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Wonderful Life

Title: 원더풀 라이프 / Wonderful Life
Chinese title : 美妙人生 / 精彩的生活
Genre: Drama, comedy, romance, family
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2005-Mar-07 to 2005-Apr-26
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55
Theme song: Babo by Park Hye Kyung


Han Seung Wan and Jung Se Jin bumps into each other at the airport and accidentally take each other’s passports. They meet again and Seung Wan and Se Jin end up spending the day together. Both having to deal with love complications, they end up drunk and having a one night stand. Back in Korea, Se Jin discovers she is pregnant and leaves to have the baby alone. A year later, Se Jin’s clueless sister ends up spilling the secret to Seung-Wan at his engagement party, showing up with his baby daughter. Seung-wan and Se Jin are then forced to marry by their respective families. Complicated love takes place between Do Hyun, Se Jin, Chae Young and Seung-Wan. The rest of the story revolves around the family’s journey in learning to take responsibility, and learning to love each other.


Kim Jae Won as Han Seung Wan
Eugene as Jung Se Jin
Lee Ji Hoon as Min Do Hyun
Han Eun Jung as Lee Chae Young
Joo Hyun as Han Bum Soo (Seung Wan’s father)
Sun Woo Yong Nyeo as Yoon Tae Hee (Seung Wan’s mother)
Kim Hye Ok as Pyo Jae Kyung (Se Jin’s mother)
Choi Joon Yong as Han Seung Pil (Seung Wan’s older brother)
Yoon Hyun Sook as Baek Hyun Joo (Seung Pil’s wife)
Kim Hyo Jin (1976) as Jung Il Jin (Se Jin’s older sister)
Kim Seung Min as So Chang Myung (Seung Wan & Do Hyun’s flying academy classmate)
Jung Da Bin as Han Shin Bi (Seung Wan and Se Jin’s daughter)
Lee Hye Sook as Do Hyun’s stepmother

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Shin Ho Gyun
Director: Lee Chang Han, Jo Soo Won
Writer: Jin Soo Wan

Official Site


  1. 1 : declovey Says:

    I love this drama very much.. wanna watch once more time… lol

  2. 2 : ray Says:

    very funny, the main actor just cracks me up!

  3. 3 : Soo-Eun Says:

    this drama is awsome!!!!!!!
    exspecially shin-bi dam cute!!!
    btw is shin-bi, engune real baby???

  4. 4 : Soo-Eun Says:


  5. 5 : iemah's Says:

    This drama…is very good story with a good act….a lot af moral story especially 4 young lady (be carefull and be strong) love u eugene…coz u can make this story…..very fantastic & be a good mother…4 Jung Da Bin….love u baby…i think u can be a good actress…in the future…wish u all da bestt….

  6. 6 : nabilah_malaysia Says:

    love this drama so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    keep up the good work guys!!!

  7. 7 : kat Says:

    I love this soo much!
    eugene is so pretty! X]
    this korean drama was the best!

  8. 8 : Xee Says:

    this drama was good. but the ending kinda kill the story. It makes the viewers confuse. and the actors could do much better, but since it was filmed in 2005 i guess it makes no difference.

  9. 9 : kathleen Says:

    ehh!! i really like this one.!! one of the best k drama ever!!! shin bi!! she’s so cute…

  10. 10 : lyn Says:

    gosh… it’s one of my favorite K-drama.. Kim Jae Won & Eugene did a job well done!
    shin bi.. ur so cute..
    better watch this guys.. for those of you who haven’t watch it, try this k-drama.. its funny

  11. 11 : french asian Says:

    hye!!!!!! my name is tchay and i wathed this drama and it’s so gooooooooddddd!!!!!! EUGENE is very beautiul and pretty and good actress!!!!!! this film is very funnnnnnnn!!!!! and i think this film is realise for a young !!!!it’s so goooooooddddd!!!!!!bye korean peopol !!!perhaps one day i would can to be in korea!!!!!!!

  12. 12 : Clover Says:

    oNe of ma fav!
    gOsh!…sHin-bi is sOo dAmn cUte!…
    cAnt dEny tHat litTle girL mAke mE sTick tO wAtc tHe stOry till tHe eNd….
    huHuhu… =)
    EUGENE n JAE-WON hAs dOne a grEat jOb….
    tHey maKe tHe sTory rEally ‘wOndErfuL’ aNd wOrth tO b wAct….
    eugEne u loOk rEal prEtty wit shOrt hAir!!!!!!!!!!!
    i lyKe it….. =)

  13. 13 : Kaying Says:

    one of the best drama i’ve seen…it’s so sad…

  14. 14 : Bunk Says:

    I looooooved this one. Maybe it’s because I have kids. But it’s great. Somehow they took the premise of a one-night stand, and made it competely innocent! Here the poor girl ends up pregnant, and she has no memory of ever even kissing the guy. But the angst is great in it. The struggles of a single mom are very real and very touching. And Min Do-hyun’s character who also loves the heroine is a real stand up guy. You can’t help but to like him and respect him. I can’t believe it took Kim Jae Won that long to realize that he loved her, though!

    But this was great. A little cliche when the child gets sick, but still a wonderful series. The writing was very good, and I enjoyed seeing the characters evolve from immature selfish kids into wiser adults whose dreams were replaced by a harsh reality. Their maturation was very believeably written. Good series.

  15. 15 : angelic Says:

    not bad…
    but its so sad when shin bae fall sick..

  16. 16 : Nhung Says:

    I like this drama when i watch this drama i cry cry cry T_T every eppisode.

    I like Seung-wan Se-jin and Shin bi.

    This drama is very fun, i like it.

    Da bin so cute. ^^

    Fan from Thailand.

