great drama!

  502. 502 : happy Says:

    Doo min joon confession is a little bit scary…lol…i would be scared too if i were CSY…can’t DMJ make sweeter confession? hahahaha… to say ‘i live for 400 years here on earth’ is scary enough,but with the broken glasses…it’s so frightening…

  503. 503 : hny Jo Says:

    hmmmm…what happen after that confession…why DMJ have sad face in last scene!! did CSY to much scaaare.. so she leave DMJ and forget to say….WAWWW, GITU!! …HHEHEHEHEH ;))

  504. 504 : LSC Says:

    a different twist of drama, romance…congratulations to the scriptwriter…you also have chosen the right actors esp Kim Soo Hyun…more drama for him in the future….

  505. 505 : NelSkee Says:

    I think this isnt a confession of love…I think DMJ is going to make CSY why he is avoiding her… this is so sad…

  506. 506 : agnesia Says:

    woowww each episode makes me soo curious about the next, cant waiting any longer for ep 13… ooowwh hurry wednesday !!!

    Their’re adorable actor and actress, both DMJ and CSY chemistry, reaaly I can feel it…

  507. 507 : agnesia Says:


  508. 508 : ogrenji Says:

    i’m BLOWN AWAY by this drama,great great great drama 🙂

  509. 509 : bigeye46 Says:

    wah so nice drama and cant wait next epsiode..they so sweet together for actress and actor

  510. 510 : Lin Says:

    Hopefully the ending ends like his happy dream. Die as a alien and he became human. Please no sad ending!!!

  511. 511 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Yeah Happy ending plsssssssssss 💏👫💑👍👍👍👍👍😄

  512. 512 : Priscilla Sabrina Pua Says:

    This drama is really fantastic.
    Hope it will be a happy ending.
    Looking forward to next ep.

  513. 513 : ayi1975 Says:

    writer nim, chebal make dmj dream come true. He lives for 400 years, and finally found someone he loves. Please towajuseyo. Puthakh hapnida. Dmj, csy saranghapnida…

  514. 514 : LMHluvPSH4ever Says:

    Love it ……..

  515. 515 : shey Says:

    omo omo, it’s always make you feel towatch the next episode, i hope it’s everyday, the main actor DMJ and actress CSY are great, so so good, their chemistry is a revelation. CSY brother is also a revelation, he is also someone to look forward to

  516. 516 : shey Says:

    everything is great in this drama

  517. 517 : Sanyi Says:

    I am addicted to this dram love everything about, great actors great writer. Does anybody else thinks that Do Min Joon might die if he stays in the world any longer

  518. 518 : melinalee99 Says:

    gonna crazy with this drama. the more i watch this drama i’m get addicted. i love you dmj oppa<3<3

  519. 519 : Mey Says:

    love this drama… can’t wait next eps… DMJ n CSY love both of u…

  520. 520 : forever Says:

    ep 11 and 12 were soooooooooo sad!!!!! 🙁
    can’t wait for next week!!!!!!! you who came from the stars fighting!!!! 😀

  521. 521 : arum Says:

    I wouldn’t care if he’s an alien, a demon, a fallen angel ! I would fall completely & totally in love with him

  522. 522 : arum Says:

    Another 1long week to wait….i want more….

  523. 523 : vip Says:

    oooooh((((( i wannt it mooooree!!!!!! next week i really cant wait

  524. 524 : feylin Says:

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  525. 525 : Bacon Says:

    This drama makes me curious and always look forward to every single episode. Another long wait for the next 2 eps ahhhh~ >u<

    Amazing storyline I must say + amazing cast esp Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun <333 So much love for this couple hehe

  526. 526 : fallingstar Says:

    Looking forward for the next ep. i hope DMJ and CSY will have more sweet moments together.. Its freaking Ep 13 already..they both have chemistry together. i want a happy ending, like DMJ will be staying on earth as a human. or maybe an reincarnation.. im just inlove and attached with this drama.

  527. 527 : esther Says:

    Can’t wait next episode…

  528. 528 : Sandy Says:

    This girl is sooo funny, I simply love her!! And Do Min Joon makes a great couple with her….I can’t wait till next Wedneday! 🙂 My favorite drama right now!!!

  529. 529 : IlovemyREDLIPSTiCK Says:

    Best kdrama of 2014. It reached the 29 mark..,! Even bested the heirs

  530. 530 : maknaee Says:

    this drama is a good ending for 2013 and great start for 2014. 1st place in my faves~ I wonder will there be a drama that could beat this drama?
    You Who Came From the Stars, The Prime Minister and I, Inspiring Generation, INR3, Emergency Man and Woman made my January’s drama list is blessing~ 2014~~be great~

  531. 531 : arum Says:

    ! cant wait for the next ep wonder how CSY will react to DMJ’s confession?

  532. 532 : arum Says:

    What’t the title of the new song played in 12? The one sang by a male artist.

  533. 533 : naufal Says:

    i’m waiting this drama~ very good drama :3

  534. 534 : Indria Says:

    Love this drama so much, can’t wait for the next episode. Love the way Kim Soo Hyun stare, God …. his has very beautiful eyes ^^

  535. 535 : hasan Says:

    دراما جدا رائعه
    احبببتها كثييييرا

  536. 536 : sara Says:

    i loved this drama sooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  537. 537 : idc Says:

    me too, i simply love this drama……….

  538. 538 : priscil Says:

    DO MANAGER!!!!!!!!! =] =] =]

  539. 539 : janet Says:

    please writernim….make a lovable episode for do manager and song yi….

  540. 540 : arum Says:

    Kim soo hyun i loved you frm sam dong to do min joo……

  541. 541 : arum Says:

    Any preview for ep13??

  542. 542 : annisa75 Says:

    Oh no…. we’ll only have 13th episode on this week. So sad… 🙁


  543. 543 : Popy darkgirl Says:

    Love this drama…… U steal my heart… Muahhhhh

  544. 544 : maknaee Says:

    @annisa75 then… shall we get one episode extension from 20 to 21? kk

  545. 545 : gabby Says:

    Woow..he is Clark Kent’s korean version,

  546. 546 : jnx.doe Says:

    Love, love this drama. Romance, comedy, thriller, all in one! i hope the ending is a really good one!

  547. 547 : annisa75 Says:

    @maknaee Says

    Well, there is a possibility for that, I think. If it has, then I hope the writer will keep the tension of the storyline like IHYV. 🙂

  548. 548 : wafer Says:

    This drama has such an effect on me that lately I’ve even gone to internet searching for info about space aliens, ancient space aliens and UFOs !! And there are plenty of info out there !

    Makes you wonder, eh ?

  549. 549 : maknaee Says:

    @annisa75 : I believe the writer will. She always put up full tension and suspense in every episode. I think I should watch ‘My Husband Got a Family’

    @wafer : I’ve found myself watching ‘Ancient Aliens’ on History channel. Lol

  550. 550 : kauana Says:

    at first I thought this drama would be pretty silly and I only started watching because of kim soon hyun, I mean, I fell in love with song sam dong in dream high, which btw is my favorite drama ever, and now I’ve found myself totally addicted in this drama and Min Joon! Can’t wait for the next episode ^.^

  551. 551 : wafer Says:

    @maknaee 549

    Oh, you are curious about space aliens too ? I’ve watched the programs you mentioned on tv too.

    In relation to this particular drama, I kind of think that scriptwriter could have some interest in such subject too, enough to base this drama on.

  552. 552 : jow Says:


  553. 553 : jow Says:

    The Scene in Episode 11 SO SWEETTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!

  554. 554 : arum Says:

    It´s the preview yessssss http://couch-kimchi.com/2014/01/28/you-who-came-from-the-stars-episode-13-video-preview/

  555. 555 : elRaged San Says:


  556. 556 : arum Says:

    How am I going to get through this week with only one episode?.Either I start from the beginning or I watch Dream High or Moon/Sun again^^ I need my KSH

  557. 557 : happy Says:

    thanks for the link…

  558. 558 : maknaee Says:

    @wafer : alien things are always interesting for me. Well, the scriptwriter made this drama feels like reality. I kept wondering whether things like that could happen in real life. Alien.. Why not? As long as he was Do Min Joon, haha

  559. 559 : rafflyna80 Says:

    today is the day for my alien oppa….really cant wait..im gonna be crazy bcoz of DMJ..

  560. 560 : Juana love Says:

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  563. 563 : budgie-smuggler Says:

    I agree. the drama is very entertaining.

    The clincher for me is Jeon Ji Hyun’s antics. She did similar things in the movie “Sassy Girl” in which she owned the movie completely and delightfully.

  564. 564 : quequeuqe Says:

    never get enough with this drama!!! episode 13, WATCHED!!! not as hilarious as i expected, but i have seen our MANAGER DO so i guess its enough!! aja aja aja you who came from the star FIGHTINGG

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    (hehehe..I think it’s depend! ;))
    waiting 4 today’s episode….CSY,fighting!!

  566. 566 : tabitha Says:

    ep 13 was great.. OMG CSY super funny…

  567. 567 : janet Says:

    CSY and DMJ are best….really love them…they’re best!!!

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    Jun Ji Hyun play her role very good too! five stars for this drama rate! very good to watch!!!

  569. 569 : aram Says:

    Today this drama will show or not? Somebody said today this dont happen. Really?

  570. 570 : raduga Says:

    Figthing!This is very originali!

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  572. 572 : ayi1975 Says:

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  573. 573 : Arianne Says:

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  575. 575 : jane Says:

    @ayi1975 i really agree with u hope tht his dream would come true. Please no such an ending like rooftop prince it’d kill the audience

  576. 576 : arum Says:

    @jane ,i agree i didnt like the end of rooftop prince,the drama was good but not the final ,we want a happy ending plz

  577. 577 : bigeye46 Says:

    thumb up all actor and actress

  578. 578 : ayi1975 Says:

    @ jane,
    perhaps you know? Will ep 14 will launch tonight? Well, there’s nothin i can do though, but i guess i’ll feel miserable when i wake up tomorrow morning without this show. Oh no!

  579. 579 : HYW Says:

    I also agree…

  580. 580 : ABC90 Says:

    Thumb up for Deama!

  581. 581 : bokyako Says:

    well if you look at the ratings above you will see that ep 14 is dated Feb 05 so only 1 ep this week.

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    but sure its a must !!!

  584. 584 : Yoli Says:

    We will be able to see it next week 2-5-2014, due to the Lunar New Year 🙁

  585. 585 : Nad Says:

    the extra part of eps 13 is very funny XD

  586. 586 : ayi1975 Says:

    u r right. Why i didnt notice b4. Oh no, now i realize that i really miserable!

  587. 587 : arum Says:

    It was super sweet when min joo came to the mountain when song yi call him and he was like superman whenever song yi call for him..love it..can’t wait for the next ep

  588. 588 : arum Says:

    There are so many things that are on my mind right now……he really went to that mountain,he was exasperated by alien movies,he did not let hui kyoung buy the apartment,he looks really cool as a lecturer BUT the one thing that’s killing me is HOW AM I GOING TO LIVE THROUGH ONE WEEK????????!!!!!!!!

  589. 589 : elRaged San Says:


  590. 590 : Arianne Says:

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  591. 591 : chris Says:

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    sweet love story between Gianna Jung en Kim So Hyun
    Gianna Jun so funny
    the best drama 2013-2014

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  594. 594 : NS Says:


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  596. 596 : Jenny taw Says:

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  597. 597 : wildie_0921 Says:

    I had so much fun watching this drama..gosh the ending is getting near…tsk tsk tsk…but before this show will end i would like to say thank you to the casts and crews for making such a wonderful romantic comedy drama with alien cho cho thingy..

  598. 598 : wildie_0921 Says:

    Kim soo hyun oppa and gianna jun unni fighting!!!!!!!!

  599. 599 : arum Says:

    I want an official page of the drama in facebook plz?

  600. 600 : arum Says:

    I mean how can i get it ?

  601. 601 : janet Says:

    this drama is perfect… so far.. i really hope they’ll have a happy ending.. i heard they will extend this drama to 21 episode..so please make it best with the happy ending

  602. 602 : Hotta Ao Says:

    Wednesday, please come soon *_*

    This drama made me begin 2014 with a joyful and happy moments.
    I just love it.

  603. 603 : arum Says:

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  604. 604 : arum Says:

    Happy new year korean people

  605. 605 : elRaged San Says:

    super excellent drama

  606. 606 : Jenny taw Says:

    I am soooo worried that do min jun will take all the Blame so as to protect cheon song Yi …. The bad guy is so sneaky and do min jun is likely to fall into his evil trap……. 🙁

    Would cheon song Yi got hurt at the filming and lost her memory & forgot do min Jin totally ?

    This show is sooooo good – writer please give them a good ending :))))

  607. 607 : Lhyne Says:

    The best drama ever… I’m soo lovin it! 🙂 Looking forward for the rest episodes.

  608. 608 : Bacon Says:

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    I hope the ending of this drama will be happy ending .
    I love Soohyun ‘s expression in this drama . , BEST DRAMA EVER

  610. 610 : Rifgail Says:

    Really love this drama, love the story, love the act but still Main actress JJH her looks too old for KSH even she act younger but her looks can not lie.

  611. 611 : maknaee Says:

    err.. man with older women? SBS drama taught me to love them, and they are really look good together.
    IHYV ~ LJS & LBY


  612. 612 : arum Says:

    jun ji hyun is great in her role very funny an witty…love her

  613. 613 : jow Says:




  614. 614 : Hotta Ao Says:

    Today, I was watching this drama with my family.
    They totally in love with the drama.
    Who hates this drama?!!!!!!!!! ^_^

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  616. 616 : Lady Sue Ellen Says:

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    LOVE SONG YI & DOO JOON ~~~~~~~ ☺☺☺ My Best Drama ~~~~~

  618. 618 : maknaee Says:

    I wish the writer will give us a satisfiyng, clear ending. Prefer happy ending, but if it gonna be sad ending, please make it logic (hngg..) , not too cruel (just separating them was cruel enough), not too rush hwhwhwww
    Writer-nim, I believe in you :’DDDD

    In Rooftop Prince case, both of Park Ha and Lee Gak are from the Earth. In last ep, Park Ha found the letter burried underground that was written by Lee Gak. But what should we do with DMJ and CSY? One from the earth, another one from the stars. Should SY looking at the stars every night? T_T

  619. 619 : arum Says:

    hey,evry one wish me luck ,tomorrow,gud night

  620. 620 : maknaee Says:

    @arum tomorrow? err… OK~ good luck, dear

  621. 621 : vinoty Says:

    Hwanjjang Daebak…….!!!!

    the Greatest Drama ever!!!

    Love Kim So Hyun & Jun Ji Hyun <3 <3

  622. 622 : ayi1975 Says:

    does anyone know what book that dmj read alot? Something about edward. Seems jaemiso.

  623. 623 : arum Says:

    maknaee,thanx a lot

  624. 624 : arum Says:

    any preview of the next ep?

  625. 625 : uli Says:

    this drama.. totaly make me lost my stress

  626. 626 : arum Says:

    http://couch-kimchi.com/2014/02/03/you-came-from-the-stars-episode-14-video-preview-english-translation/ ,the preview guys

  627. 627 : khalish Says:

    omg…thanks arum for preview….
    can’t wait……wed…
    they start romantic scene???

  628. 628 : happy Says:

    thank you arum…

  629. 629 : happy Says:

    is DMJ dreaming again? i hope he isn’t…but the look on his face seem so sad when he’s looking at sleeping CSY…

  630. 630 : quequeuqe Says:


  631. 631 : janet Says:

    wawww… i hope that’s not CSY’s dream… i really hope they will have romatic scene..–love it—

  632. 632 : elRaged San Says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.. How can I wait until wednesday.. T____T

  633. 633 : arum Says:

    you welcom friends

  634. 634 : arum Says:

    If you want to watch the trailer in ENG SUB they have it here … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiasz18-YWs

  635. 635 : ayi1975 Says:

    @ arum. thanks alot, but the preview made me miss the drama even more!

