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Title: 너는 내 운명 / You Are My Destiny
Also known as: You Are My Life
Chinese title : 你是我的命运
Genre: Romance, family
Episodes: 178
Broadcast Network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 2008-May-05 to 2009-Jan-09
Air time: Mondays to Fridays 20:25


Jang Sae Byuk is a a girl who tries to find a new meaning in life after she receives an eye cornea transplant from the doctor that took care of her after her accident. That doctor, Kim Na Young, died in a car accident on her way back from Africa. Sae Byuk becomes close with the Na Young’s family after finding them. The family slowly accepts her as part of the family. Kang Ho Se and Kim Tae Poong, Na Young’s twin brother, have disliked each other since they were young kids. This is mostly Tae Poong hates Ho Se because Ho Se’s family was rich and because Tae Poong’s father was Ho Se’s father’s driver and his mother was the maid.


Im Yoon Ah as Jang Sae Byuk

Kim family

Lee Ji Hoon as Kim Tae Poong
Lee Pil Mo as Kim Tae Young
Jang Yong as Kim Dae Jin (Tae Poong’s father)
Jung Ae Ri as Oh Young Sook (Tae Poong’s mother)
Kim Hyo Seo as Kim Na Young (Tae Poong’s deceased sister)
Sa Mi Ja as Son Poong Geum (Dae Gu’s mother)
Gong Hyun Joo as Kim Soo Bin
Kang Suk Woo as Kim Dae Gu (Soo Bin’s father)
Lee Hye Sook as Hong Yeon Shil (Soo Bin’s mother)

Kang family

Park Jae Jung as Kang Ho Se
Lee Seol Ah as Kang Yu Ri (Ho Se’s sister)
Hyun Suk as Kang Chil Bok (Ho Se’s father)
Yang Geum Suk as Seo Min Jung (Ho Se’s mother)
Kim Hyung Il as Kang Charles (Chil Bok’s brother / Yeon Shil’s dance tutor)

Ban family

Kim Jung Nan as Ban So Young
Park Min Ji as Ban Yoon Hee
Sun Woo Yong Nyeo as Lee Hwa Ran (So Young’s mother)

Other people

Choi Won Young as Nam Gyeong Woo (Na Young’s co-worker)
Park Seul Gi as Bok Joo (Sae Byuk’s best friend)
Kwak Hyun Hwa as Oh Sun Jeong (female Lohas employee)
Lee Jung Ho as Lee Dang Soo (male Lohas employee)
Yoo Hye Ri as Jeong Mi Ok
Jung Jae Gon as Jo Sang Ki
Kim Sung Hoon as Jang Pan Jae (night sales manager)
Shin Pyo as assistant director
Lee Seol Hee

Production Credits

Director: Kim Myung Wook
Screenwriter: Moon Eun Ah


2009 45th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actress Award (Im Yoon Ah)
2009 45th Baeksang Arts Awards: Popularity Award (Im Yoon Ah)
2008 Korean Drama Festival: Netizen Award (Im Yoon Ah)
2008 KBS Drama Awards: Netizen Award (Im Yoon Ah)
2008 KBS Drama Awards: Best New Actress Award (Im Yoon Ah)
2008 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Daily Drama – Actor (Lee Pil Mo)
2008 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Daily Drama – Actress (Kim Jung Nan)

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345 Responses to “You Are My Destiny”

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  1. 301
    kulwinder kaur Says:

    i love korean drama & you are my destiny drama very very nice

    i love you : you are my destiny drama & yoona

  2. 302
    twn Says:

    i like it so much…

  3. 303
    nnatea Says:

    waww …i do really love this drama…^_^
    loves Lee Ji Hoon and Park Jae Joong…goshh they are cuteeee..:)

  4. 304
    meycecuits Says:

    good good nice nice

  5. 305
    wia Says:

    oh my god, I’m very liked is the movie and the both park jae jung and Im Yoon Ah so romantic

  6. 306
    khalish Says:

    rating please………
    i wanna see it ^_^

  7. 307
    kana Says:

    anyone know what is episode of saebyuk and hose got married?
    thank you

  8. 308
    ryanto Says:

    i love this drama…

  9. 309
    rizka Says:

    Great film!!!
    I addicted to Yoona. Uh so cute u,u

  10. 310
    the wind Says:

    This drama is simply RIDICULOUS.

    Never saw someone as no manner as jang sae byuk. Cheap woman. Period.

