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You Are My Destiny

Title: 너는 내 운명 / You Are My Destiny
Also known as: You Are My Life
Chinese title : 你是我的命运
Genre: Romance, family
Episodes: 178
Broadcast Network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 2008-May-05 to 2009-Jan-09
Air time: Mondays to Fridays 20:25


Jang Sae Byuk is a a girl who tries to find a new meaning in life after she receives an eye cornea transplant from the doctor that took care of her after her accident. That doctor, Kim Na Young, died in a car accident on her way back from Africa. Sae Byuk becomes close with the Na Young’s family after finding them. The family slowly accepts her as part of the family. Kang Ho Se and Kim Tae Poong, Na Young’s twin brother, have disliked each other since they were young kids. This is mostly Tae Poong hates Ho Se because Ho Se’s family was rich and because Tae Poong’s father was Ho Se’s father’s driver and his mother was the maid.


Im Yoon Ah as Jang Sae Byuk

Kim family

Lee Ji Hoon as Kim Tae Poong
Lee Pil Mo as Kim Tae Young
Jang Yong as Kim Dae Jin (Tae Poong’s father)
Jung Ae Ri as Oh Young Sook (Tae Poong’s mother)
Kim Hyo Seo as Kim Na Young (Tae Poong’s deceased sister)
Sa Mi Ja as Son Poong Geum (Dae Gu’s mother)
Gong Hyun Joo as Kim Soo Bin
Kang Suk Woo as Kim Dae Gu (Soo Bin’s father)
Lee Hye Sook as Hong Yeon Shil (Soo Bin’s mother)

Kang family

Park Jae Jung as Kang Ho Se
Lee Seol Ah as Kang Yu Ri (Ho Se’s sister)
Hyun Suk as Kang Chil Bok (Ho Se’s father)
Yang Geum Suk as Seo Min Jung (Ho Se’s mother)
Kim Hyung Il as Kang Charles (Chil Bok’s brother / Yeon Shil’s dance tutor)

Ban family

Kim Jung Nan as Ban So Young
Park Min Ji as Ban Yoon Hee
Sun Woo Yong Nyeo as Lee Hwa Ran (So Young’s mother)

Other people

Choi Won Young as Nam Gyeong Woo (Na Young’s co-worker)
Park Seul Gi as Bok Joo (Sae Byuk’s best friend)
Kwak Hyun Hwa as Oh Sun Jeong (female Lohas employee)
Lee Jung Ho as Lee Dang Soo (male Lohas employee)
Yoo Hye Ri as Jeong Mi Ok
Jung Jae Gon as Jo Sang Ki
Kim Sung Hoon as Jang Pan Jae (night sales manager)
Shin Pyo as assistant director
Lee Seol Hee

Production Credits

Director: Kim Myung Wook
Screenwriter: Moon Eun Ah


2009 45th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actress Award (Im Yoon Ah)
2009 45th Baeksang Arts Awards: Popularity Award (Im Yoon Ah)
2008 Korean Drama Festival: Netizen Award (Im Yoon Ah)
2008 KBS Drama Awards: Netizen Award (Im Yoon Ah)
2008 KBS Drama Awards: Best New Actress Award (Im Yoon Ah)
2008 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Daily Drama – Actor (Lee Pil Mo)
2008 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Daily Drama – Actress (Kim Jung Nan)

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  1. 1 : tae Says:

    I love Korea drama

  2. 2 : xexe Says:

    good luck to yoona!!!i just love her!!

  3. 3 : qwertyuiop Says:

    cha du ri,park ji sung,park chu young,lee won jae,lee dong gook.

  4. 4 : Eka-Jkt Says:

    Wow..it’s new!! But why it has alots of episodes:(

  5. 5 : ooika Says:

    hey Eka-Jkt?
    it’s normal actually–k-drama that has lots of episodes..
    i mean,likable or not almost reach up to 168 eps and still going on..
    i’m getting tired 2 watch it but i dun knoe, i just keep on doing so..
    so i hope tis drama really worthy 2 watch!!

  6. 6 : IluvRainBi Says:

    i think that this is going to be really good. so far i have only seen the first two episodes and i am allready hooked. Can’t wait untill more with english subs come out.

  7. 7 : khae-shi Says:

    i love lee ji hoon …. just a pity he seldom gets the leading role….but he’s a really great actor…hope he’ll never stop making dramas!AJA AJA!

  8. 8 : Tala Says:


  9. 9 : mina Says:

    i’ve only watched the first 2 episodes on mysoju.com ,and found this show’s really interesting, can’t wait 2 see more!

  10. 10 : leine Says:

    Wow, it seems to be a sweet n touching family drama. I really can’t wait mysoju to update the next new episode.

  11. 11 : ryung-min Says:

    can anyone tell me what’s the name of the opening song of the series? and who sang it.. pls

  12. 12 : doris p LOVE kangJIhwan Says:

    have always tried to avoid dramas with over 20eps, my longest is 24eps, haven’t the patience to know it’s ending that’s why…..and now, just learned that this one is over 100eps! huhu, what can i do? since i have already started watching this one and on my 20th eps and am already curious as to what the ending will be, am just praying that the over 100 eps stated above is only 101eps hehe…anyways, since i can’t now have a peace of mind coz am already hooked, have to finish this till the end, just hope that i’ll get the ending that i want, that Sae Byuk and Ho Se will end up together, will keep my fingers crossed till then…..

  13. 13 : Parker Says:

    I’m the same why about too many episodes my first long drama was “It started with a kiss” and then “Golden Bride”. If it a good drama like Golden Bride and it started with a kiss then it worth it. I just finished “likable or not” and that was 172 episode, the good thing about these recent 100 or so episode is that it show Monday thru Friday and they only 30 min long so it goes by fast.

    “You are my destiny” is good so far I hope it continues to get better. I’m in the process of trying to find the complete 80 episode of Famous princesses/chili sister I watch it on YouTube without sub and Veoh have it to episode 16 with sub and from what I’m able to understand it as good a Golden Bride.

  14. 14 : starone Says:

    I have watched the Famous Princesses (80 eps) on Youtude (chinese sub). It is a good drama one of my favourite. I specially like seol-chil and ha-nam part. Watch it if you can. See here

  15. 15 : Linda Says:

    what!! 100 episodes dang i thought it would be 16 or something hmm its gona take a yr to watch then LOL

  16. 16 : starrie_angel Says:

    WOAH! so many episodes..i hope this is worth it to watch though

  17. 17 : widya Says:

    It’s new drama on KBS world n’ changes ‘Likeable or Not’..

    I hope it will be interesting such ‘Likeable or not’…

    It’ll take more time to watch ’till the last episode..

  18. 18 : Rai Says:

    you can watch You Are My Destiny online with English subs at http://boomvid.com Have fun. ^^ Oh, they also have many other Asian Dramas.

  19. 19 : Jane Says:

    I like this drama

  20. 20 : Donna Says:

    Never Say No For A Litle Pryti Smile….:)>-

  21. 21 : mihret Says:

    this is mihret from eritrea, horn of africa. i have been a great fun of korean drama since the last year and i can say almost i enjoyed every single dramas i have watched. so i hope this new drama, u r my destiny will be also alot of fun and enjoyable to watch.

  22. 22 : MELLY Says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. 23 : MELLY Says:

    i will die for it.i wish to meet them one day specially if it happens in this summer.oh my god please tell me how to come to korea?

  24. 24 : MELLY Says:

    oh lord please help me to see korea this is what i pray for before i sleep.you might not believe me how much i love korea u can ask for any one to find out.any ways i live in ETHIOPIA who helped you during war.and now i am askink for your help to show me your country PLEASE?

  25. 25 : kwekkwek Says:

    i love lee ji hoon,he is nice guys,i want search ost you are my destiny anybody can help me??thank u

  26. 26 : ejal Says:

    i really love thi drama…

  27. 27 : manubagus Says:

    Kim Soo Bin is such a bitch !

  28. 28 : dania Says:

    hey i love that show but i can faind the ep 42 & 43 pls halp

  29. 29 : pomy Says:

    it is the best koreanmovie i have everseen

  30. 30 : pomy Says:

    hey melly are you melat that i know??

  31. 31 : yeunju Says:

    i luff it xD
    makes me addictive =w=;;

  32. 32 : xopinkfreakox Says:

    kk everyone, this drama is the BEST. especially how there’s yoona in it, it has gotten high ratings. but the story and everything is incredible, so you have to watch it,

  33. 33 : pomy Says:

    soobin is evil

  34. 34 : Tanya Says:

    omg i just watched episode eight i love this series its the best i have to finished the thing and i hope school dont bother me with it

  35. 35 : daisy Says:

    please fix the English subtitles. just can not wait to see this drama “You Are My Destiny”.

  36. 36 : bensi Says:

    i love dis drama… saranye!!!!

  37. 37 : Izzy Says:

    i love this drama, but it’s killing me that they take so long to update the episodes. I’m up to ep.38 with the english subs. and up to 65 with out any subs. i did not understand much of what they were saying, but i made the most out of it. But now I’m wandering what they were saying and i want to see it with the subs. I can’t wait!!

  38. 38 : Sally Choo Says:

    I love this drama, it’s awesome.
    There is a song at the end of episode 64 (and many other episodes) , I’m trying to find that song but haven’t been successful. Anyone know what is the name of that song ? Please help me to find that song.
    Thanks !!

  39. 39 : 빈센트 Says:

    OMG, where will i watch the ep 40 with subs, why does mysoju removed it..huhu…help

  40. 40 : kathleen626 Says:

    this show seriously suck!!
    i dont recommend you to watch it!!!
    i mean yoona acting is so bad and when she crys she looks so ugly!!!
    and another thing, i hate SNSD

  41. 41 : smartalec44 Says:

    Having watched about 6 Korean soap series it sure beats watching the king of Queens reruns for the 5th time. After about 5 or 6 episodes it’s like being part of a family. Since American soaps can go on for 10 to 25 years, I don’t see what the hurry is to end these series quickly. Like reading a good book, I like to relish and savor the meal. I like the English sub-titles but have trouble with trying to identify the Korean character names. Also, Im Yoon Ah as Jang Sae Byuk is stunningly beautiful.

  42. 42 : mikky Says:

    wow, so sweet and touching family drama, hmmmm, I already wait more than 9 days , why stil not yet update the next episode (67)

  43. 43 : Elsy Says:

    its my favourite i like all the character specially saeoyboek and hosae subin etc all r my favourite i like all

  44. 44 : Elsy Says:

    i like drama its my favourite i like all character

  45. 45 : nikky Says:

    i really love this drama

  46. 46 : naima Says:

    i waz watchin on youtube but it have no english subs but nayoung family adopted saebyok as their daughter tht mean tht she n subin are now cuzs.also nayoung’s family happenned to lost their daughter at sea years ago and sabyok waz found on a beach and waz taken to a orphanage so she might be their long lost daughter u never no

  47. 47 : ISHO Says:

    IF you watched the drama pure 19 you’ll notice the two dramas have similarities.

  48. 48 : naima Says:


  49. 49 : Hollice Says:

    Can someone please email me what happens at the end or spoilers? I won’t be able to watch episodes 60+ or so, but I’m dying to know what will happen,

    [email protected]

  50. 50 : Tweetie Says:

    What happen to the english subtitle version online?? It has been 2 days & wasn’t able to downloading it.