  636. 636 : bigeye46 Says:

    nice and wonderful drama fighting

  637. 637 : elRaged San Says:

    cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  638. 638 : arum Says:

    miss you kim soo hyunnnnnnnn

  639. 639 : arum Says:


    soneul ppeodeumyeon daheul su itge
    geudae naege meolli gaji maseyo
    nugul chatgo innayo
    geudaeman gidarineun saram
    yeogie yeogi inneunde.

    naega jikyeojul saram
    naman barabol saram
    jeo dareul bomyeo maeil gidohaeyo
    nal saranghaneun ojik han saram

    saranghaeyo geudae han saram
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    naega michildeusi saranghaetdeon dan han saram

    haneureseo biga naerigo dari tteumyeon
    geudae olkkayo
    nae modeungeol da gajyeogan han saram

    geudael chajeul ttae kkaji gyesok georeowa jwoyo
    naega geudaemanui bichi doelgeyo

    naega jikyeojul saram
    naman barabol saram
    jeo dareul bomyeo maeil gidohaeyo
    nal saranghaneun ojik han saram

    saranghaeyo geudae han saram
    saranghaeyo geudae han saram
    naega michildeusi saranghaetdeon dan han saram

    haneureseo biga naerigo dari tteumyeon
    geudae olkkayo
    nae modeungeol da gajyeogan han saram

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    naega geudae bichi dwae jugo
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    geuttaen geudae hanbeon bol su isseulkkayo
    naege hanappunin geudae han saram


    So I can touch you when I hold out my hand
    Please don’t go too far away from me
    Who are you looking for?
    When the person who only waits for you
    Is right here, right here.

    The person who I should protect
    The person who only looks at me
    I pray to the moon for that person every day
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    Until I find you, keep walking to me
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    The person who I should protect
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    I pray to the moon for that person every day
    The one and only person who loves me

    I love you, the one person
    I love you, the one person
    The only one person that I crazily loved

    If the rain falls from the sky and the moon rises,
    will you come?
    The one person who has all of me

    Can you hear it? Can you hear my voice?
    Your breath, your scent –
    they are all the same
    But why can’t you see me?

    Shall we start from the beginning when we used to love?
    If I can be your light and
    if I become your moon

    Then will I be able to see you once?
    The one and only person for me

  640. 640 : arum Says:

    plz,another ost. like this kim soo hyun plz plz plz

  641. 641 : Dic's Says:

    I reeeeeaally LOVE THIS DRAMA… please make it Happy till the ending…..
    I have so dissapointed by prime minister…. Pleeeaseee..
    Fighting……… 😉

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  643. 643 : elRaged San Says:

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    today is the day

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    Dic’s ,me too about prime minister ,i dd’nt like the 6 last episods

  645. 645 : arum Says:

    love this drama and the cast plz make it a happy happy ending

  646. 646 : Hotta Ao Says:

    Finally you came Wednesday ^_^
    Waiting for eng sub and then it is SHOW TIME.

  647. 647 : Juana love Says:

    Episode 14 is wooooooooooow!!!!!!!! and crazy.

  648. 648 : arum Says:

    the huh gak song is so woooow

  649. 649 : arum Says:


  650. 650 : Micc Says:

    I feel episode 14 is re-written to recap the past episode for the audiences. They only showed one last week because of new year celebration. A lot of replays of episode 13 here.

  651. 651 : NelSkee Says:

    whats the title of the song love this drama a lot ep 14 gave a a serious heartbreak

  652. 652 : arum Says:


  653. 653 : arum Says:

    @NelSkee:its HUH GAK (Tears faling like today)

  654. 654 : Micc Says:

    Just feel sad this drama probably is not going to win the best drama on this site since it’s broadcasted in the beginning of the year. But it totally deserves to be the winner!

  655. 655 : arum Says:

    Make a lot of comments and this drama will be the first in this site,faiting friends

  656. 656 : arum Says:

    Wewant this drama be the most comment drama,becaus the casting dserve it

  657. 657 : arum Says:

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  658. 658 : g14 Says:

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  659. 659 : quequeuqe Says:

    ARGHHH WTH!!! when they will get their time together in REAL life!! cannot wait any longer :”(((((((((

  660. 660 : janet Says:

    please writer make a happy ending..i really hate when the story line and all cast are great but when it comes to ending it becoming horrible like prime minister n future choice..i really hope this drama will have a great ending…fightingg…

  661. 661 : momO Says:

    It’s going to end soon….sob sob…..

  662. 662 : allie Says:

    Great drama. Awesome screenplay. Story flows very well. Best written one I’ve seen thus far.

  663. 663 : NelSkee Says:

    @arum thanks

  664. 664 : NelSkee Says:

    let their love have a happy ending!!!! this ha been the drama that really made me feel emotions while watching great story great cast = BEST KOREAN DRAMA EVER!!!!!!!

  665. 665 : Koreandramalover Says:

    Can’t wait until tomorrow..love this drama

  666. 666 : Koreandramalover Says:

    Love Kim soo huyn

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    very nice drama you will never know what will happen in the next expisode keep up the good work and looking forward for more thrills thanks

  668. 668 : meaa Says:

    Great Drama… heart stopping…

    Awesome Kim Soo Hyun! Daebak! I cried and got goosebumps when he cried during his “interview.”

    Can’t wait for the next episode. Hope it’s a good ending…

  669. 669 : nissa75 Says:

    Omo… the last scene of the 14th ep teared me apart. Writer’nim.. happy ending please… ^_^

  670. 670 : budgie-smuggler Says:

    The psycho enjoyed the threats as he dangled over the top of a skyscraper. Thrilled by the experience and unperturbed by the prospects of his own death.

    The dude’s ten bob short of a quid.

  671. 671 : elRaged San Says:


  672. 672 : elRaged San Says:

    just awesome

  673. 673 : ika Says:

    Best drama in 2014.!!!!!!

  674. 674 : BirddyBuddy Says:

    Can’t wait to watch ep 14 to9 ;))) Archhhhhhh!!

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  676. 676 : elRaged San Says:

    Love this drama so much. Love the chemistry between the two main leads and I can’t wait for episode 15

  677. 677 : elRaged San Says:

    i hope this story will be end with happy ending between Song-Yi & Min-Joon.

  678. 678 : daniela Says:

    O my GOD!!!! Episode 14 is very COOL !!!!!! i think i could fainted watch this episode! Lol . Laugh. Like crazy. Do min joon best alien scene . Kim soo hyun is a very great actor !

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    Best Drama in early 2014 and makes me cann’ t hardly wait the next episode. Two tumbs up for all the cast, I hope the rating will getting higher and higher for each episode..

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    this drama makes me soooooo emotional 🙁 but i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooood!!!!! EVERYONE should watch it!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 its the best drama for 2014!!!

  681. 681 : Dessie54 Says:


  682. 682 : yunia Says:

    I agree with @dessie54 ! can’t wait next episode!

  683. 683 : Harani Says:

    OMG! I just cant imagine if the ending will be bad or sad, it will be really disappointing >..<

  684. 684 : Harani Says:

    Well and I have to wait till tomorrow here (in Indonesia), and I have to watch the 15 ep from streaming! Huft! If I live there (in Korea) it would be great I think ^^

  685. 685 : Harani Says:

    I do love Kim Soo Hyun and I cant imagine my life without him! And omo Hyi kyung is very gentleman and etc in ep 14, but I still hope the ending is Song Yi with Do min joon! After the scene accident, that hyi kyung saved song yi’s life, thought that maybe the ending of this drama will be Song Yi with Hyi Kyung, because Do Min Joon is left from the earth! But I really hope its not 🙁

  686. 686 : bigeye46 Says:

    thumb up and nice drama

  687. 687 : nina Says:

    D A E B A K ! ! !
    WOW The Drama’s Editing is So Perfect!
    especially, Do Min Joon and Lee Jae Kyung’s Scene
    it’s make Kim Soo Hyun more wonderful!
    Great Team Work!

  688. 688 : jedhienz 0612 Says:

    Deabak..I really love this drama, Do Min Joon is great in acting he’s one of my fav. actor & also the all cast i love them all..Hyi kyung is cute & song yi’s brother..waiting for ep 15 🙂

  689. 689 : arum Says:

    Iam working now i ddnt watch ep 14 yet

  690. 690 : Indria Says:

    I Looooooooooove this drama sooo much, great and wonderful storyline. This is the first drama that make me provoked most my office colleague whose love korean dramas poisonous, addicted and going insane craving for the next episode ^^ For heaven sake I hope this drama will end up beautifully and happy, if it’s not I guess I have to take few days off the office cause I’m pretty sure all my friend will beat me up for the blame of disappointed -_-“

  691. 691 : tanooza vandari Says:

    can’t wait for ep 15

  692. 692 : cheon song yi Says:

    Love this drama. Come on guys, dont lazy to write your comment on this site, make this drama to beat the heirs

  693. 693 : elRaged San Says:

    can’t wait for ep 15

  694. 694 : Alice Says:

    I love this drama so much!!

  695. 695 : dinaz Says:

    Woww amazing drama,totally deserves the rating its getting.sad to see the impossible relationship between an alien and a human..omo please no repeating rooftop prince ending i dont want to cry till my eyes dry out again 🙁 🙁 Jae kyung is a psycho he is not even bothered that his younger brother is in hospital..hwi kyeong mentioned that they would go to their ‘eldest brother’s ‘ graveyard,somehow i feel jk killed his eldest brother too to own the business and property..
    love the song at the end..anyone knows whats the name of the song at the end of ep14?
    Do min joon u must stay back on earth ok!with ur Song yi..

  696. 696 : deniaa Says:


  697. 697 : Kanani Says:

    recomended drama! better story than the heirs… 4 thumbs up .

  698. 698 : Kanani Says:

    @dinaz : the song is sang by Huh Gak with tittle : Tears Like today

  699. 699 : Kanani Says:

    I hope Jae Kyung won’t kill his own little brother which I think his brother is the one who will make him jailed at the end……. Get well soon hwi kyung.. huhuhuhu…. Very touched scene when Hwi Kyung saves Song Yi in the accident

  700. 700 : Lizzy Says:

    The story line is very unique and the comedy scene make me can’t breath becoz of laughter!!!LOL

  701. 701 : tess Says:

    one of the best korean drama ive ever watched. cant fine and describe how great the story is with really great actors and actresses on this drama. i hope it will end withh 24 episodes. it thus makes me wait for wed and thurs to come making it my favorite days of the week. to do min joon and chayoung si i love you both. im your fan…..

  702. 702 : ayi1975 Says:

    i dont know. Anyhow i guess the drama will be sad ending. Guys, prepare your self to hold the tears. Hiks. BUT I REALLY DREAM THAT DRAMA WILL B HAPPY ENDING WITH SY N MJ. WRITER NIM. CHEBAL!

  703. 703 : Jenny taw Says:

    I scared this show will be sad ending … Aiyo … How ah ?

  704. 704 : budgie-smuggler Says:

    It is a rom-com. It’ll probably end on a high rather than tragic.

  705. 705 : elRaged San Says:

    BEST DRAMA EVER…………………………………………….

  706. 706 : dinaz Says:

    @Kanani-699 thank u dear..will download it rite now 🙂

  707. 707 : anonymous Says:

    I also enjoy this drama except that I find the actor so much younger than the lead actress. It would have been so much better if the lead actor is looks closer to the age of the actress. The actress is funny but sometimes very close to being silly or overboard with her acting.

  708. 708 : arum Says:

    best best best best actor kim soo hyun ,he matched with any actress in korea love you kim soo hyun

  709. 709 : arum Says:

    OMG!!!! soooo exciting! about the kiss in ep 15 i ddnt watch yet

  710. 710 : elRaged San Says:


  711. 711 : elRaged San Says:

    Argh! Epi 15! Soo freakin cute!!! Giggling giggling giggling! In cloud nine! Epi 15 is yummylicious!

  712. 712 : NelSkee Says:

    wow they reached the 30 rating congrats!!! i love ep 15 so much!!!! great job keep you happy fans happy!!! love love this drama

  713. 713 : endang Says:

    OMG episode 15 is very romantic when Do Min-joon turned on all the lights and flew Cheon Song-yi to close to him….awesome.

  714. 714 : NelSkee Says:

    what was the new ost played in ep 15??

  715. 715 : NelSkee Says:

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    I really love this drama very awesome… I really enjoy watching it’s worth spending time… Good Job…

  717. 717 : niSSa75 Says:

    Wow,, the last scene just like in a fairy tale movie. Someone commented that no more running and grabbing and twisting girl’s arms for a kiss, JUST LET HER FLY OVER HERE. (Haha… can’t agree more with her comment) <3

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    I wonder this drama will end with a sad story coz DMJ must back to his planet.. But I still hope the ending will show us that DMJ become the human so that he dont have to go far far awayyy…
    ahhh really love KIM SOO HYUN… Deabak oppa :*

  719. 719 : Jazz23 Says:

    I hope this wonderful drama would Have a wonderful ending.I’m really looking forward into an ending that is the same as what DMJ have dream t of,that they were together happily married and song yi will be pregnant, I hope it is one of his premonition of their future..that would be exciting

  720. 720 : Jazz23 Says:

    Imagine I at gooddrama.net the rating started earlier it’s ranking number 5 on the popular category .My Love From Another Star, Rating: 9.73/10 (6671 Votes) ,after 4 hour when ask the followers to kindly rate it heres it standing at this very moment : 9.85 (7408 Votes) and it’s chasing prime minister and I (feeling excited)

  721. 721 : Aisawa Says:


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    its getting sooo cuute!!!!!! 😀 i hope they have more romantic scenes next week 😀 fighting!

  723. 723 : Luce105 Says:

    Hello guys , will tonight the new episode will aired? I’m confused

  724. 724 : hny Jo Says:

    hahahhaha..Mr allien can be crazy too…over imagination abt HK N SY..soooo cuitttt the kiss! today special airing ya…yes!! can’t wait to watch:))

  725. 725 : Luce105 Says:

    Thanks hny Jo !!! Can’t wait to watch !!! Do min joon is drive me crazy 😀
    Maybe the special episode is becoz due to lunar new year cancelling ?

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    Like a fairy tale in tis episode. Can’t describe the feeling. It’s beyond my imagination that Mr Alien will express his feeling in such manner. Fighting!!! Hopefully ending will be happy end cos some predicted a sad ending. ET pls help them. He…he..

  728. 728 : agnesia Says:


  729. 729 : elRaged San Says:

    I’ve watched a LOT of kdramas, and this by far is one of the best of all time! Gianna Jun is so refreshing, funny and an amazing actress

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    THIS DRAMA. *sighs* I CANT WAIT FOR ANOTHER EPISODE! PLEASE COME FASTER!! Ughh….. i was like laughing so hard, smiling, crying, getting emotional a lot while watching this. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST EVER!!!!! KIM SOO HYUN AND GIANNA JUN DAEBAAK!! well done :”)

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    i like drama……

  732. 732 : vee Says:

    어떨게 그렇게 멋있어요? 내가 완전 미친 사람 같은대~

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    Reading the comments here is like reading the back of a best seller. Hehe.

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    nice story they can show
    best regard from Bali Indonesia

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  736. 736 : Nana Says:

    Buat orang indonesia yang baca ini : sumpah ni film bagus banget! adegan romantisnya bukan main bikin yang nonton gila sendiri liatnya ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… jadi pengen punya pacar alien juga ya ampyon……………. sayang cuma di film sih!hahaha

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    I also love this drama a lot, but I think the writer is losing idea about our main character love story. It’s been dragging for a couple of episodes, and it just keep repeating those scenes.

    We want them to be together. Its time to make them realize each other feelings. I think Better than kissing, things like hugging all night is also very romantic, and it doesn’t hurt DMJ body.

