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Wonderful Mama

Title: 원더풀 마마 / Wonderful Mama
Chinese Title: 优秀的妈妈
Genre: Family, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 48
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2013-Apr-13 to 2013-Sep-22
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 20:45


‘Wonderful Mama’ is described as a refreshing and heartwarming family story.

It’s about a loan shark mom, Yoon Bok Hee (Bae Jong Ok), a self-made woman who went from working a tiny market stand to owning multi-million-won buildings. However, she was suffering from Alzheimer’s and has to hurry to make her 3 adult kids (Jung Yoo Mi, Kim Ji Suk & Park Bo Geum) grow up before she forgets everything.

Meanwhile, Jang Hoon Nam (Jung Gyu Woon) is the second son of a family that’s owned a clothing material factory for three generations. He lost his parents when he was young and lives with his deaf older brother. He meets designer Go Young Chae (Jung Yoo Mi), who is Yoon Bok Hee’s eldest daughter in the company where they work together. At first, they have frequent conflicts with each other, but fall in love with each other after that.


Young Chae’s family

Bae Jong Ok as Yoon Bok Hee
Jung Yoo Mi as Go Young Chae
Lee Young Eun as Young Chae (child)
Kim Ji Suk as Go Young Soo
Park Bo Geum as Go Young Joon
Lee Suk Joon as Han Dong Soo

Hoon Nam’s family

Jung Gyu Woon as Jang Hoon Nam
Hong Hyun Taek as Hoon Nam (child)
Ahn Nae Sang as Jang Ki Nam
Noh Tae Yub as Jang Ki Nam (teen)
Ra Yoon Chan as Jang Ki Nam (child)
Kyun Mi Ri as Kim Young Yi
Yoo Young as Jang Ko Eun

Jang Ho’s family

Lee Min Woo as Lee Jang Ho
Lee Chung Ah as Oh Da Jung
Yoo In Young as Lee Soo Jin
Kim Chung as Choi Eun Ok
Hwang Jae Won as Lee Ji Woo

Other people

Hwang Dong Joo as Hong Yoon Jae
Jung Kyung Ho as Sasa Kim
Lee Kyung Sil as Jae Gal Jum Soon
Heo Jung Eun as Kim Ha Pil
Yoon Ji Min as Han Se Ah
Yoon Joo Hee as Kim Nan Hee
Shin Ji Soo as Hee Jin
Sol Bi as Hye Ji (ep.1-2)
Choi Won Young as homeless man (cameo)
Kang Nam Gil as Da Jung’s father (cameo)
Yoo Il (Cameo)

