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Yi San – King Jeong Jo

Title: 이산-정조대왕 / Yi San – King Jeong Jo
Chinese title : 李祘-正祖大王 / 李算
Genre: Historical
Episodes: 77 + 2 Special
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2007-Sept-17 to 2008-June-17
Air time: Mondays and Tuesdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)


King Jeong-Jo is Joseon’s 22nd Monarch who is remembered in Korean history as one of Korea’s greatest Kings who loved the people and reigned for the commoner.


Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo
Han Ji Min as Seong Song Yeon
Park Eun Hye as Queen Hyo Eui
Lee Jong Soo as Park Dae Su

Extended Xast

Lee Soon Jae as King Yeong Jo
Kyun Mi Ri as Lady Hye Kyeong
Sung Hyun Ah as Hwa Wan Ong Ju
Kim Yeo Jin as Queen Jeong Sun
Lee Ip Sae (이잎새) as Cho Bi
Ji Sang Ryul as Kim In Gwon
Song Chang Ui as Jung Yak Yong
Han Sang Jin as Hong Guk Young (Jeong Jo’s right hand man)
Jo Yeon Woo (조연우) as Jeong Hu Kyeom
Han In Soo as Chae Je Gong
Lee Hui Do as Uncle Park
Hwang Geum Hee as Won Bin (Guk Young’s sister)
Yoo Yun Ji as Hwa Bin
Lee Chang Hun as Prince Sado (Jeong Jo’s father)
Jo Kyung Hwan as Choi Seok Ju
Maeng Sang Hun
Shin Choong Shik as Hong Bong Han
Choi Bum Ho as Jeongjo’s eunuch
Jung Myung Hwan as Kim Kwi Joo
Heo In Young as Court Lady Ki Mi
Kim Jung Pal
Yoo Jae Suk as man joking with Mak Sun (cameo)
Yoo Jung Suk as Sung Song Wook (Song Yeon’s brother)
Lee Seung Ah as Mi Soo (Damo)

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Lee Byung Hoon
Script writers: Kim Yi Yeong (김이영)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2007-09-17 1 14.0 (6th) 14.2 (6th)
2007-09-18 2 14.3 (5th) 14.7 (5th)
2007-09-24 3 11.2 (8th) 11.4 (8th)
2007-09-25 4 15.4 (4th) 15.0 (4th)
2007-10-01 5 17.6 (4th) 18.4 (3rd)
2007-10-02 6 17.6 (5th) 18.4 (3rd)
2007-10-08 7 20.4 (3rd) 21.7 (3rd)
2007-10-09 8 20.6 (3rd) 22.4 (3rd)
2007-10-15 9 19.0 (5th) 20.3 (4th)
2007-10-16 10 19.4 (3rd) 20.9 (4th)
2007-10-22 11 18.2 (5th) 18.5 (5th)
2007-10-23 12 24.6 (2nd) 26.1 (2nd)
2007-10-29 13 22.1 (3rd) 23.9 (3rd)
2007-10-30 14 22.1 (3rd) 23.5 (2nd)
2007-11-05 15 21.5 (3rd) 23.2 (2nd)
2007-11-06 16 22.2 (3rd) 23.3 (3rd)
2007-11-12 17 22.3 (2nd) 24.3 (2nd)
2007-11-13 18 23.5 (2nd) 24.9 (2nd)
2007-11-19 19 23.1 (2nd) 24.7 (2nd)
2007-11-20 20 22.6 (2nd) 24.6 (2nd)
2007-11-26 21 23.8 (2nd) 25.8 (2nd)
2007-11-27 22 22.2 (2nd) 24.3 (2nd)
2007-12-03 23 21.4 (2nd) 23.9 (2nd)
2007-12-04 24 23.0 (2nd) 24.6 (2nd)
2007-12-10 25 22.6 (2nd) 24.6 (2nd)
2007-12-11 26 24.4 (2nd) 25.7 (1st)
2007-12-17 27 22.2 (3rd) 24.3 (2nd)
2007-12-18 28 23.1 (2nd) 25.5 (2nd)
2007-12-24 29 23.6 (2nd) 26.3 (2nd)
2007-12-25 30 28.9 (2nd) 31.3 (2nd)
2007-12-31 31 26.8 (3rd) 29.2 (3rd)
2008-01-01 32 28.0 (2nd) 30.3 (2nd)
2008-01-07 33 25.9 (2nd) 28.1 (2nd)
2008-01-08 34 26.9 (2nd) 29.0 (2nd)
2008-01-14 35 28.8 (2nd) 31.3 (2nd)
2008-01-15 36 27.3 (2nd) 29.4 (2nd)
2008-01-21 37 27.0 (2nd) 28.8 (2nd)
2008-01-22 38 28.7 (2nd) 30.3 (2nd)
2008-01-28 39 29.8 (2nd) 32.3 (2nd)
2008-01-29 40 32.9 (2nd) 35.3 (2nd)
2008-02-04 41 33.6 (2nd) 36.3 (2nd)
2008-02-11 42 35.3 (2nd) 38.6 (2nd)
2008-02-12 43 34.7 (2nd) 38.0 (2nd)
2008-02-18 44 34.2 (2nd) 37.0 (2nd)
2008-02-19 45 33.0 (2nd) 35.6 (2nd)
2008-02-25 46 35.4 (2nd) 38.4 (2nd)
2008-02-26 47 32.8 (2nd) 35.5 (1st)
2008-03-03 48 30.8 (2nd) 33.3 (2nd)
2008-03-04 49 30.2 (2nd) 32.9 (2nd)
2008-03-10 50 29.6 (2nd) 32.0 (2nd)
2008-03-11 51 28.2 (2nd) 30.9 (2nd)
2008-03-17 52 29.7 (2nd) 32.6 (2nd)
2008-03-18 53 28.6 (2nd) 30.8 (2nd)
2008-03-24 54 28.7 (2nd) 31.7 (2nd)
2008-03-25 55 27.3 (2nd) 30.2 (2nd)
2008-03-31 56 23.9 (3rd) 26.2 (2nd)
2008-04-01 57 26.3 (2nd) 29.1 (2nd)
2008-04-07 58 32.2 (2nd) 34.6 (2nd)
2008-04-08 59 31.1 (2nd) 33.3 (2nd)
2008-04-14 60 27.9 (2nd) 30.7 (2nd)
2008-04-15 61 29.2 (2nd) 31.2 (2nd)
2008-04-21 62 30.2 (2nd) 32.8 (2nd)
2008-04-22 63 30.1 (2nd) 32.5 (2nd)
2008-04-28 64 28.3 (2nd) 31.2 (2nd)
2008-04-29 65 29.4 (2nd) 32.2 (2nd)
2008-05-05 66 30.0 (1st) 32.6 (1st)
2008-05-06 67 30.9 (1st) 33.5 (1st)
2008-05-12 68 31.2 (1st) 33.7 (1st)
2008-05-13 69 31.4 (1st) 34.4 (1st)
2008-05-19 70 32.1 (1st) 35.6 (1st)
2008-05-20 71 30.3 (1st) 32.8 (1st)
2008-05-26 72 29.8 (1st) 32.0 (1st)
2008-05-27 73 28.8 (1st) 30.4 (1st)
2008-06-02 74 29.8 (1st) 32.0 (1st)
2008-06-03 75 28.6 (1st) 30.9 (1st)
2008-06-09 76 32.7 (1st) 35.3 (1st)
2008-06-10 Special 24.6 (1st) 26.1 (1st)
2008-06-16 77 28.6 (1st) 31.1 (1st)
2008-06-17 Special 10.7 (9th) 11.7 (7th)