    Watching this drama remind me about Secret Garden a lot, and sorry I think SG is better about story depth and dimension. BUT, this is DAEBAK drama for 2014, for sure. I also think this will be sad ending, coz till ep15 we can not see any path that will bring this to happy ending.

    KSH and JJH, fighting!

  738. 738 : stephanie Says:

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  739. 739 : stephanie Says:

    I am actually don’t have interest to either teacher or lecture even if they are handsome and charming my whole life.

  740. 740 : stephanie Says:

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  742. 742 : stephanie Says:

    I prayed to God, I hope one day I have a man who watch over me and protect me like do min joon do to song yi even without power.. lol

  743. 743 : stephanie Says:

    If I were song yi and kissing like in episode 15, I definitely will lost my balance and fainted after kissing coz I can’t control my heart beat anymore. and I can’t even sleep for 3 nights maybe. lol

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    lol. stephanie, ME TOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  745. 745 : soo hyun fans Says:

    the ending is sad or happy, I am sure hwi kyung will find the way to arrest his brother coz of his crime and he tries to kill his endless love Cheon Song Yi!ckcckck..

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  747. 747 : Resty Says:

    I’m Not Sure there will be Drama that can Beat this Drama
    The Story…The Casts….and every single detail of The way they Acting is so Perfect.
    This Drama Have to Winning Awards for all of the Categories Nominy.

  748. 748 : elRaged San Says:

    cant wait;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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    it has to be a happy ending…. you cannot make their followers sad and thats include me…….love this drama a lot….

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    adores jin hyun and loves kim soo hyun so much!

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  752. 752 : arum Says:

    Do Min Joon!!! What a man!! At this point we’re all wishing we had an alien wooing and loving us the way Do Min Joon loves Song Yi!! My god!! That last scene when he flew her to himself, told her that he wants to be the most selfish with her and kissed her!!!…never have I wanted to date an alien this much!! Oh my god this show!! Oh, The drama, the suspense, the love, the cuteness, the sweetness surprises!! Everything is beyond perfect!! It is both acted and produced so well! GOLD I say…GOLD!!Kim soo hyun aaaaaa ilove how you act……

  753. 753 : :D Says:

    Does anyone know about the special that is to be aired on the 7th?

  754. 754 : hunee Says:

    Wooowwwww what great chemistry and romance. It’s really out of this world!!!
    I truly love this drama, so hopefully its a nice happy ending!!!!

  755. 755 : arum Says:

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  756. 756 : Jenny taw Says:

    Me too me too!!! I am totally crazy over this show – keep repeating the show !!! I must vote this as the top show, top actor and actress, top story etc for this year !!!

  757. 757 : arum Says:

    @jenny:i agree

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    this show is gonna be THE DEATH OF ME!
    i cant control my heart bit.
    its out of control
    its killing me

  759. 759 : Laura Says:

    This drama has great form (changing time levels, interwieving of characters, expensive look,…), but i thought, there will be something more with “soul”, man who lived here for thousands years have to know lots of about life, but in the foreground is only romance (i’m not so much romantic typ), which is similar to Spiderman and so on – his alien’s substance started be simple coulisse for me. I realy like the first half, but i have worries now. Why, when heroin is in danger, script suddenly lacks quality? The worst character is main antagonist, he’s only bad, realy evil, without geniality (he’s clever like me or you, but without moral principles). Do you know Ira Levin’s A Kiss Before Dying (book not movies)? There are some similarities with YWCFTS, but in the book was realy one thing – hidding of murderer, I wanted in this drama something like that, so, not only thriller, where you can say: “Don’t do it, he’s dangerous!” But: “Who’s dangerous?”. 🙁 On the other hand I’m not giving up this show now and I will hope, the level doesn’t be falling. Please, be tolerate to me, i’m studing theory of literature, so i never be realy satisfied with products of popular culture, but i like watching it :-).

  760. 760 : endang Says:

    This is the first time I watch a drama with the starring of KSH and I think I began to love him, since his acting is very good in this drama. This drama drive me crazy, I think. I always replay the play list after I watched a new episode…LOL

  761. 761 : mei Says:

    what is the special episode?

  762. 762 : mei Says:

    can anyone tell me what is the special episode all about?

  763. 763 : Phally Says:

    I love is drama so much …….

  764. 764 : Luce105 Says:

    Praying for happy ending , my mood will worse if DMJ and CSY not together at the end
    Anybody watched episode special last night ?

  765. 765 : 星星 Says:

    OMG, I can’t wait till next week.. This is so good and dramatic, I can watch the kissing scene one hundred times. Soo Hyun looks so cool!

  766. 766 : ayi1975 Says:

    please anyone, give me the link about the spesial show. Please, please

  767. 767 : fan of them Says:

    I really love them. I love jeon ji hyun. I love kim soo hyun… i love them to be a real couple. Hihihi.. that so selfish…. eonni…. saranghae…

  768. 768 : hny Jo Says:

    hello ,admin…can u explain what meaning of Sp? is it true ‘special episode or what?… coz I can’t find the link to watch this,tq

  769. 769 : admin Says:

    @hny Jo from admin:

    Episode 15 have 2 part which will be show in 6/Feb/2014 for part 1 & 7/Feb/2014 for part 2 (it also called special episode).


    This 70-minute special episode aired on February 7th at 23:20 KST title “You Who Came from the Stars: The Beginning”. The special episode will feature Chun Song Yi and Do Min Joon’s love story from the first episode to 15th episode.

  770. 770 : agnesia Says:

    help please, it’s not work… i already opened the link but only picture, and wont play

  771. 771 : agnesia Says:

    sorryy… already found:


  772. 772 : hny Jo Says:

    oo, tq admin.

  773. 773 : Rozz Says:

    The Special Ep is only about the recap From Ep 1-15. Its like the Summary. And i read that all the kissing scenes of MJ ang SY will be watch again. thats the highlight I guess. haha. and also all the OSTs will be feature. =))

  774. 774 : selma Says:

    where can i find the second part of ep 15 pllzzzzzzzz

  775. 775 : niczej Says:

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  776. 776 : arum Says:

    Where can i watch the 2nd part of ep 15 ?plz help me

  777. 777 : elRaged San Says:


    here you can find it here you need to register first


  778. 778 : cha Says:

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  779. 779 : Sarita Says:

    I have been waiting for a great drama to come out…My love from another star GREATTTTTT! alsome story line! love it. The actors have great chemistry, love the conflict and the romance! best drama for 2014!!!!!! cant wait for the next episode 🙂

  780. 780 : nn Says:

    Amazing… Daebak… Wednesday come faster lol

  781. 781 : holy_mole Says:

    Ep15 part 2 was just a recap….!!!

  782. 782 : denise Says:


  783. 783 : denise Says:


  784. 784 : denise Says:


  785. 785 : arum Says:

    elRaged San

  786. 786 : arum Says:

    What is the title of the song played in last part? THANKYOU 🙂

  787. 787 : arum Says:


  788. 788 : khalish Says:

    Sung Si Kyung and the title is “Everything about you”

  789. 789 : denise Says:

    you are very up to date khalish.. but it can be downloaded next week isn’t it?

  790. 790 : arum Says:

    I felt bad at Se Mi.. She loves Hwi Kyung too much.. ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽

  791. 791 : jane Says:

    so curious wht will happend to dmj after tht SWEET kiss >.<

  792. 792 : denise Says:

    @arum : yes, i hope it’s not a sad ending at the end… no one get no one becoz all of them kill each other until se mi is the last one still alive :-‘(

  793. 793 : denise Says:

    jane : I guess do min joon and song yi will still pretend to hate each other while do min joon explain that kiss is nothing to song yi . Aaaaa, poor se mi poor hwi kyung too

  794. 794 : amy Says:

    my next drama… 🙂 wait til it end airing then i will watch it

  795. 795 : vip Says:

    aaaaaaw i don’t want this drama to be over((

  796. 796 : maknaee Says:

    @amy gonna marathoning this drama? kk

  797. 797 : arum Says:

    Episode 15 was a strong one. Romance, friendship and the mysteries were all touched upon in a satisfying way and I’m looking forward to more.

  798. 798 : arum Says:

    I wish the ending could be like Secret Garden’s, where they show the after-marriage life 🙂

  799. 799 : daniela Says:

    Event the accident of song yi fall make me goose bumps. Really! This drama makes me goose bumps over and over again from each scene! I guess the plot will be more interesting when it closer to finale!

  800. 800 : daniela Says:

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  801. 801 : KDL Says:

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  805. 805 : eileen534 Says:

    I read that ep 15 part2 is special episode. It is the summary from ep 1 – ep 15. So I think it didn’t effect to the whole story..

  806. 806 : quequeuqe Says:

    the preview of episode 16th will be out tomorrow!! so excited!!1 <33

  807. 807 : Dave Says:

    Am enjoyin dis drama so far..you guys should try and watch inspiring generation it’s an awesome drama KIM HYUN JUNG[boysb4 flowers,playfull kiss] JIN SE YUN[bridal mask]
    and im soo hyang!

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    cant wait next ep 16 miss a suzy

  809. 809 : henny Says:

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    if only alien did exist… It will be very perfect if do min joon is one of them

  811. 811 : elRaged San Says:

    Totaly fall for the drama,, love dominjoon and cheonsongyi somuch hope the ending will be a good ending “when there’s no love, how can a story have a happy ending?” Because there is love so it must be happy ending ;))) keep the good work!

  812. 812 : jow Says:

    HI GUYS,

    Did any one know the OST that sing by Huh Gak?? that’s really nice song…

  813. 813 : arum Says:

    @jow http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3oAUJ3p0_lI this is it

  814. 814 : arum Says:

    Suzy in ep 16 woooow

  815. 815 : arum Says:

    I love the chemistry between them

  816. 816 : arum Says:

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  817. 817 : quequeuqe Says:

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  818. 818 : elRaged San Says:

    ONLY A DAY LEFT……………….

  819. 819 : elRaged San Says:


  820. 820 : junia Says:

    who likes the ost in episode 15 ending???? I do!!! very cooooooooll songgg…lol

  821. 821 : pickefoo Says:

    ep 16 preview http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=wzdzntdGD4A

  822. 822 : Awesome one Says:

    i hope they extended one episode

  823. 823 : arum Says:


  824. 824 : arum Says:

    Sooooo sweeet

  825. 825 : Sophia Says:

    Loving this drama so much!!!! Omo ^____^/) ! Episode 15 was the most adorable episode ever!! Can’t wait for episode 16 <3…

  826. 826 : elRaged San Says:

    I CANT WAIT anymore………………………….

  827. 827 : arum Says:

    The team of You Who Come From The Star will be in Running man next ep yeah

  828. 828 : NelSkee Says:

    @ arum when will it be aired?

  829. 829 : NelSkee Says:

    anyone who knows were i can watch the special episode kinldy post a link pls

  830. 830 : BirddyBuddy Says:

    OMOoooooooooooooooo its todayyyyyyyyyyyyyy lol ;))))))) can’t waitttttttttttttt~~

  831. 831 : mahadewi Says:

    Debak!!!! I luv do min joon…coollllll…
    Can’t wait ep 16..

  832. 832 : Rellen Says:

    what?!!!!!oh my GOD………….. it’s a happy news for me!!! I have been waiting for them to play in running man so longggggggggggggg……… ah, THX GODDD

  833. 833 : Rellen Says:

    th preview in ep 16 is soooo sweeettttt

  834. 834 : Lisa Says:

    I CANT WAIT anymore^^
    hi friend, where I can watch online for this drama ?

  835. 835 : arum Says:

    Hey frd just go and watch Running man ep 184 in the last there is a preview ,cos i ddnt find it in youtube http://dramacrazy.eu/korean-drama/Running_Man-season-1-episode-184

  836. 836 : ayi1975 Says:

    I watched the preview of ep 16. wooooooooooow there nothing i can say but it was sooooo awesome.

  837. 837 : rozz Says:

    GUYS YOU CAN WATCH IT HERE: http://www.drama.net/you-who-came-from-the-stars-episode-1 HAPPY WATCHING!! :)))

  838. 838 : vero Says:

    so much better than the heirs!lol

  839. 839 : elRaged San Says:

    it is way better than the heirs!…………………

  840. 840 : Indria Says:

    I heart you Do Min Joon Oppa ^^ Oh my just another five more episode…… what next?? I’m gonna miss u……….

  841. 841 : agnesia Says:

    Absolutely will choose this drama as the best drama in 2014!!!!!

    LOVE KSH you’re the best actor…
    GORGEOUS JJH for creating so much funny scene …


  842. 842 : Joelia Says:

    Love this drama so much

    to:829 NelSkee
    you can watch Special Episode here.

  843. 843 : soel Says:

    seriously,i just went through all the previews of this drama and its amazing!..i love every thing about this drama..why the comparism with heirs?the storyline here is different,new and beautiful and the actors are just amazing.kim soo hyun is taking my breath away and the lead actress is so hilarious and beautiful..aigoo!

  844. 844 : arum Says:

    Ohhhhh,c bientôt la fin(the final is coming),i wish a happy ending 🙂

  845. 845 : arum Says:

    The 7th ost “Every Moment Of You” where can i find it ?

  846. 846 : khalish Says:

    you can get it at

  847. 847 : maknaee Says:

    I wish Joseon Vampire project will come true, and Kim Soo Hyun’s going to take the lead role /.\

  848. 848 : maknaee Says:

    always check out this site ~

  849. 849 : lou Says:

    I love this drama, super super entertaining and the lead stars, amazingly beautiful pair, love love love this drama…no wonder currently number one…unique story….

  850. 850 : ren Says:

    one of the best creative korean story, excellent lead actor/actress, they are beautifully paired, truly new concept of alien/human love story, entertaining to the max….it is a fact, number one….

  851. 851 : vero Says:

    this drama really make me wanna have do min joon by my side!!!!!!!
    I love this drama so muchhhhhhh

  852. 852 : tiastyus Says:

    I think in their 100 days annivarsary Do Min Joon still in the Earth

  853. 853 : ayi1975 Says:

    what a romantic alien do min joon.

  854. 854 : niczej Says:

    Omo!! tsk tsk.. i hope no disappointing moments in the end..

  855. 855 : agnesia Says:

    I wish I had one alien like DMJ by my side an brings me lot of luck and taking care of me always every where anytime i need….

  856. 856 : Intika Says:

    omoooo, cant waittt ep 17, Suzy became cameo in ep 17, omo omo omooo >,<

  857. 857 : arum Says:

    maknaee :I wish that too,and thanx

  858. 858 : arum Says:

    Than you khalish ,i lovd this song

  859. 859 : wdr Says:

    where can i watch the special episode one?

  860. 860 : niss_niss Says:

    Can’t anyone tell me about the extension rumor? Have they decided it yet?

  861. 861 : Kauana Says:

    I just can’t wait to see Suzy with Soo Hyun again, I miss this cute couple since Dream High, they’re so good together *u*
    this drama is totally killing me, it breaks my heart everytime Do Min Joon says he’s leaving Earth and he starts crying ; – ;
    I want him to stay with Cheon Song Yi…

  862. 862 : Kauana Says:

    Omo!! tsk tsk.. i hope no disappointing moments in the end..[2]

  863. 863 : Dic's Says:

    Really want to be Happy Ending….. Pleaseee………………

  864. 864 : wildie09211190 Says:

    im soooo in love after watching episode 16..my gosh my heart is beating soooo fast and i couldn’t stop it!and i finally realize that tomorrow is valentines day but my hubby is not here..how i wish do min joon will teleport here in philippines just to celebrate valentines day with me…im looking forward for happy ending….happy valentines to all!!

