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Yellow Boots

Title: 노란 복수초 / Yellow Boots
Chinese Title: 黄色复仇草
Also Known as: Ice Adonis
Genre: melodrama
Episodes: 108
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2012-Feb-27 to 2012-Aug-30
Air time: Monday to Thursday 10:00


This drama is about the revenge of a woman who lost everything because of fake accusation.

Seo Yeon Hwa (Lee Yoo Ri) is a nice girl who her life is turned down by her stepsister because being framed as a murderer. Choi Kang Wook (Jung Chan) who grew up abroad and lived in loneliness because of hidden family problems. He fells pity for Seo Yeon Hwa and helps her. Ha Yun Jae (Hyun Woo Sung) is Seo Yeon Hwa’s first love but they become enemy because of some reason.


Main Cast

Lee Yoo Ri as Seo Yeon Hwa
Jung Chan as Choi Kang Wook
Hyun Woo Sung as Ha Yun Jae
Hong Tae Ui as Ha Yun Jae (young)
Yoon Ah Jung as Choi Yoo Ra
Kim Soo Hyun as Yoo Ra (child)
Min Ji Hyun as Seol Soo Ae
Shim Eun Jin as Ha Yoon Hee
Lee Jae In as Ha Yoon Hee (young)

Supporting Cast

Kang Suk Jung as Kim Tae Il
Kim Young Ran as Han Kyung Sook
Yoo Hye Ri as Jang Min Ja
Choi Sang Hoon as Choi In Suk
Jung Hye Sun as Lady Jo
Jung Kyung Ho as Park Chang Doo
Ham Jin Sung as Tae Il’s subordinate
Yoo Pil Ran as hairstylist instructor

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Baek Ho Min
Director: Choi Eun Kyung
Screenwriter: Yeo Jung Mi


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  1. 1 : KDaddict Says:

    I like Lee Yoo Ri in Sparkling (Twinkle, Twinkle) v much. Hope this is a good vehicle for her. But how many eps? 20-24 would be nice.

  2. 2 : KDaddict Says:

    The title is a bit puzzling:
    In Korean it is Yellow Revenge Grass.
    In English it is Yellow Boots. I thought boots is a kind of footwear. Is Boots is a kind of grass?

  3. 3 : hey1308 Says:

    The main poster kinda reminds me of Thorn Birds…. weird much :S

  4. 4 : Article Center Says:

    Thank you for some other excellent post. Where else may anybody get that type of info in such a perfect way of writing? I have a presentation subsequent week, and I am at the look for such info.

  5. 5 : BOY GIRL BAND Says:

    thanks for this post

  6. 6 : hey1308 Says:

    Wait… you guys/ girls changed the main poster =.=

  7. 7 : opick Says:

    I’m sure this is going to be fun ! Cheeky bastard is going to have hard time with the girls. Bah, a glass of red wine should help relax.

  8. 8 : Junebee Says:

    @KDaddict, you are correct. “Boots” are a type of footwear. It is not a type of grass.

    I do not know why the title is translated as such.

    Some of the titles of Korean dramas confuse me.

  9. 9 : thamichraibi Says:

    bravo cher actresse vous eme toujoure de suivre vote travelle decoté vou son je vous filicit tu est extra bonne courage

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  12. 12 : hamid Says:

    +100 Episode !!!!
    Wow its bad [email protected]#$

  13. 13 : Jennie Says:

    I saw the trailer and it looked very interesting. She was in prison and getting bashed up. Was pretty scary but will definitely watch when it’s available.

  14. 14 : thamichraibi Says:

    salut cher amies amis vous encourage beaucoup dan vous traveille cinema et music .voua aime trop trop et vous embrasse toute

  15. 15 : Lovemoon Says:

    Not sure when can the sub be available? Can’t wait to watch.