  17. 17 : Sumin Says:

    this drama was sooo sad!!
    idk if it was just me, but i recognised a pattern going on…
    after every sad scene, there would be a funny scene to cheer up the audience… – errr… idk if it was just me or not… but i thought it was a really sad drama. but one of my most favorites i have ever seen.

  18. 18 : gemini Says:

    .. one of my favorites.. not only because Eugene stars in it but because the story made me cry and laugh… a lot. Kim Jae Won is notably impressive and the same with other casts. I was able to lent my copy of this drama to a lot of my friends, and they all liked it.

  19. 19 : Cathy Says:

    Good drama. I liked how the couple meet. It was very surprising for me, predicting in my mind whether they’re gonna end up together or not. Loved Da Bin. She was amazing and she’s so cute. 🙂

  20. 20 : Lindsay Xiong Says:

    Hey…i love this k-Drama too…actrice Eugène is very beautiful and her daughter…

  21. 21 : Em Says:

    GREAT movie. (= I loved it alot! First Korean Drama I`ve watched and ended up fallin` in love with it. ^_^ It`s very sad towards the middle or end.. Shin Bi is adorable 😀

  22. 22 : Starz Says:

    nice and loads of tears drama but I really enjoyed it! Eugene is gr8! highly recommended!

  23. 23 : rs3y Says:

    i think eugene is not that pretty, well, she’s kinda pretty in save the last dance but her other dramas kinda look different..

  24. 24 : Tynice Says:

    i love this dram! shinbi is so cute~!

  25. 25 : hajar( MAROC) Says:

    I’m hajar I LOVE dramas and films asia I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUU

  26. 26 : hajar( MAROC) Says:

    email [email protected] bizoo i like you je taime

  27. 27 : Superjuniorlover Says:

    I love this drama! it’s so sad at the ending! Shin Bi is such a good a actress! I was crying at the end!!! I loved it! You have to watch it! Thank you!

  28. 28 : kyi thwe Says:

    i like this mivie very much.i also like stars in this movie too.
    i love shin-bee:P

  29. 29 : addictedtomovie Says:

    OMG i love this movie so much
    I can WAtch it over and over
    Eugene looks Pretty at the end her hair totally match her But the short hair makes her look much older

    Shin-bi is so adorable X3 her so cute

  30. 30 : Bill Aung Says:

    I like this movie the most. I love Eugene a lot after watching this one. The best and most touching drama series I’ve ever liked.

  31. 31 : william Says:

    this drama is cool.
    their way to tell the story is very good.
    I like kim yoo-jin.
    wanna know too about xin yi.
    Is she eugene real baby?

  32. 32 : mary joy Says:

    i love this drama so much! he cast are great,as well as the story goes. i want to watch it one more time,eugene is so beautiful.

  33. 33 : donna Says:

    i love korean dramas.. esp this one.. beautiful..
    they look gud together.. sana may sequel

  34. 34 : hugelov4koreandramas Says:

    Shin Bi is da most beautiful kid I’ve eva seen…

  35. 35 : hugelov+tears4koreandramas Says:

    beginning full of laughs n’ da end full of tears
    this is da best! Kim Jae Won i luv ya till death…he is so cute!!!
    When he had to b sad in da movie (the episode Shin bi was in hosptal n he pretended to b hapy), my heart went wild n my tears become blood
    this movie just way too touching

  36. 36 : handayani Says:

    hi…i’m indonesian, my name’s handayani, i was watched in here…the film is very wonderful……i like with caracter all aktrist…..
    when are they visit to indonesia….???

  37. 37 : hanim,malaysia Says:

    fantastic drama..i like this drama..from wonderful life, i learn something that i cannot forget. han shin bi..so cute.. i like when shin bi said” oma opa, shin bi sarangiyo”.. jea won and eugene like the shin real parent.. so cute when they together

  38. 38 : hanim,malaysia Says:

    from this drama, i can see very heppy family together.. two different people meet but ddn’t fall in love. they married cause they want to take responsibility to take care their baby..

  39. 39 : bbyron Says:

    WOnDeRfuL liFe one of a great drama show is really worth watching specially ShiN Bi I was amazed she speak very well at such tender age does she have more drama series…I watched all the drama of EUGeNe she’s a wonderful actress! Hope she can make more drama, comedy, romance with all my Fav actors KWS, BYJ, Kimraewon, LDW, Eric Moon, Rain, jo huyn jae and gosoo.

  40. 40 : aimi Says:

    wonderful life is such a very great stiry i had ever seen. xpecially when shin bi is born. she is very cute..eugene is very very cute… wonderful life BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. 41 : Marian Says:

    i really like this korean drama…..Han Shin bi is very cute

  42. 42 : aLySsA mArIe Says:

    ‘kaka inis na ha,,,ulitin nyo nmn 2ng wonderful life,,!!!! tagal n nmng nghihintay,,di ba,,???!!!!

  43. 43 : thea Says:

    l love this story nas!!!!!!!

  44. 44 : thea Says:

    i love this story nas

  45. 45 : thea Says:

    here some love

  46. 46 : thea Says:


  47. 47 : dorkey Says:

    hey there… this movie was really cute!
    it got me so into it… shin bi is so adorable,
    too, and eugene was so sweet… but on the
    other hand… sueg wan was so mean! lolz…
    just joking… keep up the good work and stay
    beautiful and keep making more movies! lolz…
    much love…

  48. 48 : Hi Says:

    I don’t like this movie. I don’t konw what action they are taking?

  49. 49 : psy Says:

    Superb! I am really thrilled watching the movie! I like the plot, I salute the writer of this movie as well as the actors and actresses. Whew! I will watch the DVD one more time. I really love it!

