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Winter Bird

Title: 겨울새 / Winter Bird
Chinese title : 冬季鳥 / 冬候鸟
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 50
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2007-Sept-15 to 2008-March-02
Air time: Saturdays & Sundays 21:40 (9:40 Korean time)


Young Eun lived with a family ever since she was an orphan and then fell in love with Do Hyun who is 5 years older than her. However, Do Hyun’s family did not approve of Do Hyun dating Young Eun. As a result, Young Eun eventually left Do Hyun and marries a doctor, Joo Kyung Woo. Although Kyung Woo acts like a gentleman, he is actually a mama’s boy with multiple and complicated personalities. Though he treats Young Eun well, he believes everything his mother tells him and will turn on Young Eun at any moment. Jin Ah is a pediatric medical resident and falls for Do Hyun. But she is unsure of his relationship with Young Eun. Do Hyun decides to marry Jin Ah and after the wedding, Young Eun has had enough of Kyung Woo’s mother. She decides to leave Kyung Woo. What will happen between Do Hyun and Young Eun? Will they realize they can’t leave without the other?


Park Sun Young as Park Young Eun
Lee Tae Gon as Jung Do Hyun
Yoon Sang Hyun as Joo Kyung Woo
Hwang Jung Eum as Jin Ah

Extended Cast

Jang Shin Young as Hee Jin (Young Eun’s friend)
Jang Yong as Chairman Jung (Do Hyun’s father)
Yoon Mi Ra as Ms. Lee (Do Hyun’s mother)
Im Ye Jin as Jung Eun Sook (Chairman Jung’s sister)
Park Won Sook as Ms. Kang (Kyung Woo’s mother)
Lee Da Jin as Jung Min Hee (Do Hyun’s younger sister)
Jang Han Hun as Choi Ki Sa
Bang Eun Hee as In Chun Deok
Yoo Jae Ryang (유재량) as Kwang Wook (Hee Jin’s younger brother)
Han Ye In as Yoo Ra
Park Jung Soo
Jo Dong Hyuk as Han Ji Hong
Kwak Min Suk as Dak Teo Bak
Lee Yoo Jung

Production Credits

Original Work: Novel by Kim Soo Hyun
Director: Joo Sung Woo
Script writer: Lee Geum Joo
Producer: Jung Se Ho (정세호)

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  1. 1 : CJ Says:

    i think this drama is a nice one.. i’ll love this drama because of Park Sun Young !

  2. 2 : umpava Says:

    i like JOOJINMO in QUEEN OF THE GAME very much

  3. 3 : WallPaper Says:


  4. 4 : chotloan Says:

    Pls tell me where I can see this video.It;s a good one.Pls send me a lnk.THKS

  5. 5 : ivy Says:

    the english subtitle haven’t come out.

  6. 6 : cj Says:

    is this in hancinema already?

  7. 7 : mamlala Says:

    i love joojinmo in Queen of the game very much

  8. 8 : chotloan Says:

    Does anyone know ep 8 come out yet? Pls upload to share w/us.THKS.

  9. 9 : chotloan Says:

    Do U know if ep 8 & 9 of winter bride is uploaded yet? Pls share w/me, Do U know if english sub is out for us to understand. Can U give me a brief summary of ea episodes.THKS

  10. 10 : Jonathan Says:

    hohoho, i heard it’ll be subbing and we can download it at


    You can check it for several days again. This clubbox was dedication from someone whose care about sharing and learning asian culture. Hope you will enjoy it.

  11. 11 : JimWang Says:

    For responses #2 and #7 that like JooJinMo in “Queen of the Game” very much, you will enjoy watching JooJinMo in “Fashion 70” too. I think he is more handsome in that drama.
    Don’t forget to watch JooJinMo’s movie “200 pounds beauty”. It is a wonderful movie.

  12. 12 : ayumi Says:

    i luv this drama and lee tae gon, i remembered him in a sbs drama called “God…” in year 2005.
    ever since i fell in love with him and the character he protrayed.

