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White Tower

White Tower.jpg

Title: 하얀 거탑 / White Tower
Chinese title : 白色巨塔
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2007-Jan-06 to 2007-March-11
Air time: Saturdays & Sundays 21:40
Related TV shows: Shiroi Kyoto (1978), Shiroi Kyoto (2003)


The story is about two doctors who have contrasting personalities. Jang Joon Hyeok, a genius surgeon who is overly ambitious and will do anything to climb his way up the corporate ladder. The other, Choi Do Young, is a physician and is a kind and upright person who strongly holds onto his beliefs. The plot will reveal the power and emotional struggles within the white tower itself .


Kim Myung Min as Jang Joon Hyeok
Lee Sun Gyun as Choi Do Young
Cha In Pyo as Noh Min Guk
Song Sun Mi as Lee Yoon Jin
Kim Bo Gyung as Kang Hee Jae
Lee Jun Gil as Lee Ju Won
Choi Bum Ho as Kwon Soon Il
Kim Yong Min as Ham Min Seung
Jang So Yun as Yoo Mi Ra

Production credits

Adapted from: Shiroi Kyoto by Yamazaki Toyoko
Scriptwriter: Lee Ki Won
Director: Ahn Pan Suk

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  1. 1 : lin Says:

    This series look different from what we have now. Is there any subtittle for this series? Where can i find it? Thanks

  2. 2 : Henry Says:

    Yep, is there anyone who holds the subtitles to the series?

  3. 3 : audioa Says:

    is this similar to a Jap and Taiwan dramas?

  4. 4 : Rowena Says:

    I am on the last episode of this intiguing drama series. Wow, it is superb both in its quality and performance. There is no romantic angle here, but I am really fascinated by it. I have a copy with very bad subtitle, but I was able to endure all because of captivating scenes shown in every episode! I highly recommend it to everyone. And, a lot of life lessons can be derived here.

  5. 5 : WallPaper Says:


  6. 6 : ratty Says:

    I have just completed this drama. Being a vivid K-drama follower for years, I am impressed with the storyline and the actor’s skill, in particular, Kim Myung Min – the one in blue of the above picture. No romance here but it is worth watching. There are alot of lessons to be learnt. It is very different from Taiwan Drama the Hospital by Jerry Yen. The angle of focus is different but it is nicely paced and anticipating. For taiwan drama, the only person whom I loved to watch is Tai Li Ren the actor acting as the lead doctor.

  7. 7 : jnara Says:

    My friend told me that this was a bad drama but i refuse to believe. It was a boring drama from the start but as it goes further it is getting more interesting. This was truly a masterpiece coz i think this is the only drama so far that ive seen without much more of a romance but really catches me especially in the last part. This is truly a drama worth watching.

  8. 8 : JovialPris Says:

    Heard alot about this drama. Anyone know where I can watch online with either English or Chinese Sub.

  9. 9 : Ivy Says:

    english sub still not available in internet for this drama

  10. 10 : numan Says:

    is the story the same as the japanese one ?

  11. 11 : teukie Says:

    the best drama of 2007 hands down…
    i watched it w/ the poor english subs, yet it was still amazing..
    can’t wait for the good eng subbed dvds to be out…

    DEFINATELY recommended!

  12. 12 : huongthusan Says:

    this is a great drama. I really admire the acting skill of Kim Myung Min, and the story is very good as well. There is one thing i still wonder that if Dr. jang love the girl at that bar. He seems not to be in love with any one, his life is so stressful, he has a relationship with the bar girl but I felt that wasn’t love.
    What if he love his wife, I really want he to have a better life. His seems to be so hard.

  13. 13 : Anonymouslyy Says:

    I Watched This Drama For A Million Times, And I Still Don’t Get Bored. Its Truly An Amazing Drama. For People Who Haven’t Watched This, You Should Watch It Right Away,, Its STRONGLY Recommended.

  14. 14 : Lumi Says:

    Lawyers have a reputation for being ruthless, but they don’t hold a candle to the ambitious and conniving doctors in this drama. Kim Myung Min plays the brilliant surgeon Dr. Jang Jang, but someone whose ambitions make him do unhonorable deeds. Nevertheless, I shed tears for him at the end. One of the best dramas of 2007. The only way to see it is by buying it or through d-addicts. This is not the same as THE HOSPITAL with Jerry Jan (I also liked it).

  15. 15 : k drama fan Says:

    Where can I watch it online?