  50. 50 : wonderful life Says:

    w0nderful life just rocks to the core …the very first k0rea movie I have cried over night with….Jae won is so cute…after being a dad he lo0ks m0re mature…As the Eugene she is so damn cute fr0m the start after that she became mature to0….Young and cute Da Bin is very obedient and courageous…They really made the film wonderful….Gibb a muackss to them… wish to see them in real life.

  51. 51 : myka Says:

    all of you are cute and have a sweet moment

  52. 52 : anis Says:

    all of you are good actor.wish good luck in your life

  53. 53 : 콘 오덤봉위쩟 Says:

    i love this drama….

  54. 54 : 콘 오덤봉위쩟 Says:

    i want to know about website that can downlaod this music…
    e_mail:[email protected]

  55. 55 : Lyda Says:

    This drama is very stupid stupid!!hahahah but I watch it becasue it has Lee Ji Hoon in there. Hhahah~~ otherwise, I won’t watch!

  56. 56 : yeri Says:

    I really really like this drama, I stil watch it over and over,I love Sin Bi!

  57. 57 : yea eun Says:

    i love this drama so far. i’m in the middle of watching it! i love shin bi!!

  58. 58 : ia moua Says:

    oh my gosh i lvoe this movie it is so cool and wonderful
    but it is so sad to….

  59. 59 : ia moua Says:

    i love shin bi she is cute…hahaha
    i just think she is so cute i just want her to be mah sister….hhahaa
    she is so cute
    welps ummm….. that movie is good that i just want to watch the movie again and agian and agian.. gosh I WANT TO SEE IT AGAIN SO BAD
    the saddest part in there was when shin bi has lukemia… gosh that is so sad makes me want to CRY on tha part… ahhhhhhhhh…..so sad

  60. 60 : snow Says:

    love it!!!!
    it is so cute
    also sad

    i cryed like
    3 time

  61. 61 : sakurae Says:

    shin bi you are so cute!! i love this drama because of you!!!hehehe…

  62. 62 : sakurae Says:

    i love this drama coz…emmm…..shin bi n her parents….

  63. 63 : fench Says:

    i really love this drama…it’s a twist of comedy, romance & drama @ d same time…

    it makes me cry till the nth time

  64. 64 : asma Says:

    hye.. i like to watch korean drama especially my girl

  65. 65 : eera Says:

    this drama is very funny..han seung wan and jung se jin is very lovely couple and parents..shin bi is very cute..i love this drama soooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. 66 : mejar Says:

    i love this drama……….especially the heroin………..marry me…….eugene….okay…..hooooooooooooo

  67. 67 : cyber sophie Says:

    send me any video …
    I’ve bored with my life…
    send in [email protected]
    Thanks all friend over the cyber world…

  68. 68 : shen shen Says:

    i really like this story. ang ganda talaga and soooooooo funny rin tsaka un last episode na nag-mature na sya. great..

  69. 69 : ayelet Says:

    yah u have to watch it guys it’s awesome drama…

  70. 70 : hanim,malaysia Says:

    han shin bi so cute!!! when my mum watch this drama with me at the ending, my mum also crying..exspecially when shin bi are sick..very emotional..but i really2 love this drama..kim jea won and eugene like as real parent for han shin bi..so fantastic..i love han shi bi’s family..my family really enjoy wonderful life drama.rasponsibilty can comes before love..who can imagine where we can find nice guy like han seung wan in nowday?

  71. 71 : May Moet Moet Thet(Ms) Says:

    I’ve watched a lot of Korean movies..I like most of them and among them “Wonderful Life” is favourite movie.It’s funny,the peformers are good looking and the song is nice…

  72. 72 : luv_rain_bi Says:

    this drama is quite long ago but is really great & sweet ending…
    i love it..
    must watch!!~

  73. 73 : mardongan tua sin Says:

    i like tho drama. it’s show as the real life. and for eugene, i really like you much, because you are so cute.

  74. 74 : ali Says:

    this drama is really good! must must watch!
    mroeover it touches people’s heart. so better watch. wont regret fer sure!

  75. 75 : miley Says:

    eugene is so good at acting! she’s very natural and didnt overact at all. kim jae won is so cute.! hehe. ery good drama. excellent!

  76. 76 : mir Says:

    this drama is totally awesome. even tho i’ve watched other good dramas like full house and my girl, i still rate wonderful life as the top of my list.! it’s really good. worth watching and all the tears that i cried. hehe.

  77. 77 : vint Says:

    wow! after watching this drama really no regrets! thabks fer the responses. really good drama. so the others must watch too alright!

  78. 78 : me Says:

    han shin bi so cute!!! when my mum watch this drama with me at the ending, my mum also crying..exspecially when shin bi are sick..very emotional..but i really2 love this drama..kim jea won and eugene like as real parent for han shin bi..so fantastic..i love han shi bi’s family..my family really enjoy wonderful life drama.rasponsibilty can comes before love..who can imagine where we can find nice guy like han seung wan in nowday?

  79. 79 : kyle Says:

    all of you are cute and have a sweet moment

  80. 80 : fantasy Says:

    love this series.shin bi is s0 cute..superb drama

  81. 81 : krishy Says:

    wow,how nice nman dis story,..

  82. 82 : krishy Says:

    nkakatawa ang story n 2,..but xemps may drama rin,..auz 2,..
    i love dis!

  83. 83 : wizard_zypt Says:

    it’s make my heart warm thanx I’ll never forger!!!!!

  84. 84 : ydwen Says:

    really nice show.. n shin bi is really really cute oh.. haha… like this show very much!