  11. 311
    fatimah Says:


  12. 312
    Antie Says:

    Yoona so cute…

  13. 313
    wonder Says:

    just thought, if sae byuk truly, honestly wants to avoid ho se, then she would not have pick Lohas for a place to work, or leave immediately when she reads the situation – ho se and su bin being there, and she would be on their way to happiness, she could have left after she won the contest and work elsewhere equipped with the prize that she had won – if she is described as a truly sincere and loving, compassionate person as she was then that would have been the steps she took. but then of course the story would end there.. as it is, she appears to have some kind of hypocrisy…

  14. 314
    Devina Says:

    i’ve just finnished watching this drama…. at the middle episodes, about ep 70-140 are actually make me feel uneasy to watch it… because i cant stand watching Saebyuk’s unstopable miserable life… n just wondering when will Saebyuk be happy. So many trial and difficulties in her life come and go continuity… but this drama really has a deep meaning. Saebyuk shows the power of patient, persistant sincerity and great mind. With her kindess and patient, she could conquest everyone.. especially her mother in law. For me, it’s wonderful.. no matter her mother in law refuse and so cruel. She doesnt stop to love her mother in law till completely conquest her heart… and in the end her mother in law truly love Saebyuk for her sincerity.. i thought, there is very very very rare daughter in law like Saebyuk… i wish, i could have an “unlimited” sincerity like Saebyuk too…. ^^ and treat everyone n my future mother in law like Saebyuk does. kkk.. Bravo for this drama!! o^^o

  15. 315
    Su chia Says:

    I like this Drama and Park Jae Jong as Kang Ho Se. I love uu so much.

  16. 316
    Su chia Says:

    I like this drama korean. I love Park Jae jung as kang ho se because this boy is very Good looking. And cool. Character as. Kang ho se. Very nice

  17. 317
    nemanjaRoland Says:

    great Ending And how Yoona Emotion hopeless cries… can’t STOP until the Director said CUT. !! .. She still cries like a sweet baby … Her cute Eyes and Smile …Absolutely Unforgetbl Moment.. For This Drama, (YAMD) . … After all Now i know How Yoona Feels Grow up Without Mother … cause In her life To she Doesn’t have A mother.. ………….

    Shit i m now who cries…

  18. 318
    Dyanni Tan Says:

    I like drama korean…I like Im Yoon Ah and Park Jae Jung…i love you all..i loving drama korean………….

  19. 319
    HAYDEE Says:

    I like u are my destiny at night, we’re family always look

  20. 320
    artventure Says:

    I am so boooorrrriiinnggg watching this kdrama in tv.
    Altough it have some interest point, like a good-looking actors & actress, a down-to-earth kdrama story and so many tears in here, the main point character Sae-Byuk, it’s just a hypocrite and really unintelligible. Many says that she is such a very good and admirable, but I dont think so. She’s very desperate getting a love for someone that hate her and make her life miserable, but she can’t forgive her own mother who’s desperately begging a forgive from her. She want to leave Ho Se at first, but never do anything but clinging around him and his fiancee??? Its not getting any logic for me.
    And who on earth will someone to be so stupid, so hypocrite, so naive, to think that by giving herself to be tortured by her mother-in-law, she could be happy???? wow, it’s really amazing.
    My rate is 4 from 10 for this series. Kdrama is amazing, with so many kind of story, most of it not making any sense, but still understable. I like You’re Beautiful, Go-Mi-Ho and if you want to watch a real cute-tough woman, you can watch Coffee Prince (IT’S REALLY REALLY ENTERTAINING!), or Queen Seon-Deok, but absolutely I’m not recommending this series for someone who don’t like some hypocritical and naive stories.

  21. 321
    Herinda Siska Says:

    I hate to see the part when there is Sae byuk and Ho se appear.. The more I see this drama, the more I feel this drama doesn’t makes any sense.. how come there’s a person like Sae Byuk in this world? I think most people will thinking is better to live a person like Ho se who always weak whenever his mother getting sick and start to annoying..
    meanwhile I prefer to see Kim Su Bin and Ban So Young’s family.