Source: TNS Media Korea

Official Site


Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : yeoreum Says:

    i read somewhere that almost half of the cast of Jewel in the Palace were recasted in this drama…

  2. 2 : yeoreum Says:

    … oh and the other half is recasted for the King and I

  3. 3 : WallPaper Says:


  4. 4 : bobobobobobobo Says:

    this is actually exciting….watch it….i like the main actor

  5. 5 : movieaddict Says:

    Where do I watch this with english sub? Can’t find it anywhere.
    youtube and veoh have it but no sub.

  6. 6 : sabby Says:

    i like lee seo jin in lovers thus can’t wait to watch this. Epic drama worth watching i’m sure.

    BTW, i think it’s because they’re still showing it, it takes time for those wonderful people to sub those quality HD clips.

  7. 7 : shadow Says:

    Buuuuu I tried to find it on torrents, and i couldn’t this serie is damm good. I recommend it with 5 stars. If someone know where can I watch it please tell me… I can watch it only on TV but it’s slow i think…

  8. 8 : the SP Says:

    Watch on channel name LA 18. With eng subs.

  9. 9 : shadow Says:

    Yeah, that’s what I am doing but I only can watch it 2 days a week (Monday & Tuesday). I want to watch all !!! 😛

  10. 10 : nobody (: Says:

    go on http://www.mysoju.com
    they have so many different dramas and ALL with eng subs 😀

  11. 11 : Ivy Says:

    but they still don’t have this drama

  12. 12 : nafida bte hassan Says:

    can wait for it to be air here

  13. 13 : haengbok Says:

    http://aznv.tv/en/ has A LOT of kdrama with english sub.
    just get an account and winamp (winamp.com)
    all for free 🙂

  14. 14 : jotse Says:

    FINALLY, you can watch Yi San with english subs at http://www.mysoju.com/yi-san/

    Just added on New Year’s Eve, ongoing still and I am watching it now

  15. 15 : ariel Says:

    u should go to mysoju.com they have alot of dramas and movies with english subtitles.