  85. 85 : Min Thet Naing Says:

    I like this drama very much. I like this actress very much. In my opinion, this drama says that Anybody can make mistake….But we have to try best for the whole life. We don’t need to Depress. Face up Life with your lovely spouse. This words is say for One Night Mistake..!!!!

    But for young people, don’t do mistake before you are not complete your education and for money.

    So… Every People May Understand With my words.

    Min Thet Naing.( Final year Computer Science)

  86. 86 : asa Says:

    Jae Won,Yoo Jin,Ji Hoon and Da Bin,I luv u all so much.

  87. 87 : oliya Says:

    I luv this show like crazy!Hope u guys luv it too.

  88. 88 : Luv JAE WON Says:

    eugene is so pretty,JAE WON so handsome,da bin so cute!!!

  89. 89 : alynn Says:

    luv u all soooo much

  90. 90 : baBY Says:


  91. 91 : denise Says:

    oooo!!!Jae Won is the BEST!!!Eugene is GORGEOUS!!!Da Bin is an ideal kid!!!

  92. 92 : crystal Says:

    Jae Won is 4ever the coolest!

  93. 93 : tracy Says:

    i am a big fan of Korean Drama.

  94. 94 : miss whatever Says:

    it’s a great show.luv 4ever!!!

  95. 95 : hot chick Says:

    gosh!luv thiz show….

  96. 96 : hot chick Says:

    i hope all of u will act 2gether again…

  97. 97 : debz Says:


  98. 98 : chad Says:

    I started 2 luv KOREAN DRAMA after watching this show.

  99. 99 : sue Says:

    I will never ever 4get this show!

  100. 100 : play boy Says:

    can anyone tell me that someone is cooler than JAE WON?Nope.He is Mr. HOT!!!

  101. 101 : wonderful life fan Says:

    Go jae won!u r so gonna b famous!

  102. 102 : wonderful girlz Says:

    i tell u this show is gotta be greater than great.

  103. 103 : RoXy GiRl Says:

    nothing is better than this 1!

  104. 104 : yin and yang Says:

    plz tell me it’s the most commented show

  105. 105 : mix Says:

    baby,i’m loving you!

  106. 106 : shakira Says:

    i’m a great fan of this show!so,i hope it will be written into a book.

  107. 107 : christmas Says:

    i hope to get a disc of this show this christmas

  108. 108 : di yi chi Says:

    this drama rockz!the actors and actresses too!

  109. 109 : yue ding Says:

    hope to see JAE WON if i ever could!

  110. 110 : kisses Says:

    santa,tell me this disc is gonna be my christmas gift!

  111. 111 : diva Says:

    i do hope this show will be one of the most well-known k-drama.

  112. 112 : sasha Says:

    saya melayu tapi pun tengok drama ni sebab best!

  113. 113 : 2gether Says:

    everyone in this show acted well!GUD JOB!

  114. 114 : luv Says:

    kisses to all!!!

  115. 115 : sasha Says:

    saya melayu tapi pun tengok drama ni sebab bagus lar!

  116. 116 : collen Says:

    i hope you all are best actor and actress god bless you all in the cast of wonderful

  117. 117 : rf Says:

    seen him in agent j vid.. he really rocks!

  118. 118 : Suhana Says:

    I Malay but i really like it to watch the Drama Korean….

  119. 119 : mikansakura Says:

    shin bi is sooo cute!!!!!

  120. 120 : rainne Says:

    diz drama was already shown in d pilipins..i rely like it..

  121. 121 : Dee Says:

    very touching…

    great Movie…

    in This movie, we learn of “what is familly”…


  122. 122 : sheena Says:

    very good drama. hope eugene will make another tv drama soon.

  123. 123 : melanie Says:

    shin bi is so cute!!!
    she’s got to be the greatest actress ever!!!!

  124. 124 : zha Says:

    i really like this drama. it’s a touching story with great performance from all the actors. it will make you laugh and cry. shin bi is so cute and she makes me cry when i watch her suffer from leukemia.

    the soundtracks are nice too.

    i really like lee ji hoon in this drama. his character as min do-hyun is very noble, always helping the girl that he loves and did not want to break up the family. lee ji hoon, i love you!

  125. 125 : Haf haf Says:

    Wonderfull life. besttttt!!!!!

  126. 126 : SweetGothic Says:

    Is this the same as ‘sassy gurl chun hyang’?..Really wan 2 know!!..Awez in luv wif k-drama…=>

  127. 127 : amirah Says:

    i late to give comment about this story..
    whatever i love this story..
    It’ the best story i have seen..
    My mother also like this story..
    we love the actor & actress..
    And the baby Also..
    It’ so cute.. I have work to do..
    i have to leave..

  128. 128 : mia Says:

    it is a really wonderful life in this drama!

  129. 129 : gumby Says:

    its so very touching………
    I love this movie

  130. 130 : melodi Says:

    very touching drama

  131. 131 : TATZIE Says:


  132. 132 : ronald Says:

    …uhm, what can i say? Oh, yeah i remember nAh, hehe..
    This show is the number one show that I’ll never forget in my entire life!
    really!!! I learn so many things even though I’m just a young girl but i really appreciate it.. huh,,! And because of that, SARANGEO!!!^_^

  133. 133 : mAinE sartin Says:

    gOsh cyutt tlaga ni min_doHyun,,,,,,,,,,,
    he’s reAllY adorrrrrRrRabBBle

  134. 134 : mAinE sartin Says:

    I really love the storrry…
    specially min doh yun..he”s really cute
    lee ji hoon rOckz……
    eugene…just keep it up…i really hope to meet u in person

  135. 135 : mAinE sartin Says:

    im still in episode 8 but then I guess the drama’s really made my heart beat faster…………….
    bcozz of lee…wats that again??
    owkay min doh hyun…
    it’s really a wonderful drama w/ funny scenes…

  136. 136 : mAinE sartin Says:

    WHICH CAN MAke u feellll dat………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….ur in that same dramah

  137. 137 : mAinE sartin Says:

    min doh hyun……..hope 2 see u..