  13. 13 : sweety Says:

    i have a question regarding the drama, when they adopt eun-young home, do-hyun’s parents against them dating, in one scene i saw eun-young said to do-hyun that thier “class” is totally different, so they are’t meant to be…in korea, does parents actually doing it in reality or is it just drama itself??
    last, what about the “class” thing??

  14. 14 : Laura Says:

    it seems nice. i would love it if it came with english subtitles…since i cant understand it.
    at first, i wanted to see what it was, so i started watching the first episode. when they didnt have subtitles, i was bumemd out and decided either to watch or not to…but more into the episode….i just had to watch it

  15. 15 : ing_dan Says:

    I love wiinter bird because of Lee Tae Gon. When all episode will publish ?

  16. 16 : Hollywood Says:

    Sweety, U are all right. Ignorance is a blessing, as far as you are concern, people are just people then. People who cares too much about “Class” distinction in society are snobs and racists. Check the dictionary under class and you will get the answer.

  17. 17 : han_jung Says:

    Is there any other website to download the english subtitle of this movie except the clubbox?


  18. 18 : ing_dan Says:

    Can somebody tell me the ending ? is it happy ending ? Do Young Eun and Do Hyun be a couple ?

  19. 19 : jack Says:

    is this drama finished?

  20. 20 : Ivy Says:

    it’s still showing in mbc

  21. 21 : Phibie Says:

    i really love young eun’s cellphone ringtone. Does anyone know what it is?

  22. 22 : wiliani Says:

    is this a happy ending drama? it’s so long, anybody know how about the ending? i don’t like sad ending..

  23. 23 : CJ Says:

    i know this drama has 50 episodes.. you can still watch this drama. 🙂

  24. 24 : CS Says:

    Kindly provide Korean Drama Winter Bird with English Subtitle.
    It should be an interesting as I’ve read all those comments about
    this drama. Thank you

  25. 25 : CS Says:

    I am still waiting for this drama with English Subtitle.
    Hope to be one of these days. Please………….

  26. 26 : *** DVD Cover Label *** Says:

    DVD Cover Image

  27. 27 : Carole Pangilinan Says:

    Can you please provide English sub. I keep watching it without fail although I do not undertand the language. I gauge it by action. It seem the story is good. I like both actress and actor. Can you do something to translate to english substitle? Please!

  28. 28 : petite Says:

    I am waiting for the english subtitle. Anybody knows where I can watch it? Thanks

  29. 29 : Dhez of Makati Phils Says:

    Is it available now in the market? I love Tae Gon Lee. For me he is a very
    interesting person to be with. Hope I can buy a good copy of this one. I have a copy of Dear Heaven but it is not clear and the 3rd disk is not in korean audio but chinese. I want korean audio. I hope winter bird is already available and in korean audio too.
    Good Luck Mr Tae Gon Lee. More power and succes in your career and lovelife. God Bless

  30. 30 : MAY of Manila Phils Says:

    Please tell me where can I buy DVD copy of this new korean drama. Is it available now in the market. I already search in Makati Cinema Square but I found nothing? Please help me where can I buy it

  31. 31 : Donna Says:

    Great drama

  32. 32 : hilda2368 Says:

    Please can anyone tell me where can i see and buy this dvd with chinese/englist sub title??? Any website??? I love Lee Tae Gon’s performance in Dear Heaven, he is so gogerous…! Please help!

  33. 33 : Yong Says:

    I went to korea in october 2007 and saw two episodes of a great drama that i didnt get the name of. The main woman was married to a police officer and she had an 18 year old daughter that fell in love with an older man that she(mom) met in a parking lot. Then she saw him in a jewelry store when he was getting the daughter a gift. Then I think she fell in love with her daughter’s beau. Do you know this drama? If so, please forward the name coz I would LOVE to see the whole thing. Thanks

  34. 34 : Alice Lee Says:

    where to buy this drama? It is still available?

  35. 35 : eugene Says:

    Does anyone know where to buy this drama with English sub? Thanks!