  16. 16 : kdramafan Says:

    It is a stupid story. The lead female is dumb, stupid, or what?. It is such an artificial story. This Choi Yoo Ra is so vicious. The writer creates a bitch who can think so fast and brilliant to inflict such malicious things to Yeon Hwa in Episode 6. It is laughable. I am so frustrated about the writer. I question his/her intelligence. The writer makes the audience stupid. I do not think such story is good to the health of the public.

  17. 17 : kdramafan Says:

    Why is this lead female so dumb? After she was accused of trying to sell technical info about a product the company is about to launch, she must keep her leads to prove herself innocent to herself. But she does not. Is she such a dumb person? It is very frustrating to continue watching.

  18. 18 : Kdramafan Says:

    So many loose ends in this drama. Why does Seo Yeon Hwa check the content of the CD before bringing it to the authority? She did not. That’s absurd if she is so desperate to prove her innocence. Even she lost the original CD, rather than safeguarding it. Laughable! I am frustrated with the writers of the drama. Very strange and forced the story is!

  19. 19 : eagale23 Says:

    this show is upsetting me more more when is she going get her revenge

  20. 20 : Ganrea Says:

    check out the Sub here: http://asiasub.com/show/drama/airing/yellow-boots/

  21. 21 : mml Says:

    thank you very much for your important feedback, after watching Fashion King drama , a stupid and crazy don’t make sense ending , already made me very upset and frustrated.

    Now i don’t even want to start watching Yellow Boots otherwise again frustrated, thank you for telling me…….

  22. 22 : bouch Says:

    it can be interesting….well I’m intrigued and I’ll certainly watch this drama, hope not going to be disappointing…

  23. 23 : bouch Says:

    oh crap now that I’ve read all your comments I don’t even want to glance at it…well thank you anyway 🙂 It’s a shame, the plot seemed really good…

  24. 24 : little chinese girl Says:

    can’t wait for the revenge part

    someone told me it starts from the episode 35…

  25. 25 : eagale23 Says:

    this show scuk

  26. 26 : Fishnet Says:

    I hear this show has insanely high ratings… is that because it’s good? Or is it like Temptation of Wife, where the plot is so crazy, it’s addicting?

  27. 27 : Violet Says:

    I watched the whole thing to the end, and it was a ride.
    It was definitely worth the high ratings, perhaps even more.

    I’ve never watched Temptation of Wife, but the plot was so intricate, and yes, it was addicting.
    Everyday I would look forward to the next episode, and this is one of the few dramas you can’t skip around with.
    It’s such a good plotline, the actors , even though they are new, are superb.

    i definitely would recommend watching this.
    yes, it’s long, but trust me, its worth it.

    the ending is bittersweet. It’s happy, but with reality into it.
    You’ll love it. I swear.

  28. 28 : depth Says:

    where can i watch this drama online with english sub

  29. 29 : maria Says:

    i will definitely watch it and i hope is good as it looks.

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  31. 31 : fourgreenrose Says:

    Dear Ms. Yeo Jung-Mi, good person is not equivalent with an idiot person. In episod 7 Seo Yeon Hwa act like in idiot when is contated by the team lider from Charming.

  32. 32 : fourgreenrose Says:

    I found this drama really good. Until episode 30 it seems to be a very good storyline. Ha Yun Jae dated Seo Yeon Hwa long time and lied her about his truly identity. He was afraid that she wouldn’t accept him because he is rich. But, now he hurt her so much just to keep the company. He ends up losing, both, the company, the woman he loved and married with the murder of his sister. He is so pathetic.
    Mr. Yeo Jung-Mi, you did a good job.

  33. 33 : OK OK OK Says:

    Me too,chasing episodes one after another. Very exciting!!

  34. 34 : Caramel Says:

    can i know taeyang,the little boy real profile?

  35. 35 : Coolit Says:

    Hows the ending it says bittersweet is it mean that she accomphished her revenge and wont have the man she loves?or she wont get the justice or worse?

  36. 36 : Colorada Says:

    I am waiting for episode 71-108, I really really love this drama…for what I read she will accomplished her revenge, but will end up with her son, mother and sister, the boifrend will losse her and the company….he really was so so manipulated by the bad girl…..I loke this end….