  51. 51 : Rosh Says:

    I am from India..who don’t even speak Korean at all..but I happen to watch a little bit of “You’re my Destiny” while flipping channels on tv, I read the subtitles and I happen to love this drama…its really really nice…it resembles indian dramas..and I just love the characters….I love the main character…played by Yoona and Oh Young Sook 🙂

  52. 52 : naima Says:

    to anybody who want to watch u r my estiny its on you tube but wih no subs its from ep 1 to 78. and the ones with subs are fron ep 1 to 4o something i think.links-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKuhGjN8qDY
    or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zj3sahT2RCk&feature=related

  53. 53 : Smartalec44 Says:

    If English is taught as a second language from elementary thru high school in Korea, why don’t the actors surprise as more often and converse in English once in a while. The words OKAY ,BINGO, and YEAH are used alot. Also, why aren’t their any Korean baseball type characters included in the scripts? I also find myself guessing what actors had eyelid surgery.

  54. 54 : Devanand Says:

    I am from Chennai,India. I too happen to watch a little bit of “You’re my Destiny” while flipping channels on tv, I read the subtitles and I happen to love this drama…its really really nice…its like indian dramas. Now I started watching every day.

  55. 55 : Hue Says:

    aww mysoju deleted it and i didn’t get to finish the whole thing yet.
    do you know any other website that are uploading this drama with subs?

  56. 56 : Linda Says:

    I just want to start to watch this movie, pls help me to find from ep 1, cos i really…really…like this movie.thanks

  57. 57 : rhoan Says:

    ive seen thi drama in youtube,from the beginning…you just have to type you are my destiny eng sub, the episode you want to watch…but still its not finish yet.

  58. 58 : laila Says:

    I love this drama i can’t wait to see what is going to happen, i hear there are over 100 episodes and i love seabyok, hosea and teapung, i hope who ever is watching it is having fun.

  59. 59 : Smartalec44 Says:

    It seems strange to see Kang Suk Woo and Lee Hye Sock romantically linked in HEARTS OF NINETEEN come over to YOU ARE MY DESTINY as husband and wife.

    Ikeep wanting Kang Suk Woo to CURL A RIZE is hair and pull out his soprano sax and start singing.

    Also, do most Koreans use western or traditional furniture. It seems that in the dramas the wealthier families sleep in western beds and eat off western tables. The poorer families sleep on pads on the floor and sit on the floor to eat and or communicate.

    Sleeping on the floor is good for back problems but bending and sitting on the floor for older people with arthritis and joint problems seems a bit crazy.

  60. 60 : Linda Says:

    Pls…..why i can’t see this movie from You Tube today….
    I really…really like this movie, please help me….where i can watch this movie….Please….

  61. 61 : kalyn Says:

    sad! youtube remove all the videos for this drama. i couldn’t watch it anymore. do anybody here know who is the person that uploaded the video with eng and chinese sub? can you please upload it all over again? pleaseeeeee….. juz love this drama so much.

  62. 62 : found it Says:

    has 1-70 subbed and working

  63. 63 : Linda Says:

    thanx…foryour dramacrazy links, but is not working.

  64. 64 : thankyouforlinks Says:

    Does work. You just have to press “video not working, click here” which is located beneath the video and it works!

  65. 65 : Linda Says:

    o….thank you very much…it works…thanks a lot…

  66. 66 : Linda Says:

    oops…why it’s just work for 5 second?..please….i really like this movie…please…

  67. 67 : Donna Says:

    I just found this show (I speak only english) and I am addicted!!! I love it!!!

  68. 68 : asry Says:

    i would like to know where can i get the whole collection of this drama.i’m from Malaysia.tqvm

  69. 69 : Tanzina Says:

    i would like to know where i can get eng subtitle for all those episod….beacuse i only speak english.

  70. 70 : this isawesome Says:

    I found episodes 1-70 subbed at http://www.dramacrazy.net/v/korean-drama/you-are-my-destiny/

    they also have episodes 71-98(latest episode) without subs

  71. 71 : Tanzina Says:

    I know this web add..but i want to watch 71-98 ep with sub..coz i know only english.

  72. 72 : YAMD Says:

    If you guys want to watch this with subs, you can downlaod them at http://www.soshified.com/forums. You must have 50+ post & its in the download area… They are the only providers… If you see a site with the drama with pink subs, please tell them not to put it up ^^ Soshified has worked really hard for these subs, they don’t want anyone else to post them up

  73. 73 : Smartalec44 Says:

    We in the Phila. area are lucky to receive both You Are My Destiny and Hearts of Nineteen on a PBS type public station WYBE (channel 39) now called Mind TV. It includes English sub-titles and both are broadcast from 11:54 PM to 1:05 AM consecutively.

    These dramas seem to all have a few very good looking female main characters.

  74. 74 : mmoni Says:

    I LOVE LOVE this show!!! It is soo refreshing compared to the shows that are shown here in the states. Thank God for Sub Titles 🙂

  75. 75 : Tanzina Says:

    i like to know when dramacrazy going to update english sub rest of those episod .

  76. 76 : YI Says:

    Why… why…., 88 episod onward all don’t have chinese subtitles, what should i do, why let us only see halfway, no subtitles watch and how to finish the story, hmm, so sad

  77. 77 : yoona_fans Says:

    i’m from malaysia n totally malay. i watch it from v.youku n it was no sub. bt thnk god that i can understand korean lang
    mostly i watch yamd tru http://v.youku.com. just type you are my destiny. they’re provide the drama in chinese sub

  78. 78 : Junedah Says:

    I am a 56 years old, grand mother to a grandson, never miss watching you are my destiny. In Malaysia its shown at 7.20 pm from monday to friday, so if I miss this time I’ll stay awake and watch the repeat at 1.00 am. I might buy the CD if its not “that” expensive as I have been collecting few korean dramas which cost “quite” a lot. I to love to watch King Sejong, Mum would be upset and currently my favourite is 303 on the ASTRO. Hope there will be repeat on Saturday as what they have done on Winter Sonata and Autumn In My Heart that is from 10 am to 2pm.

  79. 79 : tie Says:

    Wow I don’t watch this film yet.. Is this film so interesting? I wanna watch it. I ever watch a film is title same, but that film was made by taiwan…

  80. 80 : Da Says:

    Is this drama good to watch?Is the main character in the drama have a stupid character?Pure 19 has made me scared to watch long drama like this as the character for the main character has made me scared.

  81. 81 : Randy Says:

    Does anyone know the name of the female actress that plays the role of secetary to Mr. Kim, Subins dad. Please email me [email protected]
    Thank You, Randy

  82. 82 : smartalec44 Says:

    Come on people! Don’t be bashful about placing your comments on these set of threads. 80+ comments is nothing. One Phillies vs Mets baseball game can receive as much as 3000+ comments in one day. This is the worldly universal internet. And I agree with a previous blogger that Subin is a nasty character. I hope she gets her justly rewards later on in the episodes. SaeByuk and Ho’se should eventually get married and live happily ever after. Some other blogger suggested that SaeByuk ,an orphan is her new families real long lost daughter.

  83. 83 : Tess Mondejar Says:

    I love You are My Destiny. I am from the Philippines and I am learning a lot about Korean culture by watching the drama. Many of their values are the same with the Filipinos especially love for the family. It is my wish to be able to visit Korea in the future.

  84. 84 : Tess Says:

    You are My Destiny makes my days interesting!

  85. 85 : Chaimoon Says:

    The cast are really in character. They elicit the feelings of love, hate, annoyance, humor, etc. You can’t watch without any emotion at all. Congratulations to the cast, writers and director of this drama.

  86. 86 : Bea Says:


  87. 87 : Ailing Says:

    bea, there is a link on the post which you can watch it online with english subtitle. i think you may also can download about there.

  88. 88 : yaya Says:


  89. 89 : Chaimoon Says:

    Subin’s character is so effective that I HATE her already! I am pretty sure she is not like that in reality but she knows how to project a mean, bad, facial expression and the worst are her sharp eyes. I just hate her eyes when she goes bad.

  90. 90 : smartalec44 Says:

    Hosae’s mom hired Saebyuk’s former roommate to be a housekeeper/maid. She’s there obviously to spy on the family and report and divulge the moms private detective findings about Saebyuk. She also looks like a cute little squirrel. If the detective finds out that Saebyuk is really her new families long lost daughter, the mom will try to keep this secret from everyone. The little squirrel will tell Saebyuk.
    Since I haven’t seen the rest of the episodes I’m just speculating.

  91. 91 : odele Says:

    i hv been watching this drama from d start without fail…until on the series that Subin was so mean to Sabyeok…i really hate her as a woman. but thumbs up to her..as she really can make her character alive and so real!!! and i wonder why the scriptwriter make Sabyeok character being so naive and easily being bullied. Hosae being a man…was not MAN enough.

  92. 92 : Vicky Says:


  93. 93 : amktsy Says:

    To Vicky:This drama hasn’t even ends so just think how possible can anyone know the ending unless he or she is the writer of the story.(Sorry to write this but i really feel mad when someone give such comment.)I think has a happy ending and the girl ends up with the guy she like.

  94. 94 : SmartAlec44 Says:

    I wonder if these Korean actors of these dramas are celebrities in Korea.
    Do they have to put up with Korean paparrazi like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton in America. Do they make alot of money or are they contract players like old Hollywood where they were paid meager weekly wages. I agree with some fellow bloggers who thought the Saebyuk and Hosae characters were too timid and weak-minded. It looks like Subin will be punished for trashing Saebyuks kitchen design file.

  95. 95 : Bea Says:

    Actually in Korea this show has ended or near the very end since they started in May. We jsut started in September. So it is possible to have the end. I can tell you every show that I have watched turned out to be a happy ending. After the new year on the shows it is usually when the end of Drama is near.

  96. 96 : Phila. Soft Pretzel Says:

    When is Hosae going to dump Kim Soo Binsky? Now that Jang SaeByuk has her own place, it will be easier for Hosae to make a serious move. It also appears that Hosae’s mom is becoming irritated with Soo-Bin’s mom and probably won’t care if Hosae breaks up. However SaeByuk won’t be good enough for her precious son.

  97. 97 : Vicky Says:

    Does anyone know how many episodes there are to “You are My Destiny” about the girl with the corneal transplant?

  98. 98 : smartalec44 Says:

    Vicky Says:

    October 28th, 2008 at 11:03 pm
    Does anyone know how many episodes there are to “You are My Destiny” about the girl with the corneal transplant?

    Vicky, why don’t you relax and savor the moment .Some other blogger commented that they all have happy endings. If your enjoying the show, the more episodes the better. When the show finally ends you have to learn a whole new family of characters.

  99. 99 : Phillies Soft Pretzel Says:

    When is Subin going to get her just rewards for being so nasty? Doesn’t she have any pride? And when is Hosae going to get a backbone and confront his Mom about his desire for Saebruk?

  100. 100 : kimmy Says:

    can anyone tell me where i can watch ” you are my destiny” with subtitles please anyone help!!!!!

  101. 101 : leg Says:

    I watch this on channel 20 w/subtitles. Cablevision is the carrier. I sure do wish Hosea would get a backbone and stop letting his mother run his life.