  16. 16 : kunobi Says:

    pls do not make hardsub of Yi San.Can’t you just download it and download softsub yisan ?? if you’re doing this they will stop subbing!!!
    and what will we do.!

  17. 17 : kunobi Says:

    you can download yisan sub from http://d-addicts.com/forum/ and they also have download the torrent for Yisan

  18. 18 : nafida bte hassan Says:

    I just love LSJ from Damo i fall in love with his dimple..

  19. 19 : julie Says:

    OMG I LOVE this drama. Its so good cuz it shows like the historical,romace,comedy :]
    The damo is so pretty.
    I wish mysoju will upload ep 25 soon.

  20. 20 : citi Says:

    The chinese sub series at tudou stopped at ep 28 and the english sub one at mysoju stopped at ep 24. Will they be updating them?

  21. 21 : alberto Says:

    mysoju has uploaded this drama with eng subs up to epi 30! Hooray!!!

  22. 22 : emerald Says:

    more, please!

  23. 23 : Lee Sue Ling Says:

    what a great cast! Young Yi San and older Yi San – such a great similarity and good acting character acted by 2 different persons. I was charmed by the young Yi San! at such a young age acting with great royal authority and full of prince charisma! With the little boy – Park carries dimples face matches Lee Seo Jin! then i could recall him whom acted in Lovers!
    Bravo Little Yi San! Great job!

    Sue Ling Lee

  24. 24 : Ivy GY, Singapore Says:

    Love the drama of Yi San! Great cast, too! I’m greatly enamoured with the acting of young Yi San and the authority, goodness and kindness of the adult Yi San. They are both soooo… cute and good looking! I’m glued to it whenever the episodes come out on Tues and Weds after being aired in Korea. Can I request for the episodes to be downloaded into Veoh.com as soon as it’s aired?… can’t wait! Also, can we have the Mysoju.com English subtitles ASAP? It’s now episode 51 and yet, mysoju.com is translated until ep 47 only! Good job but do keep up or else, we’re in suspense! I keep guessing the meaning of the conversation in Korean as I speak not a word of Korean! Kamsahamedah!

  25. 25 : *** DVD Cover Label *** Says:

    DVD Cover Image

  26. 26 : ppp Says:

    my soju.com has up to 59 episodes uploaded and yet the chart only shows up to 51 episodes aired in korea. anyways i’m still pondering on whether or not i should watch this drama. i’ve never been a fan of historic dramas before but i’ll try to give this a shot.

  27. 27 : chen Says:

    I was wondering.. who plays the young Yi San?

  28. 28 : viv Says:

    Really really great drama, really like LSJ’s performance in Lovers. This drama has a very interesting plot, got hook to it on the first episode.

  29. 29 : nessel romero Says:

    just wanna ask where can i buy a copy of this series?
    i really wanted to watch this
    im a big big fan of lee seo jin
    here in PHILIPPINES
    i hope i can have a copy of this series
    kindly let me know by mailing me in my email add
    thank you
    salamat po

  30. 30 : youjinjang Says:

    this drama is freaken fun drama…………. i love songhyun she is very pretty and nice……………

  31. 31 : Ra3d Says:

    hello all … You Can Watch Yi San in http://www.Mysoju.com xD

    Good Drama Really ;d

  32. 32 : Ivy Says:

    What happened to the Endlish Subtitles of Ep 64 & 65? This series of the good king is soooooo…. good! Thanks you Mrs Korea & Milly for taking on such a great Job for the whole world to understand Yi San, a great Korean drama!

  33. 33 : bridge112 Says:

    i am addicted to this movie i am in usa and i watch it on voeh without the subtitles can pick up the language

  34. 34 : Tiramisu Says:

    I was never interested to watch historical drama but this drama attracted my attention due to actor Lee Seo Jin and actress Han Ji Min. This drama is so interesting that I have been watching them non stop. I hope for the good ending otherwise I will be very disappointed.

  35. 35 : jane6724 Says:

    for those who wants to be updated with yi-san go to this site http://nhatkyviet.com/2007/09/27/yi-san-k-drama-lee-seo-jin-han-ji-min/ – there you will see all the episodes of yi-san, all you have to do is to download.. first you have to download the following:
    megaupload (http://www.megaupload.com/),
    hjsplit (http://www.treepad.net/download/hjsplit.zip)
    vlc mediaplayer (http://www.videolan.org/) then follow the instructions made by “auto_host on January 29th, 2008 4:34 am” (you can find it on the comments/forum – just scroll down) and to get the english subtitle go to this site (http://www.d-addicts.com/forum/viewtopic_53638.htm) provided by mrs. korea, just look for the episodes and then download.. enjoy watching.. hope you can be updated also just like me..^.^ thank you for all those people behind these project – especially mrs. korea & her co. (providing the engl sub) and to viet & his co. (for all the episodes of yi-san).. thanks to you guys for making yi-san more enjoyable to watch..