  865. 865 : Indria Says:

    I Looooove this drama way to much ^^ Do Min Joon Oppa you are the best ^^

  866. 866 : Albert Hick Says:

    Its so funny…so romantic and so sad..but I wish it will be happy ending between DMJ and CSY…happy ever after…Happy valentine’s day…

  867. 867 : Diana Rose Says:

    Can’t wait for ep 18…please make it happy ending SY and DJ….they are so cute n romantic…I love them so much…

  868. 868 : SUSAN Says:

    If DMJ stay on earth, its mean he will be aging like CSY??? Hope they are getting married n have children like other people…Suzy very cute n so pretty but I like DMJ and CSY more…

  869. 869 : lene Says:

    hopefully, do min joon will still be on earth on the 100th day that’s a nice thing to look forward…. love this drama and i’m addicted to it…

  870. 870 : aurora Says:

    dear writer-nim, park ji eun. please make it happy ending with your absolutely skill. I really sure, all of man from star’s lovers hope this drama will happy ending although the ending logic or not :”) Fighting alien! \m/

  871. 871 : shae Says:

    I think it’s already confirmed it has only 20 episodes, so sad my fantasy will end very soon… huhuhu!

  872. 872 : arum Says:

    Do min joooooo ….Kim soo hyun aaaaaaaa i’ll miss you

  873. 873 : arum Says:

    I have to rewatch the moon embrass the sun

  874. 874 : arum Says:


  875. 875 : myththrill24 Says:

    daebak rating for episode 17 congrats casts and crews ^^

  876. 876 : Phoo Says:

    Wow👍👍👍👍👍this drama is so evil everything is great! The actor and actress are perfect! Epic acting both of them anw are they really coming from the stars? Very unique romance comedy for this year phenomenal drama for 2014 lots of awards for KSH & JJH.

  877. 877 : NelSkee Says:

    no matter how this drama ens ill stil put this in top of my list for the best kdrama ever..i do feel this is will have a sad ending

  878. 878 : takin Says:

    I love this drama so much,,,,
    best drama!!!

  879. 879 : Dic's Says:

    I think suzy look nervous ……. hahahaha
    Who is the real name, alien do min joon ????

  880. 880 : Marianne Says:

    yes, i also think it will cost us more tears when the ending comes but no matter what i still adore this drama and kim soo hyun and jun ji hyun.

  881. 881 : jess Says:

    Great job Jun Ji Hyun…it worth waiting u acting in a good drama like this…the sassy but cute and silly character make me not boring watching this..happy valentines day Ji Hyun Unni… <3 <3 <3

    @Dic's…i dont think suzy in this drama..the heroin is Jun Ji [email protected] Jun lol…hahah that alien is Kim Soo Hyun…aigooo…@,@

  882. 882 : jess Says:

    haha…okay i know now why people mention suzy…its cameo in 17…sorry..

  883. 883 : elRaged San Says:

    wow wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
    1,000,000,000 one billion thanks to the writer
    the director , the drama staff

    the actors
    Jeon Ji Hyun & Kim Soo Hyun

    i’m glad i get to see a great drama during my time here on earth

  884. 884 : veronica Says:

    I am dying watching this great drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the story is really good!!!!

    suzy mention her ex boyfriend named samdong, make me laugh becoz it’s kim soo hyun who she talked to !lol

  885. 885 : veronica Says:

    i am so glad watching this drama

  886. 886 : niczej Says:

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    Biblical scholars as the Old Testament clearly asserted the earth as spherical about six times. Certainly scholars of the Vedanta and Buddhist traditions as late as the 15th century didn’t hold to that view either. The Vedas describes planetary systems throughout the universe.

    So how then did Joseon scholars, who drew much from Buddhist tradition come to embrace an unsubstantiated proposition, when the rigor of their discipline would not allow for it?

    I enjoy the fantasy as much as any other, but dear writer let us not perpetuate errors. There’s enough confusion in the world as it is.

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    DMJ-ssi can you teleport Yourself in front of me right now?
    DO manager answer me. are you marring our SY?
    (Lawyer Jang saying someting weird is happening?)
    Right now I don’t have time… (can’t catch the rest)
    Songyi, answer me clearly (or is condusiverly) your choice…
    I will stay by your side for along long time.
    Song Yi’s mom: Do Manager, answer my question! Are you going to marry Song Yi?
    Min Joon (at the end of preview): Song Yi, i will do what i can, i will stay by your side for a long long time..

    I do feel sad after watching this preview… 🙁

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  966. 966 : mira Says:


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    Ohh well, that is what I believe the ending will be. Cheerss

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  978. 978 : WSW Says:

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    Perfect ending right. LOL

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    btw have you all downloaded the “line” app’s emoticon of cheon song yi *appeared on 18th eps when cheon song yi ask for DMJ to hurry come*,it’s sooo cute ^^

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  996. 996 : soel Says:

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    @nina,that ending will be cool too,a little like gufamily book,right?.this drama is just the best so far and kim hyun keeps making me fall for him.i liked him from dream high and now am wavering between him and my all time oppa.aigoo!.

  997. 997 : soel Says:

    OMG,this is sooo nice.they have such great chemistry just seeing them together is breathtaking!..saving her despite the cameras and all that was daebak!!
    @nina,that ending will be cool too,a little like gufamily book,right?.this drama is just the best so far and kim hyun keeps making me fall for him.i liked him from dream high,his smiles,aigoo…he is the first guy to make me waver after my all time favorite oppa.aigoo!.

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    it’s beyond awesome……
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    each and every episode makes me like…………(Sigh)FEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
    only é more episodes left
    what will fill this empty hole in my heart ?
    or will it always be there just for this series?
    any way this one is definitely UNFORGETTABLE

    and to those who are waiting for it to end in order to watch the complete batch i say:

    YOU lost something very precious !
    the anticipation
    the waiting

  1002. 1002 : NelSkee Says:

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  1007. 1007 : bigeye46 Says:

    this drama is nice and great but so sad next week..for 2 esp left.they are good actor and actress congrats make this drama very good and wonderful fighting

  1008. 1008 : tigerb Says:

    @dam il and @ Lysha: thanks for the response! now i remember where i saw this guy.

  1009. 1009 : endang Says:

    just watching episode 19, so romantic places & romantis scene..hu..hu. OMG, I cann’t hardly wait for the last two episodes, but i will miss this drama sooooo much if it ends.

  1010. 1010 : niczej Says:

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  1011. 1011 : Lovekim soohyun Says:

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  1012. 1012 : Juana love Says:

    Hmmmmmmm so this drama is really goin to end,pls dnt make the endin sad cos dnt wnt to cry again🙏🙏

  1013. 1013 : Nissa75 Says:

    @elRaged San: can’t agree more with you. Waiting for each episode to come week by week is really something. I think I’ll hardly move from this drama and this is really awesome drama. Now, it’s time for us to anticipate the happy or sad ending for next week eps.

  1014. 1014 : Lovekim soohyun Says:

    Well i’ve nvr said dz b4.bt i defeneatly want a HAPPY ENDING now. wednesday plz cm quickly

  1015. 1015 : yojz Says:

    e😫 epith
    So sad it will end next week. Episode 19 make me laugh at the same time make me cry. Im so touch when song yi try to let go do min joon in order for him to live.. im so in love with this drama.. GOOD LUCK!

  1016. 1016 : CSY & DMJ Says:

    I love this drama…I’m crying a lot for this drama, but this drama is very very funny n very very romantic…I hope I can see “you who came from the star 2” without change the actor and actress… Great acting for them all

  1017. 1017 : Yuki Says:

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  1018. 1018 : Kikoy Says:

    From 1st episode till now….i just want to say AWESOME!! My FAVORITE DRAMA EVER!! Please……. make it HAPPY ENDING!!! Don’t make us disappoint with the ending…okay?

    Fighting…..for all team ^^v

  1019. 1019 : maknaee Says:

    next week … noo T_T
    totally will be my first place , faveeed drama <3

  1020. 1020 : momO Says:

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  1021. 1021 : ayi1975 Says:

    when dmj called sy names my heart melt away, b coz i can feel the love in his voice. What a cute and romantic alien. I will remember the drama as the best drama forever. But i cant face the sad ending. NO!

  1022. 1022 : kissy Says:

    YWCFTS really moved many souls..introduced mixed emotions in every episodes..satisfaction with the drama that I’ve never felt before..although thinking that it will come to an end next week makes me terribly sad and emotional..i will forever love and cherish this drama for the rest of my life whether it is a happy ending or not…

  1023. 1023 : tess Says:

    truly, one of the best korean drama. i really love performances of each and everyone. you just dont know the joy this drama brings to the viewers im sure not only in korea but worlwide. hoping for a next project for the two of them in the future pleas……

  1024. 1024 : anna steward Says:

    Please make it happy ending… I don’t care if the last episode so many tear coming down…but I really want they are happy ending…Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim soo hyun are best couple ever…please make them together again in the future drama…

  1025. 1025 : Anewor_alebaf73 Says:

    Amazing, exciting, i’ts terribly one of the best drama I’ve ever watch! The main actors and actresses are all good. Kudos to the whole team..

  1026. 1026 : elRaged San Says:

    only é more episodes left
    what will fill this empty hole in my heart ?
    or will it always be there just for this series?
    any way this one is definitely UNFORGETTABLE

    and to those who are waiting for it to end in order to watch the complete batch i say:

    YOU lost something very precious !
    the anticipation
    the waiting

  1027. 1027 : maknaee Says:

    @elRaged San
    ahahaha you’re right. This drama makes me want Wed-Thu come faster~
    Gonna miss this drama so much

  1028. 1028 : Love ALIEN4ever Says:

    …. Whew… Its so sad …2 episode left……:-(….

  1029. 1029 : elRaged San Says:

    tell me about it….
    now my entire week consists of only Wed-Thu
    the rest i dont feel at all

  1030. 1030 : Sanyi Says:

    OMG I it’s almost over, I hope for a happy ending
    episode 19 made me cry like a baby.

    And I completely agree with you @elRaged San, the anticipation
    Of waiting for the next episode made this drama that much exciting
    to watch.

  1031. 1031 : Kazu Says:

    Yun Woo Jin (Cameo) as Lee Jae Kyung and Lee Hwi Kyung Older Brother. http://star.koreandrama.org/?p=8553

  1032. 1032 : Indria Says:

    Do Min Joon ssi, I’ll miss you for sure. I know it’s gonna be hard to move on to the next kdrama whatever it is, I’m gonna keep YWCFTS as the best KDrama ever ^^ Looooveeeeeeeee it so much

  1033. 1033 : momO Says:

    Doo Min Joon!!

  1034. 1034 : elRaged San Says:

    it’s gonna be hard WITHOUT THIS DRAMA

  1035. 1035 : maknaee Says:

    Keep shouting ‘Happy Ending!’ ‘Season 2! Season 2!’ haha
    I’m gonna miss everything from this drama, even the evil Jae Kyung haha.
    And I wish to see Ahn Jae Hyun in more dramas, he’s great. Looking forward for his movie ‘Fashion King’ ~~

    @elRaged San
    Seriously who can beat this drama? Best k-drama eveeeer. How could I forget this drama? I think I’m gonna re-watching when this series end.

  1036. 1036 : momO Says:

    Im ady rewatching this drama…
    wondering how many time will I rewatch this drama…keke…

  1037. 1037 : miss you Says:

    Watching again from ep. 1: Do min Joo ssi, you discribe kind of girl that you dislike.. you resembles to Gyeon-woo in My Sassy Girl movie, feels like this drama is the sequel..

    Well..I’m already miss you do min joo ssi, and I wanna apoligize to Jeon Ji Hyun ssi: I’m not really like you at the first time because the age difference, but now I’m understand. I love your acting just like in windstruck and my sassy girl movie..


  1038. 1038 : remain Says:

    Kim Soo Hyun ssi in joseon style, looks classy..and modern style makes you very cool..neomu joayo..

  1039. 1039 : endang Says:

    I am possible sure, I will rewatch this drama again from episode 1 when this drama end.

  1040. 1040 : Nissa75 Says:

    Writer’nim and PD’nim…
    Please, let our OTP have an happy ending. 🙂

  1041. 1041 : Jenny taw Says:

    Good ending please…. Writer please can you let Do-manager to stay on earth and yet continue to posses super natural power ? He is extremely cool with teleport and holding the time etc :)))

  1042. 1042 : Meram8 Says:

    It’s not safe for me to operate machinery until this series is over! This waiting for the last 2 episodes is killing me! Stocking up on facial tissues. Bawling if does not end right?

  1043. 1043 : Meram8 Says:

    Who am I kidding…I bawling if it does end right!

  1044. 1044 : cc Says:

    So sad… last 2 episodes!!! Gonna missing this drama so much…

  1045. 1045 : mizzdd Says:

    i love this drama.. from the beginning until now.. its so good if continue to my love from another star 2… i love the main character.. they know how to play with their role… 5 ***** from me!!! daebak!!!

  1046. 1046 : Nemo Clown Says:

    It is the best drama ever. I’ll miss you two , DMJ & CSY, much.
    Hope DMJ won’t die and will live with CSY forever.

  1047. 1047 : NelSkee Says:

    yey at least there will be 21 episodes still praying for a great happy ending for DMJ and CSY congrats for the huge success THANK YOU SO MUCH to all that made this KDrama for sharing this incredible series!! DAEBAK

  1048. 1048 : violet88 Says:

    KSH and JJH are indeed among the best OTP for me.. And this drama is such a masterpiece.. REALLY hope both of them will be casted as an OTP again in another drama (though I know JJH RARELY takes any drama, but of course with the exception for YWCFTS which turn out to be a very wise decision of hers..). How about action drama/movie? Really loves JJH’s and KSH’s character and loveline from The Thieves.. miss Zampano and Yenical though their airtime was way too short…

  1049. 1049 : dramacrazy Says:

    i wish that JJH and KSH become couple again in period drama, it will be very handsome and pretty 🙂 I’m really hoping it

  1050. 1050 : dramacrazy Says:

    sorry not “wish” but “hope” 😀

  1051. 1051 : elRaged San Says:

    I loooooooooooooooooove it
    this drama is wonderful

  1052. 1052 : Lysha Says:

    any preview eps 20, please…

  1053. 1053 : ika Says:

    It’s wednesday…yiiippeeer…can’t wait for tonight…….

  1054. 1054 : Angel Says:

    can’t hardly wait for eps 20 & 21…
    Love this drama…

  1055. 1055 : lahtawpan Says:

    i like so much

  1056. 1056 : drina Says:

    my tears always overflowing when I think about this drama… I keep on feeling they will have to say goodbye in the end.. dunno why, it really hurts me… (T_T)

  1057. 1057 : Indria Says:

    Wish u will stay tomorrow Do Min Joon ssi……… and the next day, the day after tomorrow, for always ………..^^
    Just finished watching eps 20 and still can’t figure it out how the story will end up tomorrow, if they have to say goodbye …. I really wish that would be the sign for season 2. But if the story have to end by tomorrow then They should be together they or I have to say we deserve it right ??? it will be epic for happy ending in Kdrama

  1058. 1058 : Micc Says:

    Episode 20, so sweet! I meant the two detectives! 🙂

  1059. 1059 : tiveee Says:

    My Love From Another Star EP 20 with subtitles.
    Watch the latest episodes without ads, full-length video for free! http://tiveee.com/ep/my_love_from_another_star/?ep=20

  1060. 1060 : Leslie Says:

    I know everyone love Do Min Joon, but I personally love Lee Hwi Kyung! He’s very handsome and charming. Also romantic ~
    Anyway, can’t wait for the last episode tonight! Hope the rating for the last episode will be more than 30%!

  1061. 1061 : Charmaine Says:

    I love this drama, AIGOO, I think that for the last episode he arranges to meet her for dinner at the Namsan tower restaurant, but on his way there he feels weak and falls in the park in which he suddenly starts to disintegrate and disappears, meanwhile Song Yi is sat waiting for him, but he doesn’t appear…at that point she realises that he has gone back to his star and she is distraught, some time passes and she decides to go to the restaurant at the same time everytime hoping that she will meet him again, and surprise surprise somehow he finds a way to come back and meet her there, the love continues, that’s how I envisioned the final episode to be, LETS SEE IF IM RIGHT, That’s how I would right the ending I hope the writers for this drama think the same way I do….FIGHTING, but there really should be a part two of about 5 more episodes.