  102. 102 : Vicky Says:

    I ask these questions not for myself but for my Mama who can’t sleep at night due to this show. She gets shakey when the show is going to come on. She is daily depressed over this show. So, for the person that was “mad” that I asked about the ending, saying “it was a dumb question that made her mad” why don’t you just chill out and not respond to questions that you don’t like. I am entitled to ask my questions as much as anyone else is. I won’t visit this site anymore, too many mean people!!

  103. 103 : Smartalec44 Says:

    Vicki Don’t have such a thin skin. Nobody is trying intentionally to be mean or belligerant. Ask all the questions you want. This site can’t afford to lose any responders who love this show. If you want to go to a mean site, visit ESPN’s blog of the Phillies vs Rays world series game. In two days there were over 9000 comments before it was closed down.

  104. 104 : Judy Lai Says:

    I ‘m a Malaysian Chinese, I lover all kinds of movie malay, indonesian, chines, indian, philippines, japanese, korean & etc.
    I love this drama You Are My Destiny, now in Malaysia its shown on Astro Channel 303 at 7.30pm from Mon – Fri and repeat is at 1.20am.
    There is another korean drama nice to watch if I’m not mistaken the channel on NTV7 Princess Hour at 4.00pm to 5.00pm every Sat. & Sunday only. Also very enjoyable you’re will love it.

  105. 105 : Judy Says:

    I’m a malaysian chinese and I alos love this drama very much.
    It’s now showing on Astro Channel 303 KBS. every Mon-Fri @ 7.20pm and repeats will be @ 1.20am Mon-Fri.
    I can’t wait to see the ending because it’s so exciting, every moment anything can happen that type of feeling. Another information, there is another korean drama name Princess Hour showing on NTV7 On Saturdays & Sunday @ 4.00pm – 5.00pm on these two days only. For who ever not yet seen this drama very interesting, a must watch also.

  106. 106 : chaimoon Says:

    Way to go Leg! My sentiments exactly! I hate it when Hosae just gets bulldozed by her mother and he doesn’t even explain himself. Grrrrrr! Sometimes I would think that not in all occasions keeping silent is good. Sometimes it means one is just plain stupid! In my area in the Philippines, I watch You are my Destiny in KBS World.

  107. 107 : Smartalec44 Says:

    Vicky Go to the top of the site. Under the production credits in blue type, click WATCH ONLINE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES. The site mysoju.com/you-are-my-destiny/ comes up. It states that there are total episodes of 125.

    Kimmy If you have broadband connection you can go to that above site and watch You Are My Destiny or possibly go to You Tube. If you have slow dial-up like I have I don’t know.

  108. 108 : doris p LOVE kangJIhwan Says:

    hi chaimoon! just wanna ask what time in KBS world does You are My Destiny shows? and to what episode they’re airing now? am just watching this on the net and so far am on my 100th eps, there’s a site that has till over 120eps but can’t watch it coz got no eng subs…tnx in adv for the info…. am also sometimes got frustrated with this show coz sometimes the plot is so predictable and slow but since have already started watching this and am curious as to who Sae Byuk’s parents are (I wonder if they will ever tell it??, am guessing maybe coz they show some sign like the shoes??)… and also I wan’t it to be my 2nd ever longest kdrama I’ve ever watch…have started with Golden Bride with I thinks 65eps? and am not dissappointed with that one…love it till the end…hope You Are My Destiny will also gives me the ending that I always want…that is a happy one!

  109. 109 : majadera Says:

    may be you should try this site…

  110. 110 : Vicky Says:

    Smart Alec,
    Thank you for the information. I appreciate it. I do not get this show on my tv but my Mama does. It sounds so good. I hope to see the show in its entirety one day. I hope it will be on DVD at some point.

  111. 111 : Vicky Says:

    YOU ARE MY DESTINY was not on some of the nights last week in Seattle, Washington, USA. We don’t know if we missed episodes that aired elsewhere (if it was a local pre-empting). Does anyone know? Are the people that write to this site in America? Korea? That would be fun to know. I am in Indiana, USA. My Mama is in Washington, USA.Often, episodes of the same show run ahead or behind in different countries.

  112. 112 : sb Says:

    has episodes 1-100 subbed, and 105 translated

  113. 113 : smartalec44 Says:

    According to this site che-cheh.com/?p=942 total episodes should be around 200+. The first episode started on May 5,2008 on KBS1 in Korea.
    It’s currently running on its 121 st episode. Last episode to be aired January 2009. Perhaps 200+ episodes in total.
    Im Yoon Ah portraying Jang Sae Byeok is just 18 years old and a member of Korean singing group GIRLS GENERATION.
    Also the baby shoes have something to do with tying in the reality that Sae Byeok is really her adopted parents real lost child.

  114. 114 : chaimoon Says:

    Hi Doris p Love. Ir’s good to know that someone really does read our comments on You are My Destiny. In my part of the Philippines, I watch it at KBS World on weekdays, 7:15 and ends around 8:00 pm. I am monitoring the episodes being shown and today it should be episode 101. It’s nice to know that a Korean drama like this bonds us together who are from different parts of the world. I goes beyond race and location. It is nice to go home from work and get to watch a nice family oriented drama.

  115. 115 : chaimoon Says:

    Hi Vicky! Are you a Korean residing in the USA? I appreciate your concern for your mama, that is , to be able to watch her favorite korean drama. You sure love her and the fact that you are residing far from each other, makes it a little tough right? Just cheer up. This world is composed of different types of people and that is what makes it so interesting and colorful. Smile!

  116. 116 : radha Says:

    i am from india and i really enjoy watching this drama.

  117. 117 : chaimoon Says:

    Phila. my sentiments exactly. Sometimes it is best to say things outright and clearly so that there will be no more misunderstanding. I wish Hosae and Saebyok will express their feelings to make everything clear and final, instead of just keeping silent and be run over by everybody nasty!

  118. 118 : smartalec44 Says:

    Hosae and SaeByruk should form their own furniture company. Instead of sending SaeByruk to Russia, they ought to send Subin and her mother to a frigid concentration camp in Siberia. Maybe grandfather, the taylor in Hearts of Nineteen will come to rescue his screen wife(Subin’s mom).

  119. 119 : van Says:


  120. 120 : van Says:


  121. 121 : van Says:

    good show

  122. 122 : Phila. Soft Pretzel Says:

    The previews show Hosae visiting Subin’s father. Will Hosae chicken out again and again and not expose his true lack of feelings for Subin. Or will the S???? hit the fan and will Subin finally be humilated. It seems Subin has nine lives when it comes to averting disaster.

  123. 123 : Vicky Says:

    To Chaimoon,
    Thank you for your sweet email. My Aunt Kiu is Korean so that is why my Mama and I started watching “You are my Destiny.” Mama needs surgery but she is too upset over this show to go in to hospital. So if anyone knows anything about the ending or episodes, please say. Some places say the episodes are 125 then we see it says over 150 and some place said 200. I guess this show is made for TV so not only does no one know the ending, it hasn’t been written yet. We thought maybe it was a book or movie that was just now being shown on tv. Sure hope it has a happy ending. Looks like it is going to since they are slowly drawing them together.

  124. 124 : chaimoon Says:

    Hi Vicky! I am positive that You are My Destiny will end great since by now the producers of the drama know how well it is being received all over the world! It is bound to have a glorious ending for everyone to be happy about. They cant afford to have an ending which everybody will regret having followed it faithfully. It’s bound to be Hosae and Saebyok. Maybe Subin will end up with the doctor friend of Nayeong. Subin’s mom really creates both hateful and comic situations in this drama. She can really act! Know what I really don’t like? Subin’s eyes when she looks mean and spitelful! Grrr! For what it’s worth-my sincere regards to your mom!

  125. 125 : milan Says:

    I have seen this drama from starting. This is really good.I like YOON AH’s & Park Jae Jung’s casting.I watch this drama in INDIA.

  126. 126 : stupidalec44 Says:

    Subin”s mom is starting to annoy me more than even Subin. I totally enjoyed watching Subin cry her eyes out after Hosae told Subin’s mom the truth. The truth shall set you free.
    Is anybody taking any bets on whether Saeybruk will end up in Russia? Will she and Hosae wind up in U.S. or will they form their own furniture company.Will North and South Korea ever be reunited like East and West Germany?

  127. 127 : Slim Says:

    I fall in love with You are my Destiny. I wash Hosae would stand up his mom and tell her that he his in love with Saebyok. Saebyok is a sweet heart she doesn’t let any break her down and I love that abour her.

  128. 128 : Fresh cut french fies Says:

    Im Yoon Ah as Jang SaeByuk must be on top of the world. Going from a member of a singing group to the star of a hit Korean drama. At 18 years of age, I wonder if she even finished high school.

  129. 129 : Vicky Says:

    To Chaimoon,
    Thank you for your regards to my mama. I hope you are right that with so many loyal fans of the show, they will end it on a positive note. Good logic! Thank you for your kind emails. I tend to think it will have a happy ending.

  130. 130 : chaimoon Says:

    Hi Vicky! What eps are you now in You are My Destiny? We are now in eps 113 where Saeybyok and Hosae have told both of their parents that no matter what, they are going to marry each other. At least they have the courage now. Subin is still the evil one but I am pretty sure , one against two would not do at all. Yes I am positive everything will go well even for Subin and that your mama will love the drama’s final episode. I hope she is well.

  131. 131 : Bea Says:

    Will there be any more english subs? In chinese it is up to 140.

  132. 132 : Alex Says:

    I’ve watched about six Korean Drama(Soaps) series over the past two years. I find the daily life progresses about two days between episodes. However, when they decide to end a series, the last couple of episodes cover about 5 years of life each. When a series unexpectantly ends like that I become depressed like I’m losing a family. And then like immediately going out and buying a new puppy, I commence watching a new series. It takes about a week of episodes to get acquainted with the new characters. If American soaps(dramas) can go on for years, why not the Korean dramas.

  133. 133 : Vicky Says:

    Hi Chaimoon. My mama is very upset over the show. Not sure what episode we are on. They just got broken up by the mean mother and sister. I still think this will end happily next month. I sure hope so! Do you celebrate Christmas? If so, I wish you and your family a very merry Christmas.

  134. 134 : tapan Says:

    yoona is boring. the leading guy is the worst actor i have seen in my lifetime. they should have casted oh jiho or kang jihwan. i only watch this drama for kim subin , the doctor and for yuri and taepung. most of the actors are boring and just like the saas bahu material in indian tv dramas. and i like korean dramas (only the good ones)

  135. 135 : tapan Says:

    sorry guys if i hurt you. but i think i should give my true feelings abt the drama. single daddy in love is my fav one

  136. 136 : Alex/Smartalec44/Philasoftpretzel Says:

    How did you stumble upon this thread. This site as been pretty much inactive for months.
    We welcome new blood on to the scene whether we agree or disagree with your comments.
    Saebyuk and HoSe may be bad actors but their so CUTE.
    Subin must be a good actor because I hate her so much. Subin’s mom should have stayed married to Grandfather ,the taylor, on Hearts Of Nineteen.

  137. 137 : chaimoon Says:

    Hi Vicky! Yes we do celebrate Christmas and it is the happiest time of the year for me and my family. Sadly, I lost my mama 2 years ago that’s why I appreciate people who love their parents so much, you included. I am very positive that Hosae and Saeybeok will end up happily together. Subin will find her love with the doctor. Smile! The drama will end up with – And they live happily every after! Regards to your mama whom you love so much! Advance Merry Christmas.