  36. 36 : Pratibha Says:

    This Drama is very interesting, casting , dialouges, acting alll beautifull…and thanks for provding eng.subtitile

  37. 37 : Pratibha Says:

    Yi San is one of the best drams i am watching..casting, acting, dialouges..all wonderful…thankx for provinding eng.sub titles

  38. 38 : Han Says:

    Episode 74 and 75 Preview

    Next week’s story will revolve around Yi San and Dae Su trying their best to save Song Yeon and the love between Song Yeon and Yi San. Others also include Jung Yak Yung’s new policies, the shifting of capital and Queen Jeong Sun’s struggle to topple Yi San.

    Queen Jeong Sun and Choi Seok Ju were making the final plans for a rebellion. To cure Song Yeon’s illness, King Jeong Jo searched through all the medical books. But he couldn’t find a cure. He then asked Song Yeon’s little brother who belonged to a christian group to get him a western doctor to cure Song Yeon. At the same time, Song Yeon knew that she couldn’t last much longer and requested to draw a portrait of the king as her last wish. Griping on to a belt that the king gave to her when she was a child, she eventually died.

    Determined to shift his capital, Yi San tries to persuade his officials to agree to his idea of shifting the capital. King Jeong Jo sent his personal guards to wipe out Queen Jeong Sun’s hidden base. On the other side, Queen Jeong Sun also intends to use her men to disrupt the vision of King Jeong Jo’s personal guards.

    Episode 74 and 75 Preview

  39. 39 : Han Says:

    Yi San Episode 76 and 77 Preview

  40. 40 : Tiramisu Says:

    Hate to say it is very disappointed that actress Han Ji Min died of liver cancer. The story did not mention pregnancy that she had. I think the author must be very crazy that main actress die and just want to make more tears. I believe the ending become so so. Most of the time we like good ending so that at least this drama give a lots of satisfaction to audience. This one is become more dull and boring. I do not know why the writer write a very bad ending. It was pretty good from episode 1 to 72 and after that no good.

  41. 41 : joy Says:

    I can’t believe the writer made Han Ji Min died! She’s the main supported character which made the drama so great. Lee Seo Jin is my favorite actor but since they made Han Ji Min died, I will not watch the rest of this drama. The story has bad ending. Sometimes characters die at the end of a story for a meaningful reason except this one. Study shows that young people are usually in excellent health, older people are the ones with health problems. The majority of liver cancer patients are usually older people not a young girl. I regret I wasted my time for this drama.

  42. 42 : Poohs Says:

    what is the ending of this drama?

  43. 43 : KC Low Says:

    Historically, Lady Song died while she was pregnant with the 2nd child due to the grief of losing the first child. Therefore ,to keep historical accuracy, the writers have to kill her. If you read Chinese, here’s the link

  44. 44 : Woozy Says:

    i’ve been waiting for ep 76 & 77 from mysoju for a veryyyyyy long time.. where can i get to watch online these 2 ep with english subtitles?

  45. 45 : Tala Says:

    Hey, I love this drama….how many episodes are there…now its
    up to 95 episodes….how many more left….

  46. 46 : defook Says:

    You can find this series ” Yi San ” complete series, excellent picture, English subtitle. Now available at http://www.kimook.com

  47. 47 : Poohs Says:

    can someone send me the link to download the songs in this drama. I can’t find it anywhere.

  48. 48 : diana Says:

    i love htis film! it’s so romantic!i cried during both deaths

  49. 49 : diana Says:

    i love this film! it’s so romantic! i cried when li san and song yeon were dead . one question: at the end there is a boy who is the new king. who is the mother of him? and does he survive? it is so sad that da shou has to say goodbye to his friends and leave him behind.
    i do not like this bad ending

  50. 50 : matt matt Says:

    Hi Diana

    The prince is the son of another concubine of Yisan. According to the history this King has 4 wives (1 queen, 2 consorts and 2 concubine) And it is true that the queen did not bear him any heir, and one of the consort (Song Yeon) son, the crown prince, died at a very young age. The future king is the son of the last concubine which they did not show in the drama.

  51. 51 : Tahmineh Says:

    Yi San is a drama about Koreas king then kindness, intelligence and affectionate characters were shown as well in darama. The casting, dialouges and specially musics were perfect and unforgetable. Lovely relationship between King and Song yeon were shown more than other similar daram. Han Ji Min was very fit with her role as lovely woman with morals and virtues as well as Lee Seo Jin.
    Indeed, the director is very good who used very simple backgorund for to sayings great his believes. Honestly, the director is trying to figure out somethings about korean history, culture and sciences as film for people in other countries.

  52. 52 : Song Hu Jung Says:

    This is a REALLY WONDERFUL drama series. We have thoroughly enjoyed watching every episode……sometimes 3 or 4 in a row!
    The actors, the sets, the music, the cinematography, and the total humanity of all the characters make this series (77 separate 1-hour episodes) absolutely addictive.