    1) The evil brother should be put on trial and sent to jail for his evil acts, the ring he wears is very significant, the writer(s) should/could show that he was from the same star but the twist is he was stuck on earth without any powers and could not return….

    2) When Do Min Joo returns the writer(s) could show him having a norma relationship with Song Yi and have the family they both dreamed of he could be by her side finally….

    3) The other actress could finally have Lee Hwi Kyung….

    Wow the ideas are just flowing from my mind…Omo Omo..LOVE IT, who shares my thoughts?

  1062. 1062 : LAdy Says:

    why this drama ratings decline? … I really like this drama, the story is really good, I like the acting of Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun, they are very compatible at all. I always wait for the next episode. I hope this drama has a happy ending and get a high rating for its last episode. fightinggg …

  1063. 1063 : NelSkee Says:

    maybe because of the olympics.. congrats for the great success!! DMJ AND CSY fighting!

  1064. 1064 : Lysha Says:

    @ Micc
    I agree with you, the way of detective and SM’a oppa finished problems is too funny…

  1065. 1065 : wee Says:

    well prepared for tonite final….it will be a sad ending….i believe so….

  1066. 1066 : widia Says:

    cant wait for the final episode…i hope it will be happy ending… Do min jo n Chun Song Yi are the best couple ever….

  1067. 1067 : hny Jo Says:

    I think DMJ wil stop the time while he met SY for last time!!…..but why they spent the time a weeks just like that, why not make achild , hahahahhaha :)) why just kiss…do something more ! don’t scare DMJ will sick coz I think he will recover soon, OMG eps 20 should be more great than this ;))

  1068. 1068 : HYORIN Says:

    its true…why they didn’t married soon? so wasting time….

  1069. 1069 : drina Says:

    only one episode left… who’s gonna miss this drama?? raise ur hand if u feel like I do, I feel like I’m gonna miss this couple… lawyer jang, the detective couple, yoon jae, bokja, hwikyung, even semi, and jaekyung… fyi… I only read the recaps, from many source, watch many scenes and mv’s in youtube, but yet watch it.. but I still fall in love with this drama. . and I fall quite hard:) I guess…

  1070. 1070 : rikso Says:

    waah i love it, this the only korean drama right now that i am watching. it is sad that is ending soon :(.

  1071. 1071 : aurora Says:

    hopefully, the ending will same with My Girlfriend is Gumiho, back to this world and happy ending although that’s not logic :’)

  1072. 1072 : agnesia Says:

    TT.TT… crying a lot when i saw SY’s cried too, when she thought MJ passed away..

    ooough… I’ll replay this drama from the 1st episode till the end…

    HAPPY ENDING pleaaaaaseeeeeee……………..

  1073. 1073 : cherry Says:

    I hope charmane was right so that I can watch more exciting episodes for this. I always of that ring. What was in that ring of jae kyung that he always touch and seen in this drama?
    Have a wonderful and happy ending please……….

  1074. 1074 : cherry Says:

    I hope charmane was right so that I can watch more exciting episodes for this. I always curios of that ring. What was in that ring of jae kyung that he always touch and seen in this drama?
    Have a wonderful and happy ending please……….

  1075. 1075 : butch Says:

    were can u watch episode 20?

  1076. 1076 : butch Says:

    please help 🙁

  1077. 1077 : Dic's Says:

    You can watch it with english sub
    Enjoy it…………… 🙂

  1078. 1078 : haruhi28 Says:

    i will surely miss do min joon and song yi…

  1079. 1079 : Lin Says:

    Couldn’t control my tears when CSY propose to him. Just got to wait ….d last ep whether m I going to cry a bucket. Hopefully not..amazing story line. Humans see alien as an alien but we all d korean fans see alien as DMJ.
    Saranghae!!! Fighting!!!

  1080. 1080 : Chimae Says:

    Dammn Song Yi so cute with her video 🙂

  1081. 1081 : bigeye46 Says:

    so sad but nice drama thumb up

  1082. 1082 : veronica Says:

    for me, the saddest part is when do min joon say goodbye to jang lawyer in the garden…. i am crying that time! they have spend time together for a very very long time………….

  1083. 1083 : rini jjh Says:

    Please, make it a happy ending..

  1084. 1084 : ayi1975 Says:

    this not the 1st time i cried bcoz the drama, but this time is really hard to control my feelin, because since the dmj and lawyer in the park i’ve- start cried till the end. How can the story become so sad? But that is true this drama is amazing, beyond the expectation. Bravo writer nim. Kunde, chongmal make it happy ending even in make sense way. B cos uri dmj him self is beyond any sense. Fighting!

  1085. 1085 : 키키 Says:

    Yeeeaaah finally happy ending for do min joon and chun song yi :)))

  1086. 1086 : liona Says:

    I’m too late to say I like this drama. What a good way to end this drama.
    Also great chemistry for the main couple, Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun, since movie
    “The Thieves.” Park Hae Jin got more famous, Yoo In Na also gets it. No doubt for waiting this drama until end.

  1087. 1087 : Juana love Says:

    I wll miss Do manager and song Yi.

  1088. 1088 : Anungla Says:

    I just fell in love with this movie…the best ever korean drama..kim soo hyun and jeon ji hyun the best couple..i just love it

  1089. 1089 : KimSooHyunfan Says:

    Wow! What an ending… it was a really interesting ending…it’s not completely a happy ending but also not a sad ending. This is the 1st time i’ve watched this kind of ending. I didnt like it @ 1st maybe coz it’s not the kind of ‘happy ending’ i expected. I’m sure no one predicted this kind of ending.Will remember this drama for a long long time.Thank you to all those ppl who made this drama!!! =D

  1090. 1090 : tess Says:

    i dont understand korean but watch the episodes in advance without the sub because i cant wait for the one with sub. i will never forget this drama and i guess one of the best sbs has ever produced. thanks for making us so happy with the ending. truly dmj and csy are the bests and really makes a very good pair. i really hope to see them in another drama together. i am an avid fan of lee min ho and now kim sho yun. i hope i spell it right. everything is so perfect. just sad i will not be able to see them next week but will keep watching it, you just make my wed and thurs perfectly right. congrats o the whole production staff. you are all so great. song yi is so pretty. i even watched their movie the thief because of these two.

  1091. 1091 : Phoebe Says:

    I think, that drama was quite interesting, I’m saying it like someone, who hates all paranormal romances, so that it’s not the best for me. I skipped lots of scenes because I was little bit bored. I think, the krimi plot should be more smart, not so flat. Under skin of this drama I was lacking something, I’m not satisfied, but it is still good piece of dramaland. It was funny and kind. I realy like ending, it’s subtle and fitting to whole story, one of the best kitsch ending I have ever seen 🙂

  1092. 1092 : elRaged San Says:

    NOOOOO i dont want this to enddddd!

  1093. 1093 : SUSAN Says:

    i just want they married in the altar / church

  1094. 1094 : elRaged San Says:

    amazingly brilliant.

  1095. 1095 : elRaged San Says:

    When I first started this drama, I didn’t have any expectations but it sure surprised me! The plot is pretty interesting so far and not to mention Kim SooHyun!!! laksjdf the feeels. I dieee during the shower scenes!!

  1096. 1096 : smrite Says:

    wow this is the best drama so entertaining,amazing acting,awesome chemistry between do min joon n cheon song yi,i wish there was more episodes gonna miss this awesome drama so much.

  1097. 1097 : IlovemyREDLIPSTiCK Says:

    My best kdrama 2014,,,,,,!,,,,,,

  1098. 1098 : HYORIN Says:

    My best kdrama after the moon that embrace the sun… CSY so cute in proposal gift…

  1099. 1099 : okcat Says:

    do min joon <3

  1100. 1100 : ayi1975 Says:

    i definitely will remember this drama for the whole of my life. This is the best drama i’ve ever watch. Chongmal from the 1st this drama cheers my life. Make my day so brighly. I sure i rewatch from the first. And will take very long time for me to star another drama. And if i miss dmj and sy i just watch again n again. Btw, arum w r u miss ur comment. 4 me read the comment also cheers my day.

  1101. 1101 : NelSkee Says:

    For me this is the best dram i’ve ever watched it ended so well but all the episodes are all amazing. Thank you so much to everyone who made this beautiful drama

  1102. 1102 : LAdy Says:

    final good drama, I love this drama, with a happy ending and get a high rating for its last episode. Do Min Joon and Chun Song Yi, I will always miss you two acting. thank you for making this good drama. fightinggg…

  1103. 1103 : Gulss Says:

    This is the best drama ever. Better than heirs

  1104. 1104 : leila Says:

    Great Drama… wonderful story.. plus running man made an appearance at the set of this drama, and made a parody of romance lines of both the lead actors… Great cast! great story! great acting!.. two thumbs up!!!!

  1105. 1105 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    Sandara Park is in the last Episode.
    We miss her here in the Philippines…

  1106. 1106 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    Thanks to all the Actors, Actresses, Director, Writer and staff.

    We are all satisfied!!!


  1107. 1107 : ting Says:

    one of the best drama ever seen thanks to writer and staff hope in the future there will be part II congrats to all

  1108. 1108 : hyw Says:

    Thanks u very much for happy ending.I never forget this drama forever…I think i will never see good story like this drama..I cried watching this final ep…

  1109. 1109 : hny Jo Says:

    screeaammmmm……awesome!!!!….satisfy ending….wonderful kiss…all I want it’s there…great performen for all cast,congratulations and tq for such great drama :))

  1110. 1110 : ika Says:

    Awesome…daebak….the best drama i’ve watched so far…thank you the staff and all artist for a great job. i think this drama need season 2..
    I’m missing wednesday and thursday already…missing YWCFTS..

  1111. 1111 : agnesia Says:

    great ending… finally…
    nice kisses…

  1112. 1112 : jessica Says:

    amazing amazing amazing drama loved it , i am hooked here in england fantastic cast and well done.!!!

  1113. 1113 : jesissca Says:

    Don’t bring heirs here,,we need to respect all works of making drama in korea,,,
    YWCFTS is one of great dramas in korea,, hope there will be next drama in the best quality like this,,, daebak for the casts

  1114. 1114 : dee Says:


    Good Job
    Thank’s for SBS !!!!!

  1115. 1115 : maeri11 Says:

    Best Drama for 2014. dahil dito tumaas lalo ang respect ko sa kdramaland pati expctations ko. i dont think there will be another drama who will be as great as this drama for now.. JJH and kSH..Best actor, actress and Couple :)))

  1116. 1116 : Dic's Says:

    Season 2 ?????????
    I just want to see do min joon and cheon song yi with children ( 7 girls ), or may be …. spesial episode again 😉

  1117. 1117 : TyTy Says:

    Thank you for this drama, one among the best drama that i ever seen in my adult life. The story line is so touch and also so funny. I really interested in the drama line. Especially, i do love the Lead actor and Lead actress in the drama. They are so fit to each other, it’s just the lead actress look older that the male. However, she is still beautiful.

  1118. 1118 : soel Says:

    all is well that ends so damn well..its just perfect perfect!..

  1119. 1119 : printer_cc Says:

    There should be You Who Come From The Star part II.
    I got so emotional watching the last eps, 3 years of waiting, then getting do min joon back then disappear again. This drama is currently the best drama I’ve ever watch!!!!!!
    Will miss Do min joon and Chun song yi 🙁

  1120. 1120 : cc Says:

    i love everything about this drama.. Good Job and best couple!!!!

  1121. 1121 : Eun Haneul Says:

    DAEBAK! it’s really a great Drama. the ending is so satisfying and i love it when Do min Joon said I’m home to Cheon Song Yi. It’s an interesting ending. I love everything here in the Drama.!
    This is the first time I cried because of a Drama and i didn’t see that one coming.

  1122. 1122 : nina Says:

    little bit disappointed…i want to DMJ and CSY married and have some child…hufftt..
    but over all…thank u so much for all.
    The Best Drama on the beginning of 2014

  1123. 1123 : vee Says:

    the ending is perfect,and it should end like that. we can’t expect a total happy ending, right? because it won’t turn out good.. since DMJ is an alien and earth is not his home, but still once in a while it’s a place he can visit :))

  1124. 1124 : wildie Says:

    This is my most favorite kdrama ever!!!it is very unique from start to end..superb acting both leads..thank you so much for giving such a beautiful drama and i willnever forget it!!more drama and movies for kim soo hyun oppa!!

  1125. 1125 : rikso Says:

    will be on the list of my favorite korean drama.. amazing ending and the kiss in the awards night=perfect moment.. and Dara cameo= <3 it, haha.. jjh and ksh did a perfect job, what an exploding chemistry between the 2 actor. jjh is such a great actress will definitely wait for her next project and ksh is such a great actor too.

    will definitely vote for it in the best korean drama of 2014!! 🙂

  1126. 1126 : rose Says:

    two thumbs up for this drama. nice acting from both male and female lead actor/actress. they have a good chemistry together. no wonder the rating was to high. hope their will be a sequel for this drama wherein they will have kids. Just imagining it makes me laugh already. wherein the kids will also be an alien (come and go situation). can’t wait for it.

  1127. 1127 : kiki novita Says:

    One best drama ever. So touching. Really sad coz it end, hope KSH and JJH become a couple again in anoyher project.

  1128. 1128 : starrynite Says:

    Excellent Drama ever!!! Excellent actor (KSH) and actress (JJH)!!!
    KSH, JJH please don’t say goodbye to us…… hope to see both you together in the next project, but don’t let us wait too long, ok?

  1129. 1129 : again Says:

    sequeeeeel pleeeeease..with the same main cast

  1130. 1130 : Yovita Says:

    One of the best drama ever 🙂 I bet it will be the 2014 best drama ^_*
    worth watching and worth waiting every week 😀
    well done KSH n JJH. the supporting actors are also brilliant.
    two thumbs up for the script writer and director! thank you to all crews for their hard work. saranghae!! xoxo

  1131. 1131 : happy Says:

    i will miss lawyer jang…

  1132. 1132 : happy Says:

    thanks to the screenwriter,all of the casts and crews and everybody who’s involved in this drama…thank you for a wonderful perfomance…

  1133. 1133 : meaa Says:

    Daebak, daebak, daebak…

    Happiest and loveliest ending EVER!!!

    Very good chemistry… Kim Soo Hyun can really move people to tears and Jeon Ji Hyun can be funny. They were perfect for their roles as alien and Hallyu star.

    Great cinematography and special effects. I hope this drama will win some awards!!

    Kudos to the actors, writers, crew and director!!

  1134. 1134 : endang Says:

    oooooh it’s really end, I’ll miss this drama so much

  1135. 1135 : Tin Says:

    I really love this drama:) season 2 please…:)) or another drama with JJH and KSH as the main lead actors:)

  1136. 1136 : bigeye46 Says:

    all actor n actress are good shows..thumb up and hard work and hopefully they got their award end of dec vote..

  1137. 1137 : haryor frm Nigeria Says:

    I haven’t watch the drama but the ratings makes me very anxious about it

  1138. 1138 : dramacrazy Says:

    love this drama verrryyyyy mmuuuccchhhhh. good job all team and actors, i love the song also…. i’m gonna vote for this drama to be the best drama of this year… kamsamida…

  1139. 1139 : ayi1975 Says:

    so amazing show. Unforgettable an beyond expectasion even imagination. Thanks to all of u that makes this show so beautiful and cheers my day from the start. Chongmal kumapsupnida.

  1140. 1140 : Dic's Says:

    Thank.s for all crew, actor and actress, special for Kim soo Hyun and Jun ji hyun…. this drama really make me happy… unforgettable….MISS YOU ALL…….. LOL…. 😉

  1141. 1141 : Juana love Says:

    Omg best drama ever.thnx to all the crew,actor and actress specially Kim soo hyun and jun Yi hyun 4 this drama!!!!!! Love the endin👍👍👍👍

  1142. 1142 : Autumn Reign Says:

    i feel so miserable now that it ends… how would i fill up my wed/thu?
    one of the best dramas, i experienced laughing while crying at the same time..Daebak!
    Congratulations to all the casts as well as to those unrecognized individuals behind this drama who made this journey a remarkable one.