  138. 138 : mAinE sartin Says:

    thak u 4 making this drama……..
    promise guyzzz
    it will really make ur world turn upside down and change ur outlook in love…..iT’s really a must-see drama..shin-bi rockZZZZZZZZZZZz!!!!!!!!!
    lav yahh min doh hyun

  139. 139 : mAinE sartin Says:

    plzz tell me that this the best korean
    drama everrr

  140. 140 : mAinE sartin Says:

    min doh hyun….. plzz have a show here in philippines w/ eugene huh????

  141. 141 : mAinE sartin Says:

    gOsh cyutt tlaga ni min_doHyun,,,,,,,,,,,
    he’s reAllY adorrrrrRrRabBBle
    mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhh……….hello 2 the cast!!!!

  142. 142 : Hnin Pwint Wai Says:

    i don;t think u read it or not but your movie is great. i wish u have another movie called wonderful life 2 that would be great. wish u come to yangon contact 095153988 will help u. keep going we are cheering u fighting

  143. 143 : maine sartin Says:

    hi agaIn…
    lee jI hOoN…
    oh…mY goZh…
    aT last..
    i already finish the show…
    ahh.. whatta touching story it is..
    specially shin-bi in her dramatic scenes
    a great child star…
    and oh..
    eugene ur soooO gorgeous

  144. 144 : maine sartin Says:

    hello 2 eugene…keep on rOckin!!!!

  145. 145 : maine sartin Says:


  146. 146 : maine sartin Says:

    it”s the best show ever…

  147. 147 : jenny Says:

    i really love this drama..i like the way they act..i hope there would be another movie featuring both eugene and kim jae won..i like their chemistry it seems like there were real lovers..hehe..keep up the good work..

  148. 148 : rua Says:

    im watchin’ this drama again and i really would like them to have a drama/soap 2gether again…eugenes english accent is really good,,
    and i also like the other drama of eugene.. that save the last dance for me..eugene is there too,,i hope that guy in that drama would be eugenes lucky guy,,haha

  149. 149 : camillecorr Says:

    saranghae eugene!!!

    i love wonderful life!!

  150. 150 : mulan Says:

    This drama series is quite amazing and i really cried. Very touching you feel how important a mother can be. I commend Eugene for her wonderful portraying her role. You’re really great actress congratulations!!! And also your partner did a very good job too. he’s incredible. I like Lee ji hoon too. he’s adorable same as what he did in My Girl. More power to all of you. I rated this 8/10

  151. 151 : nurul Says:


  152. 152 : bangbang Says:

    great drama. 🙂
    cute kid! i swear! 😀

  153. 153 : melba Says:

    when will eugene’s new movie shown, i thought it would be this feb.?

  154. 154 : cesz Says:

    good, good, drama will be looking forward to eugene’s new drama.

  155. 155 : weny Says:

    ok ok ok ok

  156. 156 : maxi Says:

    entertaining drama………………………….

  157. 157 : lamking Says:

    I quiet agree…….. this is an entertaining one

  158. 158 : shinbi Says:

    cute shinbi!!!!!!!!!

  159. 159 : norie Says:

    a touching and refreshing drama

  160. 160 : arni roswani Says:

    really want to have a cute baby like shinbi……

  161. 161 : lorin Says:

    looking forward to eugene’s new drama hope it would be good as this one

  162. 162 : peng2 Says:


  163. 163 : angie Says:

    shinbi is adorable

  164. 164 : miss black cat Says:

    The last 6 episode make me can’t stop crying
    rain of tears……
    i never thought the story could be like that
    i’m a doctor,so i know the the misery of lekimia kidz.
    hope this tv drama could make the other leukimia kids have bigger hope

  165. 165 : iluvit Says:

    Wonderful Life.woderful story!
    >>>soOo luv it!

  166. 166 : jennel Says:

    the best ito grabe

  167. 167 : mola Says:

    yeah…………… the best ever

  168. 168 : brien Says:

    simple but has a good storyline

  169. 169 : ishmah Says:

    the best korea drama i’ve ever seen. never bore to watch again and again. 🙂 When will Eugene and Kim Jae Won casting together again?

  170. 170 : ishmah Says:

    sweet romantic comedy! I really like the parts when they woke up very close after freezing all night because there’s no electricity in their house. sweet and funny.

  171. 171 : sheena Says:

    i really love this!!!!it really makes me cry…and makes me laugh…hehe

  172. 172 : wien Says:

    shinbi make me cry…
    so great acting…

  173. 173 : Heidi Says:

    My first Korean drama… Love it! I’ve only been watching Japanese dramas before this but will be sure to see more korean ones too:) Just great drama!

  174. 174 : Goong Ju Says:

    Another good drama that i watched. Simple & sweet

  175. 175 : Leilani Says:

    I love the cast and the story. I like the team up of Eugene and Kim Jae Won but I would also like to see Eugene and Lee ji hoon together. For all Eugene fans watch out for Three Daddies and One Mommy!

  176. 176 : Cm22 Says:

    Again, Eugene at her best. Gosh the little girl is too cute! She made me cry so much! ahah! I loved it!

  177. 177 : karen Says:

    didn’t expect to love this drama so much! cried like a baby! 🙂

  178. 178 : Lucia Says:

    i love this drama..very simple, very touch, very sweet..and all the cast are very good…also jung da bin…hwah,,i love that…hmm, i hope someday can meet you jung da bin… 😀

  179. 179 : minah Says:

    …..i layk dis movie very much!!!!!…..perfect movie!!!