    Song Hu Jung
    Virginia USA

  53. 53 : Tala Says:

    Hey, this was a wonderful and beautiful epic historical drama. I really enjoyed watchin every episodes. The director was so great, makin it
    so romantic. But toward the end, okay the second Crown Prince,
    Whos son was that? Is that Song Yeon and the King’s second son???? or was that from another concumbine???? Inquiry mind wants to know,
    because one of the last episode, they just showed him, but it didn’t
    mentioned anything about the mom. Everything about this drama was great.

  54. 54 : hana yoori Says:

    This was one of the best dramas I’ve watched thus far. It did take a long time for Song Yeon and Yi San to be together finally, but it was worth the waiting. It was sad that she died and it hurt him so much. It’s a drama worth watching even though it was 77 episodes.

  55. 55 : caryl Says:

    i got hooked with this korean drama. the story’s great, the characters are well-played and the music are soulful. i’ve watched this drama twice because i fell in love with the love story of song yeon and yi san. hehehe. very inspiring. i hope to see more of korean historical drama soon.

  56. 56 : Bail Says:

    That drama was amazing and shows real history .

    I have enjoyed watching every episode, also was laughing , crying and thinking their words ,,so on
    The director had very good selection of everyones role and casting.
    Everyone fits thier role and characters. Specially: Yi San ,His mom, Queen, Song yeon, Park Dae Su, his uncle, his wife, Artist YI, Tak, attendant Chobi, official NAm, Park, King’s advisor, ,,so on,,

    It was really romantic and true history about korea. Also music is so memorable and soulful and forgetable,,,
    Everything about this drama was great.

    Virginia , USA

  57. 57 : KALO Says:

    I wach this huge great drama during the war in israel
    in the fear and lonely long nights
    when the fire rockets reach our city and house

    I felt that the king yisan is like israel destiny

    allways fighting

    I would like to thank the Chief Producer: Lee Byung Hoon
    this is the second perfect drama -the first was dae jun gum
    and now yisan

    and hope that i could say one word to him to Lee Seo Jin

    it is like a dream

    thank you lee seo jun

    i will never forget you

  58. 58 : Aleya Says:

    Yi San was so beautiful great epic historical drama. I love to watch the king & his truely love together yet she wont last long with the king. Even so sad to watch Song Yeon died. But off the records the director is so good & i relly hope to watch another korean drama like this again from you.

    To all the cast member & director of Yi San, congratulation for your epic happening lovable movie. Will not going to forget this beautiful drama.

    Brunei Darussalam.

  59. 59 : rafael Says:

    i want to congratulate d writer, director, cast and mbc for creating such a wonderful drama like this. Next to jewel in the palace, this is a must see series. I l0ve d excellent actng of lee seo jin hir. I love his dimples and d m0vement of his eyes. W0w!!! A very heart warming st0ry. Once u start watchng it, u cant st0p it. I l0ve park dae su hir at adviser hong, their role made a big impact to me. L0ve u b0th. Keep up d good work. I h0pe to see an0ther series like this. A sequel perhaps.hehe.

  60. 60 : wawabear Says:

    This is a very very very nice korean drama, I like it so much so that I have to hold myself not watching it too fast, i dont want this to be over..
    I love the drama, especialy Chief Inspector Hong, smart looking !

  61. 61 : Zeeonilav Says:

    I’m almost done watching this drama series. I’m on the 76th episode rightnow. This is the best drama series that I have watched so far. Everything you want is in this story. There are some good lessons to learn from it. I often cried whenever there’s a drama scene. All of the main characters are so good. They know how to portray their roles. I like just watching them by their face expressions. Each of the characters are interesting, even the bad guy (the tall young guy)- he’s good too.

    Like the others said, once you start watching it, you wouldn’t be able to stop. In the beginning I was hesitated to watch it coz it’s a long series, but I like Lee Seo- Jin, he’s a very remarkable actor. I had watched the Lovers and he’s so good from that drama. I hope he’ll have more drama series to come. He’s one of my favorites… aka Yi San…
    Thanks for creating this drama series. It’s one of the BEST story out there.

  62. 62 : San San Myint Says:

    I just get to this site and I am amazed for some of the comments. Didn’t these people realize that this is a film based on true story of the Greatly Loved King Jeong Jo who died in 1800. His concubine’s (Song Yeoun’s) death is also not the Director’s will. It was a true fact.

    For me, watching this true drama gives me a vivid picture of Chosun times an very touched by the words King Jeong Jo mentioned.. Why he was born as a Prince and King and not a commoner where he could stay happily with the woman ahe loves and with his loved family.

  63. 63 : An Mei Says:

    I thought at first this would not be an interesting series, but I’m hooked already. Still have a long way to go, I’m still in Episode 28. But at least I know somewhat how the drama ends.

    I’m just a bit frustrated why the king (LSJ’s grandfather) is blind to the attempts on the Prince’s life. Is he unfeeling? Anyway I will continue to watch.