  138. 138 : Veronica Says:

    You are My Destiny is a wonderful diversion for me from my chaotic life, it has inspired me to learn the Korean language ( I am English and originally from Liverpool, England) I hear that this series is wrapping up soon and will miss it, Mom’s Dead Upset is also very endearing, I just wish they would go on like the American and British soaps.

  139. 139 : betty Says:

    Sure hope you are my destiny gets better have given up on the reruns on it like the am show that I can get here . Guess sae byuk and ho-se will never get back together with the mean mother to be inlaw. don’t know mothers could be that mean. not interested in dramas any more to heart breaking. hope to last till it ends .

  140. 140 : betty Says:

    please can you tell me how many chapters in the show you are my destiny got to find out if saebyuk and hosea get married they are so in love. and sure having a lot of heart aches and so am I for them maybe can calm down if knew. Seems to get worst. thank you.

  141. 141 : Laila Says:

    Don’t worry they will surely get married, but still she is very mean to her up till now, if you want to see it go to youtube but there is no translation. Enjoy

  142. 142 : Laila Says:

    Over 150 episodes.

  143. 143 : betty Says:

    Hello again.well looks like show is getting worstsure hope it ends soon as going into new year and want to be more calm when that happens . never beeen so upset over a book or show as had this one so please let it end soon. i just hope the jang saebyuk and kang hose get married as they love each other so much.

  144. 144 : Holly Says:

    I won’t spoil the drama, but I hate how long it drags on. It drags on much longer than expected/desired. Does anyone know around what episodes the happy ending will happen?

  145. 145 : Susan Says:

    Cannot believe that so many people watch this show! I happened upon these Korean soaps last year when flipping through the channels. I just love them. I’m learning so much about the culture and even some language. This is my third drama that I am watching. I also watch Mom’s Dead Upset on the weekends. I’m so glad that my mother-in-law was not like the women on these shows and welcomed me with open arms. Please tell me that S&H are going to get married. I had to stop watching last night I didn’t want to know if she was going to break up with him because her brother loves Yuri.

  146. 146 : Ermillenium Says:

    hello zer.
    i really enjoyed the movie and i was like to learn some languages too. like yobseyo, or kumawo. or seraniyo. i happened one day when my sister was watching it and i was kind to like it and now it is my favourite. after i left work, i am still running home to watch that movie. and guess what all my family were part of the movie now.
    but i was wondering when the movie is going to be ended for it is been hard. and i hope that hosea and sabyuka are going to get married

  147. 147 : tina Says:

    i love this show…hosae’s little sister is such a brat….yet I’m hooked!!! & not even Korean…ha ha ha

  148. 148 : clashsee Says:

    I love this drama..It is by the way dragging to long..
    I am so behind this drama..watching right now..ep..81 out of like 100 something..YAMD is the best korean drama i seen in a long time.
    I wish this show was on cable here in the states..lucky for you ppl if you got this show on cable…
    Go YAMD!!!!( i hope i get to finish this drama)

  149. 149 : MIMI Says:


  150. 150 : rackel Says:

    my mother and i enjoyed this soap , we are from the caribbean and we are hook subin mother is a very good actress, she make me laugh all the time i wish hosea and seayabok will married and live hapily ever after .the writer and the producer of this drama did a great job very creative i cannot wait for your next drama keep up the good work

  151. 151 : MIMI Says:

    its reall best drama….what the end ths drama?HA!!!!!

  152. 152 : lyly Says:

    its a good drama but when is it going to end, its over 170 episodes!!

  153. 153 : Alex-Titor--time traveler Says:

    Why is everyone clammering for this wonderful drama to end? It was suppose to end on Korean TV sometime in January 2009. How that translates into total episodes I don’t know. Since everyone worldwide is watching it at a different stages it does make it difficult to discuss it without letting the cat out of the bag for people presently watching at earlier stages.

  154. 154 : Boo Boo Says:


  155. 155 : hazel Says:

    when this drama will come to the end ??
    i hope it’ll come to the end soon coz i need to continue study and will face big exam so, i hope soon it’ll finish ..
    hoping that saebyeok and hosae oppa will married !!

  156. 156 : blueberry Says:

    Is it really 170 episodes! I thought it was about to end.

    It is getting more interesting though coz if the last episode implied what I thought it was – then Sae Byuk has a very rich mom.

  157. 157 : blueberry Says:

    What I’m hoping though is that they don’t drag the story too much otherwise it would lose it’s momentum. For now I’m enjoying each episode.

  158. 158 : betty Says:

    has the show ended is not on for tonight and last night sure wish to know as have really enjoyed it and so hope they would get married Hose and saebyuk if you know send a letter thanks

  159. 159 : pokie Says:

    yes…they got married in ep 140(not sure if i got the # right). SB’s mum turned up at the wedding and saw her photo as a kid in the wedding montage and “confirmed” tt SB’s her daughter. she also paid for the wedding. but H and SB didn’t manage to go on honeymoon as Yuri tore up her passport. hope i’m not saying too much!

  160. 160 : blueberry Says:

    Yes, they did get married. In fact the longer they drag the story the more I’m beginning to dislike Hosae. How he could allow his mother to treat Saebyeok in such a manner is beyond me.
    Anyhow, Saebyeok’s rich mom will hopefully come to her rescue.

  161. 161 : blueberry Says:

    A well deserved win during the recently concluded KBS Drama awards by the husband and wife.

    And Yoon Ah won 2 awards also – Well done!

  162. 162 : Joyce Says:

    This Show is my 2nd best. Hearts of Nineteen was THE BEST ever.. it’s being rerun here after You are my Destiny. I have watched these dramas for 10 yrs. and agree it’s like reading a good book, there is a story, beginning to end, not like our soaps. I enjoy learning about the culture, I am American and watch from Penna. I got my best friend hooked and we are so happy there are other out there that get hooked like us and so enjoy these show. She recently lost her connection and is very upset…

  163. 163 : betelihem Says:

    hi it’s betty the film is actually relly nice but i want to contact with the film actress in you are my destiny that’s park jae jung that i want to have a contact with him so now i want his mail adress please help me , i am from Eritrea ( Asmeara ) bye bye

  164. 164 : betelihem Says:

    hi sosa i want ur mail adress please

  165. 165 : chaimoon Says:

    Now that Hosae and Saebyok are finally married, I wish Hosae will fight for his wife against his sister and mother’s cruelty. I get pissed off every time those two harass Saebyok . Yes, bluebrerry, I think the rich mom will come to the rescue! And Pokie, I believe we are on the same episode of this drama. Things are getting more interesting. I know I’m going to miss the characters when the drama finally ends. It was great for it to have 4 awards in the recent KBS awards, two of which were garnered by Yoona. Great going kid! Keep it up.

  166. 166 : smart alec44-the smoking chimp Says:


    I’m currently watching that double feature of YOU ARE MY DESTINY followed by the rerun HEARTS OF NINETEEN ON CHANNEL 35(Mind TV formally WYBE) broadcast out of Phila. Pa.

    I find it amusing that two of the same actors are on both dramas.
    Subin’s mother and father on YOU ARE MY DESTINY are boy and girl friends on HEARTS OF NINETEEN. He wears a perm and plays a washed up singer,soprano sax and guitar player. She marries the father who is 20 years her senior.

  167. 167 : Joyce Says:

    Smart Alec 44, I too am watching from Philly on Channel 35, both dramas and yes, the same 2 actor’s are on both. Liked him better as “the sax playing permed uncle”, in this one he is too flat. She is much more glam. in this one too. I guess from reading some of these postings that Hosae and S. are going to get married soon. Different areas must be ahead of us. Hearts of 19 Still my #1 favorite, loved the lead actor & actress. J.

  168. 168 : terrie Says:

    i really hate yuri a lot….. besides, i started hating SB because alway saying sorry to Ho se mother………….. hmmm….. i hope the real SB mom will come to the rescue…

  169. 169 : terrie Says:

    rite now, i really into this yur my destiny story….. but when the drama end i wiill be not at home coz i’m movin to my university hostel…. im vry sad and all i wanted to say it the bez korean drama ever…… i also lurve korean language… i wan to learn this language in the future…. my oppa miz a lot of tv show coz of me watchin this drama…. oppa bianne….. all i wanted is to watch ho sae n SB getting married n at last my dream come true…. my aunty,my big sis and me will not miz even a single episode of diz drama……if i miz the episode at 7.20pm i wiill watchin it at 1.20am at channel303 kbsworld, astro…… this drama is way gud from autumn in my heart…..

  170. 170 : treehz Says:

    So far i have found that there are about 178 episodes…dont think thats the end though.

    I been watching with english subs at mysoju.com but its only up to 137 there : (

  171. 171 : Sophina Says:

    The final episode (episode 178) will be showing on 2009-Jan-09

  172. 172 : treehz Says:

    Raw at dramacrazy.net up to 177

  173. 173 : mushroom soupp Says:

    i really love this drama.

  174. 174 : princess Says:

    This is the worst drama i have ever seen and the ending was bad. this drama started strong then it became boring. i do not recommend watching it

  175. 175 : betty Says:

    now to start watching my precouis you. sat and sunday night. a real heart breaker. hope the country girl just goes home.

  176. 176 : smartalec Says:

    Princess, your entitled to your opinion.
    This show doesn’t evoke any boredom on my part.
    I do get angry when the writers make Hosae’s mom so stupid.

    Any Mom would want her son to be happy with his life and not try to sabotage his every action. I do get bored with the repetition of her stupidity.

    Why does a college educated man have to be fearful of his mom’s every actions.

    He should confront Mama by saying that this is the year 2009. This is my intended future wife and if you don’t like it, SCREW YOU MAMA.

  177. 177 : meirav Says:

    i have checked on dramacrazy.net too it is until 178 and raw i check
    everyday to see if it has been sub and on mysoju

  178. 178 : betty Says:

    Boy that mother in law is sure heartless wish she and the sister were not in any more of the show. let the two newly weds be happy. she has had a bad life maybe end will be good and no mother in law and his sister in itused to like seeingYang geun suk in so of the show . but not now.

  179. 179 : addy Says:

    hi all and esp for princess……………..

    if u dont like this drama go ahead but plz dont blame it!!!!!!!!!!!!


  180. 180 : Shireen mehmood Says:

    I watch this drama and i am a fan of yoona, i am an indian and studdent of secondary school in libya. i can read the subtitles in the drama and understand it . . I dont miss a single episode of this drama. i like this drama too much. Yoona is the best. plz give my regards to yoona.

  181. 181 : Vicky Says:

    I am in United States. show has not ended here but it has ended in KOrea. Is anyone in Korea that can tell me how it ends? thank you.

  182. 182 : kdrama5 Says:


    if u go to youtube, look under final, u will know the ending of the show.

  183. 183 : chaimoon Says:

    The reactions to the show are many and varied. They are all interesting. The show will end soon and I hope that the replacement will be more interesting, with less frustrating scenes and less rude characters. I will surely miss it when it finally ends. You are My Destiny, you rock! In their next drama the lead characters will evolve into top caliber actors because of their experience. See you in the next drama guys!

  184. 184 : Maya Says:

    I love this movie…I can’t wait to buy it! I’ll be really sad when it ends. Good acting.