  180. 180 : katyx Says:

    the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    sana meron part 2……………………….

    tamang2x sa teens na maagang nagbuntis…………………….

  181. 181 : minnie Says:

    i really like this drama…shinbi acts well in such a young age…kim jae won is really handsome with his killer smile…nice story…touching…

  182. 182 : cynthia Says:

    i think this drama is not too good. it makes me asleep, bored.

  183. 183 : Ky Says:

    love Kim Jae Won! ♥

  184. 184 : nanay Says:

    i luv kim jae won very much…muahhhhxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  185. 185 : lene Says:

    this is the most emotional movie ive ever watch!!!!!!!!

  186. 186 : annisgame Says:

    i like dis movie vvvvvvveeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy much.

  187. 187 : kucing Says:

    dis movie is perfecto!

  188. 188 : patrick and chaos Says:

    diz movie is very…..sweeet n touching..best…bikin gua tak tidow malam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  189. 189 : dopy Says:

    omg this is a 10/10 drama.i recomend it to every1!it made me laugh and cry so many times!!omg!!!the little girl is very good!

  190. 190 : lala Says:

    i love jung da bin..muahxx!! you so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~ ;DD…CUTECUTE!! Bytheway..how old are you ??

    from lala

    to jung da bin (CUTE)

  191. 191 : Sai Htaung Kham Says:

    I love that movie so much ….. Although I am from Myanmar, but now I would like to go to Korea right now…..!!! I wish my life would sweet like the story … Umm…… I really want to meet that actors and actresses so much… Can any body help me??? I think Kim Jae Won now 27 years!! I think I will correct according 15.9.2008. Love (for million times) that movie so much…. And I really want to become and actor so much.. I hope my life will come true like the story in that movie.. My email is [email protected]. I hope I will find Korea friends through this email…. I also usually use Google Talk too……. Love all friends….:)

  192. 192 : gary Says:

    i love eugene kim. i love the story, nice movie.

  193. 193 : kaveh yousefzadeh Says:

    Hello dear ladies and gentlemen!
    I have been seeing three Korean film and series so far. All of them were very interesting and tragic. All of them were cause of my real tears.when I was seeing them my weeps poured from my eyes.i extol the Korean actress ,actors,filmmakers a lot!your filmes are much better than Iranian and ,… films.bravo!i have seen the following films:
    The Jewel in palace, a good spring day with cast of my ladylove youngum( the super star madam lee young ae)and tree of heaven with art of hana!
    I kiss them a lot.i thanks the Korean filmmaking industry.your films are very good(from indivisual psychology viewpoint). I love the romance a lot. I expect your future films have be romantic,sexy,scenes more. I expect your films have be come along sing, dance,music,…more. Unfortunately in my country the mentions pivotal principles don’t regard and so Iranian films and even other foreign films showed in iran are very weak,boring and disgusting.the play and show of love scenes are taboo in iran.i love to watch the Korean films several times. But I hate my country films even for one time really.in iran love is taboo.unhappily Iranian and middle east culture inject this poisonous thought that love must be in privacy and it is better that it restrict to islam god!what disgusting!so Iranian films have degraded considerably.watching of Iranian films upset me severely.any way I praise your romantic and erotic films a lot. Can you give me my email address to madam lee young ae(youngum) and hana. I wish I could see them soonest. I love them and I am their films fan very much.i hope Iranian filmmaking be alter a day. Because it is intolerable now.again I hug and kiss and smack my ladyloves youngum and hana. I deeply fallen in love their personalities and figures. please send my deep greeting to all of actress ,actors,directors,prouducers,cinematographers ,… the mention romantic Korean films a lot. As well I submit my bitter autobiography to you.i love fareast people . I love korea a lot.thanks a lot.
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  194. 194 : mosy Says:

    من تازه ازدواج کردهام سایت یا راهنمایی درباره سکس می خواهم

  195. 195 : shiva Says:

    to mosy don’t you think you came to the wrong website to ask that kind of question.

  196. 196 : dramaqueen Says:

    babies are so cute

  197. 197 : gieroma marie Says:

    eugene u are really good actress…hope that u can visit again here in the philippines….

  198. 198 : asa Says:

    JAE WON is my favourite korean actor.love him so much(as a fan).hopes that he acts in more dramas.best wishes to jae won.

  199. 199 : jae won's fan Says:

    Jae Won is the best,the most handsome,the coolest and the korean actor that i love most.

  200. 200 : nana Says:

    This show is one of the best shows that i’ve ever watched.

  201. 201 : lynn Says:

    My whole family just love this show sooo much.

  202. 202 : lynn Says:

    Luve jae won.

  203. 203 : MeJoHyunJae Says:

    is Mr Gong Yoo is DEAD?

  204. 204 : glory Says:

    the family is so cute…,especially the baby…,i really like the way eugene kim acted in the drama!!!!!

  205. 205 : pchie Says:

    i love it so much,,sana maulit ulit ung WONDERFULL LIFE,,hhehehe

  206. 206 : agness Says:

    i won’t to say hi and hellow and u are so handsome u know i am try to try to see u friendster or y m but i didn’t find that this is my friendster and u can add me this is my email [email protected] i am waiting to your add my f.s i hope yu allready to this my comment plssssssss……………..
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    agness or ladyness………… @};- @};- @};-

  208. 208 : suriani Says:

    hi, i’m suriani from malaysia….i’ve just finished watching wonderful life drama…what a wonderful drama…it is one of the best drama i’ve been watching so far…i like seung wan…athough he is not a handsome guy…but i like his behavior…full of surprise…can i’ve a boyfriend like seung wan?…

  209. 209 : camillecorr Says:

    sarangahe shinbi!