    This drama shows that to be a king or Prince requires a lot of sacrifice. I like the pro-people values that the Prince stands for and also the lessons on balancing interests of various groups in society if you are to be a leader of all. It’s a good lesson for all the politicians in our own country. The friendship and loyalty of Song Jeon and Dae Su to the Prince and vice versa is also very touching.

    I also like the character of Inspector Hong. He also stands for good values but I’m afraid he will be forced to use questionable means to achieve his ends.

    So it’s not just a historical romance but offers insight into governance as well and the means you go about to attain it.

  64. 64 : Phil Bergin Says:

    My poor wife has been watching these on mysoju.com for weeks now and tonight she just finished episode 69 part 4. When she went to episode 70 part 1 nothing comes up. All the rest of the episodes will not show up. Not sure what is the problem. Anyone know where I can get her the episodes 70 to the end with English or Japanese subtitles? (she is Japanese but has been doing the English ones). Thanks.

  65. 65 : Konrad Says:

    Hello Phil,

    Try crunchyroll.com


    Short commercial before you get to watch, but full length episode negates the need to jump from segment to segment

  66. 66 : Phil Bergin Says:

    Thank you Konrad. You are a lifesaver. 🙂

  67. 67 : GRACE Says:

    please fix episode 70 to 77 of yisan. i want to finish watching it. its so exciting. i cant wait.

  68. 68 : GRACE Says:

    i am really desperate to watch episode 70 to the end. i’ve tried crunchy roll.com but to no avail. can somebody help me please. i’ve been watching it in mysoju.com. with english sub.thanks.

  69. 69 : BEST4EVER Says:

    I believed that this drama being watched by people around the world.

  70. 70 : Billy Phan Says:

    Oh! It is such a lovely story that shows the History of Korean in the 18th century.

  71. 71 : rasmey Says:

    i love this drama n the song promise

  72. 72 : nwe pin Says:

    After I watched that movie,something left in my heart.But I don’t know excetly what is that feeling.I cried …….. I really love so much the movie songs and all of person in that movie.King Yi San, he is a really great man.

  73. 73 : emily tan Says:

    Somebody please tell me where I can watch Yi San Eps 72-76. mysoju.com doesn’t have them anymore. Crunchyroll’s collection is not available in my region. Thanks.

  74. 74 : Joh Mejos Says:

    I have watched this historical drama may say CONGRATULATIONS to everybody who did their best to make this movie worth watching for especially to the lead role.I am your fan from Philippines but I am working in Saudi Arabia.I have watched almost all Korean historical drama.Keep it up guys!

  75. 75 : Winnie Says:

    this drama is really good…even my parents like it….so do i. =) though its kinda sad..

  76. 76 : ruizhen LSJ Angel Says:

    i love this drama… i love LEE SEO JIN. i love the PRINCE…


  77. 77 : hatice Says:

    film harika ama songenanın ölümü saçma oldu

  78. 78 : mutiara Says:

    I love Korean drama! The story’s beautiful, and the casts were sooo great! The pictures were also very wonderful! well done!

  79. 79 : nining Says:

    waw,, 77 episode?? ckckc

  80. 80 : Kimi Says:

    Love this drama so very much.

  81. 81 : luise kaiza Says:

    i just loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this series it is so romantic yet dramatic at the same time kudos to the cast .they did a wonderful job i didn’t even no koreans could act this ,congrats again by the way the actor for yi san is hot [nice dimples too ] .this realationship in the drama felt almost real will i watched keep up the gud work .ican’t wait to see another drama as good as this one. lastly ji min you r pretty ,i mean u and lee seo made me cry with the way u should ur luv 4 each other wow i am realy impressed

  82. 82 : 네다★ Says:

    iran wanna air it in persian audio

  83. 83 : Kimchi Lady Says:

    I wish I had know ahead of time that Lee Jae Yong was in this series. If I had, I would not have bothered watching it. Although I am sure there are a lot of people that like him, personally, I cannot stomach the man. It is a shame, that I will not be able to watch the remainder of the series, but I refuse to watch anything that has that annoying man in it. I absolutely adore Lee Seo Jin, but not enough stomach Lee Jae Yong. In future, I will check the cast more thoroughly in advance before beginning any movie/ tv series. :o(

  84. 84 : jane Kariuki Says:

    This drama was very interesting as long as the crown prince later the king kept the romance with the love of his life. Killing her and then continuing with the drama removes that interest that kept us all watching. Do all Korean dramas end with a sad ending? I thing it was very wrong to put this sad ending to an otherwise entertaining story. I am very disappointed that i started watching it at all.

  85. 85 : charity Says:

    Hi lee Seo Jin. nice drama… very good acting.. you really played the role.. you’re such an excellent actor.. just like in lovers… i’ve watched it several times.. and everytime i”ve watched i felt in love… more dramas, more movies, more awards to come….. can’t wait for the next… God bless you always… I love you !!!!!!!

