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Title: 하얀 거짓말 / White Lies
chinese title : 白色谎言
Genre: Romance, family
Episodes: 159
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2008-Dec-01 to 2009-July-10
Air time: Mondays to Fridays 7:50am


Seo Eun Young and Kang Jung Woo are happy, engaged-to-be-married couple. Suddenly, when Eun Young was pregnant, Jung Woo abandoned her to marry Na Kyung, a rich woman. The new couple then went to study abroad for 5 years.

Meanwhile, Eun Young works as a nurse in a hospital. Kang Hyung Woo, who is one of her patients, becomes obsessed with her. Kang Hyung Woo’s mother, Madam Shin, a department store owner, then wants Eun Young to marry her son.


Seo family

Shin Eun Gyung as Seo Eun Young
Yoon Hye Kyung as Seo Bo Young (sister)
Ahn Suk Hwan as Seo Ho Goo (father)
Kim Hye Ok as Na Jin Soon (mother)

Kang family

Kim Yoo Suk as Kang Jung Woo
Im Ji Eun as Hong Na Kyung (Jung Woo’s wife)
Kim Young Ran as Joo Ae Sook (Jung Woo’s birth mother)

Madam Shin’s family

Kim Tae Hyun as Kang Hyung Woo (Jung Woo’s half borther)
Jung Yoon Jo as Kang Shin Woo (Jung Woo’s half sister)
Kim Hae Sook as Madam Shin (Hyung Woo’s & Shin Woo’s mother)

Other people

Kim Jin as Joo Hong Jin
Lee Eun Soo as Bi An
Jung Hee Tae as Ahn Bi Seo
Kang Suk Jung as Cha Min Jae (photographer)
Song Ji Eun as Song Yeon Hee (Madam Shin’s new housekeeper)
Seo Dong Hyun as Bi Yan’s friend

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Jo Eun Jung
Chief Producer: Lee Dae Young
Director: Bae Han Chun (배한천), Lee Min Soo (이민수)

Official site

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55 Responses to “White Lies”

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  1. 51
    Rose Says:

    I can’t believe that Eun=Young is so stupid to believe Jung Woo that he is divorcing his wife and stopping the petition to get his little son back. He and his wife have played so many nasty tricks on her, and she was stupid enough to fall for the biggest one of all. No brains, why she would ever ever let them take her son, for a few days so she thinks, is beyond me.

    And the Chairwoman, did she not catch on that Song Seo Yeon – actresses name, is working there spying on them to tell Jung Woo’s wife everything. The Chairwoman is one smart lady and she gets fooled by this young girl in her house.

    Sometimes these drama’s are so stupid. Otherwise, it is a good drama.

  2. 52
    Rose Says:

    I feel sorry for Bi An. Since he was born he unfortunately started off bad with whoever he was living with getting beat up, then being moved from one house to another to another to another. He is a cute little boy and just wants to be with his mother and adopted dad. His real father wants him also but it is too bad the dad can’t have visitation on the weekend or every other weekend. But the dad (Jungwoo) and Eun Young can’t work it out as too much as transpire between them. But Jung woo ditched Eun Young to marry someone with money. I think if Jung Woo would not have been affter the money and power, he and Eun Young most likely would have been happy. A lot of these shows are all about the money and power.

  3. 53
    Rose Says:

    Kim Hae Sook is an excellent actress. I have seen her in several drama’s and she is great in each role she does.

    Kim Tae Hyun really did a great job with his role in how he had to act and talk.

    I really liked this show – excellent drama.

    Too bad JungWoo went for the money as he, Eun Young and Bi An could have been a happy family. Little Bi An did such a good job, he is cute.

    Sometimes I hate to see a drama end as you get used to seeing the characters in the show all the time, then it ends. Especially as this was a long show and the repeat only aired Saturday and Sunday.

  4. 54
    Rose Says:

    Na Kyung was really nasty to Eun Young for no reason. Eun Young did not do any harm to Na Kyung. Eun Young got hurt by Jang Woo as he dumped Eun Young to marry Na Kyung.

    I liked the photographer = Kang Suk Jung (Min Jae) – he is cute. Shin Woo’s mother put an end to their relationship fast and was so nasty closes down his photography company. Madam Shin was on nasty lady throughout most of the show.

  5. 55
    thornnnn Says:

    Relax, they are half hour episodes. I watched this on drama fever a long time ago. Been trying to buy it ever since. I thought it was a good drama, good story good actors mediocre end. Despite the end it is a good ride. everyone did a fantastic job. I will watch it again if i can find it for sale. In it’s own genre White Lie is a classic.

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