  185. 185 : mike bak Says:

    i am from the U.S.A. the dramas here suck.you just cant beat these korean dramas.and the woman are so pretty.just love it.

  186. 186 : goth princess Says:

    the women are sooo cute. hosea is the cutest. it is an awesome drama.i just love sabeyok and hosae they are soooo cute i love u both

  187. 187 : goth princess Says:

    sabeyoks mom is a tiger i hate yuri. she is too childish

  188. 188 : smartalec Says:

    Sabeyok is downright gorgeous getting an award

  189. 189 : chaimoon Says:

    Way to go Smartalec! Screw you mama indeed! Here in the Philippines children and parents know their boundaries. They sure know when to stop meddling and keep their mouths shut. Parents in K dramas sometimes go over the top and that really pisses me off! And I would go —WHAT!? We should all respect our parents and parents should respect their children and that goes beyond nationality and creed. Hear! Hear! Hosae’s mom! Anyway she is a very good actress cause she moves all of us to hate her! Applause everyone!

  190. 190 : smartalec Says:

    Chaimoon–Shame on you! Just Kidding!
    What’s with this traditional vs western type furniture.
    Does anyone in Asia still have traditional furniture?
    It seems the lower less educated classes seem to have the traditional stooping on the floor dining table along with the bedroom sleeping pads.
    And what is really dumb is to have a sleeping pad and a western desk and chair next to each other in the bedroom.

    And ,when they enter the traditional bedroom they sit on the floor. How can older people with arthritic joints put up with such abuse?

    If your from the Philipines, tell me what the true story is in regards to furniture usage.

  191. 191 : simon berhane Says:

    my name is simon. you are my destiny drama is very nice drama and sabyeok is very beauty girl i want to merry her if she want and hosae is good also the others thank you.pride for Ethiopia and korea I love korea.

  192. 192 : simon berhane Says:

    my name is simon I am from Ethiopia the drama is very nice and lim yoon ah cute girl i want to merry her if she want and hosae also very nice subin tapung also yuri i love you very much bye bye. and pride for korea and Ethiopia

  193. 193 : simon berhane Says:

    please yoon ah mail for me by this [email protected] or phone to me by this number 2516476957 or mobile 0911374157.i love you more than i can say.

  194. 194 : smartalec Says:


    Yoon ah is only 18 years old.
    If your young(age appropriate to her age), handsome and have lots of money maybe you would have a chance for her.

    Even if you meet all of the above qualifications, your just one of many groupies oogling her. But nobody can stop you from dreaming.

  195. 195 : Hollywood Says:

    Wow, I see many of you are pretty worked up about this drama, I guess I will give this drama a try then. Sometime these drama can be too repetitive and I tend to get bored with it when it is too long.

    Hey Smartalec, play nice, don’t burst Simon bubble, he can dream.

    Simon, my advise is to learn a little Korean language, polish up your english and visit Korea. You may meet a girl as pretty as Yoon Ah, maybe.

  196. 196 : Truth Potion Says:

    At first i like Yoon Ah very much… but when i continue to watch the movie, i get irritated and angry because she’s so rude to her real mother…

    I know she’s angry with her real mother because she abandoned her when she’s small but why can’t she try to understand her mother’s feeling instead of being so rude to her???!!! and what irritate me most is the way she talk to her mother-in-law is completely different compare to Saebyeok’s mother… She keeps saying sorry and sorry to her mother-in-law no matter what happen but when her real mother realy want to help her, her attitude is so horrible…

    I sincerely hope that Saebyeok wil change her attitude in the end…

  197. 197 : smartalec Says:

    Since the doctor is chasing after Subin, she appears more vulnerable and less hateful of Hosae and Saeybrek. She is actually starting to look attractive.

    Maybe I’ll pull a Simon and oogle after her.
    In Phila.Pa., the episodes haven’t reached the point where Saeybrek meets her real mama. Some thug hit her in the eye injuring her cornea.
    I do hope she recovers. Even though I know in real life, she has two normal eyes, I’m still upset for her.

  198. 198 : Truth Potion Says:

    I like Subin!!! Although she’s mean at first when she knew Hosae like Saebyeok but in the end she’s getting prettier and nicer because she finally can accept the truth about Hosae and Saebyeok…

    Ps. in my country this drama is gona end alrdy i think…

  199. 199 : Ossie Says:

    Yes…..right here in Sarawak, Malaysia, people are also struck by Korean Dramas. I happen to watch Korean Drama by chance when my other siblings are watching it on numerous occasions. Yes, I agree Sae Buk’s attitude and role are beginning to get sickening for her treatment/response towards her birth mother. Is this the way normally mothers-in-law in Korea will treat their daughters-in-law as portrayed in most of Korean dramas?

  200. 200 : burberry Says:

    I agree about the recent comments on Saebyok and I hope that her character doesn’t represent the true Korean attitude not only towards elders but also towards one’s own birth mother.

    The episode we are now seeing is when Hosae’s mom had an accident & is in hospital. What’s annoying is on how Saebyok decides to stay at the hospital & look after her mom in law when in fact the mom in law hated her so much. If I were the mom in law, I would have had a heart attack right there and then. I don’t think this is possible in real life.

    Bottom line is, I am beginning to dislike Saebyok.

  201. 201 : Aulani Says:

    Saebeyok is a GLUTON for punishment..Her mother in law is a mother in law from HELL and Saebeyok is a gluton for punishment…she should STAY AWAY FROM THAT HATEFUL WOMEN…it is because of this character that I hope NOT to watch these Korean Soaps ever again…How HATEFUL can one be. What a turnoff. In fact ALL Korean mothers in law seem to be very HATEFUL but especially this one…I can’t believe how this one drama has me totally disgusted with KOREAN MOTHERS IN LAW…why don’t they MARRY their precious sons…HOW DISGUSTING of these mothers…geesh. Needless to mention Hosea is not much of a husband. What a dingle berry. This is a soap opera from HELL! I do not watch it anymore!

  202. 202 : Sunshine Says:

    You know what, i think Saebyeok deserved her punishment… because although her real mother realy want to help her, she stil wana stick to her “lovely” mother-in-law…

    and wat annoyed me most is Saebyeok’s family… her family keep supporting her no matter wat happen…

    This drama is getting boring oo…

  203. 203 : Lena Says:

    I am not Korean but I love to watch Korean drama with English subtitle, even learn a to speak some Korean, not enough to undwerstand without English subtitle though , You are my destiny have over 170 episodes, I watched it on MySoju, it ended at episode 138, I found all episode on another website but can not watch b/c not English subtitle. it does have dialogue but take to long to read. so now I’m stuck at episode 128, anyone know of another site with all episodes that have English subtitle?

  204. 204 : smartalec Says:

    Don’t blame Seybruk or Hosae for the poor script. They are only reading what they are given by the writers.

    Im Yoon Ah is a very lucky beautiful young lady. Does anyone know if she has a good unique singing voice in that rock singing group she’s in?

    Is she good enough to make the final 12 in the American or Korean Idol shows?

  205. 205 : simple_life Says:

    Is this drama finished?. I am just hoping that they – the writers & producers – don’t drag it too long and come up with awful story lines just to extend it.

    We’re now on the part where the mom regains consciousness after the accident and is once again plotting something bad against Saebyeok. Like what has happened before, Saebyeok will accept the ill doing wholeheartedly & will ask for the mom in laws forgiveness.

  206. 206 : bea Says:

    please don’t be sad at my comment
    1st of all
    im bea from philippines you can call me cb_28 instead
    at first You are my destiny is so interesting and cool but now i think it is getting boring because saebyeok’s mother-in-law is so mean.(like filipino drama-corny) I hate Saebyeok now because she keeps saying sorry to her mother-in-law but nothing happens.

    comment to saebyeok-please don’t be mean to your birth mother. she has peersonal reasons about it.

    comment to saebyeoks mother-in-law-please dont be mean to saebyeok.

    hosae-please take care of saebyeok

    birth mother of saebyeok-don’t give up i know you can convience sabyeok again/



  207. 207 : Katie Says:

    I got the whole set and finished it. It was really good. I think you guys would like it . Maybe not . It’s a little sad.

  208. 208 : luba Says:

    This is my second Korean soap and the one before “You Are My Destiny” was just wonderful (I think that it was called “High as the Sky…) But, “You Are My Destiny” is just getting ridiculous. My friend told me how much she was enjoying watching the Korean soaps and now I’m hooked. But, we’re both getting very upset with this one. She called me tonight and was very upset with Hosae’s mother. We’re both just SICK of her. Are most Korean mother-in-laws like her?She’s a rich witch, mean, a slave driver and it’s just getting to be impossible to watch. Please end it soon because I’ve wasted enough time watching this ridiculous soap. Why doesn’t Sabyeok stand up for herself and she keeps on apologizing for something that she didn’t do. Is this cultural? or what?

  209. 209 : chaimoon Says:

    Exactly my feelings guys! I used to look forward to watching this drama but now I just HATE Saebyok , Hosae, his mother and Yuri! They are either MEAN or PLAIN STUPID! Now I don’t care if it ends tomorrow. The situations are just ridiculous that simple people can react and think better than the characters to solve their problems. Some of their so called problems are actually NO BRAINERS! There are so many ways of solving their problems. Mr. Writer I used to be in awe of your story, but now, you can end it anytime and I would no longer care. You still have some few episodes left though , I think, you still have a chance to redeem yourself!

  210. 210 : chaimoon Says:

    It is so funny that I have spent so many hours watching this drama hoping that everything will be A-okay as it goes on. Now I am TIRED! Tired of Hosae’s character of being less of a man for his wife. I could just hit him on the head to wake him up , to be a man for his wife. I am tired of Saebyoks “I am sorry” character. It’s just pure stupidity not to fight for your right as a human being! Even those who have not gone to school know what their rights are and can react to situations accordingly. I am tired to Hosae’s mother and sister who are getting uglier everyday. Can’t they at least tell their writer and directors that there characters are less human and more of the the devils reincarnate!? Are Koreans naturally courteous and obedient or just plain ST….D?! Sorry, you’re being slaughtered in this drama!

  211. 211 : simple_life Says:

    I agree with the latest comments absolutely! I thought it was only me who has found this drama getting so ridiculous that it is now painful even to watch it.

    And yes, I’ve now stopped watching it too.

  212. 212 : Elsie Says:

    I have been a devotee for many, many Korean soaps and have been watching for many years and have loved all of them.However, I am enraged and very upset about how you are presenting women in “You are my Destiny.” Sabyoek’s mother-in-law is one of the meanest, selfish, self-centered, self-absored, despicable, horrific persons on this soap. (Are most Korean mother-in-laws like her?) How long is this going to go on?My friend and I were so upset when Sabyoek was thrown out of the house and she slept outside all night!! Hope that she gets sooo sick that the mother-in-law will learn her lesson and never do that to her again. Sabyoek is just the sweetest person but every time she tries to stand up for herself here mother-in- law tells her that she’s being disrespectful. Please, please end this soap already. My friend and I have invested enough time watching it. What kind of writers do you have? For example when Hosae came to the place where the ceremonial was being held and his mother wasn’t there – why didn’t he find out why she wasn’t there. I can go on and on with ridiculous examples but prefer to ask you to end it on happy note. Thanks!!

