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Women’s Secret

Women's Secret 04

Title: 마음의 비밀 / Women’s Secret
Chinese Title: 女人的秘密
Also known as: Secret Of Women
Genre: Melodrama, Revenge
Episodes: 104
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2016-June-27 to 2016-Nov-25
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:50


Kang Ji Yoo (So Yi Hyun) has a bright and pure personality. She has to be strong to take revenge for her father’s death and to take her child back.


Main Cast

So Yi Hyun as Kang Ji Yoo
Lee Seo Yeon as Ji Yoo (young)
Min Suk as Yoo Kang Woo
Kim Yoon Seo as Chae Seo Rin
Kim Jung Hun as Min Sun Ho

Kang Ji Yoo’s family

Choi Ran as Park Bok Ja (Seo Rin’s mother)
Kim Seo Ra as Song Hyun Sook (Ji Yoo’s mother)
Park Chul Ho as Kang Kyeong Ik (Ji Yoo’s father)
Kwon Si Hyun as Kang Ji Chan (Ji Yoo’s younger brother)

Yoo Kang Woo’s family

Song Ki Yoon (송기윤) as Yoo Man Ho
Lee Young Bum as Byeon Il Goo (Jang Mi’s husband)
Moon Hee Kyung as Yoo Jang Mi (Kang Woo’s elder sister)
Ha Seung Ri as Byun Mi Rae (Il Goo and Jang Mi’s daughter)
Son Jang Woo as Yoo Ma Eum (Kang Woo and Seo Rin’s son)

The Assistants

Lee Sun Goo as Oh Dong Soo
Yun Yoon Kyung (연윤경) as Director Han Nam Ja
Min Song Ah as Jung Joo Ri
Yook Dong Il as Choi Young Sub

People at Chairman Yoo’s house

Kim Young Bae as Go Bong Nam
Lee Joo Hwa as Won Joo Daek

Employees at Mo Sung Group

Hyun Chul Ho as Team leader Park
Jung Min Hyuk (정민혁) as Section Chief Nam
Lee Eun Woo as Deputy Yeo


Lee Kyu Sub (이규섭)

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kim Sung Geun
Producer: Kim Yong Soo
Director: Lee Kang Hyun
Screenwriter: Song Jung Rim


2016 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Daily Series) – Oh Min Suk (Women’s Secret)
2016 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actress (Daily Series) – So Yi Hyun (Women’s Secret)


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  1. 1 : Oogar Says:

    This drama will replace heaven’s promise.

  2. 2 : Francis Says:

    Thank You Koreandrama.org for providing details to this drama..i just watched the recent episode with english sub

  3. 3 : ryanhahhha Says:

    Just watched episode 1.. Definitely a good drama after Heaven’s promise.

  4. 4 : MinkaPinka Says:

    Does anyone know where I could watch this drama? Since The Promise is over I really would love to start watching this drama.

  5. 5 : aznative Says:


    I believe this will be on KBS World’s YouTube channel, but not positive of date. KBS Facebook account mentioned June 30 premiere. The drama actually began on Monday, June 27 and the first episode is up and subbed in English on On Demand Korea (in the USA). http://www.ondemandkorea.com/a-womans-secret-e01.html

  6. 6 : aznative Says:

    Dear Administrator

    On Demand Korea is a licensed/legal site for Korean content. Many programs are free, and additional are available for a fee and free of commercials. Subtitles are in Chinese and English.

  7. 7 : Rosemary Ong Says:

    Very very good drama. Am waiting for episode 9! Thank you!

  8. 8 : Rosemary Ong Says:

    Best drama! Loving it! Waiting for ep 10!

  9. 9 : balwaniregha Says:

    so interesting but prt 2 has sub title for prt 1

  10. 10 : annie Says:

    love the song when Jiyoo is practicing her ballerina…does anyone know the title? OST is not on youtube yet…ty lovefromGUAM

  11. 11 : merry Says:

    I really like this drama.

  12. 12 : azuri Says:

    I like this drama every episode….
    Looking forward for the two main character to be with until the end…
    There love for each other was really amazing….

  13. 13 : Desem Honorio Says:

    Full of compassion drama! Can’t wait how Miss Ji Yoo take a revenge to Miss Seo Rin..

  14. 14 : lala Says:

    it’s getting boring 40 ep. and she still hasn’t gotten her memory back -_-‘

  15. 15 : lita Says:

    It’s a good drama, light and not stressful, the cast act well accordingly, not over acting. So far one of the best, not an exaggerated drama, hope it will continue to be good.

  16. 16 : Bellee Says:

    One of the best family,love story drama,,love it,,wish to see more of this type.lots a thanks man worldtv

  17. 17 : Faye Says:

    what really gets me is the chae Seorin’s bodyguard. Is he stupid or what. Why does he not get the message that Seorin is using him and why can’t he leave the hell out of her. She’s too much and I don’t think that is love. That is pure stupidity. I mean, enough is enough and you can’t abuse anyone for that long. You need to wake up and just leave. Take the A train and tell that witch to see ya bitch. The bodyguard is really annoying to watch. It is not real at all.

  18. 18 : Ashmail Says:

    i love the drama especially the part where kang jiyu discovered her child. she acted so real.

  19. 19 : wongee Says:

    17 Faye

    One simple answer to classify Chae Seo Rin’s bodyguard : He is a FOOL.

  20. 20 : lala Says:

    +100 episodes?? Come on everybody knows the truth now how can they drag it more…

  21. 21 : Sincerely Roni Says:

    I gave this drama a try because I enjoyed Heaven’s Promise. This drama is terrible. I watched the first 40 episodes and suffered through them and I fast forwarded through some parts until episode 81. I can’t anymore. It’s just ridiculous.

  22. 22 : Hope Says:

    Please you guys should send season three up ward to Akwa Ibom state

  23. 23 : micline Says:

    merci et en un seul mot GENIAL

  24. 24 : Lynn Says:

    Who is the actress that plays Bae Mi Soo (The one that answers the door in the hotel room)?

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