  1143. 1143 : tigerb Says:

    i finished watching this series.

  1144. 1144 : fanny Says:

    nice drama, great actor and actress. Good ending for CSY and DMJ, but not too good for LHK and YSM.
    But highly recommended drama 😀

  1145. 1145 : Bacon Says:

    UNEXPECTED ENDING. I love it. I just love it. 🙂 It ended in the best possible way <3 BEST DRAMA EVER!! Kudos to the staff, producers, directors, and of course the actors – Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun <333

  1146. 1146 : males_man Says:

    Overall this drama is good especially when you watched 1-10 episodes….but it begin degrading as reaching the end….the ending was poorly done…never been cleared up whether Do Min Joon is there or no for Song Yi…

    1. Drama originality 3 from 5….(since there was a dispute between producer and the manga writer);
    2. Soundtrack 4.5 from 5;
    3. Actors and actresses 4 from 5;
    4. Love lines and chemistry 4 from 5;
    5. Creativity between episodes 4 from 5;
    6. Finale interest 3 from 5;
    7. My point of interest 3.5 from 5;

    Overall this drama has 3.5 rate from 5 stars….thank you…LOL

  1147. 1147 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Everything %100/%100 for me lollll 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😂😂😂😂😂 I just ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ This drama to bit 💑🎉🎊👍👍👍👍👍👍 time to start watching it all over again~~

  1148. 1148 : tess Says:

    super duper beautful………another dram please for ksh and jij please……it will be another blockbuster we tell you…….great ending and really the best for the year………can you please have a sequel for the lead actors…………

  1149. 1149 : belinda Says:

    no doubt that this is one of the best Korean drama in my list. 3 months spazzing over this drama and being hysterical over their chemistry. Jun Ji Hyun really rocks this show. I dont know how to find flaws in her because what she did in this drama was really flawless. Eventhough the ending was not as daebak as I had expected, but the rest had already been perfect.

  1150. 1150 : Love Says:

    Where can watch ep 21

  1151. 1151 : Nora Says:

    I have 1 question here: If Do Min Joon was trapped in the wormhole, what about the spaceship?? it looked like Min joon never board that ship..

    [a hint for season two maybe?? hehe..]

  1152. 1152 : emerald Says:

    you cannot expect a happy ever after from an alien and a human… at least the writer gives as a small hope that do min joon has to come back… at least… he comes back although he disappear again after few second or minute or an hour or in a day or in a year… its DAEBAK… although its fantasy… the writer spice up with some reality in there…

  1153. 1153 : Stefany Angela Says:

    sok iyeee luu kasi2 nilai!! who the hell are you??? @males_man

  1154. 1154 : Lovekim soohyun Says:

    Wow!best drama evr.last 3 episodes made me cry a river.btw i decided this will be the last drama am watching for the time being bcz of my exam.bt am ruined.i miss it like hell.nw in wednesday and thursday i’ll feel so sad.any idea wt 2 do?

  1155. 1155 : Yuki Says:

    Thanks alot the director, producer, writer, actors and actresses, and all the staffs for production of BEST DRAMA.

  1156. 1156 : cuity17 Says:

    Yessss finished!! Just grabs the dvd now, it’s my time to watch this drama completely
    Now 😀 lol *jumping n rolling*

  1157. 1157 : Indria Says:

    Farewell to Nega Sarange Hanaeun Do Min Joon sii, great performace. Looking foward to see u on your next fabulous project, hope I don’t have wait too long ^^ (now I get do min joonlicious fever, I cant separate which one is Kim Soo Hyun and which one is Do Min Joon, I guess this side effect because Soo Hyun is soo in to the character, well done Oppa) and for all the cast, crew, the writer and anyone who involved in this drama great job. Love it ^^

  1158. 1158 : lovingdmjcsyduo Says:

    This is a drama i can watch over and over again. Now that it has ended I will be waiting for the projects of the lead actors and actresses. I hope there is a Season 2 for this drama. I wish. I hope. Sigh. Kim Soo Hyun great acting! I hope he gets paired up with Kim Yoo Jung( Moon that embraces the Sun child actress) in the future…That child is a great actress! I can’t wait for their pair up in the future! There is also Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Yo Won, Song Hye Gyo, Kim Tae Hee..Anyways, one of the best drama of all time has just ended…and there isn’t anything worth watching yet for this year.

  1159. 1159 : Starlover Says:

    love this drama. BRAVO

  1160. 1160 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Hi admin.Please update Sandara Park’s cameo on episode 21. Thanks 🙂

  1161. 1161 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Gonna miss this drama alotsssssssss 😁😫😢since this is the best that made me eagerly waiting for a new ep everyday 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😘😘😘😘😂😂😂😂😂😂 plesssss make a season 2 🙏🙏🙏 Chaeballlllllll !!

  1162. 1162 : smrite Says:

    omg i am missing this drama i don’t know what am i gonna watch on wed n thurs best drama,i wish they bring some special episode like drama playful kiss showing little bits of their further life

  1163. 1163 : Sarah Says:

    Finally . I had watched end of this drama. >.<

  1164. 1164 : ceci Says:


  1165. 1165 : wildie Says:

    Sequel please… I want to see his face over and oveer again!!!!!!!!!!!

  1166. 1166 : maknaee Says:

    best drama ever ever eveeeeeeeeeeeeer

  1167. 1167 : ayi1975 Says:

    like the wise said ‘love will find the way’

  1168. 1168 : Nissa75 Says:

    Hi Admin,

    Would you please add this drama to the list of most shared drama (top 30)… 🙂 So we can easily find the description and comments about this drama in this site, whenever we miss this drama. I think there are many thought about this show shared in this site and this drama is so popular… I enjoyed reading the description and comments from this site. Maybe some of you agree with me guys 🙂

    Ommoo I’ve already missed this drama so much. You Who Came From the Stars …BRILLIANT…. ^_^

    (@Nissa75 from admin: Please read FAQ here regarding ‘Most Shared Drama’ – http://www.koreandrama.org/?page_id=323)

  1169. 1169 : Nissa75 Says:

    Oh thanks for your respond 🙂 Now I know the rules for that.

  1170. 1170 : violet88 Says:

    There are no words to describe how perfectly done for JJH and KSH to bring out CSY and DMJ character from themselves.. they are so right and perfect for these characters, and the drama will not gave the same intense feeling if they were carry out by other actor/actress.. MOST OUTSTANDING and TERRIFIC OTP with abundance of chemistry.. I buy their love story so much I kinda of hoping they really end up together in real life, but of course it’s impossible since JJH is married..

    Highly recommended rom-com drama to all.. Best drama FY 2014.. I’m sure most will agree with me..

    Otoke, already missing Min Joon and Song Yi… 🙁

  1171. 1171 : Marlyn Lee Says:

    Dearest All,

    Super Love this drama.. And Love Ji Hyun and Soo Hyun this perfect couple!
    Specially Ji Hyun, she very awesome, wonderful girl!

    Hope they are have the other drama, event or movie work together as couple!

    Thank you all

  1172. 1172 : Jazz2327 Says:

    well it’s a good ending that DMJ struggle to comeback.the first attempt he can only last for a second,2nd attempt he can say attorney’s name, 3rd is when he can kiss CSY he has to do it as he doesn’t know how long he can be with her,then the 4rth is when he can stay with CSY for a year and 1 mos. and when he came back he said he was home ..that should mean its gonna be for good.I wont complaint that he doesn’t become a completely human as he was already living like one, cuz if his abilities as alien is gone.then the essence of DMJ being from another star will completely be gone.

  1173. 1173 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    HONESTLY SPEAKING: This is the first K-drama of 2014 that I already FINISHED WATCHING! I skip I Hear Your Voice, Master’s Sun, Secret and end up prioritizing this drama. I was hooked up.

    A fantasy that brings out the real set of a life’s story. A sci-fi with real intentions and surreal.

    The ending is like the practice of wishing on a falling star. It’s not a star, but you believe on it, it’s the best and acceptable ending for a woman and an alien.


  1174. 1174 : Nissa75 Says:

    There is a good news guys:

    “Man from the Stars” to Release a Never-Before-Seen Epilogue on their official homepage, March 4th. Hope it would help with the withdrawal…


  1175. 1175 : connie Says:

    best drama..thank god its not a sad ending..i watch it for a second time..its my first drama that i repeat..miss do min joon..love him…

  1176. 1176 : MissAquarious Says:

    Every time this drama, the characters the actors and actresses and music cross my mind or even see or hear anything from MY LoVE FROM THE STAR. I would star tearinbup, even crying. I miss this drama so much. Im really sad its over. I still have a lot if questions. a lot if what ifs. I wish they had the babies or even have a 100% happy ending. I want to see them every week. I really hope that theyll make a season 2 for this with same cast. The writer was amazing. She really got me thinking and her imaginations of fantasy. it waa incredible.The director made this drama really reanotherlly well made. And the actors were excellent. We realy want a part two. or even another drama with same cast with same director.

  1177. 1177 : vinaa Says:

    LOVE THIS DRAMA…..!!!!!

    This is THE BEST drama ever……!!!!!!!!

    This drama drive me crazy, addicted, so i can’t wait for the next ep., n since i have done watch it, i repeat it over n over again..

    I Love DMJ+CSY, they fits together since they work together in a movie “Thieve”

    Thankz to writter, director, all staf who make this movie like a virus.. Hoho~

    I hope there will be the next drama or movie who cast by Kim Soo Hyun + Jeon Ji Hyun.. Please~~

  1178. 1178 : RUBY PLACHETA Says:


  1179. 1179 : Sherry Says:

    Really one of the best dramas I’ve seen in the past 5 years. It featured some of the most natural romantic scenes between Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun! Kim Hyun Soo, young Chun Song Yi, was excellent- I loved her in Good Doctor and hope she goes a long ways in Korean TV and movies. Park Hae Jin was such a sympathetic character – he was so great in My Daughter Seo Young- I think it’s time he becomes the LEAD male in a series- comic or dramatic, anything would be fantastic. Shin Sung Rok was the perfect devilishly (emphasis on DEVIL) handsome, completely evil bad guy- and he was so sweet in Definitely Neighbors! I think he may have found his niche here. And of course, Kim Soo Hyun. Fell in love with this actor in Dream High- he can do comedy, tragedy, he sings, he’s easy on the eyes – perfect leading man credentials and he does it SO WELL. I had never see Jeon Ji Hyun before- now I will have to look at her past efforts. She can do it all – and together, they make a stunning couple. I think if I was a man, and she looked at me the way she looked at Kim Soo Hyun, I’d become like putty in her hands. She’s sassy, snotty, sweet, sexy and sincere when she needs to be, and says what she wants. Loved it all.

  1180. 1180 : ghazwa Says:

    i really love this drama its wonderful couldn’t resist watching it and the ending is the beast

  1181. 1181 : ghazwa Says:

    I cant stop the tears my face look swollen i don’t know how i will look tomorrow at work kkkk

  1182. 1182 : minniebell Says:

    A really good and must-watch drama. Jeon jihyun acting was perfect. She’s not only gorgeous but the emotions she showed are just too great. i love how she looks sooo madly in love with Do Minjoon. I’ll miss this drama :’)

  1183. 1183 : angel Says:

    actually from the beginning i watch this drama just because i love KSH and chemistry of KSH and JJH at the thieves.but unpredictable this drama can be my best k-drama i ever seen from the storyline,chemistry,acting,everything are really great.even with that wormhole thing for ending conclusion just become more realistic than he just stay in the earth like nothing ever happen ecspecially after his identity reveal to the world..this drama very recommended to watch and absolutly i’ll miss this drama again and again.

  1184. 1184 : jaril Says:

    This is very great drama…
    The ending is really amazing!
    After watching the Ep20, I cannot think of a scenario of its EP21…
    How will be their relationship when Do Min Joon will be back to the stars? How will Cheon Song Yi live?
    At the first part of Ep21, when Do Min Joon was emotionally saying his reminders to Cheon Song Yi, I was predicting of a tragic ending…
    But it turned out, I was wrong…
    The ending is so grand and unexpected…
    That even Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi are from different world, they can still live happily and harmoniously…
    The writer has incredible and broad imagination and made the ending fantastic and hilarious…
    Even though the drama is a fantasy/fictitious, it just manifested how great LOVE is…that two persons who may have huge disparity and many differences, but because of LOVE can still be united, agree and complement…
    And I know, words are not enough to describe and explain how satisfying and enjoyable I am in the watching the drama, especially the unanticipated finale.
    Kim Soo-Hyun had improved from his acting as Lee Hwon in The Moon Embracing The Sun…
    Kim Soo-Hyun and Gianna Jun acted so well…they are nice couple…

  1185. 1185 : Lovekim soohyun Says:

    I still cnt get over with it.i’m addicted to it.i think i’ll compare every drama with this bt i hv no intention of watching other dramas

  1186. 1186 : Patricia Says:

    This story is sooo original. And i must hail JJH! She’s so funny!!! Everything about this drama is perfect. Even if it’s not a perfect happy ending (which i also think its a good shift from all the other dramas), the plot of the ending episode is well crafted.

    Daebak to all the crew!!

  1187. 1187 : nina Says:

    so sad that i will never seeing doo min joon again…:(
    miss doo min joon so much…
    please, Soo Hyun Oppa..come back with another best drama..:)

  1188. 1188 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    I also enjoyed this drama and there were really funny scenes. I do hope that this is the last scifi/time travel drama for KSH. This type of drama does not really bring out the best of KSH…or maybe it’s my fault that I always compare his character here against The Moon That Embraces The Sun.

    And yes I agree, one of the contenders for the best drama in 2014. Now it’s finished, am focusing on Golden Rainbow where I find very interesting, could also be the best in 2014, who knows?

    Fighting everyone!!!

    Anyone who watches other dramas he/she finds interesting? 🙂 Please recommend.

  1189. 1189 : dee Says:

    The best drama!!!!
    I Love Kim Soo Hyun, he’s a great kisser lol
    Nice story and nice cast with impressive ratings.
    I love Cheon Song Yi character here, so funny.
    I love Do Min Joon cool character.
    I love everything about this drama!

  1190. 1190 : Priscilla Sabrina Pua Says:

    I get information from u-tube that there is a hidden esp for this drama due to insufficient time, many part was cut. But do not know where to watch this hidden esp..
    Why good drama always give me headache

  1191. 1191 : sara Says:

    this is the best korean drama i ever watched! I am speechless describe how great this drama is!

  1192. 1192 : sara Says:

    i am a college girl, honestly all of my friends(girl) are talk about this drama and they were crazy about it! they like Kim Soo Hyun very much and the story is really good! PERFECT Drama according to my community…..

  1193. 1193 : Nissa75 Says:

    Priscilla Sabrina Pua:

    You can watch it here

    That’s the last epilogue meant to be…

  1194. 1194 : aye Says:

    i really like i cant stop watch movie i like actor and actress

  1195. 1195 : Priscilla Sabrina Pua Says:

    Nissa75 :

    Appreciate the information and think you so much

  1196. 1196 : the banker from ph Says:

    can somebody please tell me where can I watch the special ending episode?i still can’t recover from this drama 🙁

  1197. 1197 : MissD Says:

    heart attack for every episode

  1198. 1198 : Indria Says:

    It’s been almost a week after the final episode, and still I can’t move on. This drama is really cast me a spellbound jin ja, omo ottokke ??
    Do Min Joon ssi ……….miss u much ^^

  1199. 1199 : sara Says:

    even my students in junior high love kim soo hyun soo muchhh becoz of this drama

  1200. 1200 : sara Says:

    and my friend boys and girls become know about this drama coz of how popular of this drama!!!