  213. 213 : chaimoon Says:

    And now Hosae’s witch of a mother told her weakling son to divorce Saebyok, and because the witch is sick , her weakling son told his equally boneless wife that they now have to END EVERYTHING because that is what the witch wants. WHAT!! BRAVO!! I am eagerly waiting what other stupidities these characters will make! Keep it coming guys! This is one for the books! Mr. Writer you have just pulverized the Korean husband, wife, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and the Korean family into brainless, boneless, stupid non-human beings! Mr. Director can’t you at least do something if your writer is incapable of doing so? Come on man, give your characters a little dignity. They have become a pitiful and hateful bunch!

  214. 214 : Ying Says:

    In the end she got along with her mother in law but her mother died. I didn’t like the part her mother died. I think that this might happen to anyone in life. The storyline is very twisted but i think it was worth my time to watch it even if most scenes were ridiculous.

  215. 215 : zabrinafromphilippines Says:

    I was so hooked by this Korean drama. my God, this drama is almost real. I was so upset when SB’s mom died for her…I mean she died just for the surviving of her SBs happiness. At first, I thought Hosae’s mom will die but i was totally mistaken. But at the end I was so glad when Hosae’s mom decides and realized the right thing to doooooo..We better recommend this drama to all people who are preparing for their future and for them to know the true essence of mother-daughter relationship…More korean dramas to salute for!!!

  216. 216 : yane Says:

    I was anxious,boosted,thrilled,suspended too by this drama series…oh wow! its de best drama i’ve seen so far. im from Brunei, the bad things in my life is when i missed to watch it whenever having outside function..haha. Yoon ah..i lyk ur character & salute ur braveheart! anyway, loves seeing kong hyeon ju smiles in this drama…she has 1 of de best actresses smiles ever! Bak Min Ji..love u too! c u all in my “mission impossible” hopes..loves u all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  217. 217 : mirjalni Says:


    i love this drama it really helpful 2 understand the drama with english subtitles because i am a srilankan and i dont no korean

    i wish the drama had a happy end and it made me joy…….. thank u all 4 giving us such a entertaining drama…………

  218. 218 : sincerely_yours Says:

    How long will this drama go on for? I’m sorry to say but I’ve lost interest on it since Saebyeok (as how Aulani puts it) started showing signs of being a GLUTON for punishment.

    Saebyeok / Yoona is painful to watch as an actress. She should find herself lucky that she is surrounded by really very good actors & actresses, otherwise I would have said that this Drama was a total waste of KBS drama time.

  219. 219 : smartalec Says:

    sincerely_yours Says:

    Since in Phila. we are behind you in episodes viewed, I am finally seeing why you are so disgusted with the abuse Saebrek willingly takes from her mother in hell.
    Last nights episode had Saebrek cutting 100 big cabbages working all night in preparation for making kimchi the next day with the mother in hell’s socialite friends to be presented to orphanages.

    First of all, I don’t understand why any person would willingly agree to quit their office design job to be man-handled by a mother-in-hell.

    Why live with parents if you are financially able to have your own place.

  220. 220 : Veronica Says:

    Saebyok is such an endearing young woman, I can’t understand how anyone could ever be cruel to her. There were moments when I thought Mrs. Kang maybe really did love her, but not so sure anymore. Episode #168 just aired over here on KBS and I know there are only 10 left and I am so despondent , as this will be the end of this very inspired series. I will go through absolute withdrawal. This show actually inspired me to learn the Korean language too! The weekend drama “Mom’s Dead Upset” is also brilliant, keep them coming KBS!

  221. 221 : sarah jones Says:

    i’m watching korean soap opera “you are my destiny” i like the story at the beginning but i learned from reading comments from your site, i felt sad that the birth mother will die, how i wish the writer will do something realistic in this story. Hard to understand and hard to accept the fact that she left her daugher because of poverty. In reality, Sujin must give her love to her mother than her mother-in-law.

  222. 222 : Johanna Says:

    When Saeybok’s birth mom came into the drama, WHOAA, what a classy, beautiful lady! I loved the way she carried herself–confident, independent, determined, gorgeous wardrobe and the love and want for her daughter’s happiness. WHY was Saeybok resisting her sooo much?? I’d have fallen to the ground and kiss her feet. Fool! It broke my heart on last Friday’s episode that she died in Saeybok’s arms! WHY didn’t they have her live on and have THAT mother-in-law from HELL die of her lukemia?? I have two Asian friends who both have mother-in-laws from HELL. Watching these Korea soaps explains to me why my friends have put up with such crap and disrespect from their MIL’s. It’s a cultural thing. Bossy MIL’s and weak spined sons! My one friend’s husband dropped her off at the hospital to give birth and left to go visit his mama! IMAGINE! Why? Because mama called and wanted sonny boy to visit right then, no matter that the wife was about to give birth! Back to YAMD, I can’t wait for the MIL from hell to realize that Saeybok will be holding all those shares of Lhoas company. Fall to your knees, MIL! You, too Yuri! Sister-in-law from hell. Hosea, develop a backbone!

  223. 223 : smartalec Says:


    I like the way you took my phrase mother-in-hell and refined it. Firstly as mother in law in HELL and cleverly as an acronym MIL from HELL.

    You should be writing the scripts and then maybe we can have the MIL from HELL die of cancer and have the birth mother live happily with her daughter.
    Actually, I would rather have the MIL from HELL lose her fortune and have her working down on her knees as a maid to Saebruk and her birth mother.

  224. 224 : Cia Fran Says:

    i enjoyed watching this korean drama. “you’re my destiny” me and mom really love this soap alot. speaking of mrs.kang i hate her sO much!
    it’s sad how saebyeok had to donate her bone marrow to her monster mother in law instead of her birth mother. yuri is a real bitch! i think of the kang family including taepung are selfish. all they think of is mrs.kang.

  225. 225 : smartalec Says:

    I enjoyed Subin’s middleaged mother becoming pregnant. I also enjoyed seeing Subin’s father pull out his saprano saxophone and try to play it.

    Reminded me of Hearts Of Nineteen when the fathet portrayed a washed up crooner with curly hair and the mother was his girl friend before she married his 70 year old father(the Taylor)

    In Phila. area, there is some kind of reality show that comes on before You Are My Destiny. It is in Korean without English sub-titles. It’s difficult to understand but there is some really fat girl on the show trying to deal with her obesity They hardly ever show her eating but by the looks of her she must be eating 2 dozen eggs for breakfast and 3 footlong Subway sandwiches for lunch.

  226. 226 : chaimoon Says:

    And the winner is- the witch mother-in-law! The birth mother solved all their problems and that means ALL – saved Lohas, provided a job to Taepong’s brother, gave all of them enough money to work with, money for Saebyok which was decided to be a start for a foundation, instructed Saebyok to give her marrow to the witch, and other problems were solved. And then – she died… It could have been the other way around – kill the witch. This is a lesson to the writers out there – don’t disappoint your audience with a mediocre ending to your stories. It should be the highest point of the entire drama , one which would give your audience satisfaction for watching your stories religiously. To all writers and directors, Hear! Hear!

  227. 227 : AMANUEL Says:

    i love the derama it is very nice and i am from ETHIOPIA i am amanuel . i saw the film with my family and we alwyes enjoed. the finishing part of the drama is very good and i like to say good buy ,have a nice work.

  228. 228 : Larry Says:

    This series died one hundred episodes ago.

  229. 229 : chaimoon Says:

    Hey Larry, I guess you’re RIGHT!

  230. 230 : Larry Says:


    Mrs. Kang suffers a relapse and dies.

    Sae Byuk has a miscarriage. Later, her eye transplant fails.

    During a cruise to assuage their grief, Ho Se and Sae Byuk are lost at sea in a typhoon.

    Yu Ri has a breakdown and is confined to a sanatorium.

    Tae Poong finds happiness with a wealthy model. They and their well-adjusted children bring joy to the entire extended family.

    Dr. Nam returns and marries Soo Bin. Likewise, they parent a healthy, happy family.

    Screenwriter Moon Eun Ah apologizes to the world for writing this drama and promises to never, ever write again.

    The actors’ careers are not damaged by appearing in this series.

  231. 231 : Bea Says:

    This was the worst soap opera EVER! I try to watch all of them and I did not like this one. This mother-in-law was the WORST! She wins the prize for the most EVIL!

  232. 232 : Paris Says:

    I watched all 178 episodes.
    Though many times I curse and swear at the evil mother-in-law but I have to say that overall it’s a pretty good drama. Cried many times because of poor Sae Byuk.

    It’s no wonder that Yoon Ah who acts as Sae Byuk got the Best New Actress Award at the recent 45th Baeksang Arts Awards.

  233. 233 : Johanna Says:

    I realize that everyone is on different episodes. For me, last nite, the witch MIL flew to the States to her sister to ask–in person–for her bone marrow transplant for Seaybok’s birth mom. Could someone please tell me…..does the birth mom die or not?! Right now she is very, very ill. (I do hope she lives). I’m SHOCKED that the witch MIL is trying to save Mrs. Jeong’s life! Is she turning nice? Is it because she has Seaybok’s blood marrow in her?? From this point, does anyone know how much longer the story goes on? Just a couple weeks ago they had Christmas and here it was February. I’m so hooked, but I want to know ‘what comes next’…..

  234. 234 : smartalec Says:

    The writers surely aren’t reading this English writing thread to react to our comments. But if they did, it would be nice to direct them in the creation of these ditties.

    There doesn’t have to be continual discord for us to continue to watch. What about a drama where everyone lives happily in their daily lives wihout all this nastiness of the mother-in-law. They seem to always introduce some sort of major health problem.

    It seems these writers are using some writing 101 guidelines in creating all there dramas. How about thinking outside the box and come up with some original and different plots.

  235. 235 : Loves KDs Says:

    To answer Johanna’s question…The last episode is 178. In NJ that will be aired tonight. Does anyone know what the next drama is?

  236. 236 : mIA Says:

    Is there anywhere I can buy this series? I love it!

  237. 237 : shinbi Says:

    i really love this drama.i’m a big fan of girls’ generation.so, if i miss one of the episode,i feel really bad.and i try my best to keep watching this drama even though my father said he hate this drama because saebyuk were so kind to her evil mother in law.

  238. 238 : James Says:

    This is probably my most favorite korean drams of all time I love the plots that goes with this drama not to metion the great acting from the cast. I’ve been looking all over to see where I can purchase this drama or download it. If anyone has any information about where I can purchase this drama or download it please tell me.

  239. 239 : Debbie Says:

    I am from Calif, USA and I’ve been watching this show on cable tv, but they swithed to another drama before I got to see the end of you are my destiny, I loved this drama. It left off when they were rushing miok to the hospital, I now know they weren’t able to save her. what else has happened? Someone please let me know. Thank You

  240. 240 : delyn Says:

    hyee.. i woould like to watching this programmes..
    this is my e-mail… [email protected]

  241. 241 : Ameythst Says:

    i was sooooo sad wen the series ended. it deseved to continue on

  242. 242 : smart alec Says:

    We have about 10 episodes to go in Phila.,Pa. and I can’t wait for this thing to end. Seybreuk started out being attractive and sweet and now I have a hard time looking at a girl so stupid about her loyalty to the witch mother in law.

    The writer overdid this to the point of naseau. My question is, when is the witch going to get what she so richly deserves? I hope Seybreuk doesn’t give her a gram of bone marrow. I know the witch is just an actress but I’m so incensed by her behavior toward her daughter in law.