  36. 36 : bamboo Says:

    i wld really wanna know where to watch this drama cause of Yoon sang hyun of My Fair Lady…I never thought he was in here until i read his filmography after watching him as taebong in queen of housewives. Can someone tell me pls where to watch this even w/o eng subs altho i don’t u/stand korean but it’s better than nothing. I can follow through the story somehow but of course w/subs wld be better. Pls tell me thnx.

  37. 37 : Cynthia Says:

    I’m hoping to watch this drama with English Subtitled. Waiting impatiently!

  38. 38 : Grace Says:

    Its a good romance korean drama, you must see and I was. Very very touched of the heart

  39. 39 : ShoutOut-USA Says:

    This drama is so-o-o-o touching. I’m really enjoying it. A must see. One that I whole-heartedly recommend. Yet, there is a WARNING! PLEASE BE AWARE OF THE CRAZY, NO INTERVENTION CAN HELP THESE TWO PEOPLE, NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY, RUN IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION IF YOU ENCOUNTER EITHER ONE OF THEM, that is in this drama! They’ll make you want to slap and sue the matchmaker, the marriage broker, whatever the person’s title. These two characters are SPAWNED FROM HELL!!!!!! They are Mrs. Kang and Kyung Woo. Combined, they make Jun Pyo’s mother in Boys Before Flowers look like a sweet, little cherub.

  40. 40 : U.S.A. Says:

    I’m NOT A SPOILER. Yet, I will interject this much. Everyone that likes this drama may want to stick around for the ending. It will be WELL WORTH IT! It is definitely a MUST SEE or a CONTINUE TO WATCH! Trust me on this.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR -2010- To all WINTER BIRD fans!

  41. 41 : Linda Says:

    About Winter Bird alias Lonely Bird and English Subtitles. I’m afraid this is hopeless for people in the USA. I’ve searched everywhere and it doesn’t exist. It’s on now here in LA and I’m watching it again for the second time without subtitles. I contacted MBC about English Subtitles for this series, and they no longer have the rights to those subtitles. The rights now belong to E & B Stars and they have not, as far as I know, released this to this area with English Subs. I emailed them but got no response. So, I don’t think we will ever see this series with English Subtitles in the USA. It’s a shame as it’s one of the best that MBC has ever done. It should have been subtitled, packaged as a DVD set and released for distribution and sales. They would have made a fortune with just this series. Too bad!

  42. 42 : mutiara Says:

    I love Korean drama! The story’s beautiful, and the casts were sooo great! The pictures were also very wonderful! well done!

  43. 43 : nining Says:

    look interesing,, wanna watch it..

  44. 44 : phyu(Myanmar) Says:

    I want to watch Winter Bird because of Lee Tae Gon. I love Lee Tae Gon. He acted naturally and with elegance.
    wanna watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. 45 : qque Says:

    I want to watch this. It is still available?
    I love Lee Tae Gon at Love in Heaven.
    He’s the best acotr.

  46. 46 : ninenine Says:

    I want to watch this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. 47 : dch Says:

    Let me know….

    How can I watch this movie????????

    wanna watch this!!! 🙁

  48. 48 : kitty_vn Says:

    park sun young’s dramas are always the best. love all her dramas

  49. 49 : avantar Says:

    I love Lee Tae Gon.

  50. 50 : avantar Says:

    Now i really really want to watch this drama.

  51. 51 : avantar Says:

    “Winter Bird” very interesting!!!!!!!!
    I think this drama will be great……

  52. 52 : cupid Says:

    I want watch this story bec Lee Tae Gon. I love Lee Tae Gon.

  53. 53 : strawberry Says:

    This drama is great. Our recommends!!!!