  1201. 1201 : Lovekim soohyun Says:

    Did u guys watch the special epilogue?the perfect happy ending.they bought a house with a yard as the planned and lived happily evr aftr

  1202. 1202 : Nora Says:

    @Lovekim soohyun: link please.. hehe

  1203. 1203 : ik Says:

    Nissa75, The last epilogue makes me cry like a baby……… so sweet. What am i going to do tonight? So oleaseee…season 2 with the same cast writer, and staf

  1204. 1204 : ayi1975 Says:

    waw, what a happy ending, its totally happy ending. Awsome

  1205. 1205 : Nissa75 Says:

    can’t agree more with you. Even now, I can’t say goodbye to this drama yet… I want season 2 with the same casts of course, but I think it’d be difficult to get the same casts especially the lead actor and actrees. If the PD can’t get the same casts, it’d be better to change all the casts rather than pairing the lead with others actor/actresses (just my thought). Just let our memories of Hyun-couple (DMJ n CSY) last forever in the Dramaland…. 😀

    link for the last epilogue

  1206. 1206 : elRaged San Says:

    i miss this series alot .

  1207. 1207 : tanya Says:

    this is the first drama that ever got me addicted!!!!
    The story is really really good, I even can’t describe it!
    I want this drama to be 50 episodes and including DMJ and CSY married life. Season 2 please!!
    Anyway, I’m so glad that this drama is very popular. I saw Running Man special episode about this drama, and that episode was freakin’ funny! All members seem to know this drama well, that means they watched it a lot. I can’t imagine if the casts are not Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun, the drama will be totally different. Good job for the production staff to choose them as the lead actor and actress! Love love love love this drama. This drama MUST get a lot of awards!!

  1208. 1208 : ivy Says:

    Kim soo hyun.. First you kissed Suzy, then you kissed Han Ga In, and now you kissed Jun Ji Hyun. You kissed 3 prettiest woman in Korea!! 😀

  1209. 1209 : dosongyi Says:

    the drama is really awesome

  1210. 1210 : dosongyi Says:

    3 prettiest women in Korea . ivy ,,,really? so the question who’s next?

  1211. 1211 : Soniaragasa Says:

    This is the best drama,i have seen the story is best i hope there is a season 2 but same actor and actress o main cast.thank you to writer and director to this drama,i know the can make continuation of this drama because the writer is clever and director,now my week is emty because my love from the star is already end.Ksh and jjh are best partner the have chemistry ,ksh is a good actor and jjh is a gorgeuos and good actress.i will give 100thumbs up to them.and also the other main they are good also.Awesome this drama love ilike it

  1212. 1212 : HYORIN Says:

    You who came from the star season 2 please….with same actress and actor…

  1213. 1213 : Mem Says:

    where can i watch the special episode ??

  1214. 1214 : April Rose Says:

    SEASON 2 PLEASE… I will really miss this drama. Oh come on. It’s pretty cute perfect.

  1215. 1215 : April Rose Says:

    The same actor and actresses.

  1216. 1216 : MoMo Says:

    i miss doo professor so much!

  1217. 1217 : Nitta Says:

    Best drama! I like the story, the casts especially jun ji hyun. Her acting just perfect to be chun song yi. I will watch this drama many many times

  1218. 1218 : gembel_doen Says:

    at some point I think Gu Family Book was better than this drama…beside…whenever I watch SCY’s cries…I thought that she was mocking the viewers…lololol

  1219. 1219 : Soniaragasa Says:

    Thats only your thoughts okay if you dont like this drama ,its better not to say anythingjust continue what are you wacthing okay! Because everybody had different tastes what they like to wacth.

  1220. 1220 : elRaged San Says:

    Best drama! EVER……………..

  1221. 1221 : rachel Says:

    hey look! after u guys watch the full epilogue ,, it is not finished yet ,, there’s another video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7L0rX6Q5f40#t=114

  1222. 1222 : rachel Says:

    hey look! after u guys watch the full epilogue ,, it is not finished yet ,, there’s another video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7L0rX6Q5f40#t=114

  1223. 1223 : suzzane Says:

    yes i watch it LOL .. song yi and do min joon had a son and chun so yi is cooking

  1224. 1224 : riz Says:

    yes i watch it LOL .. song yi and do min joon had a son and chun so yi is cooking

  1225. 1225 : gembel_doen Says:

    I bet their son named…AH LI EUN…wkwkwkwk

  1226. 1226 : tanya Says:

    In episode 20, do min joon said he want to have 7 daughters, no boys lol and he got a boy xD

  1227. 1227 : riz Says:

  1228. 1228 : maknaee Says:

    @rachel @riz
    ewww thank you for the link <3

  1229. 1229 : Lovekim soohyun Says:

    Itz been 2 weeks ,bt i still cnt get over this.btw ending epilogue gave all the satisfaction 2 YWCFS lovers.i should start reading that book do min joong was reading.

  1230. 1230 : Raisa Says:

    ♡♡♡Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi
    Kim Soo Hyun is very spectacular..
    I can’t stop to watch YWCFTS… I watch it over 10 times..
    Good love story, maybe this is first drama about allien..

  1231. 1231 : Soniaragasa Says:

    Its been 10 days has ended this drama, but i’am still love to wacth every episode i hope there is a contuation to this dramathe same actress and actor pls.

  1232. 1232 : maknaee Says:

    guysss, ‘My Love From Another Star – Episode 21 Epilogue Uncut – Never Seen Footage >> http://mondaycouplemoment.blogspot.com/2014/03/my-love-from-another-star-episode-21.html

  1233. 1233 : anzu Says:

    Ending of this drama was so beautiful….best ever ending i ever saw…..nice drama

  1234. 1234 : vkchu Says:

    I’ve just finished watching it,kind of refreshing one…..

  1235. 1235 : jian hui Says:

    I love park hae jin’s acting. (Hwi kyung).It look so real, and I really appreciate with his character in this drama. Kim so hyun?. Charming prince as usual. ^^

  1236. 1236 : sara Says:

    look at this page, everyone posting good things here which means this drama is the real good drama…

  1237. 1237 : junjihyunlover Says:

    The most hilarious scene part is everytime cheon song yi said : OOOppss.. Sorry!

  1238. 1238 : Lovekim soohyun Says:

    Guys i hv a problem.is there another epilogue other than the never seen epilogue?wt z da meaning of some comments saying they had a boy?i cnt watch the link here.

  1239. 1239 : riz Says:

    check out this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7L0rX6Q5f40#t=114

  1240. 1240 : hyw Says:

    i really miss them

  1241. 1241 : Another country Says:

    I’m really really hope there is season 2 of this drama. Only this drama , i never got boring in every part of this drama. I think the writer really success to catch the viewers. Good Job ! Season 2 pleasee…

  1242. 1242 : Not korean Says:

    I’m serious ,in my country this drama is very very BOOMING . It’s Amazing drama. Hope season 2 …

  1243. 1243 : wulan Says:

    i like ending of this drama because beautiful..i’m really hope there is sesaon 2 of this drama

  1244. 1244 : cesz 8 Says:

    refreshing and delightful…..never boring

  1245. 1245 : elRaged San Says:

    ii miss it so much……………………..

  1246. 1246 : Sari Tjen Says:

    Just finish watch this drama, is there any link to see the special episode?
    Really… really like this one, the story and the cast are very great, I can cry, laugh, sad, scare and happy. Full package story!
    the ending was beautiful, just hope there is a scene that they have 7 babies, just like they imagine… he he…
    hope there was another great drama like this!!
    congratulation for all the crew and cast… waiting for next!!
    ( upss… if an alien have a good looking like this, wow that will be awesome!! ha ha ha ha… )

  1247. 1247 : vivi Says:

    DAEBAK!!!! two thums up for this drama…

  1248. 1248 : Sofie Says:

    I LOVE THIS KOREANOVELA!!!FOREVER, I wish it would have a season two or they could have another drama or movie together. (jun ji hyun,kim soo hyun) i also love them both. Good luck to both of them 🙂

  1249. 1249 : Sofie Says:

    The drama is very lite. I like the way the cast and director made it. aaahhh. I really love the drama.

  1250. 1250 : Bluishstar Says:

    The best drama in 2014.Best acting of kim soo hyun and jun ji hjun.

  1251. 1251 : junia Says:

    i miss them

  1252. 1252 : hasna Says:

    i love this drama so much…….
    wonderful drama korea
    aaaa i want to watch again

  1253. 1253 : Hilary Says:

    My favorite Korea Drama in 2014!! I finished a few weeks before…but i still miss do min joon manager lol…
    And!! i find this Drama DVD have already came out!! I ordered it and watch it again:D

  1254. 1254 : elRaged San Says:

    i miss themTIIOO

  1255. 1255 : girl Says:

    love this drama, best couple ever>>> watch over and over again….

  1256. 1256 : reindeer song Says:

    gembel_doen. I would agree the Gu Family Book was far better but this drama is still going on in NY coming close to an end. Sorry people do not bombard me to notes, I did not like her condesending speaking voice sorry!!!

  1257. 1257 : lovely Says:

    like this drama, love u manager do

  1258. 1258 : Kyouichie Says:

    I just finished watching it. I love the story but the ending makes me is quite disappointing. Everyone loves happy ending but its sort of unfinished.. Makes me think what happened next.. haha Anyway, over all.. I love this drama sooo much! 🙂

  1259. 1259 : Edang Says:

    I miss wtching this drama T_____T manager do <3

  1260. 1260 : Mars Says:

    Watch more than 3 times already…so funny and interesting drama…

  1261. 1261 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    I was surfing the net when suddenly a news about “You Who Came From The Stars” appeared on Philippine TV.

    It will be aired soon here in our country and I was about to go crazy after hearing it because I am already a fan of Kim Soo Hyun since the “Dream High 1.” era. 🙂

  1262. 1262 : ting Says:

    very nice watching again and again

  1263. 1263 : Dev78 Says:

    Now im dreaming about having alien boy Friend like Do Min Joon ^*^

  1264. 1264 : babocat Says:

    I love this Drama so much!!! And, i love Do Min Joon too!!!!! hehehe~
    I bought a DVD set in YesAsia.com for watching this Drama again!!! Also, i am surprised that they include the poster and free shipment fee!!

  1265. 1265 : EmEm Says:


    This coming APRIL 21,2014 will be air this kdrama in our country… entitled “My Love From The Star” on GMA Network …l’m excited to watch this ..in TAGALOG dubbed version…

  1266. 1266 : karthik Says:

    I already watched 10 times ,i love it,and fall for it

  1267. 1267 : choopatiu Says:

    Simply love it.

  1268. 1268 : kimviegan Says:

    waahhh I can’t wait to watch that ..
    #feelingexcited hart hart <3 <3

  1269. 1269 : andra Says:

    i like of craizy

  1270. 1270 : ira Says:

    Oooo….aigoo…. I love so much this drama, very-very good ……..

  1271. 1271 : ira Says:

    Oooo….aigoo…. I love so much this drama, very-very good ……..

  1272. 1272 : crisi hom Says:

    love this drama that my younger sis want to have an alien as a BF

  1273. 1273 : racheill Says:

    ya me too i love this drama verry much actually the lastscene i was dissapointed coz for me dis not a final.do min joon nd cheon yong yi wats the next hope soo i love u both of u:-)

  1274. 1274 : gambee Says:

    the best drama ever!!! hope for part 2

  1275. 1275 : goldencross Says:

    Dear Admin, please add this drama to top most shared drama list. Thank You

  1276. 1276 : Autumn Grace Says:

    I just started watching this, I finished episode 3 already. I find this a good drama even I’ve just started watching it. The chemistry between the lead character is good as well as the story line but I think there is something lacking. I cant figure it out. Maybe I just don’t prefer stories like this. 🙂

  1277. 1277 : Riandre Says:

    Best Drema Ever

  1278. 1278 : Lime Says:

    I miss them soo much.best drama.

  1279. 1279 : yuliEyuta Says:

    laaaaiiikkk so much this drama ,,

    kim soo hyun .. sarangHAE _,,

  1280. 1280 : Kamille Says:

    This drama will be aired tomorrow in a network here in the Philippines. I am planning to watch it again because it is absolutely in my favorites already. There weren’t dull episodes. EVERYTHING IS JUST WELL PLANNED. DO MIN JOON!!!!!!

  1281. 1281 : dianne Says:

    This drama. Kudos! To all who made this drama, and to the writer. I think this one should win as the best korean drama for 2014. Epic.

  1282. 1282 : Autumn Grace Says:

    Two thumbs up to all the casts and crew of this Kdrama. I enjoyed watching it.

  1283. 1283 : gambee Says:

    i really love this drama!!! best drama of 2014!!!! KUDOS!!!

  1284. 1284 : stephanie Says:

    Best koreanovela ever..i love Do Min Joon and Chun Song Yi

  1285. 1285 : jessica daniels Says:

    I simply love it

  1286. 1286 : sophia Says:

    Indeed excellent drama! I love so much the main cast and rest of them. laugh much! Good job guys… God speed.

  1287. 1287 : irishjoy Says:

    i hope may season 2 thumbs up

  1288. 1288 : meriros Says:

    Its so amazing ang its a very good drama series that I ever watched. How I wished and hoped that there’s a season 2 ^-^

  1289. 1289 : fallonle Says:

    i love this drama it was great.

  1290. 1290 : Hazel Says:

    Where can i watch this?.. It’s not yet available in Dramafever and Viki 🙁

    from Philippines..

  1291. 1291 : sara Says:

    you can watch it at http://www.drama.net

  1292. 1292 : sara Says:

    create season 2 please!!!

  1293. 1293 : feane Says:

    I’m glad I did start this drama although the poster gave off a totally different feel to the story. And I didn’t recognize Kim Soo Hyun right away in the picture but finally while watching the drama >_<

    Damn, this guy has the most gorgeous lips I've ever seen ~.~

    The drama itself is really great, too. Although a little sci-fi, there weren't any awkward or bad filmed/edited scenes. Every episode had a smooth flow. Ohhh, and the kisses. Great ones! With movement, no time-frozen ones ;D

    Jeon Ji Hyun was a surpise. I haven't seen anything with her in it but she did a really great job in this drama. Thank you for all those funny scenes! xD ^^

  1294. 1294 : menchie Says:

    I really love watching this drama!!! two thumbs up 2 the writers, directors, actors and actresses… they are really awesome!!! The Best production ever!!!! hopefully there will be a continuation of this drama!!! Aja!! Fighting!!!

  1295. 1295 : Birddybuddy Says:

    This drama is just AMazingness, Awesomeness,Coolest 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 that korean drama world has created 😘😘😘😘 and I can say this drama will already become my most everrrrrrrr favourite drama of all time for sure 😂😂😂😂😂 Reallyyyy Recommend this drama to any of you guys who haven’t watch this drama yet 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 it’s really worth watching 😂 u’ll regret it for the rest of your life if ü not gonna watch this drama loll 💑💑💑👍👍👍😘😘😘😘😘😘😜

  1296. 1296 : viviy Says:

    I love this drama,,,,
    do minjoo i love uuuuuuuu

  1297. 1297 : john roldan sadie Says:

    love this drama hope there is season 2
    love them as best couple of the year
    Do min joon and chon song yi

  1298. 1298 : LiaChan Says:

    i love this drama so much… its one of the best kdrama i’ve watched… KSH and JJH has a strong chemistry.. love them as a couple.. hope to see them again together.. this is really one of the best…. until now im not yet over it… im inlove in the story… to do min joon and chon song yi..

  1299. 1299 : Sella Ayu Says:

    Best Korean Drama ever.
    The story was amazing, the actor and actress, the every single acting, the comedy, the romance, scandals, solution, and the happy ending.
    but I think that something is missing, it would be very perfect if the production adding wedding scene. at the end of the episode I was hoping for the wedding scene, but it did not, I was a little bit disappointed. However by cheon song yi and do min joon could be toghether it was remarkable ending.