  243. 243 : gag Says:

    Can anybody tell me why she donated her bone marrow to
    her mother-in-law instead of her real mother?

  244. 244 : nanda from india Says:

    well,i still can forget the moments i waited for this drama and watched it.i love sabyeok.hope she marries me!!!

  245. 245 : tanzina Says:

    does anybody knows where can i watch korean drama “to be with you”?

  246. 246 : delyn Says:

    i love to watched ”your are my destiny”… yoona i love you… join me…… [email protected]

  247. 247 : Vinh Mai Says:

    This is an awesome drama….Yoona is the best 😀

  248. 248 : Vinh Mai Says:

    these are my thoughts on y she gave her bone marrow to her mother in law instead….
    1) She knew that mother in law got leukemia earlier then her real mother…also she wanted to give her bone marrow to her mother-in-law in the first place…and with the whole real mother abandon thing probably she still have that hatred inside of her….
    2) My 2nd thought is that her real mother didn’t tell her about her sickness in the first place…and that she kept it a secret all to herself…

    those are my reasons y saebyuk gave her bone marrow to her mother-in-law instead…..

  249. 249 : LuoXiaoLing Says:

    I don’t like this drama…

    I got bored by the 2nd episode..

  250. 250 : balvinder singh Says:

    hi i am balvinder singh i came to USA this march 2009 .i am basically from india .In india i used to watch this daily soap……..it is best

    i love this show……….i even in usa miss this and what to watch it
    i saw in KBS world . it was in korean but translated in english..i use to read these words and enjoyed this serial

    can u tell how i can watch this online
    i love this serial

  251. 251 : BBF FANS Says:

    When Saeybok’s birth mom came into the drama, WHOAA, what a classy, beautiful lady! I loved the way she carried herself–confident, independent, determined, gorgeous wardrobe and the love and want for her daughter’s happiness. WHY was Saeybok resisting her sooo much?? I’d have fallen to the ground and kiss her feet. Fool! It broke my heart on last Friday’s episode that she died in Saeybok’s arms! WHY didn’t they have her live on and have THAT mother-in-law from HELL die of her lukemia?? I have two Asian friends who both have mother-in-laws from HELL !!!

    ha .. ha ..ha

    so funny >

  252. 252 : Natarius Says:

    LOL i have wasted so much time for this ridiculous drama!!!!!! at first i was so impressed by the character played by Yoona, because i love Yoona, but as the episodes was dragging so endlessly i’ve gradually lost all of my interest in this drama….i’m totally disappointed of Yoona’s character and the Husband Hose. They showed the weakness for not struggling enough for their happiness, keep enduring the Fucking Devil Mother-in-law with total consent!! What a nut case! And by the way i can’t get the stupidity of the Screenwriter who successfully brought hatred about Korean dramas in me! A fucking round of applause!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I just can’t stand watching this drama anymore (about the episode 130, i just skipped to the final one cuz’ i wanna know the End ) thanks to all the Innocent of Seabyuk, the Stupidity of her so call Husband Hose and above all the HUMANITY of the WITCH MOTHER IN LAW!!!!
    Like someone’s comment on this site, the plot should go like this:
    Saebyuk and her Husband: Die somewhere on a cruise ship
    The mother-in-law: being sent straight to HELL!
    Yuri: Being forced along with her mother!

    A happy End for the KIM family!

    And the character that i love the most in this SO FUCKING WASTE OF TIME TO WATCH drama is Yoonhee! LOL
    The Sreenwriter should have an award for his Cluless stupidity and be banned for the rest of his life from writting anything!

  253. 253 : Mike4asianwoman Says:

    I have been watching the korean drams for 11 years now.They seem to get better and better.The one that is showing now is the road home.Another gem.Why cant we americans make any dramas as good as these.I will tell you why,the plots to the korean dramas are very tight,they dont have to make everything a sex game.These dramas make sense.The american T.V. stinks,oh you ask why?The actresses cant compare to the beauty of the korean woman.The contants are pathatically stupid.and i laugh my head off when they compare angelan jolie to Bette Davis.

  254. 254 : Sang Eun Says:

    Yoona is such a great actress!
    The girl who plays Soobin is good too. She does look mean.

  255. 255 : amktsy Says:

    my conclusion for this drama is if you like you pure 19,you will love this,if you hate that you will hate this kdrama as well. 🙂

  256. 256 : Aki Mizuki Says:

    How much does that grandma get on your nerves? in most dramas the old person delivers a stable, wise character which has a purpose, and is generally helpful to the family… in this drama she is basically senile and has absolutely nothing of value to say, and she doesn’t even serve a real purpose… shes one of those characters that would be killed off in a remake… (sorry i’m on episode 83 and she is just making me nuts!!)

  257. 257 : Helen Says:

    I’m watching those episode downloaded by Ku6.com as it is very slow and break very often. In regard to this drama, I’ve never seen a mother-in-law this evil even on her deathbed. Can someone fix episode 166, 167, 175, 176, 177 & 178 as it is broken. Thanks.

  258. 258 : Helen Says:

    I’m disgusted and irritated by Hose mother “the hell devil”. Why the scriptwriter made her such an evil women. I really hated her from episode 1 till end. By the way, can someone please help to fix episode 166, 167, 176, 177 & 178 as it is broken. Thanks.

  259. 259 : tameka Says:

    I am a true fan of this drama! I am in the states. when this drama went off I was so lost! I hope this drama is placed on dvd in english subtitles!

  260. 260 : mahmud Says:

    hose: a selfish charecter like his mother
    seabak: she is every time sorry sorry to her mother in law, but very rude to her real mother. but appearing her real mother, focus on seabok goes down, the real mother shows the positive role towards seabak everytime.

    seaback was wrong to give her bone marrow to her mother in law, instead her mother. I hate seabak.

  261. 261 : honey lovers Says:

    i like all the caracters of this show. i understand them cuz this is life. funny and sad. i enjoy the drama but please try to put the episode 175 untel to 178. thanks!

  262. 262 : korean drama fans Says:




  263. 263 : whydohatershate Says:

    darn, even here snsd anti fans abound. wh can’t they just appreciate this drama for what it is. a great drama. yoona’s acting is also pretty good for a first timer. haters probably never even tried watching this. they’re too afraid they might end up liking the show, the characters, yoona. i guess they love hating on others.

  264. 264 : KyuteDrama Says:

    OMG, I came over this drama a few days ago and I’m on a fast start with the drama! I love it! Its a rarity that I would watch a drama for more then 15 episodes but with this one I’m enjoying it and there’s not much awkwardness that happens like in many other drama’s. I thought YoonAh was awesome in this drama, I know she’s in SNDS and I’m not quite a fan but I do find some of their songs pretty cool. Some people shouldn’t judge and actress because of what group they’re in or etc, if they act good and you’re entertain watching their drama, then you should judge them as an actor not whatever else the public thinks.

    I have no means of offending people and I’m truly sorry but, I don’t see why some people are being so mean. Anyways, this drama is really good, it has a positive message for youngsters, try to over come your hardship and not give up.

    Sorry again if I offended peopled but like the saying goes, “Each to their own”

  265. 265 : x Says:

    i’ve watched this drama last year…on the fact that ji hoon is in it. but then i found it’s pretty good n enjoying…
    At the time i watched the drama, i dun really know yoona dat well…n personally i think her acting skill is quite good…she’s a newcomer for god sake..
    and for you haters…why being so emotional?? if u dun like this drama, dun watch it. why cuss the drama and all the cast? korean drama is sometimes exaggerating, but the plots are very interesting…i have to agree..american drama can’t compare to korean drama…

  266. 266 : richard Says:

    this kind of television drama, romance, family is really a worthwatching drama but some of the episodes do not play……..i want to watch from top to bottom..im an avid fan of your site..ty

  267. 267 : nur syahirah Says:

    i like u yoona.. you are so beautiful

  268. 268 : nur syahirah Says:

    i like u yoona… you are so beautiful n cute…

  269. 269 : Ken Raanin Says:

    i love yoona very much..

  270. 270 : curious-to-know Says:

    can anyone please tell me what had happen with subin and nam gyeong woo? are they going to be together? I’ve missed so many episodes.

  271. 271 : Adrian Says:

    Tat show i like leh
    Yoona at the show very pretty

  272. 272 : eqa Says:

    i love drama youre my destiny..love love

  273. 273 : molly Says:

    OmG yOoNa Is ThE bEaSt…thats all…..

  274. 274 : mel Says:

    i love korean drama… yoona, you’re so beautiful..

  275. 275 : mutiara Says:

    I love Korean drama! The story’s beautiful, and the casts were sooo great! The pictures were also very wonderful! well done!

  276. 276 : nining Says:

    it’s so romantic story..

  277. 277 : snsd_fan Says:

    OMG! i <3 this drama!
    It's so AMAZING..^.^

  278. 278 : snsd_fan Says:

    This drama is just AWESOME!
    it’s really addicting to watch 🙂
    Yoona is so ADORABLE! Y does she get so much stress in the drama though? 🙁

  279. 279 : kuutie Says:

    OMG! this drama is so good!
    Love it 4ver..

  280. 280 : via Says:

    hmm…. I dont know if I am going to watch the drama, so many episode.. :((

  281. 281 : ok Says:

    Must watch drama – Gumiho – Tale of a Fox child. – The picture look scary but actually the drama is not scary but exciting. The actors and actresses including the kids all acted very very well.
    Jung Kyu & Yeon Yi met the 1st time & catching fire flies at the river side – so sweet
    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (a comedy) – also very nice.

  282. 282 : via Says:

    I am still now watching episode 32, so far I find the story is interesting, I am so happy that Nayeong family especially the mother now is very kind to saebyok, I think she feels that saebyok is also a good girl and longing for her real mother just like she longing for Nayeong, her late daughter. I hope everything will turn good for saebyok.
    At first I think Su bin character is interesting but later I found that her character is evil and I dont like her now as well as hosae mother, I hate them both!!! I hope the story will get even more interesting..

  283. 283 : via Says:

    I have finished watched this drama, I can say its an entertaining drama,its about family drama, so its very interesting for me.. I am so glad that it is really a happy ending drama, that is what i want the most, except for real Mother of Saebyok that finally died, but at least they already make up for eac each other ( saebyok forgive her and accept her to be her mother) before she die. I love it a lot!!

  284. 284 : applegirl Says:

    I really love Yoona. How she acted is very attractive. I love everything of hers. Here I love Sae Byuk, Ho se, Tae Poong and Yuri. They are the most active actors i love….Yoona-Sae Byuk is the best one.

  285. 285 : lv bag Says:

    The actors and actresses including the kids all acted very very well.

  286. 286 : hekx Says:

    i love this drama.. YoonA is so cute..

  287. 287 : sabrina Says:

    I don’t know if I going to watch this drama because it a lot of ep. and I don’t know if it is a good drama…. so somebody that have watch it please tell me if it a good drama… i might watch it if it is a good drama…

  288. 288 : CORAEA Says:

    lol i know all the actors <3 all very well known there great i loved it! ha and can u guess wich ones in a music group??? ha shes in girls generation luv it SING AND ACT 🙂 shes the full package

  289. 289 : mercy philippines Says:


  290. 290 : paula phillipines Says:

    i like this korean drama even it has many episode its worth. when you done wathcning. and lots of lesson. never give up……….