  22. 322
    soso Says:

    i somewhat agree with 2 prev. comments. the more i see this series the more weird it became. sae byuk became the matching donor for both her biological mother AND her mother in-law…??? how plausible can that be? and somehow i began to “side” with the mother in law instead of sae byuk, for it seems sae byuk became this cute girl who uses her charm and cuteness to win people but actually not really sincere – based on what she said about her mother in law behind her to Ho Se, and Ho Se became this boring, annoying, useless “man” – with no “manly” traits …and how the whole Kim family always side with sae byuk “blindly” – too heavy siding for sae byuk, kind of repulsive in a way…

  23. 323
    PoetZz Says:

    When the scenes went to Sae Byuk mothers got leukemia and so on, somehow I began to dislike this Sae Byuk character.
    Then I realized one thing, perhaps because the story line grew longer than the usual K-TV Series, then they seemed to force the story to reach its end. And instead of getting a good ending line, I found out it kinda awful. Were they being overwhelmed or somehow like that. But that’s fine. They won many awards anyway.

    Kinda miss Full House’s era :D>

  24. 324
    derte Says:

    OMG I miss the last episode.

    Its been a month and still can’t find that episode

  25. 325
    Dody Haersah Says:

    Kapan Pemain You Are My Destiny bisa hadir ke Indonesia??? Kami sangat suka sekali dengan drama ini. Dan drama You Are My Destiny paling bagus ceritanya. 😀 kalau bisa diputar lagi ya. atau ada episode berikutnta

  26. 326
    chairunnisa Says:

    kim sebyuk , kamu cantik bgt sich ???? oh y you are my destiny akan tayang lagi gak????

  27. 327
    hirmah Says:

    im finished watch this drama just now…i give 6/10..it just ordinary drama…not heavy you can watch if you want to waste your time.

  28. 328
    muna Says:

    I cant express how much I love Im yoon Ah.I love this movie so much.I’hv seen it twice but still I would be so happy to see it a million times again & again.I love you all.It’s the best movie ever!
    Im yoon Ah,I love you!if I were a guy I would completely marry u.

  29. 329
    josephine Says:

    I watch this very drama for me I would like so to purchase this dvd if at all possible,can you tell me were can I find it .I have been researching at every video store no one seems to have it . Can you help!!

  30. 330
    cherly christy Says:

    i like film korea you are my destiny.

  31. 331
    cherly christy Says:

    saya menyukai drama you are my destiny.im yoon ah,park jae jung,lee ji hon,dan gong yoon ju.

  32. 332
    sara Says:

    I only watched You Are My Destiny and Boys Over Flowers and this is in order

    -#1 you are my destiny
    – #2 boys over flowers

    You are my destiny is THE best k-drama there is I really reccomend you watch it if you hav’nt it is just plain awsome, sad,romantic, and funny!!!!! =)


  33. 333
    David Thang Says:

    You are my destiny is the BEST DRAMA EVER!!! It is full of suspense and interest…. N Yoona’s acting is UNBEILEVABLE!!!
    I even forgot that she is a singer….No wonder she won 5 awards for this AWESOME DRAMA!!!!

  34. 334
    mitch Says:

    ..though it’s super late comment and reaction, but i like this kdrama so much! each episode was sooo thrilling, love it..!! i’m a super fan of Yoona.. i really really like to watch it till the end but OMG! i’m still in ep36!! uffffs, 142 eps to go?? waaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! but i really really love it sooo much!

  35. 335
    ance Says:

    this was the first drama that i’ve watched with 100+ episodes…
    i fell in love with yoona here…her character here was so pityful…
    great drama! one of yoona’s best!

  36. 336
    shivani Says:

    Though i dont understand the language, i love this drama very much.every body acted well, with out them the drama is not complete.I feel its not a drama but real.i dont have words to express my feelings towards this drama.i wish the director should start directing its sequel.The drama should continue.

  37. 337
    rosie Says:

    where can i watch dis drama pls pls pls pretty plsssssssssss;(

  38. 338
    MUskhayra Says:

    hi everyone….i am watching the movie until now and i really really like it…but the problem is that the dvd i bought was not original and the third cd was ruined 🙁 im very depressed….how can i watch this?im on episode 115…please help……….

  39. 339
    MUskhayra Says:

    please help..can i watch this online?please help 🙁

  40. 340
    sd Says:


  41. 341
    dannymer Says:

    i already finish this drama and i like this

  42. 342
    krisheijul Says:

    guys, you can watch all the episodes in gooddrama.net.. just search the title, “you are my destiny” and click it, then all the episodes will appear 🙂 enjoy everyone…

  43. 343
    jonalyn Says:

    i’m very very like all korean drama…..

  44. 344
    Sones Says:


  45. 345
    aznative Says:

    Airing in USA on KBS World’s YouTube Channel.

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