Production Credits

Director: Yoon Ryoo Hae
Screenwriter: Park Hyun Joo


2013 Apan Star Awards – Fashionista (Best Dressed) Award: – Yoo In Young (Wonderful Mama)

Episode Ratings

2013-04-1317.7 (14th)8.4 (11th)7.78.2
2013-04-1427.68.5 (20th)8.08.3
2013-04-2038.0 (18th)9.0 (14th)7.58.5 (19th)
2013-04-2147. (19th)
2013-04-2756.5 (19th)6.8 (17th)7.0 (18th)6.7
2013-05-0476.4 (20th)(<6.4)7.1 (19th)7.2 (20th)
2013-05-1196.4 (15th)6.1 (19th)6.36.4
2013-05-12107.0 (20th)6.9 (20th)7.17.0
2013-05-17116.6 (20th)6.4 (20th)7.38.3 (14th)
2013-05-24136.8 (19th)6.9 (19th)6.46.8
2013-05-25147.0 (18th)(<7.2)7.57.6
2013-06-01156.5 (19th)(<7.1)7.1 (17th)7.1 (19th)
2013-06-08177.0 (19th)(<7.2)7.17.0
2013-06-15197.0 (17th)7.4 (16th)6.66.4
2013-06-22216.3 (19th)(<6.7)6.6 (19th)6.4 (20th)
2013-06-23226.8(<7.1)7.7 (18th)7.4
2013-06-30246.4(<6.6)6.86.8 (20th)
2013-07-07268.4 (14th)9.3 (14th)9.2 (14th)9.0 (15th)
2013-07-13277.3 (20th)8.5 (18th)6.86.4
2013-07-20296.7 (19th)7.0 (19th)7.0 (19th)6.6
2013-07-21308.1 (16th)9.2 (14th)7.57.1
2013-07-27316.6 (18th)6.6 (19th)6.66.4
2013-08-03337.6 (18th)8.0 (17th)7.7 (16th)7.6 (15th)
2013-08-04348.0 (16th)7.7 (20th)7.06.8
2013-08-10357.5 (18th)(<8.0)7.4 (19th)7.2
2013-08-11367.5 (18th)8.0 (16th)7.06.8
2013-08-17378.0 (12th)8.4 (16th)7.4 (15th)7.3 (20th)
2013-08-18387.4 (18th)7.5 (18th)7.7 (15th)8.0 (19th)
2013-08-24397.4 (16th)7.3 (18th)7.2 (18th)6.9
2013-08-25407.3 (18th)(<7.2)8.2 (13th)8.1 (14th)
2013-08-31416.7 (17th)(<7.5)7.5 (19th)7.3
2013-09-01426.9 (18th)7.4 (18th)7.6 (20th)7.4
2013-09-07436.9 (14th)7.1 (18th)7.1 (19th)7.0 (16th)
2013-09-08446.7 (19th)(<7.1)7.47.2
2013-09-14456.5(<7.4)7.8 (19th)7.8 (20th)
2013-09-15467.3 (18th)7.8 (20th)7.8 (18th)(<7.6)
2013-09-21477.3 (16th)7.2 (18th)8.1 (15th)7.7 (17th)
2013-09-22487.7 (15th)8.3 (18th)8.4 (17th)8.4 (19th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


Filming Location of this drama are including in Cebu, Philippines.


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Official Site

Trailer I & Trailer II

5 Minutes Preview

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  1. 1 : MM Says:

    looks nice though. gonna think about it whether to watch when this drama is out.

  2. 2 : Goo Na-ri Says:

    Wow !!! They shoot at our place ?! Yay !! Sad to say I didn’t have a chance to see them 🙁

  3. 3 : peyriteyl Says:

    secretary wang of twtwb is cast here? wow i hope jo in sung and song hye kyo will have a follow up drama. #o2 couple shipper 4eva

  4. 4 : Micc Says:

    The synopsis sounds like The Wedding Scheme.

  5. 5 : franzes Says:

    wow its Secretary Wangs turn in a lead role.. AJA

  6. 6 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    She’s the legit wife in My Husband’s Woman right?! The photos are hot! The plot hmmmm seemed ordinary.

  7. 7 : Hello Venus Says:

    Yooyoung from Hello Venus is on this drama 😀

    I’m going to watch this drama ASAP

    Can’t wait 😀

  8. 8 : hny Jo Says:

    ep 1

    interesting..so funny..to bad no eng sub yet…ms wang acting great and sena from rooptop.. nice see her in other character…good so far n will continue watching ;))

  9. 9 : hny Says:

    @ peyrityl
    Stil hoping for JIS n SHK…oo..me too sis…hope they have soon … btw don’t forget to watch this..n share ur opinion …. ;))

  10. 10 : soso Says:

    very interesting drama!!

  11. 11 : Micc Says:

    Pretty funny first episode! Too bad nobody is picking up the subs.

  12. 12 : yooyoung fan Says:

    I love this show 😀

  13. 13 : Micc Says:

    Another loan shark mom with Alzheimer!

  14. 14 : Males Man Says:

    BO GEUM (FIST)…..

  15. 15 : Ttuk Says:

    I watched 4 episodes hoping it would hook me in, but it didn’t. Wonderful cast, lack-lustre script. Perhaps it will get better who knows.

  16. 16 : Ttuk Says:

    Hah! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

  17. 17 : annmasae Says:

    Enjoying this drama on dramafever. wish more people would watch it.
    Interesting to see how a spoiled rich girl matures and becomes more responsible when she thinks her family has lost their fortune.