  37. 37 : raine Says:

    This is crazy. I cancelled all my evening outings just to watch this drama which air in TV channel at 7pm. It is so addicting. The actors and the actresses done a great job! It is so real and some of the plots did happened in real life. KUDOS!!!

  38. 38 : Jeremiah Low Says:

    Watching this has made me a bad person. Rushing back from work everyday and scolding everyone who gets in my way. Aiyoh,can go crazy like that

  39. 39 : Smiley Sunflower Says:

    I <3 this drama. It's the best I have ever watched. The revenge in this drama is justified and doesn't go over the top, and the acting is 100% on spot. Both protagonist and antagonist play their parts very well, and the storyline is very interesting. Also, the drama is sequential and the protagonist revenges, is very subtle and makes you crave for more. This drama deserves it's ratings!!!

  40. 40 : anne Says:

    i hope mom and son reunites soon. Not towards the end of the drama. i hope the writer will give them a good amount of episode, so they can bond together, I still hope she will end up with Yoon Jae.
    this drama is good i agree with all of the comment , its to addictive. I like Lee yoo ri, ive watched her in her other dramas. this is my 3rd drama of her . she is so pretty as well.
    Her acting is excellent too. im not a korean, but i am a fan of her.
    i havent finsihed waatching it since in good drama still in ep 80/
    yes i will recommend to anyone. congrats to all actors and actresses in volved. of course the Directr as well.

  41. 41 : Dava Says:

    This is the Best K- Drama ever!!! <3

  42. 42 : Windy Says:

    Are there anyone know the opening theme song of this drama? I love it so much, so please give me the name of it!!!! Thank you very much <3

  43. 43 : Kapatid Asianovelas Says:

    Yellow Boots will be aired soon on TV5 in the Philippines.

  44. 44 : Kapatid Asianovelas Says:


  45. 45 : zHANAR Says:

    Please, who can give me a address where I can watch this dorama? because I can`t open moving because it said it is not available in my country. Heeelp me, I want to watch immediately.

  46. 46 : 진 주 Says:

    i want to watch this one bcoz of lee yoo ri, i wonder if it’s avail online anyone?

  47. 47 : sangjhoon Says:

    i started first epis n it was good already n i luk f/ward to watching all the way n seeing the reviews/comments here i think it will be worth my while, also watching lee yo ri in i love you don’t cry made me wanna see more of her n i guess this will be another one that she’s proven her acting potential!

  48. 48 : sangjhoon Says:

    i’m liking this drama already n i’m only on epis 3, i wonder why this was not popular during that time, it’s worth watching even if it’s a long 100 epis. i’m usually not for lengthy dramas but this one is addictive!

    @Zhanar – does it mean dramafever is not available in your country? u can try again perhaps it will work now? it’s a good drama

  49. 49 : Lyda Says:

    Hello everyone! I just wanna share with u all about this drama! It’s so addictive like some comments was posted! n m so interested in this drama since the 1st ep!!! now I want to no what happen next on the next ep! can any1 tell me where I can watch the begining of this drama? the channel in my country has just play this drama. It comes to the scene where You Ra hit Miss. Young Hae(Young Jae’s sister). and I really want to no what happen to Yeoung Hwa. Hmm….This drama is so good! I recommend to everyone to watch it!

  50. 50 : sangjhoon Says:

    i stopped watching coz i cldnt stand the evil woman in this drama but i think i hv to finish coz i like the actor hyeon woo sung! 🙂

  51. 51 : Lyda Says:

    @sangjhoon: the same! sometimes I also cannot stand with that Youra who always make Yoon Hwa difficult but this drama is so interesting to watch! it’s always make the audiences want to no what would happen next and next….so that I like this drama….

