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Wife Returns

Title: 아내가 돌아왔다 / Wife Returns
Chinese Title : 妻子回来了
Also known as: Wife’s Back
Genre: Family, romance
Episodes: 116
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2009-Nov-02 to 2010-April-16
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:20


Jung Yoo Hee married the love of her life, Yoon Sang Woo. However, his mother despised Yoo Hee and forced her to leave Sang Woo and their young daughter. Years later, Yoo Hee returns and meets her daughter. However, Sang Woo’s new wife, Seo Hyun, is not willing to be pushed aside. Yoo Hee disappears without a trace. Her younger sister, Yoo Kyung, who was adopted abroad is determined to find out what happened to her sister. She keeps up false pretenses and pretends to be Yoo Hee.


Kang Sung Yun as Jung Yoo Hee / Jung Yoo Kyung
– Lee Yoo Ri as Yoo Hee (child)
– Lee Yoon Jung as Yoo Kyung (child)
Jo Min Ki as Yoon Sang Woo
Kim Moo Yul as Han Kang Soo
Park Jung Chul as Min Young Hoon
Yoon Se Ah as Min Seo Hyun
Lee Chae Young as Min Yi Hyun
Jun Min Seo as Yoon Da Eun
Jun Bo Young as Kim Hyun Joo
Sun Woo Eun Sook as Mrs. Park
Kim Byung Gi as President Min
Lee Won Jae as Goo Kyung Man
Kwon Ki Sun as Do Do Hwa
Suh Dong Won as Park Young Bae
Lee Sun Ah as Goo Dong Hee
Kim Won Suk as Jang Ki Young
Kim Song Ha (김송하) as Secretary Kim
Yun Mi Joo as Lee Ji Eun
Ha Rin (하린) as Oh Soo Jung
Jung Yi Yun as secretary
Tae Hwang as Wie Yi Teo
Jung Joon Won as kindergarten kid
Kim Joon Hyung
Jang Eun Poong as Secretary Nam

Production Credits

Director: Lee Yong Suk (이용석)
Screenwriter: Lee Hye Sun (이혜선)

Related Photo

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Official Site

Watch Online with English subtitle (Not Yet Available)


  1. 1 : Well Says:

    100+ again ?? Omg.

  2. 2 : rawda Says:

    who can tell me how can i get somes korean drama series in dvd?

  3. 3 : rawda Says:

    and how can i get emails of somes koreans actresses and actors .please.I really appreciate them…soooooo romantic what they do

  4. 4 : vynnze Says:

    any other movie or drama series that stars jeong joon ho? isn’t it that he’s also a singer? can someone upload videos or mp3 of his songs? i’m from the philippines and i really admire this korean actor especially after i watch “princess lulu” and the “last scandal” and i am looking forward to the drama series “iris”…. i wish that i can watch even his old drama series and movies…

  5. 5 : jennyvive Says:

    i just want to see all epesode.thank you

  6. 6 : adjustable beds Says:


  7. 7 : toronoto swingers Says:

    and how can i get emails of somes koreans actresses and actors .please.I really appreciate them…soooooo romantic what they do

  8. 8 : mamasita puska Says:

    i love the korean dramas is very much romantic and lovable. i hope is the same with real life

  9. 9 : mamasita puska Says:

    i’m looking forward for the new family dramas coming soon

  10. 10 : Xhiae Says:

    great drama..touching
    but many episode..
    everybody at spore really like this drama

  11. 11 : kahli Says:

    more and more anxious abt wad will be screen tml…… lik this show… cried alot cos very touchin and also sad…

  12. 12 : Zul Says:

    Very , very interesting!
    I am really want to watch this drama by online and free. Plse help me if you know how can i find this drama from online.

  13. 13 : demka Says:

    i like this movie and i am want to watch drama by online free thank you

  14. 14 : hihi Says:

    hi it’s cool drama huh?? i love it. but it’s too long… uhh

    who can tell me that what will happen at the last episode??

    i still know it… ^^

  15. 15 : otgonoo Says:


  16. 16 : shuree Says:

    wow i mongolia children they movie very nice i this movie like and kang sung yun very very beutiful wow i that sister love kkkkkkkk very very beutiful aja aja

  17. 17 : ardhan Says:

    i really admire this korean actress

  18. 18 : mel Says:

    look so great and touching… i will searching this movie…

  19. 19 : mutiara Says:

    I love Korean drama! The story’s beautiful, and the casts were sooo great! The pictures were also very wonderful! well done!

  20. 20 : nining Says:

    so touch drama.. really love it,,

  21. 21 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much..

  22. 22 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  23. 23 : elliptical machine Says:

    Yoon Sang Woo is my favourite actors, I thinks this is a great drama..so touching and meaningfull.. but too many episode..

  24. 24 : Nalani Says:

    Aloha, I’m watching wifes back and love it, I missed a couple nights. Is it going to be on-line soon so I can watch the ones I missed? or do you sell the dvd with english subtitles?
    thank you. Nalani from Hawaii

  25. 25 : video production Says:

    This film looks fantastic, is it out on DVD yet, if so where can we buy it???

  26. 26 : New Rugby Shirts Says:

    Korean drama is invading the world and I’m loving it. Thanks to these lovely people.

  27. 27 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] […]

  28. 28 : Jing Hao Zhang Says:

    We want to purchase this movie ” Wife’s Back’ in Chinese language on DVD.
    How can we find out how to order this movie ( 116 episodes ) Please reply

  29. 29 : admin Says:

    @ Jing Hao Zhang


  30. 30 : Fan Says:

    Dear Koreandrama.org:

    I missed the last few episodes of “Wife Returns” on TV. I was hoping I could watch it on line but your “watch online with Chinese subtitle” isn’t working.

  31. 31 : admin Says:

    @fan (34)

    Sorry, we don’t know how to help you.

  32. 32 : Bristol Animation Says:

    Looks amazing, Is this available on DVD in the UK?

  33. 33 : bidam Says:

    Great Series. Sometimes i become scared of Han Kang Soo. Because he was so talented to find evidence to destroy his opponets. LOL. But the best character on this show was definitely Min Seo Hyun. On every episode she became more evil. At the beginning she was a really nice character and a good wife. But then she lies and lies and lies. Later that woman had a bucket full of dissents. That was so funny. I also liked her brother Min Young Hoon. He was a really good character.

  34. 34 : Kapatid Asianovelas Says:

    Wife Returns will be aired on April or mid-May or June on TV5 in the Philippines.

  35. 35 : Kapatid Asianovelas Says:


  36. 36 : Alice Says:

    “Pasmina Aisa” indonesian drama plagiarize wife’s back,,,air time every day on RCTI

  37. 37 : adelene Says:

    hello, how could i watch the full episode? i like to watch it everyday, i love parrk jung chul.

  38. 38 : rona bausin Says:

    A very good movies

  39. 39 : Lee Yren Says:

    Can’t even find the summary ending waaaahhhh….

  40. 40 : johaira sangcopan Says:

    i love the drama thtats why i want to watch it

  41. 41 : jhen Says:

    how to wacth the episedo of wife return

  42. 42 : lovelove Says:

    can I request that can you have a full of episode with a English subtitle this movie please…

  43. 43 : Jimcel Says:

    I missed the last episode.. I hope GMA will replay the final episode please!

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