  54. 54 : via Says:

    I just watch Lee tae gon drama ‘Love in heaven’ and i love it so much, i want to watch this drama either, Winter Bird.. But is it a love ending story? according to the sinopsis of the story I wonder what will happen between his first love and the woman that he will be marry? who will he choose between them? I really curious.. anyone ? pleaseeee…

  55. 55 : soclose Says:

    Lee Tae Gon is my favourite actor. He is a very smart, handsome and wonderful. He has a good-natured face. He looks very active, cheerful and charming. His actings are very lively and natural. His movements are light, smooth and graceful. The way he speaks is very politely and attractive. He wears decent dresses of different styles. I have watch some films which features Lee Tae Gon as actor.
    Especially, so cute in Dear Heaven, fall in love so much with Wang Mo. I also like in Jewel Bibimbap, love him a lot. He is a wonderful actor who can play his role very well. I think that he is gifted for acting naturally. To me, his most outstanding feature is that he can appeal to the hearts of the audience with his overall acting. I appreciate and admire him pleasant way of acting. He deserves his good reputation. After seeing him so many times in movies, he becomes very close and intimate to me. He is the actor I like to meet and talk. I like to see how he looks and behaves in his everyday life.
    May his good reputation and popularity last for a long time!

  56. 56 : powerfull Says:

    I saw Lee Tae Gon new Photos in his side.Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. 57 : mygirlbebe Says:

    I love Lee Tae Gon, he is the best koreanactor..love his acting..very talented and natural..

  58. 58 : jeezvive Says:

    i am lovng this drama! Yoon Sang Hyun is such a versatile actor! Saranghae Oppa

  59. 59 : e-one Says:

    What gonna be going

  60. 60 : dreamdressblue Says:

    Episode 1: “The hidden woman”

    Years ago, upon orphaned after the deaths of both her parents, Yeong-Eun (Park Seon-Yeong) comes to live with Do-Hyeon’s (Lee Tae-Gon) family,
    and even though Yeong-Eun’s father used to be Do-Hyeon’s father’s friend, Do-Hyeon’s parents do not see Yeong-Eun as someone suitable for Do-Hyeon and grew weary of Do-Hyeon and Yeong-Eun’s affection for each other, thus while Do-Hyeon’s away studying, they set Yeong-Eun up with one of their company employee, Ji-Hong (Jo Dong-Hyeok), and Yeong-Eun, despite having romantic feelings for Do-Hyeon, agrees to marry Ji-Hong, just so she can have a family of her own which she longs for, and in order to escape the pressure Do-Hyeon’s mother (Yoon Mira) puts on her.
    However, Do-Hyeon returns to Korea early and witnesses a hug between Ji-Hong and Yeong-Eun, and Do-Hyeon finds out Yeong-Eun is already engaged to Ji-Hong and they will soon be married. Do-Hyeon’s mother assures Do-Hyeon the marriage is what Yeong-Eun wants and Ji-Hong who also lost his parents to a car accident while in highschool, is someone who can cherish Yeong-Eun. But Do-Hyeon grows more suspicious when realizing Yeong-Eun knows almost nothing about Ji-Hong, and Do-Hyeon sees Ji-Hong with another woman infront of the company building.
    Do-Hyeon starts to investigate about Ji-Hong, and finds out Ji-Hong has a secret woman and child.

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    […] Winter Bird (MBC, 2007) (serialul care, conform declarațiilor sale, l-a făcut sa nu renunțe la actorie) […]

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  64. 64 : mary ying Says:

    w?here can I get a copy of this winter bird in Mandarin

  65. 65 : kdrama freak Says:

    Can’t wait for his next drama, hopefully not costume. I thoroughly enjoy Winter Bird. LTG more drama from you????

  66. 66 : sinopsis korea drama that winterKorea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  67. 67 : Sunny Says:

    Hi. Support this fan page if u’re interested in
    Thank you 🙂

  68. 68 : Nori Says:

    I’m not sure whether Eun Young and Do Hyun will get back together but in the end, Eun Young divorced her husband even though they have a son together. Do Hyun’s parents finally accepted her and asked her to move back into their house. As I recall, the ending scene was Do Hyun holding Young Eun’s son and calling her name.

  69. 69 : Sue Says:

    I would like to purchase “Winter Bird” with English subtitled.
    Where can I get a set?

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