  86. 86 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] […]

  87. 87 : Karah Says:

    I’m not easily impreessd. . . but that’s impressing me! 🙂

  88. 88 : charm Says:

    i dont like this drama..

    Lee seo jin sucks..hes not a good actor!why was he given best actor for this drama??
    i hate how he looks here!LOL

  89. 89 : Florence Says:

    They should not kill Seong Song Yeon. It would be better to have her until the end. BTW who is the mother of the crown prince who later became the king.

  90. 90 : rsyy Says:

    yi san love the failm

  91. 91 : rsyy Says:

    i love yi san

  92. 92 : Deedee Phillip Says:

    i dont like sad endings, song yeon shudn’t have died, thats the worse ending, she shud have stayed alive and the king shud have found the cure for the disease

  93. 93 : simpleba Says:

    I like Korean drama so much and acts are very smart so I wish succed 4 all them

  94. 94 : simpleba Says:

    i like Korean drama best wish succed 4 them in a deep my heart

  95. 95 : kazem Says:

    Korean drama and especially yi san is really a film in which everyone should try to see it.we as a KORD a part of IRAQ in the south west of Asia really i can say love those dramatic and historical dramas as ,yi san ,dong yi , jo mong and all other.because most of them talk about the situation which is we see now in our region.i want to thank all the actors and the director of those dramas.

  96. 96 : simpleba Says:

    I like korean drama

  97. 97 : Hajee Says:

    it make you know more things about Korea , it like you are reading 5 books of korean histories.
    The days of King Jeong Jo’s life, made Korea’s now .

  98. 98 : Askari Says:

    Let me tell you something, the entire KURDISH population of Iraq is absolutely hooked on this drama. We love it, its a fantastic Korean drama.

  99. 99 : Hong yi Says:

    I really want to watch this drama but it seems like it’s too long. The ratings were amazing. But it was too long n oh long I don’t have the time to watch it

  100. 100 : moulder Says:

    So many loopholes, twist not justified, characters appear to be stupid, very far from jumong, jewel in the palace, Dong Yi, the empress, king dae jong and others….but I still love korean novelas

  101. 101 : Elsie C Says:

    Hmm. I’m not too impressed or keen to watch this drama – too long and looking at the pictures, I may not like the actor. Give me Dong Yi anytime. Dong Yi is the best Korean drama I have ever watched. Love the king and Dong Yi characters. I bought the DVDs and keep going back to watch certain scenes. Anyone out there haven’t viewed Dong Yi MUST see it. You will love it!

  102. 102 : Evian Says:

    Elsie C, can you watch the YI san for before you comment like that. I think if you watch maybe you dont want to disturb.

  103. 103 : peony88 Says:

    Ummmm me 2, agreed with Elsie, I LOVE DONG YI & DAE GEUM too… I love the casts especially both main actor/actress in both , …. I will give 2nd thought watching Yi San maybe story might be interesting as I love Historical ones compared to modern , waiting for Dae Geum II, hopefully same both main actor/actress are acting :)…

  104. 104 : peter Says:

    Jewel in the Palace + Dong Yi = Yi San.
    It’s a must to watch.

  105. 105 : yanicah Says:

    very well acted..actually it painted in my heart one of the greatest historical kdrama watch it and difinitely you will loved by it..promise 🙂

  106. 106 : suppledexplorer Says:

    You should watch Sungkyunkwan Scandal…they are related

  107. 107 : smileremy Says:

    anyone knows a good website to buy the DVD with eng sub. I have been looking for years and all i get are bad ones. i want the official dvd of these favorite sageuk drama of mine.

  108. 108 : Kim G Says:

    I am from the Caribbean and have no connection to Korea or the far east. I became addicted to Korean historical drama through Jewel in the Palace shown on local TV (I bought DVDs) and have since seen Dong Yi and Yi San via streaming online. The action and stories are tremendously moving; the costuming, details of the culture, politics and religion, food, lifestyles of all levels in society from those times were so very interesting and captivating. The fact that much of the story lines are rooted in actual people and events makes it that much more compelling. I cried like a baby in episode 62 and 73 and 77 of Yi San, which Is my all-time favorite show. I congratulate the directors, actors and all involved in sharing these gems and this historical culture with the rest of the world.

  109. 109 : mary ying Says:

    I love Yi San. The story is good. Lee Seo Jin is the best. I start liking all his drama after Yi San.
    Who gave birth to the prince that became the king after Yi San?

  110. 110 : Tahmineh Says:

    i am agree with peter: Jewel in the palace+Dong Yi=Yi San

  111. 111 : Kim Says:

    77 episodes and not one kiss?!? There was not enough romance between Song Yeon and Yi San. Dae Su was on screen twice as much as the lead actress. This was more about two best friends than a love story. I had to skip over 10 episodes because the story line just got too repetitive and frustrating. I’ve watched many dramas and there was just not enough chemistry between the lead couple. Song Yeon was just not a big enough part of the series. Least favorite drama so far. And the costumes…. Seriously yarn on the officers hats?