  291. 291 : milen Says:

    i love this movie so much ……….it is amazing

  292. 292 : bobby Says:

    HOLY D=
    why is yoona being treated like tht
    i actually cried cuz of this drama

  293. 293 : Patty Says:

    I’ve been watching YAMD 5x……really amazing story and great actors and actresses…

  294. 294 : wiwi Says:

    she’s very beautiful.

  295. 295 : xx Says:

    hmmm… I’m not convinced at all maybe because the actors potraying here were not that good on acting.. espcially the leading girl.. she needs improvement on acting skills I see loose acts here and there.. but overall its OK. nothing especial about this drama. this is typcal kdrama after all. she’s poor and an orphan,got eye surgery and fall inlove.. geesh.

  296. 296 : roja(india) Says:

    i ve watched 2 times of dis drama “YOU ARE MY DESTINY” really vry gud i ve ever seen

    I LOVE YOU kang hose

  297. 297 : rajni suyal Says:

    yoona is my fav actress and this show is also my fav i love this show you are my destiny

  298. 298 : Yoona SNSD menyapa pemirsa Indonesia dalam “You are My Destiny” « Koreanindo Says:

    […] Source and Photo : koreandrama […]

  299. 299 : rosma Says:

    kayaknya filmnya bagus banget, jadi pengen cepet-cepet nonton nih

  300. 300 : David Says:

    Besok Tayang Di Indonesia Nich Di tunggu Fans Berat Yoona ^^

  301. 301 : kulwinder kaur Says:

    i love korean drama & you are my destiny drama very very nice

    i love you : you are my destiny drama & yoona

  302. 302 : twn Says:

    i like it so much…

  303. 303 : nnatea Says:

    waww …i do really love this drama…^_^
    loves Lee Ji Hoon and Park Jae Joong…goshh they are cuteeee..:)

  304. 304 : meycecuits Says:

    good good nice nice

  305. 305 : wia Says:

    oh my god, I’m very liked is the movie and the both park jae jung and Im Yoon Ah so romantic

  306. 306 : khalish Says:

    rating please………
    i wanna see it ^_^

  307. 307 : kana Says:

    anyone know what is episode of saebyuk and hose got married?
    thank you

  308. 308 : ryanto Says:

    i love this drama…

  309. 309 : rizka Says:

    Great film!!!
    I addicted to Yoona. Uh so cute u,u

  310. 310 : the wind Says:

    This drama is simply RIDICULOUS.

    Never saw someone as no manner as jang sae byuk. Cheap woman. Period.

  311. 311 : fatimah Says:


  312. 312 : Antie Says:

    Yoona so cute…

  313. 313 : wonder Says:

    just thought, if sae byuk truly, honestly wants to avoid ho se, then she would not have pick Lohas for a place to work, or leave immediately when she reads the situation – ho se and su bin being there, and she would be on their way to happiness, she could have left after she won the contest and work elsewhere equipped with the prize that she had won – if she is described as a truly sincere and loving, compassionate person as she was then that would have been the steps she took. but then of course the story would end there.. as it is, she appears to have some kind of hypocrisy…

  314. 314 : Devina Says:

    i’ve just finnished watching this drama…. at the middle episodes, about ep 70-140 are actually make me feel uneasy to watch it… because i cant stand watching Saebyuk’s unstopable miserable life… n just wondering when will Saebyuk be happy. So many trial and difficulties in her life come and go continuity… but this drama really has a deep meaning. Saebyuk shows the power of patient, persistant sincerity and great mind. With her kindess and patient, she could conquest everyone.. especially her mother in law. For me, it’s wonderful.. no matter her mother in law refuse and so cruel. She doesnt stop to love her mother in law till completely conquest her heart… and in the end her mother in law truly love Saebyuk for her sincerity.. i thought, there is very very very rare daughter in law like Saebyuk… i wish, i could have an “unlimited” sincerity like Saebyuk too…. ^^ and treat everyone n my future mother in law like Saebyuk does. kkk.. Bravo for this drama!! o^^o

  315. 315 : Su chia Says:

    I like this Drama and Park Jae Jong as Kang Ho Se. I love uu so much.

  316. 316 : Su chia Says:

    I like this drama korean. I love Park Jae jung as kang ho se because this boy is very Good looking. And cool. Character as. Kang ho se. Very nice

  317. 317 : nemanjaRoland Says:

    great Ending And how Yoona Emotion hopeless cries… can’t STOP until the Director said CUT. !! .. She still cries like a sweet baby … Her cute Eyes and Smile …Absolutely Unforgetbl Moment.. For This Drama, (YAMD) . … After all Now i know How Yoona Feels Grow up Without Mother … cause In her life To she Doesn’t have A mother.. ………….

    Shit i m now who cries…

  318. 318 : Dyanni Tan Says:

    I like drama korean…I like Im Yoon Ah and Park Jae Jung…i love you all..i loving drama korean………….

  319. 319 : HAYDEE Says:

    I like u are my destiny at night, we’re family always look

  320. 320 : artventure Says:

    I am so boooorrrriiinnggg watching this kdrama in tv.
    Altough it have some interest point, like a good-looking actors & actress, a down-to-earth kdrama story and so many tears in here, the main point character Sae-Byuk, it’s just a hypocrite and really unintelligible. Many says that she is such a very good and admirable, but I dont think so. She’s very desperate getting a love for someone that hate her and make her life miserable, but she can’t forgive her own mother who’s desperately begging a forgive from her. She want to leave Ho Se at first, but never do anything but clinging around him and his fiancee??? Its not getting any logic for me.
    And who on earth will someone to be so stupid, so hypocrite, so naive, to think that by giving herself to be tortured by her mother-in-law, she could be happy???? wow, it’s really amazing.
    My rate is 4 from 10 for this series. Kdrama is amazing, with so many kind of story, most of it not making any sense, but still understable. I like You’re Beautiful, Go-Mi-Ho and if you want to watch a real cute-tough woman, you can watch Coffee Prince (IT’S REALLY REALLY ENTERTAINING!), or Queen Seon-Deok, but absolutely I’m not recommending this series for someone who don’t like some hypocritical and naive stories.

  321. 321 : Herinda Siska Says:

    I hate to see the part when there is Sae byuk and Ho se appear.. The more I see this drama, the more I feel this drama doesn’t makes any sense.. how come there’s a person like Sae Byuk in this world? I think most people will thinking is better to live a person like Ho se who always weak whenever his mother getting sick and start to annoying..
    meanwhile I prefer to see Kim Su Bin and Ban So Young’s family.

  322. 322 : soso Says:

    i somewhat agree with 2 prev. comments. the more i see this series the more weird it became. sae byuk became the matching donor for both her biological mother AND her mother in-law…??? how plausible can that be? and somehow i began to “side” with the mother in law instead of sae byuk, for it seems sae byuk became this cute girl who uses her charm and cuteness to win people but actually not really sincere – based on what she said about her mother in law behind her to Ho Se, and Ho Se became this boring, annoying, useless “man” – with no “manly” traits …and how the whole Kim family always side with sae byuk “blindly” – too heavy siding for sae byuk, kind of repulsive in a way…

  323. 323 : PoetZz Says:

    When the scenes went to Sae Byuk mothers got leukemia and so on, somehow I began to dislike this Sae Byuk character.
    Then I realized one thing, perhaps because the story line grew longer than the usual K-TV Series, then they seemed to force the story to reach its end. And instead of getting a good ending line, I found out it kinda awful. Were they being overwhelmed or somehow like that. But that’s fine. They won many awards anyway.

    Kinda miss Full House’s era :D>

  324. 324 : derte Says:

    OMG I miss the last episode.

    Its been a month and still can’t find that episode

  325. 325 : Dody Haersah Says:

    Kapan Pemain You Are My Destiny bisa hadir ke Indonesia??? Kami sangat suka sekali dengan drama ini. Dan drama You Are My Destiny paling bagus ceritanya. 😀 kalau bisa diputar lagi ya. atau ada episode berikutnta

  326. 326 : chairunnisa Says:

    kim sebyuk , kamu cantik bgt sich ???? oh y you are my destiny akan tayang lagi gak????

  327. 327 : hirmah Says:

    im finished watch this drama just now…i give 6/10..it just ordinary drama…not heavy you can watch if you want to waste your time.

  328. 328 : muna Says:

    I cant express how much I love Im yoon Ah.I love this movie so much.I’hv seen it twice but still I would be so happy to see it a million times again & again.I love you all.It’s the best movie ever!
    Im yoon Ah,I love you!if I were a guy I would completely marry u.

  329. 329 : josephine Says:

    I watch this very drama for me I would like so to purchase this dvd if at all possible,can you tell me were can I find it .I have been researching at every video store no one seems to have it . Can you help!!

  330. 330 : cherly christy Says:

    i like film korea you are my destiny.

  331. 331 : cherly christy Says:

    saya menyukai drama you are my destiny.im yoon ah,park jae jung,lee ji hon,dan gong yoon ju.

  332. 332 : sara Says:

    I only watched You Are My Destiny and Boys Over Flowers and this is in order

    -#1 you are my destiny
    – #2 boys over flowers

    You are my destiny is THE best k-drama there is I really reccomend you watch it if you hav’nt it is just plain awsome, sad,romantic, and funny!!!!! =)


  333. 333 : David Thang Says:

    You are my destiny is the BEST DRAMA EVER!!! It is full of suspense and interest…. N Yoona’s acting is UNBEILEVABLE!!!
    I even forgot that she is a singer….No wonder she won 5 awards for this AWESOME DRAMA!!!!

  334. 334 : mitch Says:

    ..though it’s super late comment and reaction, but i like this kdrama so much! each episode was sooo thrilling, love it..!! i’m a super fan of Yoona.. i really really like to watch it till the end but OMG! i’m still in ep36!! uffffs, 142 eps to go?? waaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! but i really really love it sooo much!

  335. 335 : ance Says:

    this was the first drama that i’ve watched with 100+ episodes…
    i fell in love with yoona here…her character here was so pityful…
    great drama! one of yoona’s best!

  336. 336 : shivani Says:

    Though i dont understand the language, i love this drama very much.every body acted well, with out them the drama is not complete.I feel its not a drama but real.i dont have words to express my feelings towards this drama.i wish the director should start directing its sequel.The drama should continue.

  337. 337 : rosie Says:

    where can i watch dis drama pls pls pls pretty plsssssssssss;(

  338. 338 : MUskhayra Says:

    hi everyone….i am watching the movie until now and i really really like it…but the problem is that the dvd i bought was not original and the third cd was ruined 🙁 im very depressed….how can i watch this?im on episode 115…please help……….

  339. 339 : MUskhayra Says:

    please help..can i watch this online?please help 🙁

  340. 340 : sd Says:


  341. 341 : dannymer Says:

    i already finish this drama and i like this

  342. 342 : krisheijul Says:

    guys, you can watch all the episodes in gooddrama.net.. just search the title, “you are my destiny” and click it, then all the episodes will appear 🙂 enjoy everyone…

  343. 343 : jonalyn Says:

    i’m very very like all korean drama…..

  344. 344 : Sones Says:


  345. 345 : aznative Says:

    Airing in USA on KBS World’s YouTube Channel.

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