  52. 52 : sangjhoon Says:

    @Lyda – yes i agree w/you – this drama is so addictive that i tend to leave my chores at home & watch it first wahhhh :))) imagine? i also hate that Yoo ra & what’s interesting is she gets away with murder! to think that her greed is taking over her life, evil-spirited woman! yes very interesting drama too bad i think not very many ppl are aware of this kdrama, it’s so good & luv the two leads! Lee Yoo ri is a great actress & so natural, i also like Yun jae he’s new in the entertainment world but good already in his acting! hv u finished it yet? i’m now on epis 33 once i continue! 🙂 talk to you again here ok?

  53. 53 : sangjhoon Says:

    I highly recommend this drama, you won’t regret spending so much time watching this, it gets better each time believe you me! :)))

    @Lyda – i meant to tell you that this drama got high ratings while on air in Korea! at first i was hesitating to watch it coz of the title, then i learned while watching it that yellow boots or ice adonis meant the flower that can w/stand winter months & that yeon hwa’s name was actually derived from it! i can’t wait to see the rest of this drama really!

  54. 54 : sangjhoon Says:

    @raine yes re ratings of this drama it was high as i read from other sites! too bad this site doesn’t include the ratings but i won’t be surprised bcoz this is one of da best & interesting dramas i’ve seen!

  55. 55 : sangjhoon Says:

    this drama is so addictive that i had to reschedule some of my personal commitments just so i can continue watching this exciting/interesting drama! right now i can’t wait to go home & watch some more! i’m hooked! 🙂

  56. 56 : mariaodessa Says:

    I super duper love this drama…

  57. 57 : sangjhoon Says:

    @mariaodessa – me too i luv this drama which i just finished last night, it’s one of those kdrama revenge plot that’s really well made! i got addicted to this to the point i’m suffering from the so-called withdrawal syndrome 🙂 i especially like the actor hyeon woo seong as ha yoon jae, plus lee yoo ri did a great job in her acting field! all of the actors were great in this drama! not to spoil for those who hvnt seen it, i’d say i luv the happy ending as well – two thumbs up wayyyyyyyyyy up & i highly recommend this drama! i’ll rewatch this again for sure in due time!

  58. 58 : sangjhoon Says:

    like i said when i posted on june 14th i cldn’t stand the bad girl so i took a brk for a few days but then when i continued again watching, my prob was i just cldn’t stop! this drama is so good! i had to stay till wee hrs of the morning coz i wanted to know what’s up next! for those who hvnt seen it, you’re missing something, even if it’s up to 108 episodes, it’s worth your while! don’t wait too long! 🙂

  59. 59 : ami Says:


    here the website to watch the series in Engish…on PC or Mac
    Also on any mobile device download “dramafever apps” and search for “Ice Adoni” and you can watch the whole series on the go..

  60. 60 : Yellow Boots Says:

    I like Choi Kang Wook. I felt pity him at the end. Y he have to lost everything?

  61. 61 : Lyda Says:

    @sangjhoon: oh thanks for ur replied! M on Ep 38 now!!!! I watch it internet like gooddrama.net and streamdrama.com….I can say I am more and more addicted to watch this drama! very very interesting!!! Good that it has up to 108 ep! the story will be more and more interesting! Just wait and see! anyway, where do u watch it? on ur local channel or in internet like me?

  62. 62 : Fan Says:

    what will happen to yoo ra at the end?she did many bad thing to yeon hwa and what she’ll receive?

  63. 63 : yuokuonn Says:

    good just watch

  64. 64 : kemi Says:

    I love this drama, I have up to episode 20, made in seasons 1&2, I
    Just can’t belv yo ra, for someone to spend soo much energy in
    Destroying someone elses life. Geezz, Yeon Hwa is sooo naïve. I hope to watch
    The rest online. Like to hear from more viewers pls, thx.

  65. 65 : dorie Says:

    Lee Yo Ri is one of the best actresses in Korea. She is so good that watching a drama with over hundred episodes , not bad at all. I am still at the 5th episode and I have been crying since. I don’t want to miss any scene at all. I’ve watched all her dramas, all long running, but she never fails me. I watched Sparkling. I was disappointed, she was not the lead role, but, hey, she stole the show. Her acting there was superb. I think that’s where she won an award. I love K dramas that my family went to Korea to experience the culture. I love it. Love you Lee Yo Ri. God bless you and your family.