  1300. 1300 : maknaee Says:

    for those who still haven’t watch the full ending yet.
    extension epilogue : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkVO74Pt2K8 (cr: sbsnow)

  1301. 1301 : mons Says:

    hi to all pls advise me site where i can watch the full episode of this drama. thanks so much

  1302. 1302 : winnie Says:

    My daughter could not understand why i’m watching this all over again starting from ep 1. I super enjoyed evey scene, the lines are delivered well.
    thank you for such a wonderful drama.

    I agree that this should be included in the top most shared drama list.

  1303. 1303 : manilynlirama Says:

    im so crazy of dis drama its so cool …..kim soo yhun your so handsome i love itim watching dis again and again yeah i also agree that this should be the # 1 most shared drama list….thank you

  1304. 1304 : MA FRANCIA BAUTISTA Says:

    oh i can’t get over in this drama please hope to have a part 2 cause i love this drama so much!

  1305. 1305 : me Says:

    Iam teary eyed while watching the last few episode although its a happy ending. The appearance of bae suzy makes me wonder, are you two are dating?

  1306. 1306 : bblve07 Says:

    very nice, intresting, great, amazing, and funny drama, but i cry a lot at the last 2 episode…

  1307. 1307 : Yunkeke Says:

    WOW Jia Min~ Haha I finally found this:) Keep the great work up and jiayous!!!!!!!!

  1308. 1308 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    I love this drama! Indeed, one of the best Korean series of all times! :))
    I love Kim Soo Hyun! <3

  1309. 1309 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    Ahn Jae Hyun looks like Kim Woo Bin. 🙂 <3

  1310. 1310 : ramzelle Says:

    I super love this K-drama! Hope to see again this two lovely couple onscreen and i hope it will have a part 2. <3

  1311. 1311 : lee hye ae Says:

    This is kim soo hyun’s best drama so far. ^^ the drama has a good storyline, the cast portrayed their roles well, and I also love the songs and instrumentals used for the show. I started admiring kim soo hyun since I watched the moon embracing the sun, and now I can’t seem to get enough of this drama. He just keeps on getting better as time passes by, both physically and in terms of his acting performance. I hope this drama will win as the best drama for 2014! ^^

  1312. 1312 : Rosemary Says:

    Almost perfect. I’m so addicted to it.

  1313. 1313 : shakya Says:

    I loved this drama and the ending, though it’s confusing I’m satisfied since it was not tragic.

  1314. 1314 : DiYann Says:

    I love this drama very much… love so much for act jeon jin hyun alsi kim soo hyun… fighting jeon jin hyun!!!!

  1315. 1315 : jaded Says:

    Sumpah ini kdrama nys awesome…good…bagooooos bgt
    kudu wajib mesti nonton diulang2…ampe dvd nya rusak bila perlu
    lucu…tomantis dan gila abiiiis

  1316. 1316 : lee hye ae Says:

    @ mons
    You can watch full episodes of this drama at gooddrama.net., although each episode is divided into 4 parts. I have watched some episodes of this drama on the said website. Enjoy! ^^

  1317. 1317 : irene Says:

    OMG! super nice story and the lead actor and actress they have perfect chemistry.. love to watch all over again..

  1318. 1318 : sara Says:

    love love kim soo hyun sooo muchhh

  1319. 1319 : rafaela emmanuelyn cervantes Says:

    I Love this drama at the ending they in love each other

  1320. 1320 : rafaela emmanuelyn cervantes Says:

    i love you kim soo hyun and jeon ji hyun forever loveteam!!!!!!!!!

  1321. 1321 : rafaela emmanuelyn cervantes Says:

    i love this korean drama very much!!!!!!!!

  1322. 1322 : dhita ivanka Says:

    ada situs yang mengatakan bahwa film ini akan ada season2. bener apa cuman Hoax? Yang tau tlg bantu jwb ya kak..

  1323. 1323 : rakesh Says:

    hi mons…… you can download it from http://www.dramafire.com sites… this is the link


  1324. 1324 : rakesh Says:


  1325. 1325 : Tungaa Says:

    Үнэхээр гоё кино шүү. Үзээд үзээд ханшгүй сайхан кино байгаа юм. Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun saranghae. Дахин хамтдаан олон сайхан кинонд тоглоорой. Ажа ажа амжилт

  1326. 1326 : hi Says:

    the part which i love the most is when suzy came and said ur face is like my boyfriend som sam dong.. ohoho..

  1327. 1327 : KLover Says:

    A lot of undeserving dramas are included in the Most Shared Drama in this website. This should be included in the top 5 at least..

  1328. 1328 : Assar Says:

    This drama is just amazing I can watch it over and over and still cry in some scenes. I loved it soooo much I want to watch something in this level, but I couldn’t find any 🙁

  1329. 1329 : Dutchess Says:

    Assar 1328
    Why not try Master’s Sun or I Hear Your Voice? I actually enjoyed Master’s Sun more than You Who Came From The Stars. If you’re scared because of its horror theme, well i tell you, it’s not really scary 🙂

  1330. 1330 : deboraoentoro Says:

    i love this film so damn muchh! this really makes me crazy and crazier, this was such the best film i’d ever seen. This really touchful, and have many meanings, i also can learn many things from this film. aww this is so awesome&great. Even id you watch over and over again you still can cry in some scenes. I’m so speechless, and i really wanted this film to be continued,because the ending is not really a happy ending,but even in other film i really want that the actor and the actress is still the same ‘KIM SOO HYUN&JUNG JI HYUN/GIANNAJUN’ aww no more words can say, but i really love this film so muchhh!!

  1331. 1331 : xffraygst Says:

    Do min joon ssi is fckin perfect. Seriously gonna miss songyi minjoon cuteness from this drama. Best drama i’ve ever seen. Hope jun jihyun and kim soohyun will work together again soon 🙂

  1332. 1332 : zenith Says:

    one of the best K drama i have seen …….superb and flowless
    amazingly done acting ,script …..just watch it over and over but can’t get bored 🙂

  1333. 1333 : Maggie Says:

    The best korean drama ever seen in my long life. The lead couple were excellent and I hope too, that they (KSH and JJH) can lead another kdrama. I feel sad because I finished this show. Any recommendation to watch, now?

  1334. 1334 : Cris Says:

    Again I’m more addicted… i love this series…the best one among those i watched…
    Do Min Joon and Cheung Song Yi ♡♥♡♥…
    Nice Happy ending…♚♔♚♔★☆★☆

  1335. 1335 : libra989 Says:

    Nice drama.
    Love Kim Soo Hyun.

  1336. 1336 : deb Says:

    my best drama ever! love kim soo hyun

  1337. 1337 : Ming Choo Says:

    Nice Drama
    Love it!

  1338. 1338 : rroxan Says:

    i love you guys……………..

  1339. 1339 : meaa Says:

    I can watch this over and over and over again without being fed up with the story and actors. Fighting Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun! Waiting for your next dramas..

  1340. 1340 : itslikethis Says:

    best film ever watched. Hope to see soon both lead actress in next drama. Enjoyed watching it alot.

  1341. 1341 : Eden Dacles Says:

    SPEECHLESS…cant get over with this korean drama…do min joon and song yi is a perfect couple to lead the role..love it..im not going to miss you coz i have you here in my heart…song yi’s love for min joon is fascinating…i hope to see both of you soon..THANK YOU FOR INSPIRING US..I LOVE MY LOVE FROM THE STAR!!!

  1342. 1342 : choosie777 Says:

    a blockbuster drama. I’ve never seen such perfect korean drama as this..the lead actors and the co stars really great. i salute the whole cast of this show! you deserved it. Jeon Ji Hyun,Kim Soo Hyun,Park Hae Jin,Yoo In Na…………saranghamnida!!!!

  1343. 1343 : lymmourezzojdean Says:

    who was the scriptwriter of this drama? its her/his fault why do people go crazy bout this. well, anyways, if not with the superb acting of gorgeous Cheon Song Yi and the very Handsome Do min Joon this drama will shrink! but thanks to them it worked out fantastic!! and i love it though i cried in some scenes but still i cant get over with it!!!!! iloveu KIM SOO HYUN!!!

  1344. 1344 : phoo Says:

    Epic actor and actress! Great job for the production credits! Hope they will make more drama for these two lead character.

  1345. 1345 : one Says:

    kakaiba ang story,maganda sana mag number one

  1346. 1346 : yes Says:

    high ratings i hope you become number 1one..

  1347. 1347 : wenn Says:

    maganda grabe sarap ulit ulitin sana may part 2 kasi nabitin ako…super handsome kim soo hyun ,favorite ko talaga siya…dahil mahusay siya sa pagkanta,pag arte,pagpapatawa …ang galing niya…saranghae

  1348. 1348 : wenn Says:

    the best drama that i’ve ever seen

  1349. 1349 : mimi Says:

    genre the best,actors actress the best …congrats

  1350. 1350 : bec Says:

    the best story,kakaiba sA mga napanood ko na

  1351. 1351 : eugene Says:

    congratulations,successful ratings and story !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1352. 1352 : lee Says:

    laban.nice rating,nice story,the best 1 !!

  1353. 1353 : takeda Says:

    ang ganda super!sarap ulit ulitin.klig to the max.
    the best drama this year.

    fight oh!

  1354. 1354 : teresa Says:

    super panalo..ito na talaga..
    the best story, nice rating also.


    number 1 !!!

  1355. 1355 : Si thu Says:

    I like the best drama 2014

  1356. 1356 : maui Says:

    Best Drama of 2014 ever. Always tranding no.1 worldwide in the Philippines. Wish they will paired together again. #HyunHyunCouple Fighting!!

  1357. 1357 : Kasuni Says:

    The best drama ever! I watch it again and again!

  1358. 1358 : Storm Says:

    Great story line a bit of anticlimactic ending to the show. I loved the humor and parts where they talk to the camera. Very well done.

  1359. 1359 : Sha Says:

    Very fresh and entertaining, i laugh a lot. Tough the ending was a bit weird, i dont get it. To may question about the drama, like.. why do min joon become weaker as the comet getting close to earth? And why he must die when he’s not coming back to his planet, i mean he lived for 400 years and he is fine,, so why suddenly??? And many other questiobs. But i still referred it as one of best drama i’ve ever watched.

  1360. 1360 : Sha Says:

    Very fresh and entertaining, i laugh a lot. Tough the ending was a bit weird, i dont get it. Too many question about the drama, like.. why do min joon become weaker as the comet getting close to earth? And why he must die when he’s not coming back to his planet, i mean he lived for 400 years and he is fine,, so why suddenly??? And many other questions. But i still referred it as one of best drama i’ve ever watched

  1361. 1361 : panshin Says:

    my favorite drama this year.

  1362. 1362 : teri Says:

    omg.super super panalo.
    ang ganda grabe.
    the best drama.
    i love it.

  1363. 1363 : saly dee Says:

    Very good drama sweet looking couple too!

  1364. 1364 : song yi Says:

    nice drama, nice story.
    i hope sbs will produce more drama like this….

  1365. 1365 : winnie Says:

    Congratulations to all the actors and actresses, great performance. I really enjoyed watching the show. I hope to see kim soo hyun and jeon ji hyun again in another drama.

  1366. 1366 : octome Says:

    BEST DRAMA DO FAR!!! Kim soo hyun is really a great actor.. of all korean actors i must admit he has what it takes. when he cries tears came out many times which shows how painful it was. But to think hes an actor and not the character, he really portray it best. better than anyone else.. even during DREAM HIGH and THE MOON THAT EMBRACES THE SUN. I wish he will be paired again with suzy orher leading lady in this drama!!!! keep safe!

  1367. 1367 : claire b rivera Says:

    all the stars pls visit the Philippines.

  1368. 1368 : amyz Says:

    plzzzzzzz do not ruin my hope…..i really want this drama become best drama in 2014 bcs this drama really worth it…..

  1369. 1369 : maybelle Says:


  1370. 1370 : maybelle Says:


  1371. 1371 : aini Says:

    The very best drama I have ever seen in tv! ! I’ve watched it so many times♥♥♥

  1372. 1372 : Carol simoes Says:

    the best drama in 2014. Congrats to all

  1373. 1373 : vinebranch Says:

    This drama is the best!!

  1374. 1374 : iLa Says:

    the best drama ever..
    ur the best Kim soo hyun- ssi..

  1375. 1375 : Mae Says:

    i love this Drama!! my favorite drama ever!!

  1376. 1376 : 笑笑妈妈 Says:

    I Love

  1377. 1377 : 笑笑妈妈 Says:

    이 드라마는 정말 재미있어

  1378. 1378 : 08me Says:

    hey everyone. This drama is really fun. Let’s vote for this to be the best drama of 2014. Fighting!

  1379. 1379 : Pu Iu Says:

    I like Kim Soo Hyun

  1380. 1380 : Diana Says:

    You Who Came From the Stars, i love serie…

  1381. 1381 : fallah Says:

    please vote this drama to be the best korean drama 2014…
    this is the best drama i ever seen

  1382. 1382 : ABC90 Says:

    Love the drama…

  1383. 1383 : clover26 Says:

    Too sad this drama is only second:-( still the best kdrama for me !!!! Cheon song yi and do min joo♥♥♥

  1384. 1384 : sandra Says:


  1385. 1385 : Klenz Says:

    Please make Part 2. I love this drama. Ever

  1386. 1386 : MayaF Says:

    I love this drama soooo much… One of the best drama I ever seen… Great story..great actor and actress great cast.. Thanks for director and screenwriter.. What an amazing drama!

  1387. 1387 : F1 Says:

    I like this drama very much…………especially Kim Soo Hyun

  1388. 1388 : Ahmad Arief Dzauqydanur Says:

    A Korean drama is a romantic type and no first love <3 😉 hhmm … if he is an alien and a man from the stars? For (Kim Soo-hyun) To (AHMAD'S KOREAN ;))

  1389. 1389 : Rebecca Says:

    The most my fav k drama ever after. Falling in love to KSH. With face so good looking like that, but he never playing a role be a flower boy. Respect to him. He really good actor. Two thumbs up..

  1390. 1390 : [Week 9] Wedding Industry in South Korea Attract Chinese Couples | Saemi's iReflect Says:

    […] You Who Came From the Stars. (2014). South Korean popular TV Drama series (2014). Retrieved from http://www.koreandrama.org/you-who-came-from-the-stars/ […]

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  1392. 1392 : Shellsbells Says:

    This wasn’t really all that good, it lagged way to many times tho it was entertaining and I so love the cast it ended like crap and the story just wasn’t worth it very disappointing could’ve been written so much better with just a bit more effort

  1393. 1393 : kiran Says:

    the chemistry between KSH and JJH are astonishingly, they really cute together, eventhough the age gap..

  1394. 1394 : White Fortune Says:

    This drama is very good & my favourite drama! And, strory is unique & differ with other story! This is the first drama I watched all episodes! Actor Kim Hyun Soo & Actress Jeon Ji Hyun are played the best!
    I like the drama “You Who Came From The Stars” So

  1395. 1395 : Daisy Vega Says:

    I had to watch this one again! Love the fantasy, the romance and the comedy. Very original story-line and great cast. It was very entertaining and captivating. I simply loved it!

  1396. 1396 : Amy Says:

    After three years, this drama still the best drama ever for me. Rewatch again to gain back the sweet memories & adorable of this sweet couple.

  1397. 1397 : curso de canto online Says:

    Believe! I’ve never watched Korean movie. Maybe this could be the first. Thanks for sharing!

  1398. 1398 : Yoo In Na – YG Entertainment Says:

    […] 2016) Bubblegum (tvN, 2015) The Secret Message (NAVER tvcast, 2015) My Secret Hotel (tvN, 2014) You Who Came From the Stars (SBS, 2013) Potato Star 2013QR3 (tvN, 2013) cameo Lee Soon Shin is the Best (KBS2, 2013) Queen In Hyun’s Man […]

  1399. 1399 : renren Says:

    i hvnt seen this but i will because of my idol Park hae jin ssi!

  1400. 1400 : Korean Drama Review YWCS | Drama and Show Reviews & Recommendations Says:

    […] You who came from the stars (2013-2014) 来自星星的你 […]

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