  112. 112 : shashah Says:

    i love Dong yi very much, thats why i’m very curious about Yi San

  113. 113 : TAVAI Says:

    me too love dong yi so ill give yi san a go

  114. 114 : KDfan Says:

    Should watch Jumong. The best Korean period drama ever

  115. 115 : saidat Says:

    I will like to watch d complete season of dae joyung but I dnt knw where to,can someone help me with dat.have watched episode 1-120.

  116. 116 : Janet Says:

    Avnt watchd it ah dnt know if i shud or not

  117. 117 : MB Says:


  118. 118 : rejeanangeliealexie Says:

    One of the “best” actors…and Yi San is a masterpiece…This drama is a “must watch”..
    Superb acting, superb story…

  119. 119 : Mb Says:

    Love Yi San- love the King Yi San —-a must watch.
    LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong JoLOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****LOVE Lee Seo Jin as Yi San / King Jeong Jo****

  120. 120 : crunchy Says:

    how can i watch it?

  121. 121 : lyziel Says:

    i love really love the story, love the cast too!

  122. 122 : suchibien Says:

    I LOVE YI SAN THE BEST if you watched JUMONG DONG YI you’ll understand the story of YI SAN too! I love Sung Song Yeon very beautiful and cute! hahaha… 10/10 rating!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

  123. 123 : bukola mary Says:

    i love yi san,infact is d movie dat make me love watching historical korean film bt i dnt always like how all korean movie ends, their end is always irritating and painful.

  124. 124 : Jahaleel Says:

    i found my next MUST Watch drama 🙂 cant wait to download and start this. the screen writer wrote my top 1 drama which is Dong YI. maybe will be watching Horse Doctor as well… the same writer

  125. 125 : Watercolor Says:

    I’ve tried watching yi Sam a couple of times and then give up watching it…I really liked how Lee Seo Jin played King Jeongjo…I think he did an excellent job. I especially liked most of the characters and actors that played the parts. However…one character I found that gave me the most frustration was Song Yeon. I found her character in Yi San was just wimpy unlike Dong Yis leading lady. Dong Yi had a backbone and knew how to use it wl but still manage to be sweet and endearing. However, Song Yeon was spineless and it seemed she liked the king more than he liked her. I find these situations kind of annoying because that’s not a beautiful love story…that’s tragic and annoying! SONG YEON!! Quit being so dim witted and spineless!

    Anyways, I think the writer did a really good job on some of the story line of Yi San and the dialogue was intellectual and fitting for that time period. BUT the romance was really…really lacking. This was one of the reasons why I stopped watching Y San–besides Song Yeon’s annoying character–that it would get utter boring just watching politics about 3/4 of an episode. It’s nice to have some of it but not when it takes up most of 77 episodes. Also, in this day and age when people are apprehensive about watching a woman becoming a concubine and this show lacking romance with all the concubines seemingly added in well…this show could get some thumbs down. Unlike Dong Yi where the king had concubines but he only added them and his only foolish mistake was Jang-Ok–she was a witch. Dong Yibwas the last one and you could actuallyb see how much he loved her through the events that occurred. For those who have not watched either Yi San or Dong Yi and considering this one I would reccomend Dong Yi the most but if you really want to watch this one go ahead. But I DO reccomend watching this one first so you won’t get your hopes up if you watch Dong Yi first and Yi San second. That’s what happened to me and many others. However, if you don’t care for romance and like watching shows filled with corrupted douchebags trying to take hold of the government than this is for you!;)

  126. 126 : Johns Filsa Says:

    I watched the full series and i love it but where can i find the special episode?

  127. 127 : duygu Says:

    Congratulations to all of you…We as the Turkish people like many of your tv series, Yi San is the example of these…
    I especially enjoyed while watching the dialogues between the old and new secretary,Hong and Jeong.However,my favourite one was Hong , he was very interesting and different character, the scenarist mentioned him very well with the help of Han Sang Jin’s role skills. I also appreciate the beautiful voices of the professional Turkish theatre players that gave special spirit to the characters.The nature was charming and I wonder how you acted in such a cold wheather,probably using plasters. I think we feel close ourselves to your tv series especially to the historical ones, because some of the fundamental islamic ethical principals are indicated,also the Koreans are really special for us that we never forgot the friendship of them at the world cup match.Best wishes and good luck…

  128. 128 : nim Says:


  129. 129 : Nafula Babra Says:

    All played well most especially Lee Seo Jin and hAN jI mIN WEll done all of you mwaaaaaaaaaaa

  130. 130 : Linh Says:

    This is a beautiful drama. People keep complaining about its lack of romance, but remember, this is a story about a king and his struggle to rule, not just his love. Actually I find his relationship with his friends and enemies more interesting and touching.

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