  16. 16 : chelz Says:


    REPLY ASAP!! 🙂

  17. 17 : chelz Says:

    Guys, please, where may I watch this drama?! I wanna watch it. :>

  18. 18 : hihi Says:

    downlode… and dvd… 🙂

  19. 19 : arnie Says:

    same as the japanese drama. i like both. the story of geed, professional jealousy, and in the end karma.

  20. 20 : myu Says:

    you can watch this drama with very good english subtitle in this site:


    go it and watch it and enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOW!

  21. 21 : rose Says:

    this is a great drama. this is best drama.h love jang joon hyuk .
    kim my

  22. 22 : rose Says:

    کیم میونگ مین بازیگر بزرگی است. متاسفانه تو اریران این سریال را بد جور پخش کرد. اما عاشق شخصیت قوی جون هیوک شدم

  23. 23 : rose Says:

    حیف آخرش بد تمام شد. دکتر جانگ حیف بود به این زودی بمیره.

  24. 24 : rose Says:

    joon hyuk
    joon hyuk
    joon hyuk…………………………

  25. 25 : mel Says:

    whuooo…. this movie about two doctor… i will watch this movie…

  26. 26 : mutiara Says:

    I love Korean drama! The story’s beautiful, and the casts were sooo great! The pictures were also very wonderful! well done!

  27. 27 : nining Says:

    it’s a good story,, i love it..

  28. 28 : reen Says:

    were site can i watch this drama

  29. 29 : rochelle j. Says:

    is this white tower is related the white tower in taiwanese drama version?

  30. 30 : cherly christy Says:

    saya menyukai drama white tower.filmnya bagus.

  31. 31 : Dramaaddict Says:

    As Korean dramas enter the new millennium, it is impossible to deny that the genre of the 뱈ini series?is at a crisis. Audiences have long since turned away from TV dramas, jaded by the same old stereotypical characters, farfetched storylines, and the formulaic 뱎airing off?of male and female characters. Over the years, the mini series has even devolved to the level of a mere 뱓ime killer.?This can be seen as a recurrence of the crisis that American TV shows faced in the late eighties for the same reasons. Romantic comedies, increasingly concerned with reproducing the same styles and patterns, were no longer able to captivate audiences. Fortunately, two shows that appeared in the 1990s effectively put an end to this slump: ER and N.Y.P.D. Blue. These two shows redefined the paradigm for TV dramas. By offering a level of realism reminiscent of documentaries and populating their vividly realistic settings with ensemble casts of true-to-life characters, they succeeded in drawing the masses back in front of the TV. Both shows have amply stood the test of time: they remain on the air to this day, more than ten years after they first debuted. The success and longevity of these shows demonstrate the fact that the public can no longer be won over by 밼ake?stories, and at the same time suggest the only alternative for rescuing Korean TV dramas from the mire of mediocrity. That alternative, in short, is the fusion of 밶 realistic depiction of the professional world?and 뱒tories about living, breathing people.?Behind The White Tower perfectly satisfies this criterion. Set in a university hospital, Behind The White Tower follows one brilliant doctor뭩 relentless pursuit of his ambition to its conclusion. By microscopically depicting the hidden side of the medical profession, it sheds light on a variegated spectrum of human types. The show recounts the friendship and conflict between two male doctors뾬ne with a brilliant gift for his craft and the other with an innate warmth and a firm devotion to the healing art뾞nd tenaciously investigates the lust for power that moves human beings in the 뱖hite tower?that is the university hospital. Ultimately, Behind The White Tower poses the fundamental question, 밯hat is a human being??and provides its viewers with an opportunity for self-reflection.

  32. 32 : helen Says:

    My tear were falling down when I watched this drama, very good, two thumbs for all actors. – feel sorry just watched this year. Salute, good job!

  33. 33 : Vanessa (Banesa) Says:

    I love watch tv. I was cry because on Ep 20. Really beautiful story of my heart.

  34. 34 : jfk Says:

    كانت جميلة الدراما الكورية خاصة ما قبل 2010 , اتقان عالي واداء رائع من الجميع , اغلب الاعمال محترمة تقدر تشاهدها مع اهلك بدون احراج , ازياء كورية محتشمة ومشاهد تحتوي على معاملة بقمة جمال الاخلاق والادب المأخوذ اكيد من داخل المجتمع الكوري الحقيقي , لكن للأسف الآن بدأت تظهر الدراما الكورية بشكل جديد اسوء متأثرة بالمسيحية والثقافة الغربية واي شخص محترم لن يقبل دخولها الى بيته او مشاهدتها مع عائلته

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