  18. 18 : sylvia Says:

    this drama the more eps the more interesting……………
    what a pity that the rating so low……………

  19. 19 : ollie Says:

    we really enjoy watching your drama series every Saturday and Sunday….that’s why we’re all exciting for the weekend

  20. 20 : Nudge Says:

    The subtitles are really slow coming, but the drama is fun.
    It kept me interested even though each episode now is mostly a string of contrived plots. LOL.

  21. 21 : Nudge Says:

    Trading the whereabouts of a missing child is reprehensible behaviour. Preventing a mother from uniting with her child is beyond the scope of my imagining, even when there’s a logical explanation. Such a thing as the relationship between a child a parent transcends logic, it is sacred. And no-one should mess with it.

    So does this sort of a thing really ever happen in South Korea I wonder?

  22. 22 : Ttuk Says:

    Oh man the whole mystery birth thing became even more bizzare. It’s like poking at poo with a stick. This writer just can’t help himself/herself.

    Oh dear me, this drama keeps sinking like the ill-fated Titanic.

    What a waste of good actors.

  23. 23 : John k Says:

    This is a stupid drama. It’s about incest,it gets worst every week because the dumb ass writer can’t make up his or her damn mind. This is a sick drama. 50 episodes was too much for the idiot writer so he or she had to make up dumb episodes that makes no sense. This is why their ratings are low and getting canceled. I want my fucken time and money back!!!!!!!

  24. 24 : Sunny Says:

    This is going to be only up to Episode 48. Why? I guess the writer ran out of words to make this drama End!
    Now do anyone know who is the Son she is looking for? ‘m getting very confuse of who son is who?

  25. 25 : torri Says:

    this a very good drama there are a lot of things to learn from this drama when i saw the ratings at first i was not really going to watch the drama but my good elderly Korean lady that owns a convenient store by my office that i go to every day encourage me to watch she and i chart on all the dramas we are both watching and because of her am able practice my Korean little by little and she is very kind and am glad i was able to watch this drama its good for the family , so for all those who are reluctant don’t be when u get the chance watch the drama ok guys

  26. 26 : Love Says:

    I watch this drama from Day 1, since it started. I have enjoy this drama, until the mystery began when Yoon Bok Hee looking for son that was taking away from her. Why oh Why! Choi Eun Ok keeping the secret to herself! OMG! she is been soooo Terrible not revealing who is the son of Yoon Bok Hee!
    It so Amazing how the writers for drama always give the evil up the upper hand to do everything in their power to hide and do evil things!
    Do anyone know who is her real first son? I thought it would have been the doctor.
    I saw Episode 47 and 48, But (RAW) I could not make heads or tail on the out come. Help Please?

  27. 27 : Love Says:

    Great surprise on episode 47 & 48. Not Bad ending, but great drama story line.

  28. 28 : Yuni Says:

    I am watching this drama until episode 9 and still enjoy it.
    Funny and good.
    I like it a lot…

  29. 29 : Santie Says:

    Damn..this drama is really good..!
    I could not stop wathcing this drama…
    Already finish until eps. 25 and don’t want to stop it.
    One of the best drama…

  30. 30 : Megumi Says:

    The end a bit dangling it did not say did bok hee meet her real son…… Sigh not complete picture yet ……quite strange for the erter to end it here

  31. 31 : Yuni Says:

    Really like this drama..funny and nice story…Really enjoy it.

  32. 32 : dayana Says:

    Great family drama very touching esp relationship wonderful mama and three hilarious children….We must appreciate and love our mother forever and ever.Period.

  33. 33 : Liz Says:

    Another drama full of craps. Each episode has too many flashback scenes & unfunny comedy. This drama has same level as drama with episodes more than 100

  34. 34 : Asoka Says:

    Does anyone know the song from ep 26 when Young Chae meet with Hoon Nam after she found out that she still rich? The one when the both alone at the park. Please..

  35. 35 : lourdes Says:

    one of the best drama ever…funny , romantic and good acting of all lead stars…you will cry and the same time happy….amazing pairs of lead stars…they are cute and funny…

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