  210. 210 : maisarah Says:

    hi han shin bi .ijust watch wonderful life its story very fool of love ilike the story

  211. 211 : maisarah Says:


  212. 212 : shai Says:

    i love han sueng wan….hehehe

  213. 213 : shai Says:

    hi im a filipino,but i love korean style….aja!!!!!!!!!!!!hangugmal nomo2x jowa….korean the best…………sarang hamnida

  214. 214 : chelsea Says:

    Very cute drama. I stayed up until 3 am just to watch it lol. Seungg-wan and Se-jin are so funny and cute. Chae-young character is a total crazy woman (and she isn’t hot at all).

  215. 215 : Christine Says:

    Would any Korean TV or movie enthusiats kindly let me know what Korean movies or dramas are currently on in town? Also, please let me know the TV channel. I’m wondering whether there is any particular source that i can refer to to keep in touch with Korean TV dramas or movies that are showing in town. Thanks a million for any helpful information.

  216. 216 : Cate Says:

    Love this drama!!! Especially the last few episodes. Great ending too.

  217. 217 : alifah Says:

    i like korean drama very much.shin bi you are so cute!you want be my sister

  218. 218 : Sony Says:

    It’s a bit sad in epi. 14

    It’s a good drama.

  219. 219 : Sony Says:

    It’s a happy ending drama.

  220. 220 : Sony Says:

    ya! It’s a happy ending drama.

  221. 221 : Sony Says:

    My top 20 of Korean Drama I’ve ever watched are:
    1. Boys Before Flower
    2. The Snow Queen
    3. Coffee Prince
    4. Jumong
    5. The Legend
    6. Hong Gil Dong
    7. My Girl
    8. Princess Hours
    9. Full House
    10. Witch Amusement
    11. My Name is Kim Sam Soon
    12. Bad Love
    13. Single Dad in Love
    14. Lovers in Paris
    15. One Mom Three Dad
    16. Love Story in Harvard
    17. Who are you?
    18. Hello Miss
    19. Stairway to Heaven
    20. Wonderful Life

  222. 222 : ursa agniya Says:

    i like it

  223. 223 : fieza mumu Says:

    i love korean drama so much…
    shin bi u’re so cute…

  224. 224 : ieka Says:

    i hope ju ji hoon love his lovers

  225. 225 : cookiemoster Says:

    Dis drama is awesome..
    The baby is super cute!

  226. 226 : sunny Says:

    what a nice drama it is!!!!
    love this drama very much…
    very funny drama

  227. 227 : Vahn Says:

    very2.. wonderful drama. NIce acting eugene and kim jae won. and expecially to Jung Da Bin. she is so cute ^&^!

  228. 228 : Ellena Says:

    I do recommend watching this film to all . All acted very strongly ESPECIALLY Han Seung Wan / Se Jin / Se Jin’s Mother / Seung Wan’s Father /…
    WATCH it %100
    The Best Drama with the Fabulous happy ending .
    Dear Korean Directors ,
    PLZ conclude your movies with satisfiying ending for the TV Watchers . Thanks .

  229. 229 : Ellena Says:

    The Best TV Movies produced in the Year 2005 & I’ve ever watched are as following :

    1) Wonderful Life

    Kim Jae Won & Eugene presented a very professional playing + Cute Baby . Congradulations to the Directors : Lee Chang Han & Jo Soo Won .

    2) My Name is Kim Samsoon

    3) Wedding

    4) Princess Lulu

    5) Ballad of Seo Dong ( Su-Dong )

    Do Not Miss them

    If so, you will regret it 🙂

    With Best Wishes 4 All Friends .

  230. 230 : mel Says:

    like funny drama… i want to watch this..

  231. 231 : mutiara Says:

    yongwoni, yongwoni!!
    I like shin bi,, she is very cute girl!! Love this drama, so entertaining,, so touching,,

  232. 232 : via Says:

    I have just watched it and i can say its a very funny and interesting drama, so sad when Xin Yi (their cute daughter) get sick, but most of all, its a happy ending story,I love it a lot!!!

  233. 233 : pandora Says:

    really want to get the movie, and totally curious the end of story

  234. 234 : zannet Says:

    love it so much.

  235. 235 : mustafa Says:

    eugene..is a brilliant actress..love this drama…its very sweet..

  236. 236 : mustafa Says:

    i love eugene..she is so beautiful..and kim jae won..is allright.,but eugene steals the show here..love u so much ..dear eugene

  237. 237 : CORAEA Says:

    shes such an amazing ACTRESS! lol i loved her in creating destiny 🙂 u guys should watch it amazing

  238. 238 : rapunzel Says:

    ,,woow,such an amazing movie i love it,i like eugene and lee ji hoon to be partners in true to life!!!!!!!!!

  239. 239 : rapunzel Says:

    ,,wow such an amazing movie,,,i love it,i like eugene and lee ji hoon to be partners in true to life story,, very talented child and very cute,hehehehehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeee

  240. 240 : reine Says:

    love it, love it, love it!!!

  241. 241 : theresia Says:

    I’m gonna re-watch this drama. I cried when Shin Bi got cancer.

  242. 242 : dzevi tachu Says:

    wowww……fantastic n Co_OL drama huh…”WONDERFUL”:>>>….im in love with eugene:-)

  243. 243 : dzevi tachu Says:

    a big thanks to Lee Chang Han & Jo Soo Won…..phewwww really had a gr8 time watching EUGENE….muah;-)

  244. 244 : Sarah Farrukh Says:

    i really love my husband too much

  245. 245 : Pn0y Says:

    Anak ng tokwa nakakaiyak talaga to dbest lovin my w0nderful life

  246. 246 : Suraida Says:

    super nkakaiyak!!!! ewan ko ba ang tigas ng puso ko pero npaiyak ako ng wonderful life lalo na yung nagkasakit na si shin-bi,….