  66. 66 : dorie Says:

    I’ve never been so moved, touched and affected in any drama until this one came. I don’t cry easily, but maybe Lee Yo Ri is so good. Why did she not win an award in this one? I hope it has a good ending. I don’t want her to end up in any of the 2 men Kang Wook and Yun Jae…Maybe Kim Tael…his character is interesting as well and there was a scene that Yeon Wha said that after all his anger is gone and had proven to him that she is innocent and then they can talk again in peace.

  67. 67 : kemi Says:

    Episodes 3&4 are out in Nigeria for those of you asking,
    My vendor just called me to pick them up. I can’t wait.

  68. 68 : kemi Says:

    Episodes 3&4 are out in Lagos for those of you asking,
    My vendor just called me to pick them up. I can’t wait.

  69. 69 : cheri Says:

    i’m watching it, just started yesterday afternoon and whoa i watch it onwards and wide awake the whole night bcoz i cant stop watching since every episode was interesting. i slept 5am, lol. if i dont have work in the morning i might watch it until the next day, damn i’m sober now i sleep for only 2hrs and half!! i had 2 sachet of coffee this morning to wake me up. and having another one this aftie. 😛 thats what a korean drama addict got right? btw i’m a filipina fan here!! im goin to watch again later off work,. got teary eyed everytime yeon hwa get hurt, i can feel her pain and cant help get angry at yoo ra and her grandma. i also hate yunjae for giving up yeon hwa!

  70. 70 : cheri Says:

    i cant wait to go home and continue watching it, lol. i bought a CDof it last sunday,.. why 7pm too slow to come,.. 😛 i want to watch on PC here in the office but youtube sucks, no complete episode while on dramafever.com says its not yet available in my country!

  71. 71 : Jeffrey C Says:

    My favorite actress is Lee Yoo Ri… She is so pretty and gorgeous….

  72. 72 : badgalrir Says:

    I hate that police man [park ]aigoo if there is God I Wish he just help yeon ywa. Am waiting for miracle to happen..

  73. 73 : Xueyun Says:

    Watched the Yellow Boots.. Choi Yoo Ra is so evil.. She always push blames to Yeon Hwa. Every time when I was watching Yoo Ra, I wanted to beat her face..
    And the police Park Chang Doo too.. Sick to the max when seeing him..

    Well, all the actors and actresses acted very well..

    thumbs up!

  74. 74 : Seun Says:

    All of them are good but i hate yoon jae bcos he cannot trust yeon hwa to the end

  75. 75 : Shittu abideen Says:

    I really enjoy it, it took me whe nyt to complete d episode in each season. So interesting

  76. 76 : CH Says:

    Why must Kang Wook die!!! Yoon Jae is a very selfish person.

  77. 77 : galfrend Says:

    Pls! Can anybody tell me how yellowboot end, i wasnot able to watch it to d end pls!

  78. 78 : killy Says:

    one of the best korean drama…long but amazingly very good drama…love this drama so much…worth watching

  79. 79 : ticiang Says:

    i enjoyed watching this long drama .its really worth it.no time wasted.kudos to all the production staff.there is really a moral lesson to be gained from it.greed will always destroy one’s life. so be contented of what you have.

  80. 80 : oni kanyinsola Says:

    i really enjoyes it.. people could be so mean.. God bless you all

  81. 81 : Rainemei Says:

    I don’t why some fans were upset on the drama. I’ve finished the drama and it’s so worth watching! Great actresses and actors! Such a very nice drama! Love the story!

  82. 82 : Nyabis Christiana Solomon Says:

    South Korean movies are the best in the whole world,they’ve some many things for one to learn.(technology,security,medicine name them)i love them.keep it up,fighting.

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