  247. 247 : Doris Says:

    This is one of the best Kdrama i’ve ever watched. Great family support. A MUST watch!

  248. 248 : amy Says:

    shinbi…saranghaeyo..i love uuuu…..
    so lovely family…a good educated movie for young people who struggling to get better life even have baby in young age…

  249. 249 : avocado Says:

    love this drama so muchhh..korean drama is very funny in the beginning but serious and touching in the end…Thank god this drama get happy ending…..love Kim Jae Won, Eugene and especially Shin Bi..muahhh

  250. 250 : angela Says:

    wow.. this drama so entertaining, funny and cute. i love kim jae won and eugene and also shin bi. recomended drama..

  251. 251 : baby wana Says:

    wow….this drama so entertaining,funny and cute. i love kim jae won and eugene and also shin bi. recomended drama…..

  252. 252 : dsd Says:

    Watch Wonderful life Eng Sub here:


  253. 253 : Hanako Says:

    Quite good story but quite sad too. Overall not too bad but not enough passion

  254. 254 : Karen Says:

    Can anyone help me where to download this drama with English sub.? I really like it…I love Kim Jae Won and Eugene, and their daughter so cute… 🙂 please help, thank you…

  255. 255 : usa-mary Says:

    It took me quite a few years to finally decide to watch this drama after passing over it many times. Now that I’m watching it, I am thoroughly enjoying every aspect of its entertainment. Bravo Eugene and Kim Jae Won…you both acted tremendously well together! I have laughed myself to tears during many scenes, plus I know its good when I begin talking to my laptop screen to the various actors/actresses about their behavior or to just tell the person what really happened or tell them what’s in your heart. From that, I’ve found myself speaking directly to the handsome, yet selfish and stubborn Seung Wan to tell Se-jin how he feels to telling Se-jin’s older sister to slug Chae Young for me too, don’t just grab her hair! hehehe (I’m really not a brawler). I suppose it wouldn’t be a kdrama if it didn’t have a sneaky, backbiting, two-timing lunatic and a femme fatale want-to-be like Chae Young either (Eun Jung always plays these type of roles very well-she’s a very good actress). Nor would it not be a kdrama if the mother-in-law wasn’t a snooty, better than though wealthy woman who believes any rumor she hears about her daughther-in-law, blowing it out of proportion, believing that Se-jin was never good enough for her irresponsible son, anyway! Well, at least they didn’t make them live under the same roof with them.

    Now for the little girl who plays Shin Bi…she leaves me almost speechless! She’s such an extraordinary actress at her age. I really do hate tear-jerking anything, but this little girl makes me want to see this drama to the very end, tears and all.

    So, if anyone else is thinking about skipping and passing up this drama like I did…DON’T! It’s well worth watching from beginning to end!

  256. 256 : eryant Says:

    downloas this drama here;

  257. 257 : Sina Says:

    Sad but very beautiful drama.

  258. 258 : icegirl Says:

    Funny, witty, feel good kind of drama…i’ve seen it over and over again and i never get tired of it! great chemistry between eugene and kim jae won and great performance as well from the supporting cast…

  259. 259 : icegirl Says:

    Witty, funny, entertaining, feel-good kind of drama…i never get tired of watching it again! great chemistry between Eugene and Kim Jae Won…

  260. 260 : Ephy Says:

    Dear Admin,
    Please check the cast Jung Il Jin (Se Jin’s older sister), maybe the name is the same one Kim Hyo Jin, but when I see the photographs, it’s absolutely not that actress in Wonderful Life? Cuter I think. Is it possible that she took a plastic surgery with different face? Or just a mistake link? Please clarify! Thank you…

  261. 261 : admin Says:

    @Ephy from admin,

    We just updated the drama profile. There are 2 Kim Hyo Jin who born in year 1976 & 1984. Please take a look.


  262. 262 : Anuranj Says:

    how to watch this movies ???

  263. 263 : erafi Says:

    how about the ending ? it’s sad ending or happy ending ?
    if it’s sad ending….I think i skip this one ..

  264. 264 : omoyeni omowunmi Says:

    Min doyun u are totally cool how come u look like Lee min ho oppa keep it up stay tuned

  265. 265 : Rose Says:

    Lee Jee-Hoon and Kim Jae Won are nice looking men.

    Wonder what Jae-Hoon is up too??? He has not done any dramas since 2017. Like to see him in more dramas.

  266. 266 : Angeline Says:

    I enjoyed this drama. The actors did a good job. Shin-Bin was so adorable.

    Kim Jae Won is a favorite actor of mine. I like him in all of his dramas. His son is so adorable.

    I liked Lee Jee-Hoon as Do-Hyun. He is good looking.

    Chae-Young was a user and trouble maker. She started all those lies about Eugene around the office and those lies were never corrected. Then she had the nerve to tell Do-Hyun off when he was going to see Shin -Bin in the hospital. She should have been the person not going to see Shin-Bin for causing trouble between
    Seung-Wan and Je-Jin. She never apologized either.

    I liked Seung-Wan’s father, (Jo-Hyun as Han Bum. He was always the voice of reason and not jumping to conclusions when his daughter-in-law blabbed that Je-Jin was dating Do-Hyun behind Seung-Wan’s back.

    All ended up well at the end of the show. And witch Chae-Young did not end up with Seung-Wan nor Do-Hyun. Do -Hyun should never had hired her at his company.

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